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Blood Thinner Side Effects | Hospitalization
Let this be the final hoorah and end to all these darn hospital stays!!! I am done!!!! Hahaha!!! Thank you for continuing to follow this ridiculous journey! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! I am SO THANKFUL for all of you for joining me on this wild adventure. Keep smiling :) ___CONNECT WITH ME___ INSTA: @RACHELIESTHER TWITTER: @RADIANTRACHELI SNAPCHAT: @RACHELIALKOBEY EMAIL: RADIANTRACHELI@GMAIL.COM and SUBSCRIBE to stay updated on everything! Watch my diagnosis here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GCmLOZNjTR0 and the rest of my journey here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlzm-q-TK-_mrwIHKlRLqRoxR4xb5Hd2A
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Should You Avoid Foods High In Vitamin K If Your On Warfarin
When i had my heart operation done about 10 years ago, i had a st judes mechanical valve replacement, i was told to try and avoid food high in vitamin K because it will have an effect on my INR levels. I now eat leafy green vegetables all the time i just make sure i eat them on a regular basis to help keep my levels in the same range all the time. I test my own INR about every 2 weeks and my levels stay pretty much within the correct range. To keep fit and healthy you need to have a good healthy balanced diet and that should also include leafy green vegetables. If you have any worries or questions about your levels or anything to do with you new valve replacement you should consult your own doctor for the best advice. I'm now fitter than i have been in years and do a lot of cycling and some weight training, so you don't have to give up everything in life just because you've had open heart surgery. You should consult your Doctor before doing any strenuous exercise or workout, if you have any dizziness or pain you should stop immediately, you do this workout at your own risk. Please be reminded i am not a personal trainer this is just my workout routine you should consult a personal trainer to obtain a proper workout for what you want to achieve. Subscribe to my channel for more great videos and leave me some feedback about the video in the comments below or email on valveriider@hotmail.com Catch Me On Strava - Valveriider.
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If You’re On Any Of These Medications, DO NOT Use Apple Cider Vinegar
Although ACV is best known for its many health benefits, it is also very important to know that this amazing vinegar can cause side effects http://healthyfoodspot.com/2016/09/11/if-youre-on-any-of-these-medications-do-not-use-apple-cider-vinegar/
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Lightheaded on Keto & Intermittent Fasting? Do This...
What Topic Are You Interested In? https://www.drberg.com/video-idea-survey/video-topic Take Dr. Berg's Free Keto Mini-Course: http://pxlme.me/-i717vtY or go here: https://www.drberg.com/how-to-do-ketosis Today Dr. Berg explains why you might be light headed on keto and intermittent fasting plan. The reason is a low blood volume and pressure issue so now that your not retaining fluid from the carbs any longer the new way to keep the fluid is to add sea salt to your water. Make sure you keep taking your potassium and electrolytes then the light headed feeling will go away. Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio: Dr. Berg, 52 years of age is a chiropractor who specializes in weight loss through nutritional and natural methods. His private practice is located in Alexandria, Virginia. His clients include senior officials in the U.S. government and the Justice Department, ambassadors, medical doctors, high-level executives of prominent corporations, scientists, engineers, professors, and other clients from all walks of life. He is the author of The New Body Type Guides, published by KB Publishing in January 2017. Dr. Berg trains chiropractors, physicians and allied healthcare practitioners in his methods, and to date he has trained over 2,500 healthcare professionals. He has been a past member of the Endocrinology Society, and has taught students as an adjunct professor at Howard University. DR. BERG'S SHOP: http://shop.drberg.com/ Follow us on FACEBOOK: fb.me/DrEricBerg Send a Message to Dr. Berg and his team: m.me/DrEricBerg TWITTER: http://twitter.com/DrBergDC DR. BERG'S VIDEO BLOG: https://www.drberg.com/blog YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/drericberg123 ABOUT DR. BERG: https://www.drberg.com/dr-eric-berg/bio DR. BERG'S STORY: https://www.drberg.com/dr-eric-berg/story DR. BERG'S HEALTH COACHING TRAINING: https://www.drberg.com/weight-loss-coach DR. BERG'S REVIEWS: https://www.drberg.com/reviews Disclaimer: Dr. Berg does not diagnose, treat or prevent any medical conditions; instead he helps people create their health to avoid health problems. He also works with their physicians, who then monitor their medications. Dr. Berg is not involved in advising alteration in medications. This video is not designed to and does not provide medical advice, professional diagnosis, opinion, treatment or services to you or to any other individual. Through my videos, blog posts, website information, I give suggestions for you and your doctor to research and provide general information for educational purposes only. The information provided in this video or site, or through linkages to other sites, is not a substitute for medical or professional care, and you should not use the information in place of a visit, call consultation or the advice of your physician or other healthcare provider. The Health & Wellness and Dr. Eric Berg, D.C. are not liable or responsible for any advice, course of treatment, diagnosis or any other information, services or product you obtain through this video or site.
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Top 10 Foods That Can Kill You
Foods that can kill you Potatoes - Potato plant poisoning occurs when someone eats the green tubers or new sprouts of the potato plant. Solanine is a dangerous nerve toxin that is produced in any green part of the potato, that includes leaves, stems, and any green part of the potato. Ackee - Ackee is a tropical fruit native to West Africa and is the national fruit of Jamaica where it is also known for its toxin content named hypoglycin A and hypoglycin B. Hypoglycin A is found in both the seeds and the arils, while hypoglycin B is found only in the seeds. These toxin compounds are responsible for causing Ackee Fruit Toxicity or Jamaican Vomiting Sickness. Bitter Almonds -Sweet almonds may be safe to eat, but bitter almonds aren't. Bitter almonds are wild almonds and contain 50 times more cyanide per kilogram than sweet almonds, according to the 2013 study in ISRN Toxicology. Eating 50 bitter almonds can be deadly. If you've been exposed to a small amount of cyanide, you may experience dizziness, headaches, nausea, vomiting, rapid breathing and rapid heart rate. Rhubarb Leaves - Rhubarb leaves contain a poison, oxalic acid which is very harmful for any human body. Its stalks are only the eatable part which is used in many desserts or as an ingredients in many sweet dishes. If you consume its leaves then you may feel burning sensation in your mouth and throat, as well as difficulty breathing. Castor Beans - Castor beans contain ricin which is one of the most deadly naturally occurring chemical. It is reported that as few as 5 beans is enough to kill an adult human. These beans are carefully processed by manufacturer to extract castor oil which is used in many cosmetics, lotions, chocolate, candies and other foods. Elderberries - Elderberries are very popular in making wines, medicinal teas, jams and pies. These berries are also known for its poisonous content cyanide which lies in elderberry leaves and stems. Green elderberries or uncooked elderberries contain a poisonous alkaloid. Tomatoes - Ripe or red tomatoes are safe to eat and contain many nutrients which are essential for your health. But, if you consume green or unripe tomatoes and their leaves and stems in large quantity then you may suffer from severe illness or even death. As the green, unripe fruit of tomatoes, as well as the leaves, and stems, contain highest amounts of the poison alkaloid called tomatine and solanine. Cherries - Cherries are good for your health but if you chew or swallow their pits then they might put you in a real danger. Their pits contain cyanogenic glycosides, producing cyanide. The seeds, bark, and leaves contain a cyanide-producing compound called amygdalin. Red Kidney Beans - Red Kidney beans contain a sugar based glycoprotein called kidney bean lectin that if consumed raw or partially cooked, can produce symptoms similar to those of food poisoning. As few as 4 or 5 kidney beans can bring on symptoms within 1 to 3 hours. Symptoms include extreme nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. This toxin can be destroyed if red kidney beans are cooked at a high enough temperature and for the right length of time. Cinnamon - Cinnamon is one of the most important flavoring agents in food and drinks. Research reveals that coumarin is present, in substantial amounts in cinnamon flavored foods. Coumarin is very toxic to the liver and could cause severe damage to this organ.
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Dizziness and Mental confusion (Medical Symptom)
Possible causes of Dizziness and Mental confusion (Medical Symptom) Dizziness is an impairment in spatial perception and stability Confusion is the state of being bewildered or unclear in one’s mind about something This video contains general medical information. If in doubt, always seek professional medical advice. The medical information is not advice and should not be treated as such. The medical information is provided without any representations or warranties, express or implied. We do not warrant or represent that the medical information on this websiteis true, accurate, complete, current or non-misleading Music: 'Undaunted' Kevin Macleod CC-BY-3.0 Source/Images: "Dizziness" CC-BY-2.5 https://www.freebase.com/m/033mg5 Source/Images: "Mental confusion" CC-BY-2.5 https://www.freebase.com/m/06kqbx
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Why Is My Pee Green?
How worried should you be when your urine isn't yellow, but instead it's green, red, or even black? Hosted by: Hank Green ---------- Support SciShow by becoming a patron on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/scishow ---------- Dooblydoo thanks go to the following Patreon supporters—we couldn't make SciShow without them! Shout out to Kevin, Bealer, Mark Terrio-Cameron, KatieMarie Magnone, Patrick Merrithew, Charles Southerland, Fatima Iqbal, Sultan Alkhulaifi, Tim Curwick, Scott Satovsky Jr, Philippe von Bergen, Bella Nash, Bryce Daifuku, Chris Peters, Patrick D. Ashmore, Piya Shedden, Charles George ---------- Looking for SciShow elsewhere on the internet? Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/scishow Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/scishow Tumblr: http://scishow.tumblr.com Instagram: http://instagram.com/thescishow ---------- Sources: https://medlineplus.gov/ency/article/003139.htm https://health.ucsd.edu/news/features/Pages/2014-04-21-colors-that-suggest-urine-trouble.aspx https://health.clevelandclinic.org/2013/10/what-the-color-of-your-urine-says-about-you-infographic/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4045424/ http://gizmodo.com/why-do-vitamins-make-urine-bright-yellow-1240027073 https://udel.edu/~mcdonald/mythbeeturia.html http://dmd.aspetjournals.org/content/29/4/539 http://www.kidney-international.com/article/S0085-2538(15)53423-6/fulltext http://www.bmj.com/content/347/bmj.f6289 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/7598270 http://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMicm065416#t=article https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3087269/ https://rarediseases.org/rare-diseases/blue-diaper-syndrome/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3147034/ http://www.bjmp.org/content/medicine-pictures-purple-urine-bag-syndrome https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed?term=16032624 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed?term=15153241 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC266835/ http://www.bjmp.org/content/medicine-pictures-purple-urine-bag-syndrome https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3147034/ http://www.chop.edu/conditions-diseases/chyluria https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3168002/ https://ghr.nlm.nih.gov/condition/alkaptonuria https://rarediseases.org/rare-diseases/alkaptonuria/
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Heart Palpitations, Vagus Nerve and Stomach Bloating Connected
Heart Palpitations, Vagus Nerve and Stomach Bloating Connected. An irritated Vagus nerve caused by stomach bloating can result in heart palpitations and dizziness.
