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Pence Refuses Security’s ‘Side Exit’ Plan, Confronts Protesters Head on
The confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court is much more than a win for the Republicans who beat off the assaults of the Democrat’s attempt to dismantle the constitutional principles of America. It’s a tidal wave of subliminal messaging to the left that Republicans, conservatives aren’t going to roll over for intimidation tactics or politically correct bombardment anymore. Perhaps previous career politicians are learning a thing or two from President Donald Trump and his take-no-prisoners, never-back-away from a fight ideology. It’s what all of us in main street America have been looking for in representation for decades. It’s the fortitude to stand up and fight for what is right. And if heretofore spineless Republicans don’t want to learn it from Trump, maybe Vice President Mike Pence gave them an example to follow, according to a report from Fox News. After the historic tectonic shift of Saturday’s Senate vote that Kavanaugh, Pence made a formidable show of strength against strategies that were previously effective in causing Republicans to cower beneath their desks for fear of losing public support. He confronted a congregation of anti-Kavanaugh supporters head on. Fox News reported: “Vice President Mike Pence refused to exit the Capitol building through a side entrance as he faced a horde of protesters shouting ‘Shame! Shame! Shame!’ following the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh on Saturday.” While the vice president had other options, he consciously chose to confront protesters that he knew would be agitated and abrasive, instead of avoiding the situation. “Pence was exiting toward the Senate steps with his security detail when he appeared to pause when a large crowd of demonstrators across the plaza increased their chanting as the doors opened to reveal the vice president,” Fox reported. “Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms Jim Morehand reportedly told Pence that he could exit through the Carriage Entrance if he preferred.” But no. The vice president was resolute in not being intimidated and manipulated by opposition. “Let’s do it,” Pence said. And with that the doors opened to a crowd of defiant protestors. Fox reported that Pence walked toward his motorcade waving to demonstrators along the way. If that doesn’t send a message, I don’t know what does. And in other successful messaging of the day, the vice president issued a statement regarding Kavanaugh’s confirmation that declared the new justince would have the “prayers and esteem of millions of Americans” as he begins his work. The vice president is correct in that Saturday was a historic day. A justice was confirmed to the Supreme Court after a long and arduous battle. It’s also historic in that we have hopefully seen a permanent shift in the attitudes of Republicans to never more cower to leftist pressure and intimidation tactics. Let’s hope that we see more defiance by Republicans who shun the bully tactics of the left. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ◆ Latest news videos: http://bit.ly/2Kn8KeN ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ★ CONNECT WITH US ★ ◆ Google+: http://bit.ly/2LPVNjq ◆ Email: info.khung@gmail.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Videos can use content-based copyright law contains reasonable use Fair Use (https://www.youtube.com/yt/copyright/)
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NBC2 Investigators: Lee judge to study courthouse security for state
Florida Supreme Court Chief Justice Jorge Labarga is calling for a review of courthouse security following the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando. He's tapped Lee County Circuit Court Judge Margaret Steinbeck to lead a work group on this issue over the next two years.
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Court Security Officer interview questions
Interview Questions for Court Security Officer.What encouragement preparation would you demand being capable to do this Court Security Officer job?What strategic plan did you have as an Court Security Officer?What pertinent Court Security Officer skills do you possess?What extreme challenges presently do you think an Court Security Officer is facing?What was the critical condition you have experience as an Court Security Officer?Give me an example of a stressful condition for Court Security Officer?Do you believe you are over certified for the position this Court Security Officer?How many projects simultaneously you have worked as an Court Security Officer?10 popular interview questions, commonly asked interview questions, first job interview questions, most asked interview questions, top 10 interview questions, top interview questions, job interview questions, typical interview questions.
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Issue of Court Security
RobbRyder here.. In the last week or so.. 2 instances of out of the ordinary court actions were brought to my attention… First was for a citation issued by a federal officer and heard in a federal court.. in which “George” received in the mail correspondence from the court informing him his CASE had been “closed” and they were returning his “Exhibit” …. (Not dismissed… Closed) .. and they returned him his Affidavit to which was affixed a Stamp applied by the Court indicating his Affidavit had been included in an Evidence File… 2nd instance was the “Order” found in Ro’s case from the Chief Judge ….. having to do with “correspondence” sent ex-parte to the Chief Judge and her administrative review of the record. … This was found the day after a hearing in which the judge issued an order for a “discharge hearing”… Plus… more on Writ of certiorari, and other ideas for other cases, and things to FOIA for future application…..
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Security Improvements Underway at Anoka Co. Courthouse
ANOKA, Minn. -- Construction started Monday on an $8.5 million improvement project at the Anoka County Courthouse. The goal of the project is to provide additional security for courthouse staff and inmates. Safety concerns have been an issue at the Anoka County Courthouse for years with inmates being transported to court in open hallways, officials knew logistical improvements were needed. Anoka County Judge Dan O’Fallon says, "We mix them all up here. If you for some reason have a warrant out for your arrest and it could be because you didn't show up for a pre-trial in a misdemeanor case, you're going to be sitting side by side, potentially, with someone who is sitting on a serious felony charge or probation violation off a felony charge, so we want to make sure that all the people are safe, both staff, the public, the defendants, and the parties." The project will be divided into four phases. The initial phase begins with the construction of a courtroom in a vacant third-floor space. After years of planning and development, O’Fallon says, "Ultimately we came up with a plan that was approved by the county now about a year and a half ago that involved a major revision to our arraignment courtroom, which is courtroom 300, a revamping and revision to our two largest courtrooms, which are on the second floor of the center courthouse, which would involve updating those courtrooms, but also making those secured as well, a huge expansion of our secured area and holding area for prisoners and also a great expansion of our conference spaces." Some of the funding of the project will come from the county’s asset preservation fund, but Anoka County will have to issue bonds in 2016 for the remainder of the costs. Judge O’Fallon realizes this is a big undertaking, but is confident that the new changes will greatly improve county services. O’Fallon says, "We're excited for this, I think at the end what we're going to be able to provide is a much better experience for the public. I think we're going to be more efficient in how we handle cases and again, I think we're going to have a higher level of security." Security upgrades had been discussed in the past, but budget constraints didn’t allow for renovations at that time. The construction project is expected to be completed in 2017. (Copyright 2015 by CTN Coon Rapids. All Rights Reserved.)
