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Endocrine Pancreatic Hormones:  Insulin aspart, glulisine, detemir, & glargine
This presentation discusses the following insulins: Aspart, glulisine, detemir, & glargine. Included is: -Pharmacokinetics of each medication presented, including onset of action, peak, half-life, and duration of action -Pharmacodynamics of each medication presented -Pharmacotherapeutics of each medication presented: drug-to-drug interactions, drug-to-food interactions, drug-to-herb interactions -Routes and dosage ranges (children and adults). -Adverse effects -Monitoring -Patient teaching
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(CC) Really Fast Visual Top 200 Drugs Closed Captioned Final 14 minute Pharmacology Suffix Review
Website: https://www.memorizingpharmacology.com/ Use the closed captioning pharmacology help, it will really help you see the drug names as I speak! I do a more visual and mnemonic review quick review of the 200 drugs in Memorizing Pharmacology
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