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Stay Connected Utility Training Part 11
Charlie outlines payment plans, the difference between a client with terminated service and one still receiving service, negotiating a payment plan with a utilities company, and ensuring an affordable payment plan for your client.
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How to get the best deals while negotiating
Negotiation has far from become a very integral part of one's life. Then be it common public, corporate community, big business majors etc. There's a staggering 90-95% utility for negotiation to get best deals and as per ratio analysis it is proportional to way the negotiation took place. Needless to state at this point that Negotiation is actually an art powering best of imagination from ourselves to get best of the deals. From a commoners point of view it's no worth talking and wasting time as it hugely is determined by the type of conversation taking place, place/venue, between kind of people and last but not the least the matter/subject on which the conversation is happening. So moving on from a business perspective Negotiation takes many a form right from getting best economical deals to solving issues related within industry/firm etc. However wherein every other thing in a firm/industry requires meticulous planning from time to time, negotiation procedure for striking best a deal can go unplanned. In fact according to close sources the best deals/chords are struck when they are unplanned and the success ratio is quite high which stands at 85-90%. So getting best deals whilst having a negotiating procedure can have following positive aspects: a) It's an effective cost cutting measure which ensures that company/firm/industries etc achieve maximum profit within minimal risks. The fact filer states that how a good negotiation helps the companies achieve great results with minimal cost involved. As in 80-90% cases if negotiation is a success then it follows up with the firm bagging best deals but it can also turn vice-versa. b) Whilst negotiation, both parties must arrive simultaneously for a win-win action plan and this is achieved in most of the cases when both parties are backed by M-Mutual trust power that means have amicable relationship. A- Accountable with all their resources backed with strong fact findings and previous history of company to be presented during negotiation meeting. S- Strong positive attitude and style powered vision to come out with attractive schemes from time to time as compared to the competitors and have healthy competition, otherwise it can prove disaster. T- Keeping all thought process running by employing experts-both in and out of respective fields. E- Echoing that is voicing in the best deal when the right time comes as "Time is like Gold". R- Reposition the deal and make changes to the previous deal records from time to time and making a suitable record in the deal statement/file for longer amicable relationship between both parties. c) Taking a clue or two from past deals makes the negotiation between any parties a much easier task. So the companies must always have a team comprising of Analysts, fact finders, subject matter experts, negotiating professionals, accountants who can work in tandem and pull off sources and thus strike best deal at economical pricing. d) Being firm in all perspectives is another target to be ensured by party going for the best deal against the other party involved. For such innovative information regards striking best deals switch on your partnership with us and so log on to globalbankingandfinance.com coz we provide some of the most refined ideas for your ultimate biz deals.
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Can You Negotiate Cash Advances Credit Card or Utility Debt
http://www.spotya.com/blog/cash-advance/can-you-negotiate-cash-advances-credit-card-or-utility-debt/ http://www.spotya.com/how-do-i-get-a-cash-advance You can negotiate a payment plan with your lenders if you can't pay your bill by the due date. Next time you know you won't have the money to pay in full, talk to your lender.
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Negotiate for Cheapest Cable, Phone, and / or Internet Service
http://www.moneyahoy.com/money-saving-negotiate-cheapest-cable-phone-and-internet-service-rates-part-1/ Do you wish you could save money on your monthly Cable, Phone, or Internet service? This video will show you a quick way to negotiate for the cheapest Cable, Phone, or Internet service. I was able to save $360 a year (or $600+ per hour of my time) just on my Internet bill alone! Part 1 of 3. For more Money Saving, Money Making, and Investment ideas, head over to www.MoneyAhoy.com
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How to negotiate a lower cable bill
You're tired of those hefty cable bills but not quite ready to cut the cord altogether. You actually have more bargaining power than you think. You can lower your rate with a few easy steps.
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Negotiating Contracts | CEME
The following video module is part of our training series for the Certified Event Management Expert (CEME) program offered on our platform at BusinessTraining.com. BusinessTraining.com is part of the Global Training & Certification Institute (G.T.C. Institute, LLC) that has provided practical industry-specific certification, training resources, and workshops to over 3,000 clients within the United States, Europe and over 30 other countries. This video module is focused on how to successfully negotiate contracts with vendors, suppliers and talent. We give expert advice and the do's and don'ts of how to successfully and professionally negotiate contracts. To learn more about the Certified Event Management Expert (CEME) program, visit our website at http://businesstraining.com/Event-Planning-Certification.html.
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How to Negotiate an Apartment Lease
Watch more All about Apartment Rentals videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/363-How-to-Negotiate-an-Apartment-Lease Remember, a lease is an agreement, not an unconditional surrender. Don't sign on that dotted line until you're satisfied with what you're getting. Step 1: Check online for tenant rights Check online for the tenant rights in your city and state. Know exactly what a landlord can and can’t include in a lease. Step 2: Research markets Research the housing and rental markets in the immediate area. Ask around to find out what other tenants and neighbors are paying, and if they have any special deals with the landlord. If they do, you should too. Tip A building’s super is a gold mine of information. Ask them what the previous tenant was paying and if the apartment has any hidden problems – like bad plumbing, noisy neighbors, mysterious odors, etc. And don’t forget to tip them for helping you out – you may be living there soon. Step 3: Ask for copy of lease Ask the landlord for a copy of the lease before agreeing to move in and thoroughly review it. Make note of any stipulations that are NOT in your favor. Step 4: Let landlord know issues Now that you’re intimate with all the details – and possible drawbacks – of the apartment, inform the landlord that you really want to move in, but there are a few 'issues' you’d like to 'iron out' first. Landlords hate 'issues.' Tip Make sure you have a backup plan. Line up another possible apartment (or two) and be prepared to walk away if it comes to that. Do not let yourself be bullied into an unfavorable agreement. Step 5: Make counteroffer If and when the landlord is ready to talk, you should immediately – and without explanation – make a counteroffer on the amount of rent you’ll pay. A 5% reduction is a good starting point. Step 6: List reasons you should pay less Weather the landlord’s tirade, then calmly list all the reasons you should be paying less: the average neighborhood rents are lower than what he’s asking, the building has a bug problem, the nearest bus stop is a mile away, etc. Tip Always be calm, polite and professional, and if you’ve got any charm, turn it on. Make sure the landlord understands you’re negotiating in good faith and it’s not personal – you’re just looking out for #1 (that’s you). Landlords love 'looking out for #1.' Step 7: Offer lower reduction If the landlord won’t budge off the amount of rent, offer a lower reduction, say 3 percent, as a compromise. If they still won’t budge, focus on another area – like getting certain utilities or services included in the rent, or reducing the security deposit. Tip If you have the skills, time, and inclination, offer to perform some basic maintenance services in return for a reduction in rent. Step 8: Get settlements in writing Always get any negotiated settlements in writing – once you do, shake hands with your new business partner, and sign away. Did You Know? Members of the military who receive orders to relocate may break an apartment lease without penalty.
