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Forensic Files - Season 6, Ep 17: Line of Fire
Click here to watch great FREE Movies & TV: http://filmrise.com When a fundamentalist group starts attacking and robbing banks in the Pacific Northwest, authorities know immediately that they are dealing with experienced criminals. A tip leads them to the alleged perpetrators and the evidence found at their homes is extensive and incriminating. But in court, this wealth of evidence must withstand a well-funded defense. Finally, two juries - in an extraordinarily high profile case - are presented with a combination of old fashioned forensic science and the latest in crime technology in order to render a verdict. Originally aired a Season 6, Episode 17.
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Passion of Christ by Fr Larry Richards
This is a part of Parish Mission given by Fr. Larry Richards to parishioners of Notre Dame Church of Bethlehem, PA on May 16th 2013
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Demonstrators: John McCain Town Hall 08/12/08
Demonstrators John McCain Town Hall York, PA 08/12/08 Demonstrators from Planned Parenthood and local bricklayers outside McCain town hall in York, PA LABEL: JM PA 8-12 (JR#65) TUGD - ClipF To download a hi-res version of this clip, visit: http://issuealliance.box.net/shared/eu7atlqvj8
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10 Famous People Ruined By Drugs
10 celebrities who ruined and lost their lives to alcohol and drug addiction. Subscribe: https://goo.gl/Hnoaw3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other Videos you might like: 10 Famous People Who May Be Gay https://youtu.be/BsmzTXOtBGM 10 Things You Should NEVER Google https://youtu.be/sSlYH_rpIBM 10 WEIRDEST Drugs Kids Are Doing These Days https://youtu.be/2Wbq6u_xuNY Description: Drugs and superstardom seem to go hand in hand. In Hollywood, drugs are easily accessible to celebrities, and many A-list parties center around all-night drug binges and an unlimited supply of alcohol. While many celebs are able to keep their drug use under wraps, others haven’t been so lucky. As fans, we have seen many stars’ lives ruined by their drug habits. Some are able to kick their addictions, but others haven’t been as lucky. Rocker Pete Doherty’s music career has taken a backseat to his highly-publicized drug addiction. The Libertine’s frontman has been arrested for various drug offenses, including driving under the influence, and possession of crack cocaine, heroin, cannabis and ketamine. The singer completed his last rehab stint in 2015, but his addiction has clearly taken a toll on his life and his appearance. His gaunt frame and severely yellowed teeth should serve as a reminder that drug addiction has harrowing effects on the human body. Repeated and unsuccessful drug rehab stints seem to be a common theme for many celebrities who just can’t kick their drug habits. Whitney Houston reportedly entered rehab following the airing of her reality show Being Bobby Brown. The singer was never able to kick her habit, and her unusual and drugged-out appearance was the main topic in gossip magazines. During an interview with Diane Sawyer, Whitney admitted drugs were an issue for her in the past, but she had moved on from her addiction. But when she was found dead in a hotel bathtub, the truth was revealed. Cocaine was found in her system, and drug paraphernalia was strewn across her hotel room. Sadly for fans of the singer, her life and career is still tarnished by her drug use and untimely death. Heath Ledger also had an unsuccessful rehab stint prior to his death. The actor wanted to kick his drug habit prior to filming The Dark Knight, but his attempt was unsuccessful. He was found dead in his Manhattan apartment, and the coroner found a lethal mix of oxycodone, hydrocodone, diazepam, temazepam, alprazolam and doxylamine in his system. Fans were shocked to hear that drugs were the cause of his death. Although drugs have been the reason behind many celebrity deaths, many stars get a new lease on life. NBA player Lamar Odom was found unconscious in a Nevada brothel back in October 2015, but medical personnel were able to bring him back to life. He was sent to a Los Angeles hospital where he underwent therapy to help restore his memory and to help him kick his habit. But Lamar’s addiction has other plans for him. It has since been reported that he is back on crack, and his ex-wife, Khloe Kardashian, has left him once and for all. When our favorite stars battle with drug addiction, we have no choice but to sit back and watch as they spiral out of control. This list of 10 celebrities who have been ruined by drugs is a testament to the amount of damage drugs can do to one’s life and career. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheTalko Twitter: https://twitter.com/thetalko Instagram: https://instagram.com/the_talko ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.thetalko.com/
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Allentown Women's Center  40 Days for Life 3/23/13
Prayer Warriors at the Allentown Women's Center (AWC) during the national Spring 40 Days for Life Campaign and Prayer Vigil. AWC is located near Bethlehem, PA
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T428 - Seg 2 - Allentown Mayor Interview
Amy talks with Ed Pawlowski, Mayor of Allentown about some of Allentown's challenges.
