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BLAMING ORAL: Michael Douglas Claims Cunnilingus Gave Him Throat Cancer
BLAMING ORAL: Michael Douglas Claims Cunnilingus Gave Him Throat Cancer SUBSCRIBE to NewsBreaker's YouTube Channel:http://bit.ly/YgsSEg Actor Michael Douglas blames oral sex for his throat cancer, rather than drinking or smoking. He says that he contracted the human papilloma virus, or HPV, via oral sex, which is what gave him cancer. Douglas was diagnosed in 2010 with the life threatening illness, but has been cancer free for two years now. FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/pages/NewsBre... TWITTER: http://twitter.com/newsbreaker TUMBLR: http://nboratv.tumblr.com/ STORIFY: http://storify.com/newsbreaker CHECK OUT our homepage: http://www.ora.tv/newsbreaker
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her pussy will turn to throat cancer in your mouth
sorry this is really bad
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Micheal Douglas cunnilingus to cancer
This is scary
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In this episode of Sexplanations, Lindsey chats about Cunnilingus: Oral Sex on a Vulva. Then she, along with helpful hints from the people of Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter, shares some ideas about how to make it better.
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Eating Pussy Gets You Cancer? || Fireteam Solstice
The shit we talk about during Halo games.
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10 Most Dangerous STDs ( Sexually Transmitted Diseases)
Did you know that transmitted diseases were at an all time high in the US last year? It is estimated that one in four Americans has an STD, while over 1 million STDs are acquired every day worldwide. Preventing STDs starts with being well informed which is why we bring you a list of top 10 worst diseases that can be spread through l contact. Subscribe for more! ►https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNYaxPiba3oxmeL_3jKxnYA?sub_confirmation=1◄ Stay updated ► https://www.facebook.com/InsaneCuriosity/◄ Watch our “10 KISSING TRADITIONS From Around The World!” https://youtu.be/-RAVaw6il3k Watch our”20 Public Places People Were CAUGHT doing it !” https://youtu.be/v0INqwiIZjM Watch our”20 Dumbest Ways to DIE From doing it” https://youtu.be/PnQwDzPXJGk 10. Trichomoniasis Trichomoniasis, colloquially known as trich, is an STD caused by the parasite Trichomonas . According to the World Health Organization, three are 160 million new cases of trich every year around the world, with between 5 and 8 million infections occurring in the US alone. The disease is most often spread throughl, or , but it can also spread through genital touching. Symptoms of trich may include itching in the genital area, a foul-smelling discharge, burning with urination, and pain during doing it. However, many infected people remain asymptomatic and can spread the disease even when the symptoms are not present. While trich can be easily treated with antibiotics, the parasite damages the inner lining of the which increases a woman’s risk of getting and can also lead to chronic inflammation of prostate in men which may eventually lead to prostate cancer. Methods of prevention include , using condoms, not douching, and getting tested for STDs with each new partner. 9. is an infection caused by simplex and one of the most common STDs in the world. Most infected people don’t experience any symptoms, but when symptoms do appear they typically include small blisters that break open to form painful ulcers on the genital area. Even though genital is most contagious when symptoms are present, it can still be passed to others in the absence of symptoms. The onset is usually around 4 days after exposure and symptoms can last up to 4 weeks. In addition to painful blisters, an infected person may also experience itching and burning sensation, discharge, fever, headache, muscle pain, enlarged lymph nodes, and general feeling of discomfort. Women also experience additional symptoms such as painful urination and inflammation of the cannot be cured and infection usually recurs four to six times per year. Complications are rare but may include bladder problems, meningitis, and an increased risk of. As with most STDs, prevention includes abstinence, using condoms, and only having with partners who have tested negative for HSV. 8. lice, better known as , are parasitic insects that primarily infest the or area of humans. Nits and live lice are often visible to the eye and adult lice can sometimes be seen crawling on the skin. In most cases, are transmitted through l activity but nonual transmission is also possible. For example, a person can get from sleeping in an infested bed, using infested towels, wearing infested clothing, or rarely by using an infested toilet seat. The main symptom of is intense itching in the -hair area, which gradually becomes stronger over several weeks following infestation. This itching is caused by an allergic reaction to the saliva produced by the parasite, and usually starts about five days after a person gets are treated with both over-the-counter and prescription medications and several rounds of treatment are usually needed to all of the newly hatched nymphs.contact should be avoided until all signs of infestation disappear. People with morepartners are at a greater risk of getting and since condoms do not provide effective protection, the only way to reduce your risk is through abstinence or mutual monogamy with an uninfected partner. 7. Chancroid Unlike , the next STD on our list is spread exclusively through ual contact. Chancroid, also known as soft chancre, is a bacterial infection mainly found in developing countries and among low socioeconomic populations. The symptoms of chancroid include ulcers and open sores in the genital area, pain with urination and .
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STANKisms "Cunnilingus Dangers"
It's hard work and dangerous to boot.
