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Building a small Drag Grader
Building a simple, yet effective drag grader small enough that it can be pulled with a golf cart or lawn tractor.
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30 × 50 House plan plinth beam and floor level above ground
This is the details of the plinth beam how much above the the plinth beam should be 1) plinth beam above ground level is 15" size 2) 3' above the 15" from the ground level 3) 3" damp proof course has been used that is the floor level this is the detailing about it
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Woodworking, How To Flatten A Live Edge Slab
I have started work on some live edge wood furniture commissions for some clients. Feel free to follow along and see how things take shape. Woodworking Plans Page: http://samuraicarpenter.com/plans/ Samurai Fan Funding: http://samuraicarpenter.com/partner-with-the-samurai/ Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=754729
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HomemadeTine Leveling Harrow Fabrication
New home made Tine & Leveling harrow combo - ideal for tilling and leveling the seed bed. The main design concept is based on the original Tanco harrow with some alterations. - Working width: 3 metres - Hydraulic Leveling Bar - 3 rows of tines - Crumbler - semi quick attach Music: Fearless by Reaktor Productions
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11 - How to build the Extreme Miter Station
Detailed 3D plans are available here: https://kingsfinewoodworking.com/products/plans-for-the-extreme-miter-station I invite you to join our Kings Fine Woodworking Community https://www.facebook.com/groups/KingsFineWoodworkingCommunity/ Get help on your projects. Share pictures of your work in our gallery. Get advice from master woodworkers, and more. Learn new tricks, tips and techniques. If you would like to help support our channel, there are a number of ways. One way is direct support through Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/KingsFineWoodworking Another is by purchasing things you might need through our Amazon link. You pay the same and they pay us a small fee. https://www.amazon.com/shop/kingsfinewoodworking You can also help without spending anything, just by liking and sharing our videos. Thank you for your support. We love teaching the world to do woodworking. Tools & Specialty items in this build: Bosch Miter Saw 12” http://amzn.to/2qPaIyz Kreg Pocket Hole Jig http://amzn.to/2rKzGgf Kreg Pocket Hole Screws http://amzn.to/2rbefYL Kreg Top Track http://amzn.to/2ruQwTm Kreg Swing Stop http://amzn.to/2rbkD2h Kreg Production Stop http://amzn.to/2qPqNnF Kreg Measuring Tape Left side http://amzn.to/2rvqZcD Kreg Measuring Tape Right Side http://amzn.to/2qPr5uL Porter Cable Dovetail Jig http://amzn.to/2qPojpz Pro 100 drawer slides http://amzn.to/2rKGNFC Deft Lacquer http://amzn.to/2rvBoVQ Edge banding trimmer http://amzn.to/2rKywBq Walnut Edge banding http://amzn.to/2qPqb1r Architect Triangle Rulers http://amzn.to/2qJC6O3 Porter Cable Dovetail Jig http://amzn.to/2qPojpz Tools used in our woodshop: https://www.amazon.com/shop/kingsfinewoodworking This is an easy to build fully modular system! I show you how to build base cabinets, which can be done in 2' or 3' widths. And upper cabinets in 2' or 3' sections. So this project is scalable to any size! Mine is 13' wide, but you could easily build it anywhere from 3' - 20' wide or more. Simply by adding or subtracting components. You also can just as easily make the base with drawers as I did or with shelving & cabinet doors, like I did the uppers. You will also see how to build a rigid semi-torsion box style top, in which to embed your miter saw. And you choose the level of build that you want. from basic ply, to Baltic birch, or even hardwoods. Any of which will make a perfectly functional Extreme Miter Station. All of this is detailed in this 4-part video series, and available in full comprehensive plans on our website. kingsfinewoodworking.com My build: This is a 13' long x 7' tall miter station containing sixteen dovetailed drawers, in four base cabinets, a bank of six upper cabinets, and a bunch of storage shelving cubby holes in the middle. The bodies of the cabinets are mostly Baltic birch plywood. the drawer fronts are from leftover pieces of walnut plywood that I had from a kitchen job. And the sides are skinned with 1/4" cherry plywood. I used architect's scale triangular aluminum rulers for the drawer pulls. I drilled and tapped them just for this project. And the upper cabinet handles are actually 3" c-clamps. My old miter station had a 12" DeWalt sliding compound miter saw, that used up too much space in my shop. The dual bars that the miter head slid on forced me to keep the saw 11" further from the shop wall than I wanted. After researching, I found the Bosch Glide 12" dual Bevel miter saw that could be placed practically against the wall of the shop. Because of that, I would be able to gain almost a foot of space in my shop. That's quite a bit when the shop isn't as big as I'd like. Plus my old miter station was put together very quickly, because I needed something functional right away to keep up with my woodworking jobs. So it was not the prettiest looking station. I took my time, did some research, and spent several days building this Extreme Miter Station. Something I can be proud of. Plans are available on my website! I hope you come back and see all 4 parts of this video series.
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Box Blade Leveling Dirt & Gravel Driveway! DIY Homemade Box Blade Build Part 4 of 4!
Hypertherm Powermax Plasma Systems: https://www.hypertherm.com/en-US/our-company/our-product-lines/powermax-plasma-cutting-and-gouging-systems/ Interested in A Career In Welding? Click Here: http://www.georgiatradeschool.com/ Markal Silver Streak Pencils: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=markal+silver+streak Heading West by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Artist: http://audionautix.com/ Also used is "Stomping Grounds" by Silent Partner
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Flattening Boards with a Router Sled
If you don't have a jointer or a planer or you need to flatten something large or difficult to flatten, building a simple sled for your router is a great solution. The router bit I am using: http://amzn.to/1tswZzd [Affiliate link] Support What I Do: http://www.mattcremona.com/support Website: http://mattcremona.com Instagram: http://instagram.com/mattcremona Twitter: https://twitter.com/MattCremona Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mattcremonaww A Day in the Woods: http://youtu.be/ee-rt2FDf5Q Integral Beaded Door: http://youtu.be/2TJVNEMmjGg
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DIY Homemade Driveway Drag Grader
Made a drag to level my driveway out of some scrap steel laying around. Worked rather well but I intend to add some wheels at the rear and an actuator to raise and lower the unit. It weighs about 100 lbs now. It could also be used to level landscape dirt. The longer it is the better at leveling it is.
