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How to Fill Out The Face Naturally
Forget fillers and Botox, here's how to fill out the face naturally. Learn what causes wrinkles and loose crepe skin, how to prevent it, and even reverse it to a great degree. What to eat, do and take. Markus Rothkranz, Cara Brotman. No need for restalyn, restalin, juviderm, juvaderm, botoks, or face fillers. Here are the best foods to eat for a smooth face. Although common refined sugar cross-links proteins in skin, there are less aggressive types of sugar, like maple syrup for example. Maple Syrup does not contain the same type of sugar as common sugar used in processed or baked foods. It’s rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements that play an important role in the metabolism of nutrients. Maple syrup has fiber which slows down the absorption rate of sugars. The fact that their intrinsic sugars are bound up in complex carbohydrates makes them able to deliver a slow, steady stream of food fuel (glucose) for energy that the body can easily balance with insulin. Maple syrup is made from the sap of maple trees and contains numerous anti-cancer, antibacterial and anti-diabetic antioxidants along with high levels of zinc and manganese. In 2011, a University of Rhode Island researcher discovered 34 new beneficial compounds in pure maple syrup and confirmed that 20 compounds discovered in 2010 in preliminary research play a key role in human health, including 2 enzymes important in diabetes management. Grade B is darker and nutrient-dense than grade A. 2/3 cup of maple syrup is all that’s needed to replace 1 cup of sugar. http://www.MarkusNews.com
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Using Juvederm  Volbella® Filler To Treat Under-Eye Concerns at ZO Skin Centre
Known for its noteworthy track record for providing effective lasting results in filling the skin or augmenting the lips, Juvéderm® is one of our most popular dermal fillers that we provide. At the ZO Skin Centre® Beverly Hills, CA, our team focuses on your needs, skin, and aesthetic goals to improve hollow areas on the face where additional contour and volume is desired. The hyaluronic acid in Juvéderm® will stimulate your natural production of collagen and elastin to enhance your skin's tone. The makers of Juvéderm®, Allergan®, have also added lidocaine, for its numbing effect, into the formula. This dermal filler comes in various consistencies, strengths, and dosages, such as Juvéderm® Ultra, Ultra XC, Ultra Plus, Ultra Plus XC, Vollure™, and Volbella® to give you precisely the amount for your cosmetic goals. See before and afters and more at: zoskincentre.com Book your appointment today! zoskincentre.com 1.800.DR.OBAGI About ZO Skin Centre: Patients from all over the world are redefining their skin at the Beverly Hills, CA flagship ZO Skin Centre®. Just off of Rodeo Drive, this facility is well-known for managing dermatological and cosmetic skin care needs for men and women of all ages. Under the leadership of founder and master dermatologist, Dr. Zein Obagi, and dermatological surgeon, Dr. Sameer Bashey, the ZO Skin Centre® hosts consultations and appointments for skin health, cosmetic injectables, laser treatments, and rejuvenation services at this location. This upscale facility is also a retail store for the ZO® Skin Health Products. Nurse practitioner, Anita Gardner, and experienced medical aestheticians, Liz Owens, Katie Hasiak, and Margarita Sobko are all well-versed in the ZO® Skin Health processes and protocols, perform esthetic treatments, and educate patients on the importance of consistent skin care. This Beverly Hills facility is a tranquil MedSpa atmosphere that allows walk-in and scheduled appointments. Follow ZO Skin Centre: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zoskincentre... Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZO_Skin_Centre Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zoskincentre/ Follow Dr. Sameer Bashey, MD FAAD: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sameer.bashey Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sbashey/
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HEAL YOUR FACE naturally without surgery less wrinkles smoother skin
http://www.healface.com Not happy with your face? Forget plastic surgery botox and restalyn injections- do it yourself naturally! Aging is not normal. Those lines, moles and wrinkles are telling you something. Face reading tells us what parts of our body are not well. Heal those organs and your face improves. This is the real fountain of youth. The new exciting book "Heal Your Face" explains how to read the signs and what to do. Forget genetics. You are in charge of how you look! Our Raw Vegan Health Cookbook: http://www.HealthyCookbook.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/markus.rothkranz.7 Videos and articles: http://www.MarkusNews.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/markusandcara/ Markus Rothkranz website: http://www.MarkusRothkranz.com Markus Products: http://www.HealAnything.com Markus Products: http://www.MarkusProducts.com German website: http://www.MarkusRothkranz.de
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Mary Filler (Botox & Juvederm) Testimonial
Dr. Man uses fillers to diminish fine lines & restore fullness to the patients face. By plumping up thin lips, softening wrinkles and reducing the appearance of scars fillers can reduce the signs of aging.
