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Diethylpropion day 2.
My progress on diethylpropion
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What to Do If I'm In Trouble With Drugs? by Dr  Tracie O'Keefe DCH, BHSc, ND
It depends what drugs it is: there are recreational drugs (cracked cocaine, acids, speed, heroin, uppers, downers, dope, etc), there are also prescribed drugs (oxycodone, tenuate dospan, addiction to prescribed drugs that have been previously prescribed, etc). Your body is meant to work in as natural way as possible. If you have a medical condition, and you really need medication to help your body function, then it's fine. Particularly young people or people at any particular time in their lives, may want to have an acid trip, they may want to take an 'E' or smoke a joint; but the question is, has that gone out of hand for you? Is it damaging your life in any way? Are you unable to work? Are you involved in crime? Are you hiding from people? Do you life to people about your drug use? Are you spending all your money? Are you making yourself destitute? Are you unable to remember things? Are you shaking? Is your relationship falling into pieces? If you think that you have a drug problem, get professional help. Visit us now at http://tracieokeefe.com/drug-alcohol-recovery-hypnosis/
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