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Obama on July Jobs Numbers, New Incentives for Hiring Vets
More coverage: http://to.pbs.org/pQGRMg On Friday, President Obama outlined a new plan for helping veterans transition into civilian life. Speaking at the Washington, D.C., Navy Yard, he unveiled a new tax incentive for companies who hire military veterans.
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Obama Pitches $300B in Business Tax Incentives
Read the Transcript: http://to.pbs.org/csRb9Y President Obama proposed a $300 billion tax cut plan as an effort to jump start the economy. Kwame Holman reports on the tax incentives and the president's path to create new jobs.
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Obama to offer incentives to Sudanese government
click http://buzzet.us/xwatch for Exclusive Video of Obama to offer incentives to Sudanese government
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Rubio: Obama created incentive to take Americans hostage
On 'America's Newsroom,' Republican presidential candidate says there is 'now a price on the head of every American abroad' because the president 'will make trades with enemies'
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Goolsbee Says Obama Got Incentives He Wanted in Tax Deal: Video
Dec. 9 (Bloomberg) -- Austan Goolsbee, chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, talks about the agreement reached between President Barack Obama and Republican lawmakers to extend Bush-era tax cuts for all income levels. House Democrats voted to block a floor debate on Obama's tax deal, in a non-binding move to force changes in the proposal. Goolsbee talks with Matt Miller and Carol Massar on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)
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Obama: Congress Needs to Explain Opposition to Jobs Plan
Obama to Congress 'This Is Not a Game' http://to.pbs.org/ptSjnv In a press conference Thursday, President Obama called on Congress to explain its opposition to his jobs plan as the Senate prepares to vote on the measure. He also spoke on the war in Afghanistan, the "Occupy Wall Street" protests and the European debt crisis.
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President Obama's Major Accomplishments
Every major accomplishment of President Barack Obama's time in office. Main source/inspiration for this video: http://pleasecutthecrap.com/obama-accomplishments/ Subscribe to TDC for the complete coverage of US politics: https://www.youtube.com/TheDailyConversation/ Obama vs Trump: The First 100 Days https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTCckccilds Like our page on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/thedailyconversation Join us on Google+ https://plus.google.com/100134925804523235350/posts Follow us on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/thedailyconvo Video by Bryce Plank Background Music: Jingle Punks - YouTube Audio Library Decisions - Artist: http://incompetech.com/ The Stranger - Glimpse https://soundcloud.com/glimpse_official/the-stranger-1 All This Scoring Action - Artist: http://incompetech.com/ Legend of One - Artist: http://incompetech.com/ Ambitions - Glimpse https://soundcloud.com/glimpse_official/glimpse-ambitions Electro Sketch - Artist: http://incompetech.com/ Not For Nothing - Otis McDonald - YouTube Audio Library Sydney Skyline - ALBIS - YouTube Audio Library Epiphany - Glimpse https://soundcloud.com/glimpse_official/glimpse-laura-brehm-epiphany Tremsz - Gunnar Olsen Let Go - Riot - YouTube Audio Library Wishing Well - Bird Creek - YouTube Audio Library Awakening - Silent Partner - YouTube Audio Library election tyt china news cnn protest iran debate senate
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Obama's Power Africa backer calls weak competition an investment incentive
Obama's Power Africa backer calls weak competition an investment incentive Nigerian businessman Tony Elumelu, who backed President Barack Obama's Africa Power initiative with a $2.5 billion investment-pledge, said the lack of competition in the continent's nascent power sector makes it an investment gem. Obama's $7 billion plan to shine "light where currently there's darkness" in Africa by doubling access to power on the world's poorest continent, will be backed by another $9 billion in private sector money. http://news.yahoo.com/obamas-power-africa-backer-calls-weak-competition-investment-183824102.html BlackBerry Has Disastrous Quarter BlackBerry's May quarter was a disaster. The company posted a surprise loss and shed 4 million subscribers despite the availability of both its new BlackBerry-10 flagship phones. BlackBerry shares have plummeted more than 25% since the smartphone-maker's earnings-report. http://news.yahoo.com/blackberry-10-sales-seen-improving-second-half-184059484.html http://www.wochit.com
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President Obama: Shutting Down Tax Havens, Creating Jobs at Home
The President offers proposals to curb tax havens and replace tax advantages for creating jobs overseas with incentives to create them here at home. (public domain)
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How the GOP plans to begin dismantling Obama’s legacy
The new Congress starts work this week, with the Republicans in control of both houses. Soon, they’ll also have the White House. What’s on the GOP agenda? William Brangham talks to Lisa Desjardins, Amy Walter of the Cook Political Report and NPR’s Tamara Keith about the goal of ditching Obamacare, confirmation hearings for Trump Cabinet nominees, tax reform and more.
