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weight loss help nassau county ny
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Risks and Reward of Weight Loss Surgery - New York Bariatric Group
http://bariatric.stopobesityforlife.com/ Any prospective patient who has been considering weight loss surgery has surely also been wondering not only about the benefits, but also about the potential disadvantages. It's an important life decision, and it should be taken seriously. Therefore it's worthwhile to understand not only the gains and the positives, but the risks of weight loss surgery as well. The largest concern we hear at the New York Bariatric Group, leaders for New York weight loss surgery, is that of surgery resulting in a tragic or deadly outcome. Our practice has been recognized as having one of the lowest rates of complication of any clinic across the country. Our experienced, highly skilled team of surgeons is renowned, and we offer a series of the latest and most innovative procedures, many of which have been designed to minimize risk of complication and serious side effects, while reducing components such as pain and recovery time. Do not forget, that the risks of simply living with morbid obesity are far greater than the actual risks of weight loss surgery. The quality of your life, and even your life expectancy, are both greatly reduced as a result of morbid obesity, whereas bariatric surgery is the only proven, long-term and permanent solution. Each procedure carries its own specific risks, along with its own benefits. It's important to learn as much as you can about weight loss surgery before taking the next step. For more information on your options, visit http://StopObesityforLife.com. You can also call us directly at 800.633.8446 to schedule a consultation with one of our surgeons and learn more about what's involved with bariatric surgery. You can also view our upcoming online seminars by visiting http://nybariatricportal.pattrax.com/Seminar. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NewYorkBariatricGroup Twitter: https://twitter.com/NYBariatric Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/NYBariatric/
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weight loss help massapequa
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Obalon: Cutting-Edge Non-Surgical Weight Loss Procedure
Starting in January, New York Bariatric Group will offer the cutting-Obalon, a brand new non-surgical weight-loss procedure. Learn all about Obalon from the innovative team that developed the cutting-edge technology! For more information, visit http://bariatric.stopobesityforlife.com/landing/obalon/ You can also view our upcoming online seminars by visiting http://nybariatricportal.pattrax.com/Seminar. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NewYorkBariatricGroup Twitter: https://twitter.com/NYBariatric Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/NYBariatric/
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Meet Dr. John Angstadt, MD FACS FASMBS
MD FACS FASMBS Board certified bariatric surgeon
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New York Weight Loss Surgery Updated Criteria
http://bariatric.stopobesityforlife.com Did you know that there is now new criteria for weight loss surgery? The changes to the criteria for who is eligible for bariatric surgery have been altered, which means that life improving, life changing, and life extending bariatric surgery is available for more prospective patients than ever. Is there a minimum weight for bariatric surgery? It's important to think not in weight, but in BMI, or Body Mass Index. The minimum baseline to undergo weight loss surgery is a BMI of 30. This typically also requires the patient to have a co-related health condition or risk which stems from their excess weight. BMI is an imperfect tool, but an important guideline. It remains one of the standard-bearers as well for determining eligibility for coverage by major insurance providers. The New York Bariatric Group can help you navigate the sometimes daunting process of obtaining insurance coverage. The good news is that most major providers do cover bariatric surgery. How do I know if I'm eligible for bariatric surgery? You can visit our website at http://StopObesityforLife.com, and use our quick and easy BMI calculator to see for yourself what your Body Mass Index is, and what range it falls into. Our website also has the information you need to learn more about all of the latest types of bariatric surgery, as well as our own comprehensive bariatric program, and our renowned surgical team. You can also view upcoming online and in-person educational seminars by visiting http://nybariatricportal.pattrax.com/Seminar Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NewYorkBariatricGroup Twitter: https://twitter.com/NYBariatric Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/NYBariatric/
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New York Bariatric Group - Facility Tour
http://bariatric.stopobesityforlife.com/ Welcome to the New York Bariatric Group, the leading choice for bariatric surgery in the region. With a team of highly experienced surgeons offering the most innovative and successful treatments, and a world-class bariatric program, you can be confident that we'll guide you down the path to real results. In this video, get a unique firsthand glimpse of the facility to familiarize yourself with it, and meet some of our excellent staff. Open the doors and find a comfortable, spacious waiting room. Our reception area offers flat screen televisions, free wifi access, and other amenities. Our modern office does more than make you feel at home, though. We offer unique services such as a tracking tag, entered into our new fast track program to increase efficiency throughout our office, and reduce your downtime. The exam room showcases an electronic device which safely and securely displays your information via connection to our electronic medical records, while also alerting doctors and staff as to who is needed and when. We have five exam rooms, all with unique tables with built-in scales, and offer all of the testing and evaluation services you need pre- and post-surgery. You'll even be able to view videos and animations of different types of bariatric surgery so you learn how they truly differ. On-site, you'll also find our bariatric store, with doctor recommended foods, drinks, meal replacements and supplements. We even have our own full-time nutritionist, a licensed social worker, and a board certified anesthesiologist. The facility also houses an in-house AAAASF certified endoscopy suite, and a four-bed sleep lab and evaluation area. High tech equipment also includes infrared vein finders. Now that you've gotten an up close view of our state of the art facility, learn more about how we can help you change your life and successfully win your fight against obesity with weight loss surgery. Visit our website http://www.StopObesityforLife.com today and take your first step towards success with the best New York bariatric surgeons. You can also view upcoming online and in-person educational seminars by visiting http://nybariatricportal.pattrax.com/Seminar Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NewYorkBariatricGroup Twitter: https://twitter.com/NYBariatric Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/NYBariatric/
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Acupuncture Helps Zhuangzhuang to Lose
Li Zhuangzhuang has been battling with obesity since childhood.Now he's in Tianjin undergoing a weight loss program, With daily acupuncture treatment plus aerobic exercise and physical training, Zhuangzhuang has lost more than 15 kg.
