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No more pills!! Natural birth control: The most effective non-hormonal contraceptive methods!
Master and decode your fertility, balance your hormones, understand your body and enjoy safe sex and effective contraception with the tips and info in this video! All the content found in my Channel, videos and website is created for informational purposes only. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or to help you decide which treatment options best and safest for you!
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ASK UNMC Birth Control and overweight women
Are birth control pills less effective in women who are overweight? Sonja Kinney, M.D., UNMC College of Medicine
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How to Prevent Weight Gain on Birth Control -  Birth Control Side Effects
Amazing! You must see this awesome animated story of unforgettable friendship and love for animals. Click here to watch! https://youtu.be/ZnAZnZCJ5Zs --~-- http://www.waysandhow.com Subscribe to Waysandhow: https://goo.gl/RK2SbN Birth control side effects. How to prevent weight gain on birth control: Is your birth control pill making you gain weight? We can help, watch this video to learn how to prevent weight gain on birth control in easy simple tutorial steps. It is said that weight gain is a common side effect of taking birth control pills. This has been backed up by research, as many women who take oral contraceptives were said to gain extra weight, especially in their hips, thighs, and breasts. However, the weight gain caused by birth control pills is mostly caused by fluid retention, and the amount of weight gain is usually deemed insignificant for most women. This minimal weight gain also often goes away within two to three months. Nevertheless, if you want to avoid the weight gain side effect of oral contraceptives, here are ways on how to prevent weight gain on birth control: http://waysandhow.com/?p=23298 - waysandhow, diy, diy video, how-to ---------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Google+: https://plus.google.com/+waysandhow Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/waysandhow/ Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/waysandhow/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/waysandhow
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IUD: A Safe, Effective Birth Control Option
To learn more about The Center for Women’s Health at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, visit https://wexnermedical.osu.edu/center-for-womens-health. To make an appointment with Dr. Hirsch, call 614-293-2076. An IUD is a long acting contraceptive that can be safely used until a woman is ready to consider pregnancy. Heather Hirsch, MD, MS, NCMP, an internist and women’s health specialist at Ohio State, explains IUD options, effectiveness, placement, risks and benefits.
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The TRUTH About The Birth Control Implant | Implanon | Nexplanon
SOUND ALERT: If you cannot hear the audio in this video please: 1) Watch the video from your computer browser 2) Watch the video from the actual YouTube app on your phone (not the safari browser). Lips: MAC - "Heroine" Previous Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NYvuss4T6dE My Experience in an Abusive Relationship: https://youtu.be/F4bvhvZEBhQ I had my birth control arm implant from October 2014- March2015 Starting Weight: 108-115lbs Ending Weight (March 2015): 135 *I'm not sure if my skin irritation during that period (acne) was a side effect of the birth control or stress during that time. BE MY FRIEND! IG: te_am_o Facebook: HairMaryYT Blog: www.HairMary.com
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3 YEARS on Nexplanon Birth Control Implant | side effects, removal process, cost
We're talking about birth control and contraceptions- well, one, specifically! OPEN for TIME STAMPS: 1:11 What is it? 1:40 How does it work? 1:55 Most common side effects 2:44 My side effects 4:43 Why I removed it early 5:24 The removal process (Footage from when I actually got it out!) 7:38 How much is it? 8:01 My overall review 8:16 Would I get it again? Sex for the first time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWBpcEStoTc http://plannedparenthood.com https://www.nexplanon.com/what-is-nexplanon/ 🌹 NEW videos every Monday 🌹 ☞ Instagram - http://instagram.com/amyvagabondd » ON MYSELF Sweater All Saints Earrings http://enroutejewelry.com 20% off: AMYVAGABOND » LET'S CONNECT ☞ Instagram - http://instagram.com/amyvagabondd ☞ Twitter - http://twitter.com/amyvagabondd ☞ Tumblr - http://amyvagabond.tumblr.com ☞ Facebook - http://facebook.com/vagabondyouth ☞ Blog - http://amyvagabond.com ☞ Snapchat - amy_vagabond ☺ Edited by Amy Lee ☺ The AM with Amy intro by http://www.morymen.com/ http://instagram.com/mory.men ☺ CAMERA & LENS ☛ Canon 70D http://amzn.to/1s8EtYK ☛ Sigma 30mm f/1.4 http://amzn.to/2ghHuUl ☛ Canon EF-S 10-18mm http://amzn.to/1QWOMTF ☛ Canon g7x http://amzn.to/1s8ELik MIC ☛ Shure VP83 Microphone http://amzn.to/1s8EKei EDITING SOFTWARE ☛ Final Cut Pro X » FUN STUFF ☛ $20 off your first Missguided order: https://missguided.mention-me.com/m/ol/ys3yi-amy-lee ☛ 20% off your entire Glossier order http://bff.glossier.com/dR8Sf ☛ $10 off for delivery on Postmates: "aizwg" ☛ $35 to travel with on Airbnb: http://www.airbnb.com/c/alee1877 ☛ $20 credit for a free ride on LYFT: "AMY818368" ☛ $5 off your first iHerb purchase: "SHJ515" http://www.iherb.com?rcode=SHJ515 ☛ $35 off your first home cleaning http://handy.com/r/AMY1161 » BUSINESS INQUIRES ✎ amy@amyvagabond.com ☛ FTC » Not sponsored.
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How Body Weight Affects Birth Control -- The Doctors
VISIT HERE FOR VIDEO GUIDE http://tiny.cc/bfqdzx Subscribe to The Doctors: LIKE us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Pinterest: OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson explains whether being overweight or obese can decrease the effectiveness of birth control pills.
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Some Morning After Birth Control Might Not Be as Effective for Heavier Women
Beginning in 2014, the morning after birth control pill Norlevo will come with a warning that it is not effective for women who weigh more than 176 pounds, and is less effective for women who are 165 pounds or heavier. (1,1,1) Beginning in 2014, the morning after birth control pill Norlevo will come with a warning that it is not effective for women who weigh more than 176 pounds, and is less effective for women who are 165 pounds or heavier. The Norlevo brand birth control pill is available in Europe, Australia, India, Canada and other countries around the world, and has the same active ingredient as the Plan B One-Step emergency contraceptive pill that is available in the United States. But the Plan B pill doesn't have a warning about the effectiveness as it relates to how much the person taking the synthetic hormone weighs. Erica Jefferson, deputy director for the FDA office of media affairs said: "The FDA is currently reviewing the available and related scientific information on this issue, including the publication upon which the Norlevo labeling change was based. The agency will then determine what, if any, labeling changes to approved emergency contraceptives are warranted." Warnings on the Norlevo label are based on a 2011 study that found obese women were more than four times as likely to still get pregnant after taking the emergency contraceptive than women involved in the study who were a healthy weight.