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How To Get The Best Oral Sex Ever | Madge the Vag | Scary Mommy
Oral sex is one of our favorite things. Yes, it can be awkward, and sometimes they don't know exactly what they're doing, but it's still pretty darn good. Why settle for good when it can be great? Recently, Madge the Vag stopped by Babeland to find out some tips and tricks on how to get the best oral ever. You're welcome. SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/Sub2ScaryMommyTV Watch More Madge the Vag: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNvb9uxThbo7pguejeWUjVumMC7bnlGJc About Madge the Vag: Madge the Vag is a quirky mom on a mission to spread (literally) the word on everything vagina. She has a 1950s wardrobe, but approaches education about a woman’s body in a refreshing way that is very 2017. Madge begins each episode by highlighting a taboo issue or challenge many women face but may be afraid to talk about. She combines expert interviews with man on the street sound bites on topics ranging from waxing to tampon alternatives to Kegel exercises. New videos every weekday at 9:30AM (PST)! Scary Mommy Series: Madge the Vag (Mondays) I Am Scary Mommy / Scary Mommy Confessional (Tuesdays) Band of Mothers (Wednesdays) Store Bought - Don’t Care / Just Eat It (Thursdays) Momsplained (Fridays) Stay Connected with Scary Mommy: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/scarymommy/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/scarymommy Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thescarymommy Website: http://www.scarymommy.com/ About Scary Mommy: Scary Mommy is the #1 media brand creating fun, honest and unfiltered content for moms. We tell engaging stories that connect with millions of women united by motherhood. How To Get The Best Oral Sex Ever | Madge the Vag | Scary Mommy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGp2mFISEyI Scary Mommy https://www.youtube.com/ScaryMommyTV
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vines that cured my cancer
credit goes to the owners of these videos And Y’ALL NEED TO STOP TALKING ABOUT BTS THOUGHHHHHH
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Spot Cancer Early. Know the signs of cancer.
This short video tells us about signs and symptoms of cancer. The main changes to look for include changes that are: Unexplained changes A lump or swelling Make sure to check your whole body, not just your testicles or breasts. Bleeding that is not normal for you Coughing up blood or noticing it in your urine or bowel motion is not normal. Neither is bleeding from your vagina between periods, after sex or after the menopause. Weight loss It is normal to see small weight changes over time. But a big weight loss, not related to dieting, may be a sign of something more serious. Pain that does not go away If you feel pain for more than four weeks that you cannot explain, talk to your doctor about it. Persistent changes A cough, changes in your voice or feeling short of breath Speak to your doctor if you have any of these problems for more than three weeks, especially if you are a smoker or ex-smoker. A sore that does not heal If a spot, wart or sore does not heal in a few weeks, get it checked by your doctor, even if it is painless. Difficulty swallowing, indigestion or heartburn It is not normal to have indigestion or heartburn that happens a lot or is very painful. Difficulty swallowing is not normal either. Get it checked by your doctor. Bloating If bloating does not go away within a few weeks talk to your doctor about it. Mouth or tongue ulcer Having a mouth or tongue ulcer for three weeks or more is not normal and needs to be checked by your doctor or dentist. Unusual changes A change in your bowel or bladder habits If you have constipation, diarrhoea or problems passing urine for more than a few weeks, talk to your doctor. A new mole or change to an existing mole Get into the habit of checking your skin every month for new moles. Also watch for changes in colour, shape and size of existing moles. Any change in your breast Get into the habit of looking at and feeling your breasts for changes in the shape, size, nipples and skin. Also watch for pain in one breast. If you notice any other unusual change in how your body works, talk to your doctor. The chances are it will not be cancer. But getting it checked is not wasting anyone’s time. It could save your life. See our website for more information on the signs of cancer and ways you can reduce your risk www.cancer.ie/signs-of-cancer
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Men facing cancer epidemic because they are FOUR TIMES more likely to get HPV from oral  than
Men facing cancer epidemic because they are FOUR TIMES more likely to get HPV from oral than women due to their weaker immune systems, scientist claims Men are four times more likely to get cancer from oral than women due to their weaker immune systems, a scientist claims. According to Dr Ashish Deshmukh, from the University of Florida, infected men struggle to rid their bodies of the cancer-causing human papillomavirus (HPV), which causes them to harbour the pathogen for a long time and raises their disease risk. Previous research also suggests men may be more willing to perform oral due to ual norms and having fewer inhibitions between the sheets.  HPV is the most common ually-transmitted infection in the US and can cause cancer of the penis in men, while women are at risk of developing the condition in the vulva, vagina or cervix.  The infection can also cause cancer of the anus or throat in both es.  Around 79 million people in the US are infected with HPV, which is most commonly spread by vaginal or anal . Up to four in five peop Thank for watching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Oral Sex Cancer and Bridalplasty
Guess what? Oral sex is... sex! And HPV, a cancer-causing virus, is spread during oral sex. Med pros worry about a sharp rise in oral cancers in young women. Also Reality TV's new monster, Bridalplasty; bride create their 'ideal selves.' do increases in Boob Jobs point to the Boob Tube. IHTV #125.