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Construction Estimating and Bidding Training
Contractor Success Series: Reviewing plans and specifications, job costing, manpower and materials, takeoffs, how assembled, bid submission, negotiation, award, procurement and change orders as viewed by general contractors, construction managers and subcontractors. Presenters: Mark Panzica, Panzica Construction; Brain Exl, OCP Contractors; and CEA Young Executives Panel 4/13/2011
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Billboard Investing - Pros and Cons Investing in Billboards - REIClub.com
http://www.REIClub.com Investing in Billboards Can Supplement Your Real Estate Business. Here's What Real Estate Investor's Need To Know About Billboard Investing... SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=reiclub SUBSCRIBE TO OUR FREE NEWSLETTER https://www.reiclub.com/real-estate-newsletter.php LET’S CONNECT http://www.facebook.com/reiclub http://twitter.com/reiclub https://plus.google.com/+reiclub http://www.pinterest.com/realestateclub/ Hi, this is Frank Chen with REIClub.com, the only site you need as a real estate investor. Today I've got quick video on investing in billboards. *Note: Mention - "Click "show more" in the description below to follow along. How to Invest in Billboards Profit Centers - Invest in land itself where zoning for billboards is approved - Ground Leases - Rent land, build a sign, rent the sign - sign rent exceeds land rent resulting in cashflow - Sub-lease an existing billboard - no advertisement - improve the sign - rent it out - Find a location - preferably high traffic - Billboardsforsale.org - Contact Local Zoning Department - permits - Work with a Licensed Real Estate Agent - contact owners and make offers - Due Diligence - Call around for rent rates, identify vacancy rates, traffic, etc... - Negotiate and Close the Deal - Hire Billboard Contractor - Advertise The Billboard - Cashflow or flip for big profits - Expenses - financing, property tax, building the structure, insurance, utilities, occasional repairs Pros to Billboard Investing - Billboards have become one of the strongest media options for advertisers - Billboards have not really been affected by the internet like newspaper, or television have - The amount of traffic and readership passing billboards increases every day - Technology and design have made installation easier - creates happier advertisers and more products and services that advertisers can market. - Tax benefits - depreciation - Double Income - Advertising Per Side - Doesn't take very much money to get started, or even to build - Long term commitments - contracts usually several years - sometimes with big companies like McDonalds - No usual hassles of tenants - Cashflow potential - Note**:Grandfathered - existing billboards cannot be removed for digital technology or moved to new sites. Disadvantages of Billboard Investing - Vacancy Overhead - Property tax, insurance, utilities, etc.. - Advertising companies own tons of billboards - not for sale - only lease - Quantity is limited for now - Hard to find long term contracts in certain locations - Vandalism - Zoning Restrictions Cost - Bulletin (Large Billboard): Range of $1,500 - $30,000 per ad per 4 week period - 30 Sheet Poster (Medium Billboard): Range of $750 - $2,000 per ad per 4 week period - 8 Sheet Poster / Junior Poster (Small Billboard): Range of $300 - $750 per ad per 4 week period - Digital Bulletin (Large Digital): Range of $3,500 - $25,000 per ad per 4 week period for an ~8 second spot in a loop of ~64 seconds Investing in Billboards is a form of creative real estate. It doesn't take that much money to get started, and the income potential is significant. Like all investments, its important to do your research, perform all necessary due diligence, and consult with your attorney where concerns arise. As long as you follow these steps, you will be in a good position to make a safe and secure investment. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gXMM5p2SB8 "REIClubRealEstateInvesting"
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Utility Bidder - Business Utility Procurement
We are Utility Bidder and we work with SME and Corporate businesses across the UK to secure business energy contracts. Working with the 20 leading energy companies we offer free, impartial advice to business decision makers. Included in this video is a list of our services. Not only do we deal with business gas and electricity, but we also work with business telecoms, merchant services and financial services. Working closely with business decision makers and suppliers, we negotiate on utility contracts that are suitable for the business requirements. Our highly industry trained account managers make energy procurement simple. From taking care of the paperwork to checking client’s quarterly statements, there is no request too big. We work closely with our clients to ensure that we have a clear understanding what it is they want from a utility contract. All quotes are free and no obligation as is the advice on your contracts so put us to the test and see what you could save on your business utilities. Visit www.utilitybidder.co.uk for more information.
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Health Care Reform, Tradeoffs, and the Need for Negotiation
We did an episode on the AHCA. Then we did an episode on the CBO report on the AHCA. Then… everything seemed to fall apart. What happened? It turns out, nobody is interested in negotiating about healthcare laws. Which makes it really hard to pass a new healthcare law. John Green -- Executive Producer Stan Muller -- Director, Producer Aaron Carroll -- Writer Mark Olsen – Graphics Meredith Danko – Social Media http://www.twitter.com/aaronecarroll http://www.twitter.com/crashcoursestan http://www.twitter.com/johngreen http://www.twitter.com/olsenvideo And the housekeeping: 1) You can support Healthcare Triage on Patreon: http://vid.io/xqXr Every little bit helps make the show better! 2) Check out our Facebook page: http://goo.gl/LnOq5z 3) We still have merchandise available at http://www.hctmerch.com
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6 Strategies to Negotiate to Lower Your Bills
If you're still feeling the pinch from holiday spending, one strategy you can use to lower your expenses is to negotiate to lower your bills or seek out a payment plan. Companies are often willing to work with customers to make payments more manageable. (They'd rather get your money slowly or at a lower interest rate than not get your money at all.)
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How to Get a Promotion
HOW TO GET A PROMOTION ➡️ Get your brand new, impressive, Top Notch Resume here: https://topnotchresume.lindaraynier.com/signup ➡️ Get private career coaching from Linda here: http://www.lindaraynier.com/standoutgethired ➡️ Get your brand new, Strategic Cover Letter here: https://www.lindaraynier.com/strategic-cover-letter-workshop/ ________________ In this video, I’m going to explain how to get promoted at work if you’re wanting to know how to get a promotion. If you’ve been working for years and you keep getting passed up for that job promotion that you’ve been eyeing for, learning about how to land a promotion at work will be key to helping you. Getting a promotion at work isn’t easy, but if you know the key traits that you need to have then it’ll be easier to get promoted. This video explains the common misconception that many people have when it comes to trying to get promoted and also eight key traits that will help you to enhance your personal brand and get you promoted. To be promotion material, you need to be a top performer. Here are 8 traits of top performers. 1. They look to help others - all the time. 2. They know the difference between being ‘serious’ vs. ‘professional’. 3. They’re flexible and eager, but not doormats. 4. They execute more than they talk. 5. They only say what needs to be said. 6. They get their work done before the deadline. 7. They avoid office gossip 8. They’re constantly training and updating their knowledge and skills ----- FREE DOWNLOADS: ⬇️ Download my FREE Resume Samples PDF document here: https://bit.ly/2vjNwMM ⬇️ Download a copy of my 10 Ultimate Resume Hacks to Land more Interviews and Job Offers PDF here: https://bit.ly/2JRQR93 ________________ Become part of a growing community with over 3700 other corporate professionals in the supportive Ambitious Professionals Mastermind Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/288240514997485/ Interested in getting personally coached by Linda to enhance your personal brand, advance your career and/or land your dream job? ➡️ Click here: http://www.lindaraynier.com/standoutgethired and fill out the application form. ________________  If you liked this video, please give it a thumbs up 👍, subscribe, share it with your friends. CONNECT WITH ME: Website: https://www.LindaRaynier.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lindaraynier/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lindaraynier/ Facebook: https://www.Facebook.com/lindaraynier For other similar videos, see: How to Get a Promotion (3 Step Plan) Mike and Lauren https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jHw-_IKivo 6 Surprising Tips for Getting a Job Promotion (ft. Hank Green)! How to Adult https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VK6M_v6CrVA
