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SuperOBD Key Programmer SKP900 for Toyota Smart Key
SuperOBD SKP-900 Key Programmer is Hand-held OBD2 key programmer. SKP-900 Key Programmer can support almost all cars in the world, such as Ford, Land Rover, Chrysler, Jeep, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Kia, and so on... SKP-900 Key Programmer V2.3 Highlights (Mar. 6th) (NEW): 1. Added key programming for Kia CAN system 2. Added smart key programming for Subaru after 2010 3. Addes PIN code reading via OBD for Renault 4. Added smart key programming for Nissan TEANA after 2013 5. Added remote key programming for Chrysler Grand Voyager 6. Added key programming for old Mercedes-Benz Smart before 2006 7. Repaired BUG for old Nissan IMMO 8. Repaired BUG for Mazda 6 9. Repaired BUG for Hyundai remote key programming SKP-900 Key Programmer V2.2 Highlights (Feb. 17th) : 1. Add Volkswagen Remote Match System 4 2. Add HONDA CRIDER Smart Key program 2013-2014, no need enter PIN code, the NO.1 in the world! 3. Add HONDA JADE Smart Key program 2013-2014, no need enter PIN code, the NO.1 in the world! 4. Add HONDA ACCORD Smart Key program 2013-2014, no need enter PIN code, the NO.1 in the world! 5. Add Suzuki models manually enter a password 6. Add JAGUAR Remote and Key program (2005-2008), no need enter PIN code 7. Dodge JCUV, Fix BUG SKP-900 Key Programmer V2.1 Highlights (Jan. 8th) : Added Cadillac XTS Smart Key 2013- (free of PINCODE), No. 1 in the world! Added Mitsubishi Outlander Smart Key 2014-(free of PINCODE) Added Range Rover Sport 2006-2009 Remote Key (free of PINCODE) Added Range Rover 2006-2009 Remote Key (free of PINCODE) Added Ford Edge Remote Key 2012- (free of PINCODE) Added Ford Fiesta Remote Key 2013- Added Ford Explorer Remote Key 2013- Added Buick Excelle 2013- repair BUG Repaired Peugeot 508 Smart Key BUG China models: Added models for ROEWE, CHANGAN, BRILLIANCE Main Features: 1. Support almost all vehicles in the world 2. Don't need pincode when programming keys for many vehicles 3. Can read pin code for many vehicles, only a few vehicles need to get pincode from other place. 4. No ticket needed. You can program as many cars as you can. 5. Frequent monthly update. Update is free for 4 times, then pay for 1 times. Please see the update policy. 6. Low price to meet the economic crisis, cost-effective. Supported Car Makes: For detailed support list, please download PDF: http://www.sinodownloads.com/down/download/PDF/3511148-SKP-900_Supported_Model_Details.pdf 1. ACURA 2. ALFA 3. AUDI 4. BUICK 5. CADILLAC 6. CHEVEROLET 7. CHRYSLER 8. CITROEN 9. DODGE 10. FIAT 11. FORD 12. GM 13. HONDA 14. HYUNDAI 15. INFINITE 16. JAGUAR 17. JEEP 18. KIA 19. LAND ROVER 20. LEXUS 21. MAZDA 22. MITSUBISHI 23. NISSAN 24. OPEL 25. PEUGEOT 26. PROTON 27. RENAULT 28. SMART 29. SSANGYONG 30. SUBARU 31. SUZUKI 32. SKODA 33. TOYOTA 34. VW 35. BRILLIANCE 36. BYD 37. CHANGAN 38. CHANG FENG 39. CHERY 40. DONG FENG 41. DONG FENG NISSAN 42. FAW 43. GEELY 44. GREAT WALL 45. HA FEI 46. HAINAN MAZDA 47. LI FAN 48. LU FENG 49. LUXGEN 50. MAPLE 51. MG 52. ROEWE 53. ZOTYE About Updates: Software Version Plan V2.0, V2.1, V2.2, V2.3, V2.4, V2.5, V2.6, V2.7, V2.8, V2.9, V3.0 V3.1, V3.2, V3.3, V3.4, V3.5 ..... and so on Whenever you buy SKP-900, and no matter what version you buy, you can get 10 continuous times free update. For example: if you buy V2.3, then you can update to V3.3 by free. After 10 continuous times free update, you need buy yearly update for about 350USD/year. Note: Each update will add about 1-3 vehicle models. We will not issue a new version if only amend bugs. Packing List: 1 pcs * SKP-900 Main Unit 1 pcs * OBD Adapter Cable 1 pcs * HY/KIA Adapter 1 pcs * KIA-20 Adapter 1 pcs * HONDA-3 Adapter 1 pcs * USB Cable 1 pcs * Manual Contact Informations: 1. E-mail and Skype both are: qingzhu.he@ecutool.com 2. Website: www.ecutool.com/Snow_Ho/index.asp 3. Phone: +86 134-1892-7012
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Airsoft Gun Maintenance & Repair : How to Take Apart an Airsoft Gun
The process of taking apart an Airsoft gun depends on the model and manufacturer, and breaking it all the way down to the mechbox is necessary to make any major repairs. Safely disassemble a G36C model with help from a professional Airsoft technician in this free video on BB guns. Expert: Chad Boone Contact: www.mantisairsoft.com Bio: Chad Boone has been working with guns for many years. He has been involved with Airsoft guns for more than two years, and he travels and competes almost every weekend. Filmmaker: Michael Burton
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Basic Car & Maintenance   Checking Car Coolant Radiator
get more info at http://ohallinfo.blogspot.com/ 3 fast tips on how to sell your car for the most 3 secret tips before you buy a used car 4 tips to save a bundle on your next new car purchase 5 steps to a great rental car experience 5 things to know when shopping for car rentals 5 things you should know before buying a car cover 5 tips on making your car more fuel efficient 7 great tips to save money on car parts and maintenance 7 hassle free ways to buying a new car 7 things to know when renting a car 15 ways to lower your car insurance quote 18 simple ways to save money on your car 20 tips to cheaper car insurance 2006 chevrolet corvette gm s fastest and most powerful car with superior aftermarket parts at partstrain 2006 mazda mx 5 miata the freewheeling youth of the sports car world matures A car buying guide the resale value of your car A car resale value a car buying guide a guide to international car shipping a muscle car revolution a rookies guide to car rentals a simple car cleaning guide affordable online car auctions an introduction to car transporting an overview on how to install led under car lights an overview on how to install neon led interior car lights an overview on how to install neon under car lights anyone can clean their car but what about those cloudy yellow headlights are you comfortable driving your car are you in the market for a car loan are you ready to take the challenge of modifying your Mitsubishi car auctions and car transport everything you need to know audi 6 named as the world car of the year offers world class parts at partstrain audi car part auto detailing making your old car new again auto parts accessory car trucks suv auto parts deal offers solution to your common car problems auto parts inner offers preventive car maintenance tips and quality replacement parts for ford bmw Toyota Honda Chevrolet and more auto parts online offers great new interior and exterior auto parts performance parts and car accessories and more exciting deals bad credit car loans are possible basic wheel concepts guide in buying replacement car wheels become a test driver for car magazines a dream job for car enthusiasts before you rent a car best negotiating tips when buying an used car best time to buy a car bought a new car but can't seem to shift the old one try our 8 point checklist bras for your car bread milk car insurance budget performance car value Honda crx buyers guide for aftermarket replacement car seats buying a car lease it first buy it later and save money buying a fuel efficient car buying a new car buying a new car this article will save you time money by getting dealer s invoice information negotiating the best deal of any new car buying a new car use feng shui to select your success color buying a new car why not modify your old one buying a used car the wise way buying a used or second hand car in uk buying versus leasing a car can you really get a free car can you write off your car as a tax deduction maybe car accident checklist are you prepared car accident insurance claim regarding impacts and injuries car accident lawyer legal advice car and truck alternators car art in many forms car buying scams car color trivia car dealer reviews one of the most important pieces of information you need car detailing manuals tips and tricks that save car diagnosis made simple car ground effects should you install yourself car insurance discounts car insurance no claims bonus explained car insurance online quote car insurance online quotes no fuss car insurance rates can you lower them car leasing for beginners car marketing car radiator replacement solutions car rental safety car rentals for young people car repair 101 car video monitors there not just for your kids anymore caring for your car s brakes and rotors cheap car insurance 7 tips to reduce your car insurance costs