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Marvel Studios' Avengers: Infinity War - Official Trailer
In theaters April 27. Get your tickets now: http://www.fandango.com/infinitywar Find out more on Marvel.com - http://bit.ly/2Iv6ouB Follow Marvel on Twitter: ‪https://twitter.com/marvel Like Marvel on Facebook: ‪https://www.facebook.com/Marvel For even more news, stay tuned to: Tumblr: ‪http://marvelentertainment.tumblr.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/marvel Google+: ‪https://plus.google.com/+marvel Pinterest: ‪http://pinterest.com/marvelofficial
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SARAH PALIN is ANTI-JEWISH WHO studies JEWS FOR JESUS END OF Israel with Pastor David Bruckner & Larry Koon Pastor who sees the end of Israel. Sarah Palin called Ms. Hillary Clinton a failure, At least she doesnt abuse her power by KILLING Innocent Animals Sarah Palin is a Clarence Thomas there to FOOL & DISTRACT the American people from the real issues of FORECLOSURES, GAS Prices - McSAME McCain contributors, Bankruptcies up 70% in the last 2 years, Homelessness up, a health care crisis, the list goes on...don't you dare try FOOL People by trying to take the "CHANGE" or "MORE OF THE SAME" when you are NOT "CHANGE" and you definetly are "MORE OF THE SAME" Mr. 90% BUSH VOTE Record. The reason we are in this mess in the first place because of McSAME McCains 90% BUSH Vote Record....... 2 EXTREMIST TWO HOT TEMPERS TOGETHER = AN EXPLOSION....McCain is a desperate OLD man....typical OLD BS...avoiding the real issues because they were caused by McCains 90% BUSH Voting record..... McSame first the CHANGE phrase now the MORE OF THE SAME Phrase do you have an original thought or are you just follow the REAL Leader Suddam McSame oops McCain has a new SILLY distraction Barak HUSSEIN Obama like John SIDNEY McCain is a given name. Do we blame JOHN McCain for every bad JOHN out like JOHN Hagee. Obama's name is from his father who is from Kenya. I see the McCain camp of creeps - trying their BEST to tie Obama to being a Muslim conveniently around the 9/11 anniversary to promote fear. Now, before Obama was demeaned for being a 20 year member of a CHRISTIAN Church, having his kids baptized at a CHRISTIAN, and being married all at a CHRISTIAN Church. McCain is starting to come off like a DESPERATE OLD Man, Sarah PALIN is the MICHAEL VICK on HUMAN & ANIMAL Rights... Sarah Palin is the Michael Vick of Alaska.Pitbulls seem to run between those two SARAH PALINS DISREGARD FOR ANIMAL RIGHTS SEEMS TO TRANSFER INTO US CITIZEN RIGHTS AS WELL.... BTW SARAH I wear the lipstick not my dog....GOD HELP US FROM 4 MORE YEARS OF BUSH WITH JOHN MCCAIN OR SARAH PALIN...
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John McCain's Visit to York PA
McCain was greeted by labor union members, peace activists and women's healthcare advocates when he came to York, Pennsylvania on August 12, 2008.
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BSB Week - 1996 Howie D
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Allentown Mayor's Breakfast-2015
Mayor Pawlowski passionately casts the vision for Allentown 5.0.
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Police Investigation Underway In Rhawnhurst
Jan Carabeo reports.