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Game theory lessons - Prisoner's dilemma
On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/365careers/ On the web: http://www.365careers.com/ On Twitter: https://twitter.com/365careers Subscribe to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/365careers This lesson on Game theory discusses the prisoner's dilemma and Nash's equilibrium. Watch more at https://www.udemy.com/mba-in-a-box-business-lessons-from-a-ceo . This video is part of a series of short lessons about Business Strategy. The complete module can be found on Udemy, as a core part of the MBA in a Box course by CEO Valentina Bogdanova and 365 Careers. The course provides a complete Business Education: Business Strategy, Management, Marketing, Accounting, Decision Making & Negotiation in just under 10 hours. -------------------------------------------------- Strategy module table of contents: MBA in a Box: Introduction 1. What does the course cover? Section: 2 Strategy: An Introduction 2. The role of Strategy and what makes a Strategy successful 3. The difference between Corporate and Business Strategy 4. The importance of the Mission, Vision, Goals, and Values statements Section: 3 Strategy: The industry lifecycle model 5. The four stages of the industry lifecycle model - An introduction 6. The strategic importance of the industry lifecycle model 7. The Introduction stage - A new industry is born 8. The Growth stage - An industry in its expansion phase 9. The Maturity stage - An industry at its peak 10. The Decline stage - An obsolete industry Section: 4 Strategy: Porter's Five Forces model - The competitive dynamics in an industry 11. Michael Porter's Five Forces model 12. The threat of new entrants 13. The threat of substitute products 14. The intensity of current competition 15. The bargaining power of suppliers 16. The bargaining power of clients 17. Porter's Five Forces framework applied in practice Section: 5 Strategy: Game Theory - Studying the interaction between multiple parties 18. An introduction to Game Theory 19. Zero-sum games - approaching situations with a win-lose perspective 20. Non-zero-sum games - considering both cooperation and confrontation 21. Tobacco companies - a real-life example of Game Theory application Section: 6 Strategy: Focusing on the inside of a business 22. Focusing on the inside of a business - An Introduction 23. A company's lifecycle model - what should be done at different stages Section: 7 Strategy: Acquiring a competitive advantage 24. The quest for a competitive advantage - An Introduction 25. The importance of building a sustainable competitive advantage 26. The role of resources and capabilities 27. Acquiring an actual competitive advantage Section: 8 Strategy: The three main competitive strategies 28. The three main competitive strategies 29. Cost leadership - sell cheap 30. Differentiation - be different 31. Niche (Focus) strategy - find your niche market 32. The danger of hybrid strategies Section: 9 Strategy: Corporate growth strategies 33. The types of growth opportunities companies pursue 34. Organic growth - building a solid foundation 35. Inorganic growth - leveraging M&A transactions 36. Horizontal integration 37. Vertical integration Section: 10 Strategy: The SWOT analysis framework 38. An introduction to SWOT analysis 39. SWOT analysis in practice - Starbucks -------------------------------- Most real-world situations are not zero-sum games, with a clear optimal choice. In a zero-sum game, both parties have a preferred outcome. They want to win, and there are no doubts. A non-zero-sum game is different, because it allows participants to choose whether they want to cooperate or to compete. Remember, the two players can have common and opposing interests at the same time. The most classic example of a non-zero-sum game is the prisoner’s dilemma. Here, two players must decide what they will do, and the outcome for both depends on their own actions. So, we have two criminals arrested, suspected in a robbery. Police officers hold the two criminals in different interrogation rooms and offer them the following options: If one of them confesses the crime and the other one doesn’t, the one who’s confessed walks away free, while the other one receives a 10-year sentence. If both confess, they will receive a 5-year sentence each. And if neither one confesses, they will both walk away free. The optimal global solution is to deny confessing; however, given that prisoners cannot communicate, they will choose a solution optimizing their own utility. John Nash, the famous Nobel prize winner portrayed in the movie “A beautiful mind” came up with a solution known as Nash’s equilibrium. He proved that, if a player in the context we described earlier has chosen a strategy and other players can’t benefit by changing their strategies, then we would have an equilibrium.
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Managing Your Medical Insurance/ Managing Your Medical Care/ Negotiating Your Medical Bills
Do you use your Medical Insurance to the Max? What about Medical Savings Accounts and Flex Spending Accounts? Do you have lingering Medical Debt you’d like to eliminate? We’ll discuss how to manage your medical expenses and 10 ways to keep your body healthy. Book: https://moneysmartfamily.com/product/budget-americas-cheapest-family-gets-you-right-on-the-money-book/ 1. Ten ways to keep your body healthier a. Drink Water (carry water bottle- wash them regularly) b. Wash Hands – carry Purell c. Get outside – sunlight d. Exercise – take walks e. Disinfect door knobs, light switches, phones f. Herbs and naturopathic (with lots of research) g. Avoid antibiotics – over prescribed h. KYBO – Bran / Prunes i. Learn, learn, learn (YouTube, books) – Lorenzo’s Oil – Parents Experts j. Build a go-to Library k. https://moneysmartfamily.com/review/healthy-living-books/ MoneySmart Health & Medical Benefits https://moneysmartfamily.com/product/budget-moneysmart-health-medical-benefits-cd-kit-audio-download/ Subscribe – get notifications Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/MavinOfSavin
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User Experience Researcher | My budget & planning for the future | Part 3 | Khan Academy
Aidan talks about her experience with student loans and shares her budget for living in the Bay Area. This video is part of a new series on Khan Academy covering the responsibilities, requirements, and financial aspects of careers. Careers and Personal Finance on Khan Academy: Are you wondering how to land your dream job? How to pay off student loans? What’s the best way to negotiate your salary? Finding answers to questions like these can be hard, but we’re here to help. We ask real people in real jobs how they make it all work in our new video series about careers and personal finance, brought to you with support from Bank of America. Check out the videos on Better Money Habits, Bank of America's financial literacy website: https://bettermoneyhabits.bankofamerica.com About Khan Academy: Khan Academy is a nonprofit with a mission to provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere. We believe learners of all ages should have unlimited access to free educational content they can master at their own pace. We use intelligent software, deep data analytics and intuitive user interfaces to help students and teachers around the world. Our resources cover preschool through early college education, including math, biology, chemistry, physics, economics, finance, history, grammar and more. We offer free personalized SAT test prep in partnership with the test developer, the College Board. Khan Academy has been translated into dozens of languages, and 100 million people use our platform worldwide every year. More free lessons at KhanAcademy.org And remember, you can learn anything. For free. For everyone. Forever. #YouCanLearnAnything Subscribe to KhanAcademy’s Careers and Personal Finance channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOiYCGQWffmosWFxwAm7ABw Join us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter at @khanacademy.
Philippines has plan turn to China, Russia after scrapping Canada helicopter deal
MANILA - The Philippines may turn to non-Western defense manufacturers, including China and Russia, to acquire 16 helicopters after it had to scrap a $233 million deal with Canada, its defense minister said on Monday. Francois-Philippe Champagne, Canada’s trade minister, has ordered a review of the contract over concerns about Manila’s intended use for the helicopters. “We are looking at Korea, Russia, China, Turkey and other countries for the medium-lift helicopters in lieu of the Bell 412EPI,” Philippines’ Defence Minister Delfin Lorenzana told reporters. “We’re back to square one in the procurement process.” It took about two years to negotiate the deal. The contract for the 16 combat utility helicopters was a repeat order, he said, after Canada delivered eight Bell 412 helicopters worth 4.8 billion pesos ($92.8 million) in 2014.
