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Patient Care Coordination Platform for MD Anderson Cancer Center
MD Anderson chose Endeavour to be a mobility partner to empower their patients with a personal health management solution. For more details, visit www.techendeavour.com/mobility The mandate was to develop a personal health management solution on iOS and Android platform using waterfall model. To incorporate the possibility of integrating electronic health records with the application in the future, Native app development approach was preferred over Hybrid. The app was successful in integrating personal health reports, breakthrough research, care guides etc., which created transparency for the patients along with a sense of connect, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.
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Picis Success Story - CareSuite Anesthesia Manager at MD Anderson Cancer Center
The MD Anderson Cancer Center at the University of Texas has been using Picis' CareSuite Anesthesia Manager for over 6 years. In this clip, Dr. John Frenzen, associate professor of anesthesiology, speaks on how software from Picis has helped the Center to improve business and clinical management, mine data for outcomes management, enhance patient experience, automate patient charting, optimize workflow, and improve quality and efficiency. For more information on Picis' CareSuite Anesthesia Manager, please visit http://picis.com/products/perioperative/anesthesia-manager/default.cfm.
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Introducing ePatCare oncology case presentation software
It's easy to bring cases into a presentation; ePatCare provides a nice organised platform to be able to address specific elements that are important in a tumour board type presentation, like the pathology, the radiology and the important pieces of the case history. Dr Robert Coleman of MD Anderson Cancer Center talks about how he would introduce ePatCare software to his colleagues. To download the ePatCare software for free, visit InOncology at: http://www.inoncology.com/oncology-case-studies/epatcare-patient-cases-program.html
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October 2016 Heart of MD Anderson
In Facilities Management there are many people working behind the scenes. You may never see them out and about, but we all benefit from their hard work and talent. One of those people is Malon Turner. “He’s always on time and at the end of the day if you need something extra, he’s always there to help,” says Mike Ramsey, a senior plumber. A plumber on our South Campus, Turner helps make sure that our facilities are running well so that our teams of esteemed researchers can focus on the work being done in their labs. “He exudes confidence and friendliness,” says his director, Randy Mikula. “His team members and the people he supports feel like Malon always has their back.” Because of the positive way he approaches his job and his dedication, Turner is October’s Heart of MD Anderson. Faith and positivity Turner’s faith is very important to him and it guides how he approaches each day at work. “I don’t do things to be praised,” he says. “It’s about doing what I can so that somebody can have a good day.” Turner’s positive approach is well known throughout his department. “He’s always thinking about others,” says Richard Thomas, a senior stationary engineer. “He tells everyone that’s why we’re here – to help other people.” Michael Justilian, a senior instrumentation technician, adds to Thomas’ description of Turner. “I know that when his feet hit the ground each day, he aims to make it a good day,” says Justilian. More than a job Turner began his career at MD Anderson 18 years ago as a maintenance technician. Over the years, Turner recalls that there have been many people who have inspired him and mentored him to help him learn his trade better. He tries to do the same. “If somebody was nice enough to bless me with their knowledge, I try to pass it on and help somebody, too,” he says. A recent example of this was when Turner volunteered to be a part of a pilot program for his department. In the pilot, he helped test a new software program that allows plumbers and other technicians to be more efficient with their work orders by recoding their daily operations out in the field on an iPad instead of paper. After the pilot finished, Turner took it upon himself to write up a document outlining his experience and feedback. “I want to do all I can to make the maintenance process a good experience,” he says. “The more we can speed up the turnaround time for repairs, the quicker our researchers can get back to their work.” For Turner, he knows that his work and the work of the people he supports is part of a larger purpose. “It’s bigger than us,” he says. “It’s about Making Cancer History.”