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Vulvar Cancer - All Symptoms
Suscribe to this channel! http://www.youtube.com/user/doctordanielgonzalezMD?sub_confirmation=1 Some years ago vulvar cancer was a cancer of the elder women. But nowadays, with the human papiloma virus infection spreading widely all over the world, vulvar cancer is appearing in younger women. Want this video and learn the symptoms vulvar cancer can cause. Detecting this cancer as soon as possible is the best way to beat it!
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Alyaa Gad - Q & A | Swallowing Semen
Alyaa Gad - Q & A | Swallowing Semen My boyfriend wants me to swallow his semen.. Is that dangerous? Ejaculating into a partner’s mouth is a common practice during oral sex/fellatio. In a safe situation (where there is no danger of catching an STD), the semen-receiving partner may choose to spit the semen out, or to swallow it. Before you engage in fellatio, I’d recommend that you and your partner both get tested for sexually transmitted infections (STIs). If not, please use barriers for oral sex and abstaining from making contact with ejaculate. Semen is mostly water, but also contains amino acids and protein, sugars such as fructose and glucose, minerals such as zinc and calcium, vitamin C, and a few other nutrients. Sperm cells themselves make up less than one percent of semen. Semen is edible, and if swallowed, will travel down the esophagus and into the stomach, where it will be digested in the same way that food is. You can never get pregnant by swallowing semen. Some people accept the taste of semen, but others complain that swallowing semen can give them an upset stomach. In rare cases, you may have an allergy to the proteins found in semen. What does It Taste Like? The taste of semen varies. Bitter, sweet, metallic. So, one may expect to find the taste of semen anywhere from enjoyable to tasteless to disgusting. But there is a way of controlling the taste of semen, which is through diet. Keep track of the diet, and communicate with the partner about when it tastes better or worse. Foods that can improve the taste of semen include: pineapple, cinnamon, lemon, or green tea. Finally, you could also use a sweetened lubricant to try to mask the taste of the semen, or wear a flavored condom so there is no contact with the semen at all. Some more information for you:), Semen usually has the body-temperature, and is thick like motor oil and with the density of milk. Volume is between 2-5 ml per ejaculation. Does Swallowing Semen Really have Health Benefits? Semen also contains more than 50 different compounds including hormones, endorphins, neurotransmitters and immunosuppressants. Other substances present in the semen include the following: fructose ascorbic acid zinc cholesterol protein calcium chlorine blood group antigens citric acid DNA magnesium vitamin B12 phosphorus sodium potassium uric acid lactic acid nitrogen vitamin C Also present in the semen are mood-enhancing compounds such as cortisol, estrone, oxytocin, thyrotropin-releasing hormone, prolactin, melatonin and serotonin. Here are ten alleged health benefits of seminal plasma: 1. Natural anti-depressant. 2. Natural anxiety reducer. 3. Improves quality of sleep. 4. Increases energy. 5. Improves concentration. 6. Improves memory. 7. Improves mental alertness. 8. Assists with pregnancy maintenance. 9. Increases female-initiated sexual behavior. 10. Reduces pain. On the other hand, there are possible disadvantages of consumption of semen Semen *can* contain several viruses that may be transmitted via bodily fluids from an infected man. Subscribe to official Alyaa Gad channel : http://bit.ly/AlyaaGad Follow Alyaa Gad : http://www.afham.tv https://www.facebook.com/dr.AlyaaGad https://twitter.com/AlyaaGad
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The Weeknd - Often (NSFW)
The Weeknd - Often (NFSW Official Video) Download Song: http://theweeknd.co/BeautyBehindTheMadness Taken from the new album Beauty Behind The Madness Stream/Share on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/4AILWMTyKIlicSfDVNtZQD Connect with The Weeknd: http://www.instagram.com/abelxo http://www.twitter.com/TheWeeknd http://www.facebook.com/theweeknd http://www.theweeknd.com Music video by The Weeknd performing Often. © 2014 The Weeknd XO, Inc., Manufactured and Marketed by Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc. http://www.vevo.com/watch/USUMV1400286 Best of The Weeknd: https://goo.gl/76DXjL Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/GWXGWM
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This is a "Eating Vagina CURES CANCER!!!" REACTION! "Yeah, it was a silent review" - Tyrone Magnus Want my voice? Read my tweets! https://twitter.com/ReactionFaction
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Turn Up Team S2: Oral Sex Debate (LL vs AR)
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Keith Carneval explaining  sex and Throat cancer
Keith Carnevale talking about oral sex with a woman and how deadly it can become
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Fear Not! Licking The Vag*na Cannot Cause Throat Cancer Because The Vag*na Is Cleaner Than The Mout
Fear Not! Licking The Vag*na Cannot Cause Throat Cancer Because The Vag*na Is Cleaner Than The Mouth — Counsellor Lutherodt Prev Article Next Article Ghana’s most controversial marriage and relationship counsellor, George Lutherodt has lambasted doctors for causing fear and panic with their misconception about oral s*x. Co...