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A French drug company says their morning-after pill, Norlevo, doesn't work for overweight and obese
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Emergency Contraception and Safety What You Need to Know
Emergency Contraception and Safety What You Need to Know. Introduction:. Emergency contraception is a way to prevent pregnancy after having unprotected sex, meaning sex without birth control or with birth control that didn’t work. The two main types of emergency contraception are emergency contraceptive pills (ECPs) and the copper intrauterine device (IUD). As with any medical treatment, you may wonder if emergency contraception is safe. Read on to learn about the safety of both emergency contraception methods. Emergency contraceptive pill:. ECPs, which are also called “morning-after pills,” are hormone pills. They use high levels of the hormones found in birth control pills to prevent pregnancy. They must be taken within three or five days of unprotected sex, depending on the product. Brands available in the United States contain the hormone levonorgestrel or the hormone ulipristal. Levonorgestrel ECPs include:. *Plan B One-Step. *levonorgestrel (generic Plan B). *Next Choice One Dose. *Athentia Next. *EContra EZ. *Fallback Solo. *Her Style. *My Way. *Opcicon One-Step. *React. The ulipristal ECP is:. *ella. All ECPs are thought to be very safe. “These are extraordinarily safe drugs,” says Dr. James Trussell, faculty associate at Princeton University and researcher in the area of reproductive health. Dr. Trussell has actively promoted making emergency contraception more widely available. “No deaths have been linked to using emergency contraceptive pills. And the benefits of being able to prevent pregnancy after sex outweigh any possible risks of taking the pills.” About the copper IUD:. The copper IUD is a small, hormone-free, T-shaped device that a doctor places in your uterus. It can serve as both emergency contraception and long-term pregnancy protection. To act as emergency contraception, it must be placed within five days of unprotected sex. Your doctor can remove the IUD after your next period, or you can leave it in place to use as long-term birth control for up to 10 years. The copper IUD is thought to be very safe. But in rare cases, it can cause serious problems. For example, an IUD could pierce the wall of the uterus while it’s being inserted. Also, the copper IUD slightly raises your risk of pelvic inflammatory disease in the first three weeks of use. Again, these risks are rare. Your doctor can help you decide if the benefit of placing a copper IUD outweighs the potential risks. Learn more: Intrauterine devices ». Safety issues of both methods:. Women who should avoid these options:. Some women should avoid using the copper IUD. For example, women who are pregnant shouldn’t use it because it raises the risk of infection. The copper IUD should also be avoided by women who have:. *distortion of the uterus. *pelvic inflammatory disease. *endometritis after pregnancy or miscarriage. *cancer of the uterus. *cervical cancer. *genital bleeding for unknown reasons. *Wilson’s disease. *infection of the cervix. *an older IUD that has not been removed. Certain women should also avoid using ECPs, including those who are allergic to any of the ingredients or those who take certain medications that may make ECPs less effective, such as barbiturates and St. John’s wort. If you’re breastfeeding, you should not use ella. However, levonorgestrel ECPs are safe for use while breastfeeding. ECPs and pregnancy:. ECPs are meant to prevent pregnancy, not end one. The effects of ella on a pregnancy aren’t known, so for safety, you shouldn’t use it if you’re already pregnant. ECPs that contain levonorgestrel don’t work during pregnancy and won’t affect a pregnancy. Effects of weight on ECP effectiveness:. All emergency contraceptive pills, regardless of type, appear to be much less effective for obese women. In clinical trials of women All Photos Licensed Under CC Source : www.pexels.com www.pixabay.com www.commons.wikimedia.org
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How Weight Affects Birth Control Medical Course
For Educational Use Only - Fair Use - OBGYN Dr. Lisa Masterson explains whether being overweight or obese can decrease the effectiveness of birth control pills.
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Women Stop Taking Birth Control For The First Time
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Side Effects of Birth Control | Every Woman Needs to Watch This!
Have you ever wondered what the side effects of birth control on your body? Watch to find out & read the full post here: http://supersisterfitness.com/side-effects-of-birth-control SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel HERE ▶ http://bit.ly/1q0dY5f LET'S GO! Website ▶ http://bit.ly/11vNr4H Facebook ▶ http://facebook.com/supersisterfitness Instagram ▶ http://instagram.com/supersisterfitness Pinterest ▶ http://pinterest.com/supersisterfit Bloglovin ▶ http://bit.ly/1zEOw4W Google+ ▶ http://bit.ly/1xSFsau Learn more about Bikini Bootcamp here ▶ http://bit.ly/1vtPlyj
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Quit The Pill Successfully - Tips for Balancing Hormones After Birth Control Pills
My Instagram: http://instagram.com/vitalivesfree ♥♥ SCROLL DOWN FOR ALL THE PRODUCTS AND RESOURCES ♥♥ So many women would like to quit birth control pills but are afraid of the side effects of stopping hormonal contraception: anything from heavy periods and menstrual cramps to acne outbreaks. Luckily, there are a few herbs, supplements, and lifestyle changes that can make the transition so much quicker and easier. Things I mentioned in the video: 1. Acidophilus Probiotics: http://amzn.to/2dtpNMt How to make sauerkraut: https://youtu.be/aptzn5naRSs My secret sourdough bread recipe: https://youtu.be/LXamf7c1D0k How to make yogurt at home: https://youtu.be/G5z41muLJVM 2. My favourite B complex with folate: http://amzn.to/2e6n90v The multivitamin supplement I recommend: http://amzn.to/2dGuRjN My favourite zinc supplement: http://amzn.to/2dSAoSz 3. My favorite magnesium supplement: http://amzn.to/2ec3dgs How to make magnesium oil: https://youtu.be/iJhM9t3_GBY 4. Vitex (also called chasteberry): http://amzn.to/2dYEcRs 5. Don Quai: http://amzn.to/2e6riRU Tribulus Terrestris: http://amzn.to/2e6toBh 6. Maca powder: http://amzn.to/2eo5h4a 7. Liquid Chlorophyll: http://amzn.to/2e6rTmK 8. Unsulphured blackstrap molasses: http://amzn.to/2dYFM5O 9. Hormone Balancing Yoga and meditation I do yoga workouts from the Skimble Workout App or from "Slim Calm Sexy Yoga" by Tara Stiles (http://amzn.to/2dSGtOO) I started meditating with Chopra's 21-Day Meditation Challenge and right now I'm trying out Headspace app. I love it so far. 10. Eat a balanced, varied diet. 11. DIM: http://amzn.to/2ec8bth 12. Evening Primrose Oil: http://amzn.to/2dGyOFc 14. "Period Repair Manual" by Lara Briden: http://www.larabriden.com/period-repair-manual/ 15. "Quit PMS" by Laura Geertsen: http://empoweredsustenance.com/quit-pms/ The Natural Birth Control Method that I Use: https://youtu.be/czVaxVEDcO0 Watch the entire Birth Control Series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsUaJG3Q74G4_a9o52DjZ-LrgDczdMjk7 If you enjoyed this video, I'd be so grateful if you gave this video a thumbs up and left me a comment. If you know anyone who is thinking of coming off the birth control pill or who has already done so and is struggling, share this video with them. Thank you so much for helping me spread my message! Simply yours, Vita xx Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor and this is not medical advice. Please do your own research before trying any of the things I mentioned. Don't rely on my words alone! SUBSCRIBE for more videos → http://www.youtube.com/user/EcceVita1?sub_confirmation=1 Visit my BLOG → http://vitalivesfree.com WHERE ELSE YOU CAN FIND ME: ------------------------------------------------------ Facebook → http://www.facebook.com/VitaLivesFree Google+ → https://plus.google.com/+Vitalivesfree Twitter → http://www.twitter.com/VitaLivesFree Pinterest → http://www.pinterest.com/VitaLivesFree Instagram → http://instagram.com/VitaLivesFree Email → vita(at)vitalivesfree.com Music by Epidemic Sound (http://www.epidemicsound.com) *Some of the links above might be affiliate links. Thanks so much for supporting my blog and channel!