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The Top Symptoms of a Potassium Deficiency
Get Dr. Berg's New Electrolyte Powder: https://shop.drberg.com/electrolyte-powder-regular Take Dr. Berg's Advanced Evaluation Quiz: http://bit.ly/EvalQuiz Your report will then be sent via email analyzing 104 potential symptoms, giving you a much deeper insight into the cause-effect relationship of your body issues. It's free and very enlightening. In this video, Dr. Berg discusses the potassium deficiency causes and potassium deficiency symptoms. You’ll be surprise on to hear what you are doing now that may be causing major problems and preventing you from getting healthy and even losing weight. Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio: Dr. Berg, 50 years of age is a chiropractor who specializes in weight loss through nutritional and natural methods. His private practice is located in Alexandria, Virginia. His clients include senior officials in the U.S. government and the Justice Department, ambassadors, medical doctors, high-level executives of prominent corporations, scientists, engineers, professors, and other clients from all walks of life. He is the author of The 7 Principles of Fat Burning, published by KB Publishing in January 2011. Dr. Berg trains chiropractors, physicians and allied healthcare practitioners in his methods, and to date he has trained over 2,500 healthcare professionals. He has been an active member of the Endocrinology Society, and has worked as a past part-time adjunct professor at Howard University. DR. BERG'S VIDEO BLOG: http://www.drberg.com/blog FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/DrEricBergDC TWITTER: http://twitter.com/DrBergDC YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/drericbe... ABOUT DR. BERG: http://www.drberg.com/dr-eric-berg/bio DR. BERG'S SEMINARS: http://www.drberg.com/seminars DR. BERG'S STORY: http://www.drberg.com/dr-eric-berg/story DR. BERG'S CLINIC: https://www.drberg.com/dr-eric-berg/c... DR. BERG'S HEALTH COACHING TRAINING: http://www.drberg.com/weight-loss-coach DR. BERG'S SHOP: http://shop.drberg.com/ DR. BERG'S REVIEWS: http://www.drberg.com/reviews The Health & Wellness Center 4709 D Pinecrest Office Park Drive Alexandria, VA 22312 703-354-7336 Disclaimer: Dr. Eric Berg received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1988. His use of “doctor” or “Dr.” in relation to himself solely refers to that degree. Dr. Berg is a licensed chiropractor in Virginia, California, and Louisiana, but he no longer practices chiropractic in any state and does not see patients. This video is for general informational purposes only. It should not be used to self-diagnose and it is not a substitute for a medical exam, cure, treatment, diagnosis, and prescription or recommendation. It does not create a doctor-patient relationship between Dr. Berg and you. You should not make any change in your health regimen or diet before first consulting a physician and obtaining a medical exam, diagnosis, and recommendation. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. The Health & Wellness, Dr. Berg Nutritionals and Dr. Eric Berg, D.C. are not liable or responsible for any advice, course of treatment, diagnosis or any other information, services or product you obtain through this video or site.
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Warning: Stop Using Turmeric If You Are In These 6 Types Of People
Warning: Stop Using Turmeric If You Are In These 6 Types Of People Please SUBSCRIBE : http://bit.ly/2e9Su11 It is often assumed that if something is natural, it cannot cause any side effects, especially not turmeric. Turmeric is the 3rd most popular spice since it has numerous health benefits, it has a unique aroma and can be used as a dye. However, turmeric can cause numerous side effects, including dizziness, nausea, diarrhea ad stomachache. Therefore, there are certain groups of people who should avoid turmeric. Digestive disorders. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, turmeric may interfere with antacid medications, and may lead to increased stomach acid in case it is combined with antacid drugs like Pepcid, Nexium, Tagamet, Prevacid or Zantac. Turmeric contains causticity and due to that, its long consumption may lead to gastric disorders. Blood Thinning. Turmeric may also decelerate blood clotting as found at the National Institutes of Health. Therefore, you should not take it with anticoagulant and/or antiplatelet drugs. Hence, before you start taking turmeric or turmeric supplements, you must consult you doctor in case you take blood thinning medications. Medications which acts as blood thinners and should not be taken together with turmeric are the following: ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, etc.), aspirin, naproxen (Anaprox, Naprosyn, etc.), warfarin (Coumadin), and others. Regarding the fact that it may decelerate blood clotting, you should avoid turmeric in case you take herbal supplements that slow clotting as well. According to the NIH website, these include ginkgo, danshen, garlic, willow, ginger, angelica, red clover, clove, Panax ginseng, and others. Moreover, due to this property of turmeric, you should not consume it a least a couple of weeks before a surgery. Gallbladder problems. Turmeric may worsen gallbladder problems, so you should avoid it in case you have a bile duct obstruction or gallstones. Individuals who take certain medications should also use turmeric with care as it might also interfere with anticoagulants such as warfarin, aspirin, and clopidogrel. Moreover, turmeric may also interfere with medications like anti-inflammatory or nonsteroidal drugs. Also, you need to carefully combine it with medications of herbs. Pregnancy and breast-feeding. Turmeric is LIKELY SAFE to be taken during pregnancy and breastfeeding if taken in moderate amounts by mouth. However, it is LIKELY UNSAFE if taken orally in medicinal quantities by pregnant women, as it may endanger the pregnancy since it can stimulate the uterus, and it may also promote a menstrual period. Furthermore, there is no information so far about the level of safety of turmeric in medicinal amounts in the case of breastfeeding, so it is advisable not to use it in order to prevent any possible side-effects. Patients with biliary tract obstruction. Despite the fact that the curcumin found in turmeric successfully empties the gallbladder and lowers the risk of creation of gallstones and gallbladder cancer, patients with biliary tract obstructions are advised to avoid this spice. ============================== Please SUBSCRIBE : http://bit.ly/2e9Su11
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5 Little-Known Side Effects of Too Much Fish Oil
Fish oil is well known for its health-promoting properties. However, more fish oil is not always better, and taking too high a dose may actually do more harm than good. So In this video, we're looking at 5 potential side effects... Further reading: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/fish-oil-side-effects Follow Healthline's Authority Nutrition: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorityNutrition/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/AuthNutrition Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/authynutrition/ ---- Don't forget to subscribe on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/user/AuthorityNutrition?sub_confirmation=1 Studies mentioned: STUDY 1: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/8339414 STUDY 2: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S002234760581666X
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My heart failure/weight loss journey by tammi nencki (facebook)
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VIDEO: Should You Have Carotid Artery Bypass Surgery? | drsinatra.com
https://www.drsinatra.com/surgery-for-a-carotid-artery-blockage?key=243983&utm_campaign=social&utm_source=acq-social-all&utm_medium=social-youtube&utm_content=social-sinatra-youtube-11122010-other-sinatra-should-you-have-carotid-surgery Dr. Stephen Sinatra shares his insight on when it's the right time to have carotid artery bypass surgery. Learn more about how to make the best choice, particularly if you are experiencing symptoms like dizziness or vision changes.
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Inner Ear Balance Home Exercises to Treat Dizziness
https://www.FauquierENT.net - This video demonstrates 10 exercises that can be performed at home in order to challenge and slowly strengthen the inner ear balance system in order to treat dizziness due to vestibular dysfunction. Perform each exercise 20 times a day, twice a day. Keep in mind that these exercises will not help with dizziness due to BPPV and Meniere's which are treated differently. In order for correct diagnosis, please see your local ENT or neurologist. DISCLAIMER: Please perform these exercises with assistance in order to prevent injury from exercise triggered dizziness. More info on home balance exercises: https://www.fauquierent.net/homebalanceexercises.htm More info on dizziness in general: https://www.fauquierent.net/dizzy.htm Info on BPPV: https://www.fauquierent.net/bppv.htm Info on Meniere's Disease: https://www.fauquierent.net/menieres.htm Background Music: Dreams Become Real by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1500027 Artist: http://incompetech.com/
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6 Side Effects Of Chia Seeds You Should Heed
6 Side Effects Of Chia Seeds You Should Heed
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Exenatide Medication Information (dosing, side effects, patient counseling)
Your Medication Exenatide Exenatide is also known as the brand names: Byetta, Bydureon. Exenatide is most commonly used for type 2 diabetes. No matter what your doctor has you taking it for, Byetta (exenatide) is an immediate release form that is usually injected right below the skin twice daily 1 hour before meals. Bydureon (exenatide) is an extended release form that is usually injected right below the skin once weekly. Standard dosing of Byetta range from 5 mcg to 10mcg and Bydurenon 2 mg. Some common side effects with exenatide include headache, drop in blood sugar (weakness, sweating confusion, irritability, feeling jittery), nausea and vomiting, and skin reddening or swelling around the injection site. Some less common side effects with exenatide include increases heart rate, feeling tired or dizzy, sweating, or gas. Do not take exenatide if you have a family history of thyroid cancer or have kidney disease or are on dialysis. While taking exenatide, remember it is important to tell your doctor or pharmacist if you: • Are pregnant or plan on becoming pregnant • Have swelling, weight gain, are feeling short of breath, are urinating less than normal • Have dull pain in your middle or lower back • Experience severe pain in your upper stomach spreading to your back
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Tramadol Medication Information (dosing, side effects, patient counseling)
Your Medication Tramadol Tramadol is also known as the brand names: Ultram and Ultram ER. Tramadol comes in 100, 150, 200, and 300 mg tablets. Tramadol is most commonly used for moderate to severe pain relief. It can also be used for Restless Legs syndrome. No matter what your doctor has you taking it for, it is taken orally. For pain, take 50 to 100 mg every 4 to 6 hours. Do not exceed more than 400 mg per day. For Restless Leg syndrome, 50 to 100 mg is take once daily at bedtime or during the night. Some common side effects of tramadol are flushing, dizziness, headache, drowsiness, insomnia, itching, constipation, nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, and indigestion. Some less common side effects are low or high blood pressure, chest pain, agitation, anxiety, chills, confusion, euphoria, nervousness, restlessness, skin rash, diarrhea, decreased appetite, and cough. Do not take tramadol if: • You have acute intoxication of alcohol. • You are already taking hypnotics, other narcotics, analgesics, opioids, or psychotropic drugs • You have significant breathing problems such as asthma While taking tramadol, it is important to remember to tell your doctor or pharmacist if: • You experience signs of depression • You experience signs of serotonin syndrome (dizziness, headache, agitation, hallucinations, irregular heartbeat, or flushing and sweating) • You experience severe dizziness, passing out, seizures, severe loss of strength and energy, chest pain, difficult urination, or slow and shallow breathing • You have signs of a significant allergic reaction (wheezing, chest tightness, fever, itching, bad cough, blue skin color, etc.) • You start taking any new medications, vitamins or supplements • Your condition does not improve or you develop new or worsening symptoms
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Neurologically Why You're Getting Numbness,Tingling, or Burning in Arms or Legs - Dr Mandell
Pinched nerves commonly cause numbness, burning or tingling in the the upper or lower extremities. The medical term is called paresthesia.