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Weight Loss Surgery With Dr. Eric Sommer of New York Bariatric Group
Dr. Eric Sommer of the New York Bariatric Group at Hudson Valley Hospital Center discusses options for weight loss surgery.
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Gastric Bypass Surgery at the New York Bariatric Group
http://bariatric.stopobesityforlife.com/ If you've previously had gastric bypass, but you've regained some of the weight you lost, then you may be eligible to have a revisional procedure. Today, there have been great advancements made with this procedure, and the New York Bariatric Group remains at the forefront of the latest and most innovative approaches. Here, we'll discuss the ROSE procedure. With the ROSE procedure - Revision Obesity Surgery Endoscopically - you're able to see wonderful weight loss results once again, with a minimally invasive procedure that requires no incisions, and no recovery time. During Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery, the size of your new stomach pouch is far smaller than your original stomach was, as is the connection to the small intestine, known as the stoma. This creates quicker feelings of fullness from far less food, while slowing its passage through the stomach. However, over the years, it's possible that the stomach pouch and/or stoma expand in size. This would mean you may stop losing weight, or even regain some or all of the weight you had previously lost. In this case, a revisional procedure can be performed. The New York Bariatric Group provides an incisionless endoscopic procedure which can return the stomach pouch and stoma to their intended sizes. This is the ROSE procedure, and we're one of the most experienced clinics in the world in successfully performing this for our patients. All of the surgical tools are inserted orally utilizing a four-channel endoscopic tube. From there, your surgeon will utilize tissue anchors and surgeons to reduce the diameter of the stoma and volume of the stomach pouch. To learn more about ROSE, and to see if you're eligible as a patient who previously underwent Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery, visit http://StopObesityForLife.com. You can also call our office directly at 800.633.8446 to request more information, or to schedule an appointment. You can also view upcoming online and in-person educational seminars by visiting http://nybariatricportal.pattrax.com/... Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NewYorkBaria... Twitter: https://twitter.com/NYBariatric Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/NYBariatric/
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ROSE Procedure for Weight Regain after Gastric Bypass
http://bariatric.stopobesityforlife.com/obesity-surgery/correcting-obesity/procedures/rose-procedure/ What is the ROSE procedure after bariatric surgery? ROSE stands for Revision Obesity Surgery Endoscopically, and it's a technique which is performed for previous gastric bypass patients who haven't achieved their long-term goals. More specifically, ROSE is utilized for individuals who previously lost weight with their gastric bypass, but have since gained some or all of it back. Best of all, this is an endoscopic procedure, which means there are absolutely no incisions involved. That also means there's no post-surgical recovery time or pain to deal with. The most common side effect is a sore throat, and patients do not need to spend the night in the hospital. The surgical tools will be put into position orally, at which point a series of tissue sutures are placed around your stomach, and around your stoma, which is the connection between your stomach pouch and small intestine. This tightens both areas, leading to increased feelings of fullness, while offering superior control of the passage of food you eat through your GI track. This is a second chance for gastric bypass patients to get back on track, and fulfill their dreams of a healthier, happier life. And it's all possible thanks to a procedure which offers an absolute minimal risk of complication. The New York Bariatric Group has one of the most experienced surgical teams in the world at performing the ROSE procedure after bariatric surgery. Learn more about this type of revisional surgery and find your ROSE procedure surgeon in NY by visiting http://StopObesityforLife.com. You can also view our upcoming online seminars by visiting http://nybariatricportal.pattrax.com/Seminar. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NewYorkBariatricGroup Twitter: https://twitter.com/NYBariatric Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/NYBariatric/
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Losing Weight With Little To No Effort
CBS2's Alex Denis reports.