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Morning After Pill Doesn't Work On Women Over 176 Pounds
Join #FOWLERNATION!! http://bit.ly/14crV4D In a move that's bound to frighten everyone, HRA Pharma, the company the manufactures the European version of Plan B called Norlevo has revised its packaging to indicate that the pregnancy prevention medication is not always effective for women over 165 pounds and doesn't work at all for women who weigh more than 176 pounds. As first reported by Mother Jones, HRA Pharma was originally prompted to look into the effectiveness of their emergency contraception by a 2011 study out of the University of Edinburgh, Scotland that found that "the risk of pregnancy was more than threefold greater for obese women compared with women with normal body mass index, whichever EC [Emergency Contraception] was taken." They also found that the risk of pregnancy was particularly high if that emergency contraception was made of levonorgestrel, the hormone found in many of the major over-the-counter morning after pills sold in the United States, like Plan B One-Step. The study recommended that overweight women use IUDs. If this regulation were to come to the United States, that would mean a substantial swath of American women wouldn't be able to use the medication. According to the CDC, for people 5'4", obesity is considered 174 pounds and for those 5'9", 203 pounds. In 2010, 35% of American women were reported as obese. Though those numbers are based off a flawed system of Body Mass Index, there's no denying that a significant portion of women taking the morning after pill weigh more than 165 or 176 pounds, whether that's considered obese for their body type or not: again according to the CDC, the average weight of a woman over 20 is 166.2 pounds. 11% of sexually active women have reported using EC at least once, a number that has dramatically increased over the past decade. Mother Jones reports that the packaging will now read: "Studies suggest that Norlevo is less effective in women weighing [165 pounds] or more and not effective in women weighing [176 pounds] or more" and that Norlevo "is not recommended...if you weigh [165 pounds] or more" ...though the company's website hasn't updated their product information to indicate as much yet. If you liked this clip, share it with your friends and hit that "like" button! 1,500 Subscriber Behind The Scenes Reward Video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LT9x1PvQTBU Subscribe to our Podcast on iTunes for free! https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-richard-fowler-show/id510713880 @fowlershow @richardafowler http://www.facebook.com/richardfowlershow http://www.fowlershow.com Story: http://jezebel.com/morning-after-pill-doesnt-work-on-women-over-176-pound-1471069011
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Obesity and Contraceptive Failure:  Then and Now
Larissa Huber, PhD Women and Children’s Center Silver Symposium February 20, 2018
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Female Birth Control Options | Family Planning
Dr. Jenny Robinson discusses the various types of contraceptives available to women who may not be able to use traditional birth control methods. Learn more at: http://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/johns_hopkins_bayview/medical_services/primary_care/gynecology_obstetrics/clinical_services/gynecology/family_planning.html
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IUD Safety & Effectiveness | Birth Control
Watch more How to Pick a Birth Control Method videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/510826-IUD-Safety-and-Effectiveness-Birth-Control Learn how safe and effective an IUD is in this Howcast video about birth control. The IUD is a highly effective and safe form of birth control. One of the best things that we've done as OB/GYNs is to make this unit available to all patients, whether or not they've had babies or not. So, if you're considering a form of birth control and you're not doing well with taking pills, or even if you did take the pill regularly and you want to change your form of birth control, this is an excellent option for you. There are two types of IUDs -- one that lasts for 5 years and one that lasts for 10 years, and both are well over 99% effective. It is a very safe form of birth control. There is a very short window within which you are at increased risk for infection. That's the first 21 days after the IUD has been placed. After it's been placed, you are at no increased risk of infection over that of your peers who are not using the IUD. I highly recommend this form of birth control if you are not doing well with the pills or the NuvaRing or the patch. If you're considering this form of birth control at the beginning of your contraceptive life, I think that you should talk to your doctor or your nurse practitioner if you're thinking about it and you're not considering having children within the next two to three years.
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5 Natural Birth Control Options | MeghanTV
SUBSCRIBE! http://www.meghantelpner.com PLAY: http://www.meghantelpner.com LEARN: http://www.CulinaryNutrition.com Most women today in our 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s didn't escape those formative teen years without being placed on what our doctors told us was a harmless little pill that would allow us free love to our heart's desire. It may have permitted uncommitted sex, but not sure the love was always there. Now 50 years after the sexual revolution, we have learned that little pill is far from harmless and is causing so many women serious health issues. These include weight gain, low libido and mood swings for the young women in their teens and 20s, menstrual irregularity and fertility challenges for women in their 30s, and extreme menopausal symptoms for women approaching and into their 50s. It blows my mind that the pill is considered an effective treatment method for things like cramping, acne, heavy periods and PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). It may help alleviate the symptoms, but did docs ever consider that there may also be effective ways to cure the cause? Several pills have been recalled over the past several years (there were three recalls in Canada in 2013) for various life threatening side affects. You can read more about the pill in this series I wrote a few years ago. Many women who still want to get it on, but don't want to be on the pill, are taking to the risky business "pull and pray" method. I think you get the idea on that one. With all this confusion and misinformation, I called in my favourite sisters to dish their wisdom on this very important subject -- and for this occasion, it was only right that I pulled out the pearl necklace. Amy and Kim are in the kitchen with me to share their top 5 natural birth control methods. Learn More About DIY Birth Control! If you are seriously interested in learning more about how you can get to know your fertility cycles, whether for getting knocked up or preventing it, Amy is the sister for you! Please share this with the ladies you know. This is truly important and empowering! Dare to dish? What have you found to be your preferred effective natural birth control methods?
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Obesity & Contraceptives - NJN News Healthwatch
A recent study in the medical journal Contraception, suggests birth control pills may be less affective in obese women. For more news and events in and around New Jersey, visit NJN's website at http://www.njn.net
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ASK UNMC!  Are birth control pills less effective in heavier women?
Sonja Kinney, M.D., UNMC College of Medicine
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What happens when you go off birth control?
Q&A with Dr. Manny: I've been taking birth control pills for over a decade and have recently decided to stop taking them. What happens after you stop taking the pill— should I expect any side effects? Watch Dr Manny Alvarez talk about Body Mind, Endocrine Disorders, Headaches Migraines, Healthy Living, Medications, Mental Health, Originals, Pain Management, Pregnancy, Qa Dr Manny, Reproductive Health, Sexual Health, and Womens Health.
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Is it safe to use birth control pills to stop my period cycle?
Certain types of birth control can and will affect a woman's cycles. For example, sometimes birth control is used to control a woman's cycle and regulate it so the flow isn't as heavy and so the cycles are more predictable. But in other cases certain types of birth control eliminate a woman's period all together, sometimes this is the goal. It depends on what you're going for. If you have specific questions about your type of birth control and what affects it will have on your body contract your doctor who has a knowledge of what medication you're on and they can give you the best information. If you have any other questions for me in the future though, feel free to ask them on our Facebook page at Facebook.com/IntermountainMoms and recommend us to your friends and family too.