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Sen. Franken Introduces the Courthouse Safety Act
The Courthouse Safety does three simple, common sense things. First, the bill cuts through bureaucratic red tape, giving local courts direct access to security equipment that federal agencies no longer are using. This provision is modeled after a Defense Department program that allows the Pentagon to give its excess equipment to local police and firefighters. The Local Courthouse Safety Act would do the same thing for local courts: it would give them direct access to the federal government's excess metal detectors, wands, and baggage screening machines. Second, the Local Courthouse Safety Act gives states the flexibility they need to make investments in courthouse security. It clarifies that states may use their Byrne Justice Assistance Grants and State Homeland Security Grants to improve safety at local courthouses. The bill does not require any new spending, and it does not impose any new mandates on anyone. It simply says that states can use existing federal resources for courthouse security upgrades, if they so choose. Finally, the Local Courthouse Safety Act provides statutory authorization for the Justice Department's VALOR Initiative, which provides training and technical assistance to local law enforcement officers, teaching them how to anticipate and survive violent encounters.
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Frank Abagnale: "Catch Me If You Can" | Talks at Google
For Google's Security and Privacy Month, we are honored to present the real Frank Abagnale, Renowned Cybersecurity And Fraud Prevention Expert, Bestselling Author & Subject of Catch Me If You Can. His transformation from one of the world’s most notorious con men to an international cybersecurity expert trusted by the FBI has been mythologized in film and literature – but the takeaways he shares are the real deal. Frank's contributions to the world of security are immeasurable. He has become a hero to hundreds of public and private sector organizations for his indispensable counsel and strategic insight on safeguarding information systems and combating cyber-fraud. With an eye on the latest techniques developed by high-tech criminals to deceive and defraud, Frank leaves audiences with a deep understanding of today’s evolving security landscape, and more importantly, a vision of how to make the world a safer place.
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Mark Zuckerberg Is Not Human
THAT CHAIR WON'T BE AROUND FOREVER, COUNTDOWN IS ON! Europe: https://europe.clutchchairz.com/en/product/throttle-series-pewdiepie-edition/ USA & Asia: https://usa.clutchchairz.com/product/pewdiepie-edition-throttle-series/ Canada: https://canada.clutchchairz.com/product/throttle-series-pewdiepie-edition/ ‎
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Watch: SPG Covered Narendra Modi’s 'FULL-PROOF' 'UNBREACHABLE' Security
Securing Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, security agencies has always been facing critical issues. PM’s security was handled by a special group within the Delhi Police which provided both proximate security and also protected the residence and offices of the PM. Subscribe to News Express ► http://bit.ly/2hil7yn Click here to watch Latest Trending News : http://bit.ly/Top-Trending-News
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Impractical Jokers - Strange Town Makeover (Punishment) | truTV
Sal offers some bizarre suggestions to a local town council. New episodes premiere Thursday, July 16 at 10/9c on truTV New episodes Thursdays at 10/9c on truTV Subscribe to truTV on YouTube: http://full.sc/1s9KQGe Watch Full Episodes for Free: http://full.sc/1rghcLK If laughter is contagious, these guys should be quarantined! Q, Sal, Joe and Murr have entertained each other for years with the most hilarious practical jokes they could imagine. Now these real-life best friends are challenging each other to the most outrageous dares and uproarious stunts ever to be caught on hidden camera. Follow Impractical Jokers on Twitter: http://full.sc/1ubWgY7 Like Impractical Jokers on Facebook: http://full.sc/1CrLTDU truTV Official Site: http://www.trutv.com/ Like truTV on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/truTV Follow truTV on Twitter: https://twitter.com/truTV Follow truTV on Tumblr: http://trutv.tumblr.com/ Get the truTV app: http://full.sc/1sxmeIN Way more truTV! Watch clips, sneak peeks and exclusives from original shows like Comedy Knockout, Those Who Can't and more – plus fresh video from hit shows like Impractical Jokers and The Carbonaro Effect. Impractical Jokers - Strange Town Makeover
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Congress Forcing Dems To Pay For Kavanaugh Fight – Slaps Them With Investigation Into Their Closet
Now that the Justice Kavanaugh hearings and votes are over, and he is on the Supreme Court, there is retribution to pay. Democrats are not going to like it, but Republicans are relishing it. There were allegations that Justice Kavanaugh sexually assaulted three women. However, Ranking Member Senator Feinstein’s office is being accused of leaking Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s information to the press despite having previously promised not to do so. Dr. Ford was one of Justice Kavanaugh’s accusers. Biz Pac Review reported, “While the media is all over Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, uncovering scandalous actions like he once threw ice at someone in a bar, there seems to be no intellectual curiosity on their part to how accuser Christine Blasey Ford’s letter was leaked. A letter that was in the possession of Sen. Diane Feinstein, D-Calif., chief architect of the 11th hour ambush of Kavanaugh, who may now have reason to be nervous. Republicans plan to investigate Feinstein’s office to determine whether they leaked Ford’s confidential letter, according to Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark. Feinstein has denied that she or any of her staff is responsible for the letter getting out to the press. As for her repeated denials, President Trump mocked Feinstein for her theatrics at a rally in West Virginia over the weekend. Feinstein did push back against the GOP on the news her office will be investigated in a statement released on Monday. “President Trump and Senate Republicans are trying to deflect attention from Brett Kavanaugh’s sexual assault allegations by saying my staff or I leaked the letter from Dr. Christine Blasey Ford — they’re wrong,” said the ranking member of the Judiciary Committee. “I honored Dr. Blasey Ford’s request for confidentiality,” Feinstein added. “It was only when reporters were knocking on her door that I referred the letter to the FBI. At no point did I or anyone on my staff divulge Dr. Blasey Ford’s name to press. She knows that and believes it, for which I’m grateful.” She then tried to flip the narrative, inaccurately saying that she was criticized for not releasing the letter she held all throughout Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings. “I find it interesting that the same critics who last week condemned me for not releasing Dr. Blasey Ford’s letter against her wishes are now