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Dr. Howard Goodman on back pain treatments | NY Rehab
http://www.NYREHAB.com A short video with Dr. Howard Goodman of NY Rehab's midtown NYC location. Dr. Goodman offers a short description of the symptoms of herniated discs and bulging discs, and the associated treatments, specifically spinal decompression. 4 Park Avenue, Manhattan, New York City. http://www.NYREHAB.com Astoria, Queens: 888-851-HURT Valley Stream, Nassau County: 516-872-3100 Park Avenue, Manhattan: 888-292-7798 astoria queens manhattan park avenue park ave chiropractic chiropractor massage physical therapy back pain low back pain neck pain headache auto accident no fault workers compensation workers comp valley stream nassau county long island city pain management ny rehab medical services consultation
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Long Term Results of Weight Loss Surgery
Learn about the long term results of weight loss surgery from The New York Bariatric Group experts. For more on The New York Bariatric Group, visit us at http://stopobesityforlife.com You can also view our upcoming online seminars by visiting http://nybariatricportal.pattrax.com/Seminar. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NewYorkBariatricGroup Twitter: https://twitter.com/NYBariatric Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/NYBariatric/
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Non Invasive Plastic Surgery Nassau County LI | Skin Tightening | Dr. Westfried
http://www.tattoos-removed.com/ Dr. Morris Westfried and his dermatology team in Nassau County Long Island offer amazing Non Invasive Plastic Surgery. Along with an expert team, Dr. Westfried offers non surgical treatments to help lift and tighten the skin on your face and neck. Dr. Westfried and his team are committed to offering a broad range of treatment options in order to achieve your treatment goals. Please give us a call at (516) 784-5858, or visit our site at http://www.tattoos-removed.com/ Call us now at (516) 784-5858 or click this link http://www.tattoos-removed.com/ Non Surgical Skin Tightening Nassau County Long Island Non Invasive Plastic Surgery Nassau County Long Island Laser Skin Tightening Nassau County Long Island Laser Skin Tightening Long Island Thermi Smooth Nassau County LI Skin Tightening Nassau County Long Island 2307 Bellmore Ave, Suite B, Bellmore NY 11710 ThermiSmooth is radio frequency, so it’s a method of applying energy to the body. And the ThermiSmooth shrinks fat noninvasively. It’s comfortable. Most people said it feels like a warm massage. I’m always looking for ways to get rid of wrinkles, and I deal with the public, so I can’t have any marks on my face or any downtime. The ThermiSmooth can treat anything from the eyes to the thighs. So you can do periocular around the eyes. You can do the jowls, the neck. You can shrink the abdomen. You’ll get tightening of cellulite without doing any surgical procedure. There’s no downtime. It doesn’t hurt. The results I’ve seen have been great. I would definitely recommend it. Related Videos: Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 For more info, click here: GOOGLE LINK Video search engine optimization and video marketing provided by Video SEO Pro, Inc. Generate more leads, more traffic to your website and more sales using video marketing. To learn more give us a call at (914) 368-9600 or click the link below. http://www.myvideoseopro.com/lp001
Why Dr. Holover Decided To Become a Weight Loss Surgeon
Dr. Holover has been asked many times why he went into #bariatricsurgery. Hear his response and why he loves helping patients through their #weightlossjourney http://bariatric.stopobesityforlife.com/
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Long Island Club Reduce - Dr. Berlin get interviewed by Donna Drake
On this segment, Donna sits down with Dr. Michael Berlin as he explains what being a wellness coach is all about. His fascinating methods help take stress out of the body of his patients, so it can heal naturally. Dr. Berlin tells us ways he can help people reduce the amount of stress they succumb to over the years. He, along with his wonderful team, have helped countless people with his innovative methods. Club Reduce is an all-encompassing program that incorporates the eating of whole foods, 24-hour support from Berlin and his team, and specific supplements to heal the cause of your weight and health problems. Aside from whole foods and supplements that heal one from the inside, Club Reduce also helps melt fat away from the outside. Berlin’s office offers all-natural spa services, such as detox body wraps to permanently lose four to 14 inches per session, whole-body vibration to burn calories and cellulite while building muscle and bone, and self-mastery technology to reduce stress and release one from emotional eating and food addictions. “It’s a complete program to truly heal all aspects of one’s weight problem; no matter what.” Location: 641-B Old Country Rd., Plainview. For more information, or to register to attend an upcoming weight-loss seminar, visit DrBerlin.WeightSeminar.com or call 844-LOSE123.
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Laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric Bypass
Roux-en-Y gastric bypass is the most frequently performed weight loss surgery in the United States and is the gold standard procedure for weight loss surgery. For more on The New York Bariatric Group and to learn more about laparoscopic roux-en-y gastric bypass weight loss surgery, visit us at http://stopobesityforlife.com. You can also view our upcoming online seminars by visiting http://nybariatricportal.pattrax.com/Seminar. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NewYorkBariatricGroup Twitter: https://twitter.com/NYBariatric Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/NYBariatric/
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New York Bariatric Group
http://bariatric.stopobesityforlife.com/ If you're looking into bariatric surgery in New York, then look no further. The New York Bariatric Group has helped thousands of people see phenomenal weight loss results, changing and even saving their lives. Here, you can meet a few happy patients who have been able to finally turn their lives around. A woman who lost 125 lbs, another who lost 120 pounds, another who lose 90 pounds, and even radio personality Mo Bounce, who lost more than 100 pounds with bariatric surgery in New York. Each person has finally been able to cross weight loss off of their new year's resolution list and finally saw the real results they had always wanted. Instead of having a resolution to lose weight for another year, visit the New York Bariatric Group and be confident that they will help you end your resolutions. The New York Bariatric Group has an entire team of New York's best weight loss surgeons. That includes six highly experienced bariatric surgeons who have performed more than 8,000 successful procedures combined, along with a fantastic support team, including a board certified anesthesiologist. You too can stop your obesity for life. It doesn't have to be a resolutions. All you need to do is take the first step in the right direction. Get started by visiting http://StopObesityforLife.com to learn more about the clinic and how our team may be able to help you change your life starting today. Call our office at 800-633-THIN for more information or to schedule your initial consultation. We look forward to hearing from you, and turning your wish into reality. You can also view upcoming online and in-person educational seminars by visiting http://nybariatricportal.pattrax.com/... Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NewYorkBaria... Twitter: https://twitter.com/NYBariatric Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/NYBariatric/
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Alleged Drug Dealers Arrested On Long Island
Police and prosecutors from the joint Nassau-Suffolk County heroin task force say they've made some big arrests of suspects they allege dealt deadly fentanyl-laced heroin and opioids. CBS2's Cindy Hsu has more.