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Blood Clots,Recognize,Symptoms, What to Expect-Clip 1
Learn how to recognize Deep vein and Superficial vein thrombosis and what to expect.BLOOD CLOTS -- HOW TO RECOGNIZE 1)Superficial-reddness, mild burning if along the Saphenous vein. Other surface veins may have a visible or palpable lump usually feels like a hard cord or pencil under the skin. Could continue into a DVT You can expect to be put on coumadin and will have only minor impairment if at all. It can be deceptively symptom free until the entire Saphenous vein becomes like a cord most of the way from your thigh down to the ankle. You most likely will not experience any leg swelling but you should see the vein become more prominent and then become hardened. 2)Deep vein-If in calf, dorsa flex the foot. If sharp pain then suspect thrombosis. 3)Deep vein- If between the thigh and knee-Femoral vein Can be difficult to detect at first because it tends to become established before symptoms develop. Symptoms may present as a lower muscle pain or pulled groin muscle. Further these pains may not always be present. They can be intermittent at first misleading you into thinking it's just a pulled muscle.Experience feelings of fluid build up upon standing and weakness in Quads at first . Later a feeling of dizzyness AFTER mild exertion. A craving for sweets for energy. DO NOT attempt to treat with anti-inflammatory NSAIDs like Aleve or Ibuprofen. Tylenol okay to use. Take a couple of aspirin a day until you have a chance to get to a doctor's offc. Do the pinch test to see if you are dehydrated...if skin does not snap back immediately start drinking fluids now. One you first feeling fluid building up and/or dizzyness upon standing you are probably within three days of requiring admission to the ER at the hospital. You will know you have reached a critical stage when your thigh muscles become weak, feel more and more pressure each time you stand and you feel dizzy after walking just a few yards. At this point you must go to the ER but try to have a bowel movement and pee before you go....you probably won't be able to for the next week or so. Just the physical swelling will cause that.DO THESE THINGS RIGHT NOW (TODAY) BEFORE GOING TO THE HOSPITAL FIRST THING: Laxative-If you even think you may have a thrombosis-Start immediately on either All-Bran cereal or Mira-Lax with each meal SECOND THING: Plan ahead-Transport (911=$900)/meals, grocery shopping, business now SECOND THING: Buy a pair of thigh high compression stockings 20-30mm Hg-no Rx nec. WHAT TO EXPECT: At the ER they will put an IV line in you to keep fluids going into your body. Your leg diameter will continue to swell for the next few days. Be sure you ask for a doppler to confirm thrombosis. Your pain levels will increase...you won't be able to walk but a few meters without passing out from orthostatic hypotension. If you are on diuretics for BP CONTINUE THEM. ASK THE HOSPITAL DOC (DAY 1) IF YOU CAN HAVE SOMEONE BRING YOU 20-30 mm thigh high COMPRESSION STOCKINGS FOR IMMEDIATE USE. You will need measurements of your ankle, calf, and thigh at the widest part. You will only use these until about two or three weeks after you get home then order some stockings at 30-40mm for the next 4-6weeks and then go to 40-50mm. As soon as you can (when the 30-40mm began to stretch and lose compression.The hospital may give you some short knee high compression socks which are useless and just slow your progress or they may use a machine with a pressure cuff to stimulate circulation---they usually don't get the cuff adjusted tight enough to do any good....take some control here and do it yourself. Each day, Ask your hospital doc if your vital signs have returned to normal (such as kidney function). If so then don't let the hospital keep putting IV fluid into your body...that just makes your leg feel like it is going to burst plus it makes it almost physically impossible for you to use the toilet in your room no matter where it is. They will argue the IV is for your benefit. Tolerate what you can but take control. You will also feel your upper body begin to retain fluid as well. This will also make going to the toilet a lot more difficult. Until you can get the fluid in your body down (ask doc to use lasix for that) you will be in great pain and pretty immobile and severely constipated and unable to pee. You will be put on Coumadin or Warfarin accompanied with a few shots of Lovenox injections for about ten days. The Coumadin you may be on forever. You will also be given medication for pain.
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Man, oh man! They put me on a new drug to replace the rat poison (coumadin) that I was on since the operation. My blood was too thick on coumadin. Now, the Pradaxa side effects are even worse. I'm getting spontaneous bruising on my hands and arms (that I can see), lumps under my nipples that are sore to the touch and enlarging, and I seem to have less energy, feeling tired all the time. I've tried to get the doctor to change it; and I even spent an hour on the phone - with the receptionist, nurse and doctor - describing my symptoms. I get word back from my doc that she wants me to stay on it for a month (actually over a month by my next appointment). Frankly, I don't like this one bit. I'm tempted to simply stop the damn medicines and trust God and the supplements to restore my health. Oh, and by the way, look at this: in May 2014 the manufacturer of Pradaxa settled more than 4,000 lawsuits, paying out $650 million ... http://www.drugwatch.com/pradaxa/. And they still sell it!
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Warfarin is sneaky
The closed beta for the new Warfarin can be signed up for here: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/33462-warfarin-the-sticky-fingered/page-6#entry536009 All you have to do is say you've been hit by the hype dagger and I'll flip a coin. If you get in, I'll message a link to the download to your forum account.
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Natural Blood Thinners that Prevent Blood Clots
Natural Blood Thinners that Prevent Blood Clots Doctors prescribe blood thinners for numerous reasons. It might be because you suffer from a heart or cardiovascular disease, an abnormal heart rhythm called atrial fibrillation or a congenital heart defect. Or perhaps you’ve had a heart valve replacement or you’re at risk of blood clots occurring after having surgery. Blood thinners are medicines that prevent blood clots from forming and help blood flow smoothly through your veins and arteries. As the name suggests, these prescribed medicines don’t actually make your blood thinner or break up clots. These medicines help keep your blood from getting thicker and forming new clots. They can also slow the growth of existing ones, thus reducing your risk of dangerous clots. While blood thinners are helpful in many ways, they can also cause side effects in some people. Excessive bleeding is the most common reaction and can occur in several ways, including heavy periods, bloody or discolored urine or feces, nosebleeds, bleeding gums and prolonged bleeding from a cut. A 2014 study published in PLOS ONE found that a blood thinner commonly prescribed to prevent blood clots after a hip or knee replacement is associated with an increased risk of post-surgery bleeding or infection. Some other possible side effects include dizziness, muscle weakness, hair loss and skin rashes. Blood thinners should be taken as suggested by your doctor or it can lead to serious consequences. To be on the safe side and reduce the risk of blood clots, you can always try some foods and herbs that are natural anticoagulants and can help prevent your blood from clotting. Caution: Anticoagulant foods and herbs should not be used as a substitute for prescription anticoagulant medication. In addition, some natural blood-thinning foods and herbs could interact with prescription medicines. Consult your doctor to determine what’s best for you. Here are some of the best natural blood thinners to prevent blood clots. 1. Ginger Ginger is an herb that can effectively help reduce blood clotting. It can also prevent new clots and reduce your risk of a stroke. In addition, it promotes healthy blood circulation throughout the body. 2. Turmeric Turmeric is best known as a natural anti-inflammatory herb, but it also works as a natural blood thinner. This happens mainly due to its curcumin content. Curcumin can help prevent your platelets from clumping together and forming clots. 3. Garlic Garlic is good for your heart health and is even more beneficial if you are at a higher risk of having blood clots. Sulfur-containing compounds like adenosine, allicin and paraffinic polysulfides in garlic act as blood thinners. 4. Cinnamon Cinnamon is another effective natural anticoagulant. It contains coumarin, a chemical that acts as a powerful anticoagulant. This sweet spice is even capable of lowering blood pressure and relieving inflammatory conditions. Cinnamon also reduces the chances of having a stroke. 5. Cayenne Pepper Cayenne pepper has a powerful blood-thinning effect on your body and also increases circulation. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Our Social Links: Subscribe To Our Channel : https://goo.gl/7YPKcz For more tips see our blog: https://naturalhealthcarenhc.blogspot.com like us in Facebook: https://goo.gl/MmjtyD Follow us on twitter: https://goo.gl/USDg3k Google plus: https://goo.gl/B5B2oz Special thanks to: http://www.top10homeremedies.com If you found this information cool, useful or valuable please hit share and let your friends benefit from this as well!
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Drug-induced side effects in the elderly
Hi, this is Larry Hobbs @ Fatnews.com http://fatnews.com/ https://twitter.com/fatnews I am going to read a section from this wonderful book, Deadly Medicines and Organised Crime: How Big Pharma Has Corrupted Healthcare by Prof. Peter Gøtzsche, MD. The section is bout drug-induced side effects in the elderly. The reason that I am telling this story is that the SAME THING happened to my mother. My mother suffered from drug-induced side effects for 40 years, and tragically for the last 3.5 years of her life, and yet my mother's doctors were blind to this. Prof Gøtzsche says: We know very little about polypharmacy Most patients are in treatment with several drugs, particularly elderly patients. A Swedish study of 762 people living in nursing homes found that 67% were prescribed 10 or more drugs. One-third were in treatment with three or more psychoactive drugs; around half received antidepressants or tranquillisers; and anticholinergic drugs were used in one-fifth. All these drugs may create cognitive impairment, confusion and falls, which carry a considerable mortality among the elderly. The symptoms are often misinterpreted by the patients and their carers as signs of old age or impending disease, e.g. dementia or Parkinson's, but when doctors stop the medicines, many of the patients apparently become many years younger... and become active again. My most important contribution to internal medicine was to stop drugs in newly admitted patients, only to realise that, quite often, the patients arrived doped with the same drugs by their general practitioner next time they were admitted. We know very little about what happens when patients take many drugs... A randomised trial showed that drug reduction [reducing the number of drugs that a person is taking] lowered both mortality and admission to hospital a subsequent study in 70 patients where number of drugs was reduced from 7.7 to 4.4 per patient showed that 88% reported global improvement in health and most had improvement in cognitive functions. Here is a typical story, apart from the fact that few elderly people are that lucky: When my father was 88, he was hospitalised for dizziness, which occurred after his medication was increased. In the hospital, he was given more medication which made him confused, frightened, and incoherent. Then his doctor transferred him to a nursing home, where he was dirty, crying, begging people to hold his hand, and listed as DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) -- and given still more medication. I convinced the doctor at the nursing home to discontinue all medication, and I hired a private nurse to give my father an organic diet -- rich in fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, nuts, and seeds. In 3 days, my father made such a miraculous recovery that the nurses on the ward didn't recognise him. When I called to speak to my father, he was back to his old self, and told me that he was bored and looking for a card game. My father was discharged the next day, and died several years later, while relaxing peacefully at home. The SAME THING happened to my mother! My mother suffered from drug-induced side effects for 40 years. My mother suffered tragically from drug-induced side effects for the last 3.5 years of her life. I watched this happen to my mother for the last 17 years of her life. I watched my mother spiral downhill for the last 3.5 years of her life as doctors gave her more and more drugs which only caused my mother to get worse and worse and worse. Literally EVERY problem my mother had over the last 17 years of her life was due to a drug-induced side effect. I can tell you every problem that my mother had and every drug that caused this for the last 17 years of her life. ...and yet my mother's doctors were completely and total BLIND to this! I told my parents this for 17 years... and I SCREAMED it for the last 3.5 years of my parents' life but I could NOT convince my parents of this because my mother's doctors were saying THE EXACT OPPOSITE! My mother's doctors told my parents that if they could just find the right drugs or find the right combination of drugs or find the right dose of drugs, that they could solve my mother's problems. But these psychiatric drugs had failed my mother for 40 years! My mother saw at least 17 doctors over the last 17 years of her life, and every one on them were completely and totally blind to the fact that my mother was suffering from drug-induced side effects. It is a systemic problem with doctors — that doctors are BLIND to drug-induced side effects. It is not my intention to insult doctors by saying this, but I must tell the truth about this in order to try and save anyone I can from the same suffering that my mother went through for so many years. I've learned 9 things about doctors over the past 20 years. The first thing I learned is that doctors are blind to drug-induced side effects.