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Solid Workbench - Cheap and Easy to Build
Plans can be found here http://paskmakes.com/plans/ A woodworking workbench is something I’ve needed for a long time. I’ve managed without one and I could continue that way but I’ve become tired of creative clamping to do the most simple clamping tasks. Also I need a bench that is solid, the bench I’m using now is on castors so I have to kick a wedge under them if I need the bench to remain still. The reason it has taken until now to build the workbench is I’ve always wanted to build my dream workbench which done properly would take a significant amount of time, which I never seem to find. That’s why I’ve decided to build this one out of plywood, it’s cheap and with the layered method of construction for the base it is very strong and was quick to assemble. There would be far more robust workbenches out there but this one shouldn’t be discounted, if you need a solid workbench that is cheap and easy to build this would be more than adequate for most peoples needs. Saying that, I will build my dream workbench, one day when the time is right. I am also thinking by building this bench I can figure out, over time what I like about it and what I may have done differently for when I do build my dream bench. There is more to come as I'm going to add a cabinet underneath with drawers and also a couple of vices. I haven't decided on the style of vices yet but I am planning on making them. I hope you enjoy the video and as always I'm happy to answer any questions. If you would like to support this channel you can do so here https://www.patreon.com/PaskMakes You can also help me out by purchasing one of my shirts, you can find them here https://paskmakes.threadless.com Check out my new website http://paskmakes.com/ Check out my Instagram to see more of my work https://www.instagram.com/paskmakes/ Also you can check out my photography at my website (nothing to do with making but you may be interested in what I do) http://www.neilpaskin.com My email can be found in the about section of this channel. For real mail, Pask Makes P.O BOX 768 Yandina Queensland 4561 Australia
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Make pro guitar luthier tools out of stuff you have (Guitar Hack #1)
Like my shirt? Get one here: https://GunsandGuitars.net Support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/DanThompson Instagram: @Guns.and.Guitars Facebook: http://facebook.com/gunsandguitarsofficial Guitar hack #1: How to make professional guitar luthier tools out of stuff you already have This is how to make your own professional guitar luthier tools out of stuff you probably already have lying around your house Tool #1 The first tool we will be making is a guitar neck notched straight edge. To build this you will need something made of metal with a straight edge. For that reason, I highly recommend a metal straight edge If you don't already have a metal straight edge lying around you can use for this project, you can pick up one exactly like this at Walmart or harbor freight tools for around $3-4. Step 1) line up your straight edge with the guitar neck you will be working on and mark the fret spaces with with a sharpie. You'll notice I already have one side cut out for guitar, but I'll be using this other side to make a notched straight edge for bass. Step 2) using about an 1/8th" radius, mark a semicircle around your fret markings Step 3) grind away the semi circles. You can use a file, angle grinder, or my personal favorite, a dremel tool. Quick tip for dremel users: if you double up your cutting wheels, you won't have to change out your cutting wheel as often. Step 4) file off any burrs and sand with a medium or fine grit sandpaper to remove any sharp edges. You don't want to scratch up a nice fretboard with your new tool. Tool #2 Fret sanding beam Again, you'll need something with a straight edge for this, but much thicker than a metal yard stick. For this I chose to use my level. If you don't happen to have a level like this, firstly, you really should. It's very handy tool, and unlike the notched straight edge, the mods we will make to this thing won't effect it's original design and purpose. Secondly, if you don't have one, again, you can buy one just like this at Walmart or harbor freight for $4-5. Just make sure the one you get is actually flat all the way across. Sometimes these mass produced plastic levels can be a little wonky. To make this level into a sanding beam, Measure and cut a few strips of 320 grit sandpaper to width of the level. Attach the sandpaper to one side of the level using double sided sticky tape. The beauty of this design is this sandpaper starts to wear out, just peal it off and slap on some fresh strips. Tool #3 A Fretboard guard. Tool make this tool you'll need a can of dr thunder, or other frosty beverage. Take the can directly from the fridge, and, while it's still cold and frosty, enjoy. The way soda should be enjoyed. Not out of a plastic cup from a flat room temperature 2 litre bottle and a bowl of half melted ice. No one actually enjoys drinking soda that way. Seriously, if you serve soda to your guests like that, should be ashamed of yourself. Just do yourself a favor, buy a 12 pack and leave it in the fridge overnight before your guests arrive. It doesn't cost that much more, and you don't run the risk of your guests making fun of you later on their YouTube channel... Once you've finished your soda, cut the top and bottom off with a sharp knife. If you're into pockets knives, I recommend a spyderco or better for this task. If you're not into knives, I don't know just use a butter knife or something. Just make sure you wear protective gloves so you don't cut your hand off and sue me. Okay next using your wife's favorite pair of scissors, cut down the center of the can. Now take that aluminum sheet you just cut out and roll it backwards to flatten it out. Take a rough measurement of how wide your frets are, and cut a square to that dimension. Lastly, fold the square in half, cut a small sliver out of the folded side, and there you have a fretboard guard!
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DIY Workbench // Simple design from 2x4s
I wanted more work space for my garage shop, so I built a DIY workbench based on a design from Matthias Wandel. Matthias' Website: http://woodgears.ca Matthias' Workbench: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_xJD_aylYw SUBSCRIBE http://bit.ly/24sL6n7 PROJECTS, PLANS, AND POSTS http://www.brian-hilson.com SOME TOOLS I USE Buying through these links helps support my videos. Stanley Sharptooth Handsaw - http://amzn.to/1UdxunF Crown 10-inch Dovetail Saw - http://amzn.to/2b5w3vr Irwin Quick Grip Bar Clamp - http://amzn.to/2cRKoy5 Dewalt Corded Drill - http://amzn.to/1MROtOW Bosch Orbital Sander - http://amzn.to/1YTh07C Dewalt Circular Saw - http://amzn.to/29NX3LR Milwaukee Router - http://amzn.to/2b44Qpn Elmer's Wood Glue - http://amzn.to/24dQJV4 Music by Joakim Karud http://soundcloud.com/joakimkarud
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Bottle Cap Bar Top Tutorial
How to build a bottle cap bar top and a bottle cap table top with epoxy resin. UltraClear Epoxy is the #1 Epoxy Coating for Bar Tops, Countertops & Table Tops. Our extremely durable epoxy has a crystal-clear transparent finish that never yellows, fades or cracks. See why over 50,000 people and some of the most respected companies trust UltraClear Epoxy. Order UltraClear Epoxy: http://www.bestbartopepoxy.com/epoxy/ View Other Projects: http://www.bestbartopepoxy.com/tutorial-videos/ Read Testimonials: http://www.bestbartopepoxy.com/testimonials/ Follow Us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BarTopEpoxy/
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How to make a level cut with a Chainsaw - creating outdoor workspace
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Art-Home-by-Jon-Peters/312021729836 Check out our new website: http://jonpeters.com/ This video will show you how to make a level and straight cut with a chainsaw. I use the chainsaw to cut an old telephone pole to the right height so I can use it as a pedestal for an anvil for welding projects. It worked out really well so check out the how to and basic tools you'll need make a clean and level cut with a chainsaw.