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Why one should take low birth control pills during perimenopausal phase? - Dr. Sireesha Reddy
Perimenopause is a phase of transition from normal cycling women getting into the menopausal stage, during this transition time period, most of the women undergo cycle irregularities, having vasomotor symptoms, hot flushes and causing other estrogen deficiency symptoms such as breast tenderness, breast aches and all. So when you have met your gynaecologist, your gynaecologist would have evaluated your symptoms and suggested you to go on hormone replacement therapy, which is by and large given a low dose contraceptive pills during that time of perimenopause. During perimenopause taking contraceptive pills is pretty much safer if you are a non-smoker and of not got a large body mass index. The added benefits of taking low dose contraceptive pills during the perimenopause is that it gives you a protection for your bone, the bone mineral density increase to a vast extent as well as it will relieve you of all your vasomotor symptoms, it has an added benefit of protecting you against ovarian, uterine as well as colorectal cancers.
Women urging regulators to pull birth control implant
CINCINNATI (WKRC) -- Women who have received a metallic birth control implant are urging health regulators to pull the device from the market. They are complaining about problems including severe pain, bleeding and weight gain. The Essure Implant has been sold for more than a decade and is frequently pitched to women as the only non-surgical option for permanent birth control. The Bayer Company, which makes it, estimates 750,000 women have received the device since 2002. The Food and Drug Administration convened a panel of experts Thursday, Sept. 24, to review the device's safety. Follow us on Twitter @Local12 and LIKE us on Facebook for updates!
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Birth Control Advice : How to Stop Breakthrough Bleeding on the Birth Control Pill
Breakthrough bleeding is caused by fluctuating hormone levels while on the pill. Prevent breakthroughs with the help of a certified nurse midwife in this free video. Expert: Christina Cameli, CNM Bio: Christina Cameli is a nurse midwife who has worked in family planning for the past five years. Filmmaker: John Baldino Series Description: Birth control is prescribed for many reasons, including contraception and regulating the body's menstrual cycle. Learn more about birth control in this free video series presented by a certified nurse midwife.
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Hate Your Period? Here's How You Can Safely Skip Your Periods
Our CEO, Dr. Sophia Yen (MIT ’93, UCSF ’97, Cal ’04), talks about how you skip your periods with birth control. Don't be afraid to turn off your periods! #PeriodsOptional Like and share this video and subscribe to our channel! You can also post your questions in the comment section. Learn more about how we can provide you with a new birth control prescription from the comfort of your home along with free monthly delivery at PandiaHealth.com #SkipTheTrip Connect with Pandia Health! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pandiahealth/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pandiahealth/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/pandiahealth Website: https://www.pandiahealth.com/ Blog: https://blog.pandiahealth.com/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company-beta/7943618/
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Does the Pill Work? And HOW?
Over 60% of women are currently using contraception. The most common method used is oral contraceptive aka the pill. So What is it and how does it work? Today I breakdown what The Pill is doing in the body and why it is one of the most reliable forms of birth control (when taken correctly). Interested in learning if the pill is right for you? Consult your doctor! Don't worry they will not tell anyone and they are the only person who knows your medical history well enough to help you choose the right brand. ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­---------------- SUBSCRIBE TO MY SECOND CHANNEL https://www.youtube.com/theExaminedLife Watch our fear video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIE8ZsDV8RQ ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­---------------- Follow me elsewhere: http://instagram.com/shanBoody http://Facebook.com/ShanBoody http://Twitter.com/ShanBoody http://ShanBoody.com ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­---------------- Looking to do one one one counseling with me? The rate is $1 per minute (min 50 min session for counseling, 30 min for mentoring). Our discussion is 100% confidential and takes place either on Skype or by phone - your choice. Here's How We Can Get Started 1) Send an email to booking@shanboody.com a link to a booking system will be sent back to you. Fill out a form and then we connect! For more info you can visit shanboody.com/counseling Here is my promise to you 1. This discussion is 100% confidential and none of the information will be published, shared or referenced publicly as an anecdote without your consent. 2. Please feel free to record or archive our conversation however you see fit. I waive my confidentiality for any information that I share with you during our time 3. If you are dissatisfied with the session you are entitled to a 100% refund -- CAN NOT WAIT to connect with you ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­---------------- Music by YouTube library
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Women's Health Series: Birth Control Pills | What pills is best for me?! | Type of Progestins
❤️❤️❤️ Open for More Important Information ❤️❤️❤️ So this is a very popular method. Started in the 1960's i am NOT an MD. Please DO NOT take my word over your MD. Anything that seems out of place, go to your doctor. I'm only giving YOU the information i know from 10years of researching and taking birth control on top of being a licensed medical professional (Certified Pharmacy Tech; 4+ yrs of it) visit this link to view the problems (symptoms) and what birth control will counteract that http://www.fainamd.com/resources/Which+OCP+is+Best+Handout.pdf Here are some information of what you might question Lipoprotein: a group of soluble proteins that combine with and transport fat or other lipids in the blood plasma. Why is it important? Recent research suggests that blood levels of Lipoprotein(a) or Lp(a) may be an important marker for the risk developing of heart disease Link: http://bit.ly/29uQsft Lipoprotein with serum: Tests for CardioVascular Dinsease as well as other issues. -- Analysis of plasma or serum total cholesterol, triglycerides, and lipoproteins is usually performed on blood specimens -- Metabolism and Birth Control: No negative effect on metabolism has been found. Other studies found that women on oral contraceptives had slightly (3-5%) raised metabolism.[3][4] We can safely concluded that there is no negative effect on your metabolism from oral contraceptives, and it may actually increase it slightly. Oral contraceptives based on antiandrogens may make it harder to gain muscle mass,[5] but there is still far too little research in that area to make a statement of certainty So yes birth control can raise your metabolism slightly but if it is an anti androgen, it can lessen muscle mass if you are weight lifting/squatting with weights..etc. Link: http://bit.ly/29xLUmS Metabolism Carbohydrates and Birth Control Estrogen in high doses can cause weight gain due to increased appetite and fluid retention. So, 50 years ago they may indeed have caused weight gain in some women. Current birth control pills have much lower amounts of hormones. So weight gain is not likely to be a problem if you have any questions about these or any birth control method please email me at : briisytchoice@gmail.com xoxo Brittany
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Let's Talk About the Copper IUD
I wanted to start a conversation about IUD's because I get asked all the time about them. Today, it's all about the copper IUD. Pro’s -99.2% - 99.4% effective -one time procedure and expense and then you shouldn’t have to worry about it for a long time. -non-hormonal Con's -if you do conceive you are at a greater risk of an ectopic pregnancy, when the fertilized egg implants outside the uterus (usually in the fallopian tube). -doesn’t protect against STI's -Many women who have the Paragard report heavier, longer flows and painful menstrual cramps. Side Effects - Anemia, Backache, Bleeding between periods, Cramps, Inflammation of the vagina, Pain during sex, Severe menstrual pain and heavy bleeding, Vaginal discharge. -You can “expel” the ParaGard from your uterus and may not even know this has happened. More likely if you have never been pregnant, have heavy or prolonged periods, have severe menstrual pain, already expelled one, are younger than 20, had it put in right after birth or second trimester abortion. How do they insert it? -You have to go into a health care office. They will insert speculum, clean vagina and cervix with antiseptic, then use a special instrument to align cervical canal and uterine cavity, and another to measure depth of uterus. Then they’ll fold down the arms, place it in an applicator tube, place that tube in cervical canal and place IUD in uterus, then trim string so it doesn’t hang too far down in your vagina. You may experience dizziness, fainting, nausea, low blood pressure, slower heart rate, and often you will be asked to continue to lay down for a few minutes. Upkeep: -After each period you have to check for the string -Sometimes you will have a check up one month after insertion to make sure it is sitting right and you don’t have any infection. Go to doctor if you think you may be pregnant, have unusually heavy bleeding, foul discharge, worsening pelvic pain, severe abdominal pain or tenderness, unexplained fever. Also if it has shifted - you have breakthrough bleeding or bleed after sex, sex is painful for you or your partner, the strings are missing or seem longer, you feel part of the device at your cervix or in your vagina. Website: http://www.femmehead.com Instagram:http://www.instagram.com/thefemmehead Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/thefemmehead Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thefemmehead
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Birth Control is Making Us CRAZY!  We're being LIED to!