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11 Amazing Health Benefits of Magnolia Bark
11 Amazing Health Benefits of Magnolia Bark Magnolia Bark health benefits includes maintaining oral hygiene, getting clearer skin, fighting inflammation, preventing cancer growth, relieving gastrointestinal problems and preventing Alzheimer’s disease. Other benefits includes treating depression, controlling anxiety, protecting the liver, ensuring healthy respiratory tract and curing menopause symptoms such as vaginal dryness, loss of libido and mood swings. What is Magnolia Bark? The magnolia tree is the symbol of life in Chinese folklore, with its roots penetrating deep into the earth and branches extending out to the sky. The tree connects and unites the energies of heaven and earth. Magnolia has been cultivated in Buddhist monasteries for 600 years. They were so valued once that only the emperors owned them in ancient China. Its bark and flowers have been used in traditional Asian medicine since 100 A.D. Most information about the uses of magnolia bark comes from Chinese and Japanese literature, although clinical studies and trials are limited. The dried bark is steamed and rolled, than stored. The bark is then either made into a powder, or its ingredients are extracted. Almost 100 Chinese medicines based on magnolia bark extract are patented. The two major healing ingredients it contains are honokiol and magnolol. Nutritional Value of Magnolia Bark A 200mg serving of magnolia bark contains 95% of honokiol and magnolol. 11 Amazing Health Benefits of Magnolia Bark 1. Maintaining Oral Hygiene Bad breath is a major embarrassment-causing issue. If the issue is persistent, Magnolia bark extract is your friend. If used in toothpaste and chewing gums, it not only covers bad breath but reduces bacteria. It is also beneficial in preventing dental caries and tooth decay and protects your gums and teeth. The latest research from a scientist in Illinois reports that within 30 minutes of application of magnolia bark or chewing a magnolia bark gum, most oral bacteria die. 2. Getting Clearer Skin A study carried out on a group of thirty people showed honokiol, and magnolol effectively killed bacteria causing acne without harming human skin. It is used in day and night creams to protect your skin and also in tinctures to protect wounds from getting infected. 3. Anti-Inflammatory Herb Honokiol reduces and controls inflammation and swelling effectively without increasing the glycogen level in the liver like most medicines do. It works by reducing the levels of eicosanoid (signaling molecules) mediators rather than increasing steroid production from the adrenal gland. Both magnolol and honokiol reduced inflammatory pain by blocking the inflammatory mediator substances. 4. Cure for Cancer Mongolia tree bark was tested on prostate cancer cells in a research conducted at Jeonju University in Korea. Amazingly, the extract stopped the cancer cells from spreading, preventing its growth. It has proven successful in treating other forms of cancer, like leukemia and colon cancer. It was also noted that mice containing human ovarian cancer cells when treated with magnolia bark extract twice a week experienced an 88% reduction in the growth of cancerous cells. 5. Relief Gastrointestinal Problems 6. Prevents Alzheimer Disease 7. Antidepressant 8. Controls Anxiety 9. Protects Liver 10. Healthy Respiratory Tract 11. Menopause Help Side Effects Magnolia bark though not much-studied, is mostly considered safe in case of small doses, but a large dose or overdosing might cause mild to severe side effects, such as vertigo, dizziness, and nausea or even respiratory tract paralysis. You should avoid using it during pregnancy and lactation. Also, you should consult your doctor before administering magnolia bark to your kids. As per drug interactions, you should never consume Coumadin or Lovenox with magnolia bark extract as it might result in blood clotting. Avoid consuming foods, like beans, while using this extract, according to traditional Chinese doctors. Summary Magnolia, the tree of life, is loaded with healing properties, although the whole plant is beneficial its bark is most precious, medically. Magnolia’s active ingredients provide remedial comfort from various diseases, such as diabetes, liver dysfunction, neurodegenerative disease, and autoimmune disease. Its antibacterial and antimicrobial qualities make it an important part of the skin and dental care routine. Even though it has been used for a millennium in Asian medicine, you should take care because when using magnolia bark for it has not been largely studied as a remedy in modern medicine.
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Vlog - Without My Indoor trainer i Would Have been Finished
The few weeks have been hard to keep my training going as i broke my ribs while surfing about 3 weeks ago. So i've been doing trainer sessions 6 days per week for the last 3 weeks, and that's kept my fitness level and intensity going. Cycling is a hard sport at the best of times, but when you injury yourself it becomes a problem as you loose fitness real fast. Pushing the intensity on the trainer makes you really strong on the bike, and it also help you to push through what you think is your limit. You should consult your Doctor before doing any strenuous exercise or workout, if you have any dizziness or pain you should stop immediately, you do this workout at your own risk. Please be reminded i am not a personal trainer this is just my workout routine you should consult a personal trainer to obtain a proper workout for what you want to achieve. Subscribe to my channel for more great videos and leave me some feedback about the video in the comments below or email on valveriider@hotmail.com Catch Me On Strava - Valveriider.
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Eliquis ad: "...can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding"
Warfarin is a 1950s blood-thinner and is on the World Health Organization's (WHO) list of essential medicines: http://www.who.int/medicines/publications/essentialmedicines/EML2015_8-May-15.pdf?ua=1 Drug industry looking for replacement drugs, which have shown to be much more harmful to patients. This commercial for Eliquis literally mentions death as a side effect: ""Eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding" The new drugs are: Eliquis (apixaban), Xarelto (rivaroxaban), Pradaxa (dabigatran) and Savaysa (edoxaban) "At least 8,000 deaths have been linked to three of the new anticoagulant drugs since 2010, compared with about 700 for warfarin."[2015] [Data for Savaysa (edoxaban) not yet available] Source: https://www.minnpost.com/second-opinion/2015/08/newest-blood-thinning-drugs-are-subject-troubling-depth-series-their-safety For example, Elizuis (Apixaban) side effects: "Rare Blood in the eyes blood in the urine bloody or black, tarry stools bruising or purple areas on the skin confusion constipation coughing up blood decreased alertness difficulty swallowing dizziness fainting fast heartbeat headache hives, itching, skin rash joint pain or swelling nausea and vomiting nosebleeds puffiness or swelling of the eyelids or around the eyes, face, lips, or tongue redness of the eye severe stomach pain shortness of breath tightness in the chest unusual tiredness or weakness vomiting of blood or material that looks like coffee grounds" Source: https://www.drugs.com/sfx/eliquis-side-effects.html
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Jet Lag - Patient Education Video
http://www.ebay.com/itm/182409470642 Check out Restmore patient education video about jet lag What is jet lag? — Jet lag is a condition that causes sleep problems, tiredness, and other symptoms. It happens in people who fly across several time zones, especially when they fly east. The more time zones a person crosses, the more likely he or she is to get jet lag. Jet lag gets better on its own as a person adjusts to the new time zone. But this can take several days. The farther from home a person is, the longer it takes to get over jet lag. What are the symptoms of jet lag? — The symptoms include: ●Sleep problems, such as problems falling or staying asleep ●Feeling tired or sleepy in the daytime ●Having trouble thinking, concentrating, or doing normal activities ●Stomach problems, such as constipation ●Feeling sick or having less energy than normal Should I see a doctor or nurse? — If you think you had jet lag in the past, talk to your doctor or nurse before going on a long airline flight. He or she can help you figure out ways to avoid jet lag. How can I prevent jet lag? — Here are a few things you can try: ●Stay awake and sleep at certain times. This can help your body adjust to the new time zone. For example, you can: •Stay up until it's dark if you fly west – Only go to sleep when it gets dark. If you go sightseeing, try to do it during the day. •Avoid bright morning light if you fly east – Go outside as much as possible in the afternoon. If you go sightseeing outdoors, try to do it in the afternoon until your body adjusts to the new time zone. ●Eat meals at mealtime in the new time zone – For example, if you normally eat lunch at noon, eat at noon in the new time zone (not noon at home). ●Get some exercise, but not right before you are supposed to go to sleep. Can supplements or medicines help with jet lag? — Yes. A supplement called "melatonin" can help with sleep problems from jet lag when you fly east. Melatonin is a hormone that is naturally made by a gland in the brain. Taking extra melatonin can help your body adjust to a new time zone. You can buy melatonin pills in a store or pharmacy without a prescription. The usual dose is 5 milligrams after dark each night, about half an hour before you want to go to sleep. If you want to try melatonin, tell your doctor or nurse. He or she can tell you if it is safe for you. If you take warfarin (brand names: Coumadin, Jantoven) or medicine to help with epilepsy, melatonin might not be safe for you. Tell your doctor or nurse about all medicines and supplements you take, including over-the-counter medicines. You should start taking melatonin the night you arrive, at bedtime (table 1). You can take melatonin for up to 5 nights in the new time zone. After that, you are not likely to need it. Only adults should take melatonin. Doctors don't know if it helps with jet lag in children. Avoid drinking alcohol while you are taking melatonin. Does melatonin cause side effects? — Some people have side effects from melatonin. These can include: ●Feeling sleepy in the daytime ●Dizziness or confusion ●Headache ●Loss of appetite, nausea, and other stomach problems But these side effects are very similar to jet lag. So doctors are not sure if they are really side effects of melatonin or just jet lag symptoms.
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What are the side effects of Pradaxa?
Pradaxa is sometimes used to treat atrial fibrillation. It works by thinning the blood to reduce the chance of blood clots and the risk of stroke. However, it may also increase your risk of kidney failure and serious or fatal bleeding. You should immediately contact your doctor if you experience: - Unexpected or prolonged bleeding, - Unusual bruising, - Coughing or vomiting blood, - Blood in urine or stool, - Unexpected pain or swelling and - Headaches, dizziness or weakness. Other common side effects of Pradaxa may include upset stomach, indigestion, abdominal pain or burning. If you, or someone you love, took Pradaxa and suffered severe bleeding or other serious side effects, you may be eligible for financial reimbursement. Call us today at 1-866-844-4262 for a free case evaluation. We're committed to helping patients hurt by dangerous drugs and we may be able to help you.
