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Socket Systems manufactures the metal joinery system called Lumber Link. This 3-16" steel "socket", joins 6"x 6" rough-cut timbers or wood members, to create a clear span building frame. The standard Lumber Link kit can create a clear span area up to 30 feet wide. Extensions of 15 feet on each side will make the building 60 feet wide. The 6" x8" Hercules fixture can build clear spans up to 60 ft. wide with certain requirements. We also supply steel rafters with pre-welded purlin clips in a variety of pitches. Custom fixtures for cathedral ceilings alternative pitches and more, are no problem. Frames are assembled on the ground and raised into place using the foot locking system. No cranes or lifting equipment is needed and vertical supports are NOT set into cement, to eventually rot. Double your space with a second floor using a steel or wooden I-beam. This versatile building system can be erected by contractors or the do-it-yourselfer. Complete building plans are available for sale on the website. Architectural engineering services are available for simple or detailed projects. Lumber Link has been used to build pole barns, garages, additions, porches, carports, businesses, airplane hangers, commercial barns, storage facilities and homes since 1983. Call 800-724-8250 or visit http://www.socketsystems.com
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Mike & Liz's Garage w/Living Quarters
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DIY Pole Barns Shed/Garage Construction LP SmartSide
I bought my pole barn shed/garage from http://www.diypolebarns.com. They have a custom quote tool which made it easy to see what the building would cost. My building needed to be unique due to "city" requirements. So, I called DIY after finishing my online quote. They were quite flexible and were able to handle my custom requirements easily. The plans were quite detailed. If I would have had time, I believe I could have built it myself, using the plans provided. The materials were excellent quality. Straight/clean lumber. All of the materials came from Graber Post out of Montgomery Indiana. It was delivered a few days before the construction crew arrived. The builder (Colossal Construction) from Ohio did an outstanding job. A crew of 4 completed the building including siding and roofing (which they usually do not do since most pole barns are steel sided) in 3 days.
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Spane Buildings: Post frame, Pole Buildings, Garages, Barns, Arenas, and Homes
Spane Buildings http://www.spane.com has been constructing the finest barns, shops, equestrian facilities, garages, airplane hangars, homes and outbuildings since 1945. This short video showcases some of our projects. Call us toll-free today at (800) 310-2136 to start planning your next custom building. We're located in Mount Vernon, Washington, and we work with Western Washington customers from Olympia to the Canadian border. E-mail Jim Spane, jim@spanebuildings.com.
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Morton Buildings Homes/Residential
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30x50 Pole Barn House Plans
Subscribe - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBgsMI_2-OK4PD7YcWuWKrQ?sub_confirmation=1
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Pat's Garage w/Living Quarters
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How to Build Pole Barn with Living Quarters
Pole barn with living quarters offers many advanced innovations as compared to traditional home building. By utilizing the basic tin roof and sides with a modernistic interior design plan Source: http://goo.gl/fceLOh pole barn pole barn framing pole barn construction details pole barn plans and designs pole barn design online design your own pole barn online the pole barn company large pole barn plans the pole barn pole barn sliding door plans pole barn door framing simple pole barn pole barn interior what is a pole barn pole barn house plans designs pole barn home interiors online pole barn design modern pole barn pole barn interior designs setting posts for pole barn pole barn window framing setting posts for a pole barn setting post for pole barn how to build a pole barn step by step pole barn design tool pole barn construction techniques pole barn construction tips standard pole barn sizes diy pole barn plans free how to build a pole barn roof pole barn material calculator pole barn diy how to frame a pole barn framing a pole barn pole barn definition pole barn post spacing pole barn pole spacing
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PermaBilt® Pole Building Garage - Freeland, WA
Watch the construction of a two-story pole building garage by PermaBilt. Time lapsed construction shows the process from start to finish of this 2 story pole building garage erected in Freeland, Washington.
Morton Buildings Tour - Linda Benard's Home
Owner, Linda Benard, gives a tour of her new Morton Buildings home.
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42' W x 80' L x 18' H - Garage by Pioneer Pole Buildings, Inc.