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Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss w/ Jason Fung, MD
Dr. Jason Fung discusses how fasting changed your hormones, enhances fat loss and why it doesn't lead to muscle loss. New video: https://youtu.be/jXXGxoNFag4 ➢Struggling to loose weight on keto?https://go.highintensityhealth.com/keto-fundamentals ➢ Get More Bonus Content: https://www.patreon.com/highintensityhealth ➢ Book: Complete Guide to Fasting w/ Jimmy Moore http://amzn.to/2hamNHC ➢ Book: The Obesity Code: http://amzn.to/2gZOsNg ➢ Read the Interview Transcript: http://bit.ly/2h0bAeL -------------------------------------- VIDEO GEAR------------------------------------------------- Vlog Cam Canon 6D Mark II https://amzn.to/2JyxrG5 Interview Cam C100 ii: https://amzn.to/2EC5NE8 Best Lens Ever: https://amzn.to/2IJ9WZC Vlog lens: Canon EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS: https://amzn.to/2IGlfSo Dope Lens - Canon 85mm f/1.4L IS: https://amzn.to/2IFRG3h Good Audio: Rode VMPRPLUS Videomic Pro: https://amzn.to/2v9W9cm -----------------------------------------Lets Connect-------------------------------------- ➢ iTunes Podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/167-jason-fung-md-how-to-intermittent/id910048041?i=1000378753473&mt=2 ➢ Instagram https://www.instagram.com/metabolic_mike ➢ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MikeMutzelMS --------------------------------------Key Takeaways---------------------------------- 02:17 History of Fasting: Fasting has been done since the dawn of humanity. Religions prescribe periods of fasting. Ancient Greeks did it for mental clarity. In the last 50 years there has been a strong move against fasting. 03:06 Nothing Wrong with Fasting: Dr. Fung investigated fasting and found that fasting had a great many benefits. Periodic fasting allows your body to burn off fat. Dr. Fung uses it with all of his overweight patients. Blood sugar medications need to be monitored closely once implementing fasting, or blood sugar could go too low.05:25 Hypoglycemia: If you are taking blood sugar meds, you may become hypoglycemic. 09:42 Muscle Loss and Fasting: Starvation mode and muscle loss are two of the many myths. Hypoglycemia is not a big concern unless you are taking blood sugar meds. As you fast, you will consume glycogen. 16:53 Hormones of Fasting: Fasting increases growth hormone. It increases noradrenaline. These are counter regulatory hormones, which counter the effect of insulin. Insulin lowers blood glucose. 22:04 Three Day a Week Fast: Dr. Fung does 24 hour fasts. 26:32 Anti-Aging Benefits: Skin is protein, so skin may alter with intermittent fasting. During the process of fasting, you get rid of old cells as part of renovation. 28:44 Autophagy: mTOR is a major regulator of autophagy. Protein turns off autophagy. mTOR is a nutrient sensor, sensing protein. 33:37 Salt and Fasting: One reason why Dr. Fung’s patients use bone broth during a fast is for salt intake. 35:49 Kidney Function: 37:07 Hormone Impacts: The main hormone affected by fasting is insulin. 42:17 Cortisol and Fasting: Cortisol does rise with fasting. It is part of the counter regulatory hormones. 43:14 Noradrenaline & Fasting 48:09 Calories: Calories have nothing to do with weight loss. Fasting is about changing your hormones. 49:50 Nutrient Changes in the 1950s: There was little obesity. People ate cookies, white bread and ice cream. You ate within a 10 hour window. 54:51 Bullet Proof Coffee/Fat Fasting: Many of the benefits of fasting come from reducing insulin. Pure fat has almost no insulin effect. 56:26 Ketogenic Diet: Intermittent fasting and ketogenic diet are along the same spectrum, close cousins. The ultra-low carb ketogenic diet lowers insulin. Low carb diet delivers 71% of the insulin lowering of fasting. 01:00:39 Dr. Fung’s Morning Routine: 01:03:45 Dr. Fung’s Favorite Nutrient: 01:07:54 Dr. Fung’s Elevator Pitch: We need to teach people about the therapeutic value of fasting. It has the potential to change the entire health system of the world. Most of what we do is treat diabetes, high blood pressure and all of the downstream issues. All of this can be taken care of for free. We need to spread the knowledge of how to do it.
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Barton Haynes: Tracking how HIV disrupts immune system informs vaccine development
One of the main mysteries confounding development of an HIV vaccine is why some people infected with the virus make the desired antibodies after several years, but a vaccine can’t seem to induce the same response. A research team led by scientists at the Duke Human Vaccine Institute has been unraveling that mystery, detailing new insights in a study published July 29 in the journal Science Immunology. Studying 100 HIV-infected people -- half whose immune systems eventually made antibodies capable of broadly neutralizing the virus and half whose immune systems did not -- the researchers found several key immune differences that should help in the development of a how-to manual for an effective vaccine. “This work gives us the beginning of an understanding of the immune mechanisms that control development of broadly neutralizing antibodies, which is a major goal of a successful HIV vaccine,” said Barton F. Haynes, M.D., director of the Duke Human Vaccine Institute and senior author of the study. “This moves forward important concepts for vaccine design to overcome a roadblock that has been present since we began this work 30 years ago.” In earlier work, Haynes and colleagues studied a person with both HIV and a form of lupus erythematosus, which is an autoimmune disease. The person’s immune system both controlled the virus and developed broadly neutralizing antibodies. The researchers have hypothesized that the same immune disruptions that caused the person to develop lupus were somehow enabling the broadly neutralizing antibodies to fulfill their potential and fight the virus. Now, by directly studying large numbers of HIV-infected people whose immune systems made broadly neutralizing antibodies, the researchers found that they have similar immune alterations, or perturbations, as found in individuals with autoimmune disease. “In essence, HIV cloaks its vulnerable sites that the immune system wants to see by making them resemble our own tissues, thereby creating an environment in which the virus is protected and the beneficial antibodies are treated as a threat to the body”, said lead author Anthony Moody, M.D., chief medical officer of the Duke Human Vaccine Institute. “These findings suggest that for a broadly neutralizing antibody-inducing HIV vaccine to be successful, we will need to mimic with vaccination the immune perturbations that occur in the setting of HIV infection,” Haynes said. “The important point here is that the first step to finding a way around a roadblock, is to be able to understand the biology behind the problem,” Haynes said. “We now know what we need to do. The next step is to figure out how to safely mimic what happens in infection when the right antibodies are induced.” In addition to Haynes, study authors include M. Anthony Moody; Isabela Pedroza-Pacheco; Nathan A. Vandergrift; Cecilia Chui; Krissey E. Lloyd; Robert Parks; Kelly A. Soderberg; Ane T. Ogbe; Myron S. Cohen; Hua-Xin Liao; Feng Gao; Andrew J. McMichael; David C. Montefiori; Laurent Verkoczy; Garnett Kelsoe; Jinghe Huang; Patrick R. Shea; Mark Connors; and Persephone Borrow. The study received support from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases directly (AI100696) and through the Duke Center for HIV/AIDS Vaccine Immunology-Immunogen Discovery (AI100645 and AI067854), and from an MRC Programme grant (MR/K012037).