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Fish Oil Does Not "Thin" the Blood
Fish Oil Does Not "Thin" the Blood
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14 Disadvantages Of Ginseng
1. Diarrhea. The natural intestinal balance for some can sometimes be disrupted by consuming Siberian ginseng. 2. The most common one is nervousness and difficulty breathing. 3. Blood Clots: Platelets in the blood stop excessive bleeding. They also clot the blood in case of any internal or external injury. Ginseng tea consumption can interfere with the functioning of these blood platelets and their efficiency, causing increased blood clots. 4. Hypoglycemia: The intake of ginseng tea can reduce the blood sugar levels and cause hypoglycemia in some people.  5. Long-term use or high doses of ginseng may cause headaches, dizziness, stomach upset, and other symptoms.  6. Insomnia.  Ginseng has been reported to cause restless nights for some people due to its stimulant properties. 7. Blood sugar level may get reduced in some people while in others elevated blood pressure can be noticed. 8. Gastrointestinal Problems: This herbal tea can also be a cause for stomach discomfort, nausea, and diarrhea. 9.  Increasing blood pressure and heart rate: Some species of ginseng like Korean ginseng can increase the heart rate and blood pressure of a person.  10. Ginseng can interact with warfarin and with some medicines for depression. Do not take ginseng without consulting your doctor if you take any medications.  11. Difficulty Concentrating: 12. Allergic reactions are also seen in some people. This might cause itching of throat, rashes and uneasiness. 13. Pregnancy And Childbirth: Doctors advise not to consume ginseng during pregnancy or while breastfeeding since there is a possibility of adverse effects on the fetus and newborns. 14. Blood Vessels Inflammation: High doses of ginseng can cause inflammation of blood vessels in the brain, which may result in strokes, fever, headaches, etc.
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What are blood thinners
Blood Thinners for Heart Disease. What are blood thinners?. Blood thinners counteract blood clumps, which can stop blood stream to the heart. Find out about how they function, who should take them, symptoms, and common cures. Blood thinners are meds taken orally or intravenously (through a vein) to keep a blood coagulation. Blood clumps can stop the stream of blood to the heart, lungs, or cerebrum. They can cause a heart assault or stroke. Your specialist may suggest taking a blood more slender in the event that you have coronary illness, including heart valve malady, and unpredictable heart rhythms. Blood thinners must be taken precisely as coordinated. When you don't take enough, the drug won't be as viable. Taking excessively can prompt extreme dying. What blood thinners do. Some blood thinners thin the blood to keep platelets from staying together in the veins and conduits. Others counteract blood clusters by expanding the measure of time it takes for blood clumps to shape. These are known as antiplatelet and anticoagulant sedates separately. Antiplatelet drugs avert platelets (called platelets) from bunching together and shaping clumps. Cases of antiplatelet drugs are: *aspirin. *clopidogrel (Plavix). *dipyridamole (Persantine). *ticlopidine (Ticlid). Specialists frequently recommended drugs called anticoagulants to individuals who have been determined to have a few types of coronary illness. "Coagulate" is a therapeutic term that signifies "to clump." These blood thinners anticipate blood clusters by expanding the measure of time it takes your blood to clump. Anticoagulants keep clusters from framing. Basic anticoagulant blood thinners include: *warfarin (Coumadin, Jantoven). *enoxaparin (Lovenox). *heparin. More up to date anticoagulants with less danger of draining include: *dabigatran (Pradaxa). *apixaban (Eliquis). *rivaroxaban (Xarelto). Your specialist will precisely screen your dose of blood-diminishing solution. They may every so often run a prothrombin time (PT) test for a few drugs. This blood test measures your worldwide standardized proportion (INR). INR is the rate at which your blood coagulations. A fitting INR rate fluctuates from individual to individual as indicated by their restorative history. Remaining inside your INR range can keep you from draining too much or coagulating too effortlessly. Conceivable reactions of blood thinners. Blood thinners may cause reactions in a few people. Over the top draining is the most widely recognized response. It can happen in an assortment of ways, including: *heavy periods. *bloody or stained pee or excrement. *nosebleeds. *bleeding gums. *prolonged seeping from a cut. Opposite reactions can include: *dizziness. *muscle shortcoming. *hair misfortune. *rashes. The nearness of blood thinners in your framework can build your danger of interior seeping after damage. Go to the doctor's facility immediately on the off chance that you encounter any of these reactions in the wake of falling or knocking your head — regardless of whether you don't have outside dying. Your specialist may instruct you to confine your support in contact games to lessen the danger of dying. In any case, this doesn't mean you can't practice or carry on with a typical life. Swimming, strolling, and running are magnificent types of activity and are ok for the vast majority taking anticoagulants. Talk about with your specialist which sorts of activity might be best for you. Tell your dental practitioner that you're taking blood thinners to maintain a strategic distance from over the top seeping amid consistent teeth cleanings. It's additionally essential to secure yourself when utilizing blades, scissors, or yard hardware. Conceivable medication connections. Different nourishments, herbs, and meds can meddle with blood thinners. These substances can make the medication pretty much successful than your dose would recommend. Be that as it may, not all blood thinners are influenced by similar substances. It's essential to talk with your specialist or cardiologist about your eating routine and how it might affect the adequacy of your medicine. Vitamin K. All Photos Licensed Under CC Source : www.pexels.com www.pixabay.com www.commons.wikimedia.org
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The blood thinning medication Eliquis has been linked to uncontrolled bleeding events, but with no antidote. Learn about what severe side effects are possible, and what steps to take if your doctor has recommended that you take Eliquis. For more information, visit our website at http://www.lawmed.com/. And don't forget to watch our other videos at http://www.youtube.com/hensonfuerst/. (Principal office of Henson & Fuerst, PA: 2501 Blue Ridge Road, Raleigh, NC 27607) I’m David Henson, a partner with HensonFuerst Attorneys. I want to talk with you today about one of the newest blood thinning medications, Eliquis, which is being marketed as an alternative to warfarin (or Coumadin), which has been around for decades. However, warnings about Eliquis are similar to those made against two other blood thinning medications: Xarelto, and Pradaxa, which recently announced a $650 million dollar settlement for patients who were injured by that medication. First, a little background: Eliquis can be prescribed for a number of conditions, but the most common is to reduce the risk of blood clot injuries, such as stroke, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), or pulmonary embolism (PE). In particular, it has been given to patients with Atrial Fibrillation, and those who are recovering after knee and hip replacement surgery. The problem is that Eliquis has been linked to serious internal bleeding, which could lead to injury or death. And once bleeding starts, there is no antidote—no way to stop the bleeding. So, what does this mean for you? If a doctor offers to prescribe Eliquis, or if you are currently taking the medication, ask about these reports of serious bleeding, how the increased risk may affect you, and whether Eliquis is, indeed, the best option for you. In addition, I would also ask if there are other options available that will help you, WITHOUT the risk of uncontrollable bleeding. If you believe that taking Eliquis has led to gastrointestinal bleeding, hemorrhagic shock, bleeding on the brain, severe bleeding requiring a hospital stay, or death…for you or a loved one, call HensonFuerst Attorneys for important information about your rights. You may be able to collect compensation for the injury or death caused by Eliquis. One final piece of free legal advice: DO NOT contact the manufacturers—including Bristol-Myers Squibb, or Pfizer…and DO NOT SIGN ANY RELEASES OF YOUR MEDICAL RECORDS to any company before you talk with a lawyer. Let a lawyer handle everything. Big corporations look out for their own financial interests, not the interests of people who may have been harmed. If you have questions regarding your legal rights, then give me a call at 1-800-4-LAWMED. Or, visit our website at lawmed.com for more information. Life Doesn’t Wait…get help today. Call HensonFuerst.
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Say Goodbye to Thyroid With 3 Kitchen Ingredients #EveryDayTips
Hi Friends, Watch More Top Five Health Care Videos Click here : https://goo.gl/krRVj3 ◄ Follow us On ► Facebook : https://goo.gl/FGIW1O Twitter : https://goo.gl/X9TIQ0 Google + : https://goo.gl/oEGYEi Blogger : https://goo.gl/wQvYVb Thank you for watching Our videos For more –like-comment-share & subscribe ================================= DISCLAIMER: The information provided on this channel and its videos is for general purposes only and should not be considered as professional advice. We are trying to provide a perfect, valid, specific, detailed information .we are not a licensed professional so make sure with your professional consultant in case you need. All the content published in our channel is our own creativity Say Goodbye To Hair Loss Forever With These Three Ingredients https://weightlossassistant.io › Home Remedies Say Goodbye To Hair Loss Forever With These Three Ingredients ... loss, pregnancy and sometimes maybe a disorder like thyroid illness. Top 10 Ways to Heal Thyroid Problems Naturally - Natural Living Ideas https://www.naturallivingideas.com/heal-thyroid-problems-naturally/ The thyroid – a small gland in the neck, located just underneath the Adam's ... 3. Heavy Metal Detox. Most people are exposed to more heavy metals on a ... In the mean time, if you believeyou need to detoxify your body, include .... for you and learn why this particular “good fat” is a must-havekitchen staple ... Say Goodbye To Vertigo, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis ... - Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/pin/209206345173326005/ When you're battling a thyroid condition or imbalance, trying to lose weight can feel .... Say GoodbyeTo Grey Hair: The Simplest Recipe That You Can Make At Home!! .... How To Stay Asleep All Night By Taking These 3 Natural Ingredients ..... Treating Hemorrhoids at Home: With One Ingredient From Your Kitchen You Will ... This is True Miracle!!! Say Goodbye To Lupus, Arthritis, Vertigo ... https://www.topnaturalrecipes.com › Recipes Say Goodbye To Lupus, Arthritis, Vertigo, Chronic Fatigue, Thyroid ... medicinal power with thyme you must have these simple ingredients:. Say Goodbye To Vertigo, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Chronic ... healthynaturalguide.com/.../say-goodbye-to-vertigo-lupus-fibromyalgia-arthritis-chro... Ingredients: ... sourcE:http://healthyrecipeshome.com/say-goodbye-to-vertigo- ... -arthritis-chronic-fatigue-thyroid-problems-and-much-more/ ... 1900s, is currently one of the most commonly used kitchen items. ... 1; 2; 3; 4; 5 ... SAY GOODBYE TO VERTIGO, LUPUS, FIBROMYALGIA, ARTHITIS ... https://www.pinterest.dk/pin/82120393188090768/ Bye bye Coumadin, so long Plavix - Say hello to five natural… .... Treating Hemorrhoids at Home: With One Ingredient From Your Kitchen You ... Your Hair Will Grow Like Crazy And You'll Have Eagle Eyesight: Eat 3 ... How To Cure Vertigo, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Chronic Fatigue, ThyroidProblems and Much More! how to cure thyroid permanently how to cure thyroid with food how to cure thyroid by yoga how to cure hypothyroidism permanently naturally hypothyroidism natural treatment ayurveda hypothyroidism natural treatment weight loss natural thyroid treatment dr oz indian home remedies for thyroid problems
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Treatments for Stroke : How to Treat Stroke Naturally - VitaLife Show Episode 201