Building Dimensions: 42' W x 80' L x 18' 6" H (ID#: 461) Siding: Upper Color: Slate Lower Color: Charcoal Roofing Color: Charcoal Trim Color: All Trim is White Openings: (1) 20' x 16' Commercial Garage Door with (6) Windows (Customer Supplied) (1) 10' x 8' Residential Garage Door with (2) Windows (Customer Supplied) (1) 3068 6-Panel Insulated Entry Door (2) 3' W x 4" H Windows (Customer Supplied) (4) 6' W x 4' H Windows (Customer Supplied) Overhangs: Eaves Overhang: 1', Gables Overhang: 1' Soffit: White Vinyl 164ft.Gutter: 6K, Color: White Insulation: Roof: R-38 with Liner Panel Walls: (Customer Supplied Insulation) with Liner Panel Miscellaneous: Two-Tone Siding, Location: Both Eaves & Gables 80 ft. Ridge Vent (2) 48" Cupolas with Louvers (2) 46" Rooster Weathervanes Thanks for Watching! For more Information or Questions: Call: 888-448-2505 Visit: www.ppb1.com or http://www.pioneerpolebuildings.com/ Check Us out on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Pioneer.Pole Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/116614776@N06/ Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/pioneerpole/ Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/+Pioneerpolebuildings/posts © 2014 Pioneer Pole Buildings, Inc.
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Pole Barn House Plans And Prices
http://polebarnhome.net/plansandblueprints make building a reality with pole barn house plans and prices for the best construction and custom designs and a quality home. Pole barn kits are generally cheaper than building a regular home. Just a few things to take into account when you are thinking about building a pole barn house, wherein you will get your plans and what designs and prices are within your budget. Your home plans are generally designed around a very time-honored building styles which have structural construction using poles and partition to the inside of your liking. This is relatively less expensive and they are more preferred to other plans. Pole barn homes usually do not possess the typical building structures. The framework are based on the poles as well as the horizontal support rather than actual frame. This must be outlined within the plan, because not every pole barn house kits are the same In order to produce a habitable pole barn home, you will need to consider the right pole barn kits that are available. These houses must be insulated equally just like any other home, so ensure that these features are in your blueprints; and do not forget to have your blueprints drawn by a competent architect to include the basic features like doors, rooms wiring and plumbing. As you know the prices in your area can vary quitea bit, so beware of this when you add customization's to your pole barn house plans. A good idea would be to perform a little research of the several pole barn packages, in order to see all the choices which are available, and you'll also want to search for plans for other items for the inside of your pole barn. There are lots of blueprint styles of pole barn homes out there as well as garden shed kits, shelving, living room chairs and tables for your pole barn cabin. Click here NOW http://polebarnhome.net/plansandblueprints See us on: http://polebarnhome.net/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_9q2BOvfvgoJOKyQeMJztA https://www.facebook.com/polebarnhomes https://twitter.com/polebarnhomes https://plus.google.com/110212350348793109476/about #polebarnhouseplansandprices #polebarnhousekits #polebarnideas #polebarngarage #timberframeshedkits
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How To Build A Pole Barn House
This video is a video of all of my previous pole barn videos combined into 1 video, there is no new footage in this video. I just wanted to combined them all into 1 video.
