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An inside look at the Tallahassee Community College lockdown
When one thinks of a lockdown, they imagine a desolated campus filled with police on the hunt for an armed gunman. I was at TCC getting a look into what it was like being a student on lockdown.
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2017 CAPSEE Conference Plenary Session: Do Students Invest Wisely in College?
CAPSEE’s final conference was held on April 6–7 in Washington, DC. The 2017 CAPSEE conference summed up five years of CAPSEE research, which draws on recent large-scale, system-wide datasets provided by five partner states linking college transcripts to individual student earnings. This plenary session summarized the labor market returns to college. Panelists presented evidence on returns to bachelor’s and associate degrees, as well as returns to the many sub-baccalaureate awards offered by colleges. Key differences in returns—for example, across awards, subjects, institutions, and student attributes—were highlighted. This evidence was examined in light of recent and expected changes in the structure of the labor market. Speakers: Clive Belfield, Queens College, City University of New York, and CAPSEE; Anthony Carnevale, Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce; Catherine Rampell, The Washington Post; James Jacobs, Macomb Community College Moderator: Thomas Bailey, Community College Research Center and CAPSEE
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Students, Staff Say Farewell to Higgins Hall
After 46 years, Higgins Hall will officially close its doors on May 12th. In 2008, it was decided that it was too expensive to meet the necessary updates, so the residence hall would be decommissioned instead. "It just wouldn't have been a good use of student funds," said Joe Nixon, Higgins Hall Complex Director. "So with that money we've been able to do some other projects like the Corbin Olson project, and updating the Linc/Wash/Grote bathrooms, and some of those things." Future plans are scheduled to take place in the next couple years. "Plans pretty much come down to finances and logistics," said Nixon. "So as soon as we have enough money we're going to decommission it, similar to what happened with Wetzel. So we're not sure if it's going to be an implosion or a mechanical teardown." As a final celebration for the building, Hall Government will be hosting Higgins Blowout Bash this Friday to commemorate all the students it has housed over the last 46 years. "We really were just looking to do something to recognize all the great residents in Higgins and the alumni," said Joe Rogers, Higgins Hall President. "We really wanted to show them how much we appreciate them and recognize them and just give them a little fun end of the year party." During it's last few days as a residence hall, many reminisce on their time in Higgins and are sad to see it close. "Even though we don't have some of the bells and whistles in Higgins, I can vouch that it's one of the strongest communities on campus. I'm definitely gonna miss it, I'm gonna miss the students that I've worked with, and there will always be a soft spot in my heart for Higgins."
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Kodak Zi8 Walking Around HFCC
Recorded with Kodak Zi8 at Henry Ford Community College, Dearborn Michigan
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IPv6: 20 years old and more than ready
ARIN (who allocates IP addresses for North America) handed out its last IPv4 address in September, 2015. To put that in perspective, ARIN handed out 26 million IPv4 addresses in 2014 and its peak was over 57 million in 2008. With cloud computing and hosting continuing to soar in popularity, where will new IPv4 addresses come from? Will this stimulate IPv6 adoption? How does the emerging Internet of Things and mobile factor into this? In this talk we will assess the industry status and talk about IPv4/IPv6 deployment options. Time will be devoted to analyzing various tactics and strategies including what makes sense for IPv6 deployments and when to perform them. James R. Small is a Senior Architect with AT&T where he helps clients map business vision into technology roadmaps, plan tactical and strategic architectures and deliver IT solutions for large and global organizations. With over 20 years in the industry, his experience includes teaching networking and security at Macomb Community College, presenting at a variety of user groups and major conferences including the North American IPv6 Summit and appearing as a subject matter expert on the Packet Pushers podcast. He has worked for small, mid-size and large enterprises as both an employee and a consultant. When he's not immersed in research for his next deliverable he enjoys running, watching his eldest's hockey games and traveling with his family.
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TCC Orientation
student-created video giving you information you didn't get at orientation at Tallahassee Community College
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Mt. Hood Community College Career Planning & Counseling Center
Join student and Peer Mentor Christopher Rowley on a tour of the Mt. Hood Community College Career Planning & Counseling Center, located in Gresham, Oregon.
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MA Fine Art student Jennifer Mawby
OCA Fine Art MA student Jennifer Mawby shares her experience and some of her art work.
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Community College Summit: Opening Session
President Obama and Dr. Jill Biden speak to the first-ever Community College Summit about the role community colleges play in developing America's workforce and furthering education.