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Innovations at MD Anderson Cancer Center: Using CCM for Improved Data Quality
Continuous controls monitoring (CCM) is an innovative technology that has dramatically improved data quality and productivity for the Development Office at MD Anderson Cancer Center. What began as technology deployed in the Finance function of the institution has been adapted and customized for de-duping donor and acquired name files, and for identifying previously unknown family relationships that have been very helpful for major gift prospecting. Attendees at this session will hear about the successes at MD Anderson's that have been possible through use of CCM, and more importantly how to apply some of its benefits through techniques that will work with basic SQL. Joe Oringel Managing Director, Visual Risk IQ Visual Risk IQ uses a combination of deep expertise and cutting-edge tools to assist Development Organizations and other clients get better data, faster. Our projects lower costs and improve data quality. Representative works include innovative applications for identifying and removing duplicate constituent names, including leased or purchased names from disparate data sources. Cloud-based (SaaS) and client-hosted solutions allow a range of options for our clients both large and small. visualriskiq.com Nancy Penner Manager, Systems Analyst Services, MD Anderson Cancer Center Nancy is Manager, Systems Analyst Services, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. Nancy has been responsible for the management of the Millennium fund-raising software, data integrations, reporting and analytics for MD Anderson?s Development Office since 2001. The office is a major-gift oriented office that raises $200 million annually and growing. Under Nancy?s direction the systems solutions for the Development Office have expanded beyond the core Millennium application to include the use of Oversight?s continuous controls monitoring system for improved data integration and data quality.
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Scheduling an appointment at MD Anderson
At MD Anderson Cancer Center, we understand that scheduling appointments can be difficult and frustrating, that's why we aim to make scheduling an appointment a smooth process. The first thing to do is to obtain your medical records. There are two ways to get copies of your records. MD Anderson can request them for you or you can ask your community doctor to send us a copy of all samples, reports and scans related to your cancer. Watch this video to see what needs to be done to make an appointment, or learn more about scheduling an appointment at https://www.mdanderson.org/about-md-anderson/contact-us/askmdanderson/appointments.html.
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Proton Therapy Center Boosts Software To Fight Cancer
Full Story: http://indianapublicmedia.org/news/proton-therapy-center-boosts-software-fight-cancer-50748/ WTIU's Elias Orfan reports on a new partnership between IU Health and a Knoxville based software company that could help improve cancer treatment.
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Tour of the Maimonides Cancer Center
The Maimonides Cancer Center is Brooklyn's only dedicated cancer center. This video tour gives incoming patients an overview of the various services offered and the soothing atmosphere in which care is provided at Maimonides. Learn about the Maimonides Cancer Center: http://bit.ly/2lEfGrx Make an appointment with a cancer specialist: http://bit.ly/2twcimO or call 718-765-2500. Find a specialist that's right for you: http://bit.ly/2mkeRrY
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Doctors Perform World's First Skull-Scalp Transplant
Texas doctors say they have done the world's first partial skull and scalp transplant to help a man with a large head wound from cancer treatment. MD Anderson Cancer Center and Houston Methodist Hospital doctors announced Thursday that they did the operation on May 22 at Houston Methodist. The recipient —55 year-old Jim Boysen software developer from Austin, Texas — expects to leave the hospital Thursday with a new kidney and pancreas along with the scalp and skull grafts. He said he was stunned at how well doctors matched him to a donor with similar skin and coloring. http://telegraph.feedsportal.com/c/32726/f/564430/s/46f0c66b/sc/32/l/0L0Stelegraph0O0Cnews0Cworldnews0Cnorthamerica0Cusa0C116522250CDoctors0Ein0ETexas0Eperform0Eworlds0Efirst0Eskull0Escalp0Etransplant0Bhtml/story01.htm http://www.wochit.com This video was produced by Wochit using http://wochit.com
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06 Qualitative Research - MD Anderson Cancer Center (Customer Insights Dashboard)
MD Anderson Cancer Center (Customer Insights Dashboard)
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Texas Doctors Do First Skull and Scalp Transplant
Texas doctors say they have done the world's first partial skull and scalp transplant to help a man with a large head wound from cancer treatment. MD Anderson Cancer Center and Houston Methodist Hospital doctors announced Thursday that they did the operation on May 22 at Houston Methodist. The recipient Jim Boysen, a 55-year-old software developer from Austin, Texas — expects to leave the hospital Thursday with a new kidney and pancreas along with the scalp and skull grafts. He said he was stunned at how well doctors matched him to a donor with similar skin and coloring. http://hosted2.ap.org/APDEFAULT/386c25518f464186bf7a2ac026580ce7/Article_2015-06-04-US-MED--Skull%20Transplant/id-5668598224de40b58bc80fdd8f93f116 http://www.wochit.com This video was produced by Wochit using http://wochit.com