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Custom Small Pole Barn House || The structure and details of why we did it
If you're considering building or converting a pole barn or metal building into a home, we have some advice for you. This video will outline the details of our structure since we didn't use a kit. Ours is actually 3" tubing on an engineered slab. We then put the wood framing on the inside of that, insulated and finished out like a regular brick home. We hope this video helps you along your journey and feel free to ask any questions in the comments below! Thanks for watching! Pole Barn House Tour: https://youtu.be/bVNnjX69UhI The Land We Built On: https://youtu.be/jNrmmmgGfdw You can snag a free download of our floorplan at the link below. OR, if you wish to support us a little, you can purchase a high resolution PDF of the floorplan for only $20. It also includes a detailed description of each area of the building process and the costs we paid as well to hopefully help you plan a bit. More details at the link below. Our floorplan download: http://latigolife.com/our-small-home-floorplan/ Feel free to jump on my email list: Jaredlatigo.com Music: Bensound.com
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How to Build a Pole Barn Pt 1 - Site Prep & Layout
This is the first in a series on how to build a pole barn or pole garage. This video shows how to lay out the site, how to square the building, and how to mark the location of the holes. For a complete materials list, plans, and a very cool 3D Sketchup model of this project click the link below. http://www.redneckdiy.com/pole-barn-plans-and-materials/ At the bottom of that page there's a link that will take you to where you can download this information. You can get a free version of Trimble Sketchup here: http://www.sketchup.com
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7 Steps to How we built our custom pole barn debt free || Family of 5, 1000 sq ft, NO mortgage
We've had a lot of people asking how we built our house debt free. So this video is for you. Please note that this video is how we did it and it will look different for you. The biggest key was paying off our debt FIRST so we had cash flow to work with. Then, we used those principles to save and cashflow the house. It's NOT going to be easy, but it is possible! The backstory is that we are a family of 5 that sold about 60% of our belongings and our 1800 square foot house to downsize. Now we have a 1000 square foot house in the country that’s DEBT FREE! We hope to inspire others to do the same and get the freedom we have gotten in life! Our floorplan: http://latigolife.com/our-small-home-floorplan/ Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University: https://bit.ly/2FqvnwA Our debt free story: https://youtu.be/O74XGSrC3BM?t=2m44s Our GoDownsize feature video referenced about our story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQpDjcsG0uw Life After Debt series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLW99PpBhXpDIPi8fAApLq5KsCayfkGS4Z Our small home playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLW99PpBhXpDIRjlUwGXP_RoMulx6OaArz Jump on my email list! Jaredlatigo.com Photo credits: Tiny homes: Photo by Niv Rozenberg on Unsplash Mansion: Photo by Vita Vilcina on Unsplash House in the Woods: Photo by Flo Pappert on Unsplash
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Pole Barn House Plans
Pole barn house plans make it much easier to build overall while giving you an inexpensive and quick way to build your next house. Here are your readymade pole barn house plans blueprints for more information go here http://polebarnhome.net/plansandblueprints Pole Barn House Plans http://polebarnhome.net #metalbuildings #barn #polebarn #polebarnkits #polebarnhouses #polebuildings
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Watch Pole Barn House Plans And Prices - Barn House Plans
you can do it yourself! http://adf.ly/1gfedN detail instructionsthings to consider when building a pole barn Barn modern barn conversion house design ideas House Pole Barn House Plans steel building homes east texas pole barn construction techniques barn style carriage house plans barn and house combination plans barn swallow bird house plans american barn style house plans modern steel building homes barn style homes architecture modern barn home architecture steel building homes texas modern barn home floor plans barn house combination plans steel building homes kits Kit Houses In North America pole barn style house plans barn home designs australia barn house decorating ideas barn style doors for house Pole Barn House blueprints barn style farmhouse plans how to build a pole garage barn home interior design pole barn building plans modern barn home designs build a pole barn house steel building homes Architecture (Industry) pole barn house prices barn home design plans barn style cubby house modern barn home plans barn home design ideas barn homes designs uk Pole Building Framing barn homes design nz gambrel_garage_design
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Easy 40x42 Metal Building Garage - DIY Steel Building Kit Review
Customer review of a custom steel building kit from Worldwide Steel Buildings. This garage building is 40x42 with 12 foot walls, custom window placement, mezzanine (2nd floor), and plenty of room for ATVs, vehicles, and room to work. Aaron describes how easy it was to build this metal building even though he is not in the construction industry. Go to https://www.worldwidesteelbuildings.com/steel-building-kits/ for more information about steel building kits. To design your own steel building, use our 3D Building Designer and get a quote based off of your design at https://www.worldwidesteelbuildings.com/3d-building-designer/.