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The Obalon Balloon Capsule System
Take control of your weight with the proven Obalon balloon swallowable capsule. The only non-surgical gastric balloon approved by the FDA. This revolutionary new clinical process helps people lose weight safely and consistently. Suitable for people with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 27 and higher. This weight-loss treatment has been shown to facilitate significant weight loss when used with a diligent nutrition and exercise program.
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weight loss help male buddies
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New Year's Weight-Loss Resolution: The Solution? Don't "Re-solve" - Evolve!
http://www.happycalories.com Femmenation Radio Host, Debbie Whitlock, speaks with weight-loss expert, Carmela Ramaglia, on the mindset dangers of New Year "resolutions" for weight-loss and provides an alternative perspective for long-term, sustainable results. Learn how to lose weight in the new year and keep it off. Learn to "evolve" not "re-solve." Meet Carmela: A trailblazing maverick, Carmela Ramaglia is redefining the self-help and weight-loss paradigms and quickly becoming internationally recognized as a leading authority in clarifying and healing the issues surrounding diet, exercise, self-esteem, emotional eating, body image and weight-loss. Size double zero to double XL and everything in between, this actress and model has lived and experienced it all. Carmela truly understands the unique and painful struggles dysfunctional relationships with food and exercise create - and she knows the way to freedom, happiness and sustainable results. Carmela is the author of Happy Calories Don't Count (neither does unhappy exercise), the New Body Mind Makeover™, and Your Most Magnificent You: Keys to Boosting Your Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem, Self-Respect and Self-Worth. She is also a contributing writer for Conscious Living Soul and Wellness Woman: 40 and Beyond magazines. A popular speaker on the subject of emotional eating and reframing the weight-loss paradigm, Carmela has graced countless stages, teleseminars and media interviews. Whether experiencing Carmela's suite of life-changing programs or engaging her as a mentor, Carmela's clients enjoy "self-help that actually helps!" Clients who practice her signature "5 Steps," enjoy a life-giving relationship with food, enhanced self-esteem and body image, and sustainable results. Forged from the fire of her own pain, Carmela's groundbreaking "Rings of Alignment" model is the result of reverse engineering the process she discovered to heal herself. Her own painful obsession with her body and weight took the form of an eating disorder -- complete with hospital stays and therapy, "healthy" diet and exercise programs -- complete with expert nutritionists and personal trainers, and a deep study of self-help, personal growth and various expressions of spirituality - including metaphysics, A Course in Miracles and the Law of Attraction. Wherever you are on the path Carmela has been there, understands the unique challenges and struggles and knows the way out. Whether you are curiously and cautiously exploring new possibilities, or ready to delve deeply into the core of personal transformation, Carmela has a program that will meet you where you are. She understands the unique challenges, struggles and pain and knows the way to freedom, peace, happiness and results that last. http://www.happycalories.com
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weight loss help information online
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The secret to self control | Jonathan Bricker | TEDxRainier
Jonathan Bricker's work has uncoved a scientifically sound approach to behavior change that is twice as effective as most currently practiced methods. His new methods are driving new norms and new apps for how people quit smoking and decrease obesity, saving many people from an early death. Jonathan Bricker is an internationally recognized scientific leader in a bold approach called acceptance and commitment therapy. A Stanford researcher called his use of the approach “a breakthrough in behavioral research [that] has major public health implications for the major causes of preventable death.” Bricker and his team, having received $10 million in total federal research grants to study this topic, are rigorously testing this intervention on multiple platforms, including smartphone apps, websites, and telephone coaching. His SmartQuit app for quitting smoking was recently launched and is now in distribution worldwide. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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How to Make Green Tea Lemonade for Weight Loss
How to Make Green Tea Lemonade for Weight Loss Many people have realized that being overweight is unhealthy, and are trying to find original recipes to help them lose the extra pounds. Green tea lemonade is one of the drinks people are starting to use to help with weight loss. Besides being delicious and refreshing, green tea lemonade is really easy to make. Also the ingredients- green tea, lemon, honey, and cinnamon- are things you’d find in your own kitchen. And the best is that these ingredients help with weight loss. Here are some ways these ingredients are great for weight loss. Green Tea Green tea has an antioxidant that helps burn fat and keeps your metabolism rate high. A study done in 2007 showed that this antioxidant can increase fat oxidation, which is why green tea is a great choice to fight obesity. Lemon Lemon is one of the best sources for vitamin C, which helps your body burn fat. A 2005 study showed that getting enough vitamin C can help the body burn 30 percent more fat during exercise. Honey Another great ingredient for weight loss is honey. Honey has a slow effect on blood sugar compared to regular table sugar. This helps to control the appetite and keep a healthy weight. Cinnamon Cinnamon is also an important ingredient for weight loss. But cinnamon cannot cause weight loss itself. It’s very important to eat less calories and to exercise all the time. A study done in 2006 showed that cinnamon extract helps better body composition by raising lean mass and lowering body fat. How to Make Green Tea Lemonade for Weight Loss Now that you know how helpful these ingredients are for losing weight, you can see why green tea lemonade is a great drink to use in your weight- loss diet. Things you’ll need: - 2 cups of water - 1 green tea bag - 2 to 3 teaspoons honey - Lemon zest and juice from 1 lemon - ½ inch cinnamon stick Steps 1. Put 2 cups of water in a pan. 2. Gently scrape the zest of 1 lemon using a zester, grater or a sharp paring knife and add it to the boiling water. Make sure the lemon is washed well. 3. Add a piece of cinnamon stick to the water. 4. Cover and let the water boil. 5. Turn off the heat. Put 1 green tea bag in the hot water, cover and let it sit for 3 to 5 minutes. Then, put the tea aside to cool down. 6. Strain it. 7. Add the juice of 1 lemon to the tea. 8. Add 2 teaspoons of organic honey to it and mix gently. 9. Keep your green tea lemonade in the refrigerator to cool down or add few ice cubes and drink it right away. Besides its great taste, this green tea lemonade will help burn fat and force toxins out of your body. If you want, you can add a pinch of cayenne pepper to your green tea lemonade for extra benefits. If you do not have a cinnamon stick, add a little bit of cinnamon powder to this drink before serving. Resource(s): https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/green-tea-and-weight-loss Disclaimer: The materials and the information contained on Natural Cures channel are provided for general and educational purposes only and do not constitute any legal, medical or other professional advice on any subject matter. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider prior to starting any new diet or treatment and with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, promptly contact your health care provider.