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Yanmar marine diesel engine repair
Troubleshooting and finally fixing a Yanmar 2gm20 marine diesel engine. Removal of Cylinder head, valve lapping, re-assembly and some oil pipe improvisation. I looked for videos of people disassembling the gm's before I attempted this but could not find any. Perhaps this will better inform you what to expect if you are thinking about doing the same. Things learnt - Check mixer elbow every season. Check the oil pipe that runs hidden, behind the engine and before it spews all your oil into the bilge on passage one day! I'd add, I'm an DIY guy, not a professional mechanic. I didn't find this too hard and managed to expand my tool-kit, probably for less than it'd have costed to get the local mechanic to step on-board. If you have the confidence to do the same, I'm sure you'd find it as rewarding as I did, though obviously at your own risk! :) Happy sailing.
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How to wire an automotive power antenna
Besides mounting a new antenna, You will also need to know how to wire the new power antenna up. After watching this tutorial you'll be well informed enough to do it yourself. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Audiopipe-Fully-Automatic-Auto-Up-Down-Car-Chrome-Power-Antenna-/400761647389?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item5d4f41711d
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How to drive manual 8 Gear Volvo Truck (4 Low and 4 High)
Volvo truck 8 Gear Manual Transmission
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tractor gearbox
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How to Wire a New Car Antenna : Car Audio
Subscribe Now: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ehowtech Watch More: http://www.youtube.com/ehowtech Wiring a new car antenna typically requires you to begin by removing the old one. Wire a new car antenna with help from a car audio industry professional in this free video clip. Expert: Dan Ungaro Contact: www.soundscapecaraudio.com Bio: Dan Ungaro has been in the car audio industry since 2000. Filmmaker: Andrew Conway Series Description: Installing your own car stereo and performing routine maintenance is an excellent way to both make sure that you're getting the best sound money can buy, and that you're still saving a great deal of money while you do it. Get tips on the wonderful world of car audio with help from a car audio industry professional in this free video series.
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Dr. Jason Fung - 'Therapeutic Fasting - Solving the Two-Compartment Problem'
Dr. Jason Fung completed medical school and internal medicine at the University of Toronto before finishing his nephrology fellowship at the University of California, Los Angeles at the Cedars-Sinai hospital. He now has a practice in Ontario, Canada where he uses his Intensive Dietary Management program to help all sorts of patients, but especially those suffering from the two big epidemics of modern times: obesity and type 2 diabetes. Dr. Fung uses innovative solutions to these problems, realising that conventional treatments are not that effective in helping people.
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Digital Painting: Hollow Queen (Halloween 2015) - Photoshop, ZBrush
Welcome to this creepy timelapse process of painting the Hollow Queen, a Halloween illustration mixing dark beauty with some evil creature-feeling. I have tried to organize the different stages and sequences to make it easier to understand, but actually I drew the sketched background earlier than anything else, and the body poses later on, after some fails drawing and sculpting different hairstyles. I knew I wanted a creepy pin up, some kind of sexy undead female in a graveyard, maybe with a creature feeling, surrounded by a circle of deadly pumpkins, but it was not clear which pose or hairstyle would fit Photoshop CS6, ZBrush 4R6, Wacom Intuos 4, hundreds of layers and around 50 hours recorded. Final image: http://akelarre.cgsociety.org/art/halloween-photoshop-creature-zbrush-graveyard-pin-up-fantasy-pumpkins-nightmare-hollow-queen-horror-2d-1320159 Thanks for watching! Royalty Free Music by: - 'Creepy' by Bensoud, www.bensound.com - 'Evil Calls', 'Mischief Night' and 'Sinister Lullaby' by Sam Haynes, samhaynes1.bandcamp.com
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How to upgrade SKP 900 Key Programmer
Read more info http://www.goobd2.com/superobd-skp-900-obd2-key-programmer.html SuperOBD SKP-900 Key Programmer Highlights: 1. Hand-held OBD2 key programmer 2. Support online update, newest software version V3.3. 3. With broad vehicles support, can support almost all cars in the market. 4. SKP-900 is the very popular key programmer with best quality. SuperOBD V3.3 SKP-900 SKP900 OBD2 Key Programmer Good News: This item is Free Shipping by UPS to United States, fast and without taiff. ( If you comes from other country, you should pay the shipping cost separately ) Get SKP-900 for 5 Reasons: 1. Support online update, newest software version V3.3 2. No ticket needed. You can program as many cars as you can. 3. Operate through OBD2 port, easy and convenient. 4. Can read pin code for many vehicles, only a few vehicles need to get pincode from other place. 5. Update is lifetime for free. SKP-900 Dealer code: 1001 Pls. notice: This SKP-900 contains 50 tokens. After using up, you can go to SKP-900 official website to get more free tokens. You should register before logging in, then you will see the add tokens' menu. SuperOBD SKP-900 Key Programmer V3.3 Released! (Mar. 27th) 1. Mitsubishi EVO-10 Smart Key Program 2. Mitsubishi PAJERO V75 ID-61 Key Program 2010 3. Mitsubishi PAJERO V73 Key Program 2004- 4. Mitsubishi PAJERO V97 Key Program 5. Mitsubishi ASX Key And Remote Program 2013- 6. Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Key And Remote Program 2013- 7. Mitsubishi Outlander Key And Remote Program 2013- SKP-900 Key Programmer V3.0 Highlights (Dec. 20) (NEW): 1. VW Touareg key program 2004-2010 2. VW Phaeton key program 2004-2013 3. BENTLEY key program 2004-2012 4. AUDI A8L key program 2004-2009 5. Mazda CX-9 Smart key program 6. 46/4D/48 Adapter Plus Fix BUG SKP-900 Vehicle List: Acura, Alfa, Audi, Buick, Cadillac, Cheverolet, Chrysler, Citroen, Dodge, Fiat, Ford, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Infinite, Jaguar, Jeep, Kia, LandRover, Lexus, Mazda, MITSUBISHI, Nissan, OPEL, Peugeot, Porton, Renault, Smart, Ssangyong, Subaru, Suzuki, Skoda, Toyota, VW, BRILLIANCE, BYD, CHANGAN, CHANGFENG, CHERY, Dongfeng, Dongfeng Nissan, FAW, Geely, Great Wall, Ha Fei, Hainan Mazda, ZOTYE, LI FAN, LU FENG, Luxgen, MAPLE, ROEWE
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RW Toy RC Lamborghini Veneno Racing Car 1/24 Scale Video Review
Buy it here: http://prourls.co/RssS This RW Remote Control Racing Lamborghini Veneno is quite fun for the kids. Designed for ages 6+ the car does indeed hit around 8+ mph and has a decent range of about 50-80' in testing it didn't quite make the 40 meters it says but gets a fair distance away and considering it's size you don't want it that far as it is hard to see. The working LED headlamps and tail lights are really cool and light up when going forward or when you reverse. The car is fast, great looking and my kid took it over speed bumps, it doesn't get knocked over easy. It takes 3 Triple AAA batteries in the car and 2 in the remote, the package includes a mini screwdriver to get it out of the package and open the battery compartments. The RW 1/24 Scale Lamborghini Veneno Car Radio Remote Control Sport Racing Car comes in red or silver colors and at it's price is an excellent toy RC car. Please support us using the link below so that we can continue our giveaways and make them worldwide. Here is Global Amazon Affiliate link: http://prourls.co/i3Nh buy from our link and help support our channel! Most videos produced with Camtasia Studio on this Channel, grab a free trial here: https://www.techsmith.com/camtasia.html You can also buy from Amazon here: http://prourls.co/OtB4 Want your product (hardware or software) reviewed or showcased to our audience and channels? You can fill out a request here http://www.dragonblogger.com/product-reviews/ we welcome working with new brands and always give 100% honest opinions. Follow us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/dragonblogger Follow us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/dragonbloggertech Follow us on Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/+dragonblogger/posts Follow us on Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/dragonbloggers Follow us on Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/dragonbloggers Intro SFX: "Dragon Roaring" by Mike Koenig "Mouse click sound effect (2)" by Jojikiba
