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Slate Roof Repair - How to replace a slate & broken slates
See my website link below for more roofing help http://www.fixmyroof.co.uk/videos-and-guides/pitched-roof/repair-a-slate-roof/ This video shows not only how to use a slate ripper to change broken slates on a roof, but also explains how the tool works so you can make the most of it. I take you through a real roof repair to a slate roof, taking off multiple slates and how to replace them, re-hole the slates and refit the new slates to the roof. Tools are available to buy on the website via affiliate links if you need them : http://www.fixmyroof.co.uk/tools-and-misc/ Whether it's how to replace a slate to or multiple slates this video should help.
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How to Patch a Leaking Rubber Roof - This Old House
This Old House general contractor Tom Silva repairs a leaking flat roof with a new, long-lasting patch. (See below for a shopping list and tools.) Click here to SUBSCRIBE to the official This Old House YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=thisoldhouse Full episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WidsccHHtUY&index=10&list=PLkJADc1qDrr8JnEkf1GX2utInAXW6t2XP How to Vent a Bath Fan Through a Roof: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PqrZWd_CQIE&list=PLkJADc1qDrr_0NxtmzECiOWkr5de82kXV&index=71 How to Fix a Leaking Rooftop Vent Pipe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNM-JUC7ZEA&index=120&list=PLkJADc1qDrr_0NxtmzECiOWkr5de82kXV How to Vent a Bath Fan Through a Roof: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PqrZWd_CQIE&list=PLkJADc1qDrr_0NxtmzECiOWkr5de82kXV&index=71 Shopping List for How to Patch a Leaking Rubber Roof: - high-density fiberboard, forms new substrate under roofing - rubber roofing - rubber membrane cleaner - rubber-to-rubber contact cement - lap sealant Tools for How to Patch a Leaking Rubber Roof: - utility knife - drill/driver - framing square - 3-inch paintbrush - 3-inch roller - caulk gun Follow This Old House: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ThisOldHouse Twitter: https://twitter.com/thisoldhouse Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/thisoldhouse/ G+: https://plus.google.com/+thisoldhouse/posts Instagram: http://instagram.com/thisoldhouse Tumblr: http://thisoldhouse.tumblr.com/
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Wangki Reviews: Chaos Atomizer Review
Specs: - 22mm diameter - 316 Stainless Steel - Bronze Top Cap - Tripole with juice well - Copper pins - Dual airhole with 3 different sizes; 1mm, 1.5mm and 2mm - Reduce chamber drip tip - Engraved and serialized - With driptip Please like and subscribe: MY FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/VapingWangki MY BLOG: http://vapingwangki.blogspot.com/ INSTAGRAM: @vapingwangki #vapingwangki You may email me at vapingwangki@gmail.com Happy Vaping! #VapingWangki
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Repairing Leaking Shingle Roof
We find evidence of a leaking roof by water stains on the ceiling. Upon investigating the roof we see no visible damage but find an obvious soft spot. We show you how we removed the shingles and bad spot in the roof, and then repair the roof with new wood and shingles. This is done on a mobile/manufactured home, however basic concepts are the same for conventionally built homes.