Birth Control CAN BE SO DAMAGING TO OUR BEAUTIFUL BODIES! But, what to do instead? I finally have assembled solutions that I share in our Warrior Tribe and in these articles: COPPER IUD & ORAL CONTRACEPTIVE USE HORMONE HEALING: https://dianekazer.com/Are-you-Copper-Toxic-80-percent-of-Women-Suffer JOIN OUR FREE FACEBOOK GROUP to get help on NATURAL solutions, such as detox'ing from birth control: http://bitly.com/thewarriorcleansetribe In this video, Orange County Nutritionist Diane Kazer discusses her story on how Birth Control has destroyed her body and how stopping it gave her, her life back! Here's her story on her struggle from BC pills to Copper IUD and the 6 pounds and 1.5% body fat she lost, 3 days after having her IUD removed. Supporting theory from top medical researchers: Copper is a toxic heavy metal when it is free and unbound, such as in the form of IUDs. When copper is not bound to carrier proteins such as ceruloplasmin, it is very toxic. This is extremely well documented. There are plenty of women on this forum who have personal experiences with Copper IUDs. Not only can copper increase toxicity, copper is dopaminergic and will increase the excitatory neurotransmitter norepinephrine. There is a close relationship between copper and estrogen, and copper and candida. Unfortunately, there are not too many studies that look at copper toxicity induced by IUDs. But using a logic-based and evidence-based analysis, if copper is a known free radical-generating heavy metal in a free, unbound state, why WOULDN'T copper IUD's be potentially toxic? This type of inquiry separates the scientists from the dogmatists. It is a lack of scientific inquiry that leads to the ridiculous assumption that mercury in amalgams is safe, and so is aluminum and mercury in vaccines. If something is a known toxin, why wouldn't that be a potential problem? Sometimes you have to ask the most obvious questions. Furthermore I'll add something important: just because someone doesn't have a bad reaction to something like a copper IUD doesn't make it safe. If you think its good to have a toxic element in your body, that's like saying: "I have a mouth full of amalgams but I don't have Alzheimer's. I guess its safe". The question to ask is: will this toxic element effect my health in some way, either now or in the future? Will having a known toxic element in my system become a problem for me? And is this decision I am about to make to have it put in worth the risks? Unfortunately, most people don't ask basic but important questions such as this because A) they are uninformed B) They have an authority figure complex, meaning that they do whatever they are told by someone whom they believe is superior. So instead, educate, learn, research and make highly informed decisions. VIDEO NARRATION (18 min): 1:35 -- My story on Birth Control methods -- acne, no periods, weak bones, depression & anxiety, fatigue! 2:37 -- Dangers of BC Pills 2:55 -- How is Depo Provera hazardous to my health? 3:33 -- Oral Contraceptives Deplete the body of... 3:45 -- Having the Mirena & Copper IUD inserted 4:32 - My experience with the Copper IUD...heavy metal toxicity & yeast 6:00 -- Side effects of IUD's 7:10 -- How Birth Control Can Reduce Sex Drive 7:35 -- Why we take birth control 7:55 -- Birth Control Affects Testosterone = Weight Gain & Difficulty Getting Toned 8:45 -- Just quitting your BC isn't enough. Post Birth Control Syndrome Protocol = www.dianekazer.com 9:08 -- The marriage of Birth Control & Yeast Infections 10:00 -- Mirena = I gained 2.5% body fat in 2 weeks! Bad cramps, moody, ugh! 11:00 -- Most symptoms I suffered disappeared in 1 week after removing IUD 11:35 -- Thyroid Imbalance Symptoms 11:45 -- Adrenal Fatigue Symptoms 12:00 -- Why do I GAIN WEIGHT when I work out? 12:10 -- Why does my doctor tell me 'I'm fine' when 'I don't feel fine'? Services not offered from standard physicians. How to explore mineral imbalances, heavy metal toxicity, endocrine disruption and more. 13:00 -- Exercise can make things WORSE! 13:25 -- Natural personal care products: Diva Cup, Homemade toothpaste, Homemade Deodorant www.dianekazer.com/DIYpersonalcareproducts 15:39 -- My story: I lost 6 pounds and 1.5% body fat in the 3 days after having my Copper IUD removed! 16:48 -- If you'd like me to speak at your studio, workplace or to schedule a FREE 1 on 1 consult to discuss your goals, please email me: info@dianekazer.com To learn more: Diane Kazer 916-365-2937 info@dianekazer dot com OR visit my website at http://www.dianekazer.com
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Side Effects of The Pill | Birth Control
Watch more How to Pick a Birth Control Method videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/510811-Side-Effects-of-The-Pill-Birth-Control Learn about the possible side effects of The Pill in this Howcast video about birth control. Birth control pills are an effective form of contraception. They usually come in a round pack or a rectangular pack, and it's up to you, the user, to make sure that you take the pills on a consistent basis in order for them to be effective. Unfortunately, all forms of birth control have side effects, and most of these side effects will improve if you continue to take the pill over a period of time. You may experience some headaches, some nausea, and some breakthrough bleeding when you're using this form of birth control. If you experience any side effects regarding blood clot formation, such as chest pain, leg swelling, leg pain, headaches that don't go away with Tylenol, any visual disturbances, although these side effects are extremely rare, they do happen to some patients. You should stop the birth control when you experience those side effects and call your doctor. Let me reiterate. Those side effects are extremely rare, and while the headaches and the breakthrough bleeding and the nausea are annoying, they will usually get better if you continue to take the pills consistently over two or three packs of birth control.
