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DIY - How to replace a VW MK4 shift boot and knob

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Here's a quick video showing you how to replace your MK4 shifter knob and boot. You can buy high quality, inexpensive replacements at www.FixMyVW.com an AARodriguez Corp. site http://www.fixmyvw.com/shift-boot-for-mk4-golf-jetta-gti/ or New Beetle Boots can be purchased HERE http://www.fixmyvw.com/shift-boots/
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bdog840 (2 месяца назад)
I'd have too say a VW Jetta mk5 shifter knob feels way better than the golf ball mk4 shifter knob for people with big hands.
Tony Richardson (2 месяца назад)
VW gear knob and boot Instal worked perfectly. Thanks for the very useful video.
Tagic Mrooper (2 месяца назад)
There are a few types of knobs. It's like 12mm, 24mm or something like that. Which part is being measured to determine which size I need? Or do all 6 speed knobs should fit right on?
Scott English (3 месяца назад)
Didnt sit flat and snug..tha fukkoutahere
Steve Dossow (6 месяцев назад)
*… i thank YOUUUU!!!!!*
Blanariu Cosmin (6 месяцев назад)
hey can you make a video to how to change the armrest, not the entire console just the armrest
Rockey Lane (7 месяцев назад)
Does it have to be a VW replacement or can it be a aftermarket shift knob??
christelle begue (7 месяцев назад)
Goglo gti dilzi
Domial Almeida (8 месяцев назад)
En español fuera exelente
Anas Zouhair (8 месяцев назад)
Qui bien
Krlos M (9 месяцев назад)
hey bro thanks for the vid tutorial, i have a question for change knob for mk3 is same???? thanks
citoyen (11 месяцев назад)
thank you from Germany
C K (11 месяцев назад)
I have been looking g all over the place trying to find performance parts for my mk4 2.0 can any one point me in a good direction
Jerzy Auguścik (1 год назад)
I make socket sleeves when gears do not fall jerzyauguscik@op.pl
mixwb (1 год назад)
Why does your car have a camo paint underneath the shift boot?
mixwb (1 год назад)
Never seen that before lmao
thomas steeves (1 год назад)
mixwb its foam lmao
Gail Cottom (1 год назад)
Great! Thanks for that. I was trying to figure out how to replace this gear shift! thanks
Brandon I'Anson (1 год назад)
I bought a similar knob and boot and went to fit it today however mine was totally different and its a 2001 and mrk 4 v golf. mine has a screw at the top with a little rubber clear protector and long black plastic covering that has a spring under, this is used to slot the car into reverse as it sits under first which presume everyone elses does aswell. so my point is that because of this plastic fitting the opening is much wider and does fit with this plastic thing on top but without it it doesn't work because I cant get the car into reverse so I don't know if I need a different type of fitting or if I'm missing something. anyone else with the same problem ands or a solution. help would be very much appreciated! thanks
Brandon I'Anson (1 год назад)
I do yes but I did buy the part off an Australian website!! Anyway do you know where I can get one that fits my car??
FixMyVW.com by AARodriguez (1 год назад)
I'm going to guess you live outside of the USA, likely Australia?
Reid Pierzinski (1 год назад)
my leather and knob are all fine, my issue is the knob is turned and I want to turn it back to normal. Help? I just bought the car today and it was like this.
Pkwic (1 год назад)
So how to replace just the shift boot?
Mega0Impact -Clash of Clans & More (1 год назад)
the horese man stole your entire video and title
Whad up buddy (1 год назад)
Hey, mind if I ask something? Im about to re-paint some of the interior parts, because the soft touch is scratched, but I dont know how to take the plastic thats around the shifter off. Not the whole console, but just the black plastic around the shifter that contains the ashtray too. I'm guessing lift the shift boot, remove the ashtray , get my fingers on the space around the shifter and pull towards me, but Im not sure if thats the way to go. If you can answer I'd be grateful.
FixMyVW.com by AARodriguez (1 год назад)
Mega0Impact -Clash of Clans & More what?
hedezitro (1 год назад)
Is it the same for a seat leon 1m? I mean the golf shifter knob also fits on the lseat leon ?
Jordan Moyer (1 год назад)
what if i just want to replace the knob.......