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How to build a Pole Building
I have Lowes Coupons!!!! $10 off $50 / $15 off $75 / $20 off $100 / 10% off up to your total purchase of $5000.00 @ goo.gl/aG2Grh Hello, Iʼm Jenny for Heffernan Construction Company. Today we are going to show you how to build a 24 foot by 32 foot pole building. We hope you find this video useful, and please donʼt forget to subscribe to see our upcoming videos. We used a skid steer with an attached auger saves a lot of time. It digs the holes 18 inches wide by 52 inches deep The concrete is cured solid and ready for the 4x6 treated post to sit on. All 4 corners are set first. They are straightened and plumbed. To assure that the building is square, we pull a diagonal measurement reading both ways. If each measurement is the same, its off to a square start. A treated 2 by 10 is used for the bottom girt board while The remaining horizontal boards are regular 2 by 6s. The vertical boards are 2 by 4s, and they are used on the corners, window & door openings. The nails used are pneumatic 3 1/4 inch and they are ACQ approved for the treated posts. These nails will not rust or corrode due to the chemicals of the treated lumber. For the garage door header we sandwich two 2 by 10s with 1/2 inch plywood glued in between. This header will have minimum weight load since it is on a non bearing wall. It will only have to hold itself, not the weight of the roof load. The roof trusses have a 24 foot span with 1 foot overhang at a 4/12 pitch. They are put 24 inches on center to accept R-38 blanket insulation. They are light enough to manage by hand, if any larger we would use a crane to lift in place. When installing trusses, always read the enclosed safety packet that come with them. It will guide you on how to safely handle and brace them. The roofing material is an energy star rated 26 gauge pre painted panel. The panels were precut to an exact measurement. We use matching color screws with a built in rubber washer to fasten the roof panels. The screw pattern is in a straight line and fastened tight to the 2 by 4 purlins. We used a 32 inch 9 light steel door. It is energy star rated and will swing inward.The pole building gets 5 windows that are also energy star rated. They are double pane, single hung and have built in nail fins. We outsource the gutter work. This company is set up to run very long continuous lengths of aluminum gutter. They install all the hangers, end caps, and gutter sealant. Also the guys punch out the hole and install the downspout drop. Then we take over for the easy install. Finally the garage door!! We purchased this door online for a 25% total tax and delivery savings. The local garage door company and the big box stores were overpriced. So we went online and ordered. They shipped the 7 1/2 foot by 16 foot custom insulated door directly to the job site. it took less than 3 weeks and arrived with easy to understand instructions. We saved 25% plus we installed it ourselves for additional savings. We were so pleased we produced a detailed instructional video to show you, the viewers how easy it was. Thank you again, as i am Jenny for Heffernan Construction, and "please" subscribe.
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Brand New 30x40 pole barn time lapse
New 30x40 pole barn time lapse - built by Mennonites, took about 2 weeks to build. Attic trusses and floor installed upstairs, 5" poured concrete floor, 12ft ceilings with 10x16 wide garage door and opener. cost was $19,600 with floor meterials and labor.
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5 Day Pole Barn Build
new equipment pole barn built at the farm in 5 days
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American Barn Style House Plans
SUBSCRIBE TO CHANNEL https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaIagYBCTympqr9pdDF8-YA?sub_confirmation=1 Our Site - http://styleofhomeswithpictures.com/ Our Second Channel SUBSCRIBE! https://www.youtube.com/c/SIMPLELIFEHACK?sub_confirmation=1
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Pole Barn Home Floor Plans With Basement
SUBSCRIBE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl3QiCiR-kmyjstVBaQDdaA?sub_confirmation=1
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Barn Style House Plans With Photos
SUBSCRIBE TO CHANNEL https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaIagYBCTympqr9pdDF8-YA?sub_confirmation=1 Our Site - http://styleofhomeswithpictures.com/ Our Second Channel SUBSCRIBE! https://www.youtube.com/c/SIMPLELIFEHACK?sub_confirmation=1
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how to build a pole barn step by step
watch part 1 - http://adf.ly/1Ojilw how to build a pole barn on a slope how to build a pole barn youtube how to build a pole barn plans for free how to build a pole barn sliding door how to build a pole barn shed how to build a pole barn step by step how to build a pole barn on a concrete slab how to build a pole barn foundation Searches related to how to build a pole barn on a slope cost to build a pole barn pole barn building plans how to build a pole barn youtube how to build a pole barn plans for free how to build a pole barn sliding door how to build a pole barn shed how to build a pole barn step by step how to build a pole barn on a concrete slab Searches related to how to build a pole barn step by step steps to building a pole barn cost to build a pole barn how do you build a pole barn things to consider when building a pole barn how to build a pole garage how to construct a pole building pole barn construction pole barn construction details Searches related to how to build a pole barn plans for free diy pole barn plans free free pole barn construction plans pole barn designs free free pole garage plans pole barn blueprints barn blueprints free small barns plans pole barn with living quarters Searches related to how to build a pole barn shed cost to build a pole barn pole barn building plans building a pole barn yourself how to build a pole barn step by step how to build a small pole shed how to build a small pole barn pole barn construction techniques pole shed construction
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Pole Barn Construction (Part 2: Pole Barn Framing)  | Useful Knowledge
Pole barn construction with two guys and a tractor. In this video we show the pole barn framing. This is part 2 of our pole barn building series. During this pole barn building series we will show you the steps required to build a barn. The pole setting video will be part 1 of the series. The pole barn framing video is part 2. Some folks call these a pole garage but we call them barns. This barn will be left open for tractor implements and trailers. The 2nd in the Useful Knowledge series about pole barn construction. In this episode, we will discuss pole barn framing with tips on cutting timbers, setting headers, and rafter framing. For more information about pole barn/pole garage construction, email us at: useful.knowledge.tv@gmail.com Thanks for watching! Man with the Knowledge: Jamie Hardy Editor: John Andrews (the UberonN) Creator: Mark Davies Bama Country Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ How to build a pole barn. How to build a pole garage. Easy pole barn construction. Framing the barn. Pole barn framing video.