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Update on Business Cross-Border Accounts
Update from my previous video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATs4pdJFo1c&t=41s There are two options for Business Cross-Border Accounts to get paid in USD if you are incorporated in Canada: -RBC Business Cross-Border Account -BMO Harris USD Account Here is what BMO Harris requires to open the account: 1. Copy of Articles of Incorporation 2. U.S. Tax Identification Number – the letter or certificate from the IRS reflecting your Business US Tax ID/EIN Number (not need if business is incorporate in Canada and have no U.S. Tax ID/EIN Number) 3.Copy of Driver’s License or Passport (for each signer that will be on the account) 4.Social Insurance Number for each signer that will be on the account 5. Home Address Verification (utility bill, statement, etc. that reflects each signer’s name and home address) (item provided should be no older than 90 days and reflect no past due balances) 6. Business Address Verification (utility bill, statement, etc. that reflects the business name and business address) (item provided 7. should be no older than 90 days and reflect no past due balances) 7. Verification of Deposit Form (attached) to be completed by your current banker Let us know which bank you are using to get paid in USD by Amazon if you are incorporated in Canada. **Update: I called RBC USA to negotiate the service fee and they don't want to move down the price at all. Please Like and Subscribe to my channel :)
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The Pros & Cons of Owning Laundromats
Laundromats are a great part-time business as they can be very profitable with very little labor or attention. HK Laundry's Karl Hinrichs, a laundry veteran with over 30 years experience in the laundromat industry, discusses the advantages and disadvantages of owning a laundromat. Laundromats provide a steady reliable revenue stream, and are a recession proof business. On the other hand, laundromats are capital intensive, and consume a large amount of utilities. Watch this video to learn more about the pros and cons of owning a laundromat. For more information, please visit HK Laundry Equipment online: http://www.hklaundry.com/
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BROWSE The Internet EASY way with The Audiopedia owned Lightina Browser Android app! INSTALL NOW - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.LightinaBrowser_8083351 What is CONTRACT MANAGEMENT? What does CONTRACT MANAGEMENT mean? CONTRACT MANAGEMENT definition - CONTRACT MANAGEMENT explanation. Source: Wikipedia.org article, adapted under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ license. Contract management or contract administration is the management of contracts made with customers, vendors, partners, or employees. The personnel involved in contract administration required to negotiate, support and manage effective contracts are often expensive to train and retain. Contract management includes negotiating the terms and conditions in contracts and ensuring compliance with the terms and conditions, as well as documenting and agreeing on any changes or amendments that may arise during its implementation or execution. It can be summarized as the process of systematically and efficiently managing contract creation, execution, and analysis for the purpose of maximizing financial and operational performance and minimizing risk. Common commercial contracts include employment letters, sales invoices, purchase orders, and utility contracts. Complex contracts are often necessary for construction projects, goods or services that are highly regulated, goods or services with detailed technical specifications, intellectual property (IP) agreements, outsourcing and international trade. Most larger contracts require the effective use of contract management software to aid administration among multiple parties. A study has found that for "42% of enterprises...the top driver for improvements in the management of contracts is the pressure to better assess and mitigate risks" and additionally,"nearly 65% of enterprises report that contract lifecycle management (CLM) has improved exposure to financial and legal risk." During the post-award phase, it is important to ensure that contract conditions and terms are met, but it is also critical to take a closer look for items such as unrecorded liabilities, under-reported revenue or overpayments. If these items are overlooked, margin may be negatively impacted. A contract compliance audit will often commence with an opportunity review to identify the highest risk areas. Having a dedicated contract compliance (and/or governance) program in place has been shown to result in a typical recovery of 2-4% and sometimes as high as 20%. Current thinking about contract management in complex relationships is shifting from a compliance “management” to a “governance” perspective, with the focus on creating a governance structure in which the parties have a vested interest in managing what are often highly complex contractual arrangements in a more collaborative, aligned, ?exible, and credible way. In 1979, Nobel laureate Oliver Williamson wrote that the governance structure is the “framework within which the integrity of a transaction is decided.” He further added that “because contracts are varied and complex, governance structures vary with the nature of the transaction.” (See also relational contract). Eriksson and Westerberg (2011); Li, Arditi, and Wang (2012); Chen and Manley (2014), and Cardenas, Voordijk, and Dewulf (2017) have hypothesized, developed and extensively tested conceptual models in which relevant project governance instruments and factors were identified and related to the performance of construction projects. A collaborative governance framework has four components: A relationship management structure (how the parties work together to make both day to day operational decisions as well as strategic decisions) A joint performance and transformation management process designed to track the overall performance of the partnership An exit management plan as a controlling mechanism to encourage the organizations to make ethical, proactive changes for the mutual benefit of all the parties. Compliance to special concerns and regulations, which include the more traditional components of contract compliance.
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Power Purchase Agreements for Grid-Aware Renewable Energy Procurement
Power purchase agreements (PPAs) are a key mechanism that utilities use to procure variable renewable energy from independent power producers. A PPA is a long-term (20-25 year) contract that codifies all aspects of the electricity sale, including the price of electricity and the associated legal obligations of both parties. This webinar focuses on PPA provisions that can enable wind and solar technologies to enhance grid stability and contribute to power system flexibility. Discussed are key considerations, including ancillary services, advanced telemetry, and automatic generation control. The discussion is followed with a presentation by Xcel Energy, a vertically integrated electricity utility in the United States and the largest wind buyer in the country, to discuss Xcel Energy’s Model PPA for wind power systems.
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Composer & Small Business Owner | My budget & planning for the future | Part 3 | Khan Academy
Bryan shares a breakdown of his business and personal budget, as well as his financial goals. This video is part of a new series on Khan Academy covering the responsibilities, requirements, and financial aspects of careers. Careers and Personal Finance on Khan Academy: Are you wondering how to land your dream job? How to pay off student loans? What’s the best way to negotiate your salary? Finding answers to questions like these can be hard, but we’re here to help. We ask real people in real jobs how they make it all work in our new video series about careers and personal finance, brought to you with support from Bank of America. Check out the videos on Better Money Habits, Bank of America's financial literacy website: https://bettermoneyhabits.bankofamerica.com About Khan Academy: Khan Academy is a nonprofit with a mission to provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere. We believe learners of all ages should have unlimited access to free educational content they can master at their own pace. We use intelligent software, deep data analytics and intuitive user interfaces to help students and teachers around the world. Our resources cover preschool through early college education, including math, biology, chemistry, physics, economics, finance, history, grammar and more. We offer free personalized SAT test prep in partnership with the test developer, the College Board. Khan Academy has been translated into dozens of languages, and 100 million people use our platform worldwide every year. More free lessons at KhanAcademy.org And remember, you can learn anything. For free. For everyone. Forever. #YouCanLearnAnything Subscribe to KhanAcademy’s Careers and Personal Finance channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOiYCGQWffmosWFxwAm7ABw Join us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter at @khanacademy.
FEC approves creation of Nigerian office for Trade negotiations
The Federal Executive Council (FEC) on Wednesday approved a memorandum for the establishment of the Nigerian Office of Trade Negotiations. Briefing State correspondents after the meeting presided over by Acting President Yemi Osinbajo, Minister of Trade and Investments, Geoffrey Enelamah explained that the office was necessary to coordinate negotiations by government agencies in the country. He said: “Trade is something that is quite pervasive. We get involved in a lot of negotiations and a lot of MOUs assigned on trade. What we found was this was happening in various ministries and agencies and department with insufficient coordination and therefore consequently, it had unintended consequences and cost for us. “There are a number of examples of these things that have happened so the cabinet decided that it is wise to establish a coordinating central office for trade negotiations. “The Nigerians office for trade negotiations which will be headed by a chief negotiator of ambassadorial rank that will then work with both the economic management team and the cabinet. “Some of the objectives of that office will be to help us to coordinate the various trade discussions and negotiations that will hold and to achieve coherence in our policies so that our policies will pull our trade together. “As part of an offensive strategy of being proactive in engaging some of the discussions we are having on the continental free trade area agreement that we are negotiating or other free trade agreement that we have entered into with strategic partners all over the world. “Then finally, it will also help us in the implementation of our economic recovery and growth plan because clearly, there is an intention to engage and work with other countries in that process. “We also want to make sure that we have trade remedies against dumping, substandard goods and all the other things which is something that is allowed the world over. “This office will also take responsibility to make sure that we achieve all these objectives.” FEC also approved a new Yellow Fever vaccination card, which Minister of Health, Prof. isaac Adewole, said would soon be launched. He said the card has advance security features that would make it difficult to be faked. “One of the challenges we had in the past with the current yellow card is that it could be issued by anybody and those who did not even receive the vaccination could also in fact get a card signed for them. “With this new card, you cannot fake the yellow card. Using a card reader, we can also document your vaccination status. So, we know whether you have been genuinely vaccinated or not.” The council also approved a memo from for the Ministry of Transport for the commencement of negotiations following the submission the Outline Business Case (OBC) by General Electric (GE). According to the minister, Rotimi Amaechi, the transaction advisors will now commence negotiations with GE to conclude concession of the narrow gauge which starts from Lagos to Kano to Funtua, Kaura-Namoda and then from Port Harcourt to Maiduguri which includes Aba, Umuahia, Enugu, Markudi, Jos, Bauchi, Gombe on to Maiduguri. He said FEC also approved the consultant that will supervise the construction of Lagos-Ibadan railway.