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How to make a LOADING BAR in Unity
Let's create a progress bar! ● Download the scene: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/#!/content/40756?aid=1101lPGj ● Written tutorial by Alan Zucconi: http://www.alanzucconi.com/2016/03/30/loading-bar-in-unity/ ♥ Support my videos on Patreon: http://patreon.com/brackeys/ ···················································································· ♥ Donate: http://brackeys.com/donate/ ♥ Subscribe: http://bit.ly/1kMekJV ● Website: http://brackeys.com/ ● Facebook: https://facebook.com/brackeys/ ● Twitter: https://twitter.com/BrackeysTweet/ ········································­­·······································­·­···· Edited by the lovely Sofibab. ········································­­·······································­·­···· ► All content by Brackeys is 100% free. I believe that education should be available for everyone. Any support is truly appreciated so I can keep on making the content free of charge. ········································­­·······································­·­···· ♪ Baby Plays Electro Games http://teknoaxe.com/cgi-bin/link_code_2.pl?326
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Mega Workbench - How to Make a Woodworking Bench
MORE PROJECT AND TIPS: http://makebuildmodify.com/ In this video: How I made a MEGA workbench out of reclaimed wood. I remodeled an old barn last summer. While demolishing the interior I had a chance to recover some of the old lumber. I stored it for a few months until I had time to build this woodworking bench. It weighs over 850 pounds and required 600 screws, 1 ½ gallons of wood glue, 44 9’x2”x6” Douglas fir, and about 40 hours to build I hope I cover enough detail in this video to be helpful. Thanks for watching! (affiliate links) - These help fund the videos at no extra cost to you. TOOL LIST: Measuring and marking: Tap measure ----------------------------------------- http://amzn.to/2ddgDDW Swanson Speed Square ------------------------ http://amzn.to/2eE8BqC Framing square ------------------------------------- http://amzn.to/2e0b7IT Mechanical Pencil --------------------------------- http://amzn.to/2dB6X71 Sharpie Marker -------------------------------------- http://amzn.to/2edfD5H Fastening: 3M blue tape ----------------------------------------- http://amzn.to/2e0aHSG Wood glue --------------------------------------------- http://amzn.to/2dQSbsU Wood Screws ---------------------------------------- http://amzn.to/2lubzP7 Bar Clamp, 48-inch -------------------------------- http://amzn.to/2kxQTrW Cutting and drilling Short Blade 3-Piece Wood Chisel Set --- http://amzn.to/2jJf4oB Skilsaw -------------------------------------------------- http://amzn.to/2bSiCAK Hand saw ---------------------------------------------- http://amzn.to/2dU5WdN Japanese woodworking Hand Saw ------ http://amzn.to/2dqe2Mg Table saw --------------------------------------------- http://amzn.to/2dQSrs1 Chop saw ---------------------------------------------- http://amzn.to/2dItFyf Milwaukee Drill -------------------------------------- http://amzn.to/2cOGXaH High-Speed Steel Drill Bits -------------------- http://amzn.to/2c9pX0k Utility knife -------------------------------------------- http://amzn.to/2cgK4Hn Fortsner bits ------------------------------------------ http://amzn.to/2dtXYFE Hammers: Framing Hammer with Smooth Face ---- http://amzn.to/2c20e8F Dead Blow Mallet ---------------------------------- http://amzn.to/2kNSecI FOLLOW: TWITTER: https://twitter.com/MakeBuildModify INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/makebuildmodify/ PINTEREST: https://www.pinterest.com/MakeBuildModify/ YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/c/MakebuildmodifyTV FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/MakeBuildModify/ G+: https://plus.google.com/+MakebuildmodifyTV/ WARNING: This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Always think ahead. Every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK.
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The PERFECT Woodworking Workbench // How To Build The Ultimate Hybrid Workholding Bench
How to make the PERFECT woodworking workbench! This massive hybrid bench (part French Roubo, part German Holtzapffel, and part English Nicholson) gives you the ultimate in work holding abilities! "WORKBENCH PLANS" https://www.thirdcoastcraftsman.com/shop "WORKBENCH LUMBER PACKS" http://theworkbench.com/ Hardwood lumber packs for this workbench are available through L.L. Johnson Lumber/Johnsons Workbench in Charlotte MI. Packs can be picked up in store or delivered to your house anywhere in the US.** They will mill the lumber for FREE, and if you order before 9/9/2018 you will get an additional discount on the lumber. They straight-line rip one edge, mill flat and smooth both faces so all you have to do is follow the plans and rip the boards to proper width, cut to length, glue up, cut joinery, and assemble. No further milling should be needed. OPTIONS: HARD MAPLE 6ft - 7ft Bench ~ $907 8ft - 9ft Bench ~ $1063 RED OAK 6ft - 7ft Bench ~ $698 8ft - 9ft Bench ~ $822 WHITE OAK 6ft - 7ft Bench ~ $1107 8ft - 9ft Bench ~ $1300 **Prices do not include shipping or tax as those will vary from location to location. Lumber pack prices may also vary. TO ORDER OR TO RECEIVE MORE PRICING INFO: ~~~ Email Adam at adam@theworkbench.com ~~~ or call (517) 543-1660 "VERITAS TWIN-SCREW VISE" http://www.leevalley.com/us/Wood/page.aspx?p=45114&cat=1,41659 "VERITAS QUICK RELEASE VISE" http://www.leevalley.com/us/Wood/page.aspx?p=67755&cat=1,41659 "VERITAS BENCH DOGS, PRAIRIE DOGS, ACCESSORIES" http://www.leevalley.com/us/Wood/page.aspx?cat=1&p=41637 "HOLD FASTS" https://www.toolsforworkingwood.com/store/dept/TL/item/MS-HOLDFAST.XX "MERCHANDISE" https://www.thirdcoastcraftsman.com "MY WEBSITE" https://www.thirdcoastcraftsman.com "MY FAVORITE TOOLS" https://www.thirdcoastcraftsman.com/favorite-handtools "SUPPORT ME ON PATREON AND GET COOL REWARDS!!!" https://www.patreon.com/thirdcoastcraftsman Instagram -- https://www.instagram.com/thirdcoastcraftsman Facebook -- https://www.facebook.com/ThirdCoastCraftsman Videography and Editing Marlon J Torres https://www.instagram.com/marlon.joaquin.torres/ marlonjt2192@gmail.com DISCLAIMER: Woodworking and the use of power and hand tools can be extremely dangerous. You are responsible for understanding the safe use of your tools and techniques. Your safety is YOUR responsibility, I accept NO responsibility or liability for any injuries, accidents, death occurring to you or others if you attempt to do the things that I do or use advice that I give.