suggesting I did leak the letter,” Feinstein stated. “Throughout this process I acted in strict accordance to the wishes of the survivor.” But the criticism was more specific to informing the Judiciary Committee of the very serious accusation to allow it to be properly investigated, instead of springing it at the last moment. During his appearance on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” Cotton said Democrats “betrayed” Ford. “She has been victimized by Democrats … on a search-and-destroy mission for Brett Kavanaugh.” There is a bit of a problem with the GOP plan to investigate Feinstein, according to McClatchy, regardless of who leaked the letter, it isn’t a crime, or even a violation of Senate rules. As for the court of public opinion, her media allies will be sure to keep a fat thumb on the scales of justice. Oh, by the way, now that Democrats have the FBI investigation they wanted, they’re calling for it to be expanded — all of which proves there’s no winning with this cabal. Feinstein’s actions are highly suspect given all the controversy that has surrounded her recently. She has gone toe to toe with President Trump, opposing the majority of his legislative policy. Recently, she also received media attention for having allegedly unknowingly employed a Chinese spy as her driver in her district office. Her popularity has also waned. In the mid-term elections of 2018, her opponent was endorsed by the Democratic Party of California. Not only does she not have the support of Republicans, she does not even have the support of her own party. It is very likely that she could lose her seat in the Senate as well as her committee assignments. If she is found guilty of having released Dr. Ford’s information it will be another drop in the bucket regarding her recent poor behavior. Something that could cost her, her job. If this were to happen, the Democratic Party would lose one of its oldest members and leaders of their party. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ◆ Latest news videos: http://bit.ly/2Kn8KeN ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ★ CONNECT WITH US ★ ◆ Google+: http://bit.ly/2LPVNjq ◆ Email: info.khung@gmail.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Videos can use content-based copyright law contains reasonable use Fair Use (https://www.youtube.com/yt/copyright/)
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News Conference - Sheriff Chad Chronister Announces School Security Plan
Today, Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister and Hillsborough County Public Schools Superintendent Jeff Eakins announced the school security plan for our schools. New state laws require an armed, trained, individual on every school campus during the school day beginning in the 2018-2019 school year. In middle and high schools: you will continue to see a school resource deputy or officer from the Sheriff’s office or Tampa Police Department. Starting new this fall, there will be an armed school security officer at every elementary school. Hillsborough County Public Schools has had school security officers in our schools for 49 years. We are expanding that security team, to place one officer at every elementary school. Two-thirds of our district’s current security officers are current or former law enforcement officers and one-third are current or former military service members. "I’m confident the district's security officers are ready for this responsibility, because they have already been handling that role very well for years," said Sheriff Chad Chronister. "I can say, from first-hand experience, these school security officers work well with our law enforcement agency. Our relationship with Hillsborough School Security is almost half a century strong. They are professionals and this is the right solution for Hillsborough County." Unfortunately, at this time, the School District does not have enough officers to staff every school. To get there, the school district will be expanding their security team but it is going to take some time. HCSO will fill in the gaps where there are currently not enough officers until school security officers can be hired and trained. As the new officers come on board, those HCSO personnel will be replaced. Needing to find 61 deputies almost overnight presents some challenges. In an effort to minimize the impact on our duties and service to the community, we are hiring certified law enforcement personnel on a contract basis for the school year to serve as newly formed School Security Deputies. These new positions will help minimize taking current Deputies out of the field. We anticipate the hand off from law enforcement officer to Hillsborough Schools Security should take approximately two years.
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Careful! Examples of Statism Abound During Ft. Lauderdale FIJA Outreach!
When in Miami, Pete and Adam of http://libertyontour.com joined James Cox of http://florida.fija.org to do some outreach in Ft. Lauderdale. The plan was to go first to the Federal Courthouse then stop by the Florida Atlantic University & Broward College campus before going to the Broward County Courthouse. Unsurprising - and disappointing - the route was ripe with Statism examples. But despite those incidents, almost everyone else the crew interacted with was welcoming. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voluntaryism http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jury_nullification
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On August 23, 2011, Fast Cut Films was in attendance with Harris County officials, historians, downtown office workers and local citizens for the dedication and ribbon cutting for the grand re-opening of the historic 1910 Harris County Courthouse in downtown Houston. This short clip highlights a few the unique features of the restored building. The clip also features scenes from footage we shot in 2004 prior to the demolition and remodel. Camera placement was carefully matched to help illustrate the profound changes. There's more to come too. Texas Foundation for the Arts, in association with Sunset Productions and Fast Cut Films, is producing a PBS television documentary about the history and the restoration of the 1910 Harris County Courthouse. To learn more about the history of the 1910 Courthouse please visit www.discovertexashistory.com
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Court Security Officer recognized for saving lives in Pulaski County
Court Security Officer Frank Neice drove up to an accident in Pulaski County where a truck hit a tree and caught fire.
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Governors' council moves to court of security withdrawal
Kilifi County Assembly Speaker, Jimmy Kahindi's security detail was withdrawn, days after Governors Hassan Joho and Amason Kingi's body guards were recalled to their respective stations. Now a new twist is emerging on the row between the national and county governments, after traffic marshals for Mombasa were allegedly ordered out of the roads by the police. Peter Mwangangi has more.. Watch more NTV Kenya videos at ntv.co.ke and nation.co.ke. Follow @ntvkenya on Twitter and like our page on Facebook: NTV Kenya.