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Weight Watchers Freestyle Shop Rite NY food haul March 2018
Food Haul time!! I am happy with my coupon success!! And of course in a WW freestyling mind!! Enjoy!!
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Gynecomastia Surgery With Quilting Stitches At The Long Island Gynecomastia Center By Dr. Lebowitz
👨🏻‍⚕️Procedure: Gynecomastia Gland Excision 🎯Goal: Remove the Gynecomastia GLANDS and Lift the Pectoralis Major Muscles for an Athlete looking CHEST ✓Results: Immediate and Perfect RESULTS ✌️How it works: With once incision, I Remove the Gynecomastia Glands from the Pectoralis Major Muscles and Contour the FAT to Reveal an Athletic and Defined CHEST 🙇 Note: Individual results and downtime may vary ⏰Length: 2.5 hours 🏋🏻‍♀️Exercise: 2 weeks 💪🏻 Eat clean and continue exercise to enhance and maintain Hi-Def results 📆Full Recovery: About a month 💉Anesthesia: local 🤕Pain?: No! ✋Caution: Must be performed by an experienced provider, any error can change the entire look of a patient and can be difficult and costly to reverse. 💸Cost: call for free consultation 🎥 youtube.com/drjonathanlebowitz 📞 (631)424-0101 📸 instagram.com/drlebowitz 🌐 http://www.lebowitzplasticsurgery.com/ 📍Location: 29 Green Street Huntington, Long Island, New York 🗽 Filmed and edited by: www.youtube.com/garrisonherbst Dr. Jonathan Lebowitz at Lebowitz Plastic Surgery in Huntington, Long Island NY is a Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon with over 25 years of extensive training and experience. After receiving an MD degree at the top-rated Medical School of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. Dr. Lebowitz completed plastic, reconstructive, and cosmetic surgery fellowships at the world renowned Cleveland Clinic, also in Cleveland, Ohio. Additionally, fellowships consisting of pediatric plastic surgery as well as hand surgery were completed. Dr. Lebowitz listens and treats each of his patients as individuals, attending to their specific concerns, desires, and needs. With 25 years of experience and continued interest and improved knowledge of the latest advancements in medical technology, obtained through several post graduate courses in different fields, Dr. Lebowitz is able to provide his patients with the most up-to-date and best quality patient care available. ------------------ Website: http://www.lebowitzplasticsurgery.com/ Photo Gallery: http://www.lebowitzplasticsurgery.com/gallery/ Contact Dr. Lebowitz: http://www.lebowitzplasticsurgery.com/contact/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LebowitzPlasticSurgery Instagram: https://instagram.com/drlebowitz/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/drlebowitz Google+: https://plus.google.com/+Lebowitzplasticsurgeryli/about
Alkaline Diet: When Science Is Not Enough
Is the alkaline diet for real? Yes. Discover the 5 powerful reasons why you should green up your diet. Grab the full transcript here: http://yurielkaim.com/alkaline-diet-science-not-enough/ TIMESTAMPS: 1. Bone Health (2:46) 2. Acidity promotes cancer (4:13) 3. Micronutrients (5:50) 4. Energy (8:03) 5. Performance (8:49) #QOTD: Do you agree or disagree with my views on the Alkaline Diet? Let me know in the comments. Share this video: https://youtu.be/U3bgf5KuH-k Subscribe to my channel and get more great tips: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=yelkaim1 Ask me a fitness or nutrition question: http://www.yurielkaim.com/askyuri -- Yuri Elkaim empowers you to eat cleaner, train smarter, and achieve anything—without gimmicks, following radical weight loss diets, or killing yourself in the gym. He’s a NY Times bestselling author, nutrition/fitness expert, and healthy foodie… and he’s on a mission to transform the lives of more than 10 million men and women by 2018. Find Yuri here: Website: http://www.yurielkaim.com Instagram: https://instagram.com/yurielkaim/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yurielkaim1
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Marijuana Licenses Nassau County NY New York Marijuana Card New York State Medical Marijuana License
Located in newly renovated office on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, this office is an alternative healthcare facility that is committed to the New York State Medical Marijuana Program. The office’s mission is to provide it’s patients with a compassionate service designed to alleviate their suffering. www.doctommy.com Marijuana Licenses Nassau County NY New York Marijuana Card New York State Medical Marijuana License 'https://www.google.com/search?q=Medical+Marijuana+Nassua+County+NY&rlz=1C1AVNC_enUS704&oq=Medical+Marijuana+Nassua+County+NY&aqs=chrome..69i57.13607j0j7&sourceid=chrome&espv=2&es_sm=122&ie=UTF-8#q=Marijuana+Licenses+Nassau+County+NY
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Sugar Myth 2: Carbs/Sugar Make You Fat