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Laser Level Pro 4 Beam LED Light
Laser level Pro 4 Beam LED Light. Projector Horizontal or Vertical Laser Light Beam 3 way level bubbles with plexiglass led light laser projector laser leverpro4 1.5M / 4.92FT LV - 04 Laser Beam Mini Laser Multi Function Leveler Tripod Nivel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUYfnJB2WA4 How to Installing treads and risers on existing stairs wire a LED Light Controller https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=clNrkR0finc Cheap Tools लेजर प्रकाश lejar prakaash Laser-Ebene Pro4 Beam LED Licht 鐳射水準臨 4 束 LED 燈 レーザー レベル Pro 4 ビーム LED 光 howstuffworks Sexy Body Girls (Instrumental Mix)-2547 Minus 8 ft Daddy Freddy #Mindmadedesigns
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Concrete Footer Part 1
FREE Quick Start Guide here: http://www.askthebuilder.com/concrete-footer-quick-start-guide/ Tim Carter describes installing a concrete footer in this multi-part series. Sign up NOW for Tim's FREE weekly newsletter at: http://go.askthebuilder.com/NewsletterSignupNow RELATED HELPFUL CONTENT: http://www.askthebuilder.com/step-footing/ http://www.askthebuilder.com/connecting-a-new-foundation-to-an-old-one/ http://www.askthebuilder.com/foundation-footer/
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Using a laser level to layout elevations for new building lot
It was cold and wet, but we got the layout and elevation of our new construction lot established! - Learn More at http://www.barstowconstruction.com - Follow us on Twitter for more pictures of our current projects -- @barstowhomes
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Build a bench top with 2x4's
Build a heavy duty bench top from some 2x4's to give you a nice sturdy place to work on all you projects. Glue Bot: https://amzn.to/2ByuPVk Tape measure: https://amzn.to/2CwtMXK Square: https://amzn.to/2BAplcJ Wood Glue: https://amzn.to/2BDKNgT Skill Saw: https://amzn.to/2Lw9aSg Belt Sander: https://amzn.to/2Lx4efU Straight Edge: https://amzn.to/2Lw6wvU Clamps: https://amzn.to/2Lxiq8N Boiled Linseed Oil: https://amzn.to/2Aaj1Zl Music: Youtube audio Library Old_Friend, Sawdust, Succotash, Sleepy_Jake Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rabbitwoodworkshop Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rabbitwoodworkshop Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/RabbitWoodWorkshop Website: http://www.rabbitwood.net
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Spreader Bars Levelling Bars SUIT Bobcat loaders
Spreader Bars Levelling Bars SUIT Bobcat SkidSteer loader. Track loaders A versatile inexpensive accessories for your 4 in 1 Bucket, Clamps into your 4 in 1 bucket.ideal for Landscaping, Earthmoving, Road works and leveling soils. Suit Skid Steer loaders. VISIT www.southerntool.com.au FOR MORE INFORMATION.
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How to Build a Professional Style Workbench
This video serves as a step by step how-to guide to building a professional style workbench for your woodshop or workshop. If you have any questions about the build, ask them in the comments section and I will answer them as soon as possible. I've had several people ask for a materials list, so here it is. This is for 1 - 7' x 37" workbench. 3 - 4"x4"x8' 7 - 2"x4"x8' 6 - 2"x6"x8' and a box of 2 1/2" or 3" screws. I hope this list helps those of you planning to build this. I'd love to see your finished product, so send me pictures via DM on Instagram (WV_DIY). Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for watching! LIKE! SUBSCRIBE! FOLLOW ON INSTAGRAM! WV_DIY
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Bricklaying 101: How To Build A Brick Wall - DIY At Bunnings
The art of laying bricks is a good skill to learn if you want to take your D.I.Y. to the next level. This video from Bunnings Warehouse will show you what’s involved in building a brick wall. For more DIY advice and information, visit the Bunnings website today: http://www.bunnings.com.au/diy-advice
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How to Build a Raised Deck with Wickes
A partly or fully raised deck can be a great addition to any garden, especially if the ground is sloping or uneven. Learn how to build a raised deck with this step by step guide from our Wickes experts. Subscribe to the Wickes YouTube channel here: http://po.st/YijIE1 For more Wickes garden and landscaping videos click here: http://po.st/jAXyHE Planning The key to a successful deck is in the planning. Avoid very wet areas completely and if the deck is in a shady area be prepared to treat and clean the wood annually. Draw your deck to scale on paper as accurately as you can, remember it's the deck boarding that governs the size of the deck. You should also bear in mind that any deck over 300mm off the ground will require planning permission. Corner Posts When digging the holes for your corner posts be sure to look out for any cables or pipes as you go. Once the soil is removed you should be left with a 300mm x 300mm square to a depth of 700mm for each post. Make sure you add a section of concrete block to each hole before adding in the post and Postcrete. Outer Frame If your deck is on a slope, start with corner where the deck is highest off the ground and mark on the post where the highest part of the frame will be. To ensure rain water runs off your deck, and away from the house, allow for a slight fall in the level of the deck frame by factoring in a fall of 2mm for every metre. Centre post and Support Joists Your support joists should run in the same direction as your deck boards. Sandwich the centre post between two support joists before securing with Postcrete. Trim your post by using a setsquare and a handsaw making sure you treat the cut ends as you go. When laying your landscape fabric it's best to overlap the fabric to ensure it covers all of the area under your deck. Steps Your steps should be supported on solid and level ground. When building your stairs you will also need to make sure they are flush with both the top and side of your frame. When securing your deck boards to the steps, always secure the front faces of the steps first. Deck Boards When securing deck boards we'd recommend drilling all fixing points with a 2mm bit to prevent them from splitting, also, if you countersink all drilled fixing points you will get a smoother finish. Keep spaces even between adjacent boards by using a spacer from an off cut of timber (we'd recommend a gap of 5-8mm to allow the timber to expand and contract). Fascia Boards Start by attaching all the boards that do not need to be cut down, with 64mm screws. If you are adding an angled board because the decking is being built on a slope you will need to add packers to the deck frame. Remember to also leave a gap of at least 5mm between the board and the ground as you do not want it touching the ground at any point. Shop Wickes timber & decking here: http://po.st/g2MrrC Shop power tools at Wickes here: http://po.st/ClXSl7 Learn how to assemble deck railings on YouTube here: http://po.st/ZicwVL For more advice on how to lay a deck visit our website here: http://www.wickes.co.uk/how-to-guides/lay-a-deck For more information and advice on gardens and landscaping visit the Wickes website here: http://www.wickes.co.uk/garden Wickes Website: http://www.wickes.co.uk/ Wickes Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Wickes.co.uk Wickes Twitter: https://twitter.com/Wickes Wickes YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/wickesvideo If you'd like to find out more from Wickes, the order line number is 0330 123 4123