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You Can Meet And  Make Many New Friends At Market Creek Plaza
CHULA VISTA PRIVATE SECURITY SERVING ALL OF SAN DIEGO. http://www.chulavistasecurity.org/ 619-488-5011 (service@securitysandiego.com ) Toll Free: 800-299-1196 http://www.bertgines.com/ Love & Peace Is Yours. The Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation San Diego, Ca. A Message From The President On Revitalizing... Together #1 https://youtu.be/b6_rT5IBbJw #2 https://youtu.be/Jo488gbluZQ We Give Thanks To The Jacobs Family Joe & Vi Jacobs Tribute Video https://youtu.be/xWqNOyIso_E Learn More About Your Jacobs Center Community Leaders Today & How You Too Can Make A Change In Someone's Life. Publications / http://www.jacobscenter.org/news/publications/ Chula Vista Private Security Gives Thanks To Safe space at the Jacobs Center hosted by the San Diego Young Artists Music Academy! http://whatsnewinthediamond.com/ What we do / http://www.jacobscenter.org/what-we-do/ Jacobs Center / Catering & Events / Rent The Space http://www.jacobscenter.org/areas-of-focus/place/meetings-events/ The Community Room Application is specifically for renting out the Jacobs Center’s free first floor Community Room. http://www.jacobscenter.org/community-room-application/ Business Accelerator to Open in Southeastern San Diego Jacobs Center, in partnership with CONNECT, has won a grant from the City of San Diego to build and operate an accelerator in Southeastern San Diego. You can see the press release here: https://www.sandiego.gov/mayor/news/releases/first-business-accelerator-open-southeastern-san-diego. Media Inquiries Bennett Peji Senior Director, Marketing and Community Affairs (619) 527-6161 x 117 • BPeji@JacobsCenter.org Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation Senior Director Bennett Peji said outreach will largely concentrate on the communities of Southeast San Diego, Barrio Logan, Logan Heights and City Heights. He said entrepreneurs of greater financial means will also be considered among the 30 to 40 businesses the accelerator plans to select for mentoring each year. https://www.sandiego.gov/sites/default/files/businessaccelpr17103.pdf Southeastern San Diego Town Center Master Plan Overview https://youtu.be/2cpDfN9_teo Enriching and Celebrating the Quality Of Life, Safety and Beautification of Our Neighborhood Donate to our kids in the streets http://bhccouncil.org/about-broadway-heights/donate.html Robert Robinson Council President Broadway Heights Community Council 2305 Laconia Street San Diego CA 92114 619-993-7612 Email: bdwyrob@cox.net Property Managed By : Douglas Wilson Companies Brad Ebright, Senior Managing Director http://www.douglaswilson.com/home/professionals/brad-ebright/ Contact Us: 619.641.1141 Client's We Work With Everyday. http://www.douglaswilson.com/home/clients/ Chula Vista Private Security Gives Thanks To https://www.sandiego.gov/mayor S.D.P.D Chief Zimmerman & Team For PEACE IN THE STREETS Public Event & Market Creek Plaza …SDPD Candidate Assistance Mentoring Program (CAMP) https://youtu.be/OZIZh7YtLQs Now Hiring Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6eqBJFWW8Y Chief Brings STAL/PAL To Jacobs Center https://youtu.be/nkagF7_6C-w Learn More About Your Community Law Enforcement Leaders Today & How You Too, Can Make A Change In Someone's Life. See All Of SDPD & The Link Below https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmzeK2lzaBSAQQr2Q0hPArw 'Tiny Homes' Touted As Big Demand Market Market Creek Plaza public Event http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/news/homelessness/sd-me-tiny-homes-20171024-story.html 342 Euclid Ave San Diego, California 92114 (619) 795-1677 https://youtu.be/BDHbR-gi_mE Contact: info@tinyhomecentral.et Web: https://tinyhomecentral.net/ FaceBook: @tinyhomesub CNN Universe Inc. Bob Lank http://www.cnnuniverse.com/ WWW.ojc-construction.com CHULA VISTA SERCURITY NOW HIRING. APPLY ONLINE WITH US. http://www.chulavistasecurity.org/ http://www.chulavistasecurity.org/abo...
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Elections 2018: Army officers deployed for security in Session Court
Elections 2018: Army officers deployed for security in Session Court Subscribe to our channel for more updates: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0CbUVRC1d1RvunYbp3w2qQ Visit our website: http://lahorenews.tv To watch news live, visit: http://lahorenews.tv/live
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Know your rights in a Child Protective Services investigation
Know your rights in a Child Protective Services investigation
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Inside El Chapo’s Escape Tunnel
Infamous drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, who daringly escaped prison on July 11, utilized a tunnel leading from the only “supermax” maximum-security prison in Mexico, where he'd been held. At least that's the explanation Mexican authorities have given as to how the leader of the Sinaloa cartel escaped prison for the second time. In the aftermath of the escape, VICE News went to Almoloya de Juarez to inspect the exit of the tunnel that “El Chapo" allegedly used, and spoke with an activist and former inmate of Altiplano prison who claims to have discovered flaws in the authorities’ version of events. In Photos: Take a Tour of the Tunnel 'Chapo' Guzman Used to Escape in Mexico - http://bit.ly/1CTEMdK Mexico Releases Footage of 'Chapo' Escape, But Will Public Believe It? - http://bit.ly/1SF2tIP 'Chapo' Prison Break Shows Just How Weak Mexico's Government Really Is - http://bit.ly/1HVTkXf Subscribe to VICE News here: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE-News Check out VICE News for more: http://vicenews.com Follow VICE News here: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vicenews Twitter: https://twitter.com/vicenews Tumblr: http://vicenews.tumblr.com/ Instagram: http://instagram.com/vicenews More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideos
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Don't drink and drive
The Alberta Sheriffs and RCMP are working together across the province to keep our roads safe. That means checkstops throughout the province. Impaired driving is a crime and will be treated as such, so if you drink, plan ahead to make sure you have a safe ride home.