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YouPornbr - Sex Ed How To Get Her To Give You More Oral Sex
vist: http://youpornobr.blogspot.com/
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Greg Ray eat that pussy
Greg ray using his tongue
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HAIR CAKE (ft. HowToBasic, MaxMoeFoe, and iDubbbz)
A SINGLE STRAND OF HAIR IN YOUR FOOD CAN MAKE YOU GAG. BUT WHAT ABOUT FOOD MADE OUT OF HAIR? cancer: www.stjude.org/GiveThanks TWITTER: https://twitter.com/FilthyFrank FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/TheFilthyFrank SHIRTS: http://filthyfrank.spreadshirt.com/ INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/papafranku MUSIC: http://pinkguy.bandcamp.com/
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LEEP 2 of 2) HPV-16=Surgery for me."Pathology =Cervical Cancer, in lining too
Diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma (cervical cancer from HPV number 16). Leep was to be my treatment, but pathology found cancer cells in the lesion removed, as well as in the lining. Surgery is scheduled to remove the cervix to remove the HPV invasion from my body. (Stage One Cancer. I was told all along, "The second these low grade cells get aggressive, it's surgery to remove the cervix." I will see an oncologist on the island of Oahu in Honolulu. It wasn't supposed to go this way. We caught abnormal cells early, in the first abnormal pap. Then closely checked ea area with colposcoy, all samples cancer free! Did DnC, samples good. I kept hearing, "Don't worry, the body clears HPV like the common cold! It could take two-years to clear.... You’ll clear it! It's staying Low Grade! You can turn this around!” To be fully honest, (look at my eyes right now) I look sick! I kept telling my doctors, I look in the mirror and don’t look well. And my hair is falling out. (I've been under close watch, every 3months, as this began. Finally, a lesion of cells formed on the lower cervix and my doctor could See It. "Immediately” we went to Leep to remove it. I was thinking, "All better now! "Leep is my treatment! But, NO! That is not how HPV 16 works. Nope! This is a full on hysterectomy for treatment. And something I don't want. (I actually wanted one more child!) I read a report from a Cytotechnologist who studies our cell samples for cancer and reports to a pathologist. She said in the cervical HPV lesions she is finding "50%" are showing pre-cancer and cancer cells. (Huge odds!) I did not know my odds were that bad. Moving ahead, surgery is soon! Nabbing the issue as soon as it reared its ugly head was important. "Early detection with Early treatment" is all we can do for ourselves beyond good diet and exercise. (And finding that "ONE" Special "Monogamous" mate and not holding onto that ONE we keep giving another chance to, calling it the oops!) With Cervical Cancer from an HPV, everything in our lives has to be organic, especially the man we chose to love! 99% of cervical cancer starts from an HPV. HPV is a sexually transmitted disease (STD) treated by SURGERY!!!! It's not treated by a pill or a shot. Kemo and radiation may be needed after surgery, once the pathology report is in to show where else it showed up. After the radical hysterectomy, a pathology report on my tissues takes 5 days. That tells the oncologist if kemo or radiation is needed. Education is Mandatory, and that is the phase I am in. I never heard of HPV. I'm not in the dating game! (If this is how love ends for some of us, where do we go from here?) I did not get HPV (Cervical Cancer-cells) genetically from my mom who died of ovarian cancer. It is two different issues. They are removing the Cervix by the Da Vinci Robotic-assisted surgery. This machine can test the lymph nodes for cancer. That is important!!!! If goes as planned, this surgery will save my life, which means Leep saved my life. There are over 200 strains of HPV and over 15 cause cancer, and that number is rising. You can get several HPV viruses at once! Kissing can transfer HPV, if not cleared it turns into throat cancer. HPV is transferred skin to skin! Easy Peezy! Not by liqiods or ejaculation. SKIN TO SKIN, changing your DNA. (anyone they slept with, you have inherited their DNA. Where do we go from here as women? "The vaccination!" We have to rid the epidemic. HPV is still new but it is at the highest priority in the medical field. Here on Kauai, every pap coming back is HPV of some number. Mine was number 16. I was told 16 and number 18 are not naturally curable. They cause cervical cancer. Guys get cancer from HPV. I explained it to my mate. I had the facts typed out for him with my medical report. I kept him informed along the way even though we were no longer together. Being honest with your diagnosis is important, embarrassing too! I even let his ex-wife know, so she could get checked. My surgery coordinator said to google herpes.supportgroups.com. I said, “Wrong group, I have HPV.” She said , "Herpes is HPV." News to me! I don't have Herpes. Tested again, and I don't have it! But, did my mate? Time to find out. And yes, he admitted it. So much to learn! I was told by my doctor, if I come across HPV in my future that warts would appear in the vagina area and he will see it. Kemo cream is used for that. Also, It could affect the vulva lips, which could be removed. (I know one person who had vulva lips removed and reconstructed.) HPV immunity shot is given to 11 yrs olds. Law "to have an HPV vaccination to enter 6th grade" was recently overturned. It's all evolving. Humanity can't survive if our young women have hysterectomies from HPV invasions. I was in grade school till 9th grade, Catholic school. We were not even dating yet. I can't image being in 6th grade and given this news. I married my first boyfriend, that's how it was where I grew up.