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Highest Paid Mafia Boss Tells the TRUTH About the Life
The dark side of the mob. How Michael Franzese, the highest paid Mafia boss since Al Capone, one day decided to walk away from the life. Check out the official Las Vegas Mob Story page on Facebook: http://bit.ly/2kplQgQ Visit the official Valuetainment Store for gear: https://www.valuetainmentstore.com/ The following topics were discussed in this interview with Michael Franzese: - Roy Cohn - The Godfather - Michael Corleone - Rudy Giuliani - John Gotti - Sunny Franzese - Colombo Family - Gambino family - Carmine "The Snake" Persico - Conciegliere - What really happens in the mob life Buy the book: I'll Make You an Offer You Can't Refuse http://amzn.to/2DjuDJh To reach the Valuetainment team you can email: marketing@patrickbetdavid.com Follow Patrick on social media: Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/PatrickBetDavid.Valuetainment/ Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/patrickbetdavid/ Twitter:https://twitter.com/patrickbetdavid Linkedin:https://www.linkedin.com/in/patrick-bet-david-3731553
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It's make or break for wage negotiations at Eskom
It's make or break for wage negotiations at Eskom. Unions have rejected management's offer of a 7% increase at the start of the final round of the wage talks in Johannesburg . For more news, visit: http://www.sabc.co.za/news
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Planning Our Winter RVing Secret Weapon!
We're spending the entire winter in a cold climate, but on a 30-amp site with no propane readily available. We're mapping our a new secret weapon for winter RVing, heating only with electric power. See the installation video here: https://youtu.be/w1ZO5RxKoq8 Even though we usually snowbird in the winter, there are lots of reasons that RVers don't always head south when the temperatures drop. We want to be comfortable, and we're planning a new mod for our rig that will make this a warm winter for us, even up North! Stay tuned for the step-by-step DIY tutorial about installing this mod, coming up in our next video. FEATURED & RELATED PRODUCTS, AVAILABLE ON AMAZON: 1,500W Digital Space Heater: http://amzn.to/2DXWmme Heavy Duty Extension Cord: http://amzn.to/2GrznhT Dewalt Cordless Drill: http://amzn.to/2Gqt12a 1/2″ Spade Drill Bit (Set): http://amzn.to/2GsXwF1 Safety Glasses: http://amzn.to/2BC85BN Dremel Tool: http://amzn.to/2DJlrxY Outlet tester: http://amzn.to/2GskbBe Wire stripper: http://amzn.to/2FroP14 Romex 10/2 Cable (25-feet): http://amzn.to/2FsqJ18 Hammer staples: http://amzn.to/2EjTNsq 20-amp Power Cord (NEMA 5-20P): http://amzn.to/2BDHQLo 20-amp Inlet (NEMA 5-20P): http://amzn.to/2DXXExA 20-amp Outlet: http://amzn.to/2BCicXa 20-amp switch plate: http://amzn.to/2DK7kbR Old Work/Remodel Box: http://amzn.to/2DHMvh7 Surface Mount Electrical Box: http://amzn.to/2BBULNQ PVC Cement: http://amzn.to/2BCcKDR M4 Rechargeable LED Utility Light: http://www.m4products.com/eco-pcf-10w-rechargeable-10-watt-utility-flood-light/ (save 5% with Discount Code “RVGEEKS5“) RECENT & RELATED VIDEOS: Zion NP Winter Camping: https://youtu.be/q9jLCH-D6oM RV Heating Options: https://youtu.be/1pgYW2xQwho How to RV in the Winter: https://youtu.be/n5RGlcLSrM4 A Quick RV Trip to the Cold: https://youtu.be/MJK7YIU-SFQ Connecting to External Propane: https://youtu.be/jovTYfltUO0 Propane Level Check w/o A Gauge: https://youtu.be/3LoAqO0MxYc RV Buried in 2 feet of Snow:https://youtu.be/BxOXapeYTMQ Giveaway Winners Announced: https://youtu.be/wA4vOiJq23g Our Big $5,000 Giveaway: https://youtu.be/KOwotTvFzvg RV Water Heater SURPRISE!: https://youtu.be/RSHBc66W4yE We're On The RV Show USA!: https://youtu.be/2g52WlvH1Lo Water Purification System Install: https://youtu.be/YNX4DKo8ngg Ruggable Washable Area Rugs: https://youtu.be/coGcN9gF2Ao Replacing Our RV's Air Cleaner: https://youtu.be/13q1CQBidqg RV Tow Bar Update & Care: https://youtu.be/uXPO_z8LXU0 Our New RV Cleaning Technique: https://youtu.be/PKRT_05WipU LevelMatePRO on a Towable RV: https://youtu.be/9hvNfoF9AhA Carefree Awning Replacement: https://youtu.be/3FrH_86YRMs Boondocking Food Prep: https://youtu.be/umn_LeBDpcs How To Replace An RV Faucet: https://youtu.be/DJOAqOwoBHE LED RV Headlight Upgrade: https://youtu.be/N6CIMbODVIk Cheap RV Cabinet Door Repair: https://youtu.be/Ci2VcHRxlKI Awning Privacy Panels: https://youtu.be/7fDx--CWOrU RV Roof Leak & Water Damage: https://youtu.be/y3eOwbJsGdA Nighthawk Lighted RV Tow Bar: https://youtu.be/PzyeEgImvY0 Join us at http://TheRVgeeks.com for more great RVing content! Full-Time RVers since April, 2003, we share DIY (do it yourself) RV maintenance, repair, travel, upgrade and operational tips & tricks. Many RVers are eager to learn more about using, maintaining and caring for their rigs. We hope our experience can help others go DIY, saving time & money, plus the satisfaction of a job well done. We're handy RVers, not professional technicians. We're happy with the techniques and products we use, but be sure to confirm that all methods and materials you use are compatible with your equipment and abilities. Regardless of what we recommend, consult a professional if you're unsure about working on your RV. Any task you perform or product you purchase based on any information we provide is strictly at your own risk. We sometimes receive products for evaluation at no cost, and The RVgeeks participate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. But our opinions are our own, you won’t pay an extra penny, and we only link to products we personally use, love and can recommend to friends with complete confidence. Comments welcome! Thanks for watching! Don't forget to subscribe!
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Ontario Buy a Coin op Laundromat for sale - NEVER ! Get them for FREE even in Canada
FREE Newsletter HERE; ( http://www.freelaundromat.com ) Danny D'Angelo walks into an Ontario, Canada Laundromat without ever having been there before. He Has done this in several US states where he owns and operates a nice cashflow operation of several Laundromats. . Danny quickly assesses the stores problems, and potential. His goal to teach you what he already knows - Laundromats are FREE for the taking all over the globe. Here he gives some tidbits on hours of operation, the importance of maintenance, and how to contact the all important landlord. Even what color you should paint your walls! Get Danny's newsletter, and start off in this business on the right foot, GUARANTEED. and his DVD is entertaining! Do it.
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Jeffrey C. Hooke: "The Myth of Private Equity" | Talks at Google
Jeff Hooke is the author of several classics including "Security Analysis & Business Valuation on Wall Street" (get the book: https://goo.gl/FwX3we), and faculty at John Hopkins Carey Business School. In this talk, he discusses his recent work on the performance, returns and alpha generated by private equity funds. In doing so, he emphasizes the impact of fees, firm size, and liquidity as well as addressing implications for the individual investor.