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YOOOO what's good YouTube it's ya boi KaaaaaaassssssshhhhhOoooooouuuuuuutMiiike!! Welcome to my description I hope y'all enjoyed this video and if you did be sure to smash that like button and subscribe if your new! ★ (Turn On Notifications By Clicking The "Bell" Next To The Subscribe Button) ★ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ►   SOCIAL MEDIA   ● Twitter - https://mobile.twitter.com/KashOutMike ● Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/kashoutmike ● Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/kashoutmike_/ ● Snapchat - https://www.snapchat.com/add/snap_mike55 ● GT - KashOutMike1  ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ✪ Business Inquiries - kashoutmike1@gmail.com TAGS: NBA2k19 nba 2k19 jackpot winners nba 2k19 jackpot nba 2k19 jackpot nba 2k19 big jackpot My Career , Mypark , Stage , high rollers Best jump shot NBA 2k18 Vc glitch , Legend 5 Mascot , 99 overall , chris smoove , pro am myplayer Pewdiepie prettyboyfredo red city boi swante phantom slice yrndj Chris smoove NBA 2k19 park Vc glitch after patch 5 vc glitch shakedown2012 shakedown shakedown exposed NBA 2k19 orlandoinchicago, nba 2k19 news, mascot, Vc glitch after patch 5 vc glitch PRETTYBOYFREDO PRETTYBOY FREDO , nba2k19 unlimited vc glitch, best jumpshot, best dribble moves, best dunks, montage, nba2k19 montage, nba2k19 funny, nba 2k19 funny moments, funny moments, Instant legend mascot glitch, superstar, superstar 5, legend, dance, challenge, park after dark, nba 2k19 vc glitch, nba 2k19 best dribble moves, sharpshooter, demigod glitch, SHARPSHOOTER JUMPSHOT ! DEMIGOD ! BEST POSITION NBA 2K19 MY PARK 2K19 Nba 2k19, nba 2k19 gameplay, nba2k19 gameplay, nba2k19 dunks, nba2k19 park, nba 2k18, nba2k18 animations, nba2k18 mypark, 2k19, nba 2k19 first look, nba 2k19 best jumpshots, nba 2k19 best dunks, nba 2k19 best signature styles, nba2k19 best jumpshots, nba2k18 best dunks, nba2k19 animations, nba 2k19 jumpshots, nba2k19 all parks, nba2k19 rep, nba2k19 leaked gameplay, nba2k19 myteam, nba 2k19 myteam, nba2k19 myplayer, nba2k19 mycareer, nba 2k19 game, nba2k19 best jumpshot nba2k19 best jumpshot nba 2k19 best jumpshot nba2k19 best jumpshots, nba 2k19 best jumpshots nba 2k19 best jumpshot nba 2k19 best jumpshot nba 2k19 best myplayer build mna 2k19 best point guard build nba 2k19 best center build nba 2k19 best shooting guard build nba 2k19 best small forward build nba 2k19 best power forward build nba 2k19 best outside player build nba2k19 best balanced player build nba 2k19 mycareer nba 2k19 best inside player build Nba2k19, nba 2k19, nba2k19 best jumpshots, nba 2k18 best jumpshot, nba2k19 myplayer build, nba2k19 mycareer, nba2k19 mypark, nba2k19 best dunks, nba2k19 best signature styles. Some youtubers I plan on playing with or against in NBA2K19  are: yrndj, michael force, dr 2k, Kellhitemup95, prettyboyfredo, shoot everyone, shooteveryone, and agent 00 (If they get a XB1). nba2k19 news, nba 2k19, nba2k19 parks, nba 2k19 parks, nba live 19, nba live 19 news, nba2k19 features, nba 2k19 fun, nba2k19 park, nba 2k19 myteam, solluminati sunset, shooteveryone chris smoove park, i have the best dribble moves in nba 2k19, jump shot, custom, i have the best jumpshot in nba 2k19 that it will make you wet, how to, greenlights in nba 2k19 mypark, prettyboyfredo exposed, Free LSK, clout machine, prettyboyfredo fake pranks, patch 7, mt. dew tourney, i have the best player builds in nba 2k19, nba 2k19 best player build for slasher, nba 2k19 best player build for sharpshooter, nba 2k19 best speedboosting player build my park ankle breaker badge hall of fame cheese nadexe nadexey jumpshot custom jumpshots best patch rep superstar mypark nba player expose exposed kyrie lebron curry nba 2k19 best dribble moves, nba 2k19 mt dew tournament, nadexe prettyboyfredo, nba 2k19 ultimate dribble tutorial, how to speedboost with a sharpshooter, best dribble moves in nba 2k19, best player build in nba 2k19, nba 2k19 animation glitch, nba 2k19 vc glitch, best rhythm dribble in nba 2k19, NBA 2K19 KOBE BETWEEN THE LEGS DRIBBLE SPAM, NBA 2K19 DEMIGOD GLITCH, NBA 2K19 DOUBLE REP WEEKEND,
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How to Build an Easy, Custom Workbench
This is a guide to build an easy, custom workbench for woodworking. I am using basic lumber that you can get at any big box store to build this workbench. It was easy to add a custom look to the DIY workbench by adding tongue and grove boards to three sides of the bench. Tools Used- - Makita Miter Saw- http://amzn.to/2aquoR2 - Ridgid Table Saw- http://amzn.to/2ae95yP - Dewalt Drill- http://amzn.to/2aa12Ye - Kreg Jig- http://amzn.to/2aHf3O0 DISCLAIMER: The description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and buy anything on Amazon, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support my channel and allows me to continue to make videos. Thank you for the support! Please visit www.chaddiy.com
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To download our new step-by-step instructional bulletin. please click on the following link: Please Click on this link to download our MAX 1618 Instructional bulletin for further details: https://goo.gl/RFa75Y To view more usage demonstrations and how to calculate resin usage based on the area of the table or any surface, please visit our eBay store. MAX 1618 A/B eBay description page: https://www.ebay.com/itm/222627264798 Video Description Four feet by four feet table top made from recycled wood from a bowling lane is epoxy coat 1/8 inch thick. This video demonstrates actually preparation of the wood that has imbued with wax and polish typical of a bowling lane. A MAX EPOXY RESIN SYSTEM is applied onto the tabletop to create a very clear, color stable resin system to a thickness that produces a deep transparent coating that is resistant to hot (tested up to 180 deg.F) mugs and bowl, leaving no impression. The side coating is applied using a high-density foam brush, which is applied in thin films to minimize runs and drips. Apply several thin coats 4 hours apart between coats. Here is a video demonstration of a resin application where an HD-foam brush was used as an example; https://youtu.be/C9g_GRTobUg A foam roller can also be used; here is a video demonstration illustrating the principles of epoxy resin application. The coating thickness should be at least 0.010 inch or 10 mils which provides hermetic sealing. https://youtu.be/iqcd7oQGnTQ High-density foam rollers and brushes can be purchased from most paint stores or at http://www.whizzrollers.com/mini-rollers.