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ME360 Flip Gutter Video
New Project
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DIY: How to Unclog a Sunroof Drain
Video tutorial on how to unplug a sunroof drain. Depending on where you live, sunroof drains may become plugged sooner than later. If you live in a treed area, it can happen more often as there is larger particles floating around in the air which would eventually plug the drains. These drains are normally feed through the roof pillars and exit somewhere underneath the vehicle. When a sunroof drain does become plugged, the common signs are either a wet headliner, water dripping from the headliner, wet roof pillar, a damp carpet or water pooling in the foot wells. Website: http://4diyers.com Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/4diyers Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/4diyers Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/+4DIYers Twitter: https://twitter.com/4DIYers Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/4diyers/ Tumblr: http://4diyers.tumblr.com Pintrest: https://www.pinterest.com/4diyers/ Tools/Supplies Needed: -soft wire or trimmer cord -air compressor or can of air -bottle or cup of water -vacuum clean -rubber hose Procedure: -first you will need to open the sunroof as this is the easiest way to access the drains -I’ve already determined which drain is leaking and normally that can be done by having an idea where the water is leaking or gathering -we are looking for a hole which is at the base of the sunroof trim or frame -when cleaning the drain, it’s also a great idea to ensure there is no debris around the sunroof area which could worsen the clog or cause another cl -first we can use an air compressor to blow out any debris -here is have a small compressor with a regulator which can control the air pressure, so using the regulator, I like to keep the pressure at around 30psi -next using a hose attached to the blow gun, push the hose in the drain and then allow the air to push out the clog -if the air compressor does not work or you do not have access to one, use a wire -for this I have a roll of wire, this is stranded copper wire with an insulation -slowly insert the wire -trimmer cord is also great for this if you have a roll laying around -the length of wire or cord depends on the run of the drain, ensure it’s at least the height of the vehicle -feed the wire or cord in until it comes out the other side if you have a viewable drain exit -after that, remove the wire or cord -now test using a bottle of water, gradually drain the water around the sunroof drain, do not excessively dump as the drain is only able to remove a certain amount of water -as you can see the water is draining properly -if the problem persists, there may have been a drain you missed, a faulty seal, or faulty drain Thank you to all those who watch my videos and support my content. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel for future tutorial videos and like my video if you found it helpful. New videos are always being uploaded every week! © 4DIYers 2013 All Rights Reserved No part of this video or any of its contents may be reproduced, copied, modified or adapted, without the prior written consent of the author.
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How to Assemble, Install & Plumb A Freestanding Bath - Bathstore User Guide
This video shows you how assemble, install and plumb a freestanding bath with universal surround panel. A number of bath filling options are discussed, giving you guidance on the tap and shower valve options that best suite your bathroom. The freestanding bath included in this tutorial is Bathstore's Wash freestanding bath with surround panel ( http://bit.ly/p33dPo ). There are numerous different baths in the Wash range, allowing you to choose the bath size that best suits your bathroom. This tutorial video also covers general instructions, tips and hints relating to most freestanding baths. More Bathstore tutorial videos about taps, basins, showers and others can be viewed at www.bathstore.com/videos or in the Video Tutorials section of this Youtube channel; www.youtube.com/bathstore
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Water Heater Pressure Relief Valve Replacement - EASY FIX!
TURN OFF YOUR GAS & ELECTRIC ON WATER HEATER BEFORE PERFORMING! This is easy to do and could save you upwards of $200 dollars. Please subscribe, like and comment. You might also like watching https://youtu.be/vi9h7PVHxUM
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Low slope Roofing Repairs :   The best way to seal a flat roof permanent ,step by step!!
Roofing Repairs : Here is a video on how to seal a flat roof permanent ,it does not required a lot of skills just time to let it dry completely ,hope it becomes handy if you need a permanent repair. greetings. Eric.
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Installation of the Zambelli gutter hook
Zambelli's technical consultant shows step by step how to install gutter hooks for carrying a gutter.
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What is GutterMonster™?
Protect your gutters (and your real estate), with the best-performing gutter protection system on the market today. With GutterMonster™ protecting your gutters, you'll have a complete rain management system to defend against costly damage. An open gutter is an open invitation to accumulating debris. Once the debris plugs the gutter, rainwater in the gutter has no where to go. So it overflows into places where it shouldn't. This can lead to costly damage including: • Cracked foundations • Flooded basements • Fascia, siding, and window frame rot • Mosquito and insect infestation • Landscape erosion • Cracked driveways, patios, and walkways To schedule a free in-home consultation with AAPCO, LC of Richmond, VA, give us a call at (804) 271-2500 or visit http://aapcohi.com/gutter-protection/. http://AAPCOhi.com http://facebook.com/AAPCOhi http://twitter.com/AAPCOhi http://youtube.com/AAPCOhi
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Rain water leaked into my attic around a badly sealed dryer vent in my roof . The roof decking was rotted and the drywall below was damaged. This video details the repair I performed.
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Roof Repair and Wood Rot
Universal Roof & Contracting takes a close up look at common wood rot in Florida roof repairs and replacements. See Before, During and After footage of an actual roof repair where severe wood rot was found.