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Weight Loss Journey: 173 to 148lbs + Weight Loss Pills | JaMexicanBeauty
Purchase Bikini Bod: https://goo.gl/ku4AYI Watch How I lost my first 7 inches; tips & diet: https://youtu.be/Ym0D0CPWa9c Protein Pancake Recipe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqLFXHvhh-U Stay Tuned for more Healthy Recipes! I am not a certified nutritionalist or personal trainer this is simply based on my experiences and weight loss journey. Consult with your physician before starting any weight loss plan. ________________________________________________________________ Updated Foundation Routine: https://youtu.be/TTMXzJeOaoA Highlight/Contour with Beauty Blender Tutorial: https://youtu.be/Hq0FfMn2XKY Highlight/Contour WITHOUT Beauty Blender Tutorial: https://youtu.be/aGP3ktV26pQ Brow Tutorials: https://youtu.be/3GwDuyGRXI8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1ZU4-9Y7KY https://youtu.be/7pVRjdFR2t0 Save 70% off the Ultimate Skin Spa System here:  http://vpwow.com/lindaspa Only $38 using code: LINDASPA Contacts: Instagram : @iamLindaElaine Snapchat: @JaMexicanBeauty Facebook : facebook.com/iamLindaElaine Email: lindafyoutube@yahoo.com (Businesses) princesalinlin@yahoo.com (Subscribers) Affordable at home teeth whitening kit www.shop.smilebright.info Discount code: smile76 My sister's soundcloud: Soundcloud.com/Nata-51 @_natamusic_ FTC: Sponsored by BikiniBod. I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my viewers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission guidelines concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising. All my opinions are my own and honest and true!
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Birth Control Sponge Safety & Effectiveness | Birth Control
Watch more How to Pick a Birth Control Method videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/510816-Birth-Control-Sponge-Safety-and-Effectiveness-Birth-Control Learn how safe and effective a birth control sponge is in this Howcast video. The sponge is a product that is soaked with a spermicide. This spermicide soaked product is pushed as far into your vagina as possible before you have sex. After you have sex, you need to keep the sponge in for a few hours before you remove it, in order to reap the contraceptive effectiveness. In general, the sponge is not as effective as other over-the-counter birth control options. If you use the contraceptive sponge perfectly, you get a better form of effectiveness. However, nobody's perfect. In some studies, one in four women who use this form of birth control will get pregnant with each use. So keep that in mind. It's 75 percent effective, and it doesn't prevent sexually transmitted diseases. If you are considering using birth control that is not prescribed by a nurse practitioner or a physician, the sponge is not the best option. Please consider using condoms, at least until you can get a better birth control option for you. And by the way, condoms are an excellent form of birth control. You don't need to see a doctor. You don't need to tell anybody that you're using anything else. You can just use the condoms. Everybody's happy. And it also prevents sexually transmitted diseases. So, please, the sponge, while it is convenient in some ways, it is not as effective as using condoms, and it does not prevent sexually transmitted diseases. So I reiterate. Use condoms, and if you don't like using condoms, use them until you can get to your doctor or your nurse practitioner, and then discuss your birth control options in more detail.
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Are Birth Control Pills Safe?  The Dangers Of Oral Contraceptives | Elevated Cortisol & Inflammation
Integrative gynecologist Cheryl Perlis, MD, FACOG, talks about the dangers of using birth control pills, which cause elevated cortisol levels and increase inflammation in the body. For more information, visit www.perliswellnesscenter.com.
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This Woman Pays Drug Users Not To Have Kids (HBO)
For the last 20 years Barbara Harris has driven across the country in a branded RV, advertising her non-profit to drug addicts and alcoholics. Her organization, Project Prevention, pays substance-abusers $300 to get sterilized or put on long-term birth control like the implant, or an IUD. To date, she has paid over 7,000 people, mostly women, to give up their fertility. By using cash incentives, she feels like she is stopping a problem in it’s tracks. “We're preventing women who are strung out on drugs and alcohol from conceiving a child,” Harris says, “Nobody has a right to force feed any child drugs and then deliver a child that may die or may have lifelong illnesses.” It seems straightforward enough - but the ethical questions behind Harris program are not. Vice News Tonight caught up with Barbara Harris during her first RV road trip of the summer, where she targets areas where addicts or those who know them hang out and speaks to long-time critics who think Project Prevention may be contributing to the very problems Harris set out to solve two decades ago. Subscribe to VICE News here: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE-News Check out VICE News for more: http://vicenews.com Follow VICE News here: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vicenews Twitter: https://twitter.com/vicenews Tumblr: http://vicenews.tumblr.com/ Instagram: http://instagram.com/vicenews More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideo
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Emergency Contraceptive Pills: How They Work, Safety and Side Effects
An overview of how the emergency contraceptive pill works, safety and common side effects
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When Not To Take Vitex
My Instagram: http://instagram.com/vitalivesfree I tried taking the Vitex herb and it was a bit of a disaster. I felt exactly the same as when I started taking the birth control pills many years ago. it's all due to too much progesterone. If your progesterone is normal or normal/high, think very carefully before trying Vitex. It's very likely that it will just make things worse for you. Always do relevant tests and do lots of research before trying anything. Thanks so much for watching! Simply yours, Vita xx SUBSCRIBE for more videos → http://www.youtube.com/user/EcceVita1?sub_confirmation=1 Visit my BLOG → http://vitalivesfree.com WHERE ELSE YOU CAN FIND ME: ------------------------------------------------------ Facebook → http://www.facebook.com/VitaLivesFree Google+ → https://plus.google.com/+Vitalivesfree Twitter → http://www.twitter.com/VitaLivesFree Pinterest → http://www.pinterest.com/VitaLivesFree Instagram → http://instagram.com/VitaLivesFree Email → vita(at)vitalivesfree.com Music by Epidemic Sound (http://www.epidemicsound.com) *Some of the links above might be affiliate links. Thanks so much for supporting my blog and channel!
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PLAN B(ABY): European Study Says Popular Morning After Pill Ineffective for Heavy Women
PLAN B(ABY): European Study Says Popular Morning After Pill Ineffective for Heavy Women SUBSCRIBE to NewsBreaker's YouTube Channel: http://bit.ly/YgsSEg Popular European "morning after pill" Norlevo is reportedly ineffective for use by women 176 pounds or heavier. The drug is identical in chemical make-up to the U.S. emergency contraceptive Plan B, which likely has the same inefficiencies. Norlevo will undergo a label correction next year. FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/newsbreaker.ora TWITTER: http://twitter.com/newsbreaker TUMBLR: http://nboratv.tumblr.com/ STORIFY: http://storify.com/newsbreaker CHECK OUT our homepage: http://www.ora.tv/newsbreaker
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I’m using new birth control and I’m bleeding. When should I talk to my doctor?
You mentioned that you just started birth control pills and you’ve been bleeding for a while, so you’re wondering what’s normal and what’s not. Breakthrough bleeding is the most common reported side effect associated with oral contraceptives and a lot of women experience it in the beginning as the uterine lining thins out. So you may have a little bit of unexpected bleeding or spotting and, after that, the most common cause of unscheduled bleeding is missed pills. Ultimately though, if you have any questions or concerns about your bleeding patterns, especially if you’re having heavy bleeding, you need to call your doctor and talk with them about what you’re seeing and experiencing and, after asking more specific questions, they can give you more tailored information and advice about it. If you have more questions in the future for me, feel free to ask them on our Facebook page at facebook.com/IntermountainMoms and recommend us to your friends and family too.
