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Struck - Magnatrac RS196K - Mini Bulldozer Kit - Compact Crawler Tractor
Introducing...the RS196K, the dozer you build yourself! Build a hardworking RS196K Magnatrac bulldozer. It's a tough little mini dozer with plenty of power for it's size...and you "Build It Yourself"! It's the perfect project to bring Dad & Daughter, Father & Son together to spend quality time building a project they both will love! Great for school projects or a perfect diy project!
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Mini Bulldozer Struck RS196K (Kit),  BM13 attachment usage
Practicing a technique of combining the use of my Struck Magnatrac RS196k (serial no. 200), Bucket-Mouth (BM13) attachment in combination with the Dozer Blade (DB44), clearing wet dirt. This crawler (kit) has no hydraulics, and is completely stock with the standard (recoil start) 9 HP Briggs motor. I have found with practice much can be achieved with this great little crawler for small jobs. I have pulled and pushed very large rocks, pulled a stuck stump grinder out of a mud hole, moved my 6,500 lb Chevy Suburban into a drive way for service etc. Although scaled-down it does what crawler Bull Dozers of all sizes do best, Push and Pull with grip and torque.
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Ethan's Mini Dozer
I thought you might like a look at this Struck Mini Bulldozer. Apparently, these were sold as kits by a company out of New Jersey. You would get the kit delivered and then put it together yourself. Ethan and his friend plan to restored this one and paint it in Catepillar style colors. It's a pretty neat little piece of equipment, that actually can get some work done. Thanks for taking a look!
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RS1000 Day 1
First day with my Struck Magnatrac RS1000. I intend to document everything from delivery to putting it to the test. I will cover attachment installs, maintenance, what works and what may not. Hope you enjoy following along.
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Struck corp md1200 mini dozer!
A brief overview of my newish 40 some year old mini dozer! She's got her quirks... A lot of them but I'll hammer them out!
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Struck - Magnatrac Rs196K - Mini Bulldozer Kit - Compact Crawler Tractor
Struck Magnatrac Rs1000 Compact Crawler Tractor. Made in the USA by the CF Struck Corp. for over 45 years! Right in your own backyard. The Rs1000 is . Introducing.the RS196K, the dozer you build yourself! Build a hardworking RS196K Magnatrac bulldozer. Its a tough little mini dozer with plenty of power for its . See the New HL295 Loader for the MAGNATRAC RS1000! Loader options include: bucket, tooth bar, dozer blade, snow blade, and grapple/ripper. Visit us on . We ripped very hard clay soil. The area was a meadow before with shrubs, thistles, burdock etc. In the meantime we also learned how to better use the tractor.
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The Struck Kit Mini-Dozer Project HD
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C. F. Struck Magnatrac RS-196K  mini dozer plowing.
Plowing the garden using my RS-196K.
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This Mead Mighty Mouse belonged to one of our Engine Buddies
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Jims Dozer #3 - Struck MD50 mini Dozer   (7045)
So it has been slow going, but I am now down to just one more belt, and the machine should move once again under its own power. I had several delays waiting for parts to convert it from chain drive back to back to belt. A am waiting for one last belt (AA72) a hex double sided 74" belt and I should be able to make the monster breath again. I still need to move the exhaust, but that can wait until if moves a few feet first
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Cat Mini Dozer
This was the first run just testing it out. New video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQGrnCGO-Qs Our home-made mini dozer
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Struck Mini Bulldozer
Tucker's new old toy.
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Hydraulic mini Dozer build... the test ride
Tracksmart completed but it was moving I had to try it
Просмотров: 9786 Barrett Crook
Mini Dozer Final Assembly Time Lapse
Build guide with complete track frame rails plans is available here http://www.minidozerbuild.com/p/build-guide.html
Просмотров: 145271 Ryan M
Home made mini dozer
Home made mini dozer. Kubota 4 cylinder 1505 cc engine. Hydraulic drives. Full functioning 6 way blade.
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CAT Mini Dozer Pushing Dirt
Our Homemade Mini Dozer Bolens frame tecumseh 8hp engine
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Mini Dozer crawler how it was made
Most of the parts came from local scrapyards, some of the steel did come from a used metal supplier nearby. The 16 HP Kohler engine I purchased some time ago at an antique engine tractor show. I can't think of anything that I used to build this tractor that was new. The pins holding the links together on the track are half inch diameter and welded to side pieces of the chain, I used half inch black pipe cut to link width and then slipped over the pins before assembly to make a floating steel bushing on the chain.
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Ed trying out Dad's Mini Bulldozer
My Son trying out the Magnatrac RS196K Crawler I had just finished building.
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Mini Dozer Home Built " First Test Run"
well at least the tracks are finally on it and if I hadnt been lazy last week id already have some new rear brakes which its going to have to have and even be extra strong Hydraulic brakes since it will do nothing from here on but get heavier and the heavier it is the harder it will be to turn,,,it try's to turn now with manual brakes so Hydraulic from a auto or pickup will easily do the job,,keep watching and next video I may have the blade built and installed,,thanks
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Mike take a spin on our Friend Greg's Mead Mighty Mouse Mini Dozer
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Mini-Dozer Test Drive w/Bill
First test drive of Steve's homemade mini-dozer!
Просмотров: 6792 Dorrie Simon
How to Make a Remote Control Hydraulic Excavator / JCB at Home
DIY : Learn how to make a homemade syringe operated hydraulic excavator. It's also called bulldozer. Let's check out website for all major details: https://navinkhambhala.com/crazynk Visit New channel- Mr. NK: https://www.youtube.com/c/MrNKtools?sub_confirmation=1 Fb Page: https://www.facebook.com/AwesomeCreativeIdeas/ Its Physics working models for science exhibition. Thank you for watching Crazy NK !!!!!!