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President Barack Obama interview with Ezra Klein and Sarah Kliff about Obamacare
President Barack Obama joins Vox's Ezra Klein and Sarah Kliff for an exclusive interview about the future of Obamacare.
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I read all  23 executive orders Obama did on gun control
23 executive actions the President has already signed Closing background check loopholes 1. Require federal agencies to make relevant data available to the federal background check system 2. Address unnecessary legal barriers that may prevent states from making information available to the background check system 3. Improve incentives for states to share information with the background check system 4. Direct the Attorney General to review categories of individuals prohibited from having a gun to make sure dangerous people are not slipping through the cracks 5. Propose rulemaking to give law enforcement the ability to run a full background check on an individual before returning a seized gun 6. Publish a letter from ATF to federally licensed gun dealers providing guidance on how to run background checks for private sellers Common sense steps to reduce gun violence 7. Launch a national safe and responsible gun ownership campaign 8. Review safety standards for gun locks and gun safes (Consumer Product Safety Commission) 9. Require federal law enforcement to trace guns recovered in criminal investigations 10. Release a DOJ (Department of Justice) report analyzing information on lost and stolen guns and make it widely available to law enforcement 11. Nominate an ATF director 12. Provide law enforcement, first responders, and school officials with proper training for active shooter situations 13. Maximize enforcement efforts to prevent gun violence and prosecute gun crime 14. Issue a Presidential Memorandum directing the Centers for Disease Control to research the causes and prevention of gun violence 15. Direct the Attorney General to issue a report on the availability and most effective use of new gun safety technologies and challenge the private sector to develop innovative technologies 16. Clarify that the Affordable Care Act does not prohibit doctors asking their patients about guns in their homes 17. Release a letter to health care providers clarifying that no federal law prohibits them from reporting threats of violence to law enforcement authorities Making schools safer 18. Provide incentives for schools to hire school resource officers 19. Develop model emergency response plans for schools, houses of worship, and institutions of higher education Increasing access to mental health services 20. Release a letter to state health officials clarifying the scope of mental health services that Medicaid plans must cover 21. Finalize regulations clarifying essential health benefits and parity requirements within ACA exchanges 22. Commit to finalizing mental health parity regulations 23. Launch a national dialogue led by Secretaries Sebelius and Duncan on mental health
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President Obama   and Timothy Geithner speak on closing tax loopholes
President Obama unveiled a plan in 2009 that he said would restore some fairness to the US tax code. It would require overseas banks to issue 1099 forms to US Citizens and making the foreign income reportable and taxable. Obama says his proposal removes tax incentives for US companies to ship their jobs overseas. He also wants to hire 800 Full Time IRS agents to help enforce these regulations. Unfortunately the consequences for American individuals Overseas have been catastrophic; resulting in people renouncing, banks turning American clients away, costly filing requirements and the IRS going after innocent people. We sincerely hope the US will change it's taxation system to a residence based system.
Here's How Republicans Screwed Americans On Job Creation Under Obama
This is for the idiots who bought Trump's lie about bringing back jobs. Before the midterm elections in 2014, Republicans blocked a bill introduced by Democrats in the Senate to give corporations who outsourced jobs, incentives to bring 2.5 million jobs back to the United States. That very year, with the help of the US Chamber of Commerce, they ran ads against Democrats in state races and blamed them for sending jobs overseas. Mind you, it was the Republicans who gave corporations tax loopholes which made it easier to take jobs overseas. Now, be sure to watch this throwback video and share it with your idiot friends who may have voted for Trump; as well as, your idiotic so-called progressive friends pushing the narrative that Democrats left the "white working class" behind.