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ePatCare oncology software is a versatile communication tool
The new ePatCare software tool presents information is a way that is very easy to understand and scalable. You can address your trainees at their level of understanding; and also your practicing physicians who have a very good understanding of the processes. So that makes it a very versatile instrument to effectively communicate oncology case studies. Dr Robert Coleman of MD Anderson Cancer Center talks about using ePatCare to communicate cases to people with different levels of understanding. A new version of ePatCare is available as a free download from: http://www.inoncology.com/oncology-case-studies/epatcare-patient-cases-program.html
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Better Patient Care — Integrated Quality & Performance Improvement Software (Full Version)
ActionCue® Clinical Intelligence is a collaborative and easy to use a web-based patient safety and quality of care software application, which combines the Quality Management, Risk Management and Performance Improvement functions of any hospital — allowing for real-time hospital performance management. With the ActionCue software, hospital staff at all levels can dramatically increase hospital revenue and increase patient safety by reducing or preventing adverse events, preventing errors, reducing readmissions, increasing participation in quality programs by fostering a culture of quality within the hospital. Quality and Risk Managers love ActionCue because it makes their jobs easier with intuitive tracking, incident management, and reporting tools — leading to better patient care quality. Hospital Executives depend on ActionCue for its real-time, intuitive hospital performance management dashboards and reports that provide Core Measures benchmarking, insight into the hospitals performance, and workflow efficiencies — saving them millions of dollars. Learn how you can Minimize Risk, Reduce Costs, and Improve Care with ActionCue Clinical Intelligence at http://www.PristaCorp.com
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Back-Up Care: Coming Through in the Clutch
An MD Anderson Cancer Center employee on the power of Bright Horizons’ back-up care.
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Texas Doctors Do First Skull and Scalp Transplant
Texas doctors say they have done the world's first partial skull and scalp transplant to help a man with a large head wound from cancer treatment. MD Anderson Cancer Center and Houston Methodist Hospital doctors announced Thursday that they did the operation on May 22 at Houston Methodist. The recipient — Jim Boysen, a 55-year-old software developer from Austin, Texas — expects to leave the hospital Thursday with a new kidney and pancreas along with the scalp and skull grafts. He said he was stunned at how well doctors matched him to a donor with similar skin and coloring. Boysen joked in an interview with The Associated Press, "It's kind of shocking, really, how good they got it. I will have way more hair than when I was 21." http://hosted2.ap.org/APDEFAULT/386c25518f464186bf7a2ac026580ce7/Article_2015-06-04-US-MED-Skull-Transplant/id-fed3425c207c4132af098a2cf7ec71e0 http://www.wochit.com This video was produced by Wochit using http://wochit.com
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Yeniaras NCIGT
Brain tumor ablation. A software module developed by Erol Yeniaras et al at the Department of Imaging Physics at MD Anderson Cancer Center. Presented at NIH NCIGT Workshop, September 2012.
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ViSion Structured Reporting
2017 INNOVATION CHALLENGE - SEMI-FINALIST http://siim.org/page/17innovation_challen -------------------------------------------------------------------- David J. Vining, MD, MD Anderson Cancer Center Andrea Pitici, VisionSR, Inc. Adrian Prisacariu, VisionSR, Inc. Cristian Popovici, VisionSR, Inc.
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Aurora Cancer Care - Oncology Precision Medicine Program
Aurora Cancer Care has launched a new oncology precision medicine clinic at Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center that will bring new treatment options for cancer patients. Through the Syapse Software and the OPeN Network, physicians will be able to look at molecular characteristics of cancer tumors and compare them with other similar tumors from across the country. The new clinic will help in treating certain types of cancers, and also may provide greater access to clinical trials for patients through the network. To learn more about Aurora Cancer Care visit aurora.org/cancer. To learn about Syapse, visit syapse.com
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ViSion for Radiology Structured Reporting [University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center] App Demo
Presented by David J. Vining, M.D., Medical Director, Image Processing and Visualization Lab, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Health Data Initiative Forum III: The Health Datapalooza June 5, 2012
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The Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center opens Sept. 26.
Banner Health and The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center have teamed up to create the Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center opening on Sept. 26 in Gilbert, Ariz., and country music artist Candy Corburn is here to support it.