Watch Sugar Myth 1 (Carbs/Sugar Causes Diabetes): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSc7OfJUHr0&list=UUOOB_PzpKejKRX0jHQkbzjw Carbs make you fat? What Do the Studies Show? People have a perception that eating a lot of carbohydrates or sugar will make one put on body fat. Labeling certain high fat foods like chocolate bars, dairy ice cream and store bought potato chips as being high carb foods, when in fact they are also high fat foods perpetuates this myth. These junk foods do contain sugar, but a large percentage of the calories are from fat. Therefore, when people eat these foods in excess, they gain body fat. But it’s not because of the sugar content; it is because of the fat content. Some of these foods are also high in sodium, so they can cause water retention, which can look like fat. Another way that the myth is perpetuated is that when people who come from a background of restricting carbohydrate calories or calories in general, start putting on weight, they blame the carbs, even if it’s from relatively unprocessed foods such as fruit, starchy vegetables, wholegrains or legumes. “Fat is already in the chemical form for storage and is almost effortlessly moved from the fork and spoon to the body’s fat cells (costing only 3% of the calories of the fat). In fact, this transfer is performed so easily that the chemical structure of the dietary fat remains largely unchanged, as it is stored; so that chemically analyzed body fat reflects a person’s diet. If one eats large amounts of cold-water fish then the body fat is filled with omega-3 fats, and margarines and shortenings result in the storage of trans fats. To convert carbohydrate into fat is expensive, costing 30% of the calories, and therefore this conversion is relatively limited on the Western diet (Ann N Y Acad Sci 819:44, 1997).” For optimal health, it’s best to keep your protein intake close to the minimum. Getting too much protein, especially from animal flesh or secretions will result in poorer health. Unlike fat, protein cannot be stored. Protein is broken down mostly by the liver, and partly by the kidneys and muscles. Consumption in excess of our needs overworks the liver and kidneys, and can cause accumulation of toxic protein byproducts. So, if you are an athlete, or bodybuilder it’s best to focus on sufficient calories from plant foods, staying hydrated, and getting enough sleep for the best results from your training, rather than thinking about where you are getting your protein. For more physical and mental energy, the bulk of your calories (around 80%) should come from carbohydrates. This way, you can more easily burn body fat if you have excess to lose (body fat burns in the flame of carbohydrates). Sources cited in the video: World Health Organisation: Protein and Amino Acid Requirements in Human Nutrition http://whqlibdoc.who.int/trs/who_trs_935_eng.pdf Dr McDougall – Hot Topics: Protein, Meat and Poultry https://www.drmcdougall.com/health/education/health-science/hot-topics/nutrition-topics/protein-meat-poultry/ McDougall Newsletter - When Friends Ask: Where Do You Get Your Protein? https://www.drmcdougall.com/misc/2007nl/apr/protein.htm High Protein Diets https://www.drmcdougall.com/health/education/health-science/featured-articles/articles/high-protein-diets/ PCRM Study http://www.pcrm.org/good-medicine/2005/autumn/pcrms-study-shows-the-weight-loss-power-of-a-lowhttp://www.pcrm.org/good-medicine/2005/autumn/pcrms-study-shows-the-weight-loss-power-of-a-low Walter Kempner https://www.drmcdougall.com/2013/12/31/walter-kempner-md-founder-of-the-rice-diet/ https://www.drmcdougall.com/misc/2013nl/dec/kempner.pdf A biography: Walter Kempner and the Rice Diet FRANCIS A. NEELON AND BARBARA C. NEWBORG Walter Kempner's Studies http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed?term=KEMPNER%20W[Author]&cauthor=true&cauthor_uid=18103254 Acheson KJ, Schutz Y, Bessard T, Anantharaman K, Flatt JP, Jequier E: Glycogen storage capacity and de novo lipogenesis during massive carbohydrate overfeeding in man. Am J Clin Nutr 1988, 48: 240-247. http://ajcn.nutrition.org/content/48/2/240.full.pdf K.J. Acheson, J.P. Flatt, E. Jéquier. Glycogen synthesis versus lipogenesis after a 500 gram carbohydrate meal in man http://www.metabolismjournal.com/article/0026-0495(82)90010-5/abstract Study: Am J Clin Nutr December 2001 vol. 74 no. 6 707-708 No common energy currency: de novo lipogenesis as the road less traveled M K Hellerstein http://ajcn.nutrition.org/content/74/6/707.full De novo lipogenesis in humans: metabolic and regulatory aspects – M K Hellerstein Am J Clin Nutr 1999 (53) http://www.portalsaudebrasil.com/artigospsb/fisiolog160.pdf “Nutrition and Weight Management in Cancer Survivors” in the Handbook of Cancer Survivorship by Michael Feuerstein (Springer Science & Business Media, 2007) preview available in Google books – pages 273-275 Waistline Expanding Food http://nutritionfacts.org/video/waistline-expanding-food/
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Best kickboxing classes  Wantagh New York
Partner work at The Best kickboxing classes Wantagh New York! Working out is always more fun with a friend! http://www.bethpage-ilovekickboxing.com/ BestkickboxingclassesWantaghNew York Come try the funnest, most fat-melting Kickboxing workout in Bethpage and near Wantagh, Hicksville, Levittown, East Meadow, Farmingdale, Massapequa, Plainview or just about anywhere in Nassau County. Our iLoveKickboxing.com fitness program takes the workouts of pro fighters - and makes them fun and accessible to anyone looking to lose weight. We guarantee you'll flatten your stomach, tone your arms and legs, shrink your hips, and have the time of your life. Plus, nothing relieves stress more than hitting a heavy bag. Get ready to let all that stress go. If you live in the following areas: Wantagh, Bethpage, Levittown, East Meadow, Farmingdale, Massapequa, Hicksville, Plainview, Nassau County, you are close enough to come train with us.http://www.bethpage-ilovekickboxing.com