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10 SECRET Google Earth Places You're NOT Allowed To See
Top 10 censored and banned locations on google maps Subscribe to our channel: http://goo.gl/9CwQhg For copyright matters please contact us at: david.f@valnetinc.com Other Videos You Might Like 10 Unusual Kids Summer Camps You Don't Believe Exist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iyyAl7cFPmU The Most Dangerous Places Tourists Should Never Visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsjbBZX56VI Description: One of the most incredible innovations that have come from the digital age is Google Maps. Since its release, people stopped depending on maps or printing out directions. Instead, all people have to do now is download the app onto their phone, and they have their own GPS system in the palm of their hand that is up to date and connected to the Internet. If you don’t know what your destination looks like, all you need to do is type in the address into Google Maps and you can see where you’re going and know what to look for. Along with Google Maps, Google Earth has given people the ability to look at destinations from an aerial view using satellite images and terrain views where you can actually look at the location in its truest form and not just colored lines and labeling. Nowadays, people have seen the “Google Cars” driving around their town with a bunch of cameras in a ring for the purpose of capturing as much information as possible to be uploaded online. But with such technology, there is always a risk when it comes to national security. With such amazing technology, terrorists and other people who don’t have good intentions can scope out their target on Google Maps and plan out their attack. In order to protect the public and that location, Google Maps will blur or black out locations that aren’t allowed to be seen by the general public. In this video, are ten places that you’re not allowed to see on Google Maps. Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheRichest.org Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheRichest_Com Instagram: http://instagram.com/therichest For more videos and articles visit: http://www.therichest.com/
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Growing concern over courthouse security in Iowa
State leaders are demanding tighter security at courthouses across the state of Iowa. Last week, Iowa's Chief Justice announced it's a top priority this year. Subscribe to KETV on YouTube now for more: http://bit.ly/1emyaD5 Get more Omaha news: http://ketv.com Like us:http://facebook.com/ketv7 Follow us: http://twitter.com/KETV Google+: http://plus.google.com/+ketv
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Pence Faces off With Protesters As He Leaves Kavanaugh Vote, Delivers Epic Justice
Vice President Mike Pence has always struck me as not only a man of devout faith but as a very courageous man as well. He was brave enough to stand by President Trump in the very beginning and risk his political career to do what was right. He has taken every smear, threat and defamatory remark from the left with an air of grace and silent strength. I watched Pence as he presided over the confirmation vote for Judge Brett Kavanaugh on Saturday. He had to repeatedly tell the Sergeant-at-Arms to bring the gallery to order because of screeching and wailing leftists. He never lost his cool… not once. So it came as no surprise that after the confirmation, Pence did not go out the back way. He went out the front with his head held high. According to the U.S. Capitol Police, a total of 101 people were arrested for unlawful demonstration throughout the Senate building, and outside of it. That included six people who unlawfully demonstrated inside the Senate Gallery, which is against the law. These people were briefed on that before they entered the gallery. Instead of taking a side entrance that would have been much safer given the hordes of radicals out front, Pence left the Capitol building through the front door as protesters shouted “Shame! Shame! Shame!” He exited toward the Senate steps with his security detail flanking him. Pence appeared to pause when a large crowd of demonstrators across the plaza increased their chanting as the doors opened to reveal the vice president. Van Helsing would have been proud. Pence faced off these political vampires head on. Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms Jim Morehand reportedly told Pence that he could exit through the Carriage Entrance if he preferred. His security detail radioed that they would take the new exit but Pence stopped and pivoted. “Let’s do it,” he said and faced the front to exit the building and they proceeded to go down the steps. A brave and defiant Pence walked towards his motorcade and waved as he went. The protesters didn’t like that one little bit and Pence didn’t care in the least. These same people later would scratch and pound on the door to the Supreme Court over Kavanaugh’s confirmation. They are violently insane in my opinion. They are obviously radicalized and very dangerous. Kavanaugh was confirmed along party lines by a narrow margin of a 50-48 vote. That made this the closest successful confirmation vote in over 100 years. The only successful confirmation closer than Kavanaugh’s occurred when Stanley Matthews Swayne was confirmed in May 1881 in a 24-23 vote under President James Garfield. Pence made it clear in a statement that Kavanaugh’s confirmation marked another success for the Trump administration. “In nominating Judge Kavanaugh, President Trump kept his word to the American people to appoint judges who will interpret the Constitution as written and uphold the God-given liberties enshrined there.” With any luck, Trump will get to fill Ginsberg’s seat as well… she’s 85 now. The vice president called Kavanaugh’s nomination a “historic day for our country,” adding that Kavanaugh would “arrive at the court with the prayers and esteem of millions of Americans.” Saturday was a historic day as Kavanaugh became the 114th Supreme Court Justice and the court took a right turn probably for a generation. The ugly smear campaign by the Democrats did what the Republicans could not do it seemed… it united the party once more. And that will bleed over into the midterm elections where you are likely to see a red wave sweep the political contests out there. From President Trump refusing to withdraw his nominee in the face of a ferocious attack on Kavanaugh to Lindsey Graham 2.0 Beast mode: “Why don’t we just dunk him in water,” everyone stood up against the ugliness of the left and their deranged behavior over this. Vice President Mike Pence leaving boldly through the front of the Capitol building was an in-your-face moment against the left. It was glorious and I was very proud when he did it. It takes a strong man to walk out in front of his enemies, smiling and waving while they give you the middle finger and call you every vile name in the book. Both Trump and Pence are men of courage and conviction. They will not be cowed by their enemies and these are the kind of leaders we want and need. Both of these men are doling out epic justice to the left these days and I revel in it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ◆ Latest news videos: http://bit.ly/2Kn8KeN ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ★ CONNECT WITH US ★ ◆ Google+: http://bit.ly/2LPVNjq ◆ Email: info.khung@gmail.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Videos can use content-based copyright law contains reasonable use Fair Use (https://www.youtube.com/yt/copyright/)
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Karimnagar Court To Give Final Verdict On Snake Gang Today  | High Security At Court | TV5 News
