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How long is pharmacy tech school? Step by Step Guide

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How long is pharmacy tech school? http://pharmacyschool.us/2016/05/09/how-long-is-pharmacy-tech-school/ Meet John. He is interested in becoming a pharmacy technician. Most pharmacy technician schools last about 2 semesters. The programs are often a combination of several different learning environments. In those 2 semesters, here is what you will be learning: First Semester: Retail Pharmacy - You will learn about different aspects of pharmacy such as pharmacy law, medications, and the prescription filling process. - You will also learn basic pharmacy calculations used in all settings of pharmacy. - The first semester will be mostly didactic learning and hands-on experience in the pharmacy lab. Second Semester: Hospital Pharmacy - You will learn aseptic technique which is used to make I.V. medications in the hospital. - You will also learn how to fill crash carts and other medication cabinets that are located all through-out hospitals. - During this semester, there will be didactic training, hands-on training in the pharmacy lab, as well as a pharmacy technician externship. This should give you a fairly accurate representation of how long is pharmacy tech school, and what you can expect to learn while you are there. For a compressive list, visit our website or follow the link in the description. Brought to you by: http://pharmacyschool.us
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