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PubTalk 7/2018 - Water
Title: Iron Mountain, California: An Extreme Acid Mine Drainage Environment * "The world's most acid water" — explaining negative pH * Colorful mineral salts that store metals and acidity in underground mine workings * Microbial iron oxidation and formation of pipe scale in the water treatment system * Challenges and successes of environmental remediation by USEPA's Superfund program
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Kettle Valley Stone Company - Natural Stone Veneer Victoria
Kettle Valley Stone Company - Natural Stone Veneer Victoria. Whether you're building your dream home, designing a commercial masterpiece or creating a garden paradise, natural stone provides the essential qualities that give your vision the look and feel you desire.Use different cuts to create architectural features around window sills, columns and interior and exterior walls.Turn your natural lifestyle dream into reality with our beautiful, natural, thin veneer, flagstone, ledge stone, cobble stone and landscape stones.Today there are many more types of stone available in both slab and tile form than here were just a few years ago giving you more options for your indoor or outdoor fireplaces,accents or retaining walls. For all your natural stone veneer in Victoria give us a call today. To find out more: http://www.shopinvictoria.com/Kettle-Valley-Stone-Company---Natural-Stone-Veneer-Victoria/668814.htm
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Hydro Dipping Motorcycle Gas Tank
One Horse Racing dips a Motorcycle gas tank in Reaper film pattern.
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Easy Metal Roof Repair Using Ames® Maximum-Stretch® Spray-On Coating
Metal roofs can become rusted and unsightly over time. This video demonstrates the best way to make your roof look like new, but also lowers the interior temperature by up to 20 degrees through the reflection of solar rays. Easy to apply and lasts a very long time. Ames® Maximum-Stretch®: https://www.amesresearch.com/product/maximum-stretch-liquid-rubber-reflective-roof-coating/ For toll free technical help or locating a store near you call 888-345-0809 Visit: https://www.amesresearch.com Commercial Website: https://www.amesresearch.com/commercial Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/amesresearch
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DIY: Temporary fix for hole on the roof
All the tools & products I used for the repair I bought at Home Depot. I cut out the existing shingles in the area around the hole. I then covered the hole with three layers of sheet metal. I glued on the sheet metal with a product called Wet-R-Dri roof cement & it stops roof leaks. I then put down the new shingles over the sheet metal covering the entire section that I cut out. I used the roof cement to glue down the shingles then hammered it down with roofing nails. Sorry I didn't show how I nailed down the shingles, I forgot to put that part on video. I did the repair on March 28, 2015 and it is still holding up strong. It has rained since, even had a storm and there are no leaks. The estimate I got from a licensed roofer was over $2000, that is expensive for me, so I decided to repair it myself. I spent a total of $100 this includes the tools I used, the roof cement, sheet metal, a big package of shingles, a bag of chips and a diet coke. :) Thanks for watching.
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Rain Master Seamless Rain Gutter
Sacramento's Best Rain Gutter Company
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How to Properly Apply Flex Seal® for Maximum Hold
I want to talk about Flex Seal®. Now, we've all seen the commercial with the guy in the boat with the screen door. But I want to do is, I want to show you the correct way to apply Flex Seal®. Now what Flex Seal® is, it's a rubberized coating that seals, coats and protects virtually anything. It's like liquid rubber in a can. Features: • Easy to use, portable, aerosol spray • Seeps into cracks and holes • Dries to a watertight, flexible, rubberized coating • Stays flexible and pliable, lasts for years • Will not sag or drip in summer heat • Will not crack or peel in winter cold • Stops vibrations and deadens noise • Protects surface from corrosion, use on wet or dry surfaces • Once dry, can be painted any color DIRECTIONS: To insure to apply you apply Flex Seal® correctly follow the below steps: 1. Make sure the surface is clean and dry. 2. Shake well and spray using even sweeping motion. 3. Spray a larger area than area where the leak is and feather the edges. 4. Let it dry completely (may take up to 24-48hrs to cure) 5.Apply several even coats until all the cracks and holes have been filled.
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Cedar Roof Restorations
Cedar Roof Restorations by In Awe Roofing Call us today for a free estimate 604-255-7663
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Leaflock Gutter Protection Systems
Visit http://www.midmogps.com for more information. Compare gutter systems and how installation can make a difference on your home. The SnapLock Gutter System eliminates failures due to water damage associated with conventional gutter installations. The "No-hole" technology outlasts traditional rain gutters while protecting your home. "No-hole" technology uses no spikes or nails for attachment to your roofline. There is not need to penetrate the front or back of the gutter. The result is a watertight mating of the gutter at the edge of your roof -- a seal that prevents seepage, rust, rot and mold. Further, because the integrity of your gutter channel is not riddled with holes, the SnapLock Gutter System dramatically outlasts traditional rain gutters while protecting your home against the hazards associated with bacterial mold and fungus.