Evren (1 год назад)
If you look carefully at about 1:55. You can see that the replacement knob does not fit properly. The gear stick has special surface to get better grib (the original knob had perfect contact). It will not be as tight as original and it can get out. I wouldn't buy this part as replacement.
Vincent Vega (2 года назад)
Thanks, nice tutorial! I just removed my old shifter and replaced it with a nice GTI shifter.
Γιώργος Βαρδ (2 года назад)
would it fit a Mk1 Octavia?
Wale Akinsefunmi (2 года назад)
Any way I can get that white clamp piece? The new kit I just ordered just git ripped in half by the Mechanic.... I need a clamp please!! Website doesn't have the clamps....
Wale Akinsefunmi (2 года назад)
+Daniel Tillotson I'll give it a try, Thanks!!
Daniel Tillotson (2 года назад)
You could probably find it in almost any plumbing section at a home improvement store
Wale Akinsefunmi (2 года назад)
Wish i would've seen this earlier, bought one without the clamp. Thats what brought me here!!! Awesome video!!
Steve Dossow (2 года назад)
COOL,...you are great!! -GolfMk4Fanatiker-
Desmond Rader (2 года назад)
That little metal piece is called an ear clamp, for anyone who has to replace theirs like me :)
Jeremy Frank (5 месяцев назад)
Thank you!!! I don't feel like buying a new shift know for a clamp
Eazy da Tuga (2 года назад)
is there any diference between knobs for gasoline cars and diesel ?
Fernando pintos sepe (2 года назад)
thanks! you saved me a trip to my mechanic!!
Pete Walker (2 года назад)
ok apart from the damn pop up on bottom right covering part of removal process !
sailortrash55 (2 года назад)
How do i remove the shift knob from the boot itself? Id like to get a custom knob but i cannot seem to separate the two AT ALL! I have the exact same car as you and hopefully you can be of help thanks
Fernando Hernandez (1 год назад)
sailortrash55 were did you buy your shift knob and boot. I am having the same problem and I too want a custom shift knob
sailortrash55 (2 года назад)
Thanks, of course mine was the one that couldn't be taken apart so I bought a new shift boot and knob which I was able to separate this time.
Cody T (2 года назад)
I would hope you figured this out in the last 3 months but for anyone else, Grab some pliers and pull the plastic cylinder INSIDE the boot and the shift knob itself away from eachother, it holds the boot to the knob, and its just a well made pressure hold.
Nick Fury (2 года назад)
Hey Aaron. Looks like your replacement shift knob and boot don't mount as far down the stick as the factory one. Doesn't seem to clamp on the knarled area. Can you confirm this? Could the shift stick be cut down to accomidate this?
David Metzger (2 года назад)
I saw your video on YouTube, went to your website, and bought a shifter boot for my 2006 Volkswagen Jetta 2.5. It was at my door within a few days and the installation was a piece of cake. The black leather and shifter knob look primo in my whip. I'll be ordering other things in the near future. Much appreciated! Thanks.
Oliver Jones (2 года назад)
Great video Just installed my new shifter with help of this ! Thanks so much for posting
benny dewit (2 года назад)
good explenation nice and easy thumbs up
Zibi Stepniakowski (2 года назад)
wrong :) new clips should be squized 2 cm lower :) Is it same techniqe with Ford S-max 2006 ?
EmptySergeant (2 года назад)
For some reason my shift know doesnt have those clips and is wider....
Bacalu IRY (2 года назад)
nice job thx
Kenan Bakin (2 года назад)
It's not seated properly. I just watched this video before doing mine and I screwed it up because I used your video as a reference. Look at where your old knob was sitting and then look at how far down the new knob is (go to 1:11 then compare that to 1:51). It's not all the way seated to the bottom and once you squeeze that clamp you're screwed. You should really update this or put a comment in.
David Gruen (7 месяцев назад)
Kenan Bakin i came here just to confirm that too, I have a mk5 gti but it is essentially the same, I always wonder why the shifter is kind of giving me the feeling that it’s not engaged on the detent, and I remember the dealer did a repair and had to remove the shifter one time, they screwed it up!