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how a governor works
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Review: DZ09 Bluetooth SmartWatch with Camera
Get yours here and support my channel! http://amzn.to/2FRMacL Time for another review of a very inexpensive DZ09 Bluetooth SmartWatch with Camera! The databits channel is pleased to provide you with the best in new tech, vintage and oddity gadgets, media formats, repair projects, electronic experiments and restorations of thrift store finds. There are also many "how to" and instructional titles. The goal is to search through garage sales, antique malls and resale shops for gadgets you didn't know existed, electronic toys you had as a kid, stereo or turntables your parents used or a film projector your school used to teach you valuable lessons. Typically we produce one video a week with several trips to a thrift store per month. Sometimes, through research, an item is searched for on ebay and purchased for review. A list of some of the most popular items watched here on the channel are: record cutting on various materials, DLP television repairs, VCR's, Camcorders, turntables, record players, records, car reviews and dictation equipment. Follow databits: Facebook http://www.facebook.com/1databits Twitter: https://twitter.com/digitalbt or @digitalbt Thank you for watching and please subscribe! Heads up: This description contains an affiliate link. If you buy something through one of the links, you won't pay a penny more, but databits will get a small commission, which helps support this channel. Thank you!
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x 100+ auto key programmer from Autol
X-100+ key programmer - Exclusive Agent Language: English and Spanish With X-100 plus, without any worries about matching! X-100+ Auto Key Programmer is a kind of handheld device for programming keys in immobilizer units on vehicles. This scan tool has a simple and robust design, to make your Vehicle service experience much easier! Contact information: Facebook: amanda at autoltech dot com MSN: autolsale004 at hotmail dot com Yahoo ID: chenautolsale004 at yahoo dot com Skype: autolsale004 Vehicle Coverage Asia: Subaru, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubish, Mazda, Lexus, KIA, Infiniti, Hyundai, Honda, Acura Europe: Seat, Skoda, VW, Porsche, Peugeot, Citroen, Audi America: GMC, Chrysler, Chevrolet, Cadillac China: Shanghai GM, YDKia, ZZMazda, ZZNissan, SQYL, Roewe, QNLotus, MG, liuFeng, LiFan JAC, HuaPu, HNMazda, HaFei, GreatWall, Geely, DFLiuzhou, Chery, ChangHe, ChangFeng, ChangAn, CASuzuki, CAFord, Brilliance, BJXD, Besrurn And the more cars' software will be released. Remark: Including x-100 all the matching function and add new software function in x100+. Software update Via official website Features 1. New keys programming 2. Reads keys from immobilizer's memory 3. New immobilizer programming 4. New ECU programming 5. New mechanical key number programming 6. Vehicle Identification Number programming 7. Reset ECU&reset immobilizer 8. Easy to operate by the guided menu programming 9. New remote controller programming 10. With full and strong database for the most important vehicle makes 11. Upgradeable via web-based download Packing List 1. X-100+ main unit 2. ObdII-16 connector 3. Honda-3 connector 4. Hyundai/KIA-10 connector 5. Main Cable 6. TF Card 7. TF Card Reader 8. X-100+ user's manual Question: What are the difference between x-100+ and the other auto anti matching equipment? Answers: The other equipment is major in auto locksmith, and can only do key matching, can not renew between anti safe and engine ECU, but x-100+ is not only for locksmith, it is including the customers from the workshop. Because the workshop not only use the key matching, they also need to replace the anti safe ECU and renew the engine ECU. But the common equipment, for example SBB, T300^etc cannot do these. For example: When water get into the car^etc, after change the engine ECU, anti safe ECU, they need to do renew the anti safe ECU and engine ECU, or ECM initialization, SMARTRA initialization, PDM initialization, ESCL initialization...Etc, T300, SBB cannot do this, but x-100+ can. Remark: X-100+ Odometer adjustment via diagnostic connector will be added continue.
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How To Repair Refrigerator Defrost Problem, Good Appliance
refrigerator section warm, no air flow to refrigerator, frost built up in freezer, not cooling well, Good Appliance, Wabash, Indiana
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Open offices are overrated
If you work in an office, there's a good chance it's an open one. How did we get here? And why is it so bad? Find the Overrated Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/OverratedTheShow Find Phil Edwards on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/philedwardsinc Subscribe to our channel! http://goo.gl/0bsAjO Open offices have been around a surprisingly long time. But they're relatively misunderstood for their role in workplace culture. Where did open offices and cubicles come from, and are they really what we want? This episode of Overrated explores the history, including Frank Lloyd Wright, Herman Miller, and other key figures in the office design movement. Our workplaces haven't always been this way — this is how we got here. Vox.com is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out http://www.vox.com to get up to speed on everything from Kurdistan to the Kim Kardashian app. Check out our full video catalog: http://goo.gl/IZONyE Follow Vox on Twitter: http://goo.gl/XFrZ5H Or on Facebook: http://goo.gl/U2g06o
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TỰ HỌC TIẾNG TRUNG QUỐC ONLINE - Tổng hợp đề thi HSK 5 (hanyu shuiping kaoshi)
ĐĂNG KÝ KÊNH ĐỂ HỌC TIẾNG TRUNG ONLINE MIỄN PHÍ NGAY: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqhXS5FQfMVA7xYgpE2mc-g Đề thi HSK 5 số 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=irNbwUgIsqY&t=15s Đề thi HSK 5 số 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWH8HuLKmjE&t=2s Đề thi HSK 5 số 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-hAO8yZTfo Đề thi HSK 5 số 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4YBagBZ_A3Q Đề thi HSK 5 số 5:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NC_pqw94vJw Đề thi HSK 5 số 6: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PzS-E5Gp--Y
Inline 3 Cylinder Engine - Explained
The inline 3 cylinder engine is similar to an inline 6, but cut in half. I3's make a good choice for small, compact, and cost-effective engines producing good fuel economy. The primary and secondary forces are balanced (vertically), though unlike an I6 there is a rocking moment front to back on the engine, as there is a plane imbalance. These engine are becoming more popular with demand for greater fuel economy rising. They've also seen some use with modern sports/race cars, used in the Nissan ZEOD RC as well as the BMW i8. Related Videos: Engine Balance - http://youtu.be/aonbwOxooGA Primary Balance - http://youtu.be/9Bdc9CuBOzc Secondary Balance - http://youtu.be/gdHQ8aTfiQQ Straight Four Engine - http://youtu.be/yRWL9czmk_E Straight Five Engine - http://youtu.be/VBUyR7xQvhY Straight Six Engine - http://youtu.be/w5NZsc1oQpU Boxer Four - http://youtu.be/VL69r96VfuU Rotary Engine - http://youtu.be/umxGxsN5vQM V6 Engine - http://youtu.be/YMoDcKXiKME V8 Engine - http://youtu.be/1H-GWcwO4vw V10 Engine - http://youtu.be/6hClmLhIeis Please feel free to rate, comment, and subscribe! And don't forget to check out my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/engineeringexplained To help create more videos, check out my Patreon page! http://www.patreon.com/engineeringexplained Also check out my official website: Make suggestions, participate in forums, learn through logically ordered lessons, read FAQs, and plan your future! http://www.howdoesacarwork.com Now on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/jasonfenske13 NEW VIDEO EVERY WEDNESDAY!