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Pope Francis: Practice 'responsible parenting'
Sun.Star Pilipinas January 20, 2015 for more information, visit http://www.sunstar.com.ph/ Like our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SunStarPhilippineNews Twitter: https://twitter.com/sunstaronline
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Hundreds in Media , PA Protest McCain/Palin
September 22, 2008
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Schlossberg: The New Allentown
Pa. State Rep. Mike Schlossberg talks with Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski about changes and development happening in Allentown and how it is improving the regional economy. More at www.pahouse.com
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First Church Somerville's Gospel Choir, God's Good
On October 21, 2012 First Church Somerville's Gospel Choir performed God's Good during the worship service. The gospel choir is accompanied by First Church Somerville's own Project Soul. First Church Somerville is an Open and Affirming UCC Church based in the Davis Square Area of Somerville, MA. http://www.FirstChurchSomerville.org
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Crowds Line Up At Squirrel Hill Medical Marijuana Dispensary
Crowds lined up at the opening of Solevo Wellness in Squirrel Hill for something they haven't found in conventional medications; KDKA's John Shumway reports.
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2016 Thanksgiving Parade
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Tonight on 69 News at 10 & 10:30 p.m.
Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski made his first appearance in federal court this morning. Tonight at 10 we'll hear more from the mayor and his attorney after their trying day in Philadelphia. And coming up on the Berks Edition, a hotel near Kutztown University that was in business for decades has shut down. We'll tell you about the future plans for the site of the Campus Inn. These are just some of the stories that you will see tonight on 69 News at 10 p.m. and 10:30 p.m.
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Heart of Lancaster Women's Place Birthing Suite
A view of one of our birthing suites. We offer private rooms with single room maternity care, meaning that you labor, deliver and stay in the same room your entire stay along with your baby.
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Oct 24 - Homily - Fr. Larry Richards: Be at Peace
Fr. Larry Richards gives the final homily to the 2013 Annual Priest's Retreat at the Mother of the Redeemer Retreat Center. Here he points out that we need to have peace in our hearts even when we are experiencing conflict. This is the peace that the Lord gives which gives us the freedom to give ourselves as sacrifices in union with Him. Ave Maria! Mass: Thursday 29th Week of Ordinary Time - Wkdy - Form: OF Readings: 1st: rom 6:19-23 Resp: psa 1:1-2, 3, 4, 6 Gsp: luk 12:49-53 To Subscribe to this channel: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=franciscanfriars To contribute to Franciscanfriars and AirMaria: https://airmaria.com/contribute/
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Eichelberger refuses to apologize.  Again.
Senator John Eichelberger has called LGBT couples "dysfunctional" and said the state is "allowing them to exist." Dozens of activists confronted him today outside the Senate chambers asking for an apology. He refused.
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Dwayne The Rock Johnson Tells His Life story
Dwayne The Rock Johnson Has An Interview Were He Tells It All, From His Earlier Days In School To His Daughters Birth And About His Time With The Wwe Must Watch Really Interesting...... ********************************************** Follow Maboy Dwayne Johnson https://m.facebook.com/DwayneJohnson https://mobile.twitter.com/TheRock https://www.instagram.com/therock/?hl=en http://www.impeccabledwaynejohnson.org
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FOCUS Season 4 Episode 2
Join PBS39 as we go to the movies and focus on the arts. It's been a busy season on the Lehigh Valley film scene... An Allentown boy stars in the title role of Disney's "Pete's Dragon." We'll have that interview, plus we go behind the scenes of the film "Getting Grace" directed and co-written by Bethlehem's own Daniel Roebuck.