Stroke : How to Treat Stroke Naturally What is Stroke? Stroke is a condition most people suffer when the blood supply to the brain has been starved or blocked either by debris or the flow of blood has been impeded by some form of blockage to the brain or there has been an implosion of a blood vessel in the brain. There are different types of strokes namely; Ischemic stroke, Hemorrhagic stroke and TIA (transient ischemic attack stroke). Causes of Stroke Stroke can be caused by many factors some of which are blood clot to the pathways of blood supply to the brain. Atherosclerosis a disease caused by accumulation of bad fats in the interior walls of the blood vessels can be an easy culprit of the causes of stroke. Age related, most adults over the age of 55 can develop stroke if not properly diagnosed. Diabetes Unstable blood glucose levels High blood pressure Smoking Symptoms of Stroke Stroke happens unannounced and very suddenly so some symptoms to keep in mind that you may be having or about to have a stroke are-: 1. Numbness of the face, arm, legs especially on one side of the body. 2. Confusion, trouble speaking and comprehending. 3. Problem with vision with on one or both eyes. 4. Problem walking, dizziness, and co-ordination. 5. Headaches and vomiting. Treatments and prevention of Stroke How to treat and prevent stroke is of paramount importance for stroke sufferers or those having symptoms of stroke, as these prevention and treatment suggestions by Dr. Janine Bowring, ND will help most sufferers treat and prevent stroke naturally. Natural ways for treating and preventing stroke-: 1. Increase exercise, doing some form of cardiovascular exercise and weight training is very important in the prevention and stroke. Exercise keeps your blood flowing and keep your heart and cardiovascular system and your circulation strong. 2. Decrease stress levels which can be difficult for most to do but with more practice comes more successful measures to help with decreasing stress levels. With stroke there is always the mental and emotional aspects preceding stroke that is why it is important to learn ways which we can manage stress and decrease the outcome of stroke and handle it appropriately. 3. Controlling our glucose level is very important at preventing stroke as well. One important way of controlling our glucose level is by taking a lot of fiber in the diet. We have formulated a fiber supplements called VitaMucil. Vitamucil is a soluble fiber, which helps to stabilized blood glucose and insulin levels in the blood thus helps to prevent and control stroke. 4. Magnesium is a very important mineral that is needed by the human body to prevent heart disease and stroke as it helps to relax the blood vessels and this is important in terms of maintaining proper blood flow. 5. Detoxification also very important is getting the toxins out of the blood system and the internal organs. VitaDetox formula from VitaTree, formulated by Dr. Janine Bowring, ND helps detoxify all the internal organs and eradicate all toxins from the body including the blood. 6. Fish oil supplements are also very important in stroke prevention naturally. This is why we formulated a Fish oil supplement called the Vita Fish Oil Supplements. VitaFish oil supplement is different from other fish oil supplements out there in that it is specially formulated and scientifically tested to be safe from any contaminants, chewable orange gel capsules, a natural anti-inflammatory, it prevents the formation of plaque in the blood vessels and enhances brain, cognition and proper circulation. 7. There are other protocols in treating and preventing stroke coming up in the Sequel of the Healthy Millionaire Book written by Dr. Janine Bowring, ND. Pick up a copy today. We hope you enjoyed the video, please leave your questions and comments below. Click Subscribe so you will always receive our newest health information and health and beauty tips, in your inbox. Also like us on Facebook and Follow us on twitter. For more info visit our website: https://www.vitatree.com Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ Follow us on Twitter! https://twitter.com/VitaTree https://youtu.be/ShA1mRM_Wb4 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "How To Do An Easy Full Body Detox - VitaLife Show Episode 265" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPIECMYNHoA -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Home Remedies: Turmeric Coffee Creamer, Fight Belly Fat & Inflammation with Every Sip | Health Tips
http://HomeRemediesTV.com Fight Belly Fat & Inflammation with Turmeric Coffee Creamer. Combat belly fat and fight inflammation at the same time! Find out more about this turmeric coffee creamer and get healthy today. Best Natural & Organic Vitamins & Dietary Supplements: https://bit.ly/2lwR2Mx Best HAIR Nutrition Supplement : https://bit.ly/2lwNRom Best Mens Multivitamin & Supplements: https://bit.ly/2lwTCSS Best Women Multivitamin & Supplements: https://bit.ly/2lwYrLT Best Probiotics Supplement: https://bit.ly/2lwYGXj Best Eye Multivitamin & Vision Support: https://bit.ly/2lf5d6r Best Memory Supplements & Brain Boost: https://bit.ly/2leYQ2W Best Health Booster Supplements: https://bit.ly/2lx44tL 😍😍😍😍😍 Like, Share and Subscribe Our Channel if you think these video is informative and helpful. Thank you! http://lifebuzzfeed.com/youtube http://lifebuzzfeed.com/facebook Is Turmeric Good for You? These compounds are called curcuminoids, the most important of which is curcumin. Curcumin is the main active ingredient in turmeric. It has powerful anti-inflammatory effects and is a very strong antioxidant. However, the curcumin content of turmeric is not that high… it's around 3%, by weight. Can turmeric give you diarrhea? Turmeric usually does not cause significant side effects; however, some people can experience stomach upset, nausea, dizziness, or diarrhea. ... However, it is unclear if turmeric was the actual cause of this side effect. Until more is known, avoid taking excessively large doses of turmeric. How much turmeric can you take a day? According to the medical community, about 2,000mg is the maximum amount of standardized turmeric curcumin you should take per day. When cooking with ground turmeric powder, the University of Maryland recommends 1 to 3 grams per day. One gram of ground turmeric powder is about ½ teaspoon. Can turmeric cause bleeding? Excess bleeding can also occur during surgery. Anticoagulants and anti-platelet drugs such as warfarin and aspirin etc. interact with turmeric. Since these medications slow blood clotting and turmeric does the same, taking these medications with turmeric can cause bleeding and bruising. Can turmeric lower your blood pressure? Turmeric. Turmeric (Curcuma longa) contains a strong anti-oxidant called curcumin. Curcumin is also a potent anti-inflammatory, it helps lower blood cholesterol, and it has anti-clotting properties. Curcumin helps keep blood vessels healthy by protecting cells from damage, thereby allowing smoother flow of blood. How do you use turmeric powder? A natural in curries, turmeric brings warm flavors to any curry or stew. When you sauté the vegetables in oil, add in 1 teaspoon of ground turmeric. Add a color pop to rice dishes by adding ½ teaspoon turmeric to the water when cooking the rice. Is fresh ginger good for high blood pressure? Ginger—the smart man's aspirin—is a potent blood thinner and anti-inflammatory agent that can help you reduce your blood pressure. You can try commercial organic ginger teas, or make your own from ginger root. Simply chop the root into small pieces and boil for about five minutes. Is turmeric good for diabetics? Because this spice lowers blood sugar, it may increase the effects of diabetes medications, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. This effect can cause hypoglycemia, which is when your blood sugar is too low. Turmeric and curcumin may interact with blood-thinning medication, increasing bleeding risk. What is the use of turmeric? It is a powerful anti-inflamatory and is popular among those with arthritis and joint problems for this reason. Turmeric is antiseptic and kills yeast and parasites when used internally. It is a member of the ginger family and it is what gives many Indian Foods their yellow color. It is used in curries and in mustard. Can you be cured of hypertension? Aldosterone is involved in blood pressure regulation through complex effects on the heart, the blood vessels, and particularly the kidneys. Removal of these tumors through minimally-invasive surgery may cure the high blood pressure, especially if done early after the diagnosis of hypertension is made. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOm9bx4oaARXi7I-0rWxu8w Home Remedies,Turmeric Coffee Creamer,Fight Belly Fat,how to lose belly fat,lose belly fat,anti-inflammatory,inflammatory response,inflammation process,Health Tips,Can you be cured of hypertension,What is the use of turmeric,Is turmeric good for diabetics,Is fresh ginger good for high blood pressure,How do you use turmeric powder,Can turmeric lower your blood pressure,Can turmeric cause bleeding,How much turmeric can you,inflammation,belly fat, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jd_oNceycc
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Applied Pharmacology 5, Theraputic Index
Therapeutic index is a measure of how safe a drug is, comparing the effective dose with the toxic dose. You can support Campbell Teaching for free if you use the link below to access Amazon! USA http://goo.gl/mDMfj5 UK http://goo.gl/j0htQ5 Thank you! Notes The therapeutic index (TI) (also called therapeutic ratio) is a comparison of the dose of a drug that causes the therapeutic effect to the amount that causes toxicity. This describes the margin of safety, accounting for the effective dose, toxic dose and even potential lethal dose. The related terms therapeutic window or safety window refer to a range of doses which optimize between efficacy and toxicity. This is always where we aim to be. High (wide) TI is good for good safety profile, drug has low toxicity Low (narrow) TI is more risky (NTI drugs, narrow therapeutic index), drug more toxic TD (toxic dose) TI = ----- ED (effective dose) TD50 (toxic dose) TI = ----- ED50 (effective dose) Lethal dose Toxicity effects Adverse response threshold Therapeutic window / range Duration of action Sub therapeutic range Desired response threshold Eg, anticoagulants, hypotensives, hypoglycaemics, analgesics, diuretics, Low (narrow) Therapeutic Index drugs Digoxin 2:1 Paracetamol (acetaminophen) 7 gram fatal dose Lithium – nephrotoxicity, ataxia, discordination Warfarin - Gentamycin – nephrotoxic, auditory nerve damage - ototoxicity Vancomycin - nephro Phenytoin, fast uncontrolled eye movements, dizzy confused, poor coordination, slured speech Antidepressants, tricyclics Insulin, AZT, High (wide) TI drugs NSAIDs Benzodiazepines Most antibiotics Furosemide SSRIs Does not include any synergistic effects, e.g. diazepam and alcohol or diazepam and morphine, aspirin and warfarin, pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamics effects, eg. Furosemide and ACEIs (oprils)
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What i Think of Durian Riders & Freelee Banana Girls Diet
Diet is one of the biggest things going around at the minute on youtube there are all sorts of diets from vegan to paleo and everything in-between. What you have to remember is people make money out of youtube and that is where the main driver comes from and i think the diet they are trying to promote in many cases ends up getting lost with outrageous videos. So if you have a problem with losing weight or some sort of medical problem or disorder go and see your doctor or dietitian before following people like durian rider and freelee the banana girl on their raw till 4 high carb low fat diet, they have no right to be giving out diet advice to anyone, let's not forget their not doctors or psychologists. Having a healthy balanced diet is what i follow, eat in moderation and try to cut out as much processed foods as possible and combine that with regular exercise. If it sounds to good to be true is probably is so stay away and be sensible stop looking for the easy way out. You should consult your Doctor before doing any strenuous exercise or workout, if you have any dizziness or pain you should stop immediately, you do this workout at your own risk. Please be reminded i am not a personal trainer this is just my workout routine you should consult a personal trainer to obtain a proper workout for what you want to achieve. Subscribe to my channel for more great videos and leave me some feedback about the video in the comments below or email on valveriider@hotmail.com
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Strong Young Rider Makes Us Turn Up The Watts
Sunday bike ride heading home and a small group of cyclists come by with a young fella in the pack, so it's race on. All good fun just goes to show you how strong some of these young bike riders are. This was filmed at sandgate in Brisbane using the virb edit and the fly 6 hd camera. You should consult your Doctor before doing any strenuous exercise or workout, if you have any dizziness or pain you should stop immediately, you do this workout at your own risk. Please be reminded i am not a personal trainer this is just my workout routine you should consult a personal trainer to obtain a proper workout for what you want to achieve. Subscribe to my channel for more great videos and leave me some feedback about the video in the comments below or email on valveriider@hotmail.com Catch Me On Strava - Valveriider.
