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Glens Falls Hospital - C.R. Wood Cancer Center Pharmacy
Glens Falls Hospital is proud to announce the opening of our brand new pharmacy in the C.R. Wood Cancer Center. This project was made possible by the support of our generous donors. Thank you Modern Mix Marketing for creating this exceptional video!
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Glens Falls Hospital Cancer Center TV Commercial
TV Commercial that I created while working at Behan Communications.
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Glens Falls Hospital "Embrace"
:30 TV Spot CR Wood Cancer Center
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Embrace Hope with the C.R. Wood Cancer Center
Glens Falls Hospital is nationally accredited as a Comprehensive Community Cancer Program by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer. We embrace advanced technology, proven treatments, and research that leads to breakthrough treatments.
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Surgery at Glens Falls Hospital
At Glens Falls Hospital's Floyd H. Rourke Inpatient Surgery Center in Glens Falls, NY, area surgeons and our surgical team are committed to restoring people's health through a wide variety of advanced surgical procedures. This TV commercial highlights a procedure in which surgeons implant a small balloon that allows some women with breast cancer to receive their radiation treatments in five days instead of six weeks.
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Women's Cancer Retreat with Glens Falls Hospital
Twice each year, the nationally accredited C. R. Wood Cancer Center at Glens Falls Hospital in Glens Falls, NY, hosts women cancer survivors at Cindy's Retreat, a weekend retreat on Lake George in New York's spectacular Adirondack Region. For more information, visit cindysretreat.org.
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VIDEO: Glens Falls Hospital event
Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced the creation of a statewide cancer study on Wednesday at Glens Falls Hospital. Sen. Betty Little and Assemblyman Dan Stec comment on the study.
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Comfort Camp for Kids with Glens Falls Hospital
The nationally accredited C. R. Wood Cancer Center at Glens Falls Hospital in Glens Falls, NY, hosts Cindy's Comfort Camp, a free, weekend overnight camp for children and teens who have experienced the death or serious illness of a parent or sibling. For more information, visit cindyscomfortcamp.com.
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John Theurer Cancer Center Gastrointestinal Oncology Division
Cancer is hard enough. Meet our Gastrointestinal Oncology Division Co-Chiefs, Dr. Andrew Jennis and Dr. Donald McCain. They'll tell you what you can expect before you walk through our doors.
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What to Expect on the Day of Surgery at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
This video will give you an idea of what to expect when you come to Memorial Sloan Kettering’s main hospital on the day of your surgery.
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GF Hospital Oncology Pharmacy Project
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Wound Healing Center at Glens Falls Hospital TV Commercial
The Wound Healing Center at Glens Falls Hospital in Glens Falls, NY, helps people who are suffering from hard-to-heal wounds as a result of diabetes, poor circulation or another medical condition. Our doctors and nurses will diagnose the reason your wound won't heal, and develop a personalized care plan —using advanced wound healing therapies, such as Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy — to heal your wound and get you back to the life you enjoy.
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ARCC Marcantonio's Member Mania at The Glens Falls Hospital in Glens Falls, New York
Adirondack Chamber of Commerce Membership Manager John Marcantonio takes it on the road with "Marcantonio's Member Mania". Today's stop... The Glens Falls Hospital in Glens Falls, New York.
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Pt1 Hospital visit to see if I am still cancer free
We will be getting better equip soon. Please be patient. So for now here is the 1st part of the hospital visit. Cape Canaveral Hospital Florida
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TRCH My Hospital 60
My Hospital Commercial for Three Rivers Community Hospital, Grants Pass
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Mike's Story: River Falls Area Hospital
When farmer Mike Kamm had a stroke, he found excellent care at River Falls Area Hospital and within the Allina Health network.
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The Breast Center at Glens Falls Hospital
The Breast Center at Glens Falls Hospital in Glens Falls, NY, offers full-field digital mammography, helping doctors detect breast cancer in its earliest stages by providing more detailed images of breast tissue. Imaging services are available in Glens Falls, Queensbury and Greenwich, NY.
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Glens Falls Hospital — Diagnosing and Treating Barrett's Esophagus
Living with chronic heartburn caused by acid reflux can be a great annoyance. What most people don't know is that reflux can also lead to esophageal cancer. This video explains how Glens Falls Hospital is prepared to diagnose and treat this life-threatening condition.
