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Någon annan betalar | En film om slöseri med dina skattepengar
Någon annan betalar är en film om slöseri med dina skattepengar. Dokumentären är finansierad med frivilliga bidrag, och baserad på boken 365 sätt att slösa med dina skattepengar. Vill du stötta filmen? BG: 552-5175. Varmt tack för ditt stöd! Boken finns här: http://www.bokus.com/bok/9789163760419/365-satt-att-slosa-med-dina-skattepengar/ Följ med dokumentärfilmaren Martin Borgs på en tragikomisk upptäcktsresa genom Sverige. Se dimmaskinen i Landskrona, Hells Angels kommunala klubbhus och taxin som kör mat 110 meter för 595 kr - två gånger om dagen. Ska man skratta eller gråta? Medverkar i filmen gör: – Inga-Britt Ahlenius, fd undergeneralsekreterare för FN:s internrevision OIOS (The Office of Internal Oversight Services), FN:s tredje högsta ämbete. – Johan Norberg, författare och debattör tidigare verksam inom den liberala tankesmedjan Timbro – Maria Wetterstrand, fd språkrör och riksdagsledamot för Miljöpartiet Bland Martin Borgs tidigare filmer finns 1200 miljarder (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LD2weewGjBk) och Overdose – The Next Financial Crisis ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qc1WhS3qskU ) med över 2 000 000 visningar på YouTube. Gör som över 45 000 andra och följ Martin Borgs arbete på https://www.facebook.com/sloseriombud... http://www.martinborgs.se
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Capitalism: a Love Story 2009
NOTE 1: I neither own this video nor the translation. The translation was collected from the internet, and it already in torrent package. I'm sorry for losing the torrent file so I can't credit the torrent & translation part. NOTE 2: Since I do not own those subs, so I can't make sure if it correct or not. But you are welcome to correct it. Torrent download. Resolution: 1280x720 Multi Subs: English, French, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Czech, Hungarian.
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Valemount Live Episode 63 Japanese Billet | Corin & Jonathan | J&J Firewood
Episode 63 AM: Welcome to Episode 63 of Valemount Live. I'm Anne Marie Scott. JN: And I'm Jody Newham. AM: We've got a musical show for you tonight, featuring artists who passed through this week. JN: Jessie Dee and Jacquie B sing a camp fire song to the sweet strains of Tuesday's council meeting. AM: Old friend Corin Raymond and new friend Jonathan Byrd played a house concert at ummm... an undisclosed location. JN: In other news, clandestine house concerts are on the rise... AM: ... and house concert hosts continue to evade prosecution. JN: We have more really big news from Charles Jones... AM: ...I hope it's not inflammatory. JN: Never. AM: Zach and Andru have solved their vacuum mystery from last week. JN: A proposal to help Japanese folks out... AM: ...that's getting traction from a Member of Parliament. JN: Also, friend of the show, Charlene Chouinard, interviews a young man who teaches guitar. AM: Let's start with the good news. JN: John Grogan recently became a grandfather, and with two nine month old grandkids, AM: He's concerned about the plight of Japanese folks who may be at risk of radiation. JN: Here is his plan to help out. JAPANESE MOMs AM: John has been corresponding with our member of parliament Cathy Macleod and said that the request has been put into foreign affairs. JN: No word from the other parties at this time. AM: He hopes that the initiative could be launched before an election is called. JN: Next up... AM: Here's news about geese and weeds. JN: As long as it isn't about marijuana... it shouldn't be controversial. AM: Not like last week. RBN4 AM: Oh boy. JN: Okay it's time to say something about really big news that we aired last week. AM: The episode referenced Godzilla and the disaster in Japan. JN: Many people who watched it felt that it was insensitive. AM: Andru McCracken, this show's producer, made a mistake in airing it. JN: The intent of the piece wasn't to alienate Japanese people, AM: or fail to consider their current plight and all the losses they have felt. JN: But the piece did that, and it was regrettable. AM: Now, back to Valemount. JN: Illegal house concerts are on the rise. AM: Itinerant musicians have always wandered through these parts JN: ...polluting our quiet town with fancy lyrics and AM: trying to make us feel stuff. JN: They rhyme and make rhythm like radio music but different... AM: Now in the old days... JN: ...they played in hotels and bars AM: gin joints and brothels. JN: But now they're playin' in homes AM: ....on the good side of town! JN: Reporter Andru McCracken spent time with the perpetrators. HOUSECONCERTS JN: Because the homeowner took "donations" rather than a cover charge, authorities can't charge him. AM: Oh fickle justice! Save the children and punish those offenders. JN: In other news, BC Hydro made a presentation to the village council on Tuesday. AM: They're cutting wood on their right of ways. JN: That means you can get free firewood if you get a permit from the ministry of forests. AM: Though some people use the more convenient 'no permit' method. JN: Just so you know, that's wrong. AM: Here's some footage of the council meeting, with Jacquie B and Jessie Dee providing the tune. CHOPPINGWOOD JN: Jacquie B and Jessie Dee played at the Anglican United Church on Saturday. AM: One witness called it amazing. JN: and EVERYONE had a great time. AM: How can you say everyone had a great time? JN: (give her a look) AM: Oh... that few people eh? JN: In science, Zach and Andru claim to have solved their science problem... AM: After numerous inquiries and a lot of research. SCIENCEY STUFF JN: Nice work, I guess? AM: Here's Charlene Shwinard talking with her friend Mitch Harley about his guitar lessons. MITCH GUITAR JN: It's great to see young people moving into town. AM: If you are interested in lessons, you can connect with Mitch at 566-9003. JN: We've got one more piece in the show. AM: We've made it pretty clear that house concerts are out of control... but you're not going to believe this next thing. JN: What, music in the kitchen? AM: No lie. Here's Jonathan Byrd and Corin Raymond singing a new song in somebody's kitchen. JN: if this doesn't provoke a house concert raid, I don't know what will. KITCHEN MUSIC AM: Remember that V-day is coming up on April 8 at 7pm at the community theatre. JN: Sorry what does the V stand for? AM: It doesn't stand for vagina. JN: Well we wouldn't want to acknowledge that they exist. AM: What exists? JN: Vaginas. AM: Get your tickets at Country Wide Auto Glass.
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