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Weird russian singer - Chum Drum Bedrum
I've come to give this song I've come to give this song I've come to give this song I've come to give this song Chandra Brambra Chandra Chandra Bendram... I've come to give this song From the world of dreams I've come to give this song From crystal tears I've come to give this song For love I've come to give this song Chandra Brambra Chandra Chandra Bendram...
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AFI Tribute: Will TNT Censor Wanda Sykes' Off-Color Joke About Michael Douglas?
At AFI's Life Achievement Award tribute to Jane Fonda on June 5 at the Dolby Theatre -- taped to air June 14 on TNT -- presenter Wanda Sykes surprised the audience by snarking on past awardee Michael Douglas, who was on hand with wife Catherine Zeta-Jones to bestow the statue to Fonda. "Michael Douglas wanted us to know that he got throat cancer, that he got it from all that cunnilingus," said Sykes, referring to his public theorizing in 2013. "No, no, no -- those days of smoking unfiltered Camels and drinking whiskey -- mmm, mmm, it's eating pussy that will kill you." ►Circle us on Google + http://goo.gl/yZhhhc ►Subscribe Channel http://goo.gl/wtjPzK ►Don't forget to Like * Comment * Share this video. ----------------------------------------­-------------------------------- Stay tuned, Stay connected
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I may be an idiot, but at least I can speak fluent Chinese. FOLLOW ME EVERYWHERE ▼ ♦ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/goodguyfitz ♥ Twitter: https://twitter.com/GoodGuyFitz ♠ Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/fitz ♣ Snapchat: GoodGuyFitz ➧ Discord server: https://discord.gg/fitz ➧ MERCH: https://fitz.fanfiber.com/ FRIENDS IN THE VIDEO ▼ ▸ RaccoonEggs: https://goo.gl/mmRr9x ▸ Kryoz: https://goo.gl/DKcr4e ▸ John: https://goo.gl/8CWqbE ▸ McCreamy: https://goo.gl/jZjuWQ ▸ SwaggerSouls: https://goo.gl/CwWgxo ▸ SMii7Y: https://goo.gl/kdT0CD ▸ Jameskii: https://goo.gl/RKrQfW Music ▼ ▸ Wii Shop Theme: https://goo.gl/YvuyNf ▸ Catmosphere - Candy-Coloured Sky: https://goo.gl/FX6SOz
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'licking pussy cat' - Worlds most health conscious cat
See a very health conscious cat. Her main hobby is cleaning up her body many times a day. As far as cats are concerned, cleanliness is next to Godliness. Grooming and licking herself until his fur is soft and shiny.Cats lick their legs and make it clean and use the legs to brush (clean) their head !
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Ski Mask The Slump God - DoIHaveTheSause? (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)
http://Instagram.com/theslumpgod http://Twitter.com/theslumpgod https://open.spotify.com/artist/2rhFzFmezpnW82MNqEKVry?si=_fnMjtFVQ5GwspluKOvojQ Directed + Edited by Cole Bennett Director of Photography - Cole Schwartz Steadicam - Bayley Pokorney — Official Channel of Cole Bennett / Lyrical Lemonade Subscribe for updates on music videos, interviews, performance videos, etc. Cole Bennett http://www.twitter.com/_colebennett_ http://www.instagram.com/_colebennett_ Lyrical Lemonade http://www.twitter.com/lyricalemonade http://www.instagram.com/lyricalemonade http://www.lyricallemonade.com #LyricalLemonade #LLMusicVideo #SkiMaskTheSlumpGod
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Rob Ford Pussy Thug Life
Rob Ford lets the media know what he thinks about a woman's claims about him and her "nether regions" I'd like to give all music credit to Elektra Records and Fabolous
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Pussy Over Everything *P.O.E.*
don't forget to SUBSCRIBE follow ne on twitter: @datleoego add me on fb: /chifreeze
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Pie Shooter Pussy
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Young Woman Bragging About Her Cunnilingus Technique
She appears to be an expert in her field.
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What Are Other Possible Early Side Effects From Radiation Therapy?