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Male Breast Cancer
Breast cancer survivor Michael Kovarik talks about his road to recovery.
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River Falls Area Hospital Emergency Department, River Falls, WI
River Falls Area Hospital Emergency Department, River Falls, WI
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Glens Falls Hospital cutting jobs
GLENS FALLS -- One of the north country's biggest employers is planning to cut jobs.Glens Falls Hospital is eliminating 29 positions and reducing five other staffers to part-time status.  A hospital official said that they have no choice, blaming declining reimbursement levels for losing nearly million last quarter.Hospital President and CEO David Kruczlnicki said it was a difficult decision."We're going to continue to do what we've done for the last 115 years, which is bear down and make sure we do our best to meet the needs of this community.  We did that today through a very difficult decision.  We will continue to do that in the future," he said.The hospital will also close a 12-bed unit and has started working on a 0 million cost reduction program.
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New Surgery for Children With Abdominal Tumors
A new surgery for children with rare abdominal tumors has shown to increase survival. Andrea Hayes-Jordan, M.D., from MD Anderson Children's Cancer Hospital, leads the study published in the Journal of Pediatric Surgery and is the first and only to perform the procedure, known as HIPEC, in North America.
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I Play For...Pink in the Rink
The Adirondack Thunder players show you who they play for on their Pink in the Rink night to benefit cancer research at the C.R. Wood Cancer Center in Glens Falls Hospital.
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WBB:  Manhattan Preview
Siena Women's Basketball Head Coach Ali Jaques and senior forward Meghan Donohue preview the Saints' Pink Zone game presented by C.R. Wood Cancer Center at Glens Falls Hospital against Manhattan on Friday, February 10, 2017 at 7 p.m. at the Alumni Recreation Center in Loudonville, NY.
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Pink In The Rink PSA
Goaltender Drew Fielding delivers the message about the upcoming Pink in the Rink benefit game for the C.R. Wood Cancer Center at the Glens Falls Hospital.
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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford diagnosed with rare form of cancer
Dr. Zane Cohen tells reporters at Toronto's Mount Sinai Hospital on Sept. 17 that Mayor Rob Ford has a malignant form of liposarcoma. The initial treatment plan will involve chemotherapy, and radiation may be required as well.
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Kaiden meets Elsa and Ellie please read description
Kaiden Story goes like this: One day Kaidens whole life would change. No one knew what that dreadful morning would bring for her. It was Wednesday, September 21, 2016. The day that one womans choice changed a little girl and many people who love her forever. News 10 ABC Albany reports "According to first responders, when they arrived at 603 Lower Wright Street in Fort Edward on Wednesday at around 11 a.m., they found 4-year-old Kaiden Starr Rice unresponsive." Yes Kaiden was unresponsive, she had been allegedly thrown to the floor by her Step Mother, Marrissa Bickford Rice causing her severe injuries to her head, arm, and collar bone. Kaiden was seen at Glens Falls Hospital in Glens Falls NY where she was evaluated and sent to Albany Medical Center in Albany NY by Med Flight. Kaidens injuries were so severe that is was unclear if she could even survive. Once at Albany Medical Center Kaiden was rushed into surgery where the Medical Staff had to remove her bone plate on the left side of her head to allow the swelling to have room to grow. The family sat waiting to hear what the outcome was of her little life. By some miracle, Kaiden survived, she was in no way out of the woods and would have a long road of critical improvements ahead of her. She was at this time still on life support. Sometime within the next few days Kaiden would suffer a Severe left sided stroke causing the entire left side of her brain to stroke. This left Kaiden with many more struggles. The right side of Kaidens little body was now not able to move due to the damage caused by the stroke. Kaiden showed her true nature as she fought for weeks to get strong enough to survive this abuse she suffered. Kaiden has since been in rehabilitation in Sunnyview Rehab Center. everyday she gets a little stronger but the bubbly, active, sassy, lovable little Kaiden that once was has been forever changed due to Child Abuse. Kaidens alleged abuser is charged with Reckless Assault of a Child, a felony. This charge in no way is enough to carry the sentence that is deserved for the damage done and the life sentence that Kaiden has been given. There has been talk of a weightier sentence however that hasnt been done as of yet. We must be the voice of these children. Kaiden cannot any longer speak for herself as her abuser took that from her so we MUST speak up for her. #PrincessWarriorKaiden
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Glens Falls Hospital Snuggery Interview
Join Look TV as we sit down with Diane Kerchner, Terry Celadon and Cindy Sherwood of Glens Falls Hospital. They're here to talk about upcoming renovations to the Snuggery, Glens Falls Hospital's unique nursery that provides single room care and much more for mothers.
