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Top Home Remedies for Asthma

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Learn more about the top home remedies for asthma here: https://draxe.com/asthma-natural-remedies/?utm_campaign=Live-Mar-2017&utm_medium=social&utm_source=youtube&utm_term=asthma Asthma is a condition characterized by difficulty breathing and narrowing of the airways leading to the lungs (including the nose, nasal passageways, mouth and larynx). Asthma is a type of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and is also related to allergies, whether seasonal/environmental or food-related. A characteristic of asthma is that symptoms tend to occur suddenly in response to stimuli that irritate the immune system and air passageways, which is described as having an asthma “attack.” In this episode of Ancient Medicine Today, I share home remedies for asthma, including foods to consume, foods to avoid, supplements to take and essential oils to use in order to reduce “attacks” and help you overcome asthma. Subscribe to my channel for more natural health remedies! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DrJoshAxe/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drjoshaxe/ Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/draxe/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/drjoshaxe --------------------------------------------------------------- Want more? Sign up to get the Dr. Axe Food Is Medicine e-newsletter, sent out a few times a week: https://draxe.com/subscribe-to-newsletter/ *This content is strictly the opinion of Dr. Josh Axe, and is for informational and educational purposes only. It is not intended to provide medical advice or to take the place of medical advice or treatment from a personal physician. All viewers of this content are advised to consult their doctors or qualified health professionals regarding specific health questions. Neither Dr. Axe nor the publisher of this content takes responsibility for possible health consequences of any person or persons reading or following the information in this educational content. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.
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Fitness & Friends ,with Barb (17 часов назад)
eating organic,most cannot afford
Carol Garvin (9 дней назад)
Ditch dairy and all meat. It worked like a charm.
Mushtaq Ahmad (18 дней назад)
Thanks so much very good advice God bless you helpings the people lots of good people
belle mcellis (1 месяц назад)
Richard Friedel (3 месяца назад)
Dear Dr. Axe. Mouth breathing promotes asthma by preventing normal lip closure pressure. I dramatically cured my asthma by lip pressure. Pressing lips together normally is the enemy of asthma. You can test this by finger pressure on a lip, which opens up lung airways by acupressure. This makes sense. Lip pressure is so important for love and the martial arts as well as asthma
Lady UnPlugged (4 месяца назад)
Cauliflower has zero benefits thats why its white and garlic is toxic. Dr.Sabi world renouned herbalist.
Lady UnPlugged (4 месяца назад)
I was looking for something for right now...here are 2 example. Black coffee and peppermint oil
What you eat has nothing to do with asthma it's because it's what you breathe
C Jev (4 месяца назад)
I find ice or ice lollies help reduce the irritation the throat and chest. I haven’t been diagnosed with asthma but have started with a tickling inside my trachea when I breath in. This reduced significantly when I ate something cold. I now freeze fruit juice, made at home.
Shawn Dreben (5 месяцев назад)
Dr Axe, Can the essential oil's you mentioned be used topically with a carrier oil/diffused with a five-year-old child? Also, I've seen a lot of videos on Raw milk being good for children with asthma. Any comments would be wonderful. Thank you.
Chris Jones (5 месяцев назад)
Smoking eases my asthma
Bopanna KB (5 месяцев назад)
Lemon allergies is one of the causes of Asthma, hence stop endorsing lemon as a treatment to Asthma
Love 4 Hair (6 месяцев назад)
Natural Remedies are the best, I am a believer.,
Love 4 Hair (6 месяцев назад)
As a child around 10-13 , I use to have bad attacks. But as growing up in the West Indies, people in Natu4al remedieis becuase they have no choice. ! My Mom made this nasty Concotion, which include som so ion in the wild and other herb and boil it. It was the most nasty thing I have ever tasted. But from that time I never got any attacks. It disappeared. But now in my late 30s I am trying to exercise and I feel like I have exercise induce asthma. So upsetting the tightness.
Derrick Martinez (6 месяцев назад)
You list so many things to do...are we supposed to do all of them? Or some ? How should we approach this Dr axe?
Derrick Martinez (6 месяцев назад)
EPA & DHA Omega 3
Dejan Jankov (6 месяцев назад)
Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else is searching for asthma cure try Jaffacter Prevent Asthma Coach ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my neighbor got cool results with it.
Mayumi Ichikawa (6 месяцев назад)
Can I use essential oil with my nebulizer machine? How many drop should I add in the medication cup? Thank you doctor
Annie Min (7 месяцев назад)
Thank you. Took a long time to write down every single word you said. I always was wondering why am I still getting worse with tons of medications putting into my body. Those Asthma medication are so so so expensive,too. Now I understand why!, OMG...!!
jay love (9 месяцев назад)
thanks for the info asthma been killing me lately👍
Dorothy Kelley (9 месяцев назад)
I can appreciate all this information but there is no follow up to those asking questions...Trying to treat yourself with herbal treatments as such, can be very challenging as well as maybe dangerous...To attempt natural health remedies find a Naturopath Chiropractor Doctor...Sad thing is Insurance will not pay for these treatments and it is very expensive...
Naomi Hart (9 месяцев назад)
Thanks for the informations
DrVanz (10 месяцев назад)
Great i have asthma and is allergic to seafood it makes me itchy.