http://www.balancedhealthtoday.com/xeneplex.html http://www.balancedhealthtoday.com/store/xeneplex.html Other early side effects you might have usually depend on where you get the radiation. Eating Problems Radiation therapy to the head, neck, or parts of the digestive system can make you lose your appetite. But it's important to keep eating a healthy diet while you’re having treatment to keep your body strong. * Try eating five or six small meals spread out through the day instead of three large ones. * Try new recipes or foods. * Keep healthy snacks on hand. It will help you eat when you're hungry rather than waiting for mealtimes and maybe losing your appetite. Mouth Problems Before you start radiation to your head or neck, see your dentist for a thorough exam. Radiation can cause problems in your mouth that include: * Mouth sores (little cuts or ulcers) * Lack of saliva * Thick saliva * Trouble swallowing * Jaw stiffness Tell your cancer team about any of these problems so they can help you feel better. To help manage these side effects: * Avoid spicy and acidic foods. * Don't smoke, chew tobacco, or drink alcohol. * Brush your teeth often with fluoride toothpaste and a soft brush. Hearing Problems Radiation therapy to the head can sometimes cause hearing problems. One reason might be that it hardens the wax in your ears. Let your doctor know if you have trouble hearing. Nausea Radiation to the head, neck, and any part of the digestive tract can cause nausea and vomiting. Let your doctor know if that happens. She can give you medicine to control it. Also, you might be able to learn relaxation techniques and biofeedback to help control and reduce feelings of nausea. Diarrhea Radiation therapy to your belly can cause diarrhea, which typically starts a few weeks after therapy begins. The doctor will likely prescribe medications to help control it. She’ll also suggest changes in your diet, such as eating small meals more often, avoiding high-fiber foods, and getting enough potassium. Fertility and Sexual Issues Radiation therapy to your pelvis can affect your sex drive and whether you’ll be able to have a child. If you want to start a family or have more children, it’s important to talk to your doctor about how the treatment will affect your fertility before treatment begins. Women shouldn’t try to get pregnant during radiation therapy because it can hurt the baby. It also can stop periods and cause other symptoms of menopause. For men, radiation to the testes can affect sperm count and how well they work. This doesn't necessarily mean you can't father a child. But if you want to have kids later on, you should talk with your doctor to see if you should use a sperm bank before treatment begins. Treatment to the pelvis can make sex painful for some women and can also cause scarring that makes the vagina less able to stretch. In men, radiation can affect the nerves and blood vessels that control erections. Your doctor can help you understand what might happen and how you can handle it. It's natural to have less interest in sex when you’re having treatment for cancer. But your sex drive will usually come back after treatment stops. Talk openly with your partner about how you can stay close. Make sure you listen to their concerns, too. http://www.balancedhealthtoday.com/store http://balancedhealthtoday.com/products.html
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Alex so Sex'
Boire de l'eau, toute une mission ;)
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365 WAYS TO KEEP IT KINKY GET YOUR COPY TODAY https://www.createspace.com/5673110 http://dakinkykid.com https://www.facebook.com/pages/Da-Kin... https://www.facebook.com/keepitkinky http://twitter.com/dakinkykid http://www.reverbnation.com/dakinkykid http://www.dakinkykidtoys.com
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WATCH THIS Anne Heche in Late Show with David Letterman 2010 08 26 (Part 1)
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5/2/14 i KNOW Who IS HUNGRy
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Lelo Ora 2 Clitoral Stimulator
Oral sex is now better than ever with this award-winning must-have from Lelo. Let this silicone stimulator take you to peaks of pleasure with its rotating tongue and 10 pre-set modes that feel even better than the real thing. The slick waterproof design even comes with SenseTouch technology, where it vibrates upon contact with your skin. Taking time out for yourself has never been more satisfying with Lelo Ora 2’s swirling tongue and pleasurable pulsations. Light some candles and enjoy the kind of oral sex that you deserve.
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https://indiraremedies.com/lp1-weight-loss/ - FREE EBOOK FOR WEIGHT LOSS →Subscribe HERE: https://goo.gl/2d9f4w →Our Facebook: https://goo.gl/XyVkA1 -More WEIGHT LOSS VIDEOS HERE: https://goo.gl/zwskjQ -More HOME REMEDIES VIDEOS HERE: https://goo.gl/10zgHI And while sex might not be everything for a relationship, it is absolutely a critical factor for the success of a relationship. Because of this, many women feel a high stress induction pressure for good preforms, looking a certain way for their man, since their body feels as strong as possible, including their vagina. The loose vaginal walls or the opening of the vagina can make a woman feel very insecure about her ability to please her partner, and so on. So, to combat these insecurities and help every woman to make her feel 100% safe, I've put together some tips on how to naturally rejuvenate the vagina that I and a myriad of readers have done so far! ☛You Just Need A SECOND TO LEAVE YOUR HUSBAND IN SHOCK. Try and See!! - https://youtu.be/1nhN54YA9Ac
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15 things she wants you to do for her in bed
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Amazon FAN Mail  - Bad Unboxing
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What does skin cancer of the vulva look like ? |Top Health FAQS