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Juvederm – Look Ten Years Younger in Seconds | Dr. Alex Martin | MetroMD
Juvederm – Look Ten Years Younger in Seconds | Dr. Alex Martin | MetroMD – Quick operations like this and other facial fillers are a new approach to reducing wrinkles and facial folds. Schedule a consultation today ► goo.gl/1nOcaH SHARE this video. ►http://youtu.be/affL1Ga3wAo Please Subscribe to keep in Touch and to learn more ►http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=MetroMD _____________________________ Dr. Alex Martin and MetroMD Institute of Regenerative Medicine are here to help you gain back what you have lost through age and injury. With the development of stem cell therapy and Human Growth Hormones, Dr. Martin and his team are the leading experts in the field of regenerative medicine. With trustworthy advice and a long standing pedigree of being the best in Los Angeles, they are on the cutting edge to give you all the information and guidance you will need. Questions? Please call the MetroMD Institute of Regenerative Medicine- Los Angeles at (323) 285-5300 or email us at info@MetroMD.net _____________________________ SHARE this video. ►http://youtu.be/affL1Ga3wAo ____________________________ Recommended Videos: Top Videos By Dr. Martin ► http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwrneCK8rcZrHulROIdtdX1iYU1l-VYPl Playlist Informationals ►http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwrneCK8rcZqEcSsLF4jFoqGtUvGe3KdG Please Subscribe to keep in Touch and to learn more ► http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=MetroMD _____________________________ Website ► http://www.metromd.net/ Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/pages/MetroMD-Institute-of-Regenerative-Medicine/130814756940422 Twitter ► https://twitter.com/alexmartinmd LinkedIn ► http://www.linkedin.com/company/metromd-institute-of-regenerative-medicine Google+ ► https://plus.google.com/+MetromdNetInstituteofRegenerativeMedicine/posts Instagram ► http://instagram.com/themetromd ____________________________ Thank you for all your support. You can rate the video and leave a comment. Dr. Alex Martin would appreciate it! Juvederm – Look Ten Years Younger in Seconds | Dr. Alex Martin | MetroMD ____________________________ Hello, I'm Doctor Alex Barton, and today I will be showing you how we inject Juvederm Ultra Plus XC. This is a state-of-the art filler; it mimics human tissue, and it fills deep lines. Today we will be injecting in the nasal labial folds of this patient. First we cleanse the skin after icing it; we inject at the bottom of the fold, and you can see the fold virtually disappear as we inject the Juvederm. As we approach the nares, that's the nose we inject more, and you can see the difference already is occurring. This can conceivably reduce the appearance of the patients age about 10 to 15 years. So, the same thing will take place on the other side; uou can see the comparison between the two sides. This is a new product, Juvederm Ultra Plus XC. It has an anesthetic in it, so it's virtually painless. We are very pleased, this should last 12 to 18 months.
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Instant Face Lift - Dr. Linda Li 90210
Botox Juvederm Treatment - Choose Right Doctor
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Newport Beach Cosmetic Surgery (Non-Surgical Options): Volbella Lip Liner
All new Juvaderm Volbella XC lip filler by Allergan. This video demonstrates the technique for filling lipstick lines and lining the lips. Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Call (949) 644-1400 today to schedule your 2017 appointments in our Newport Beach office.