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Obama on American politics and economy: the extended Vox conversation
President Obama talks with Vox Editor-in-chief Ezra Klein about Obamacare, the economy, political polarization, income inequality, race, and more. Read the extended interview with President Obama and nerd out with all the charts and graphs you could ever want at http://vox.com/obama. Subscribe to our channel! http://goo.gl/0bsAjO Vox.com is news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out http://www.vox.com to get up to speed on everything from Kurdistan to the Kim Kardashian app. Check out our full video catalog: http://goo.gl/IZONyE Follow Vox on Twitter: http://goo.gl/XFrZ5H Or on Facebook: http://goo.gl/U2g06o
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Obama On Slavery-Full Speech
In remarks at the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting, President Obama calls human trafficking a debasement of our common humanity that tears at the social fabric of our communities, distorts markets, endangers public health, and fuels violence and organized crime.
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President Obama's Primetime Press Conference on Health Reform
President Obama delivers remarks at a primetime press conference focused on health insurance reform, before taking questions from the media. The President explains how his plan will benefit every American, and where the plan currently stands. July 22, 2009 (Public Domain)
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Obama's Energy Plan Cannot Seriously Address The Impending Climate Crisis
Janet Redman: The green energy plan outlined by Obama is full of too many contradictions, such as calling for the end of subsidies to coal and oil companies while facilitating the expansion of fossil fuel facilities See more videos: http://therealnews.com
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President Obama Introduces a To-Do List for Congress
President Obama introduces his "to-do list" for Congress, a list of initiatives that will create jobs and help the middle class, and calls on Congress to take action on the list's first item by passing legislation that rewards companies who bring jobs back to American with lower taxes and pay for it by eliminating tax incentives for companies to ship jobs overseas.
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First Presidential Debate: Obama vs. Romney (Complete HD - Quality Audio)
President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney discuss domestic policy in the first debate of the 2012 presidential election from Denver, Colorado. Subscribe to The Daily Conversation: http://bit.ly/WZnLnd Join the conversation on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/thedailyconversation Add TDC to your circles on Google+ https://plus.google.com/100134925804523235350/posts Follow The Daily Conversation on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/thedailyconvo
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TRUMP VS. OBAMA: The First 100 Days
A back-and-forth chronological look at the first 100 days of the presidencies of Democrat Barack Obama and Republican Donald Trump. Subscribe to TDC: https://www.youtube.com/TheDailyConversation/ Video by Bryce Plank and Robin West
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President Obama Takes Questions at GOP House Issues Conference
The President takes questions from Republican members of the House of Representatives at the GOP House Issues Conference in Baltimore, MD. January 29, 2010.
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Obama's PLAN➡ Border CHAOS Orchestrated - Dinesh D'Souza Nails It
Former Border Patrol agents Wednesday charged that the federal government, under the administration of President Obama, is deliberately arranging for a flood of immigrant children to arrive in America for political purposes. "This is not a humanitarian crisis. It is a predictable, orchestrated and contrived assault on the compassionate side of Americans by her political leaders that knowingly puts minor illegal alien children at risk for purely political purposes," said the statement released by the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers. "Certainly, we are not gullible enough to believe that thousands of unaccompanied minor Central American children came to America without the encouragement, aid and assistance of the United States government," the officers said. "Anyone that has taken two six- to seven-year-old children to an amusement park can only imagine the problems associated with bringing thousands of unaccompanied children that age up through Mexico and into the United States." Republicans are blaming Obama's immigration policies for enticing the illegals, particularly the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program launched in 2012, which recently was renewed. More than 33,000 have been caught in Texas alone over the last eight months, the report said, overwhelming Border Patrol capabilities. A federal judge even concluded the White House "has simply chosen not to enforce ... border security laws." FoxNews.com reported this week Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer calls the situation a "creation" of the federal government, and Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., assigned blame for the "calamity" to Obama. Fox News reported it had obtained a memo from an official with Customs and Border Protection who said the current policies are serving as an incentive for illegal aliens to sneak into the U.S. "If the U.S. government fails to deliver adequate consequences to deter aliens from attempting to illegally enter the U.S., the result will be an even greater increase in the rate of recidivism and first-time illicit entries," said Ronald Vitiello, a deputy Border Patrol chief. Officials say among Obama's policies that are