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Glen Cove Long Island Fitness Boot Camp Gym
Glen Cove Long Island, did you know you have Long Island's Top Boot Camp Facility in your backyard? Just minutes away is the most unique Fitness facility on Long Island. The Fitness Loft of Manhasset offers affordable programs by the top professionals in the industry! TFL offers Fitness and Fat Loss Boot camps, Kids and Varsity Boot Camps, Speed and Conditioning Programs for youth Athletes, Weight Loss Programs, 1 on 1 Personal Training, Hot Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Aerial Silks, Obstacle Course Training, Fitness Pole Dance, Nutrition Plans, Cross Training, Strength and Conditioning Programs just to name a few. Come for a tour and visit us at www.FitnessLoft.com
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Amy Winehouse - Rehab
Get AMY OST now: http://po.st/AMYOST3 Listen back to ‘Frank’, ‘Back To Black’, and ‘Lioness: Hidden Treasures’, the Amy Winehouse albums, now: http://po.st/AmyWSpotify Get Amy Winehouse At The BBC: http://po.st/gZgwDm | Amazon http://po.st/4awZ14 The estate of Amy Winehouse is donating the record royalties it receives from the sale of this box set to the Amy Winehouse Foundation. Music video by Amy Winehouse performing Rehab. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 3,993,824. (C) 2006 Universal Island Records Ltd. A Universal Music Company. Best of Amy Winehouse: https://goo.gl/3qdV5b Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/MyGNX3
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Qayamat Ki Nishani Bhai Ny Bhan Ki Izat Lout Li | Urdu Lab
Assalamo Alykum Dosto! Hamari Latest Or Informative Video Dekhne K Liye Hamara Channel Zaroor Subscribe Karain Or Bell Icon Ko Press Karna Mat Bholiye Ga, Is Sy Aap Ko Hamari Tmam New Videos Foran Mil Jaya Karain Gi... In Shaa Allah ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For More Videos Subscribe Us Here... ↪►► https://www.youtube.com/c/UrduLab Like Us On Facebook... ↪►► https://www.facebook.com/UrduLab/ Follow Us On Google + ... ↪►► https://plus.google.com/u/0/+UrduLab Follow Us On Twitter... ↪►► https://twitter.com/UrduLab Or Visit Our Official Site... ↪►► http://www.urdulab.com
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plainview ny fitness
Our Fitness Kickboxing Classes Burn Anywhere From 700 - 800 Calories In Just One Class! Register online at http://www.bethpage-ilovekickboxing.com/ 3 classes and a FREE pair of boxing gloves for just $19.99 Come try the funnest, most fat-melting Kickboxing workout in Bethpage and near Wantagh, Hicksville, Levittown, East Meadow, Farmingdale, Massapequa, Plainview or just about anywhere in Nassau County. Our iLoveKickboxing.com fitness program takes the workouts of pro fighters - and makes them fun and accessible to anyone looking to lose weight. We guarantee you'll flatten your stomach, tone your arms and legs, shrink your hips, and have the time of your life. Plus, nothing relieves stress more than hitting a heavy bag. Get ready to let all that stress go. If you live in the following areas: Wantagh, Bethpage, Levittown, East Meadow, Farmingdale, Massapequa, Hicksville, Plainview, Nassau County, you are close enough to come train with us.http://www.bethpage-ilovekickboxing.com
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TimeLess Medical Spa and Weight Loss - 2013 Testimonials Extended Version
These are REAL testimonials from REAL clients. At TimeLess Medical Spa and Weight Loss Center, you will get results. From skin care to weight loss, the TimeLess staff will help you feel and look your best. For a more vibrant, revitalized and younger looking you, visit TimeLess Medical Spa and Weight Loss in South Ogden. For more information on our products and services, visit: http://www.timelessmedspautah.com/
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Top 15 Most Viewed K-pop Dance Cover Compilation | Ellen and Brian
This is a compilation video of our TOP 15 most viewed K-pop dance covers that we posted on our Instagram accounts from September 2017 to March 2018. We used to film our dance cover videos vertically with our iPhone and now we have switched to filming horizontally with a camera. Therefore, we wanted to post a compilation of our old iPhone covers and document them here on YouTube. Thank you everyone for supporting us and our videos. We will continue to work hard and put out better covers! You can find all of our dance covers on Instagram: Ellen Min - https://instagram.com/ellenmint_ Brian Li - https://instagram.com/briankevli Twitter: https://twitter.com/EllenxBrian Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EllenandBrian Timestamps: 0:00 - #15. Black Suit - Super Junior 0:20 - #14. Shall We Dance - BLOCK B 0:56 - #13. Love Scenario - iKON 1:29 - #12 The Eve - EXO 2:13 - #11. Likey - TWICE 2:59 - #10. Baby Don’t Stop - NCT U 3:49 - #9. Spring Day - BTS 4:10 - #8. Bboom Bboom - MOMOLAND 4:51 - #7. Boss - NCT U 5:13 - #6. Peek-A-Boo - Red Velvet 5:49 - #5. Move - Taemin 6:35 - #4. Heart Shaker - TWICE 7:14 - #3. So Hot - BLACKPINK 7:42 - #2. DNA - BTS 8:02 - #1. Go Go - BTS ----------- Disclaimer: We do not own any of the music or choreography. FTC: This video is not sponsored.