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Governor Cuomo Makes An Announcement At Glens Falls Hospital
October 25, 2017 - Glens Falls
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The Real Deal: Local hospital safety
SARATOGA ‚" How well do local hospitals protect patients from infections and medical errors? Most appear to be doing okay but non-profit healthcare organization, The Leapfrog Group, recently released its semi-annual "Hospital Safety Scores" and Saratoga Hospital gets a "D." The safety scores are assigned to more than 2,500 hospitals across the nation. The Leapfrog Group uses its own survey along with information from the CDC and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to measure a hospital's overall performance in keeping patients safe from preventable harm and medical errors. Saratoga Hospital has consistently been scored with either a "C" or "D" over the past few years. CBS6 Investigative Reporter Jennifer Lewke spoke with administration at the hospital on Tuesday about why it can't seem to get a better grade. According to the report, patients who have surgery at Saratoga Hospital are more likely to have breathing problems, dangerous blood clots and accidental cuts following that surgery compared to other area hospitals. Blood and urinary tract infections are also more common in patients who stay in the hospital's ICU. Senior management at Saratoga Hospital tells CBS6 that the data used to create the report is old and they've already been working to remedy isolated surgical incidents, "things that may have happened back in 2011/2012, we recognized, addressed and we invested the time, effort and attention to make sure that today, our surgical care is as good, if not better than anyone else in the area," says Dr. Richard Falivena, Chief Medical Officer of Saratoga Hospital. But the report also shows below-average scores when it comes to having the right staff to prevent safety problems. "We don't need one person being a safety officer going out there and saying save lives, rather we encourage a culture in which every single one of our employees contributes to the culture of safety and in essence, each one of them are a safety officer," says Mary Jo LaPosta, the Senior VP of Patient Care. The report also indicates a deficiency in hand-washing at the hospital which LaPosta strongly refutes saying they have a hand-washing task force dedicated to cutting down on transmitting illnesses. This was the first time Saratoga Hospital voluntarily provided answers to The Leapfrog Group for the survey. Both LaPosta and Falievena say in some categories the hospital scored so low because of confusion over how the questions were asked. For example, although 85% of prescriptions are filled electronically, the report indicates Saratoga has the worst score in the country for doctors ordering medications through a computer, "it was the way the question was worded, a subtle nuance," LaPosta says. "I want patients to know that the grade is not really reflective of the care they receive, the grade reflects what Leapfrog's opinion as to the processes we should have in place to deliver that care," Dr. Falivena says. Berkshire Medical Center received the only "A" in the Capital Region. Albany Medical Center, St. Peter's Hospital and Ellis Medicine all received a "B" rating. Albany Memorial Hospital and Glens Falls Hospital got a "C" rating.
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Reducing the Risk of Esophageal Cancer
Lots of people get heartburn, but could this common condition lead to something more serious, and how can you reduce your risk? In this interview, Dr. Bruce Greenwald from the University of Maryland Marlene and Stewart Greenebaum Cancer Center will discuss symptoms and treatments for esophageal cancer. Related Links: Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology http://www.umm.edu/gi/ Esophageal Cancer http://www.umgcc.org/thoracic_program/nciindex.htm Barrett's Esophagus http://www.umm.edu/gi/barrett_esophagus.htm Treatments and Programs http://www.umm.edu/gi/treatments_programs.htm
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VIDEO: The Joyce Stock Snuggery
Glens Falls Hospital announced a donation of $1 million from the Bill & Joanne Stock Foundation to assist with renovations of The Snuggery.