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Electronic Medical Records - MD Anderson Cancer Center
At MD Anderson, patients can interact with over 100 individuals during their cancer treatment. Adopting electronic medical records allowed MD Anderson to maintain patient files and implement breaking research in clinical treatment faster. http://content.dell.com/us/en/healthcare/healthcare-electronic-medical-records?dgc=SM&cid=248506&lid=4320121
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First scalp, skull transplant simultaneously with kidney and pancreas transplant
On May 22, 2015, a team of MD Anderson plastic surgeons conducted the first-ever scalp and skull transplant simultaneously with a kidney and pancreas transplant. The transplant, conducted on 55-year-old Austin software developer and leiomyosarcoma survivor James (Jim) Boysen, was first conceptualized by Jesse Selber, M.D., associate professor in Plastic Surgery at MD Anderson. “When I first met Jim, I made the connection between him needing a new kidney and pancreas and the ongoing anti-rejection medication to support them, and receiving a full scalp and skull transplant at the same time that would be protected by those same medications,” says Selber, who came up with the idea of conducting the scalp and skull transplant at the same time as the kidney and pancreas transplant. “This was a unique situation that created the opportunity to perform this complex transplant.” Selber worked with four MD Anderson plastic surgeons -- Mark Clemens, M.D.; Matthew Hanasono, M.D.; Edward Chang, M.D.; and Peirong Yu, M.D. -- and the transplant and reconstructive surgery teams from Houston Methodist Hospital. Learn more about the scalp and skull transplant: http://www.mdanderson.org/newsroom/news-releases/2015/houston-methodist-md-anderson-perform-first-multi-organ-transplant.html #endcancer
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Clinical Trials? Whats the Formula
Michael Fisch, M.D., Associate Professor and Chair of General Oncology at The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, talks about the importance of clinical trials not only for the patient but for all of the patients to come. Cancer clinical trials are cancer research studies that involve people. The main purpose of a clinical trial is to find a better way to prevent, diagnose or treat a disease. Clinical trials are part of a long, careful research process. Patients who participate in a clinical trial receive drugs or procedures that already have been researched in successful laboratory and/or animal studies. Most clinical trials study new drugs or procedures, but some study drugs or procedures that have already received approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Learn more about clinical trials http://www.mdanderson.org/patient-and-cancer-information/cancer-information/clinical-trials/index.html
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Meet general oncologist Sunil Patel
http://bit.ly/2stzaDx Sunil Patel, M.D., is an associate professor in the Department of General Oncology at MD Anderson in Katy. He earned his medical degree from The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. He is a medical oncologist/hematologist with clinical interests in breast, lung and head & neck cancers. Dr. Patel’s primary academic interest is in expanding access to novel clinical trials in the community setting. He is developing an interactive electronic informed consent platform for clinical trials and is a co-investigator on MD Anderson’s National Clinical Trials Network U10 Grant. Dr. Patel's father was an internal medicine doctor and growing up he saw firsthand what it means to be a doctor. To him, medicine is really about blending science, what we know about health and disease, and how we connect with people. He also knew that oncology was a field that changes rapidly and it was clear that we were going to develop more drugs and cures to treat the disease better over his lifetime. When he is not at work, he enjoys spending time with his family. He is inspired by the strength he sees in his patients every day.
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MSK JRSC Patient Experience
MSK JRSC Patient Experience
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First Partial Skull and Scalp Transplant Completed at Texas Hospital
Opening a new frontier in transplant surgery, Texas doctors have done the world’s first partial skull and scalp transplant to help a man who suffered a large head wound from cancer treatment. Doctors from Houston Methodist Hospital and MD Anderson Cancer Center did the operation two weeks ago. The recipient — Jim Boysen, a 55-year-old software developer from Austin, Texas — expects to leave the hospital Thursday with a new kidney and pancreas along with the scalp and skull grafts.