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Church & State - Women's Health
Hello, and welcome back to "Church and State". I'm your heavenly host, Jesus Christ. Today's topic: can you reconcile your so-called "pro-life" beliefs with opposition to groups like Planned Parenthood, which among other things provide women with low-cost contraception, reproductive health care, pap smears, and cancer screenings? Social conservatives alway like to drag Me into their ongoing issue with womens sexuality, and, I might add, sexuality in general. Where do they think babies come from? Because with the exception of Me, there is no such thing as "immaculate conception". These misguided people claim that banning abortion and even contraception constitutes a "defense of life", somehow forgetting that Death is an Angel... and that no one knows what my Father's plan is for each of us. So let's look at the consequences of their policies. By cutting funding for Planned Parenthood, social conservatives guarantee that poor women won't be able to afford screenings for cervical cancer, and will die. Is that "pro-life"? When they try to ban the HPV vaccine, on the grounds that it encourages people to have sex, they guarantee that young women will contract cervical, anal cancers and some vaginal cancers. Their male partners may contract penile cancer. They will die. Is that pro-life"? And by banning abortion -a decision between a woman and her God- they guarantee that millions of children will be born to parents that do not want them and may treat them badly. Is that pro-life? Or is that "pro-birth"? These policies go entirely against my -and my Father's- pronouncements about responsibility, compassion, and humanity's personal relationship with the Almighty. I say to them, "Let him who is without sin cast the first stone"; "Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again"; and "I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me." What part of these teachings is so hard to understand? The time and the hour are upon us again. Until next time, go in peace.
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Roar Social House-Allentown
Roar is one of Allentown's premier dining destinations! Catch a glimpse of Roar in this 'short' we produced featuring a "William Henry Pratt"! If you haven't been to Roar make a reservation today!
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How to Get Into Veterinary School | Tips for Post-Grad
First off, sorry for the blinding lighting in this….one day I'll get my ish together, promise. I'm so happy many of you are reaching out to me about veterinary school and grad school in general! I hope that you guys find this helpful and please comment below with any and all questions! What I talk about is not limited to vet school - it definitely applies to all grad programs like medical school, dental school, and non-science grad schools as well! The video itself is so damn long and I def don't want you guys to be forced to watch the whole thing so I tried to organize the video based on times and what I talked about at each point. Click on the timings below and it should take you to that part. Also, I did a super quick summary at the end if you just want to watch that! 0:58 - Disclaimer -- please understand this is simply my experience. It is NOT a template to follow blindly nor is it assurance of getting into any such program. It should just help you plan ahead & figure things out! 1:16 - da beginning: Basically my childhood and how I figured out the difference between my ‘love’ for animals and my wanting to help animals 1:56 - I began volunteering at an animal shelter/rescue agency when I was 10 years old. 3:20 - I began working at animal hospitals (private practice clinics) in high school 3:56 - Animal experience is important early on - it helps you figure out what you want to do. It helped me realize I wasn’t a huge fan of private clinical practice; I didn't see myself doing that as a job, day in and day out. 6:00 - MOST important job as a high school student = get good grades! Why? I believe it builds a very healthy habit and is a good base for success 6:55 - Also, highschool grades are very important for college and scholarships!!! I personally believe, if you're planning on grad school, you shouldn’t dish out money for undergrad. As long as you're not sacrificing the quality of your education, save money! 7:50 - My college scholarship, how I got it and how it helped me; highschool grades and SAT score 9:30 - Tufts AVM Summer program (Veterinary Camp) 10:09- Most important job as a college student = GET GOOD GRADES! Vet school is so competitive which is why grades are so key. 11:48 - If you’re thinking about vet school, start figuring out all your prerequisites. Do some homework on what certain vet med schools require. 12:47 - Plan ahead! My experience in college - finishing my prereqs early gave me a lot of time for fun. Point of the story? Get good grades! Get money! 13:33 - Research, work experiences and recommendation letters!!! I forgot to mention this, but I also did a few weeks of work with cows and lab animals during college. 15:30 - lol I hate research. Do it anyway. 