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How To: Grade With An Excavator
Using the Bobcat E50 to show you how I grade with an excavator. Let me know if you think the video was informative and if you would like to see more like this. Like what you see? Check out The Dirt Ninja on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/TheDirtNINJA
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How To Build a Level Shed, tiny houses, barn foundation, platform by Jon Peters
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Art-Home-by-Jon-Peters/312021729836 Website: http://jonpeters.com/ I'm building a new storage shed for my lawn mower and gardening tools. I've noticed that most sheds tend to rot from the bottom up and are often home to ground hogs and skunks. Because of these issues I'm taking a little more time and effort to prevent that from happening to this shed by building a solid base and level foundation. Hope you find this video helpful
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XD Land Plane, Gravel Driveway & Road Grader, ABI Attachments
WEB: http://www.ABILandPlanes.com | CALL: 877-788-7253 The ABI Land Plane takes command of your dirt and gravel roadway maintenance. This attachment creates a smooth driving surface with no skill required. Built in five, six, and seven foot widths, the 3-point connection is category one ASAE quick-hitch compatible, and is designed for use with most any compact or utility tractor. The ABI Land Plane's rugged design is built for extreme-duty work and superb durability. For extra-tough jobs, the included scarifiers mounted to a 4-inch tube-steel bar, helps provide the ultimate bite, and a welded frame ensures precise results and utmost longevity. Each scarifier can be raised or lowered and the pair of angled grading blades can be adjusted for grading depth, pitch, or blade wear. To ensure your Land Plane will keep working hard season after season, it features heavy-duty wear parts that are long-lasting and easy to replace. Its thick sidewalls are equipped with full-length replaceable skid shoes. Each scarifier features a replaceable hardened-steel tip and each tapered 1/2" high-carbon heat-treated steel planing blade is easily reversed or replaced. To maintain a crown, select the grader that will only cover half of the width of your driveway, operate the grader up & down each side of the driveway and never drive down the center. Two lower arm mounting pins are included.
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Homes.com DIY Experts Share How-to Build an Outdoor Fire Pit
DIY experts Katie and Jon Jasiewicz from SewWoodsy.com show how to build an outdoor fire pit for Summer as part of their series of DIY tutorials for Homes.com. In this DIY tutorial Jon provides detailed instructions to prep the outdoor area and build the fire pit. Be sure to visit often for inspirational tips to complete your next DIY project!
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Epoxy Tutorial Video
Epoxy resin tutorial video. Show hows to pour epoxy over a wood table or bar top area. UltraClear epoxy from BestBarTopEpoxy dot com. UltraClear Epoxy is the #1 Commercial Grade Epoxy Coating for Bar Tops, Countertops & Table Tops. Our extremely durable epoxy has a crystal-clear transparent finish that never yellows, fades or cracks. See why over 50,000 people and some of the most respected companies trust UltraClear Epoxy. Order UltraClear Epoxy: http://www.bestbartopepoxy.com/epoxy/ View Other Projects: http://www.bestbartopepoxy.com/tutorial-videos/ Read Testimonials: http://www.bestbartopepoxy.com/testimonials/ Follow Us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BarTopEpoxy/
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How to make a DIY workbench with pallets
A simple guide on how to build this sturdy wooden workbench from pallets. This pallet project works great as a garage workbench and can be used to store your tools. If you need guidance on how to dismantle and recycle a pallets safely please watch our video guide. HOW TO DISMANTLE A PALLET: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPi0zDsqJUo PALLET PROJECT SERIES: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWYlGdEsoWd5l9RLqkmE4e-9IuP9W3mNL SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjO0gG2A5ki2n7HNZD0Sv7A?sub_confirmation=1 INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/silverline_tools/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/SilverlineTools FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/SilverlineTo... BUY THE TOOLS: http://www.silverlinetools.com Silverline Tools How To videos are for reference purposes only. Undertaking these projects is entirely at your own risk. Read safety instructions before operating any power tools and always wear appropriate protection.