Jiří Machovec (7 месяцев назад)
Short shifter upgrade :D
JK Kendall (1 год назад)
Mine seated all the way down when I bopped it. 2002 VW Golf GLS TDI. Works great. My minor complaint is the nipper didn't open wide enough, but found my husband's larger nipper and that worked. Desmond Rader wrote1 year ago "That little metal piece is called an ear clamp, for anyone who has to replace theirs like me :) "
Gail Cottom (1 год назад)
cable tie?
El VAGo (1 год назад)
that's exactly what I noticed first... he clamp it in the wrong place.and not in the "grippy" area where.it suppose to be.
justin beamon (2 года назад)
didn't know it was that easy you guys are awesome
largol33t1 (3 года назад)
Did VW change the shift boot design for the 2015-16 model years? I have an MK 7 GTI. Is the MK 4 design too old to use on it? I find the shifter too small and actually grip it by the neck out of habit.
MrJustrebel (3 года назад)
How do I install just the top gear Knob?
Gabriel Dibble (3 года назад)
Thanks, helped a lot. Unfortunately I did not have End Nipper Pliers but I used large wire cutters with much more effort to remove; it all worked out fine in the end. Your video provided the necessary guidance :)
Carlos Ortiz (3 года назад)
I like It
Wyatt Gross (3 года назад)
Could I put a MK1 shift knob on my MK4 golf?
DanTheBavarian (3 года назад)
so fresh and clean looking, thanks for the vid, helped me out alot
skaterman60 (3 года назад)
Does anyone know if you can put a threaded shift knob adapter on the shaft for an aftermarket shift knob?
Ricer_Corolla (2 года назад)
+skaterman60 Hey can u?, i'm wanting to do the same thing
whoabenji (3 года назад)
Will this fit my car? 2000 vw jetta glx vr6
sergio govani (3 года назад)
I use this on golf 3
Jacob Miranda (3 года назад)
Hey, I have bought a few products, but I was curious if you had any insight on upholstery. My driver side cloth material on my 04 mkIV is starting to "loose stickiness and it falls off exposing the orange insides, Im constantly shoving it back in, damaging the cloth. If you have any videos or DIY tricks I would be great appreciative. I love your simple products and fix its. bless up!
bdog840 (4 месяца назад)
Use 3M general glue adhesive it worked on my headliner that was falling down.
Juan Rangel (3 года назад)
I've been trying to do the same as both of my mk4 door panels and the rear small ones are doing the same. Haven't found a diy on it yet
Valcone89 (4 года назад)
where can i replace the brass clip ?
Taylor Cadiz (4 года назад)
I want that identical shift knob from the mk4  like the one you just showed .. will that fit on my mk3 98 jetta vr6? thanks
FixMyVW.com by AARodriguez (4 года назад)
I'm sorry, it will not fit your car.
meowmeow (4 года назад)
Thank you for the video.
Mahmoud Noureldeen (4 года назад)
question does this fit the seat ibiza mk3 2002 ??
javier portillo (4 года назад)
Can you use a regular clamp instead of the N nipper clamp?
FixMyVW.com by AARodriguez (4 года назад)
Kingofheavyweights (4 года назад)
Not into vw but damn that was quick and easy haha
JonnieLahti (4 года назад)
in what model can i find this particular leather steeringwheel?
FixMyVW.com by AARodriguez (4 года назад)
JonnieLahti (4 года назад)
+FixMyVW.com by AARodriguez looks really nice :)
FixMyVW.com by AARodriguez (4 года назад)
The previous owner wrapped the stock wheel in leather
buncha1gays (4 года назад)
Do you guys have the shift boot and knob that has a larger diameter hole? I bought one of these and the hole was waaaay too small
FixMyVW.com by AARodriguez (4 года назад)
No, we don't have a larger sized hole, are you in Australia?
Michael M (4 года назад)
I just purchased the Shifter boot from you for my 2006 Jetta TDI, great video man. Thanks for what you do.
Johnathan Muneshwar (4 года назад)
Will the shift knob and boot for my 2001 passat come with everything I need from your site, including clamp?
Johnathan Muneshwar (4 года назад)
+FixMyVW.com by AARodriguez yes, I've taken mine out and I see the clamp similar to the one shown in this video
FixMyVW.com by AARodriguez (4 года назад)
No, but we do have Passat shift boots, are you sure your's has a clamp?  Some screw on with no clamp.