16:08 - Have fun! PARTY! Balance your life! Learn to work hard and play hard. Have hobbies - good for applications and good for mental health 18:03 - GREs. My GRE score and college GPA 19:20 - The veterinary medical school application process. Which veterinary schools I applied to. My reasonings for the schools I picked. How to choose a grad school that is right for you. 23:35 - Put a lot of effort into your personal statement! 25:16 - Quick summary for middle school, high school, college and veterinary, medical and other grad school applicants. That's basically it. Obviously a lot has been going since vet school started for me (I am currently in my second semester of 2nd year) and based on the response I get from this, I will definitely make a Part II. If you watch this video and are uber stressed, don't be!!! Keep in mind that this is was my dream from day one! Also I came from a family and culture that put a lot of importance on grades and education so I was almost forced (in a good way) to get good grades which made the process a bit easier for me. If you're concerned about grades, don't be deterred. Know that IMPROVEMENT means a lot to these schools and combined with evidence of passion and effort, there are infinite ways to stand out as a candidate. If you still aren't sure about what you even want to do...THAT'S OKAY TOO! There are tons of vet students who took a different path or didn’t know that this is what they wanted to do. If you are late to the game and still want to go to any type of graduate school, you can! You just have to prove your diligence and dedication! If you majored in something else or applied to another field or had a different job, you can always still apply to vet school and get in as long you have the right passion for it and the proper means of succeeding aka hard work! Thank you for your interest! If you have any questions, ask away! ♥ ♥FOLLOW ME♥ ♥ Instagram: niveda108 https://www.instagram.com/niveda108/ Snapchat: niveda ♥ ♥INQUIRIES♥ ♥ niveda108@gmail.com
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Hollywood Liberal’s New Attack on Trump Has Patriots Roaring With Laughter - Hot News
Hollywood Liberal’s New Attack on Trump Has Patriots Roaring With Laughter - Hot News Please Help Me 1000+ Subscribe: https://goo.gl/x5ZYc3 THANKS FOR WATCHING. Black Friday Sales on Amazon: https://goo.gl/iF3c58 Subscribe Hot News : https://goo.gl/8KJSaS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fanpage: https://goo.gl/4Dw62n G+: https://goo.gl/O7XuC7 Blog: https://goo.gl/E983tR Tumblr: https://goo.gl/46GgPF Reddit: https://goo.gl/fjVyf1
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The 700 Club - March 2, 2012 - CBN.com
Brooklyn Tabernacle Pastor Jim Cymbala shares how believers can tap into the power of the Holy Spirit... The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN http://www.cbn.com
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Strippers protest Street Preacher part 2
part 2 debate You can support my ministry through my patreon: https://www.patreon.com/warriorstreetpreacher
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LISA LAMPANELLI Quizzes 12-Year-Old on Stereotypes & Gay Sex HILARIOUS
Via http://boyculture.com http://facebook.com/matthewrettenmund http://twitter.com/mattrett At the PLANNED PARENTHOOD, I AM HERE FOR YOU event in NYC on 9.22.11, Lisa Lampanelli brought a 12-year-old boy up on stage to quiz him on racist stereotypes and gay sex. Comedy gold.
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Mike Pence Sarasota Florida FULL Speech 8/31/16
Mike Pence Saraotsa Florida FULL Speech 8/31/16 Pence: "Truth is Donald trump and I know we have to rebuild our military." Hillary Clinton is looking to exploit the Republican military establishment’s break with Donald Trump. Mike Pence calls allegations Donald Trump's modeling agency broke immigration laws a "sidebar issue." Hillary Clinton is looking to exploit the Republican military establishment’s break with Donald Trump.mike pence on trump's mexico trip. trump is doing what leaders do." Pence: "it's about prosperity it's about an American that works for every American." mike Pence on Trump's mtg w Peña Nieto: I expect he's going to make it real clear, we’re going to secure borders, we’re going to make a wall Pence: "We have a saying in Indiana good fences make good neighbors." On Trump immigration policy Pence says Trump is going to Mexico "to do what Pence: "he tells it like it is and the American people know he has a vision that will make America great again." Pence: "I hope you leave here today dodging all those rain drops and you find a neighbor and a friend... to talk about what this election." Protestor at Pence rally is taken out after he started yelling out
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City of Allentown and Envision Lehigh Valley
See how the City of Allentown is working through Envision Lehigh Valley to study the workforce in Allentown and the revitalization of the Little Lehigh Industrial Corridor. An excerpt from our May virtual meeting
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Mayor Pawlowski Interview-New
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Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski announces bid for re-election
Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski announces his bid for re-election during a news conference at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers union hall in the city.