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Man Cave - Shop Living Area - Oldbarn Homesteading - Mancave Room
Just a video showing the Man cave living quarters inside the the shop out in the country here at the Oldbarn Homestead. We are doing a modern version of Homesteading. Rustic, country living, making a modest salary doing metal work, woodwork, etc selling locally and online. Showing the details of this barndominium mancave room or bedroom.
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How much does a pole barn cost?
I've updated my virtual pole barn to include a breakdown of material costs. I estimated between $15,000 and $20,000 for a 1,300 sqft barn on two levels. The math turned out the in line with the estimate and that is very good news. Let's take a tour of the costs and how I did the math on that.
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Why We Are NOT Building a Pole Barn & Why we ARE Building Stick Built
OUR PERSONAL OF VIEWS OF WHY WE ARE BUILDING STICK BUILT! MEAN & THREATENING COMMENTS WILL BE DELETED!!! Hey thanks for watching Building It Country! A month ago Jason and I decided we were going to build a pole barn that is 30 x 40 because pole barns and much cheaper. Once we got bids to our surprise it would be much less expensive to go with a stick built 30 x 40 size. So that's our next step! Thanks for watching and I hope you learn something from our video! Check out Hunters Video on his DIY 30 X 40 Shop : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NipHqXGEjQQ
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Building your own 24'X24' garage and save money. Steps from concrete to framing.
Step by step pictures of me building a 24X24 garage. If you're interested in building one yourself, check it out. Clip shows steps involving how to pour footings, walls, floors and framing. Installing trusses, etc. Just for the home builder. I also have "part 2' online that shows a lot more detail than the original. Check it out if you'd like, and thanks for watching. Steve
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Morton Buildings Tour - Tom's Home
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Pole Barn with Loft built by Restore All LLC - Makanda IL
This pole barn with a loft is a great option for a weekend cabin or a starter home.
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Metal Pole Barn into a Home
We are turning a 24x40 metal pole barn w a cement slab into a home!
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Steel truss pole barn Kit Installation - carports, garages, pole sheds
overbuiltbarns.com Review our certified steel truss barn plans here https://overbuiltbarns.com/plans/ Large or small steel truss barns are all basically built the same way This build is a 16x24' garage kit. The customer used this kit for boat storage. Laying out the 6x6 post with string line. Dig the post holes. Level, set in concrete and cut posts. Setting the steel trusses. Hardware and drilling the bolt holes. roof framing. Installing the metal roof system with ridge cap and roof screws. Steel clips welded to the top eliminates the need for hurricane clips and makes for an easy no layout roof. Roof materials : 2x6x12 2x6x14 steel clip screws, galvalume sheet metal, Roofing screws and ridge cap. Subscribe now Visit http://www.overbuiltbarns.com for information on our steel truss pole barn kits
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Metal Building With Living Quarters Plans| Obtain  Metal Building With Living Quarters Plans Now
http://decaturilMetalBuildings.com Metal Building With Living Quarters Plans When You Are Hunting Metal Building With Living Quarters Plans This Is The Website To Enter. Press On The Link Above This For Greater Insights Metal Building With Living Quarters Plans. "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 Of The Copyright Act 1976, Allowance Is Made For "Fair Use" For Purposes Such As Criticism, Comment, News Reporting, Teaching, Scholarship, And Research. Fair Use Is A Use Permitted By Copyright Statute That Might Otherwise Be Infringing. Non-Profit, Educational Or Personal Use Tips The Balance In Favor Of Fair Use." Metal Building With Living Quarters Plans
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Steve's Hobby Garage w/Living Quarters
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CHEAP Pole Barn House Q&A
I answer all the questions I found and explain how much it cost me to build the house and it was $22psf
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How To Build A Pole Barn House For Cheap
This a video of a series of pictures I took while we built our pole barn house, Part 1.