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【ENGSUB】我的奇妙男友 02 | My Amazing Boyfriend 02(吴倩,金泰焕,沈梦辰,Wu Qian,Kim Tae Hwan)
【☝欢迎点击订阅华策影视官方频道 Subscribe to Huace Film & TV Official Channel☝】 ▹《我的奇妙男友》完整播放列表/Full Playlist:https://goo.gl/ZcXXco ▹剧情简介:“基因突变人“薛灵乔(金泰焕饰)沉睡百年后,在一场车祸中意外被倒霉女星田净植(吴倩饰)唤醒。身世诡异、能力不凡的薛灵乔软硬兼施住进田净植家,田净植表面装作不在乎,背地里却想方设法要赶走这只“妖怪”。不料,这样的互相折磨,竟让两人的关系日渐升温,暧昧的情丝悄悄蔓延。然而,逐渐明朗的不仅是薛灵乔和田净植相爱的心,一个跨越百年的惊天大阴谋也慢慢浮出水面。 ▹Synopsis: Xue Ling Qiao an otherworldly being who has been asleep for a century, is accidentally awakened by Tian Jing Zhi, who is forced to share her home with this awkward man with super powers. From bickering to eventually warming up to each other, unlikely romance blossoms between them, but will a cosmic conspiracy keep them apart? ■□更多精彩内容请订阅■□ 華策FUN國際|HUACE GLOBAL FUN https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9M9sV3sGmutY26H4LNBTww 华策影视Facebook官方主页 https://www.facebook.com/huacemedia/ 华策影视推特官方账号 https://twitter.com/HuaceInfo
China Mobile flashing without a box (easy method) with cracked software.avi
see here : http://sites.google.com/site/chinamobileflash/
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Mini Electric Sewing Machine
Quick setup guide of LS202 mini sewing machine
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DZ09 smartwatch bluetooth and GSM sim card phone
Hello here a quick review for the bluetooth smartwatch dz09 wich includes sim card + sd card slot DZ09 bluetooth smartwatch whith sim card installed you access to the internet using it also it has a camera its a cheap watch you can use it and sychronise it with your phone using bluetooth also it can be used as a phone
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Transformers Remote Control Car Latest model RC Car
genuine source of the latest remote control peak Transformers / deformation of car / robot / remote control car
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Best of Modern Small Living Room Design Ideas
Small Living Room Decorating Ideas Stuck with a small living room? Turn it into a family room, lounge, dining room and office with these multipurpose decorating ideas The living room is one place in the house that best showcases a sense of style which everyone is free to see. Small apartments may be the cutest place to decorate. This place looks really modern with its color palette. Classy and sophisticated. The main room of the house that can be used for the Relax ,the weekends at happy and read books, watch TV or listen to music and many others. living room ideas reflects your personality and need to be refurbished the comfort and style your needs.Furnished living room with-tone colors cream.choose ground color in the home. shades cream, for ease of design and feel that is not boring, furniture give feel of the living room idea. you should choose white ,give Airy feeling the atmosphere is not crowded.You should ,Placing fresh indoor plants can also be very useful. Small potted trees and plants in the sitting-room look refreshing to the eyes and also clean the air.modern living room designsis one of the most important rooms in the entire house. It not only welcomes guests and visitors, it also serves as the focal point and acts as a showcase for the entire house. In simple terms, the living room is the focal point of a home.In designing any room in your home it is important to know how much change you want to see from the previous look. You must also consider your time and budget limitations,The selection of furniture, you have the right size for your living room ,if you have a small space, it also means that you should use a small furniture , and homes with children and pets need to be durable and functional furniture that is easy to maintain , selected furniture items are added to decorate the living room , the bed, coffee table, entertainment center, and artwork in the house such as lamps. decorative lighting and, area rugs.Or modern furniture in the living room. Instead of buying a kit , bean seats, a popular choice that gels easily with a living room decorated with modern furniture,these bags add a modern look to your living room.
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Coolpad Note 3 8298 i00 Hard Reset  EASY 100%
http://romfast.com/ Use Full Website For All SmartPhone Flashing Tool And DRIVER Direct Link HERE IS SUBSCRIBE =https://goo.gl/hGD6bD Warning! Do this at your own risk! All your phone data (contacts,photos,videos,music,messages,a­­plications,games,files,) will be lost! Please make backup first if you can Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset How To Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset pattern lock How To Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset pattern unlock How To Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset pattern reset How To Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset phone lock How To Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset phone reset How To Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset format How To Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset hang on logo done How To Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset sim lock How To Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset screen lock How To Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset screen unlock How To Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset pin lock How To Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset stuck on logo done How To Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset user name pasword id problem download pattern unlock Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset draw pattern to unlock forgot unlock pattern Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset how i unlock pattern lock Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset how pattern lock unlock Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset how to pattern lock unlock Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset how to pattern unlock Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset how to unlock a forgotten pattern lock Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset how to unlock a pattern Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset how to unlock a pattern lock Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset how to unlock any pattern lock Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset how to unlock draw pattern lock Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset how to unlock forgot pattern Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset how to unlock forgotten pattern lock Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset how to unlock lock pattern Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset how to unlock pattern Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset how to unlock pattern lock Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset how to unlock patterns Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset how to unlock the pattern Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset how to unlock the pattern lock Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset how unlock pattern Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset app lock forgot password Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset forgot my pattern lock Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset forgot pattern lock Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset forgot phone lock pattern Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset forgot screen lock pattern Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset how to unlock forgot pattern lock Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset mobile pattern lock forgot Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset pattern lock forgot Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset pattern lock forgot password Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset pattern lock password forgot Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset how unlock pattern lock Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset how unlock the pattern lock Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset pattern lock how to unlock Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset pattern lock to unlock Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset pattern lock unlock Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset pattern unlock Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset pattern unlock download Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset to unlock pattern lock Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset unlock a pattern lock Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset unlock pattern Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset unlock pattern lock Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset unlock patterns Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset unlock the pattern lock Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset how to unlock a locked phone Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset how to unlock a network locked phone Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset how to unlock a phone lock Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset how to unlock a phone lock code Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset how to unlock a pin locked phone Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset how to unlock a sim locked phone Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset how to unlock locked phone Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset how to unlock locked phones Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset how to unlock network locked phones Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset how to unlock phone lock Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset how to unlock phone lock code Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset how to unlock the phone lock Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset my phone is locked how do i unlock it Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset my phone locked how do i unlock it Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset unlock phone lock Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset how to Pin Lock Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset how to Screen Lock Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset how to unlock mobile phone Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset how to fix unfortunately app has stopped Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset unfortunately app has stopped working Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset unfortunately app store has stopped Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset unfortunately apps has stopped Coolpad Note 3 8298-i00 Reset unfortunately your app has stopped
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Experiments in Induction Cooking
Check out www.yuppiechef.com/cookingschool We've had a number of people asking just how induction cooking works so we decided to put a little video together to illustrate the genius of it all. Induction pans are made of ferromagnetic metal. Induction hobs have electromagnets in them and when they're turned on the induction cookware on the hob essentially turns into the element and gets hot - quickly! The amazing thing is that the actual hob surface doesn't get hot aside from a bit of reflected heat. This makes induction cooking fast, energy efficient and far safer to use than conventional stove tops or gas burners.
