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Moynihan in the White House

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November 10, 2010: Panelists discuss the legacy of one of the most accomplished and admired statesmen of the past half-century, Daniel Patrick Moynihan. Participants included Christopher DeMuth, Staff Assistant to the President; Chester Finn, Staff Assistant to the President for Urban Affairs; Stephen Hess, Deputy Assistant to the President for Urban Affairs; John Price, Special Assistant to the President for Urban Affairs; and Steven Weisman, Editorial Director and Public Policy Fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics and editor of "Daniel Patrick Moynihan: A Portrait in Letters of an American Visionary." The Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum Situated on nine rolling acres in Yorba Linda, California, the Richard Nixon Presidential Library & Museum offers visitors an insider’s glimpse into the events, people and world that shaped, and were shaped by, the 37th President. Get information on visiting the Library and Museum at  https://www.nixonfoundation.org/about-the-library-museum/ Learn more about President Nixon's legacy at https://www.nixonfoundation.org/research-portal/ Save the date to host your event or wedding on our beautiful grounds at https://www.nixonfoundation.org/host-your-event-at-the-nixon-library/ Engage with us elsewhere online https://www.facebook.com/nixonfoundation https://twitter.com/nixonfoundation https://www.instagram.com/nixonfoundation/
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