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A Japanese Method to Lose Weight Using Only a Towel
Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz For copyright matters please contact us at: welcome@brightside.me ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The sedentary lifestyle might cause many problems with your spine and weight gain. A Japanese doctor named Toshiki Fukutsuji developed a unique method to get the body in shape about ten years ago. All you need is a bath towel. This simple technique will help you get rid of belly fat and improve your posture within 30 days. The method takes five minutes a day, and you need no equipment. In less than a month, you can get your muscles in tone, make your waist smaller, and strengthen your back. When this method was first published, more than six million copies of the book were sold. If you apply this method correctly, your spine will become straight, and your body will get in shape very soon. Also, your internal organs will be placed in the most favorable positions for them. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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Married Men Use Dating Apps To Prey On Single Women | SONCERAE
He seemed nice — a good listener — who was interested in her work with the disabled. Zynea Barney, 26, met Danueal Drayton on the dating app “Plenty of Fish” in November 2017 and he wooed her with his big vocabulary and ability to fix cars. “There weren’t any issues. Nothing awkward,” she said in an exclusive interview with the Daily News. “He was a cool guy.” But in the end, he slashed her tires, threatened to cut her brake lines and tried to strangle her in a park in Inwood, L.I., not far from her home. ( Read More: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/nyc-crime/ny-metro-serial-killer-drayton-20180730-story.html ) Welcome to my channel! I have a story to tell. I unapologetically live out loud. Healing and self repair is why I do it. It's powerful. I try to stay open minded and non judgmental. I hope that that rubs off on people. No matter how many people disagree remember you'll be judged just like I am, but that's what comes with the territory. Your life, your experience, your story is your biggest asset. People will get jealous, think you are crazy, criticize you. SO WHAT! Those people don't have control over your life just theirs and trust me they have SECRETS that PROVE they are doing much worse than you!!! Our stories are deep, raw and real. Thinking back through your life at the ways you have survived and thrived will remind you of what a strong person you really are. EXPRESS YOURSELF. The story you know or live ISN'T the only story there is. Come here to listen to MY STORY. I also give relationship advice and discuss topics that interest me. Thanks so much for the supportive emails and positivity. If you have something respectful and valuable to say please feel free to email me your thoughts to soncerae@gmail.com I appreciate the point of view of my loyal and new subscribers. Even when some disagree I'm completely fine with opinions. For relationships advice, counseling sessions, booking questions or video topic suggestions please contact me via email me there as well. Don't miss a video! It will be hard to catch up! Comment whatever you like but don't get your ass timed out. We block trolls up in here! This is a positive, welcoming place. Me & my moderators appreciate all things positive and if you disagree with some statements I make please express yourself respectfully in my comment section. If you'd like to Donate to me and my Baby Justice via PayPal go to http://soncerae.com and click on donate. Your donations will go towards a college fund that was set up for Justice. As well as BlockEleven Non Profit Organization Or click here http://PayPal.Me/RevenewDigital CashApp - $RevenewDM -Follow my Family Vlog for Single Mothers & Fathers "RaesingJustice" https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVPf028zPrMu_37Fil-jDCA I design tees so if you'd like to show support please visit and buy one. http://www.represent.com/store/yahaura Or email us uplift.yahaura@gmail.com If you'd like any graphic design services contact me at revenewdigital@gmail.com -Follow me on Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/Soncerae_XO -Follow Baby Justice's IG: http://www.instagram.com/RaesingJustice -Like me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/soncerae -Visit my Website: http://soncerae.com -Follow me on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/Soncerae_xo -Check out my spirituality and metaphysics channel! http://www.youtube.com/mssoncerae Have Vision & Stay Focused! Namaste :) - Soncerae
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Fire Strikes Store In Wantagh, Suffolk County
Flames lit up the sky in Wantagh in Suffolk County overnight when a 7-Eleven store caught fire.
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Attend my free weight loss seminar! Dr. Howard Goodman, DC
To attend my free seminar, please call (516) 986-9512 Seating is limited so reserve your spot now! NY Wellness Solutions Natural Weight Loss in Merrick, NY (516) 986-9512
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