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5 signs that your kidney is in Danger

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Kidneys are really important for your body to function properly. Their function is to detoxify and clean the system by filtering 100-150 quarts blood on a daily basis. Kidneys also control the electrolytes in our body and regulate blood pressure. 5 signs that your kidney is in Danger Pain If you suffer from pain in the upper back, where the kidneys are located, they might be in danger, and you might have kidney stones. Skin Rash If there is extra amount of fluids in the body it will end up with skin rashes and kidney diseases. Fatigue When the function of the kidneys is good , they naturally produce a hormone known as EPO. Which creates more blood cells and transports the oxygen all around the body. Deficiency of red blood cells in smaller quantities is manifested with fatigue in the muscles. Changes in urine If the color of the urine is dark, foamy, or pale, and if you experience issues while urinating, your kidneys do not work properly. Metallic Mouth Taste If the blood waste accumulates in the body, it leads to bad breath and taste in the mouth. If you experience these signs, you should change your dietary habits, increase the antioxidant intake, and take supplements. Thanks for watching Keep supporting us! If you want more tips, subscribe to our channel!
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