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Oğlan Bizim Kız Bizim- Türk Filmi
Filmin Konusu: İstanbul’da yaşayan oto tamircisi Emre ve düğün organizatörü Zeynep'in hiçbir ortak noktası yoktur. Hatta birbirlerini bile tanımamaktadırlar. Ancak ikisi de radyo çekilişinden Antalya tatili kazanır ve yanlarını birer arkadaşlarını alarak tatile giderler. Bu tatilde ikisi de kendilerini hem komik hem de eğlenceli olaylar zincirinin içinde bulurlar. Emre, der Automechaniker, der in Istanbul lebt, und Zeynep, der Hochzeitsorganisator, haben nichts gemeinsam. Sie kennen sich nicht einmal. Beide gewinnen jedoch die Tour von Antalya aus der Radio Lotterie und nehmen ihre Freunde mit auf ihre Seite. In diesen Ferien finden sich beide in einer Kette von lustigen und unterhaltsamen Veranstaltungen wieder. Yönetmenliğini ve senaristliğini Semra Dündar'ın üstlendiği film romantik komedi türünde bir gençlik filmi olarak öne çıkıyor. Türkiye'nin sevilen genç yıldızlarını bir araya getiren yapımın başrollerini Aras Aydın, Melis Babadağ, Bala Atabek ve Şahangiller olarak tanınan internet fenomeni Emrah Şahan üsteniyor. Abone Olmak İçin Tıklayın: https://goo.gl/U79UT3 Komedi Filmleri: https://goo.gl/p0e9vx Dram Filmleri: https://goo.gl/PZuh05 Yeşilçam Filmleri: https://goo.gl/d15cZO Aşk & Romantik Filmler: https://goo.gl/wWHBej Savaş & Tarihi Filmler: https://goo.gl/oVFR0t Aksiyon Filmleri: https://goo.gl/BTpptr Korku Filmleri: https://goo.gl/953cFr
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Electric Rickshaw
Keeping in mind the genetics of Indian economy and global oil crisis, SONI Electric Auto is proud to introduce a revolutionary product in the country by launching Eco friendly battery operated rickshaw`s which run on batteries and are popularly termed as E-RICKSHAW. Description for "Battery Rickshaw Online at Low Prices" Go green with this new variant of automobile industry "Electric Battery Rickshaw". Enjoy the new mode of transportation which is very low on budget and very comfortable way to travel from one place to another. Features of Battery Operated Rickshaw 1.Battery Rickshaw or E- Tricycles are environment friendly mode of travelling. 2. E- Tricycles does not creating neither noise pollution nor air Pollution. 3. These E rickshaws are eco-friendly. 4. Anybody can earn 30,000 to 35000 per month running these tricycles easily. 5. They can take a maximum load of 6+1 passengers. 6. They are running on battery. 7. They are very easy to operate and maintain. Only a very nominal battery charging fees is required on daily basis. 8. Our tricycles are very spacious for passengers. 9. Our tricycles have luxurious & comfortable seats with a strong body and chassis. 10. We offer best prices and very good after sale services. 11. We have 6 models that you can choose from
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[How to] Download Assassins Creed: Brotherhood (FOR FREE)
Download: http://tinyurl.com/5rrafcx #download the .rar archive and unizp it. #a readme.txt is in the archive too activism, advertising, alcohol, alternative-news, ancient-history, animals, animation, anime, architecture, arts, astronomy, atheist, bizarre, blogs, books, buddhism, business, cars, cartoons, cats, celebrities, christianity, classic-rock, clothing, comedy-movies, comics, computer-graphics, computer-hardware, computers, cooking, crafts, crime, cyberculture, dogs, drawing, drugs, ecommerce, environment, fashion, fine-arts, firefox, geography, graphic-design, guitar, guns, hacking, health, history, humor, illusions, interior-design, internet, internet-tools, iraq, liberal-politics, liberties, linguistics, linux, literature, mac-os, mathematics, movies, multimedia, music, nature, network-security, news, online-games, open-source, painting, philosophy, photography, physics, poetry, politics, programming, psychology, quizzes, relationships, religion, satire, science, science-fiction, self-improvement, shopping, software, space-exploration, stumblers, stumbleupon, tattoos, travel, tv, video, video-games, web-design, windows, writing, actors, america, apple, art, aviation, blog, blogging, bush, california, car, cartoon, cat, celebrity, charity, children, climate-change, college, comedy, comic, community, dance, death, debate, design, diet, diy, dog, economy, election, elections, energy, entertainment, exercise, facebook, film, finance, flash, flowers, food, football, funny, gadgets, game, games, gaming, global-warming, god, google, graffiti, green, home, humour, illustration, images, internet-marketing, life, living, love, mac, marriage, math, media, medicine, microsoft, money, music-video, obama, oil, online, paintings, pakistan, peace, photo, photos, photoshop, pictures, pirates, president, quotes, recipe, recipes, republican, rock, sculpture, security, social-media, social-networking, society, space, star-wars, tech, technology, television, tips, tools, tutorials, ubuntu, vegan, video, videos, vintage, war, water, web, web-development, weird, wordpress, youtube, sex, sexy, hot, love, porn, president, 2008, 2009, winter, secret, omg, no, way, amplafitesttag, art, arts, bank, barackobama, bi, bisexual, blues, broadway, business, c, canvass, children, classical, college, comedy, community, communityservice, concert, conference, convention, country, county, dance, debatewatchparty, design, development, drive, election, election08, entrepreneur, event, events, fair, family, festival, field, filmfest, florida, football, for, free, fun, fundraising, halloween, haunted, indie, iowavoteearlyforchangeweekofac, jazz, kids, league, live, local, localfieldoffice, london, management, marketing, media, meeting, music, musicals, mybo, national, networking, new, nfl, nyc, obama, of, office, organizing, party, performance, phone, phonebank, pop, pride, prideevent, pridefest, registration, rock, service, show, shows, social, sport, sports, startup, technology, theater, tour, voter, voterregistrationdrive, w, web, western, women, women for obama, workshop, , free, money, cash, movie, download
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電視劇微微一笑很傾城 03 LOVE O2O CROTON MEGAHIT Official
克頓傳媒於Youtube 08/22 24:00獨家首播《微微一笑很傾城》,更多最新消息,歡迎訂閱我們的Youtube頻道,以及Facebook Fanpage:https://www.facebook.com/crotonmedia.official/ 馬來西亞、汶萊與印尼用戶可於Astro OTT平台觀看;美洲用戶、英國與紐澳地區用戶於8/24首播!謝謝支持正版! 《微微一笑很傾城》是根據顧漫同名小說改編,由上海劇酷文化傳播有限公司出品的都市青春偶像劇,由香港導演林玉芬執導,顧漫、好故事工作坊、歐陽、李文婷編劇,鄭爽、楊洋、毛曉彤、白宇、牛駿峰、鄭業成、崔航等聯袂主演。本劇2016年8月22日在江蘇衛視、東方衛視首播。
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Taiyi Huolong Palm Half Speed
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5 शक्तिशाली वशीकरण मंत्र,Powerful Vashikaran Mantra, Get Your Lost Love, Ex Back By Attraction
