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1.0 Introduction
The Bureau of Land Management's National Training Center presented a 90-minute Planning/NEPA Forum on Regional Mitigation (September 19, 2013). Regional mitigation, which is implementing offsite mitigation on a landscape or regional basis, is an emerging concept within the BLM. In this 10 minute video, host Cathy Humphrey introduces the expert panel , then Principal Deputy Director of the BLM, Neil Kornze, sets the stage with his opening remarks.
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BLM NV Tri RAC Meeting Feb 2014 Segment 1 of 5
Remarks by BLM Nevada State Director Amy Lueders Drought, Wild Horse and Sage Grouse presentation by Raul Morales, BLM Nevada Deputy State Director for Natural Resources, Lands and Planning Link to transcript: http://www.blm.gov/style/medialib/blm/nv/resources/racs/trirac/feb_2014.Par.56146.File.dat/14-02-06-BLMNV-TRIRAC-SEGMENT-1.pdf
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1610-03C Step 3.4 Communication Strategy
Although developing a communication strategy used to be part of the plan implementation strategy process, the field offices typically didn't do a thorough job of this. Part of streamlining the plan implementation strategy was to remove the communication strategy requirement. The BLM National Training Center is developing a separate module on how to develop a communication strategy as a parallel process. In this video, we talk about the goals and benefits of a communication strategy.
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BLM NV Tri RAC Meeting   Feb 2014 Segment 5 of 5
RAC reports and closing remarks Link to transcript: http://www.blm.gov/style/medialib/blm/nv/resources/racs/trirac/feb_2014.Par.21713.File.dat/14-02-06-BLMNV-TRIRAC-SEGMENT-5.pdf
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