attracting illegals is his instructions for "deferred action" for young illegals. Recently, the federal government said it was hunting for lawyers to provide legal help to children who are in the U.S. illegally. The White House is asking for $1.4 billion more for the illegal-alien children, which by some estimates will grow to 150,000 next year. The former Border Patrol agents said the campaign is a "political deception," and the responsibility rests with the political leaders who support "a path to citizenship, regularization or any other form of amnesty for illegal aliens before providing for full protections for national security (jobs and economy) and public safety (the right of the people to be secure in their property and person)." The officers argue that the non-enforcement of immigration laws is "the next step in becoming a failed state." "Yes, our leaders are guilty. However, we are responsible because it is the American voter [who] has placed untrustworthy people in positions of power and kept them there when they have clearly demonstrated that they have violated that public trust. "These successful con artists are well dressed, attractive and charming," the statement said. The officers even questioned whether "this heartless criminal exploitation of Central American infants and children [will] finally awaken Americans to the ruse being foisted upon them by their government, the media and other interested parties." "Has America lost her ability to stand up against the tyrants and do what is right rather than what is easy? Obviously, this administration thinks you are as corrupt as they are and will vote them back into office or these young children would not be streaming into America to tug at your hearts and empty your heads of reason," the statement said. Video uploaded under the "Fair Use" provision, which allows reasonable use of copyrighted work, without permission, for criticism, commentary, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, research, or educational purposes. Credit to this video owners Fox News Network
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President Obama: Address to Congress on Health Insurance Reform
The President delivers an address to a joint session of Congress, explaining just how he wants to bring peace of mind to Americans who have insurance, and affordable coverage to those who don't. September 9, 2009. (Public Domain)
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John McCain remembered | Obama, Bush give eulogies at Washington funeral
A memorial service for Sen. John McCain is taking place in Washington Saturday. Former President George W. Bush and former President Barack Obama are giving eulogies at the service at the Washington National Cathedral. Both men defeated McCain in his two campaigns to become president, in 2000 and 2008. President Trump is not attending. The service begins at 10:00 a.m. ET. The "maverick" senator was previously honored at a memorial ceremony in his home state of Arizona Thursday, where he was eulogized by friend and luminaries such as former Vice President Joe Biden. Thousands of citizens paid respect as he lay in state at the Arizona Capitol. For further details: https://www.cbsnews.com/live-news/john-mccain-funeral-live-stream-today-bush-obama-eulogy-2018-09-01-live-updates/ -- Subscribe to the CBS News Channel HERE: http://youtube.com/cbsnews Watch CBSN live HERE: http://cbsn.ws/1PlLpZ7 Follow CBS News on Instagram HERE: https://www.instagram.com/cbsnews/ Like CBS News on Facebook HERE: http://facebook.com/cbsnews Follow CBS News on Twitter HERE: http://twitter.com/cbsnews Get the latest news and best in original reporting from CBS News delivered to your inbox. Subscribe to newsletters HERE: http://cbsn.ws/1RqHw7T Get your news on the go! Download CBS News mobile apps HERE: http://cbsn.ws/1Xb1WC8 Get new episodes of shows you love across devices the next day, stream CBSN and local news live, and watch full seasons of CBS fan favorites like Star Trek Discovery anytime, anywhere with CBS All Access. Try it free! http://bit.ly/1OQA29B --- CBSN is the first digital streaming news network that will allow Internet-connected consumers to watch live, anchored news coverage on their connected TV and other devices. At launch, the network is available 24/7 and makes all of the resources of CBS News available directly on digital platforms with live, anchored coverage 15 hours each weekday. CBSN. Always On.
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President Obama's Energy and Environment Achievements
Learn more: http://OFA.BO/UFY1XF President Obama has made record investments in clean energy, and refuses to let polluters play by a different set of rules than everyone else. He's implementing new standards to keep our air and water clean and our children safe. Under President Obama's watch we have more than doubled production of renewable energy from wind and solar, while investing in over 15,000 clean energy projects across the country. Mitt Romney would cut funding and incentives for clean energy, including ending the tax incentive for wind energy, which could cost 37,000 American jobs. Meanwhile, he would continue providing billions in subsidies to Big Oil companies.
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Barack Obama on Merit Pay
For more information on the candidates please visit http://www.glassbooth.org
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Housing and a helpless Obama
President Obama has attempted to stem the housing crisis through the Home Affordable Modification Program, giving incentives to banks to lower the interest rates on mortgage payments. Some believe this system is not attacking the root of the problem, declining housing prices and mortgages exceeding those property values. Bankruptcy lawyer and a co-founder of Bankruptcy Law Network, Brett Weiss is live in studio with Alyona to break it all down.