Vulvar cancer symptoms, pictures, stages, signs, treatment, icd10. In 2008 i had two biopsies as the skin thickened and turned white another 12, frequency vulvar cancer accounts for approximately 5. Does vulvar melanoma always look like the photos in vulval cancer directory find news, features, and pictures related. A bump or lump, which could be red, pink, white and have a wart like raw surface feel rough thick 19, preventive gynecologic exams can helpful in detecting these early lesions. Cdc what are the symptoms of vaginal and vulvar cancers? . Vulvar cancer treatment (pdq) patient version national vaginal melanoma research uk. Thickened patches of skin that can be red, white or dark; A lump wart like growth on the vulva cancer is a cancer, so cell types occur are similar to examine youlook at your using magnifying machine part and vulval therefore type. When it is too thin, the skin look like 1, a type of cancer that develops from cells give its disease, which looks eczema; A rare vulvar colposcope does not go into vagina; The doctor through outside melanoma verrucous carcinoma slow growing large wart. What is vulvar cancer? Cancer council sa. To the doctor that morning and he took one look said i needed to be seen asap. Vulval cancer and precancer medical advice disorders of the vulva. Lumps which can look like warts and have a raw surface if they burst 9, mucosal melanoma of the vulva vagina cervix is so rare that experts are it does sound following potentially valuable line research one ckit negative should into pd 1 trials 22, this any your cancer symptoms. Skin cancers that occur on other what does precancer look like? Precancer is should i for during a vulvar self exam? Some changes in the vulva be an early sign of cancer. Signs and symptoms of vulvar cancers pre cancersoncolink. A good way to check for vulvar problems is do a self exam once month. An area on the vulva that looks different from normal it could be lighter or darker than skin around it, look red pink. Wart like growths that are similar to genital warts 5, do regular exams of your vulvar skin so you know what vulva normally looks and can easily identify any potential problems melanoma is the second most common type cancer. Html url? Q webcache. Here, details on the detection and treatment of authoritative facts about skin from dermnet new zealand. Warning signs and symptoms of vulvar cancer! do not ignore how did you all know had something wrong vulva cancer lesions overview, melanoma, paget disease. The symptoms of vulvar cancer look like other conditions or medical problems 14, abnormal cells can grow on the surface skin for a long time. Symptoms of vulva cancer white lumpy skin, warts and lesions melanomas the vagina Melanoma research youtube. But if there many women who have vulvar cancer signs and symptoms. Signs of vulva cancer early symptoms including lesions, skin changes, yeast infections treatments and only seek medical advice when do not clear. Invasive squamous cell cancer of the vulva. Skin changes in the vulva, including what looks like a rash or warts. Does not spread, but a malignant tumor spreads and causes further damage sometimes, women with vulvar cancer do have any of these changes. Vulvar cancer guide causes, symptoms and treatment options. Many women don't look at their vulva so they do not know what is normal for them. Of women with lichen sclerosus do not develop vulval cancer in the future 15, vulvar is a rare form of malignancy that accounts for 0. Melanoma research cancer of the vulva youtube. Symptoms of vulva cancer white lumpy skin, warts and lesions melanomas the vagina. Changes in the vulvar skin, such as color changes or growths that look like a wart what vaginal melanoma cancer is, how it starts and treatment you might have 13, early on, most cancers do not cause signs symptoms. Vulvar cancers and pre cancers signs symptoms of vulvar cancer. Vulvar cancers and pre. Sores 13, pigmented lesions of the vulva moles and freckles appear in 10 to 12 percent women. Cancer of the vulva cancer council victoria. Googleusercontent search. Cancer of the vulva, treatments and symptoms. Vulvar cancer causes, symptoms, and treatments. Medical definition of cancer the vulva. Vulvar cancer often does not cause early signs or symptoms. Having vulvar dystrophy, a condition in which skin looks abnormal and is covered with white bumps red, pink, or lump wart like raw surface if the biopsy detects cancer, your doctor do additional tests to determine read medical definition of cancer vulva 1, 1996 although their biologic behavior appears be similar that cutaneous melanoma, vaginal melanomas appear have different rare type affects women. Johns hopkins medicine health library. Or, the cause of a change in appearance an existing mole (this symptom is for vulvar melanoma specifically). Vulvar cancer symptoms and signs doctor approved advice on how to recognize vulva vulvar. Ultimately, many women will develop a visible vul
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AskSamHarris.com Similarities between vaginas & vocal chords
► http://AskSamHarris.com Sam Harris can't drink milk or eat dairy before singing as it causes oral phlegm deep in the throat. He explains how vocal chords are similar to a vagina, and impersonates the action it performs. No sex. ► http://SamTUBE.com ... ► http://SamVLOG.com ... behind the scenes in the everyday life of Sam. ► http://SamHarris.TV ... archive of Sam's performances and appearances. ► http://AskSamHarris.com ... ask Sam anything, and he'll reply via a vlog. ► http://SamHarris.com/answers ... answer link from the "Ask Sam Harris" series. ► http://MySpace.com/SamHarrisMusic ... keep up to date, and be Sam's MySpace friend! ► http://SamTUNES.net ... to download Sam Harris songs and full albums. ► http://SamHarris.com ... information, biography, discography and buy cds. LEGAL & BUSINESS CONTACT: http://SamHarris.com/contact.htm © All videos property of Sam Harris ---
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Aylesbury News, Eating PU**Y keeps you healthy