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Best Roofers in Southport CT- Roofing Contractors, Companies Offer Free Estimates & 10% Discount
Affordable roofing companies in Southport CT and roof contractors offer 10% discounts to new roof customers. Our Southport roofers are fully licensed and insured. Visit us online for our latest reviews and testimonials. Call a roofer in Southport you can depend on and ask the roofing company for a free estimate and roof inspection of your residential property or commercial business. Most, if not all Southport roofing contractors will be happy to provide you with all the aforementioned services. If not, call different roofers in Southport CT that will accommodate your needs during the bidding process. Roofing Plus More, has been serving the local residents and business owners for well over 27 years. Whether you need a flat roof, asphalt shingle repair or a complete roof restoration project done on your home or commercial building, we have you covered! Roofing contractors in Southport CT are some of the best roofers in the Fairfield County region. They are meticulous, professional and experienced. Hire a Southport roofer that has been doing home improvement and remodeling type work for many years. You can't beat on the job roofing experience. Also get three estimates and make sure they are all in writing so you can compare apples with apples. Never go with the cheapest price as the associated costs to install a new roof are just one factor when deciding which roof company will be in the group of contractors you will end up interviewing for the job. Residents that do their research and homework on roofers in the area will be rewarded when they finally decide on which roofing company will win the contract for the roof repair or roof replacement and restoration work for their home or local business. The roof repair or new roof replacement process for your home or commercial business in Southport: 1) Inspect the roof surface to make sure the plywood deck is structurally safe and sound and no mold damage or dry-rot is present in the roof deck. 2) Any asphalt or fiberglass mat roof shingles that are uneven or cracked and split from heat, ultraviolet light and wind damage need to be removed from the roof deck surface. 3) Roof underlayment materials such as 90 LB. asphalt mineral roll roofing, metal, drip edge, rake edge, ice and water membrane, copper or aluminum valley flashing also need to be torn-up and removed down to the plywood surface or tongue-and-groove boards. 4) Now is a good time to throughout inspect the condition of the roof deck surface for rotted or damaged areas from ice dams, hidden leaks from nails or delamination of the 5-ply fir or yellow pine plywood itself from heat and age. 5) Roofing companies in Southport should always follow the procedures listed above to make sure your new roof materials are not only properly installed on a good foundation but so your new roof installation will last the amount of years it is warrantied to do so by your wood, asphalt or fiberglass roof shingle manufacturer. 6) Roofing Plus More uses various brand name roof shingle manufacturer's such as GAF, ELK, Certain Teed, Owens Corning, IKO and Tamko. Many roof shingle style are available from three-tab to architectural and composite types such as cement board types and metal roofing applications like standing-seam commercial roofs. Metal and copper fitted seamed roofs are also available but less popular nowadays due to the cost being somewhat prohibitive. If you live in the borough of Southport, the Old Village Area or in the Mill River estuary, our technicians have the equipment, knowledge and expertise to get your roof repair job done on time and on budget! Most local residents use Route 1 also know as the Boston Post Road to travel in and out of the Southport region of Fairfield. Other commuters routinely take Metro-North from the Southport Railroad Station to work in NYC and Manhattan. James Truslow Adams, John Akers from IBM, and Don Imus the radio talk show host are just a few on the list of famous historians and celebrities to have lived in this beautiful Southern Connecticut town. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roofer http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Contractor http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Southport,_Connecticut https://twitter.com/southportglobe https://www.facebook.com/places/Things-to-do-in-Southport-Connecticut/106336619405126/ http://youtu.be/gyLaREDpz5E https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ6dnKPm3pFCgOm1zcewKfA Roofing Plus More 3449 Post Road Southport, CT 06890 #roofersouthportct #roofersinsouthportct #roofingsouthportct #roofingcontractorsinsouthportct #roofingcompaniesinsouthportct #rooferinsouthportct Best Roofers in Southport CT- Roofing Contractors, Companies Offer Free Estimates & 10% Discount
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Dryabode building and roofing contractors Preston
Refurbishment of a roof circa 1940. Roof cleaned of thick moss ridge tiles taken off and re-bedded and chimney refurbished with lead flashing removed and refitted with lead seal flexible mastic. All elements of roof made watertight.