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President Obama's Record on Jobs - Obama for America 2012 Ad
Get the facts: https://my.barackobama.com/jobsgraphad After taking office, President Obama signed the Recovery Act to help get our economy back on track. As a result: -The U.S. has seen 22 consecutive months of private-sector job growth. -The private sector added more than 3.1 million jobs over those 22 months,. -Manufacturing added 334,000 jobs in the last two years, the first time since 1997 that manufacturing employment rose. -The President passed legislation to create jobs and supporting working Americans, including: -A payroll tax cut for all working families, providing the average working family with a $1,000 tax cut in 2011. -Expansion of small business loan programs to help small business access credit and create jobs. -Initiatives to help veterans transition to post-service careers. -Tax incentives for businesses that hire unemployed veterans. The President's decision to provide emergency loans to the auto industry: -Saved more than 1.4 million American jobs. -Prevented personal income losses over two years of more than $96 billion. -Helped make the big three (Chrysler, GM, and Ford) all profitable for the first time in years.
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Brooks and Marcus on Prospects for Obama's Jobs Plan, Solyndra Saga
New York Times columnist David Brooks and Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus review top political news, including former Vice President Cheney's new memoir, the special election in New York, the GOP response to the president's jobs plan and more.
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President Obama asks America to learn computer science
President Barack Obama asks every American to give it a shot to learn to computer science, kicking off the Hour of Code campaign for Computer Science Education Week 2013. http://code.org
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Understanding Plans to Achieve Self-Support (PASS) - by Lucy Miller
This presentation will provide an overview of Social Security's Plan to Achieve Self-Support (PASS) work incentive. The discussion will include a review of how PASS can help pay for items or services disability beneficiaries may need to achieve their employment goals and describe the individuals most likely to benefit from a PASS. Practical tips will be provided to help guide the development of a successful PASS, and several common myths about PASS will be dispelled. The presenter will also share several resources with more in-depth information about PASS and provide information on where Social Security disability beneficiaries can get assistance with this complex work incentive. https://rrtc.vcu.edu/
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African Economic Conference 2016: Nigeria Plans More Farmers Incentives, Policies
For more information log on to http://www.channelstv.com
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What will be Obama’s lasting education legacy?
President Obama and his former education secretary Arne Duncan exercised more power and influence over education policy than many predecessors. The administration placed a focus on testing, trying it to federal funding. In higher education, he emphasized the importance of college and reducing student debt. Alison Stewart talks to Education Week’s Alyson Klein and Inside Higher Ed’s Scott Jaschik.
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Sir David Attenborough and President Obama: The Full Interview
President Obama and Naturalist Sir David Attenborough sit to discuss and contemplate the natural world at the White House.
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Incentive Program to the Tragedies of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Incentive Program to the Tragedies of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The nuclear inversion of march of Barack Obama: Billions of dollars earmarked for nuclear weapons B61. It seems that the devastations on the civil population of Hiroshima and Nagasaki didn't go enough to the ego of the USA. US President Barack Obama is accused of making a U-turn on his nuclear disarmament pledges as his administration plans to allocate billions of dollars for upgrading its atomic arsenal in According to newly published figures, the United States will set aside more than 10 billion dollars for a life extension program for the B61 bombs and another dollars one billion for adding controllable tail fins. The plan to give new tail fins to nearly 200 B61 gravity bombs stored in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Turkey would give them new mission and new capabilities. The bombs could be delivered by stealth F35 fighter-bombers. What will be going back to Europe will be a guided nuclear bomb... Especially when you combine it with F35 with stealth characteristics, that expands the targets you can hold at risk from Europe, because by placing the explosion closer to the target you can choose a lower explosive yield, Hans Kristensen, a nuclear weapons expert at the Federation of Nuclear Scientists, told The Guardian. That is very important as there is less radioactive fallout. For many people this is a great concern because it means making nuclear weapons more 'usable', Kristensen added. In its Nuclear Posture Review in 2010, the US administration pledged to reduce its nuclear arsenal by not developing new nuclear warheads and vowing that it would not support new military missions or provide for new military capabilities. According to the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation, the US is believed to have deployed approximately 1,950 strategic nuclear warheads, including about 200 B61 gravity bombs deployed in five NATO states (Belgium, Italy, Turkey, Germany, and the Netherlands). It also keeps 2,650 non-deployed warheads in reserve, and 3,000 warheads which are reportedly awaiting disarmament. It flies directly in the face of the pledges Obama made in 2010 that he would not deploy new weapons, Kristensen added. The US is the only country to have used an atomic bomb in war. Hiroshima was devastated on August 6, 1945 after the US B-29 BOMBER ENOLA GAY dropped an atomic bomb on the city, killing an estimated 140,000 people instantly or gradually from radiation sickness and cancers. Three days later, another atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki, killing more than 70,000. And the nuclear radiation emitted after those explosions on the civil population of Japan generated millions of victims for several and several decades. Washington, USA. Monday, April 22, 2013. PressTV. Produced by Dialplus.
