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McCutcheon vs. FEC

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C Smith (4 года назад)
Google "American Legislative Exchange Council", or "ALEC is evil" and decide for yourselves if the influence of corporations on American politics is good or bad for the American people.
Jeremy Whiteside (4 года назад)
ummmmm. i like what's being said..... but are we not a republic?
gummybear100 (4 года назад)
One of the few honest politicians in America.
jshow403 (4 года назад)
Joey Sh. (4 года назад)
Why are those annoying Asians in the background laughing when he says millions of Americans are suffering. Disrespectful tourists.... Get off your phones and have some respect
Thamer Alghanem (4 года назад)
انجبو كافي سربتة
QuantumBunk (4 года назад)
This was originally a REPUBLIC then when the U.S. became a corporate democracy in 1871 we got royally f'd by England once again!!! This guy is nothing but a shill, an agent for trillionaires, who wants to keep the ball in the hands of the trillionaires & he's depending on people being stupid, not understanding what he's saying!! "DEMOCRACY!!" Ha!!! Indeed!!! He knows he's mind f'ing people by using that word!!! Hitler was democratic!!! (Cont'd above)
QuantumBunk (4 года назад)
This is complete b.s. because all he's saying is we're going to take the ball away from one set of billionaires & give it to another set of billionaires!!! For freakin' God sakes it's been in the hands of trillionaires for the past 100 years!!! This nation was NOT founded on a 'democracy,' & this asshole knows it!!! He's using that word so subtly mind fck people!!! (Con'd above)
Kristoff Bjorgman 87 (4 года назад)
You know that line originally originated from the John Birth Society back in the 50's.
outbacktrek (4 года назад)
<3 democratism notRepublicanism. Republicanism is aristocracy aka Feudalism. Profit is greed when cokeHeads can grow Oligarchism aka Monarchism or oneWay rightWingNuts rule... thxBernie
Wobblie 450 (4 года назад)
Here in Quebec, Canada, someone can't give more then 100$ to a political party every year.
Ron Brown (4 года назад)
I love you Bernie but if the mandate is not removed from the health care act I have to side with those that feel the same way. This mandate is wrong and you know it.
Douglas J. O'Brien (4 года назад)
One Dollar....One Vote!! Give'em hell Bernie!

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