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Purdue Pharma’s extraordinary success story explained.

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06/26/2018 - How a small family-owned drug company rose to a billion-dollar giant and changed the landscape of pain. Links: The Palm Beach Post's investigation: https://heroin.palmbeachpost.com/ Driving the Oxy Express: https://apps.mypalmbeachpost.com/oxyexpress/ Purdue and Oxy: https://heroin.palmbeachpost.com/purdue-pharma-plants-seeds-of-opioid-epidemic/ DEA Failure: https://heroin.palmbeachpost.com/rudy-giuliani-dea-free-flow-of-oxy/ Oxy Nation: https://heroin.palmbeachpost.com/how-florida-spread-oxycodone-across-america/ The History of Heroin: https://heroin.palmbeachpost.com/history-of-heroin/ No Methadone: https://heroin.palmbeachpost.com/methadone-clinics-florida-hinders-help-for-heroin-addiction/ Heroin Ablaze: https://heroin.palmbeachpost.com/florida-cuts-off-oxycodone-death-devastation-follow/ El Chapo: https://heroin.palmbeachpost.com/el-chapo-saw-heroin-coming-changed-his-business-model/ Flawed Numbers: https://heroin.palmbeachpost.com/how-bad-is-heroin-crisis-bad-numbers-mean-no-one-even-knows/ Deadly Switch: https://heroin.palmbeachpost.com/oxycodone-to-heroin-they-made-deadly-switch/
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Irish Tino (6 месяцев назад)
Excellent. I worked in sales for one of the "big three" pharma companies in 1995. I had a guy approach me, probably in 1996 who wanted to recruit me for Purdue. I was a national "star" at that time. Long and short, I did my homework and decided that I didn't want to be a dope dealer. My area was hospital antibiotics. Shortly thereafter I left pharma, it is a sleazy cesspool, as everyone was telling me when I got into it.
ken james (6 месяцев назад)
This video should get at least 1 Trillion Views! You now should do a video on the Billions of Dollars the Healthcare industry will earn from the Disease by Design (Addiction). The Doctors get paid to Addict the patient and now get paid to manage the Lifetime disease of the patient. The MONEY is on the back end not the front end!

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