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Transfer Orientation 2014
Sacramento State officially dusted off the welcome mat today for news students who are transferring from a community college or another university.
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Dean College Incoming Student Housing Video Tutorial
Welcome to the Office of Residence Life at Dean College! This video will assist you in applying for a choosing your on-campus housing and meal plan for the fall semester.
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Re-Training for Counseling at STLCC
Rick Flannagan lost his job at Chrysler when the company closed offices in St. Louis. He admits - it was scary to think about starting over and going back to school. Now he's getting a fresh start at St. Louis Community College. He is training for a career to help others as a drug and alcohol rehabilitation counselor. This plus 50 student is on his way! The Plus 50 Initiative is a grant-funded three year project by the American Association of Community Colleges to support and promote best practices in programming and services at community colleges for plus 50 adults.
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Supporting all students' learning at Nottingham College
Learn how a wide variety of students at Nottingham College are using Read&Write to help them with their studies. https://www.texthelp.com/readwriteforedu/
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Seasonal car care tips from the Elgin Community College Automotive Program
Before you plan your trip, listen to these helpful tips on caring for your vehicle from Automotive Professor Gary Norden.
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So You Want to be a Counselor?: Things You Need to Know to Help You Pursue a Career in Counseling
This Student Success Center Workshop was presented by our very own Anissa Howard, Success Adviser, and Ann Howard from Gordon State College's Counseling and Accessibility Office. Access the workshop handout to follow along: http://issuu.com/gordonstatessc/docs/so_you_want_to_be_a_counselor_rev._ Want to know more about the Counseling and Accessibility Office? http://www.gordonstate.edu/studentlife/counseling.asp Follow us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/GCollegeTutorsClub
Mt. Hood Community College - Automotive Chrysler CAP Honda PACT IMPORT Programs
Mt. Hood Community College Automotive Technology Chrysler CAP Honda PACT and IMPORT programs
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My Planner Student Academic Planning
http://www.youtube.com/user/StPetersburgCollege About St. Petersburg College: In 1927, St. Petersburg College (then known as St. Petersburg Junior College) became Florida's first private, non-profit, two-year school of higher learning located in downtown St. Petersburg. Full accreditation followed in 1931 and in 1948 SPC became a public college. In June 2001, SPJC officially became St. Petersburg College when Florida's governor signed legislation making it the first community college in Florida to offer four-year degrees. On Dec. 11, 2001, the college received the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools' accreditation to offer courses leading to bachelor's degrees. In 2002, St. Petersburg College began offering courses leading to bachelor's degrees in Education, Nursing and Technology Management. The college's commitment to its two-year curriculum, which has earned it wide recognition and annually wins it high national rankings, remains as strong as ever. Today, SPC has eight learning sites throughout Pinellas County and recently became the first college in Florida to offer a four-year degree in Dental Hygiene. This program's offerings augment its two-year program, which has been in operation since 1963. SPC added four-year degrees in Veterinary Technology, Public Safety Administration and Orthotics and Prosthetics in 2005. College Accreditation St. Petersburg College is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award associates degrees and to offer courses leading to bachelor's degrees in the following areas: Banking, Nursing, Business Administration, Orthotics & Prosthetics, Elementary/Secondary Education, Paralegal Studies. Educational Studies. Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Certification. Dental Hygiene. Public Safety Administration. Health Services Administration. Sustainability Management. International Business. Technology Management. Management & Organizational Leadership. Veterinary Technology. SPC also offers access to junior and senior level courses for bachelors and graduate degrees at the University Partnership Center. The UPC partners with the University of South Florida, University of South Florida at St. Petersburg, Eckerd College, University of Florida, Florida State University, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, University of Central Florida, Florida International University, Florida A&M University, Saint Leo University, Florida Gulf Coast University, Florida Institute of Technology, Barry University, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland State University, Indiana University, and St. Petersburg College.
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Henry Ford Community College feel no other POS could handle their complex needs.
Henry Ford loves Digital Dining and has been using it to not only handle the thousands of students that go through their student center food court and fine dining restaurant but to prepare their culinary students for life after college with a state of the art POS.. They love using the scale interface, scanners and all the speed features of DD. They would never consider anything other than Digital Dining and feel no other POS could handle their complex needs.
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Elgin Community College: Prestigious University ... Genius
A guy at a coffee shop receives a reality check about the value of an education in this new commercial from ECC. Learn more at http://www.elgin.edu/save.
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STLCC at Forest Park
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IPv6 - It's the Question that Drives us.