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Riley Hospital Cancer Center Prom 2014
Photos: http://www.amiciphotography.com Music: "I Dream of You" by JJ Heller http://www.jjheller.com Riley Hospital for Children. A hospital dedicated to the health and well being of the children of Indiana. Part of the IU Health Network
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River Falls Area Hospital Surgery Center
River Falls Area Hospital Surgery Center
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Glens Falls Hospital Nurse May's Hometown Hero [SPONSORED]
If you're new, Subscribe! → http://bit.ly/1qEnnNq Nurse Alexis Mondella was chosen as this month's County Waste Hometown Hero. See what the djs had to say to her. Go here → http://rewind1057.com Like us → https://www.facebook.com/rewind1057 Follow us → https://twitter.com/rewind1057 Get our newsletter → http://rewind1057.com/newsletter/
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Shirley (Shana Leah) Aronson Kanofsky
Shirley (Shana Leah) Aronson Kanofsky, age 82, passed away Tuesday, June 10, 2014, after a valiant battle against cancer. Shirley was born Nov. 5, 1931, to Barney and Gusta (Rosenthal) Aronson. She was the middle child to her older and younger sisters, Hilda Aronson Schwartz and Paula Aronson Segal. Shirley graduated from Glens Falls High School in 1949, with career-track math and bookkeeping skills. She was presented as a Daughter of the Eastern Star, and was a member of Delta Phi Sorority. On New Years Day 1950, she married Sidney Kanofsky and, in the following years, became the mother to three children, Drean (Deceased 2009), Lyn and Michael Kanofsky. Shirley was a dedicated mother, who attended and supported all her children's educational and social events. Shirley's accomplishments and affiliations included active membership of Congregation Shaaray Tefila Synagogue of Glens Falls, where she was a Sunday School and Hebrew teacher for 20 years, a past member of the Synagogue Board, a fundraiser of the BINGO Committee, a Shabbat Kiddush provider, a past member of Chevrah Kadisha, a past president of Synagogue Sisterhood and she was the Congregation's Visiting Representative to Glens Falls Hospital. She never failed to mention those who were instrumental in her religious and personal awareness, some of whom were Rabbi and Mrs. Silverberg, Rabbi Solomon, Rabbi and Mrs. Rubin, Rabbi Schulman and the hundreds of women and men of Lubavitch Movement and Chabad, whom she met across the United States. Shirley was active in business. While growing up above her family's business, she worked for her parents in Aronson's Drug Store. From the time she could reach the counter, she greeted and waited on customers. Later in life, she worked with her family businesses, Northway Hotel, as proprietor, and Northway Communications, where she worked in shipping-receiving, and record keeping. Home and family were most important to her. In her parents' later years, Shirley became their caregiver. In addition, she maintained her own Kosher home so that as they grew up, her four grandchildren (Megan and Aaron Kanofsky of Glens Falls, and Avvi Shabat of Houston, Texas and David Shabat of Toccoa, Georgia, and her five great-grandchildren, Benjamin Shabat of Toccoa, Georgia, and Rina, Bayla, Sara and Gila Shabat of Houston, Texas), partook of the Jewish lifestyle, and learned of the religious customs Shirley upheld in her home. In keeping with her love of family and community, Shirley brought the serious study of Judaism to children of the combined Shaaray Tefila and Beth El religious schools, by singing, dancing and sharing. Her love for children is most celebrated and remembered by students who never forgot her teachings, and who as adults brought their children to Shirley to learn in her encouraging environment. Raising children's self-confidence, and making every child feel special and exceptional, was the learning environment Shirley created. During her illness, Shirley appreciated those who helped her: Donna Boss and Dr. Gillani, and all the doctors, nurses, clinicians, pastors and staff at Glens Falls Hospital and Cancer Center, who were so kind and gentle to her, her husband, Sid, and her son and daughter-in-law Michael and Margaret Kanofsky, who all offered their help and support when and wherever possible. To the end, Shirley cherished the warmth, kindness and love she received from those who survive her: husband, Sid; children Lyn (James) Greene, and Michael (Margaret) Kanofsky, Chris Hanley; grandchildren, Aaron and Megan Kanofsky, David Shabat and his wife, Dr. Lenka Novotna, and Dr. Avvi Shabat and his wife, Yehudeet; great- grandchildren, Benjamin Shabat, Rina, Bayla, Sara and Gila Shabat; sister, Hilda Aronson Schwartz and her husband, Moe, and sister, Paula Aronson Segal; nieces and nephews, Rosalyn Schwartz Winston and family, Diane Schwartz Gelman and her husband, David, Jeffrey Schwartz and his wife, Patti, and family, Scott Schwartz and his wife, Michelle, and family, Meridith Segal Dominy and her husband, Ed, and family, Debbie Segal, Marsha Aronson McAllister and her husband, James, and family, Rene Aronson, Martin Goodman, Brian Goodman, Dr. Gail Goodman, Sunny Buchman, Harrie Bobbin, and all the relatives, friends and neighbors too numerous to name. Her entire family and community were precious to her. Thank you all, so very much.