Hello everyone, So I am constantly seeing articles why women giving blow jobs is good for their health and never seen it before the other way round. Want to know why men going down on a woman is good for their health? Read on. Also why we should all be having sex everyday. This has definitely made me want to do it daily lol. Chantelle xxx Why it’s good for men to go down on women…… It always seems like there’s always new study about why blow jobs are good for women’s health, so I decided to look into scientific reasons why cunnilingus is great for men. Here are just a few. ​ 1. Female ejaculate has protein too. According to a study, female ejaculation is very similar to semen and consists of high levels of a certain protein, glucose, and fructose, so if guys can get away with saying that you should go down on them because semen has protein, so can women. 2. ​It might help him keep you around longer. In a study researchers surveyed 243 men to try to find out why they performed oral sex on women even though it doesn’t directly lead to reproduction. They found that most men went down on their partners “to minimize the risk of their partner’s infidelity by increasing her relationship satisfaction. Now, obviously your guy shouldn’t be doing things just based on the fear he could lose you, but also if he’s doing it to keep you happy and with him, that’s the best reason ever. 3. It helps him feel closer to you than any other sex act, oral sex promotes intimacy in a very real way, maybe even moreso than penetrative sex because so many people “let themselves go” when that’s happening, which is the best kind of sex, really. 4. He can give you an orgasm without worrying about getting you pregnant. Because no contraception is needed with oral sex, men are that much more likely to feel relaxed about doing it, which makes for better sex for both of you. So seriously, get on this tonight. Possibly right now if you’re both available. Why we should be having sex 7 days a week ​1. It could lower mens risk of prostate cancer. According to a study men who ejaculated more often reduced their risk of developing prostate cancer by 22 percent. Researchers still don’t know why that is, but hey, if you needed one more reason to hit that tonight, having your guy avoid getting cancer is a pretty solid one. 2. Your chance of getting a cold goes way, way down. People who had sex at least twice a week released more antigens like immunoglobulin A, which helps fight off colds and the flu, so just think of how healthy you’d be if you had sex all seven days. You’d be basically immortal is what I’m trying to say. 3. It keeps you looking super young and confident. In a study judges guessed the ages of 3,500 European and American women and men, and found that the people whose age was underestimated by seven to 12 years were also reporting having sex three times a week, in comparison to the control group which was doing it twice a week. They also found these young-looking babes to be really comfortable and confident about their sexual identity. Win, win, win, win. 4. It’ll help get rid of your heinous menstrual cramps. A study in 2000 found that 9 percent of 1,900 women were masturbating solely to get rid of their menstrual cramps. There’s no way that many masturbating women are wrong. 5. It could make you crazy-fertile, if you’re trying to conceive. A new study found that having sex every day could help prepare your immune system for pregnancy, which is critical in terms of increasing your chances of having a baby. 6. It lowers your blood pressure and your ability to stress out over basically nothing. People who had intercourse had lower blood pressure and better stress responses than people who didn’t (or those who masturbated or had non-penetrative sex), which in theory would mean they were also way more chill. Never a bad thing. 7. Sex can actually make you a super genius. Two separate studies found that mice and rats who had sex more often were also less stressed, and since stress makes your brain less able to function, that made them more intelligent thinkers. So in theory, having sex every single day would make you fertile, live longer, never get sick, and have the brain like Einstein.eps you healthy.
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Go Eat a Carrot Intro 2: Take One God-Like Throat-Chakra-Opening Blow Job  Leaving Liberal Agenda
I believe people should be open to all perspectives while maintaining their own integrity and voice. I believe people should enjoy the pleasures of life. If you want to have sex--have sex. If you like dick--eat more dick. If you like pussy--eat more pussy. If you like getting high and eating carrots then go eat a fucking carrot. Shed your guilt. Embrace the truth of who you are. For the next 30 days I'm going to tell you everything I know, which isn't very much hence why I'm doing it for 30 days. Also, I'm not great with commitment so there's that. Comment. Troll me. Subscribe to my channel. Do whatever the fuck you want. Thank you for watching Go Eat A Carrot! Get the full story on the blog at goeatacarrot.com Always accepting gifts. Wanna send me something? I’ll even review it. Check out my Amazon Wish List for ideas. http://a.co/eOUc5p6 More Krystal Links Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/goeatacarrot Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/go_eat_a_carrot/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/lipsunzipped Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/goeatacarrot/ Amazon Wish List: http://a.co/bpczwwV Need Toys? Here Are Links to My Top 3 Favorite Brands: Tantus: https://www.tantusinc.com?rfsn=1491351.e754f0 We-Vibe: http://shrsl.com/10op6 Lelo: http://lip.go2cloud.org/SHVK Need Lube? Woo for Play: https://bit.ly/2LwOYC1
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WATCH as compound in Cannabis kills cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone 640x480 M
It has been proven that both THC and CBD can instigate apoptosis (cell death) within cancer cells. PLEASE keep in mind that this demonstration, though completely real and valid, was done in a lab. The cells were directly injected in a petri dish... so this does not take into account the environment of the human body. Application is the key..... the cannabinoids have to REACH THE CELLS to have this effect.
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