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$200 Cuenca FURNISHED Apartment - Includes WIFI and Utilities!
http://300dollarcuencarentals.blogspot.com/ Great Furnished Rental for $200 http://discovercuencaecuador.com http://discoverquitoecuador.com
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Professor Paul Oyer, "The Gig Economy: Threats and Opportunities for Workers and Employers”
Technology has disrupted the labor market in important ways, both enabling greater productivity from remote workers and displacing workers altogether. These technical changes, as well as demographic changes in society, have driven the growth of the Gig Economy. Paul Oyer, the Fred H. Merrill Professor of Economics at the GSB, will present will focus on the economic advantages for workers and firms created by flexible work arrangements, as well as the public policy and regulatory reactions ahead, as well as how strategically-minded employers should react to the changing labor market. This Stanford GSB Fall Reunion/Alumni Weekend faculty presentation was recorded on October 27, 2017. Available from Paul Oyer, Everything I Ever Needed to Know About Economics I Learned from Online Dating [https://www.gsb.stanford.edu/faculty-research/books/everything-i-ever-needed-know-about-economics-i-learned-online-dating] Available from Paul Oyer, Michael Mazzeo and Scott Schaefer, Roadside MBA: Back Road Lessons for Entrepreneurs, Executives and Small Business Owners [https://www.gsb.stanford.edu/faculty-research/books/roadside-mba-back-road-lessons-entrepreneurs-executives-small-business-owners]
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Dow crashes 560 points, Real Estate bubble to plunges down soon after
Feeling overwhelmed with information overload? Feeling like the more you learn, the more confused you get? If so, then you don’t want to miss this class! We take out the complex and the fluff and simplify the BIG Picture so you know the roadmap to Owner Financing Investing in easy steps! If you are ready to stop learning and consuming information, but you’re ready to take action, this is the place to be! We will hold your hand, and help you score your Owner Financing real estate deal. We will do it together, every step of the way! Not only will we show you how Owner Financing works, but we will watch over your shoulder every step of the way, and tell you what to do, so you can win! HERE’S WHAT YOU’RE GETTING: 1.) Includes: Live 2-hour Bootcamp where you actually roll up your sleeve and we do a deal live during the class. (Wednesday @ 6:00pm to 8:00pm CST) 2.) Includes: Owner Financing For Profit Course: Real Estate Investing. Everything You Need to Know About Owner Finance Real Estate (and More…a Whole Lot More) 3.) Includes: One Month of Support-ONE-ON-ONE to answer your questions 4.) Includes: One month of The Abundance Club, Mastermind Group, Weekly Meetings BEST OF ALL, You will be able to do all of this from the comfort of your own computer, laptop, and smartphone. Book your seat! FlippingWednesday.MrNoFluFF.com TOPICS COVERED INCLUDE __Identifying the 3 key parts of Owner Financing real estate __How to buy real estate without the bank and/or without using your credit __Understanding the benefits of using Owner Financing __Finding & Negotiating Wholesale Deals — Where to Look & Market __Determining What a Deal is Worth __Formulating the Right offer to ensure you do not overpay for a property __Structuring the Deal __Finding buyers to purchase your Owner Financing deals __Different Exit Strategies to profit __Communicating with Sellers — What questions to ask & how to Negotiate Price__Getting the Property Under Contract __Using Contract “Escape Clauses” to minimize risk __Finding & Negotiating with Rehabbers who will Buy Your Wholesale Deals __Buying Properties with all Cash vs. Financing __Closings— Tips to “Close the Deal” and Avoiding Closing Headaches down the line __Title Issues __Using an assignment & a double closing __Understanding Market Cycles: When to Get In and When to Get Out __Creating a personal action plan! These are just a few of the topics we’ll cover in class. We will show you how it’s done the smart way, using the newest technologies to save you time and money so you know what to look for, and what to avoid. You are getting it all, no fluff! Once you Register for the Live Online Class. We will confirm your registration is complete and send you the necessary system requirements and login information. Then all you do is save the date on your calendar and be prepared to take some action! FAQ's Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event? Must be at least 18 years of age What are the system requirements for the event? Desktop • Internet Connection: 600kbps or higher • Peripherals: Webcam, speakers, microphone • Windows: Windows 7 or later version • Mac: Mac OS X with Mac OS 10.7 (Lion) or later version Meetings Mobile app • Android version 4.4 and up • iOS 8.0 or later How can I contact the organizer with any questions? Call/Text Soraya 720-722-0708 What's the refund policy? Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance. No Refunds will be issued after the Class. YOUR BOUNS: $1,500.00 Course FREE OWNER FINANCING REAL ESTATE FOR PROFITS COURSE {Included} Book your seat! FlippingWednesday.MrNoFluFF.com
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who are first utility – 1st utility information video!
Who are first utility? GET YOUR BEST DEAL HERE https://goo.gl/y58nvS First check out 1st utility. To see if you will save by switching. First Utility is the largest independent UK energy supplier to consumers and business customers. It is now the fastest growing supplier in the UK. It has recently campaigned to reduce switching times for energy customers. What are first utility like and should I switch to first utility? Could you save by switching to First Utility? Click the link below this video now to check it out who are first utility. This video source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKNUWd3ZNlQ Subscribe to this video channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmkj9VMIrN4y8BPfd6j8UNw Watch this playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNIShnQBBptd52dydnSRVFKzdCXhGu1C_ first utility review :-. take a look at first utility gas and electric tariffs to see how much you can save by choosing your best first utility plan...better savings because at first utility uk you save twice - with low prices and with their innovative my energy programme that gives you the power to control and cut your energy consumption...this is why reviews about first utility are so outstanding.. first utility tariffs are some of the best value available in the uk. first utility gas and electric tariffs help you save money. With a variety of simple tools customers can quickly see first utility gas and electric prices and how to save by making a few small changes like changing their lightbulbs or turning the tv off standby. Plus the readings data is used by the supplier to produce an accurate bill according to your first gas and electric bill... for a full review click the information button top right corner on the link page and do it now... More and more people are discovering this and switching their energy supply to the better value 1st utility gas and electric tariff. So spend less on what you need and more on what you want with these low priced gas and electricity tariffs.. simply by using the first utility online service. Once you switch you will have peace of mind because they have an in-house team who regularly price-check other energy companies rates and then adjust their prices to keep first utility tariffs competitive...one of the most useful things about your online account with first utility is that you can access all your bills. once you become a customer first utility will email you with your log in details. It’s easy to see how you can save money with these helps. Who are first utility? GET YOUR BEST DEAL HERE https://goo.gl/y58nvS
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Laundromat for sale - Laundrymats are FREE - how to own a cash business with sweat equity
( http://www.freelaundromat.com ) The story of an immigrant who moved here from Bangkok Thailand two years ago, and is now earning some serious money in his Los Angeles Laundromat. Listen as Somsak "Sam" Asawalapsakun discusses his journey, his discovery of Danny D'Angelo's DVD "Cleaning Up in Laundromats" and how the information contained in the three hour DVD launched Sam into his amazing journey. A side story is told as Danny travels to LA to reimburse Sam for the DVD tuition, as is his new policy for prodigies who succeed! "Buy the DVD, Open a Laundromat, Get your money back!" says Sam.
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NUMSA rejects Eskom's wage increase
The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa has walked out of the second round of wage negotiations with Eskom. NUMSA is accusing the power utility of displaying a hostile attitude towards workers. Numsa, together with the National Union of Mineworkers have rejected the 0% increase opening offer that the cash-strapped power utility put on the table. The unions claim that Eskom brought specialised security armed with high calibre weapons to the negotiation venue in Johannesburg. To discuss this we are now joined NUM Chief Negotiator Helen Diadile and Eskom's Khulu Phasiwe. For more news, visit: sabcnews.com
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Tim Kaine says Medicare should negotiate for lower drug prices, saving $250 billion
Tim Kaine offers solutions for strengthening both Social Security and medicare. Medicare is not allowed to negotiate for lower drug prices under Bush's prescription drug plan. The VA can, so drugs are cheaper for veterans than they are for seniors. Tim Kaine says by allowing Medicare to negotiate like the VA, we would save $250 billion over 10 years, strengthening Medicare.
