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Earthen Herbals Beacon Music Academy Open House
The grand opening of Earthen Herbals Beacon Music Academy, held on Devil's night 2009. The evening featured music by such local talent as: Greg Cox, Lonesome Lefty, Kelly Hoppe, Josh Zalev, Al Penner, Zane Cox and many more.
Просмотров: 377 Michael Evans
Rolling Thunder
Mr. Chill & The Witnesses live at the Capitol Theatre in Windsor ON, November 2006.
Просмотров: 2219 Kelly Hoppe
Lonesome Lefty Live at the Phog Lounge
Lonesome Lefty plays at Canada's number one live music venue, Windsor's Phog Lounge.
Просмотров: 326 Michael Evans
More Ron Leary and Kelly Hoppe
More of Ron Leary and Kelly Hoppe playing at Phog Lounge in Windsor Ontario for Open Mic Surgery.
Просмотров: 214 phogtom
Kidney Stew
The amazing duo of Greg Cox and Mr. Chill performing Kidney Stew at Big Tony's in Windsor, ON on March 9, 2013
Просмотров: 106 ezmacmike
"Greg Cox Roots Combo" (Art Gallery of Windsor February, 2008)
The Greg Cox Roots Combo performs at the Art Gallery of Windsor. (Feb 2008) The Roots Combo consists of Greg Cox, Kelly Hoppe, Josh Zalev, Alan Penner and Bradford Helner.
Просмотров: 210 Michael Evans
Mr. Chill & Greg Cox
Mr. Chill & Greg Cox performing "All Hell For A Basement" The Pelee Island Unplugged Music Festival on August 2, 2015
Просмотров: 110 jjdvideo
Count Yorghi Trio Jack Drobko, bass, Al Penner Guitar, Brian Burke sax Windsor Ont, Sept 18 2010
Просмотров: 644 bbobburke
Lonesome Lefty Newfoundland Bullet
Lonesome Left live at Phog Lounge Summer 2008
Просмотров: 647 Brian Schentag
Mr. Chill and the Witnesses at Big Tony's, Windsor, ON
Kelly Hoppe (of Big Sugar fame) plays every week throughout his hometown of Windsor, Ontario, with his band The Witnesses. Here is one great performance from Jan. 2009.
Просмотров: 789 Elaine Weeks
Five Minutes With Kelly Hoppe by Murad Erzinclioglu
Kelly Hoppe is Windsor's preeminant harmonica player and member of the internationall reknowned blues rock act Big Sugar. Murad Erzinclioglu sat down with him in this edition of Five Minutes With.
Просмотров: 687 The MediaPlex - stclairjournalism
Sleep In Late
Aaron Garner sings Sleep In Late w/ Patrick Ballyntine and Kelly Hoppe. Also on stage: Nancy Drew, Bradford Helner and Josh Zalev
Просмотров: 573 kingfridayrocks
espyconnect NDIS Support Item modification 2017
we have made some changes to our NDIS Support Items category. Watch our video to see how easy it is to update your listing!
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Michael Houston and Gloria M White 07/07/13
Michael Houston aka Lonesome Lefty and Gloria M White 07/07/13 Manchester Pub Windsor ON
Просмотров: 76 Brian Schentag
Lonesome Lefty at the Harrow Fair
Lonesome Lefty and his Cryin' Shames performed at the 155th Harrow fair in 2009.
Просмотров: 506 Michael Evans
Lonesome Lefty & The Cryin' Shames - "When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold" - August 1, 2009
Featuring Wayne Bennett on lead vocals. A clip from the August 1st, 2009 show on Chatham Street West for Mick's Irish Pub in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Lonesome Lefty - acoustic guitar Wayne Bennett - vocals & percussion Garry Major - pedal steel guitar Greg Cox - electric guitar Tim Swaddling - bass guitar Video by Michael Ernest Evans.
Просмотров: 696 RomancingTheGutter1
Kelly Hoppe, Greg Cox and Chris Borshuk
At the Atelier
Просмотров: 134 Howard Weeks
Lonesome Lefty & The Cryin' Shames - "Stardust" live.
Mick's Irish Pub's street stage - Chatham Street West, Windsor, Ontario, Canada, August 1/'09. Lonesome Lefty - acoustic guitar, vocals Gary Major - pedal steel guitar Wayne Bennett - snare drum and percussion Greg Cox - electric guitar Tim Swaddling - bass guitar Video by Michael Ernest Evans.
Просмотров: 608 RomancingTheGutter1
Greg Cox
A subjective re-interpretation of Cox's own words about his work, based on an interview. His own words confuse the ideas he is tackling, as well as bringing entirely new ideas to life.
Просмотров: 741 AlexanderStevenson
Al's Space - Vancouver
Alan Penner embraces the joy that is myspace.com while vacationing in beautiful Vancouver, Canada.
Просмотров: 185 Tommy2Toe
Gregory Cox - I'm Going
"The Last Start" EP http://gregorycoxmusic.bandcamp.com/album/the-last-start-ep
Просмотров: 1063 Gregory Cox
Alan Penner's The Last Trio intro
The Last Trio intro to set 1.
Просмотров: 404 Marcus Christiansen
Grady & Mr. Chill - Chili Cold Blood - The Blind Dog
Grady & Mr. Chill Kelly Hoppe preform Chili Cold Blood live at The Blind Dog in Windsor Ontario, nov 7 2010
Просмотров: 1032 123lerm456
Voyvin  "Space Oddity" - Live at The Manchester
Voyvin - a musical collective featuring Daren Dobsky (Magic Hall of Mirrors, Royal Dose), Josh Zalev (Huladog, Mr. Chill & The Witnesses) and Mark Calcott (Huladog, Theory of Everything) - are joined by guest drummer Bradford Helner (FourLetterWord, Eric Welton, Twistin' Tarantulas) as they perform the David Bowie classic "Space Oddity".
Просмотров: 178 iSceneWindsor
Lonesome Lefty 'Philadelphia Lawyer' - Live at The Dominion House
Lonesome Lefty, backed by Kenneth McLeod, Max Marshall, and Aaron Stanton, performing the classic Woody Guthrie "Philadelphia Lawyer" at The DH.
Просмотров: 189 iSceneWindsor