#VaibhavaNathSharma 5 शक्तिशाली वशीकरण मंत्र के चमत्कार, Powerful Vashikaran Mantra, Get Your Lost Love, Ex Back By Attraction, Captivation.... Website -http://www.vaibhavanathsharma.com Join us @ https://www.facebook.com/astrologervastu Subscribe us @ http://www.youtube.com/vaibhava1 Follow us @https://twitter.com/vaibhava Email - sharma.vaibhava@gmail.com Contact - +91- 9818300146, +91- 9990724131 वशीकरण के पांच चमत्कारी उपाय | Vashikaran Ke 5 Upay, by Celebrity Astrologer and vastu Expert Pandit Vaibhava Nath Sharma On IBN7. CLICK HERE TO SEE SOME MORE INFORMATIVE AND POWERFUL ASTROLOGY SOLUTION VIDEOS - http://youtu.be/3nHOxDFcqnE http://youtu.be/3nHOxDFcqnE http://youtu.be/vuUA1mjVuvU http://youtu.be/5lXGkBRY-V8 http://youtu.be/gbANfF4-Ku0 http://youtu.be/ZJFrPbR3b3w
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SJ4000 HD Action Camera Review - (2014 Video - Old model - read description)
The Big SJ4000 Action Cam Review Available to buy at one of the links below. CLICK SHOW MORE - for additional countries & on-bike footage link. THIS VIDEO WAS MADE IN FEB 2014 - NEW SJ4000 WIFI VERSION REVIEW HERE https://youtu.be/uirzCD-qALE BUY ONE - UK - http://goo.gl/twRrtx US - http://goo.gl/RSaOUp AU - http://goo.gl/pjzj0k DE - http://goo.gl/5UUQeI AT - http://goo.gl/34MER5 BE - http://goo.gl/PneKIy CA - http://goo.gl/LQIfoY CH - http://goo.gl/uhKUnr ES - http://goo.gl/A5oZLT FR - http://goo.gl/wOJj4I IE - http://goo.gl/Qys05u IT - http://goo.gl/rOmbqC NL - http://goo.gl/xBO3N1 HELMET MOUNTED FOOTAGE HERE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83HxtK-6UXg Discussion & Downloadable Samples on Techmoan.com here: http://goo.gl/vN0WsV If you're thinking - "Hey that's a clone - it doesn't say SJCAM on the case" - it isn't and there's a story behind this... The upload date on the video is Feb 4 2014. At this time there were no clones as the SJ4000 had only just come out a couple of weeks earlier. Companies can't clone what doesn't exist. This was the first review of the SJ4000 on youtube. I mentioned in the video, that it was likely clones of this camera would start appearing soon. I had experienced this occur before with various popular mini cameras, and a few months later SJ4000 clones did start to appear. The clones were the reason for the later SJCAM rebrand - I was in touch with the manufacturers a few months prior to making this video and I recommended that they start branding their camera with a recognisable name rather than just a number so people could better identify their specific models and avoid buying clones. When they introduced the SJ4000 WiFi camera they started branding all their cameras with the SJCAM name. The manufacturers true name is Shenzhen Hong Feng Century Technology Company Limited which doesn't trip off the tongue (or fit on a camera). ------AFFLIATED LINKS/ADVERTISING NOTICE------- All links are Affiliated where possible. When you click on links to various merchants posted here and make a purchase, this can result in me earning a commission. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network & Amazon. I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to AMAZON Sites (including, but not limited to Amazon US/UK/DE/ES/FR/NL/IT/CAN)
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9 Difference Between Bs3 And Bs4 Engine
1. BS3 is compulsory for all india, while BS4 is compulsory for all metro cities.  2. Most petrol powered passenger cars in India have already converted to BS4 years ago. 3. BS is basically the emission standards given by Government of India to regulate the air pollutants coming from internal combustion engine. 4. The difference between BS3 and BS4 follows: BS3 carbonmonoxide 2.30 g/km HC 0.20 g/km NOX 0.15 g/km But in BS4 carbonmonoxide 1.00 g/km HC 0.10 g/km NOX 0.08g/km  5. Bs4 vehicle is costly than bs3. 6. BS means Bharat Stage. BS-III and BS-IV are environmental standards for vehicle emissions.  7. Bharat stage III norms have been enforced across the country since October 2010. From April 2010, Bharat stage IV emission norms are in place in 13 major cities in India.  8. Bs4 has turbocharger with intercooler. Also it has common rail injection system Controlled by electronic control unit. BS3 has rotary type injection system. Intercooler is optional.  9. Bs4 engine is very good and less polluting.
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Apple's New Memoji vs. Samsung's AR Emoji
After Apple unveiled Animoji when the iPhone X debuted last September, Samsung introduced its own version, the more human-like and customizable AR Emoji. Not to be outdone, Apple in iOS 12 introduced Memoji, a new version of Animoji that can be customized to look just like you. Given the similarities between AR Emoji and Memoji, we thought we'd compare the two and give our readers an idea of what to expect when iOS 12 launches this fall. Read More - https://www.macrumors.com/2018/06/12/apple-memoji-vs-samsung-ar-emoji/
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Listen (Original Song) - Lennart Padberg - Featured Artist
Don't forget to comment, rate and favorite :D Lennart is amazing...seriously if you don't love this there's something wrong with you...haha...now stop reading this and listen to his song LISTEN! Join my mailing list for new videos, free downloads and more: http://ymlp.com/xgeyeyjbgmgj My Official Website: http://www.lynnschaeffermusic.com MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/easytabber My Facebook Sites: http://www.facebook.com/pages/LynnSchaefferMusic/174887479196736 http://www.facebook.com/pages/EasyTabber/152430671435020 Follow Me On Twitter: http://twitter.com/LynnSMusic
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How To Factory Reset Your Android Phone
Step by step guide: http://www.phonebuff.com/2011/12/factory-reset-android-phone/ Quick video showing you how to hard reset (otherwise known as factory reset or master reset) your Android phone. This is the main troubleshoot manufacturers and carriers recommend to help resolve issues like force closes, freezes, and other similar issues. I do hard resets on my phones not only when my phone is performing slow, but also whenever I sell or otherwise give away one of my cell phones so that my private data is wiped clean and everything is erased. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/phonebuff Twitter: http://twitter.com/phonebuff Website: http://www.phonebuff.com
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Best macOS Preview App Features
In this video, we're going to go over some of the best features that the macOS Preview app has to offer. Read More - https://www.macrumors.com/how-to/get-the-most-from-the-macos-preview-app
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2018 Plano West Senior High School Graduation
The Commencement of the 2018 Graduating Class of Plano West Senior High School in the Ford Center at The Star in Frisco. Length: 2 hrs., 17 min.