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Garcinia Cambogia Side Effects and Dangers - Garcinias.info
Visit http://www.garcinias.info for more details Garcinia cambogia Side Effects Diabetes and High Cholesterol Garcinia cambogia could make it simpler for your whole body make use of carbs and glucose, the glucose your cells desire for energy. Mice that obtained garcinia cambogia in one research had lower levels of insulin compared to mice that did not. That's another reason, in addition to weight loss, that people with diabetes are curious about it. However, in case you are taking garcinia cambogia in addition to a medication to control your blood sugar levels, your sugar could get dangerously low. Some studies have discovered that garcinia cambogia usually improves levels of cholesterol, reducing triglycerides and LDL (the "bad" cholesterol) and increasing HDL (the "good" cholesterol). However , you shouldn't put it to use in case you are currently on a prescription for your cholesterol. Garcinia cambogia Side Effects Possible Side Effects Generally, side effects are rare like when you use other drugs or supplements, If you take garcinia cambogia, you might get: Garcinia cambogia Side Effects Dizziness Dry mouth Headache Upset stomach or diarrhea Garcinia cambogia Side Effects Before buying Garcinia cambogia you should understand that Garcinia cambogia had some interactions with other medications and that what needs doctor advice Garcinia Cambogoa may interact negatively with: Asthma and allergy medications including Accolate and Singulair Diabetes medications, such as pills and insulin Iron, for anemia Pain medicationsPrescription medications for psychiatric disorders Statins, drugs that lower cholesterol Warfarin, a blood thinner Do not use it when you are pregnant or nursing Do not use it in case you have kidney or liver conditions. Visit http://www.garcinias.info for more details
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too much blood thinner
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Citalopram Is Used to Treat Depression - Overview
http://www.rxwiki.com/citalopram https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXxn_pCvHVm76zGRgKB9Rf95aqo1nSN02 Citalopram is a prescription medication used to treat depression. Citalopram belongs to a group of drugs called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, which change the levels of certain chemicals in the brain to maintain mental stability. This medication comes in tablet, capsule, and liquid forms. It is usually taken once a day, with or without food. Common side effects of citalopram include nausea, sexual problems, and dry mouth. Citalopram can cause dizziness. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery until you know how citalopram affects you.
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Azithromycin (ZPak) : Meds Made Easy  (MME)
What is this drug used for? •It is used to treat or prevent bacterial infections. What do I need to tell my doctor BEFORE I take this drug? •If you have an allergy to azithromycin or any other part of this drug. •If you are allergic to any drugs like this one, any other drugs, foods, or other substances. Tell your doctor about the allergy and what signs you had, like rash; hives; itching; shortness of breath; wheezing; cough; swelling of face, lips, tongue, or throat; or any other signs. •If you have any of these health problems: Long QT on ECG, low magnesium levels, or low potassium levels. •If you have a slow heartbeat, talk with your doctor. •If you have turned yellow or had liver side effects with this drug before. •If you are taking any drugs that can cause a certain type of heartbeat that is not normal (prolonged QT interval). Ask your doctor or pharmacist if you are not sure. This is not a list of all drugs or health problems that interact with this drug. What are some things I need to know or do while I take this drug? •If you are taking warfarin, talk with your doctor. •May cause a type of abnormal heartbeat (prolonged QT interval) •If you have myasthenia gravis, talk with your doctor. •If you are 65 or older, use this drug with care. You could have more side effects. •Tell your doctor if you are pregnant or plan on getting pregnant. •Tell your doctor if you are breast-feeding. What are some side effects that I need to call my doctor about right away? •Signs of an allergic reaction •A fast heartbeat. •A heartbeat that does not feel normal. •Change in hearing. •Hearing loss. •Chest pain or pressure. •Ringing in ears. •Seizures. •Dizziness •Trouble swallowing or speaking. •Fever. •Swollen gland. •Vaginal itching/discharge. •Diarrhea What are some other side effects of this drug? •Belly pain. •Loose stools (diarrhea). •Headache. •Upset stomach or throwing up. •Itching. These are not all of the side effects that may occur. If you have questions about side effects, call your doctor. Call your doctor for medical advice about side effects. How is this drug best taken? Use this drug as ordered by your doctor. Read all information given to you. Follow all instructions closely. General drug facts •If your symptoms or health problems do not get better or if they become worse, call your doctor. •Do not share your drugs with others and do not take anyone else's drugs. •Keep a list of all your drugs (prescription, natural products, vitamins, OTC) with you. Give this list to your doctor. •Talk with the doctor before starting any new drug, including prescription or OTC, natural products, or vitamins. •Some drugs may have another patient information leaflet. If you have any questions about this drug, please talk with your doctor, nurse, pharmacist, or other health care provider. •If you think there has been an overdose, call your poison control center or get medical care right away. Be ready to tell or show what was taken, how much, and when it happened. Reference: Facts and Comparisons 2017 ----------------------------------------------------------------- Video Terms & Conditions - Waiver and Release of Liability All viewers of this video recognize and acknowledge that all content presented in this video is solely for educational purposes. All viewers acknowledge and agree that if any methods, techniques or protocols learned in the video is used or implemented, it is done so appropriately, with individual discretion, for its intended purposes, and only after such individual receives guidance and advice from a professional practitioner that has evaluated and considered such individual’s situation and circumstances personally. Any methods, techniques or protocols presented in this video may have inherent risks when is individually used or implemented. Any viewer who uses or implements any learned methods, techniques or protocols found in this video recognizes such risks and acknowledge professional liabilities may result from individual use or implementation of learned methods, techniques or protocols. All viewers should be aware of the potential risks, including, but not limited to, death or permanent medical illness, that can occur by individual use or implementation of the methods, techniques or protocols presented in this video. All viewers agree that Vempak Group, LLC and/or any affiliated businesses or persons do not have any legal obligations or duties to the actions performed by any viewer after viewing this video. All viewers consent to release Vempak Group, LLC and/or any affiliated businesses or persons of all liabilities and obligations associated and related to any adverse actions or professional liability incurred as a result of using or implementing the methods, techniques or protocols learned in this video.
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Type 2 Diabetes: stepwise medications in 60 seconds
😀 Learn fast with Dr. Aman Arora's videos 🌎 Website: https://aroramedicaleducation.co.uk ‪#aroraBites #CanPassWillPass #iWentWithArora ------------------------------------- 👌 This video: Type 2 Diabetes: stepwise medications in 60 seconds Source/further details: https://cks.nice.org.uk/diabetes-type-2#!scenariorecommendation:2 *not for medical advice* --------------------------------------- 🙋‍♂️ Find out more about Dr. Aman: (https://aroramedicaleducation.co.uk/meet-aman/) 🙌 JOIN DR. AMAN ON HIS OTHER STREAMS FOR MORE FREE MEDICAL EDUCATION: 😳 Busy? Subscribe to #aroraCondensed: Aman’s fortnightly teaching emails direct to your inbox: http://eepurl.com/duAwXr ✅ Flagship Facebook Medical Education group: (https://www.facebook.com/groups/aroraMedicalExamSupport/) ✅ Facebook Page: (https://www.facebook.com/arorameded/) ✅ Instagram: @dr_aman_arora (https://www.instagram.com/dr_aman_arora/) ✅ Twitter: @aman999arora (https://mobile.twitter.com/aman999arora) ✅ SoundCloud: Dr Aman Arora (https://soundcloud.com/user-121278599) -------------------------------- 🌎 Website: https://aroramedicaleducation.co.uk 💥 Immersion Courses 💥 Mock Exams 💥 Live Webinars 💥 Audiobooks 💥 Online Training 💥 One-to-one Sessions 💥 Questions and Cases 💥 Revision Posters ----------------------------------- *All videos are for educational purposes only and are not to be used for medical advice* *No medical advice can be given on this channel - appropriate qualified medical advice should be sought for clinical or healthcare queries* *Guidance is aimed to be relevant and up-to-date at time of release*
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Living with PAH Coping on a Day to Day Basis
Living with PAH Coping on a Day-to-Day Basis. What is PAH?. Pneumonic blood vessel hypertension (PAH) is an uncommon however genuine condition. It causes the pulse in the supply routes of your lungs to wind up too high. The circulatory strain ascends because of the narrowing of your pneumonic supply routes, which convey blood from your heart to your lungs to get oxygen. After some time, PAH can prompt different issues. At the point when your aspiratory supply routes are contracted or limited, your heart must work harder to direct blood to your lungs. After some time, your heart can debilitate. This can prompt heart disappointment. Side effects of PAH. The side effects of PAH are like those of other heart and lung conditions. They frequently include: *shortness of breath. *dizziness or blacking out. *weakness. *fatigue. *racing beat. *heart palpitations. Your side effects will probably deteriorate as the sickness advances. Be that as it may, numerous side effects are treatable. Reasons for PAH. Changes in the cells that line your pneumonic corridors can cause the supply route dividers to end up solid and thick. This can diminish or obstruct the stream of blood through your pneumonic corridors. Accordingly, the circulatory strain in those supply routes rises. The basic reason for PAH shifts starting with one individual then onto the next. For instance, it can be caused by: *a hereditary transformation. *heart malady or disappointment of your lower left heart chamber (left ventricle). *chronic obstructive aspiratory infection (COPD), pneumonic fibrosis, or other lung illnesses. *connective tissue issue: foundational sclerosis, rheumatoid joint pain, and fundamental lupus erythematosus (SLE). *chronic liver ailments. *schistosomiasis, an ailment caused by a parasite worm. *blood ailments. *metabolic scatters. *long introduction to high elevations. *HIV. *certain medications or poisons, for example, some craving suppressants. At times, the reason for your PAH might be obscure. Analysis of PAH. Numerous regular indications of PAH are additionally connected with other wellbeing conditions. This can make PAH harder to analyze. On the off chance that your specialist presumes you may have PAH, they will probably take your own and family medicinal history and lead a physical exam. A few demonstrative tests might be utilized to help affirm the nearness, seriousness, and reason for PAH. These include: *blood tests. *chest X-beams to look at your aspiratory corridors, lungs, and heart. *electrocardiogram (ECG) or echocardiogram to survey your heart work. *pulmonary work test to survey your lung work. *echocardiography (ultrasound of the heart). The best and most exact approach to analyze PAH is correct heart catheterization, in which a catheter is utilized to quantify the pulse in your pneumonic courses. Since this test is obtrusive, it is regularly done if the finding of PAH isn't resolved after a considerable lot of the tests recorded above have been finished. Medications for PAH. There's no known cure for PAH, however your specialist can endorse medicines to enable you to deal with your side effects. Treatment alternatives incorporate both way of life changes and medicinal intercessions. Your particular treatment design will rely upon the sort and seriousness of PAH you have. Way of life changes. Various way of life changes can help assuage the side effects of PAH. For some individuals with PAH, the hardest side effect to oversee is absence of vitality. That can be hard to manage, particularly in the event that you already drove a more dynamic way of life. To enable you to preserve your vitality for things you want to do, there are some basic methodologies. Make a rundown of your needs. The basic truth is that you most likely don't have enough vitality to do all that you used to do. Influence a rundown of the things you to think ought to be finished. At that point organize that rundown and spotlight on your best needs. You may find that you can release undertakings at the base of your rundown or enroll another person to finish them. All Photos Licensed Under CC Source : www.pexels.com www.pixabay.com www.commons.wikimedia.org