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Introducing IBM Watson For Oncology - Manipal Hospitals
IBM health introduces IBM Watson for Oncology which scales vital knowledge and helps oncologists analyze symptoms and treat cancer patients. This demonstration of IBM Watson Oncology, trained by Memorial Sloan Kettering showcase's Watson's unique capability to analyse a patients medical records to help identify for the clinician evidence based & personalized treatment options. Manipal Hospitals and IBM Watson partners to bring a revolution to enhance Cancer treatment. To know more visit our website : https://www.manipalhospitals.com/ Get Connected Here: ================== Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ManipalHospitalsIndia Google+: https://plus.google.com/111550660990613118698 Twitter: https://twitter.com/ManipalHealth Pinterest: https://in.pinterest.com/manipalhospital Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/manipal-hospital Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/manipalhospitals/ Foursquare: https://foursquare.com/manipalhealth Alexa: http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/manipalhospitals.com Blog: https://www.manipalhospitals.com/blog/
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Expense Management - Balancing A Noble Mission And Cost Reduction // Healthcare Innovation Summit
For more information visit : http://www.informa-mea.com/healthcareinnovation Expense management -- balancing a noble mission and cost reduction For a hospital whose mission is to eliminate cancer in Texas and the nation, how did it develop an analysis tool for objective evaluation of existing programmes for divestment, resising or investment to maintain sustainability in light of reduced reimbursements? This case study will include how the tool was developed, tested and utilised along with all of the challenges and lessons learned. Julianna Grisham Moorad, Director, Clinical Operations Administration, MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA Anita Ying MD, Medical Director Endocrine Centre and Associate Professor Endocrinology, MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA Healthcare Innovation Summit 26 - 29 January 2014 Dusit Thani Hotel, Dubai In Healthcare, the core customer is your patient, without whom Healthcare would not exist. Although your most important stakeholder, the patient's involvement is extremely limited. Reaching out to patients and gaining vital information helps you take better decisions. It improves consultancy time and generates better outcomes. If implemented cohesively, it reduces cost and improves wellness. This can only be achieved when stakeholders engage with each other over a common platform. To connect them healthcare is now digital and engages continuously. IIR Middle East has therefore chosen the Healthcare Innovation Summit as a platform to understand and identify: • Where innovation is really needed • What benefits have others gained • Who should lead it • How it could be implemented within your institution The best and brightest connected minds will converge during the four day Summit at the Dusit Thani Hotel, Dubai on 26 -- 29 January 2014. The pre and post conference workshop led by Aspen Institute and Duke Medicine respectively, will empower delegates with an implementation plan to engage their patient population and take better decisions. It is an interactive, debate heavy and decisive gathering. You make a difference to healthcare and we want you to be there! For more information visit : http://www.iirme.com/healthcareinnovation
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FWC spot Coleman   Computer
Movements MATTER! Surgeons Team Captain Ron Coleman, Chief of Gynecologic Oncology at MD Anderson Cancer Center, invites YOU to register for the National Race to End Women's Cancer 8K/1Mile Walk on November 6th in Washington, DC. Help us raise awareness and crucial research funds to prevent, detect, treat and defeat women's cancers!
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Tendrils -- A Sexual Renewal Program for Women Surviving Cancer
For over 30 years, Leslie Schover, PhD., clinical psychologist at MD Anderson Cancer Center, has counseled and treated cancer patients experiencing sexual dysfunction resulting from cancer treatment. Dr. Schover is currently leading a clinical trial called Tendrils (A Sexual Renewal Program for Women Surviving Cancer) for women aimed at providing self-help methods as well as possibly providing medical and psychiatric assistance. Tendrils is an interactive software program that is being developed to eventually help women all over the world. In this podcast, Dr. Schover discusses sexual dysfunction in women and the concept of Tendrils.
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Building Patient-Nurse Trust Is Crucial
Jill Schwartz Gomez, RN, CCRP, research nurse supervisor at the Department of Breast Medical Oncology at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, offers hope for oncology nurses everywhere: “You’ve got to be there for them.” Patients with cancer are often stressed out and will go to their oncology nurses as the first line of communication and with any concerns that they might have. This is why it is crucial that nurses educate patients about their disease and treatments, as well as establish a sense of trust between them.
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How To Use QR Codes
MD Anderson is now using QR (quick response) codes in publications and communications to link to supplemental material such as videos, podcasts and websites. Learn how easy it is to use on your smartphone.