It's 2015 and I have a busy year ahead. Advanced compute is permeating to wearables (health/fitness/augmentation), sensors (smart meters/factories/cities) and beyond (autonomous vehicles/drones/robots). These new devices are all networked (Internet of Things) and my organization is starting to look at how to capitalize on them. All of these new devices will produce gobs of data that have to be analyzed by someone. Will that be in my data center or in the cloud? More likely it will be some kind of hybrid - how will I manage and orchestrate all this? Oh yeah - I also periodically still hear about this IPv6 thing. Do we really need that? Can't we just add more NAT? Haven't they been saying we'll need that for the past 5 years and we're still fine, right? Isn't IPv6 really still 10 years or more off? Isn't it my ISP's problem? Why should I care about it? And I'm so busy already, I don't have time for something new. Still - I keep seeing it pop up in the media, should I care about it? And if I should, why? How does it benefit me or my organization? How is it more important than the 10 other critical priorities I have? Join us for a frank overview of where things are at, adoption/predictions and potential benefits and business cases. For those interested, some time will also be devoted to getting started including a basic approach, configurations and common questions/troubleshooting techniques. Jim Small will once again be presenting about IPV6 for the whole of the MUG meeting. He'll start off with why IPV6 is important, where we're at with adoption, the benefits of IPV6 adoption, and predicitions for how much more we need to do in order to say that IPV6 was adopted. He'll then show in detail how ti implement and configure for IPV6 along with common questions and troubleshooting. Even if you don't have plans for depolying IPV6 in 2015 you won't want to miss this presentation. IPV6 is coming sooner than you think! Bio: James R. Small is a Senior Architect with AT&T where he helps clients map business vision into technology roadmaps, plan tactical and strategic architectures and deliver IT solutions for large and global organizations. His 20 years of experience in IT have included teaching networking and security at Macomb Community College, presenting at a variety of user groups and major conferences including the North American IPv6 Summit and appearing as a subject matter expert on the Packet Pushers podcast. He has worked for small, mid-size and large companies as both an employee and a consultant. When he's not immersed in research for his next deliverable he enjoys running, managing his eldest's hockey team and traveling with his family.
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The College Knowledge Minute Spring 2014 - Academic Advising
Some tips on advising services and how to track your academic progress towards your degree.
Tallahassee Community College Bus
A package on the impact TCC students are feeling by having to pay for the StarMetro citybus
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Columbus State Community College Presidents First Day
Real Community caught up with Dr. David Harrison as he got his first official tour of campus as the new president. Harrison took the job July 1, taking the helm of a fast-growing college. With more than 28,000 students, and a new campus opening in Delaware County, he'll have plenty to keep him busy. Before coming to Columbus State, Harrison was Vice Provost of Regional Campuses for the University of Central Florida since 2004. Dr. Harrison has strong ties to Ohio including degrees from Ohio State University and the University of Dayton and he spent an early portion of his professional career at Sinclair Community College in Dayton. He grew up in suburban Cincinnati.
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2016 'Trep Student Business Pitch Competition
One of the highlights of Columbia College's 'Trep Week is the Student Pitch Competition, where students present their ideas to a board of judges in hopes to win cash prizes to help start their businesses. ‘Trep Week is one of Columbia College’s premiere events and is presented by the Fishman Center for Entrepreneurship. Each year, well-respected, successful entrepreneurs visit campus to share their experiences and words of wisdom for any aspiring entrepreneurs within the surrounding community.
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Plymouth Township amphitheater plan comes under fire
Plymouth Township amphitheater plan comes under fire
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CCRi recruitment video: take one
What do we do here at CCRi? Innovative and challenging work. In a collaborative environment. And we're hiring!
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Students eager for $12 billion from Obama
ABC 15 reporter Rudabeh Shahbazi was at area schools, including Rio Salado College, asking students about Obama's community college plan.
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The SKiNNY on the job: Automotive Technology
On this episode of The SKiNNY on the job, we take a look at what it takes to become an auto mechanic. Join Isa Adney, author of Community College Success, to find out if you have what it takes. This episode was filmed on location at Seminole State College. For quick tips on how to be successful in college, visit our YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/yourtcc22. To find out when more quick tips and new episodes of The SKiNNY are available, like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/yourtcc22 and follow us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/yourtcc22. You can also pick up your copy of Community College Success and learn more from Isa about what it takes to succeed in college at CommunityCollegeSuccess.com.