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#052 Real Estate Investment in Japan - Real Estate in Japan
My name is Sadayasu Ito, a Japanese certified tax accountant. I am helping those who wish to start business in Japan. Please contact me if you are looking for advice. skypeID: sadywellj E-mail: sadayasu.ito@sadywell.com From Oversea: +81-3-4405-6009 From Japan: 03-4405-6009 Sadywell Japan Tax & Accounting: http://en.sadywell.com Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SadywellJapan For instance, if you have any of the following problems, please let me know. I am happy to help you. I want to set up a company and start business in Japan I need to file tax returns but do not know how to do it. I want someone to do my company’s bookkeeping. I want to know how I can save my tax. I want to acquire or renew my visa. For more details of our services, please visit our website: http://en.sadywell.com ***Summary of today’s lecture*** Today’s lecture is “Real estate investment in Japan” There are 6 steps for the real estate investments. 1. Prepare your financial plan 2. Search real estate properties in Japan 3. Visit Japan and check properties 4. Sign the purchase & sales contract 5. Pay and complete registration of your properties 1. Prepare your financial plan What is your budget ? Costs of purchasing real estate in Japan - Stamp duty, loan fees, Insurance premiums, property registration tax, registration services fees, property tax, brokerage commission, real estate acquisition tax etc. Total costs will be 6-8% of the price of real estate Costs after you purchased real estate properties - Property tax, city and planning tax, Income tax, utilities, property management fees, reserve funds for repairing Costs when you sell real estate properties - Stamp duty, capital gain income tax, brokerage fee 2. Search real estate properties in Japan - Search on the internet to have a rough idea of Japanese market - Decide which area you want to purchase - Contact certified real estate broker The most important point is find a reliable real estate broker 3. Visit Japan and check properties - Check property itself e.g. sunshine, natural ventilation, noise etc. - Visit site under the different conditions e.g. Morning, evening, weekday and weekend - Check the environment e.g. School, supermarket, public safety, access to central, area, neighborhood, commutation (jam-packed train!) 4. Sign the purchase & sales contracts - Application to purchase a property - Negotiation with seller about purchase price, terms of payment and delivery date - “Explanation of Important Matters regarding the property and transaction” by broker - Signing the Purchase & Sale contracts - Advance payments (10%~20% of the real estate price) 5. Payment of outstanding balance and real estate taxes - Complete the registration of your property Ownership of real estate property must be registered at Legal Affairs Bureau 6. Appoint tax agent If you purchase real estate properties for investment, you need to appoint tax agent to handle tax administrative works. Tax agent can be anyone who live in Japan. Then you need to file income tax return by March 15th of the next year.
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3 Reasons Why You Should Not Pay Your Debt
Paying off an old collection or charge off will increase your credit score. This is a huge MYTH! Effects of Paying When you pay an older collection account or charge-off account, your credit score most likely will suffer. Think twice before paying off an old collection or charge off. By paying your debt, it renews the date of last activity. The collection company or creditors can now report the account for another 7 years. Everyone knows debt collections are bad for your credit score. Any past due accounts including debt collections have negative effects. These accounts report on your credit report for up to7 years. As accounts age, they have less and less impact on your credit score. Many consumers believe by paying off collections or charge-off accounts, that it will raise their credit scores. It certainly seems logical; however it is far from the truth. If you are concerned about your credit score, paying off debts prior to obtaining any other type of loan or mortgage can greatly hurt your credit score. Ultimately, if it is an older account when paid off (or payments are made on the account), by doing so can be devastating to ones credit score. The recent activity of any derogatory item has a big impact on how it effects your overall credit score. Is the Debt Still Valid? After a certain period of inactivity on an account, a debt becomes time-barred and debt collectors can no longer sue you for it. This period is known as "the statute of limitations on debt" and varies by state. If the statute of limitations has passed, it is illegal for a debt collector or creditor to sue you. You need to be careful in communicating with a debt collector because the debt statute of limitations can easily be restarted by acknowledging that you owe the debt, making a payment, entering a payment plan, making an agreement to pay or making a charge on the account. After 7 Years Collection and charge-off accounts should only remain on your credit report for 7 years. It is important to check your credit reports as the credit bureaus often continue reporting these derogatory accounts over the 7 year limit. If you have any questions regarding collection accounts on your credit reports, call our office today for your complimentary credit consultation. We look forward to hearing from you. 480-502-5554 LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The advice provided is for informational purposes only. It is not to be construed as Legal Counsel or Legal Advice.
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PG&E's Geisha J. Williams - Q&A on Diablo Shutdown Proposal
July 28, 2016 - PG&E President, Electric, Geisha J. Williams responds to State Land Commission questions on the shut down Proposal for the Diablo Canyon nuclear plant, which the company arrived at in negotiation with a small group of environmental and labor organizations. The Joint Proposal - provisions of which must be approved by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) - plans for the nuclear facility to be shut down at the end if its operating license, nine years from now.
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Pennsylvania Newsmakers 6/19/11: Utility Infrastructure and Union Contract Negotiations
This week's Pennsylvania Newsmakers features an update on Marcellus Shale and utility infrastructure legislation with Terry Fitzpatrick, President and CEO of the Energy Association of Pennsylvania. Then, joining host Terry Madonna is Matthew Brouillette, President of the Commonwealth Foundation, who provides his take on school choice, state pensions, and union contract negotiations.
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Leaking HVAC - #AskAHomeInspector
Inspector Jan finds a leak in the attic unit of this North Dallas home. A problem like this means high utilities now, and possible AC replacement down the road. Something you want to know so you can negotiate with the seller and/or plan for expenses down the road. #AskAHomeInspector
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Laundromat Cash Flow business ownership. How to NEVER buy one
( http://www.freelaundromat.com ) Want a Coin Laundromat business? Watch Kwabena's story, He talks about how everyone else is BUYING these stores, or worse yet, BUILDING one from scratch. When spending hundreds of thousands on infrastructure costs, they are unable to recoup the costs for years (if at all) - He did it differently and right! He obtained this space in Milwaukee WI for FREE. , He found Danny D'Angelo's "cleaning Up in L:aundrmats" DVD, and eventually Danny helped them obtain the lease, along with the store for FREE. This video will be the first in a series as we watch the his journey first hand! - Danny's newsletter is Free as well. Sign up here ( http://www.freelaundromat.com )
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Laundromat owner gets an audit, but NOT from the IRS, It's about a FREE cash business.
FREE Newsletter HERE; ( http://www.freelaundromat.com ) Danny D'Angelo walks into a Denver Laundromat without ever having been there before. He pokes around until the Owner confronts him saying "turn off that camera!" - As it turns out Diane just paid $80 grand for the store just two weeks prior to our visit. Danny lays some facts on her referencing her situation, the sale, and potential profit to come. He gives her some tidbits on hours of operation, and even what color she should paint her walls! Danny can't help himself. (she eventually agrees to speak on camera - of course) Get Danny's newsletter, and start off in this business on the right foot, GUARANTEED. Do it.
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KEPCO selected as top bidder for UK nuclear project
한전, 21조원 영국 원전 우선협상대상자 선정 Korea Electric Power Corporation is the preferred bidder for a project to build three nuclear power plants in Britain. Celebrations will be brisk for the state run utility firm... as the next task at hand is negotiating with the consortium in charge before inking the deal. Park Hee-jun explains further. South Korea's state-run energy firm KEPCO on Wednesday, was selected as the preferred bidder for the U.K.'s NuGeneration consortium,... a 19-billion dollar nuclear project billed as the largest nuclear plant in western Europe. Toshiba, which holds a 60 percent stake in the NuGen consortium in charge of building the plant in the northwest of England,... chose KEPCO as its preferred bidder to build three nuclear facilities. Toshiba has been suffering financially due to losses in its U.S. nuclear business, Westinghouse, earlier this year,... forcing it to withdraw from the overseas nuclear business KEPCO has been competing with China General Nuclear for the contract. But KEPCO's successful performance in the United Arab Emirates, along with China's poor cyber-security record, helped it beat the Chinese company. According to KEPCO, the company will negotiate with Toshiba over the next few months, aiming to sign a deal sometime in the first half of next year with the approval of the British government. With most details undecided at present, it may take as long as 2 to 3 years to finalize the deal. If the deal goes ahead, it would be the second overseas nuclear project contract for KEPCO since the project in the UAE 8 years ago ,...and with its victory in Britain,... the firm plans to expand its nuclear exports to other parts of the world. Experts say that KEPCO winning the contract shows the competitiveness of Korea's nuclear industry, and that the deal will open new doors for the country's entry into the 548-trillion dollar global nuclear energy market. Park Hee-jun, Arirang News.