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Allentown Dialogues - Our Economy Today
Speaking about the global and local economy, Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski continues his extended and interactive dialogues with the residents of Allentown.
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Chasing the M&NJ Railroad - NS Hudson Secondary: July 11, 2012
As many local residents know Warwick, New York is associated with farming and fresh produce. My parents had planned on going to Ochs Farm in Warwick to pick fresh fruit. I decided to tag along as I was hoping we would run into the Middletown and New Jersey switching Jones Chemical. We pulled into the yard to find nothing but stagnant freight cars; I jumped out of the car to listen for the gurgling of a General Electric locomotive but there was nothing to hear. As we were about to leave an incredibly loud RS3L could be heard in the distance. We assumed the train was coming towards us, but we learned it was actually heading away from us. After navigating through the traffic in Warwick created by the train we were on the chase. After a few minutes of waiting, wondering if we were in fact ahead of the train the horn could be heard again; this time it was approaching us. We eagerly awaited the train to round the bend, hoping for the engine to be running short hood forward. Our wish was granted as ex-ESPN B23-7 5114 was leading two reefer cars short hood forward. This engine is quite interesting as it still has its "L" shaped engineer window, reminiscent of its Southern Pacific heritage. Despite missing the shot in Warwick, I was really happy that we were able to chase this train all the way to its originating point at Campbell Hall, NY. It has been on my list of things to do since last summer, but due to them running as needed I haven't gone up there just to find the train, but stumbling upon this train with my camera gear worked out great. Enjoy!
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It Is Well With My Soul - Hillsong
It Is Well With My Soul words by Horatio G. Spafford music by Philip P. Bliss performed by Hillsong Chapel on "Forever Reign" (C) 2012 Hillsong Church T/A Hillsong Music Australia mp3 download: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B009KTL4J8/ref=sr_1_1_rd?ie=UTF8&child=B009KTL7OA&qid=1381976926&sr=1-1
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The Rick Smith Show 10-16-2014
Scott Brion, Candidate for Pennsylvania’s 10th congressional district joins Rick to talk Health Care in the face of the recent Ebola scare, Jobs, and Education, as well as, how his campaign is coming along in the final days of the 2014 election season.   Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski gives his take on the final days of the Pennsylvania gubernatorial race and what issues he sees popping up as the finish line approaches.   Ashlee DeSantis, student at William Penn High School in the York City School district talks about the school board’s recent decision NOT to turn the district over to privateers and the community support that forced that decision.
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PBS39 17th Congressional Debate
Matt Cartwright Democratic Incumbent and Matt Connolly Republican Candidate. Aired October 4, 2016
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PBS39 Congressional Candidates Forum - 7th District
Congressional Forum held May 2, 2018 at Northampton Community College with Democratic Candidates running for US House seats in the PA 7th District. Democrats are: Roger Ruggles, John Morganelli, Susan Wild, David Clark, Greg Edwards, and Rick Daugherty. Republican Candidates: Dean Browning and Marty Nothstein who was unable to attend. Sponsored by the League of Women Voters.
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Santos Bonacci - Prawo i Język 2/2 - Realigia i polityka Połówki tego samego jabłka Napisy pl
Oryginalny tytuł: Law and Language - Santos Bonacci - Part 2 Geelong 2 May 2012. Historia powstania korporacji Rzymskiej (Watykan), Kiedy patrzy się na bogactwo Watykanu, człowiek z niedowierzaniem kręci głową i mówi: "Patrz, a zaczynali od stajenki"
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Butler University Spring Commencement 2015
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Man in Demand Rollo Tomassi Lecture Audio Finally Available Now
Every man wishes he had heard the Rollo Tomassi lecture when he had heard this when he was 17. Now, it is available to you: https://digiramp.com/users/rollo-tomassi/shop Learn more about it here: http://therationalmale.com/2015/12/14/sam-botta-a-man-in-demand-audio/ Words in video audio from "The Rational Male" by Rollo Tomassi Narrated by Sam Botta
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How To Get Free Amazon Codes | New version 2017
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