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The construction of our 40'x60' metal building - completed
The process would have taken about two weeks but because of the wet and muddy conditions it took about four weeks. I had the building blanket insulated to keep it comfortable in the Texas summer heat and cool winters. The total cost of the building from concrete to finish was about $43,500.00
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40' x 60' x 15' Pole Building
A 40' x 60' x 15' Pole Building built by Econ-O-Fab Buildings.
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Pole Barn Model in Sketchup
This is an accurate 3D model of my Pole Barn drawn in Sketchup. It has everything down to the scab boards I used in the actual barn. If it exists in the barn, then it's show on this model. This is a great way to visualize a project before you ever hammer the first nail. You can "get to know" your project ahead of time and hopefully work out any kinks before you get started. To read more about this model or to get a copy of it, then visit my website here: http://www.redneckdiy.com/pole-barn-plans-and-materials/
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5 steel building traps.(1)
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Pole Barn House Kits
http://polebarnhome.net/plansandblueprints Starting your construction project on building a pole barn, one of the best ways to start out is choosing from the best Pole Barn House Kits. For you Do-It-Yourselfers, these Kits could be used to make storage buildings anywhere you want on your property. Tailored made Build Your Pole Barn Using Kits Most of the building companies will just provide the basic packages which just provide you enough choices to what you would like. Menards home kits can contain things you need for a more customized and personalized pole barn. When custom building, special plans must be drawn before construction can commence, and this can be done by means of extensive communicating with a designer. Custom quotation tools, in this case can be used to choose approx . cost on the amount of the entire project. Pole barn home kits prices are around $7K to $10k and can become a little more expensive especially when you add customization's to them. An excellent approach would be to perform a little research in the an assortment of garden storage shed kits and pole barn plans and costs in order to see all of the options that exist. Click here http://polebarnhome.net/plansandblueprints Come see us at: http://polebarnhome.net/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_9q2BOvfvgoJOKyQeMJztA https://www.facebook.com/polebarnhomes https://twitter.com/polebarnhomes https://plus.google.com/u/0/110212350348793109476/posts #polebarncabin #polebarn #polebarnpackages #polebarnhome #polebarnhouse #polebarnhousekits #polebarnhomes #polebarnhouseplans #polebarnkits
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Morton Buildings' Energy Performer
Morton's exclusive Energy Performer® insulation package not only conserves energy, it also saves you money on your heating and cooling costs year-round.