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DealCheck Review: Is this the Easiest Way to Analyze Rental Properties?
https://retipster.com/dealcheck Note: Use promo code “RETIPSTER” at checkout and you'll get a 25% discount for the life of your subscription. https://retipster.com/how-to-buy-rental-properties The idea behind this guide is to show you the exact steps of how to analyze a real estate deal and determine if it's something you want to pursue. It's not difficult, but as with any real estate transaction, there are a number of things you need to pay close attention to. As you research a property and learn more about what you're getting into - certain things matter greatly, and other things matter very little. My hope is that as we're walking through this process, I can give you a good idea on what to look out for. One of the most important things you MUST do as you're evaluating a property are your projections. "Projections" are basically just a series of highly informed "guesses" about how profitable a property may (or may not) be in the future. In order to figure this out, you need to do a little bit of homework and develop a thorough understanding of the income and expenses you can expect from this property on an ongoing basis. Many, MANY of the deals you'll see on a regular basis DON'T CASH FLOW (in fact, this is almost exclusively what I saw in my first year as a real estate investor) - and there are a lot of things that can sabotage the profitability of a rental property. Things like: - Paying too high a price for the property - Excessive Property Taxes - Excessive Interest Expense - Insurance Costs - Maintenance, Utilities and Upkeep - Unforeseen Disasters - Home Owner's Association (HOA) Fees If a deal doesn't cash flow, you shouldn't buy it. PERIOD. This is why it's crucial for you to nail down your projections and get an accurate depiction of its profitability - because frankly, your "GO" or "NO GO" decision usually boils down to the answers you get after going through these motions. Are your projections going to be perfect? No - we aren't fortune tellers, so we'll never know EXACTLY what's going to happen. Projections rarely pan out exactly as we plan, but when they're done correctly, using realistic, information assumptions and data, they will almost always set you up with reasonably accurate expectations that won't lead you astray. The numbers can turn out better or worse than you estimated, but they should at least unfold in somewhat of a similar fashion to what you had originally predicted. It's important to challenge your assumptions. - So you think rent will be $750 per month? Says who?? Is this a reliable and unbiased source of information? - You think the vacancy rate will be 10%? What makes you think so? - What kinds of maintenance and repairs will you have to take care of? Are your plans realistic? - What if one or more of your assumptions turn out to be wrong? Does the property still cash flow? In order to come up with your best possible estimates, you need to be armed with the right information. Your inputs will literally determine EVERYTHING you use to make your decision. This is a "garbage in, garbage out" kind of thing... if you start this process with bad information (or if you just guess what the numbers will be without really getting them from a credible source), you're not going to have a very reliable number in the end either.
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Argentina: Thousands protest government negotiations with IMF
Subscribe to our channel! rupt.ly/subscribe Thousands of Argentines took to the streets in Buenos Aires on Friday in protest over the government's attempt to seek financial assistance from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Video ID: 20180525 043 Video on Demand: http://www.ruptly.tv Contact: cd@ruptly.tv Twitter: http://twitter.com/Ruptly Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Ruptly
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ADOT Right of Way Group
The Right of Way Group is the real estate organization for ADOT. The group's primary functions include development of State Transportation Board resolutions, right of way plans, appraisals, property acquisition, condemnation, residential and business relocation, and property management. More information: www.azdot.gov/business
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What is a Credit Report [3 Surprising Ways it Will Ruin Your Life]
What you don’t know about your credit report WILL hurt you, plus what does the average credit report look like. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CaHBA1Gf_Ss&list=PLjsZ3KrTlZozfKrkG8uKVUa_yoC6xUVvn&index=3 There are so many myths and misconceptions about credit reports but they are extremely important to your financial health. Even if you don’t plan on using debt or want to get debt-free, a credit report affects more of your life than you understand. That’s why I put together this credit report tutorial with everything you need to know about reports and credit scores. I start with the basics like, “What is a Credit Report” but then get into some surprising details like what is actually on your credit report. Did you know missed alimony payments and utility bills might be on your report? How about some of the things that aren’t on your report like age, race and income? Most Americans have no idea what is on their credit report and that is costing them thousands. In this debt payoff series, I’ll also show you how to get a credit report free and give you a credit report dispute letter to get bad marks removed. I’ll reveal the strategies I used to negotiate debt, saving $6,500 and how to protect your identity by freezing your credit. I know this is a long video so I’ve put an index below but try to watch through the whole video. Once we get past the credit report basics, we get into some details that will surprise you and turn your finances around fast. 2:05 Why a credit report important? 2:49 What is a credit report? 3:55 What is on your credit report? 4:17 6 Things NOT on your credit report 4:55 What is the average credit report? 7:29 Credit score factors you control 10:35 What is the average credit score? Don't forget to click through to the debt payoff playlist above and follow the entire series. I may eventually turn this series into a paid course but you can watch it all free right now. I start out by revealing the debt payoff strategies that will work with any budget, even on low income, and finish by showing you how to get a perfect credit score. SUBSCRIBE to create the financial future you deserve with videos on beating debt, making more money and making your money work for you. https://peerfinance101.com/FreeMoneyVideos Joseph Hogue, CFA spent nearly a decade as an investment analyst for institutional firms and banks. He now helps people understand their financial lives through debt payoff strategies, investing and ways to save more money. He has appeared on Bloomberg and on sites like CNBC and Morningstar. He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation and is a veteran of the Marine Corps. #creditreport #creditscore #debt
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Sorry Russia, the Philippines will buy BLACK HAWK helicopters from the US, not Russian helicopters
MANILA, Philippines - The Philippine Air Force has selected the US-made Black Hawks to replace the canceled combat utility helicopter deal with Canada, according to Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana. Lorenzana said the Air Force's technical working group has recommended the Sikorsky Black Hawk for its combat utility helicopter acquisition project, while it was selected the T129 ATAK of the Turkish Aerospace Industries for its attack helicopter project. "I think finally the Air Force technical working group has come up with a recommendation that the Black Hawk is the best option that they will buy," Lorenzana told reporters after attending a forum in Makati City last Friday. Lorenzana said the Air Force is not to go for Russia's less expensive Mi-171s, saying "it is very difficult to pay for them." He explained that the US sanctions on Russian military exports would make it harder to buy equipment from them. Lorenzana said to be signing the acquisition deal of 16 helicopters early next year. Asked if the helicopters include armaments, Lorenzana is explained the Black Hawk is actually not an attack helicopter but a combat utility and transport aircraft. "So we could put a machine gun on both sides, but it's not really for attack, it's for bringing water supply troops," he said. The President of Duterte in the February 23, 2011 a $ 233-million agreement to purchase 16 Bell 412 helicopters from Canada, after it expressed the concerns they could use to fight rebels. The government also considered the Italian Agusta Westland AW139 and the Korea Aerospace Industries ’Surion helicopter utility. "We have limited money for that. We have only $ 240 million, we can get 16, "Lorenzana said. "Initially, the Surion we can get because of the money and the Black Hawk," he said. Source : https://www.philstar.com/headlines/2018/12/09/1875458/paf-buying-us-black-hawks-not-russian-helicopters #philippines #philippineairforce #philippinehelicopter #blackhawkhelicopter
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Sahrawi delegation to Geneva Negotiations
In Geneva, United Nations-brokered talks open today between the Kingdom of Morocco and the Western Saharan liberation movement known as the Polisario Front, aimed at resolving the 43-year conflict. Morocco has occupied Western Sahara since 1975, and no other country on Earth recognizes its sovereignty over the territory. Thousands of Western Sahara’s indigenous people—the Sahrawi—have since been tortured, imprisoned, killed and disappeared while resisting the Moroccan occupation. This week’s talks also include representatives from Mauritania and Algeria.
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