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Data Mining -- Excavating for Information
Data mining, the automatic or semi-automatic analysis of large quantities of data to extract previously unknown interesting patterns such as groups of data records, is a powerful tool in fundraising. This session will focus on implementing data mining and using the results. Two organizations, the University of Puget Sound and M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, will describe their use of data mining to identify prospects for specific fund raising initiatives. The University of Puget Sound developed an alumni attachment score to gauge which constituents are most closely connected to the University in an effort to identify the next tier of alumni with whom engagement efforts should be focused. Additionally, a planned giving ranking score is used to identify potential planned giving donors. M.D. Anderson Cancer Center launched the Moon Shot Program in 2012 with the goal of translating scientific discoveries into better patient care -- faster -- by using innovative technology, setting ambitious goals and transforming our approach to end cancer once and for all. The Center mined existing data to align prospects to the appropriate areas for funding of the Moon Shot Program. Jill Steward Senior Product Manager, Abila Jill Steward is the Senior Product Manager with Abila responsible for the strategic direction of the enterprise level fund raising product Millennium. For over fifteen years, Jill has worked with Millennium software in report writing, training, implementation, product direction and as the customer ombudsman. Nancy Penner Manager, Systems Analyst Services, MD Anderson Cancer Center Nancy is Manager, Systems Analyst Services, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. Nancy has been responsible for the management of the Millennium fund-raising software, data integrations, reporting and analytics for MD Anderson?s Development Office since 2001. The office is a major-gift oriented office that raises $200 million annually and growing. Under Nancy?s direction the systems solutions for the Development Office have expanded beyond the core Millennium application to include the use of Oversight?s continuous controls monitoring system for improved data integration and data quality. Sean Vincent Director of University Relations Information Services, University of Puget Sound Sean Vincent has served as the Director of University Relations Information Services at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA for the past thirteen years. Sean's prior roles at Puget Sound included Director of Annual Giving and Major Gifts Officer.
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Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center in Gilbert
Dr. Edgardo Rivera, the Medical Director of Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center, talks about the economic and community benefits of the new facility that's opening in Gilbert on September 26th.
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various shots of labs, researchers, exteriors, hallways - MD Anderson Cancer Center -- the largest cancer reasearch center in the world. To License This Clip, Click Here: http://collection.cnn.com/content/clip/37014999_297.do
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Is Proton Therapy Treatment Optimal for Childhood Cancer?
MD Anderson Proton Therapy Center physician Dr. David Grosshans talks about the importance of proton therapy radiation for childhood cancer. After sharing the difference in traditional IMRT radiation and proton therapy, he discusses why proton therapy is optimal for children, how children tolerate proton therapy, preliminary outcomes for children treated with proton therapy, and the importance of having a comprehensive and dedicated team devoted to treating children with this form of radiation.
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Peer-to-Peer Consultations with MD Anderson Cancer Network
http://bit.ly/1MSlVoj What is a peer-to-peer consultation with MD Anderson Cancer Network®? Mark Cripe, DO, a breast and melanoma surgeon at OhioHealth, explains. Dr. Cripe is an MD Anderson Certified Physician, and explains that through OhioHealth’s affiliation, MD Anderson certifies medical oncologists, radiation oncologists and surgeons. “One of the great things that we have access to, now that we’re affiliated with MD Anderson Cancer Network, is we have the opportunity to do what’s called a peer-to-peer,” says Dr. Cripe. A peer-to-peer is a consultation with an MD Anderson Cancer Network physician. The process involves submitting a patient’s case electronically, having it reviewed by an MD Anderson physician, and then setting up a phone call so that all physicians can discuss it together. According to Dr. Cripe, the relationship between OhioHealth and MD Anderson really validates what physicians at OhioHealth have been doing for years – taking great care of patients. He shares that even though this relationship is not apparent to many patients, it is helpful to discuss difficult cancer cases during a peer-to-peer. There is also an option of presenting unique cases to MD Anderson Tumor Boards, where all of the different affiliated sites can discuss them and learn from one another. Another benefit of peer-to-peer consultations, is that they give patients more confidence in the treatments that have been recommended for them. “It is nice to know, that for those really tough cases, for those very unique experiences, we have another person with MD Anderson Network affiliation,” says Dr. Cripe. “We can type in a peer-to-peer consultation and have those additional resources right on hand, even if it’s not in our backyard.” For more information about the OhioHealth affiliation with MD Anderson Cancer Network, please visit http://bit.ly/1SbUx0A