Johnathan Muneshwar (4 года назад)
+FixMyVW.com by AARodriguez
Kami (4 года назад)
is that rlly mk4?
Austin Hawthorne (4 года назад)
my mk4 came with leather stock 
FixMyVW.com by AARodriguez (4 года назад)
+iKearGunz Eh, no, that's a tan cloth seat
Kami (4 года назад)
+FixMyVW.com by AARodriguez so he converted his car seat to leather? Is that possible damn?
FixMyVW.com by AARodriguez (4 года назад)
Yes it is, a 2004 Golf TDI
DrjerzMusic (4 года назад)
What is that clamp called and where could I buy another one? I want to keep the old boot and knob just in case something happens to the new one I purchased
saralfc6 (4 года назад)
Thanks for this vid. Gonna try it on my polo :)
Valentin Faurescu (5 лет назад)
you should do something about that door panel; it looks terrible!
bdog840 (4 месяца назад)
VW used some type of rubberized coating on the door panels and the dash that peels off over time and you get wear marks.
Alexander B. (5 лет назад)
Looking for shorter shift stick for VW Jetta mk5--Do you know where I can find one? Do they sell them anywhere, or do I need to modify my existing one? Thanks.
Thomas Kendrick (5 лет назад)
JR (5 лет назад)
Could this shifter fit in my 95' vw cabrio?
luis cacho (5 лет назад)
FixMyVW.com by AARodriguez (5 лет назад)
Yes, you can buy it at home depot in the plumbing department
supra twinturbo (5 лет назад)
hey , is it possible to buy only the ``clamp`` because i would like to keep my old shifter (still in great condition , looks good) and to change the leather only and i saw in ur video that u need to break up that little ``clamp`` so i would need another 1 u know ... and if yes , can u tell me where can i buy that thing
Omid ZMD (5 лет назад)
thanks it was a great video. It really helped me
Florin Duduta (5 лет назад)
oau that was quick THX buddy
BigRyGuy04 (5 лет назад)
Then buy it?
BigRyGuy04 (5 лет назад)
Any ideas where to pick up those end-nipper pliers? I've never seen them anywhere.
BigRyGuy04 (5 лет назад)
The $125 part he's referring to is the entire console below the ashtray. Read first. It usually helps ;)
BMAC VAGS (5 лет назад)
I would say the gear selector or linkage
István Kovács (5 лет назад)
yes it will be good. :)
Gabriel Gagné (5 лет назад)
not at all because the owner could of just change the shift knob and look like the car has not been beaten up when in reality it has.. I suggest taking the car to a garage and have it checked out. its worth the money trust me
illskill3 (5 лет назад)
what if i want a different brand boot and knob?
Frederick Tambunan (5 лет назад)
I love ECS Tuning <3
Ionut (5 лет назад)
Hi, I'm searching for a used car. Does a worn shift knob reflect if the cars has been beaten up?
frank lopez (5 лет назад)
Help! My 2004 gti vr6. Dash display don't work. Everything works but the screen you know gas mpg and temperature. Can you help?
FixMyVW.com by AARodriguez (5 лет назад)
Who sells it for $125? That's crazy.
rzorNvme (5 лет назад)
I don't want to be a jerk but ECS tuning has the exact same one for $48. What with the $125 not cool.
Travis Vu (5 лет назад)
hey rodriguez, could you please make a DIY clutch change on a vr6 12v mk4 gti?
FixMyVW.com by AARodriguez (5 лет назад)
I don't know, sorry
Jan (5 лет назад)
Would it fit on Skoda Octavia mk1?
jarr5648 (6 лет назад)
Ok thanks.. Keep up the good wrk...
FixMyVW.com by AARodriguez (6 лет назад)
We're sold out right now, but our website normally sells them for $125 shipped anywhere in the USA
jarr5648 (6 лет назад)
How about that hole plastic deal dats under the shitter that wraps around? I broke while trying to get under the ashtray and lighter. Where can I get that?
jarr5648 (6 лет назад)
Cool I needed that lol
SuperGator69 (6 лет назад)
I bet the stock part is $450 at the dealer...
Marcelo Silva (6 лет назад)

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