A 22-year-old girl was gangraped by snake gang at Hayatnagar by two men who threatened and blackmailed the victim and her boyfriend. This incident was done in 2014. The Karimnagar Court To Give Final Verdict Today. For More Updates ► TV5 News Live https://goo.gl/GI3neB ► Subscribe to TV5 News Channel: http://goo.gl/NHJD9 ► Download TV5 Android App: http://goo.gl/8mMEOX ►Our Website : http://www.tv5news.in ► Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/tv5newschannel ► Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/tv5newsnow ► Circle us on TV5 News Channel G+: https://plus.google.com/+tv5newschannel ► Follow us on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/tv5newschannel TV5 news is a 24 hours Telugu News Channel covering politics, sports, health, lifestyle and entertainment. TV5 news has 24 hours of news programs including Telugu news live, hourly news updates, Telangana news, Andhra Pradesh news updates, weather reports, exclusive interviews with celebrities, politicians and social activists and all important news updates from around the World
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LIVE: Confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh (Day 1)
Confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Full video here: https://cs.pn/2PuThMw
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Doxing of GOP Senators Traced to Feinstein’s Former Intern, Arrest Made
In a disturbing continuation of the left’s attacks on the GOP, a man who once interned for California Sen. Dianne Feinstein has now been charged with publicly posting Republican senators’ personal information to the internet. On Wednesday, U.S. Capitol Police arrested Jackson A. Cosko, 27, for allegedly posting personal information about GOP senators involved in the hearings on Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Cosko most recently interned in the office of Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas, according to Fox. He faces charges involved with “doxing,” or making restricted information public. According to a statement from the Capitol Police, Cosko has also been initially charged with witness tampering, threats in interstate communications, unauthorized access of a government computer, identity theft, second-degree burglary, and unlawful entry. Fox News reported late Wednesday that aides found Cosko working on a computer in a Capitol Hill office that did not belong to Jackson Lee. Fox did not say whose office it was. Cosko was arrested in his Washington home the next day. Capitol Hill security officials are planning to investigate the contents of the computers Cosko used, Fox reported. According to Roll Call, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s home addresses were added to his public Wikipedia page on Monday. Last week, while Kavanaugh and his first accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, were being questioned at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, someone from an IP address connected to the Capitol added the personal home addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses of Republican Sens. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Orrin Hatch and Mike Lee of Utah, to their Wikipedia pages. This personal information was picked up by the @congressedits Twitter account, an automated account that tweets changes to Wikipedia articles that come from IP addresses assigned to Congress, according to Roll Call. Its thousands of followers were alerted to the changes. Twitter suspended the account this week, Roll Call reported. Cosko’s exact status with Lee’s office wasn’t clear Thursday. Glenn Rushing, Jackson Lee’s chief of staff, told the Houston Chronicle that Cosko had worked as an intern for the past month in Jackson Lee’s Washington congressional office. He added that Cosko was no longer on the staff. Rushing also said that he couldn’t give any more details, except that others may have also been involved, according to the Chronicle. “It’s an ongoing investigation and we’re cooperating with law enforcement,” he told the Chronicle. Of course, Cosko’s arrest caused a buzz on social media. According to Fox News, before Cosko worked for Jackson Lee’s office, he worked with Democratic Sen. Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire and former Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer of California. Most notably, considering the connection between the doxing and the Kavanuagh hearings, Cosko also previously interned for the office of Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California, who first brought up Ford’s sexual assault allegation against Kavanaugh. The attack on these senators’ safety follows the trend of Democratic leaders calling for increasingly more confrontations with anyone who opposes Democrats. You don’t have to search hard to find instances of Democrats inciting open conflict with Republicans. You may recall how in June, Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters of California called for more mob harassment of members of President Donald Trump’s administration — not just in public places, but also at their own homes. “Already you have members of your cabinet that are being booed out of restaurants,” Watters said. “Who have protesters taking up at their house who are saying, ‘No peace, no sleep. No peace, no sleep.’ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ◆ Latest news videos: http://bit.ly/2Kn8KeN ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ★ CONNECT WITH US ★ ◆ Google+: http://bit.ly/2LPVNjq ◆ Email: info.khung@gmail.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Videos can use content-based copyright law contains reasonable use Fair Use (https://www.youtube.com/yt/copyright/)
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Report finds major security problems at New Orleans Municipal & Traffic Court
And while there have been no major incidents -- yet -- a recent security assessment report outlines all sorts of problems at the courthouse. Subscribe to WDSU on YouTube now for more: http://bit.ly/1n00vnY Get more New Orleans news: http://www.wdsu.com/ Like us: http://www.facebook.com/wdsutv Follow us: http://twitter.com/wdsu Google+: http://plus.google.com/+wdsu
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Plan B - She Said
“Heaven Before All Hell Breaks Loose” The new album. Out now: https://atlanti.cr/planb-hbahbl Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/4planb Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/planbmusic Site: http://www.time4planb.co.uk
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President Obama's Anger Translator (Full + HD) at White House Correspondent's Dinner
President Obama's anger translator "Luther" says all the things the President wishes he could at the 2015 White House Correspondents' Dinner. Featuring Keegan Michael-Key. Subscribe to TDC: https://www.youtube.com/TheDailyConversation/ Like our page on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/thedailyconversation Join us on Google+ https://plus.google.com/100134925804523235350/posts Follow us on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/thedailyconvo Ahead of the 2016 election that Trump won thanks to the help of fox news and Russia.
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Opinion Court: Security in the Country
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LIVE: Confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh (Day 3)
Confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett #Kavanaugh (Day 3) - LIVE at 9:30am ET on C-SPAN3, C-SPAN Radio & online here: https://cs.pn/2NXalKI
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LIVE: Confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh (Day 2)
Confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett #Kavanaugh (Day 2, PArt 1) - LIVE at 9:30am ET on C-SPAN3, C-SPAN Radio & online here: https://cs.pn/2NRS3KW
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Aiming to Tighten Courthouse Security
Allow guns in courthouses is one way Rep. Tony Cornish, R-Good Thunder, believes prosecuting attorney's can protect themselves. He discusses his bill on this issue with Julie Bartkey, along with his bill to enhance penalties for those who harm or kill a prosecutor.