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English & Humanities
The English major provides a balanced program of introductory and advanced work in English and American literature, world literature in English, English language and linguistics, and writing. The program offers students the chance to engage in a major humanistic discipline, the study of literature, which is challenging and enriching in itself. The English major also provides sound professional training for those interested in high school or college teaching, the teaching of English as a second language, business or technical writing, or graduate work. And the program is an excellent background for students entering professional schools or planning business careers. The Lake Campus offers a B.A. in English and the B.A. in Liberal Studies, both of which foreground the study of writing and literature. In choosing electives, students should try to select, in consultation with the departmental advisor, courses that complement their major interest and form a coherent unit of study, or courses that provide an appropriate career-oriented concentration.
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Automotive Program at Skagit Valley College
Earn a high-paying job in the automotive service industry with a degree or certificate from Skagit Valley College. Get an Associate's Degree or one of seven certificates in Automotive Technology. This is a hands-on, competency-based program that is independently certified and nationally accredited by the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation. The program was nationally recognized by the Automotive Industry Planning Council (AIPC) and was the winner of the first place “Award for Excellence” and recognized as the best college independent automotive program in the USA for 2003. SVC was named one of the top 30 community colleges in the country by Washington Monthly Magazine in their August 2007 issue. Visit us on the web at www.skagit.edu
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git and github
Git and Github For many years, Linux Kernel development used BitKeeper as a distributed version control system. Kernel developers were allowed to use this commercial solution for free. However, in 2005, the relationship broke down and a new solution was needed. Out of that Linux Torvalds and a group of developers created Git, a new open source distributed version control system. A few years later creation of GitHub began with a 2008 launch. GitHub is essentially a repository which can be used by Git. Featuring a polished web front end and easy to use searching, it makes finding hosted projects easy. The combination of Git and GitHub has been transformative for Open Source software. Git is now the leading distributed versioning control system to use and GitHub is the leading repository service. In this talk we'll go through the basics of getting up and running with Git and GitHub and how to leverage some of their features for software development. James R. Small is a Senior Architect with AT&T where he helps clients map business vision into technology roadmaps, plan tactical and strategic architectures and deliver IT solutions for large and global organizations. With over 20 years in the industry, his experience includes teaching networking and security at Macomb Community College, presenting at a variety of user groups and major conferences including ILTA and appearing as a subject matter expert on the Packet Pushers podcast. He has worked for small, mid-size and large enterprises as both an employee and a consultant. When he's not immersed in research for his next deliverable he enjoys running, watching his eldest's hockey games and traveling with his family.
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Freshman Orientation
This video is for freshmen entering college.Take Stock in Children and Tallahassee Community College brings you this short educational module to help you with admission, housing, campus resources and tips to survive the college experience. For more information about Take Stock in Children and to view additional educational modules, visit their website at www.takestockinchildren.com. You can also view other educational modules on our YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/YouTCC22.
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TCC Commencement May 2015 Student Speaker, Frank Dixon
When Frank Dixon started at Tidewater Community College, he planned to go to work or go home when his classes were over for the day. Instead, he hung around, and he’s glad he did. “I don’t have the capacity to just sit by,” said Dixon, who will deliver the student address at TCC’s May 16 commencement exercises at the Ted Constant Convocation Center. “I have to be involved. In order for a college student to be truly successful, they can’t be someone who just shows up to class. You miss out on 75 percent of what college is.” Dixon, who earned his Associate of Science in Engineering last May, graduates with a Certificate in Computer-Aided Drafting and Design. For the past year, he has attended TCC and Old Dominion University concurrently. He plans to complete his bachelor’s in mechanical engineering with minors in aerospace engineering and modeling and simulation by December 2016.
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Automotive Systems Technology at Surry Community College In-depth
If you want a career as a mechanic, Surry Community College can send you on the road to a bright future with the Automotive Systems Technology program. Students learn how to apply technical knowledge and skills to repair, service, and maintain all types of automobiles. High school juniors and seniors can take Automotive Systems Technology classes tuition-free through the Career & College Promise dual enrollment program. Surry’s instructors are certified by the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence. Night classes are offered. Students can earn a degree, a diploma, or certificate in Automotive Systems Technology at Surry Community College and can be prepared to take the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence exam when they graduate. They will also be ready for full-time employment in dealerships and repair shops. For more information, go to http://surry.edu/areas-of-study/all-programs/automotive-systems-technology. You can also follow the program on https://www.facebook.com/SurryAutomotive/.