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Roofing Repair Winter Haven|Roofing Repairs Winter Haven
Are you looking for Roofing Repair Winter Haven that you can afford? CALL 863-209-7372 Roofing Repair Winter Haven - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwvUZAjlR5pbj-D3E_CmHcA provides the very best Winter Haven roof repair and new roof installation services obtainable for Winter Haven. Roofing Repair Winter Haven provides the very best Winter Haven FL Roofing Repair Winter Haven and new roof installation services available for Winter Haven, Florida. With great certainty, some of the finest homes in Polk County are located in Winter Haven. In the past 20 year period to be specific, Roofing Repair Winter Haven have garnered a great number of roof repair requests because of storm damages from wind that have damaged a large number of roofs in the Winter Haven area. Roofing Repair Winter Haven is totally insured for both liability and workmans compensation. Most importantly, Roofing Repairs Winter Haven is completely focused on our customers. At the conclusion of every project, we carry out a Customer Satisfaction Check-Up which gives Roofing Repair Winter Haven the ability to make certain that our customers are utterly pleased with our workmanship. Roofing Repairs Winter Haven truly thinks that roofing is both a craft as well as an art. Each and every one of Roofing Repair Winter Haven are completed to the highest possible standards. Many roofing contractors are heavily focused on generating a profit by finishing roofing tasks as quickly as feasible. Here at Roofing Repair Winter Haven, our primary emphasis is dependability and a high level of craftsmanship. Roofing Repairs Winter Haven under no circumstances compromises the quality of a roof by the cutting of corners or the usage of materials that aren't the best quality. A Roofing Repair Winter Haven crew isn't paid by how rapidly than complete a project. A Roofing Repair Winter Haven crew is compensated when the task has been totally inspected and designated as perfect. For the protection of all of Roofing Repair Winter Haven customers, Roofing Repair Winter Haven always strictly install all components based on the manufacturers standards. The cutting edge roofing products Roofing Repair Winter Haven utilize include Owens - Corning and GAF in addition to many others. At Roofing Repair Winter Haven, we are passionate about the installation of high quality, superbly constructed, strong, and very beautiful roofs. Roofing Repair Winter Haven Installs New Roof Systems, Copper Roof Systems, Metal Roof Systems, Shingle Roof Systems, Flat Roof Systems, Clay Tile Roof Systems, Slate Roof Systems, Barrel Tile Roof Systems, Composite Roof Systems, Interlock Roof Systems, and Steel Roof Systems. Your leaking roofing has been fixed by someone. However, why does moisture still drip down your wall space? Over 60% of the roof repair work that Roofing Repair Winter Haven performs in Jefferson Parish is generated when Roofing Repairs Winter Haven repair the poor quality work that our competition has previously supplied to our customers. We suggest that you do not make the frequent and very costly blunder when you hire a nonprofessional roofing contractor that is centered solely upon cost. A decision that is based purely on price can cost a lot more money and heart ache over time. Does your roof suffer from tree damage, storm damage, water leakage, or just falling apart? Your home is the largest iFLestment you will make in your lifetime. Regular maintenance of your roofing will help guarantee that your residence will continue to remain in top condition. Roofing Repair Winter Haven is an authority in many complicated, hard to repair roof systems that lots of other roofing contractors shy away from. In Polk County Florida, Roofing Repair Winter Haven service areas include Winter Haven, Haines City, Lakeland, Bartow, Lake Wales, and all of Polk County Florida. Roofing Repairs Winter Haven also services the unincorporated locales within our primary Jefferson Parish roofing repair service area. Contact Roofing Repair Winter Haven now at 863-209-7372. We’re here to provide service to you. National Roofing Contractors - http://www.nrca.net/ Roofing Repair Winter Haven Roofing Repairs Winter Haven Affordable Roofing Repair Winter Haven Affordable Roofing Repairs Winter Haven Best Roofing Repair Winter Haven Best Roofing Repairs Winter Haven Discount Roofing Repair Winter Haven Discount Roofing Repairs Winter Haven lw.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbiJODL8d0w mv https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kv3vwTj1s8w https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3SA5OPTIx1U https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ScamVJGyFuw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ah2TsXuAMbI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NbCVvRbwAw mvend
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