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How effective is mirena to prevent pregnancy? - Dr. Shefali Tyagi
Mirena takes care of the side effects of Copper T. It has a hormone wing attached to it. It releases a little bit of hormone every day. So in majority of the women, the cycles stop in six months time. The side effect of Copper T which is heavy bleeding is taken care of by Mirena.. It does not effect your fertility at all. You might not have periods till the time the Mirena is in which is 5 years, but this does not mean you can't conceive again. You can always plan your next child once the Mirena is out.. In Western countries, Mirena is widely used. But it has not gained a lot of popularity in India as its expensive. Here, its restricted to people with heavy bleeding or who specifically want Mirena. Its a great option as side effects as minimal..
IUD Side Effects | Birth Control
Watch more How to Pick a Birth Control Method videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/510827-IUD-Side-Effects-Birth-Control Learn about the possible side effects of an IUD in this Howcast video about birth control. The IUD is a small, T-shaped device that's placed into your uterus by your nurse practitioner or your physician, and depending on the type of IUD that you choose, it can be effective for five to ten years after the unit has been placed. The side effect profile for the IUD changes between the two different types of IUDs. The copper IUD has no hormones in it, so you'll get your periods monthly, just as you would if you were not using any birth control. The side effects for that IUD include cramping and bleeding with your periods that may be a little bit more than what you would anticipate with your normal cycle. Your periods may be a little bit longer as well. The Mirena IUD is an IUD that has progesterone impregnated in the unit itself. This form of contraception is also as effective as the IUD that I just described earlier. The drawback for this form of birth control is that you may have some irregular bleeding for the first three to six months that you have this unit placed. The truth is most patients do not have this side effect for longer than two to three months, and it has the added benefit of stopping your periods over the interval that you're using this unit. If you're someone that has heavy and painful periods or your periods are not regular, this may be a better IUD option for you. If you're not certain about which option is better for you, you should call your doctor or nurse practitioner and discuss in detail which IUD is a better option for you.
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How Effect Is The Plan B Pill?
26 mar 2015 the labeling on plan b one step and its generics say that you should take it within 72 hours of unprotected sex, and that it's most effective the the risk of pregnancy after taking ella within 24 hours after sex is about 65when should i expect my next period after i take emergency contraceptive pills? You should have a normal period within the next month after taking it was the worse side effects it made me so sick and it made my period so so i decided i should come here and write my review about the plan b pill just to plan b (levonorgestrel) is used to prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex or failure of other forms of birth control. How does it work? Morning after pill. You can get plan b at your local drugstore or pharmacy what will happen, side effects. Googleusercontent search. 22 jun 2017 if side effects of the emergency contraception pill don't seem to resolve within a month, or if you experience bleeding or spotting for several it's the #1 ob gyn recommended brand of emergency contraception used by millions of safety & possible side effects of plan b one step the emergency contraceptive morning after pill has three modes of action (as does thus, emergency contraception only has an effect 22 percent of the time 14 apr 2015 also, if you're overweight or obese, there's some indication that the morning after pill won't be as effective in preventing pregnancy as it is for the morning after pills effectiveness depends on which method based pills, like plan b, are up to 89. 16 things no one tells you about the morning after pill buzzfeed. Plan b (morning after pill) effectiveness and side effects webmd sex birth control plan url? Q webcache. Emergency contraception effectiveness of emergency contraceptives. Effects of plan b one step (levonorgestrel tablet what to expecttaking while on the pill healthlineplan. 17 oct 2016 if you take it within 72 hours after you've had unprotected sex, plan b one step can reduce the risk of pregnancy by up to 89. Plan b one step reviews & ratings at drugs. Unprotected sex, contraceptive accident, emergency if you've had unprotected sex or a accident condom broke, you some of the side effects plan b morning after pill? . Unprotected sex, contraceptive accident, emergency how effective are levonelle and ellaone? Find out more about drug interactions effectiveness of the morning after pill 6 sep 2016 plan b one step (levonorgestrel tablet) is a progestin only used for prevention pregnancy following unprotected what will happen, side effects. Morning after pill risks mayo clinic. Plan b (morning after pill) effectiveness and side effects webmd. Morning after pill plan b birthcontrol morning side effects superdrug online doctorthe. The morning after pill can cause side effects in some women. Plan b what to expectdred. Contraception options, sexual health, avoid a next time. Includes plan b side effects, interactions and the pill works best when you take it within 3 days after unprotected sex. Find out w
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How to stop bleeding after taking emergency contraceptive pill? - Dr. Sangeeta Gomes
Emergency contraception pill is used to prevent pregnancy after unprotected intercourse around the ovulation time. It is taken within 72 hours of unprotected intercourse, also this pill is used when condom ruptures when the person forgets to take her oral contraceptive pill, when there sexual assault or rape. Risk of pregnancy around the time of ovulation is 8%, mode of action of the emergency contraception pill, ovulation is prevented or delayed, fertilization is interfered, implantation is prevented rendering endometrium unfavourable. It also interviews in the Corpus luteal function , the side effects of emergency contraception are nausea, vomiting, mastalgia or breast pain, breakthrough bleeding or withdrawal bleeding or intermittent spotting is very common. Major rare complications can be depression, hypertension. The failure rate with emergency contraception pill is 0.1 per 100 women years. Now how do you manage is intermittent bleed, the bleeding usually last for 5-7 days and stops naturally, but your next cycle gets affected due to the hormonal imbalance. Your weight, stress exercise, PCoS can also influence your period. Use protection to prevent pregnancy, take the urinary pregnancy test if your periods get delayed. Meet your doctor if bleeding is prolong for 10 to 15 days you think you might be pregnant as you are feeling the pregnancy symptoms like nausea vomiting, if the period is delayed by more than 7 days unusual period which is shorter and lighter or sometimes there is an unusual lower abdominal pain this could be a tubal or ectopic pregnancy.
Why I'm Removing Nexplanon Arm Implant
AFTER REMOVING MY NEXPLANON: https://youtu.be/kA0oxwo7MNU Remember to "LIKE" this video & SUBSCRIBE! New videos EVERY Week! BIRTH CONTROL & NEXPLANON VIDEO: https://youtu.be/HpAdwAGQrfk THE KICKBACK PODCAST (My podcast with my friend Big C): https://soundcloud.com/thekickbackpodcast LEXIDARCEL PODCAST (My personal podcast): https://soundcloud.com/lexidarcel Subscribe to my VLOG channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/LexiDVLOGS Check out my BLOG: http://www.lexidarcel.com/ LINKS: EMAIL: lexidarcel@gmail.com SUBSCRIBE: http://www.youtube.com/user/LexiDarcel?sub_confirmation=1 BLOG: http://www.lexidarcel.com/ TWITTER: @LexiDarcel FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM: I've deleted both my FaceBook and Instagram accounts as of Dec 2015. Want to know why? Click here: https://youtu.be/nrSRtJN9jas Interested in knowing the daily news but don't have enough time for the details? Try out the Skimm! The Daily Skimm is the email newsletter that gives you everything you need to know to start your day. Link here: http://www.theskimm.com/?r=0902ec0a NEW TO MY CHANNEL?! Hey! I’m Lexi D. Welcome to my life without a filter! I believe we all deserve to live a life on our terms that brings us joy and fulfillment each day. I film videos on topics ranging from life after college, lifestyle advice, and relationships, with the occasional natural hair or beauty video. Check out my videos for ways you can learn to live and love yo life hunnay! TAGS: nexplanon, lexi darcel, lexidarcel
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How Effect Is The Plan B Pill?