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Construction Steps of a house in India - 2
This video shows the construction procedure of a house from plinth beam level to Roof level The Location of this house is in kerala, India It includes- # Plan of column-35cmx21cm column # Steel reinforcement works of column (pillers) -6 no. of 12mm dia bars, -8mm dia stirrup at 15cm c/c distance, -Steel from below connected with new -steels and raised to required height. # Extra steels provide for connection with lintel,Paper pieces folded for easy identification after deshuttering # Setting out done - edges marked in cement sand paste # Starter(shoe) for proper arrangement of column shutter # Starter shutter removal # Column shutter -Made of woods or sheets -Made according to the shape of column. # Verticality check-Two wood pieces of eqaul dimension and rope with weight is used When woods comes parallel- It is vertical or using plumbbob. # Shutter fixing using supports and nails # Column concrete -Water the inside of formwork -cement slurry poured for good bondage -concrete mix poured using bowls -compacted using rod or vibrators # Column formwork removal - after 24 hours # Curing of column- atleast to 7 days. Preferably to 14 days # Different types of Architrave fixings -Wood door window frames, concrete door window frames etc # Termite proof materials and wood primers for wood frames # Steel primers for the steel of windows # Cleaning of place of activity # Mark the position were door frames comming # Rope laid through the frames and connected to block for good fixing # Verticality checked using plumbbob # All doorframes fixed. -To check level of doors - Levelling apparatus of small hose with water inside is used. # Hold fasts are fixed for connection with masonry # Masonry materials- Cement blocks , bricks, latterites etc. # Size of Latterite used- 33cm x 19cm x 21cm # Setting out, cleaning, watering # Cement mortar applied # Latterate laid with small gaps. -cement mortar filled in these Joints using trowel -applied on sides for good bondage # Levelling staff and plumb bob used for levelling # Masonry laid in stretcher bond pattern # Window frames placing, levelling, fixing # Space given for alamaras comming inside wall. # Ventilation fixing # Lintel with Thickness 15 cm Steel-4 no. of 8mm diametre bars with stirrrups # Steel in the column is taken out using chisel for connection with linel # Lintel formwork made -gaps between them are closed for leakage of slurry # Berth slab is also in connection with lintel # Concrete of lintel and berthslab # Laterite above lintel # Construction of Pargolas # Small spaces leaved above for air movement # Stair case -drawings- some are straight steps and some are round steps. -Rise-16.6cm -Thread-27.5cm -width-90cm # Positions marked according to plan - shutter made. # Cardboad pieces used for getting proper round shapes # This is stair case starting from first floor so we connect stair case steel to roof steels of ground storey # Concrete of staircase Metals used in it -Three by four inch (3/4) or one by two inch(1/2) or a mix of them # Jute bag laying for curing curing 21 days # Construction of retaining wall or Rcc walls -for withstanding load comming on one side of building # Roof beam and roof slab drawings # Form work of roof beam done first, then roof slab Material used-Jack and prob, woods, bamboo sticks, sheets etc # Gap between shutter sheets closed to prevent the leakage of slurry. # Steel placed above cover block -Tied using binding wires (MSW) # 20mm pipes laid -for passage of electrical wires # Fan hooks and boxes are laid -Pipe openings given to below after covering with insulation tape # Concrete mixing in the mixer # Concrete comming in RMC (ReadyMix Concrete) vehicle # Concrete placing, mechanical vibrator application # Measured wood (10cm is thickness of slab) used for correct thickness # Use of straight edge to struckoff excess concrete # Wooden floats used to embed course aggregate into it firmly # Use of trowel to smoothened it # Small bunds made for curing -Curing done to 21 days. # Remaining works are plumbing, Electrical works, plastering, and other interior works. Send your opinions and suggestions to my Email id smartconstructjj@gmail.com For reading commentry of the video, visit http://smartconstructjj.blogspot.com Thankyou. https://youtu.be/XaHpTvUfnfQ
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How to Apply Liquid Glass Epoxy on a Bar Top with Amazing Clear Cast Resin
We captured how to pour clear epoxy resin, coat and seal in 100 year old barn wood and other accents on a bar top at One Well Brewing in Kalamzoo, Michigan. The bar top surface is coated by Amazing Clear Cast from Alumilite, a clear pourable epoxy resin that can coat and cover any tabletop surface. Clear resin coating can be used on bar tops, tables and counter tops providing a crystal clear glaze coat. Amazing Clear Cast is available in 8oz, 16oz, 32oz and 2 gallon kits. DIY LIQUID GLASS SURFACE COATING 1) Measure equal amounts by Volume 2) Mix sides A and B thoroughly 3) Pour onto surface slowly 4) Allow 24-48 hours to fully cure Find this tutorial at https://www.barcoating.com/instructions Coverage calculator at https://www.barcoating.com/coverage-calculator A special thank you to One Well Brewing https://www.onewellbrewing.com Visit Alumilite at https://www.alumilite.com
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The Infamous Mini Lathe!
Variable Speed Mini Lathe! There is a game plan here, but for now, let's have a look and kick the tires on the infamous mini lathe. Lathe Levelling Video: https://youtu.be/THkb-x35fwc
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Bolt Connections - Column Shoes and Anchor Bolts
Demonstration of Peikko Bolt Connection using Peikko's Column Shoes and Anchor Bolts. Learn more at https://www.peikko.com/products/bolted-column-connections/
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Two way slab Reinforcement
This is the description of the two way slab reinforcement... Only 10 mm top bar has been bended and 8mm as the distribution bar
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Live Edge River Table | Woodworking How-To
In this video I build A live edge river table with the most insane piece of walnut I have ever seen. I walk you through how I did it. Check it out! Full Blog JohnMalecki.com/River-Table/ THE KING OF RIVER TABLES Greg Klassen - http://www.gregklassen.com/ JET Industrial - http://bit.ly/JETRiverTable Product Affiliates BEAM SAW - https://kit.com/JohnMaleckiBuilds/woodworking-tools/prazi-usa-pr2700-bea MY FINISH - https://kit.com/JohnMaleckiBuilds/finishes/rubio-monocoat-compo Edited by Nic Suriano https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkVeHq0fqHtCbIF2FVrRHjQ Music by Epidemic Sound http://bit.ly/TheBuilderMusic My Top Tools and Product Affiliates Woodworking Tools - https://kit.com/JohnMaleckiBuilds/woodworking Metalworking Tools - https://kit.com/JohnMaleckiBuilds/metal-working-tools Favorite Finishes - https://kit.com/JohnMaleckiBuilds/finishes My Camera Gear - https://kit.com/JohnMaleckiBuilds/camera-gear ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow me on Social! Instagram: http://www.Instagram.com/John_Malecki Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/JohnMaleckiBuilds Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/John_Malecki Website: http:// www.JohnMalecki.com ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Send me your stickers John Malecki 230 Sweetbriar St Pittsburgh PA 15211
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Easy Build Road Drag
Not the best videography, but you get the idea. This really does a nice job of maintaining a gravel and dirt road. Just make sure you bolt on new cutting faces on those areas that start to wear first.
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Mike Makes an Adjustable Height Workbench (Lifting Mechanism)
I'm building an adjustable height workbench but I needed a lifting mechanism to raise and lower the middle shelf. I decided to use 2 trailer jacks (Curt 28204) and 1/2" rod to connect them. This same design could be used to make an adjustable height desk. No one part of this project was difficult, but everything took a little longer than expected. The end result seems very sturdy and is a good foundation to build a workbench/out feed table from. Parts (Amazon Affiliate) Bearing - http://amzn.to/29RcfrE Gear - http://amzn.to/29RbMpu Chain - http://amzn.to/29Rc9Ap Rod - http://amzn.to/29Rcz9M Sign up for monthly income, expenses, and net worth reports! http://newsletter.mikeandlauren.com Check out our blog: http://www.mikeandlauren.com Follow us: http://twitter.com/mikeandlauren
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staff reading | how to read staff reading | civil engineering
Very easy way to read staff ? how to read staff reading. ___________________________________ How to check Error in Auto-Level | Two Peg Test | How to measure distance using auto level in urdu https://youtu.be/jvxZG4dgJTA Practical Layout on site | How to Layout of Column | 2nd Floor layout | 3rd floor layout plan video. https://youtu.be/TQaTTwiwxxQ ---------------------- starter for Column | Column Layout | What is Starter https://youtu.be/OS-R1sahTYM --------------- terrazzo Flooring Installation | Terrazzo Floor | Terrazo Flooring video https://youtu.be/yU10i8jC_W0 ------------------------------------- Walk through in a multi-Storey building | Building Design https://youtu.be/o8HfPfU6ST0 ------------ #CivilEngineering ---------------- Beams Construction Drawing for buildings. https://youtu.be/B9cxBoQ-bYA -------------------- Column layout plan | column Drawing layout plan | Structure Drawing https://youtu.be/U_LAyX6c4oU ------------------------ North face Building walk through with plan details (150' × 46') https://youtu.be/K2evmXurulw -------- How to check steel in columns | structure drawing | site videos | layout. https://youtu.be/Y2rOl2Oovq8 -------- civil engineering basic knowledge. civil engineering projects. civil engineering basic knowledge in urdu. civil engineering course. civil engineering career. civil engineer work. civil engineering interview. civil engineering diploma. civil engineering drawing. civil engineering drawing bangla civil engineering jobs in pakistan 1st floor layout plan. 2nd floor layout plan. 3rd floor layout plan. 4th Floor layout. 5th floor layout. Rcc beams and columns. Rcc beams and columns. Foundation marking. marking out of foundation. Rcc columns footing. footing details. maximum distance between two columns Civil engineering videos. Layout of columns 3rd floor. How to check steel on site. civil engineering videos. civil engineering projects. -------------------------------------------------- #CivilEngineering #CivilEngineer #civilEngineeringlife Subscribe for more updates.