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President Obama and President Clinton Discuss Health Care
President Obama joins former President Bill Clinton for a conversation about health care in the United States and around the world as part of the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting. September 24, 2013.
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Obama Goes After Overseas Tax Cheats
more at http://www.theuptake.org President Obama unveiled a plan today that he said would restore some fairness to the US tax code. It would require overseas banks to issue 1099 forms to US Citizens and making the foreign income reportable and taxable. Obama says his proposal removes tax incentives for US companies to ship their jobs overseas. He also wants to hire 800 Full Time IRS agents to help enforce these regulations
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The President Speaks on the Iran Nuclear Deal at American University
President Obama delivered remarks at American University on the significance of the Iran nuclear agreement and the consequences if Congress rejects it. August 5, 2015.
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Peter Schiff  'Perverse Effects on Individual Incentives, Government Programs Breed Dependency'
Sep 18, 2012 Euro Pacific Capital CEO Peter Schiff on Americans' dependency on the government and how it will impact the elections.
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Holtz-Eakin Says U.S. Tax Plans Give `Right Incentives'
Dec. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Douglas Holtz-Eakin, president of the American Action Forum and a former director of the Congressional Budget Office, talks about President Barack Obama's agreement to sustain Bush-era tax cuts for high-income taxpayers in exchange for extending federal unemployment insurance and cutting the payroll tax by $120 billion for one year. Holtz-Eakin speaks with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television's "InsideTrack." (Source: Bloomberg)
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President Obama Speaks on Holding Head Start Programs Accountable
President Obama introduces a new rule that will help ensure all young children have access to high-quality early education programs. November 8, 2011.
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Obama, Business Leaders Discuss Health Costs
President Barack Obama says creative employers have found ways to both lower their health care costs while also improving the lives of their workers. (May 12)
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November 20, 2014 Where's the Incentive for Americans
Tonight Pres. Obama will give his speech on Immigration. Where do you stand?
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Testimony of Subpoenaed Witnesses on VA Alleged Misuse of Relocation Program and Incentives
Testimony of Subpoenaed Witnesses on the Department of Veterans Affairs Alleged Misuse of Relocation Program and Incentives House Committee on Veterans' Affairs 334 Cannon House Office Building Washington, DC 20515 Nov 2, 2015 7:30pm Witnesses Mr. Danny Pummill, Principal Deputy Under Secretary for Benefits, Veterans Benefits Administration, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Accompanied by: Ms. Diana Rubens, Director, Philadelphia and Wilmington Regional Offices, Veterans Benefits Administration, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Accompanied by: Mr. Robert McKenrick Director, Los Angeles Regional Office, Veterans Benefit Administration, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Accompanied by: Ms. Kimberly Graves Director, St. Paul Regional Office, Veterans Benefit Administration, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Accompanied by: Mr. Antione Waller Director, Baltimore Regional Office, Veterans Benefit Administration, U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs Ms. Linda Halliday, Deputy Inspector General, Office of Inspector General, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs The Honorable Allison Hickey, Former Under Secretary for Benefits, Veterans Benefits Administration, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
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Shelby Steele on President-Elect Obama
Shelby Steele says Barack Obama won the presidential election by successfully basing his candidacy on race. We know very little about the content of Barack Obama's character, although we will come to know it with every decision he makes as president. Obama represented an opportunity for white voters to dispel the stigma that this is a racist country. Black voters, by contrast, voted for Obama to dispel the idea that they are inferior. Either way, the November elections revealed how this country is obsessed by race.
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