Emergency contraception effectiveness of emergency contraceptives. Plan b one step info a 'morning after pill'. Oct 17, 2016 if you take it within 72 hours after you've had unprotected sex, plan b one step can reduce the risk of pregnancy by up to 89. Plan b one step reviews & ratings at drugs plan. Plan b one step info a 'morning after pill' plan (morning pill) effectiveness and side effects webmd sex birth control class "" url? Q webcache. For contraceptive accidents and remember, the sooner you take it, more effective it is. Jul 28, 2015 plan b is also known as the morning after pill or emergency short term side effects include of using contraception nausea and apr 14, also, if you're overweight obese, there's some indication that won't be effective in preventing pregnancy it for contraceptive has three modes action (as does thus, only an effect 22 percent time whether condom broke you forgot to take your pill, it's a good idea have pun intended. Mar 26, 2015 the labeling on plan b one step and its generics say that you should take it within 72 hours of unprotected sex, it's most effective a levonorgestrel morning after pill like step, next choice dose, action, my way, afterpill can lower your chance getting pregnant by 75 89how is emergency contraception? Emergency contraception (also known as 'morning pills' or 'day pills') makes much less was worse side effects made me so sick period i decided come here write review about just to #1 ob gyn recommended brand used millions safety & possible when directed, generally safe. 16 things no one tells you about the morning after pill buzzfeed. Shape common side effects of plan b one step (levonorgestrel tablet taking while on the pill healthline. Googleusercontent search. Morning after pill risks mayo clinic. Plan b comes in a take these 5 common myths, for starters. Emergency contraception guide how the morning after pill, plan b effective is if taken within 12 hours? Livestrong. Plan b one step emergency contraceptive. Learn about the same hormone used in many birth control pills, just at a higher dose prevents pregnancy with levonorgestrel, ingredient as pill. What is the plan b morning after pill. Safety & side effects plan b how it works. Morning after pill plan b birthcontrol what are normal symptoms taking the pill? Helloflo. Plan b (morning after pill) effectiveness and side effects webmd. How does the plan b morning after pill work? Stop. But with all the different information circulating about sep 6, 2016 plan b one step (levonorgestrel tablet) is a progestin only emergency contraceptive used for prevention of pregnancy following unprotected jun 22, 2017 if side effects contraception pill don't seem to resolve within month, or you experience bleeding spotting several aug 16, three methods available in united states are arranged order from most least effective although b, option 14, even better at preventing taken 12 rise longer treatment put off, nearly doubling will not work already pre
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Sexomnia | House M.D.
A woman comes to the clinic showing symptoms of pregnancy but when she tells House that she's not been sexually active in over a year, he discovers a startling reason for her health problems! Season 1 Episode 17 - Role Model Watch House on Google Play: http://bit.ly/2tu3kHh & iTunes http://apple.co/2tCSJOu Subscribe: http://bit.ly/2iIgwrf This is the official YouTube channel for House M.D. Watch all of the official clips from the series, the funniest and saddest moments, and follow all of the doctor's most curious cases.
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Diaphragm Safety & Effectiveness | Birth Control
Watch more How to Pick a Birth Control Method videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/510823-Diaphragm-Safety-and-Effectiveness-Birth-Control Learn how safe and effective a diaphragm is in this Howcast video about birth control. The diaphragm is a silicone cup with a firm ring attached to it. This cup is filled with spermicide and placed into your vagina before the act of sex. Now although it is an effective and safe form of birth control, you need to follow some very important steps in order for you to get the best contraceptive effectiveness from this form of birth control. Again, the ring is a latex ring, and the cup is made of latex as well. You need to fill the cup with spermicide and carefully place it into your vagina far enough so that it covers your cervix. After your last act of sex, you need to keep the diaphragm in for at least four to six hours before you remove it. The logic behind that is so that the spermicide that is inside the cup will kill the sperm that may have leaked around the cup, before you remove it. This requires a little bit of planning on the part of the user. The best time to place this diaphragm is not during the act of sex, because it can be very disruptive to fill the cup with spermicide and place it properly before you start having sex. And it's very important to remember to keep it in for long enough, because if you don't, the sperm can leak around the edges and go into your uterus and cause an undesired pregnancy. This form of birth control with typical use is about 85 percent effective. It's a little less effective than condoms, and it requires a lot more motivation on the part of the user in order to gain the contraceptive effectiveness that you need.
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Emergency Contraception
What is Emergency Contraception? Emergency contraception is used after unprotected sex to prevent pregnancy. It is sometimes called EC or "the morning after pill." EC works best if you use it right away. It can be used for up to five days after sex. Use EC if: You think your birth control failed. You didn't use contraception. You were forced to have sex. There are some other options for emergency contraception. The Copper T IUD can be used as EC for up to 5 days after unprotected sex. Taking several birth control pills at one time may also work. Only certain brands of birth control pills can be taken in large doses as EC. Talk with a health care professional if you want to use birth control pills as EC. How effective is emergency contraception? The sooner you take EC, the better. EC can be taken up to five days (120 hours) after unprotected sex. How does emergency contraception work? The hormones in the pills may do several things to prevent pregnancy, including: Stopping your ovaries from releasing eggs. Causing cervical mucus to thicken. This blocks the opening to your uterus so sperm can't reach an egg. Making the lining of your uterus thin. This prevents an egg from attaching to the uterus. If you are already pregnant, EC will not work. If you do not get your period within a month of taking EC, you should take a pregnancy test. What are the benefits of using emergency contraception? EC is very safe. EC can prevent pregnancy after sex. It gives you a second chance to avoid pregnancy after an unprotected sexual experience or if you had a problem using your regular method of birth control. What are the downsides of using emergency contraception? EC does not protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs). EC will not work if you are already pregnant. EC might make you feel dizzy, tired, or feel like throwing up. EC can cause stomach pain, sore breasts, irregular bleeding, or headaches. EC is less effective at preventing pregnancy than some other birth control methods. It should not be used as your regular form of birth control. It can cause irregular periods with frequent use. Where can I get emergency contraception? If you are 17 or older, you can get Plan B One-Step, Next Choice, or Levonorgestrel without a prescription from most drugstores. It is stocked behind the counter, so you will need to ask for it. You may be asked to show proof of your age (ID). Both women and men can purchase Plan B One-Step, Next Choice, or Levonorgestrel. If you are 16 or younger, you will need a prescription from a health care professional to get Plan B One-Step, Next Choice or Levonorgestrel. You then take the prescription to your drugstore to get it. Women of all ages need a prescription from a health care professional to get ella. It is always a good idea to keep EC on hand in case of an accident. If you already have EC, you can take it quickly after unprotected sex. For more information on emergency contraception, talk to your pharmacist or health care provider. Another great resource is www.not-2-late.com.
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