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Wonder from the Sea- Nature’s Raw Plant-Based Collagen and Gelatin- Sea Moss (Irish Moss)
Need collagen for skin or gelatin for recipes? This amazing versatile seaweed makes is an awesome gel thickener for desserts, while also boosting your skin and hair with collagen. Seaweeds are really high in minerals, protein, iodine and this one in particular helps plump up your skin and food. This is the real stuff, and it’s good for you, unlike Carrageenan, which is a commercial thickener made from this plant, but is processed and inflammatory. Don’t use Irish Moss powder or flakes because it’s been cooked dry in an oven and doesn’t have the great qualities anymore that this fresh stuff does. Not only can you make beautiful desserts with this, but your skin, hair and thyroid will thank you. You can eat it and also make a mask for your face. No boiling needed, just blend and refrigerate. http://www.IrishMoss101.com Our Raw Vegan Health Cookbook: http://www.HealthyCookbook.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/markus.rothkranz.7 Videos and articles: http://www.MarkusNews.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/markusandcara/ Markus Rothkranz website: http://www.MarkusRothkranz.com Markus Products: http://www.HealAnything.com Markus Products: http://www.MarkusProducts.com German website: http://www.MarkusRothkranz.de
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How to - Menopur injections!
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Meet your Cosmetic Dermatology & Laser Center physicians
Meet board-certified dermatologists from the University of Michigan Health System who offer specialized, safe cosmetic treatments. Drs. Orringer and Sachs believe that feeling confident about your outward appearance can build deep inner confidence that can not only change the way the world sees you - but also how you see the world. To learn more about the treatments available or to schedule a consultation, visit www.umcosmeticderm.com or call 734-615-0682.
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Restless Leg Syndrome - Dr H Karamanoukian
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Winge's Peak on upper lip: Extremely rare smile feature elucidated.
An exceedingly rare and exotically beautifying anatomical landmark of the smile complex, called "Winge's Peak," has been identified. President Barack Obama has one (see a close-up view of his relaxed smile), along with the modeI pictured above. It is a subtly raised connective tissue pad, reaching approximately 1-2 mm in height and is located in front of the midline of the lower border of the upper lip. When viewed anteriorly, it appears in the form of a small peak, or a pronounced linear elevation, and from a more lateral view,, it exhibits a slightly curvilinear profile. The surface epithelium covering Winge's Peak, as viewed in this relaxed smile photo, seems to have a slightly different texture compared to the tissue immediately surrounding it. This does not seem to be just merely an effect of a prominent philtral tubercle, but a specialized area of tissue differentiation on the philtral tubercle. No literary, scientific, or anatomical mentioning of this specific feature has been uncovered in a search of many classical anatomy books or leading-edge scientific databases. So, we in Dentistry need to recognize this significant variation on our turf. By my very preliminary estimates, this anatomical variation may occur once in every ten million people. But exactly how often?... more research needs to be done! Scientific discovery by photograph is what is happening here, not unlike how we first encounter rare animal species with hidden cameras. I found this photo on the inside back cover of Essence Hot Hair Special Issue Fall 2011 and in some high fashion magazines (Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign- The Estee Lauder Companies, Inc.). I wonder if the model in the photo knows how genetically rare her smile is! Question! Does an orthodontically great smile, with a Winge's Peak on the upper lip, qualify it as the most beautiful of smiles? It certainly would be the rarest! And will patients who want a Winge's Peak on their lips make this the next new plastic surgery craze? If you know someone who has a Winge's Peak, please send email a clear photo and info to wingespeakresearch@yahoo.com. (by Los Angeles dentist Ralph Winge, D.D.S.)
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Skin Care Hints for Looking Younger
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Toyos Clinic on Channel 4 - Nashville Melissa Toyos, MD Special
Meet Dr. Melissa Toyos, MD. Ophthalmologist and refractive surgeon, specialized in Dry Eye, Facial Rejuvenation, and Cataract surgery. Dr. Melissa Toyos is also one of the leading researchers in the field, learn more about Dr. Melissa Toyos and Toyos Clinic at www.toyosclinic.com
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CSULB COE Lecture - Reproducing Body Functions
Over the last several years, engineering has empowered numerous innovations in the field of medicine that have improved the lives of many. These innovations cover a wide array of areas, including prostheses (producing limbs with 3D printers) and transplants, nanotubes, tissue engineering, regenerative medicine (growing body forms) and genetic medicine to name just a few.
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