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Miami Valley Hospital Debuts New Cancer Center
DAYTON--Miami Valley Hospital cut the ribbon on their new cancer cancer today. The center is the first of its kind in the Dayton. Currently, many cancer patients have to go all over the area to get the treatments they need. Now with the new cancer center open, they only need to visit one place.This center is so important because it's comprehensive. The patient can come here to be diagnosed with cancer and stay under one roof for any type of care that they need throughout the process, says Bobbie Gerhart of the Miami Valley Hospital.The center is staffed with more than 50 doctors ready to treat all different types of cancer patients with their new state of the art equipment.
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Video Production, Albany NY Behan Communications: Comfort Camp for Children
It's tough to be a kid when you have a parent or sibling faced with a life-threatening illness. Video production in Albany, NY, by Behan Communications. This video is an excerpt from a Behan Communications documentary showing how the staff and volunteers of the C.R. Wood Cancer Center at Glens Falls Hospital help children through this trying time. Behan Communications is the leading Albany, NY, public relations firm, offering public relations, corporate communications, crisis communications, media relations and community outreach. Learn more at http://www.behancommunications.com.
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The Heart Center at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children
The Heart Center at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children brings together a select group of leading-edge cardiologists, cardiac anesthesiologists, cardiovascular surgeons, and other specialists to offer extensive expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of infants and children with heart disease. Our highly specialized team provides the individual attention and focused care that our patients and their families need to heal. Learn about the Heart Center from Dr. William DeCampli and Dr. David Nykanen as they discuss the program. The Heart Center was ranked one of the best Pediatric Cardiac programs in the country in 2012, 2011, 2010 and 2008 by U.S. News & World Report.
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14 GFH 0129 Dr Joyce Annual Fund 03 19 2014
Dr. Eileen Joyce shares the benefits of being able to perform minimally invasive robotic surgery at Glens Falls Hospital. Dr. Joyce performed the first single-site hysterectomy at Glens Falls Hospital in January.
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Coleman Primary Care | Hospitals & Medical Centers in Sterling
At Coleman Primary Care we provide you with personalized, comprehensive health care focusing on wellness and prevention. Our physicians, nurse practitioners, medical assistants, and office staff work closely in a “team approach” to support your patient care. We also offer natural health and wellness solutions for you; including, Bio-Identical Hormone-Replacement and the Serotonin-Plus Weight Loss Program. Come see what makes us different and find out how we can keep you and your family healthy and happy for years to come. Change Your Life Today! For more information about Coleman Primary Care, call us or visit us online today! Visit our profile page to learn more! https://my.datasphere.com/biz/coleman_primary_care-health_beauty_hospitals_medical_centers-sterling_va-12628284-6666914
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Visiting University College Hospital for surgery
This short video guide for patients with learning disabilities and their carers attempts to explain what to expect when coming to hospital for surgery.
Day of Surgery Tour at Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital
Familiarize yourself with Millard Suburban Hospital prior to surgery so you know what to expect every step of the way.
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A Night for Nasim in support of Children's Hospital Central California Oncology Department
The memory of the kids at Children’s Hospital staying alone during the day stayed on Nasim’s mind. One day she told her mother about it and they decided to make a difference in the kids lives during their hospital time. On October 19, 2008, Nasim hosted a fundraising event for the Oncology Department of Children's Hospital of Central California. With the help of her family, friends, the local community, and the Persian American Cancer Institute, she raised over $15,000 for the kids at the Children’s Hospital Oncology Unit.
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