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30117 WAGNER Drive, Warren, MI 48093
Listing Site: Property Site: http://tour.circlepix.com/home/AGT5T8/30117-WAGNER-Drive-Warren-MI-218051483 This move in ready 3 Bedroom Brick Ranch is located on a beautiful, quiet tree lined street. Near shopping, hospital, Macomb Community College andeasy access to 696 Freeway. Home features ceiling fans throughout, attached 2 car garage, 1st floor laundry room and well maintained hardwood floors. Open floor plan between the living room, kitchen and dining area for easy entertaining that can flow out to the backyard brick patio. Enjoy cooking on the built in BBQ for such occasions. Master bedroom is complete with a full bathroom. Licensed Agent to be physically present with their client(s) during all showings. ****No Virtual Tours*** (1) One year home warranty provided by Sellers through Americas Preferred Home Warranty paid by Sellers at closing in the amount of $425.00 and coordinated by Listing Agents.BATVAIOpen House June 16th from 1PM -3PM Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 2 full and 1 half Square Feet: 1700 Price: $190,000 MLS ID: 218051483 For more information about this property, please contact Suzette Kattula at 586-979-5475 or suzettekattula@kw.com. You can also text 5073472 to 67299. COMPANY SOCIAL MEDIA: ------------------------------------------ http://kwsterling.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Keller-Williams-Central-1409998549283661/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/@KWCentralMI YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGHt-6NOog2zVu-9aUUWg_w REALTOR SOCIAL MEDIA: ------------------------------------------ www.MyMichiganHomes.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MyMichiganHomes/ Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/MyMichHomes 06/14/2018 02:35:01 pm Last modified:
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Seminole State College - Academic Success Center
Campus Reconnassiance Activity for SLS 1103! Had lots of fun (:
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St. Philip's College Early College High School With San Antonio ISD
http://saisd.net - St. Philip's College Early College High School With San Antonio ISD will offer at no cost to you -- or your family -- the opportunity to earn up to 60 hours of college credit and/or an associate degree. We offer students a path to a career, allowing them to earn certifications in the fields of information technology and automotive technology, giving them the skills they need to land a job right out of high school. Check us out!
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SCC car show 3
This was Seminole Community Colleges 2nd Annual car show located on SCC Sanford campus. This car show is open to the public, awards are given out to the top cars in each class. Also at this car show there are alternative fuel cars; Smart cars, solar power cars, full electric plug in cars. The SCC automotive program is showing great intrests in the alternative fuel future.
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Academic Advising University College Students
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Tallahassee Video Production Tallahassee Community College TCC Commercial
Produced by TREW Media, Inc Tallahassee www.trewmedia.com Tallahassee Video Production Produced by www.trewmedia.com for Tallahassee Community College, TCC.
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Rebecca Liles, UTA Social Work Graduate Student
Rebecca Liles, masters of social work graduate student at the University of Texas at Arlington School of Social Work, received a $5,000 scholarship June 1, 2016 from the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health. In this video she discusses her background, experience, the UTA school of social work program, the Hogg foundation scholarship and her future plans.
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Henry Ford College Happy Holidays Dec  2016
Henry Ford College Happy Holidays December, 2016
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Bachelor of Science in Automotive Technology
Learn about our Bachelor of Science in Automotive Technology. Follow Rio Hondo College on the following platforms: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RHCRoadrunners/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/RioHondoCollege Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/riohondo_college/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/school/56858
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2016 Georgian College Auto Show
Georgian College, home of the Automotive Business School of Canada in Barrie, Ontario has been holding an annual Auto Show for over 30 years. For the first time, the 2016 edition was held in June (instead of September). This video is a short report on my visit to the show on June 4th, 2016. Discover a New Way to Buy Your Next Car. Learn how to simplify the car buying process by connecting with an automotive professional. Learn the best way to buy a new car or used car. Learn how to do it on your own terms.
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Veterans for Diplomacy
President Obama speaks with veterans at the White House on the Iran nuclear deal.
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College Planning for Student Athletes | 11-30-2014
College Planning for Student Athletes | Why is it crucial to have the proper assistance when planning to enter the world of collegiate athletics? I have seen so many great players not play in college because they didn't have the proper support to make it happen. They didn't have the necessary training. They didn't have access to the tools they needed to make it happen. At GamePlanYourFuture.com we give you that support!
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Advising at OU - CAS
College of Arts and Sciences academic advising office covers 70 departments and is the largest advising unit on campus! See what they have to offer you as a student.
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