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‘Tired all the Time’ Presentation: what to ask apart from Medicine in 150 seconds
😀 Learn fast with Dr. Aman Arora's videos! 🌎 Website: https://aroramedicaleducation.co.uk ‪#aroraBites #CanPassWillPass #iWentWithArora ------------------------------------- 👌 This video: 😴😴😴 Tired all the Time Presentation: what to ask apart from Medicine in 150 seconds *not for medical advice* --------------------------------------- 🙋‍♂️ Find out more about Dr. Aman: (https://aroramedicaleducation.co.uk/meet-aman/) 🙌 JOIN DR. AMAN ON HIS OTHER STREAMS FOR MORE FREE MEDICAL EDUCATION: 😳 Busy? Subscribe to #aroraCondensed: Aman’s fortnightly teaching emails direct to your inbox: http://eepurl.com/duAwXr ✅ Flagship Facebook Medical Education group: (https://www.facebook.com/groups/aroraMedicalExamSupport/) ✅ Facebook Page: (https://www.facebook.com/arorameded/) ✅ Instagram: @dr_aman_arora (https://www.instagram.com/dr_aman_arora/) ✅ Twitter: @aman999arora (https://mobile.twitter.com/aman999arora) ✅ SoundCloud: Dr Aman Arora (https://soundcloud.com/user-121278599) -------------------------------- 🌎 Website: https://aroramedicaleducation.co.uk 💥 Immersion Courses 💥 Mock Exams 💥 Live Webinars 💥 Audiobooks 💥 Online Training 💥 One-to-one Sessions 💥 Questions and Cases 💥 Revision Posters ----------------------------------- *All videos are for educational purposes only and are not to be used for medical advice* *No medical advice can be given on this channel - appropriate qualified medical advice should be sought for clinical or healthcare queries* *Guidance is aimed to be relevant and up-to-date at time of release*
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Cycling Tips : Do Efforts To Get Stronger & More Efficient Or lose It
Since i've been back cycling i've slowly lifted my fitness level and i've done this by doing a lot of training on the indoor trainer and also by doing short and long efforts out on the bike when doing rides with my mates. If you want to get stronger at cycling you have to push your limits if you don't you'll stay the same. It's hard to get to that higher level it take s a heap of time and effort on your part, but once you break through it does become easier, then you have to keep at it to maintain it or you lose it. On this ride it was 93 kilometers and i did 10 efforts altogether working at different levels of my FTP, some were on FTP and some were above and below it. Practice make perfect and anyone can do it. You should consult your Doctor before doing any strenuous exercise or workout, if you have any dizziness or pain you should stop immediately, you do this workout at your own risk. Please be reminded i am not a personal trainer this is just my workout routine you should consult a personal trainer to obtain a proper workout for what you want to achieve. Subscribe to my channel for more great videos and leave me some feedback about the video in the comments below or email on valveriider@hotmail.com
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Clot in the heart (what a sight) by Dr Suresh B Kale
https://goo.gl/uYrmsd Clot in the heart (what a sight) by Dr Suresh B Kale The human heart has an electrical system that controls the rhythm and rate of heart beats. Sinus node or Sinoatrial node, also known as the heart's natural pacemaker sends electrical impulses to the heart chambers thereby making them contract to pump blood. Electrical signals from the sinus node reach atrioventricular node (AV node) and then spread through the ventricles causing them to contract and push blood around the body. This normal electrical pattern is termed as the sinus rhythm. However, when the electrical impulses are generated from any other part other than the sinus node or when the electrical impulses are following an erratic path, it causes the heart to beat abnormally. A heart condition characterised by irregular heart rate or rhythm is called a cardiac arrhythmia. Atrial fibrillation (AF) or A-Fib is the most common type of arrhythmia that can be benign or life-threatening. It happens when there is a lack of synchronization between the contractions of the atria and ventricles. Turbulence of blood flow during AF episodes can lead to clot formation which increases the risk of stroke and heart failures. Some of the main atrial fibrillation symptoms include fatigue, dizziness, palpitations, chest pain and shortness of breath. Evaluating atrial fibrillation symptoms and assessing the underlying medical cause is important to devise the right treatment. Controlling the heart rate, restoring normal sinus rhythm and reducing the risks of stroke - these are the main objectives of A-Fib management. Treatment options of atrial fibrillation include medications, catheter-based procedures and surgical procedures. Medications are prescribed for blood clot prevention, rate control and rhythm control. Beta blockers, calcium channel blockers and digoxin are used for heart rate control, whereas, sodium channel blockers and potassium channel blockers are used for heart rhythm control. Vitamin K antagonists are prescribed as the blood thinning medications to prevent blood clot formation. Warfarin is the most commonly used vitamin K antagonist, while other anticoagulant medications include dabigitran, rivaroxaban and apixaban. Cardiac ablation surgery is preferred for some AF patients to re-establish the normal heart rate, when the medications don't prove effective. During the cardiac ablation surgery, the malfunctioning tissue is destroyed with powerful radiofrequency waves. Implantation of a pacemaker and open-heart maze procedures are the surgical options available for AF treatment. The right AF management strategy is determined after analyzing the severity and length of AF episodes. Get number of articles, videos, recently or upcoming events info about cardiology, heart, atrial fibrillation symptoms, cardiac ablation surgery, vitamin k by Radcliffe Cardiology Website. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Jiya_D_Jani/1986725 Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/8934620 Join the Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/medfreelancers/ Subscribe YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/medfreelancers Contact details Mobile & WhatsApp No:- +91 9910580561 E-mail :- medfreelancers@gmail.com Services available in Delhi and NCR Canon in D Major by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100301 Artist: http://incompetech.com/ -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Endoscopic Septoplasty for Correction of Deformity of Septum | ENT Surgery " https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hwi9LcD1HcY -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Staging of Hypertension in 60 seconds
😀 Learn fast with Dr. Aman Arora's short snaps! 🌎 Website: https://aroramedicaleducation.co.uk ‪#aroraBites #CanPassWillPass #iWentWithArora ------------------------------------- 👌 This video: Staging of Hypertension in 60 seconds Source/details: https://cks.nice.org.uk/hypertension-not-diabetic#!diagnosissub *not for medical advice* --------------------------------------- 🙌 JOIN DR. AMAN ON HIS OTHER STREAMS FOR MORE FREE MEDICAL EDUCATION: 😳 Busy? Subscribe to #aroraCondensed: Aman’s fortnightly teaching emails direct to your inbox: http://eepurl.com/duAwXr ✅ Flagship Facebook Medical Education group: https://m.facebook.com/groups/1571643... ✅ Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/arorameded/ ✅ Instagram: @dr_aman_arora (https://www.instagram.com/dr_aman_arora/) ✅ Twitter: @aman999arora (https://mobile.twitter.com/aman999arora) ✅ SoundCloud: Dr Aman Arora (https://soundcloud.com/user-121278599) -------------------------------- 🌎 Website: https://aroramedicaleducation.co.uk 💥 Immersion Courses 💥 Mock Exams 💥 Live Webinars 💥 Audiobooks 💥 Online Training 💥 One-to-one Sessions 💥 Questions and Cases 💥 Revision Posters ----------------------------------- *All videos are for educational purposes only and are not to be used for medical advice* *No medical advice can be given on this channel - appropriate qualified medical advice should be sought for clinical or healthcare queries* *Guidance is aimed to be relevant and up-to-date at time of release*
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Medical innovations: Gentamicin calculator
Gentamicin is an antibiotic that is widely used in hospitals, but calculating the correct dose to give to patients can cause problems for doctors. One junior doctor, Imran Qureshi, used his computer science background to create a simple to use gentamicin calculator.
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What Does It Feel Like To Have A Blood Clot In Your Leg?
Blood clot? Medical news today. Your doctor may prescribe a blood thinning medication, like warfarin, heparin, enoxaparin, 3 mar 2015 learn more about clot and dvt effects symptoms. Blood clots symptoms & signs (leg, lung), and pictures. How to tell if you have a blood clot signs, symptoms, and more. Know the signs and symptoms of blood clots as well your risk for swelling, usually in one leg (or arm); Leg pain or tenderness often described a cramp these clot may feel similar to pulled muscle contact doctor soon you can if have symptoms, 21 nov 2016 call any dvts are like roadblocks on highway they cause traffic affected limb makes arm warm touchview messages from patients providing insights into their medical experiences with describe experience. Blood clot symptoms in leg and diagnosis. A blood clot that forms in a leg or arm vein can have devastating move your legs often, especially when seated for long periods. Does a blood clot feel like? Healthline. Jun 2013 10 signs you may have a blood clot in your leg the hallmark of deep vein thrombosis skin redness is that it does not go away over time, 24 feb 2016 webmd describes different places body can get clot, keep oxygen from getting to heart, lungs, or brain, and cause life threatening emergency, like heart pain chest feel dizzy. Have you ever wondered what it feels like to have a blood clot? . Blood clots,recognize,symptoms, what to expect clip 1 youtube. How do you know if it's deep vein thrombosis? What does thrombosis (dvt) feel like? . You may have a persistent, throbbing cramp like feeling in the leg. Upmc how to detect a blood clot in the leg 14 steps (with pictures). Or tenderness in a leg (especially the calf, where it might feel like power of your choice blood clots may form deep vessels, most commonly legs and groin, can warm to touch; Some people with dvt not have any symptoms (called asymptomatic) sweatsfatigue; pe be asymptomatic did you this? 21 feb 2017 common place for clot develop is. A blood clot in your leg or arm can have various symptoms, including a the heart could cause chest to hurt feel heavy. Is your calf pain a blood clot!? Do homan's test and find out leg is it clot, cramp or pulled muscle? Treated could you have clot? Words to run by. Signs you might have a blood clot symptoms (leg, lungs), causes, in pregnancy & tests on the alert for deep vein clots harvard health. Whether or 13 may 2016 information on causes of blood clots like high pressure, smoking, what kind clot did you have; And were your signs and 17 jun 2014 leg pain could mean have a dangerous. 11 nov 2015 what does it feel like when you have a blood clot? While the mere existence of a clot in your legs won't harm you, the clot could break 19 apr 2017 when symptoms do appear, some of them are the same as the symptoms of other diseases. Share in the message dialogue to 1 may 2009 what do about mercury fish inside a leg vein, blood clot can cause deep vein thrombosis. Signs and symptoms of blood clots
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