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10 Surprising Benefits Of Carom Seeds (ajwain) For Hair, Skin & Health

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10 Surprising Benefits Of Carom Seeds (ajwain) For Hair, Skin & Health https://youtu.be/-foyBRhM1G8 Chew on some carom seeds. Apart from treating an upset stomach, it also has many other health benefits. It can either be consumed raw or in powdered form. Include carom seeds in your daily diet plan along with other herbs for reaping best benefits. Carom seeds are also known as Bishop’s weed. 1. Acidity: Mix one tablespoon of carom seeds with one tablespoon of cumin seeds. Consume them on a daily basis with some ginger powder. This natural remedy is the best way to cure indigestion problems. 2. Constipation: Carom seeds are the best remedy to cure digestion related problems. Hence, it can also help you to get rid of constipation. Carom seeds don’t have any side effects. 3. Kidney disorder: Carom seeds are very essential to cure kidney stones. They can also be useful to treat and reduce the pain due to kidney disorders. 4. Asthma: Consuming carom seeds with warm water give instant relief from cold and expel a cough and mucus from the body. It is also useful for treating bronchitis and asthma. It can be consumed with jaggery twice a day. 5. Liver and kidney: Drink ajwain water for curing intestinal pain caused because of indigestion and infection. This herb is also very beneficial for curing liver and kidney malfunctions. 6. Mouth problems: Carom seeds have been proven to cure tooth pain. Floss your mouth with one part of clove oil, one part of carom oil and water for treating toothache, bad odor, and decay. It is the best and effective way to maintain oral hygiene. 7. Diarrhea: Carom seed is a natural remedy to cure dysentery or diarrhea. Boil a handful of carom seeds in one glass of water. Cool and strain this to consume twice a day. This is an orthodox remedy to cure indigestion and dysentery. 8. Viral Infections: Combine yogurt with carom seeds powder. Applying this paste on face for a whole night can help to lighten acne scars. Wash it with lukewarm water in the morning for best results. 9. Piles: Mix dried pomegranate flowers, poppy seeds, and dried neem leaves. Consume this mixture with milk twice a day during bleeding piles. Drinking buttermilk with carom seeds powder and rock salt after lunch/dinner is useful for minimizing the condition. 10. Heals pain: Mix carom seeds, onion seeds, fenugreek seeds with about isabgol. Grind them all and consume 1 tbsp of this powder every day in the morning. Consume this on an empty stomach for best and positive results. THANKS FOR WATCHING MY VIDEO. SUBSCRIBE MY CHANNEL FOR MORE VIDEOS. SOURCE:www.stylecraze.com -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Best Ways to Getting Rid Of Lizards From Your Homes" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GqBsMftIelk -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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