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MD Anderson Affiliation - Community Health Network Press Conference
Community Health Network announced today that Community Hospital North and Community Hospital East will become affiliates of MD Anderson Cancer Network™, a program of The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. This collaboration will provide certified physicians at these two Community hospitals with access to evidence- based guidelines, treatment plans and concordance studies developed by MD Anderson experts. These are disease-specific guidelines for cancer treatment, cancer prevention, early detection and follow-up care, bringing new hope to local cancer patients by using treatment guidelines developed by a national leader in cancer care. For nine of the past 11 years, including 2012, MD Anderson has ranked number one in cancer care in the "Best Hospitals" survey published by U.S. News & World Report. "This is a game changer for our network," said Community Health Network President and CEO, Bryan Mills. "By teaming up with MD Anderson Cancer Network, we're combining the best of what we provide locally with the world-renown expertise of MD Anderson. Professionals in the medical field know the MD Anderson name very well, as it's the gold standard for cancer care. Through our exclusive local affiliation, we'll help to raise the standard of cancer care in Central Indiana." Community oncologists now certified by MD Anderson Cancer Network will initially treat cancer patients at Community Hospital North and Community Hospital East. Plans are to seek MD Anderson Cancer Network certification of cancer centers at Community Hospital Anderson, Community Howard Regional Health, and at Community Hospital South. "Community Health Network has a long tradition of providing exceptional health care in Central Indiana. We're excited about this new relationship, which will further enhance patient care by adding MD Anderson expertise," said Bill Murphy M.D., chairman, MD Anderson Physicians Network. "Together, we'll ensure that patients across Indiana have access to the highest quality cancer care available." Learn more at http://eCommunity.com/cancercare
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Career Discovery: Sarah Adai
Sarah Adai majored in Biology as an undergraduate and received her M.S in Microbiology. She is currently a Publications Coordinator at MD Anderson Cancer Center, Science Park in Smithville, TX.
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NCCN Guidelines for Patients Can Help Patients Improve Their Care video
Richard L. Theriault, MD, from The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, explains how patients can use the NCCN Guidelines for Patients to improve their care by informing themselves about treatment recommendations and discussing these with their physicians in this video from the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN), a not-for-profit alliance of 21 of the world's leading cancer centers dedicated to improving the quality and effectiveness of care for cancer patients. For more information on cancer, including the NCCN Guidelines for Patients, visit www.NCCN.com.
Run for the Rose 2015 Recap
http://www.CutToCreate.com Houston video production company Cut to Create produced this recap video of an event held on April 12, 2015 to support brain tumor research at MD Anderson Cancer Center as well as Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital, on behalf of the Dr. Marnie Rose Foundation, a Houston non-profit research and health initiative. You can help make brain cancer meet its match by participating in the next Run for the Rose on Sunday, April 10th at NRG Park. Cut to Create is a video production company dedicated to developing high-quality media content that is emotionally engaging and visually evocative. Based out of Houston, TX, Cut to Create’s team of collaborators prioritizes the craft of storytelling above all else to communicate your message in an effective, targeted, and measurable way. At Cut to Create, we believe that story reigns supreme. That a photo may be worth a thousand words, but video can light a fire and spawn a movement. That engaging stories are not hard to find, but you have to have the right mix of curiosity and empathy to find them. We want to collaborate with you. Tell us your story, and together let’s find new ways of communicating your message to make a real impact. Cut To Create is a full-service media resource for businesses, organizations, and individuals. We handle all your video production needs - including animated videos that explain your software, corporate documentaries to communicate your company culture, Kickstarter or fundraising videos, commercials, feature length documentaries, and everything in between. At Cut To Create, we align high-quality video content that resonates globally with a personal, yet professional approach, differentiating our services from standard media companies. Throughout every step of the process, Cut to Create's team of experienced professionals work in collaboration with you, with our goal to give your brand an end product that exceeds your expectations.