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Epoxy Kitchen Countertop | HOW TO
How to do an epoxy kitchen countertop! This kitchen countertop was done using our Premium White Marble FX Poxy Countertop Kit, you can find the kit and more information on our website https://www.countertopepoxy.com Countertop Epoxy provides metallic countertop epoxy kits to coat over existing countertops or new ones. Our products are all food safe, heat resistant, UV resistant, and scratch resistant making this epoxy the best epoxy for countertops. This coating is also zero VOC so there will be no odor or toxic fumes when applying the product. Our DIY epoxy countertop kits provide simple steps and video guides to create a custom, durable countertop that will last you a lifetime. At Countertop Epoxy, our goal is to provide our customers with the best support and guidance so their experience from start to finish with our products is always easy and enjoyable. To enroll in a future workshop, visit - https://www.countertopepoxy.com/training-classes/ - SOCIAL MEDIA - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/epoxycountertops/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/countertopepoxy/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/countertopepoxy Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/countertopepoxy/
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Sub Level Back Yard Bar
Project 3 for Con 252, class project concrete pour in back yard
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Monster Hunter World - How to Upgrade Armor Skills
Check out these three ways to increase skill levels in Monster Hunter World. For a full list of armor skills so you can plan your perfect set, head to IGN's wiki page @ http://www.ign.com/wikis/monster-hunter-world/Armor_Skills 23 Details, Tips, and Insights from the Monster Hunter World Executive Director https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XkjrlVGSPW0 Monster Hunter World: THIS is the Executive Director's Favorite NEW Monster: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13WuYdxHf-w Subscribe to IGN for more! http://www.youtube.com/user/IGNentertainment?sub_confirmation=1 ------------------------------­---- Follow IGN for more! ------------------------------­---- YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/ignentertainment?sub_confirmation=1 IGN OFFICIAL APP: http://www.ign.com/mobile FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ign TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ign INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/igndotcom/?hl=en WEBSITE: http://www.ign.com/ GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/+IGN
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Table Top Epoxy Tutorial | Tabletop Epoxy
Table Top Epoxy Tutorial | Tabletop Epoxy UltraClear Epoxy is the #1 Epoxy Coating for Bar Tops, Countertops & Table Tops. Our extremely durable epoxy has a crystal-clear transparent finish that never yellows, fades or cracks. See why over 50,000 people and some of the most respected companies trust UltraClear Epoxy. Order UltraClear Epoxy: http://www.bestbartopepoxy.com/epoxy/ View Other Projects: http://www.bestbartopepoxy.com/tutorial-videos/ Read Testimonials: http://www.bestbartopepoxy.com/testimonials/ Follow Us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BarTopEpoxy/ Wine Red Patina Copper Sheeting provided by ColorCopper.com Order Here: http://www.colorcopper.com/wine-red-copper-sheet-light-36-gauge.html
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How to Build an Garden lounge Seat Sofa XL - time lapse Modern scaffold planks
How to make your own XL wooden outdoor garden bench. Do it yourself in Time lapse Higher quality, less money!! Scaffold planks 30 meters of wood, more than 75 kgs and less than 100 euro! Watch my next scaffold project https://youtu.be/xv4nX0IcxAc Link to the wood shop: http://www.houthandelvanhulst.nl/ Dimentions: 5 x 195x2000 mm. 2 x 195x84.2 mm. 20 x 195x600 mm. 3 x 30x62x525 mm. 3 x 30x62mmx425 mm. 2 x 30x62x2000 mm. 2 x 30x62x395 mm. 2 x 30x62x810 mm. 8 x 30x30x775 mm. 1 x 30x30x1945 mm. Music by Stillebeats www.soundcloud.com/stillebeats
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How to read plinth beam drawing at Site?? Hindi
Hello Friends, People who lives in Indore or near Indore location, please comment your name and email id in the comment box. In this series I'm showing you how to read / Study plinth beam drawing. How to read structure drawing? Beam cross section Reinforcement arrangement. If any type of Question regarding this video or event please comment. Thank you for watching. Social Media Facebook- www.facebook.com/tutorialstips Blogspot- https://civiltutorialtips.blogspot.in/ Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/civiltutorialtips/ YouTube- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0hxQsZ19PumeKr7xxFI-SA Thank you Please Subscribe my Channel
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SureWall Retaining Wall Systems
This video is outdated - view the new version here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNhL3wNfPv8 Subscribe to Cirtex for more videos on SureWall: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSB0BsUq05BYqazZ9DydEKQ Visit our website for full installation instructions and additional info: https://cirtexresidential.co.nz/products/surewall
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How to Build Space-Saving Deck Benches for a Small Deck
IF your deck is small like this one, then maybe you could benefit from space saving Built in deck benches with side tables. Check out this wonderful tutorial and instructions on our blog http://www.remodelaholic.com/space-saving-deck-benches/ Thanks for watching! Don't forget to please like this video and subscribe to Remodelaholic for more upcoming videos! We usually post at least one new tutorial a week! We also have daily blog posts at www.remodelaholic.com Please also be sure to check out and follow us on our other social media channels: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/remodelaholic/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Remodelaholic/ Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/Remodelaholic/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Remodelaholic Google +: https://plus.google.com/+RemodelaholicBlog/posts
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