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DIY 16' x 24' Pole Barn
Do it yourself pole barn, step by step, from the groundwork up. Thanks for watching :)
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80x100 Metal Building Update: Interior Tour
Some footage of the finished building exterior and then an update and tour of the interior. Some details on lighting and living quarters are included. The building came from http://qualitymetalinc.com/ in AR. The ceiling height inside at the peak is 22'. The sidewalls are 16' tall. The end walls have a 8' overhang and the sidewalls have a 10' overhang. LET'S CONNECT! God's Country's Accounts: - http://gplus.to/GodsCountry - http://www.facebook.com/godscountrychannel - http://twitter.com/In_Gods_Country
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Garage Over a Full Basement Design in Bozeman, MT
In this program I summarize my design build process for a garage over a full basement. The Design This garage over a full basement design came about because of challenging site conditions. Building a three car garage on a steep slope with a standard slab and stem wall foundation would have required over 200 cubic yards of compacted fill. This option would have required trucking in fill and was cost prohibitive. In addition the down slope perimeter foundation frost walls would have been in excess of 14’ tall. This was not an efficient use of time and resources’ so I considered other options. As the alternative I decided to take the same area that would have been filled with compacted fill and create a full 900 sq. ft. walkout basement below the three car parking slab. Structure The big questions were how to support the weight of that suspended parking slab, as well as how to get it formed. For this garage over a full basement design I did my research and decided on pouring a slab over a combination of engineered structural I beams and steel pan decking. These interlocking steel pans are a permanent stay in place form that we pour the slab on. The ribbed profile of these steel pans interlock with the concrete and provide an additional level of positive reinforcement. Engineering Once I finished the overall design and my working drawings, I hired a local engineering company to check my structural plan, size the steel beams, spec the pan thickness, and calculate the size and layout of the steel rebar. I also retained the engineers as special inspectors to verify and document the execution of the engineering details for this garage over a full basement project. Upper parking slab drainage Garage slabs require slope for drainage. Thickening the back end of the slab to get a slope was not an option. To get the needed slope we nested the steel pan decking into a sloped ledge that had been formed into the perimeter of the exterior walls. This allowed for a consistent slab thickness front to back and provided the needed slope for drainage. The upper slab preparation was extensive. We dropped our steel I beams into place with a boom truck. Our precut steel pans were put down over the supporting I beams, and an extensive matt of steel rebar was layed out per engineering specs. Before we poured I consulted with my plumber and we decided to install pex in the parking slab in case the owners wanted to heat this upper level. Basement Living Area This garage over a full basement design called for a small kitchen and a bathroom, which required some under slab plumbing. We also installed pex tubing for a future hydronic heating system. The basement walls were waterproofed and insulated before backfill. The lower level walls of the walkout area and the entire upper garage structure are standard wood frame construction. The finished product This project was a combination of structural and esthetic issues that challenged my creativity and problem solving abilities. Creating this garage over a full basement living area was a great experience from both a design and build perspective, and ultimately took my design and build skills to a whole new level. This structure turned out to be a nice compliment to the main house and a valuable asset to the new owners.
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Family of Five Lives in a Pole Barn
Okay, let's try that again! This video is about Homesteading with Dutch and his little farm. Their family of five live in this really cute pole barn that they finished out and are living in but will use as a shed later when they have their 'real' home built. Go check out their channel at: https://www.youtube.com/user/colt40farns In case you have any questions about how we do what we do and any products that we swear by we have listed them all below! ↓*↓*↓*↓*↓ Click Below For More Info ↓*↓*↓*↓*↓ Want an easy way to support us? Shop at our store: http://astore.amazon.com/edibleoasisid-20?node=2&page=3 If you love what you see here, help us to keep it going by becoming part of our Patreon family: http://www.patreon.com/Dirtpatcheaven Shop my Etsy store: http://www.etsy.com/shop/Dirtpatcheaven Nomadic RV-Living Must Haves 4 qt Pressure Cooker- http://amzn.to/2epc4ex Collapsible Steamer Basket- http://amzn.to/2eAUHa8 Magnetic Checker Game- http://amzn.to/2dTkls0 _ DPH Video Equipment Camera & Lens: http://amzn.to/2a9FuMo Tripod: http://amzn.to/2as65CA Memory Card: http://amzn.to/2aow7FC Microphone: http://amzn.to/2a32BTa Battery: http://amzn.to/2a5XpxY _ Spinning Must-Haves: Polywog Spinning Wheel: http://etsy.me/2arJCag Drop Spindle Kit: http://etsy.me/2ahBPL0 Hey guys! You might be wondering what’s up with all of these fancy affiliate links. If you purchase something from these links, my family might receive a small percentage from that purchase. It’s the company’s way of saying “Aw. Thanks for sending your friends our way, buddy!” The best part is that it doesn’t change the cost to you at all. It’s a win, win, win! Come hang out with us: FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/Dirtpatcheaven/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dirtpatcheaven/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/Dirtpatcheaven Tumblr: http://www.tumblr.com/blog/dirtpatcheaven Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/Dirtpatcheaven/ Podcast: http://www.jillsofalltradespodcast.com NaturalHappy Beauty Channel: http://bit.ly/2ao8COC
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Stoltzfus Structures 2 Story Mega Garage
Modular 2 Story Mega Garage
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