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Border Patrol: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
Donald Trump's plan to hire more Border Patrol agents could lead to more corruption and misconduct. If only their recruitment ads were designed to attract the most suitable applicants. Connect with Last Week Tonight online... Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel for more almost news as it almost happens: www.youtube.com/user/LastWeekTonight Find Last Week Tonight on Facebook like your mom would: http://Facebook.com/LastWeekTonight Follow us on Twitter for news about jokes and jokes about news: http://Twitter.com/LastWeekTonight Visit our official site for all that other stuff at once: http://www.hbo.com/lastweektonight
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Continuity of the US government.. TOP SECRET!
Rep. Peter DeFazio gives a speech on the house floor to fellow members discussing the fact that Bush Administration has denied the entire Dept of Homeland Security Committee access to the so called detailed plans that the White House has drafted to ensure the continuity of government in case of a major terrorist attack. Do you really trust George Bush?
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Agenda 21, The Plan To Kill You -  David Icke
World Tour Tickets - http://www.TheWorldWideWakeUp.com 2016/17 Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030 The Plan To Kill You - David Icke - The United Nations Depopulation Plan The global cabal of U.N. Agenda 21 is behind global warming, regionalism, zoning, land and water use control, wealth redistribution, weakening and eventual replacement of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency, global warming, cap and trade, Smart Grid, Smart Meters, carbon taxes, high gasoline prices, global citizens, IB World Schools, Common Core nationalized education standards, biofuels, Marxist advancement across the globe, food control, water access control via the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST), gun control, health control, the Arab Spring/Winter, unchecked illegal immigration, and they are unstoppable.’ All David's Books Now Available Here http://www.DavidIckeStore.com Social Media https://www.facebook.com/davidicke/ https://twitter.com/davidicke To have David's Videocast sent to you in full every week, Click here http://www.davidicke.com/register http://www.DavidIckeStore.com All David's Books Now Available Here http://www.TheWorldWideWakeUp.com 2016/17 World Tour Tickets http://www.DavidIcke.com/headlines Latest News From David Icke http://www.UnreportedTruth.com - Videos, Articles and Social Media For The People By The People http://www.RichieAllen.co.uk - Europe's Number One Independent Radio Show Music - http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Kai_Engel/ICD-10/Kai_Engel_-_ICD-10_-_06_Oneiri
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Imran Khan Announced Big News For Public | Headlines 12 AM | 6 October 2018 | 24 News
Imran Khan Announced Big News For Public | Headlines 12 AM | 6 October 2018 | 24 News #PMIMRANKHAN # TALKSHOWSCENTRAL #DUNYANEWSLIVE #PAKISTANI#1CHANNEL Talk Shows Central is Pakistan Most Loved and most watched Talk Shows and Entertainment channel in the globe serving with. Minute To Minute Breaking News, Talk Shows, Entertainment And Comedy Programs ► Subscribe us http://bit.ly/TalkShowsCentralYT ► Website - http://www.talkshowscentral.com ► Facebook - https://facebook.com/Talk-Shows-Central-481960088660559 ► Twitter - https://twitter.com/TalkShowsPk
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Free-Market Social Security
Today is the 83rd anniversary of Social Security, and this year it went into the red. In the long run, it has a $32 trillion-dollar shortfall. --------- Subscribe to my YouTube channel: http://youtube.com/johnstossel Like me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JohnStossel/ Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/johnstossel --------- John Stossel says that the program is unsustainable. Young people shouldn't expect it to cover their retirement. Romina Boccia explains the Heritage Foundation’s plan to allow young people to contribute to their Social Security payments via private investment accounts. Those private accounts would likely grow faster than people’s contributions to Social Security, and young people could invest in “whatever floats your boat," Boccia tells Stossel. Private investment accounts have been tried in other parts of the world. When Chile started them in 1981, it was poorer than most Latin American countries. Now it's the very richest. Yet mass demonstrations denounce it for being run privately, and for companies taking some of the profit. They miss the fact that Chileans have more money for retirement than most Latin Americans only because of their private accounts. Privatization is also unpopular in America, and so are Boccia's other proposals. She and Heritage would raise the retirement age to 70 to account for rising lifespans. "When Social Security was actually founded, life expectancy was below 65," Boccia tells Stossel. Now it's 78. Stossel tells Boccia: "what you guys are pushing is the right thing to do, but it's not popular.” She replies, "It is not popular, but I think people don't fully understand how these programs work." The good news is that this was the first time that when Stossel went to talk with people on the street, most people understood the problem. One man called it a "Ponzi scheme" and asked, "why not take it and invest it in the stock market and let it grow that way?" A woman summed it up well: "the country's in a deficit; there's a point where you can't pay out and go in the negative forever."