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Ch 5: More vs. Enough (Part I: overspending, 1 of 4)
A discussion of Chapter 5 of my book "Hunting, Gathering, & Videogames" - http://www.amazon.com/Hunting-Gathering-Videogames-Allen-Gates/dp/1601450443/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1212394253&sr=8-1 A chapter-by-chapter summary of "Hunting, Gathering, & Videogames" (and thus an overview of the entire video series): PART I: WHY DO WE HAVE TO WORK? Chapter One *Hunting, Gathering, & Videogames* gives a historical overview of why we've always had to "go to work," tracing the common link between the workday of the prehistoric hunter and gatherer, the first millennium B.C. farmer, the first century A.D. pottery-maker, the nineteenth century assembly line worker, and today's videogame programmer. Chapter Two *Surgery & Dental Floss* spells out the complications of bartering, and explains why communities with multiple goods and services always end up using some form of money (be it beads or dollar bills) to solve their trading problems. Chapter Three *Penguins & Peacocks* is about why the changes in our workday--the transition from hunting and gathering to the ages of agriculture, industry, and information--took place, even though some aspects of these changes were for the worse. It looks at the parallel between the history of our workday and the way evolution works in nature: how change is driven by the demands of the immediate environment, not by concerns for future repercussions. PART II: WORK, WEALTH, & HAPPINESS Chapter Four *Emperors & Emptiness* gives an overview of three drawbacks of our modern work system: the alienation, the perception of deprivation that can come from being in a society overflowing with goods and services, and the way our increased number of career options has opened up a large window for failure--particularly when we tie our occupation to our identity. Chapter Five *More vs. Enough* offers an alternative to the unattainable American financial goal of "more is better" by outlining a flexible but precise definition of how much income is "enough." Level 1: enough to pay for all your daily, monthly, and yearly expenses. Level 2: enough beyond Level 1 to pay off your debts (e.g., credit cards, college loans) Level 3: build and maintain a reserve fund equal to about six months of living expenses Level 4: enough to make steady investments for large future expenses (e.g., a down payment on a house, retirement, and children's college tuitions) Chapter Six *Measuring Success* contrasts our culture's guideline for happiness--the wealth, status, and identity we derive from our careers--with a guideline that instead aims for a balance of our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions.
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Win-Win Kung Fu Demo Team Presents Contemporary Wushu at the First Night Pittsburgh 2013
Among our students are the world championship gold medalist, Gina Bao, USA National Championship grand champions Gina Bao and Shu-yuan Zhao, as well as several grand champions of ICMAC competitions in the US, trained by master Zhonghua Wang and Wenze Hu, national champions of China . Wushu competitions include routines that showcase styles of barehanded fighting, such as Long fist or Southern fist, as well as routines that specialize in weapons. Traditional weapons include the straightsword and broadsword, as well as long-range weapons like the staff and the spear. List of Performers Gina Bao, Gold medalist, the 5th World Traditional Wushu Championship, 2012, China Grand champion, USA National Championship 2012 Shu-yuan Zhao, Grand champion, USA National Championship 2012 Jonathan Wang, National Champion 2012 Liz Guo, grand champion, ICMAC Chicago 2011 Andy Yu, grand champion, ICMAC Chicago 2011 Tim Wong, champions, ICMAC Will Murray, champion, ICMAC Pittsburgh 2012 Isyaia Haynes Ray Wang Michael Gao Master Wenze Hu, China National Champion, grand champion of ICMAC Pittsburgh 2012 Special guest: master Liye Zou, China National Champion. Win-Win Kung Fu 2713 Murray Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15217 (412)336-8898 www.winwinkungfu.com
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Valerie Woodside - 2016 Middle Atlantic Figure Skating Championships - No Test
Middle Atlantic Figure Skating Championships - No Test - 4th place - 12 years old
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Moving To Hawaii - A Step-by-step Guide - By Michele Meyer
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Comment tailler des framboisiers dans son jardin?
Jean-Michel GROULT nous explique comment tailler des framboisiers dans son jardin.... Conseil: Pour la taille des framboisiers, la meilleure époque se situe de janvier à mars, mais on peut les tailler de novembre (en climat doux) jusqu'en avril (en climat froid). Gagnez du temps et achetez vos framboisiers en ligne: http://www.planfor.fr/achat,framboisier-heritage,9052,FR Retrouvez beaucoup d'autres conseils de jardinage sur : http://www.planfor.fr/jardinage-conseils,conseils-de-jardinage.html
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The Glock 17 Airsoft Pistol Review 1 of 2
The Glock 17 Airsoft Pistol Review 1 of 2 SafeArmsReview of the Glock 17 Airsoft gas blowback pistol from Red Wolf Airsoft... http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/ProductDetail?prodID=21444 *Note: Do not drop these mags on the floor - the top piece is plastic and will break (see Murphy's law)- if your looking at doing mag change drills, use a basket with lots of cushion to catch the magazines. At $25 a mag its worth the time & effort. This is the only thing I dont like about airsoft mags. I hope you enjoy the videos Steve P.S. To see if your hitting mark when it comes to God and His word, check out this site... http://www.needgod.com/ SafeArmsReview SAR GLOCK 17 REPLICA AIRSOFT REVIEW ccw tactical competition practice 9mm 23g bb self defense glock 23
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My Transformer collection V2 Soundwarp
Got a few more so this is an updated version of my Transformer collection.
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Kitchen Remodel Hillsborough Ca|650-222-7923|Best Bay Area Kitchen Remodel Contractor
Kitchen Remodel Hillsborough Ca - Reliable and Quality KItchen Remodels Call Us Now: (650)-222-7923 http://kitchenremodelingcontractor.info/general-contractors-hillsborough-ca Kitchen Remodeling Services Hillsborough Ca - Get Information On Getting Into Home Improvements When preparing to make improvements on your home, it would be wise to have the most information possible about home repairs. You do not need to be a carpenter to follow the tips given in the following article. These tips are easy to follow and can help you succeed in improving your home. Kitchen Remodel Services Hillsborough Ca When removing cabinets as part of a kitchen remodel, make sure you don't just unscrew and yank them off the wall. You will more than likely end up taking some or all of the drywall off with you. Take time and care to remove each and every screw, and use a utility knife around the edges to break the caulking that was most likely used to seal between the cabinet and the wall. Kitchen Remodel Hillsborough CA Testimonials - Looking for the perfect Kitchen Remodeling Contractor Before beginning a kitchen remodel, make sure you have all the necessary tools and materials in place. Shims are items that are easy to forget, but are vital if you want to have level kitchen cabinets. Shims are tapered pieces of wood that allow you correct for minor imperfections in your walls and floors. In conclusion, it is wise to do your research and be well informed before you begin making repairs on your home. The article above give you easy to follow information that will have your home looking sparkly in no time. Take the tips you were given and apply it to the work you have ahead of you. Kitchen Remodel Services Hillsborough Ca - Kitchen Upgrades
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