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Realizan en EE. UU. primer trasplante de cráneo y cuero cabelludo
En Houston, Texas, realizaron el primer trasplante exitoso de cráneo y cuero cabelludo. Los médicos intervinieron a Jim Boysen, un hombre que tenía una gran herida en la cabeza provocada por un tratamiento contra el cáncer.La operación se realizó el 22 de mayo en el Hospital Metodista de Houston, informaron los médicos de este centro y del MD Anderson Cancer Center. Se espera que el desarrollador de software deje el próximo jueves el hospital junto con un nuevo riñón y páncreas.El paciente, de 55 años, desarrolló cáncer en el cuero cabelludo después de tomar medicamentos inmunosupresores. El doctor Jesse Selber, cirujano plástico reconstructivo, tuvo la idea de darle un nuevo cráneo parcial y cuero cabelludo al mismo tiempo que los nuevos órganos para solucionar todos sus problemas.El Metodista de Houston, que cuenta con expertos en trasplantes, se sumó a la operación. A la organización de procura de órganos, LifeGift, le tomó 18 meses encontrar al donador adecuado y fue quien proporcionó todos los órganos a Boysen, pero no fue identificado.
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Treatment Options for Brain Metastasis
Patient and Caregiver Symposium held in Houston, TX at MD Anderson Cancer Center in which Kevin Kim, MD and other melanoma experts discussed melanoma treatments and clinical trials.
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Award-Winning Project Cuts Ultrasound Appointment Wait Times
A team from Neuro-Interventional Ultrasound took first place in a contest at last fall's UT System Clinical Safety and Effectiveness Conference. Average wait times for diagnostic scans decreased from 25 days to one day thanks to the work of the project team, led by ultrasound technologist Ibi Opuiyo and Joseph Steele, M.D., associate professor of Diagnostic Radiology.
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Historic Skull And Scalp Transplant Performed In Texas
For more WORLD NEWS "SUBSCRIBE" US AUSTIN: A man whose cancer left him with severe damage to the top of the head has received what his doctors in Houston describe as the first skull and scalp transplant, the MD Anderson Cancer Center said on Thursday. James Boysen, a 55-year-old software developer from Austin, received the craniofacial tissue transplant at the same time as a kidney and pancreas transplant at Houston Methodist Hospital on May 22 in surgeries that lasted nearly a day, it said. "For this patient, it means a new lease on life," said Jesse Selber, a reconstructive plastic surgeon who was the co-leader of the team that performed the intricate surgery. "He had series of cancers of the scalp and skull that were treated with various surgeries and radiation that left him with a large wound that was all the way down to his brain," Selber said. A photo of Boysen after the surgery shows him with sutures in a ring around the top of his head, about an inch (2.5 cm) above his ears, where the transplanted skull and scalp were attached.
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University of New Mexico Cancer Center: Cancer | Cancer Treatment | Aracely
Aracely is a wife and mother who is bravely fighting breast cancer with the help of her doctors at University of New Mexico’s Comprehensive Cancer Center, New Mexico’s only NCI designated comprehensive cancer center. Find out more about Aracely, and treating breast cancer (http://unmhslifestories.org/ and http://cancer.unm.edu/patients/life-stories/). Aracely: My name is Aracely. I am a wife and mother, and I’m fighting breast cancer. Cancer can be scary but I’m here to tell you, you can fight it. You need to be here for your family and you can get the help you need. Carolyn Muller, MD: So, don’t be afraid. We’re the UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center, and we’re here for you. As New Mexico’s only NCI designated comprehensive cancer center, we are uniquely qualified to help women like Aracely get the treatment they need. Aracely: The UNM Cancer is the best thing that ever happened to me. They gave me a second chance at everything.
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Lighting the Lantern of Hope
Hope shines in the symbolic Lantern of Hope standing high above the entrance of the Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center. And it shines in the hearts of our caregivers who light a path of hope along the cancer journey -- hope for healing, hope for acceptance and hope for personal wishes. We light the Lantern of Hope in honor of all those who fight cancer in their lifetimes. May this light serve as a beacon of hope for everyone touched by cancer, and may we one day be able to extinguish this disease.
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Clinical Data Warehouse: Peter Killoran
After viewing the video, please take a moment to complete an evaluation of the presentation. https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/M8VT9BP Peter Killoran talks about UTH Clinical Data Warehouse, a collaborative effort between MD Anderson Cancer Center and UT Health Science Center. Elmer Bernstam is the creator, curator, and manager of the Clinical Data Warehouse. Peter Killoran, MD, MS Assistant Professor Anesthesiology and Biomedical Informatics Elmer Bernstam, MD Professor Associate Dean for Research Internal Medicine and Biomedical Informatics
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