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Human Services Center Oklahoma City Follow Up & Free Education
Previously on News Now OKC we visited Human Services Center Oklahoma City and I was trespassed by Oklahoma City PD and Goodwill Security Guards. The Oklahoma City Police Officer D. Folton, Badge Number: 1812 not ignorant of the law and defying the Oath he took to Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States of American against all enemies foreign and domestic. Well, Officer Folton is becoming the that domestic enemy. Follow Up: I have been able to record still but still with push back. I am able to give them some free education. I still don't believe they have learned anything. I plan to keep reporting to you how the Human Services Center treat us in the future. I want to thank Picture Perfect for going with me this time and helping to educate the staff in out public building. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CfwLTP3N_lY
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NH: Man self-immolates, so I question one of the many officials he seemed to be blaming
Sponsor: http://BlockChain.INFO - NH: Man self-immolates, so I question one of the many officials he seemed to be blaming. Below I plan to place a partial transcript of the text that appears inside the video: ------ 'In 2011, a former NH resident burned himself alive to protest what he perceived as the destruction of his family by child protective and judicial institutions. Sandra Matheson, currently with the NH AG's office, helped put the state's domestic violence policies in place. I question her as she leaves a partially censored UNH presentation on human trafficking. University folks have already called security; their officer monitors the ambush interview.' ------ Some or all the video/audio in this clip is probably available for you to use, commercially or however you like. Basically anything that was shot by me or was public domain to begin with. Until further notice my stuff is automatically released into the public domain. Usually if I shot it, "RidleyReport.com" or "YouTube.com/WinWinParty" will appear at the bottom. Anything which has that super or was obviously shot by me... is public domain. This vid is - or likely will be - part of a playlist... A link should eventually appear below where you can hopefully watch in sequence: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?feature=edit_ok&list=PLGeF52rAuBvX5Jzbq9iZ9wqVPOeFEvZPw How you can buy an ad, on the Ridley Report... http://nhunderground.com/forum/index.php?topic=15218.msg257753#msg257753 Like what you see here?? You can donate to the Ridley Report most easily using Bitcoin! See my latest BTC address, at http://nhunderground.com/forum/index.php?topic=23375.0 I... generally keep the wallet fairly empty for security reasons... So...don't be shy about letting me know you've donated. That way I can evacuate or spend the BTC's.... sandi public domain footage child protective services nh raw news videos cps dave ridley report. dcyf Creative commons license, department of children youth and families or division, not sure. d.c.y.f. police states. freedom ridleyreport free state project johnathon irish jon john free to use, baby cheyenne oath keepers thomas ball tibet immolations protests resistance movements live free or die, man burns himself alive to protest. staters liberty. Mohammed Bouazizi " arab spring immolation immolates himself family court systems cops new hampshire ron paul cheshire county superior court john arnold judge bans - libertarians gary johnson politics political. rand paul immolates himself fire sets himself on fire viet nam vietnam monks. self-immolation, burns himself alive, immolates, self, thomas ball, tom, tibet, sets himself on fire monks to death tunisia tunisians. oath keeper baby babies children seized kidnappings domestic violence against women and kids. fathers rights fathers'
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Adam Ruins Everything - The Real Reason Hospitals Are So Expensive | truTV
American healthcare might not be the best world, but it is the most expensive. SUBSCRIBE to get the latest truTV content: http://bit.ly/truTVSubscribe Check out videos from Impractical Jokers: http://bit.ly/IJTruTV Check out videos from Billy On The Street: http://bit.ly/BillyOnTheStreet Check out videos from Adam Ruins Everything: http://bit.ly/ARETruTV Check out videos from The Carbonaro Effect: http://bit.ly/TheCarbonaroEffect Check out videos from Comedy Knockout: http://bit.ly/ComedyKnockout Check out videos from Hack My Life: Inside Hacks: http://bit.ly/HackMyLife Check out videos from Talk Show The Game Show: http://bit.ly/TalkShowTheGameShow Check out videos from Upscale with Prentice Penny: http://bit.ly/UpscaleWithPrenticePenny See more from truTV: http://bit.ly/FunnyBecauseItsTRU Like truTV on Facebook: http://bit.ly/truTVFacebook Follow truTV on Twitter: http://bit.ly/truTVTweets Follow truTV on Instagram: http://bit.ly/truTVInsta About truTV: Seen across multiple platforms in 90 million households, truTV delivers a fresh and unexpected take on comedy with such popular original series as Impractical Jokers, Billy on the Street, The Carbonaro Effect, Adam Ruins Everything, Hack My Life and Fameless, as well as the original scripted comedy Those Who Can’t. The fun doesn’t stop there. truTV is also a partner in airing the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship. Adam Ruins Everything - The Real Reason Hospitals Are So Expensive | truTV http://bit.ly/truTVSubscribe
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Obama's Health Plan In 4 Minutes
The White House released an edited version of President Obama's health care speech to Congress that outlines his health care plan in four minutes.
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Trump, Pompeo offer praise for Haley as she announces surprise resignation
Nikki Haley earned the admiration of President Trump as ambassador to the U.N., despite a public dust-up with the administration over sanctions against Russia. As Nick Schifrin reports, on Tuesday, she announced her upcoming resignation. Yamiche Alcindor and Judy Woodruff discuss the motivation behind Haley’s decision, what she might do next and whom the president is considering to replace her. Find more from PBS NewsHour at https://www.pbs.org/newshour Subscribe to our YouTube channel: https://bit.ly/2HfsCD6 Follow us: Facebook: http://www.pbs.org/newshour Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/newshour Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/newshour Snapchat: @pbsnews Subscribe: PBS NewsHour podcasts: https://www.pbs.org/newshour/podcasts Newsletters: https://www.pbs.org/newshour/subscribe
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Kavanaugh confirmation prompts protests in Austin
The confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh started an uproar Saturday morning among dozens of protesters in Austin.
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Chris Rock - Black People VS. Niggaz (Bring the Pain 1996)
From "Bring the Pain".
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Watch Rachel Mitchell's complete questioning of Christine Blasey Ford, without interruptions
Find more from PBS NewsHour at https://www.pbs.org/newshour Subscribe to our YouTube channel: https://bit.ly/2HfsCD6 Follow us: Facebook: http://www.pbs.org/newshour Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/newshour Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/newshour Snapchat: @pbsnews Subscribe: PBS NewsHour podcasts: https://www.pbs.org/newshour/podcasts Newsletters: https://www.pbs.org/newshour/subscribe
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Employment Law : How Do I Look Up My Criminal Record?
Anyone can look up a criminal record on a local criminal database by entering the social security number, date of birth and any other identifying data of the individual. Contact the local courthouse to get more information on past criminal activity with help from a Supreme Court-certified civil mediator in this free video on employment law. Expert: Robert Todd Bio: Robert Todd is the managing partner and president of Robert M. Todd, P.A. and Family Law Solutions. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz
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Inmate beaten to death in Montreal Detention Centre
A jury in its 11th day of deliberation emerged on Tuesday at the Montreal courthouse with verdicts in the case involving the death of an inmate at the Montreal Detention Centre two years ago. The jury found Tarik Biji guilty of second-degree murder in the death of fellow inmate Michel Barrette, a he‎roin addict who had just smuggled tobacco into the detention centre days before he was beaten to death on June 21, 2016. Two other inmates who took part in the beating — Garmy Guerrier and Jason Côté — were convicted of manslaughter. All three men were also convicted of aggravated assault. Read more: https://montrealgazette.com/news/local-news/tarik-biji-guilty-of-second-degree-murder-in-death-of-inmate-at-montreal-detention-centre
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