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Struck Mini Dozer Sold on Pennsylvania Auction Yesterday
Struck mini dozer selling on southern Pennsylvania auction yesterday, April 1, 2017
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Struck mini dozer
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home made mini dozer sprockets
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Struck mini dozer
Bulldozer rental vancouver,lower mainland British Columbia.$180 a day.Rent'N'Rave Equipment ltd.
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Kid Trax CAT Bulldozer - Kids Tractor (Unboxing and Riding)!
Gabe and Garrett unbox, assemble, ride, and review the Kid Trax CAT Bulldozer! Younger kids will love this 12v ride-on bulldozer tractor and it comes with a hard hat and two boulders to push around! They will feel like a real construction worker, great for imaginary play! Follow us on Facebook!: https://www.facebook.com/GabeAndGarrett
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Hydraulic mini Dozer build... hydraulic failure and putting it away
Got tired of it taking up space in the shop hydraulic motors that I got out of the junkyard found out why they were in the junkyard they leak profusely... This thing has no power could try turning up the pressure
Просмотров: 1208 Barrett Crook
Always showing RTR - RC's working, driving already fully equipped. In this video series, I will share with you, how to build a kit, give you tips and tricks, so that in the end, you will be able to build such an outstanding dozer by yourself. Even if you are nit familiar to RC hydraulics, you will see it's not rocket science at all. Trust me, it's pure fun! If you have any comments, questions, post them in the comment-box below - I will answer. :-) The kit can be purchased from the producer himself, constructionzone-rc. I ordered mine directly via email. Although it is a German company, they speak english very well. :-) GREETINGS FROM GERMANY, Bjoern :-) CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE FOR FREE! ► https://www.youtube.com/user/Arcandor1973
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Cub Cadet Mini Dozer Build "Update" Video # 1
guys Ive decided rather than cut the original cub cadet up I'll build the mini dozer from the ground up,,here's a sneak preview of the tracks and wheels,,there 1/2 inch thinck plate wheels and the reason i havent got any further building the tracks is Ive been concentrating on the frame and motor and rear end,,it will still have a 1970 model cub cadet rear end and trans and for the time being a new 8 hp briggs,,hope you like the tracks but still have a long way to go and add pades and cleats,,later
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D8 mini bulldozer
Mini bulldozer for my 6 year old son
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Struck Mini Dozer,Rubber Tracks
I cut a snowmobile track in half the long way and bolted 14" wheels onto my drive sprockets. Extended the axles 3" on both sides and added 4" to the tensioners. Its not perfect but its working.
Просмотров: 9328 Jeff Nelson
Mini Dozer home built " Track Tensioner & Front Suspension Update"
Heres the self adjusting Track tensioner I built today and will be spring loaded which will keep the tracks tight same as on a real dozer,,also being spring loaded they will adjust for one chain being longer than the other or a wheel slightly out of round and keep the track tight at the same time,,each piece is coming together and its getting heavier and heavier so hope you can understand what these will do and why they are needed on a dozer build.
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Stretch's Stuff, Struck MD1200 mini dozer.
Traded moose for a new toy! Had to fix just about everything on it.
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Mini dozer action, the magnatrac
Small dozer kicking butt
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"Bumble" Struck Mini Dozer in Action
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Komatsu mini bulldozer
I don't have
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Mini Dozer Home Built "Ready For Push Blade""
okie dokie guys Im within spitting range of adding a push blade and after a new belt and new pulley it will be ready for the push blade so keep watching and it want be long till she hits the dirt and we'll see what a ground hog it is,,later
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Tamiya mini 'Dozer RC conversion
This is Tamiya's little wooden-chassis bulldozer kit converted to RC using two 20 amp esc's and channel mixing for steering. The next step is hooking up a servo to raise and lower the blade. Cab and cowl are 3d printed.
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Worlds Smallest Mini Bulldozer, Caterpillar D1 / Calf Dozer  Bulldozer Mining Leg Dozer Machine
This calf mini dozer machine will give your legs a good workout as you push the blade down to cut the earth. Its an early vintage calf dozer machine that lead on to hugh machines like the caterpillar bulldozer D8 used in the mining industry The leg dozer or calf dozer like the caterpillar D1was compact but a very dangerous earth moving machine. Lucky this awesome machine is no longer in production and we prefer to use the modern caterpillar bulldozer. Do you know and bulldozer operators that could handle this little calf dozer beast, tag them and lets see what the say! This is not an accident video but these machines are an accident waiting to happen and very unlikely to be allowed on any construction site to with all the health safety rules and regulations. Long live the caterpillar D1 dozer machine in our hearts.
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Miniature Bull Dozer
Magnatrac RS1000 Super Compact Dozer. Contact: http://www.magnatrac.com/ for details
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Cat Mini Dozer
I can't believe it.
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Mini Dozer Cub Cadet Style Build "Update" Video # 2
Heres a short video of my mini dozer build started couple weeks ago and am using a 1970's cub cadet rear trans axle which alone weighs 200 pounds and is probably the best choice for building a mini dozer it being super heavy duty and with individual rear disc brakes,,hope you like the build so far,,Rick
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Mead Speedcat mini dozer 3
Mead Speedcat mini dozer 3
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Mini Dozer
Home made dozer
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Mini Dozer Build home made "teeth added to wheel's "
Okie dokie heres a semi tutoral video of how easy it is to add teeth to dozer wheels,,the key is in the diameter of the wheels so each tooth end up the same distance apart,,hope to have the teeth finished and welded in place by monday and then make a decision on whether or not to wait and get the pad metal from the junk yard or buy it from a steel shop,,hope you like the teeth being added.
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