Slavko Slavkovic (10 месяцев назад)
I'm investigating top cure for asthma and found a fantastic resource at Laken chest remedy (google it if you are interested)
sarahi dominguez (11 месяцев назад)
go vegan, watch www.whatthehealthfilm.com or on netflix , dairy has pus and casein, and beef and chicken and pork has a lot of antibiotics , and a lot of chemicals that prevent animals to get sick but they dont study the consequences that people have on the long term , eat beans, lentils, chickpeas and so on
sarahi dominguez (11 месяцев назад)
go vegan, adopt a pant based diet
allenknap1 (11 месяцев назад)
You might want to look at the discovery M.I.T. prof. Brian Peskin made that is now proven not a theory anymore. on youtube boulderfest 1-5 when you say fish oil yea! turns out it's not good for you. Not a put down. I know you usually know what you are talking about, just not this time. keep up the good work
pepper pumkin (1 год назад)
Should I walk in the cold while hard trouble breathing ?
Slavica Rakic (1 год назад)
Shevan Shevan (1 год назад)
Dose honey make asthma worse for kids
Ganesh Arvin (1 год назад)
Hello Dr. Axe.. Thank you so much for the very useful information. I thought I'd ask you, I've adopted your diet, but I still consume rice as my carbohydrates source, I've read somewhere that grains can cause phlegm build up, please advice me on this matter. Thank you doctor :)
Mitch Malinis (1 год назад)
how about soya milk?is it ok to drink?
Mainawatie Sahiboe. (1 год назад)
😷Asthma 😷 please stay away from people's smoking area 🤓 I have lost meny friends🙄😥 because day choose for sigrets(now goodbye!!!!!🐴Dhen 🖓) Too bad for dhem and🤗 positively for mayn healthcare I am my myself 🌹⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘ I choose for my zelf 🐍 Meditation is the best way Teak Cear Thank U🌼🍀🌼🍀 ↪P.S. I don't just nooo medication only healty food🤗 and olso drinks healthcare↩
Sybil Hi (1 год назад)
Black seed oil works for asthma
Lady UnPlugged (4 месяца назад)
Sybil Hi i plan on trying some asap. Do u know this personally did it work for u?
kamal Bardia (1 год назад)
Consuming fruits,vegetables,grains are good for preventing life threatening diseases like heart;stroke,BP,blood sugar,kidney etc. Same also applies to dangerous Ashtma. So we should consume more above items to prevent Asthma.Taking sun shine daily and drinking fluid and water will give us great relief. Jay Hind.
listen to the best music
Jody Hakala (1 год назад)
Thank you for stressing dairy and the TCM aspect!!! Fantastic! Also a shiatsu will help so much, lung 7! Acupressure and damp relieving MOXA, mobxabustion treatment.
M.R. B. (1 год назад)
thank you dr axe u da best
Indigenous Chippewa (1 год назад)
I cured mine by using herbs. I make a concoction of mixed herbs and grind them into a power and take them in capsules twice a day along with drinking the herbs as a tea. I also got rid of the mucus build up in my body first. I'm kind of a vegetarian but with low intake of fish and seafood. No dairy, low grains and pasta, no eggs, no salt and sugar. I've come of my singular only after about 30 days.
Celebrity beauty tips (6 месяцев назад)
Which herbs u using ?
InstinctiveTV (1 год назад)
Thank You Dr. Josh Axe It helps me very much
AllHail Doge (1 год назад)
How does he do this in one cut?
lct7192000 (1 год назад)
I like to boil lemon and orange peel to make my house smell good. Does anyone know if just boiling it will give me those benefits that Dr. Axe mentions and about how much peel to water ratio should I use?
Peaceful Flower (1 год назад)
I have asthma and started this diet 2 days ago I will let you know how everything goes
Peaceful Flower (1 год назад)
I'm feeling better than before. I have less shortness of breath, and I'm taking less prednisone now. I'm feeling a lot lot better than before and I'm continuing with the healthy diet. I take a omega -3 supplement everyday because it's not easy to find wild caught fish where I live and I take a garlic supplement everyday because I don't like how the raw garlic tastes. I'm also taking Vitamin C, N-Acetyl Cystine, Vitamin B complex, ginger and oregano supplements because they help with asthma. Everyday when I come home from work I drink a cup of warm chicken bone broth. I feel better because I could walk up the stairs and have a little shortness of breath but before I couldn't breath at all and had to stop for several minutes to catch my breath, now when I walk up lots of stairs I just stop for a few seconds to catch my breath. The good thing is I haven't had any asthma attacks ever since I started this diet before I've had 4 asthma attacks which landed me in the hospital and during my 4th asthma attack I was in the emergency room for 1 day and in ICU for 3 days. I could say this diet is working if you have asthma give it a try and you will see results in 2 -3 weeks.
عبد الحكيم صيدلي (1 год назад)
And how you feeling?
615venus (1 год назад)
My mother believed in holistic medicines. She cured my asthma with a concoction she made out of onions, garlic, raw honey, and lemon. She made a type of antibiotic/cough syrup out of those ingredients and I had 1tsp three times per day every day. I didn't have a single attack for six years.
R kaur (2 месяца назад)
Please share recipe, as my younger daughter is also suffering
tauresa ttauresa (1 год назад)
615venus what is the recipe? thanks
Draconis 99 (1 год назад)
Is it ok to vape "Organic Pepermint oil" for Asthma? Dr. Axe?
Gbjklo james kel (1 год назад)
Awesome video Thank's Dr.
Edna serrano (1 год назад)
Thank you as of now I have an attack I am using my inhaler
Nilesh Trivedi (1 год назад)
any food for veg vegan instead fish oil
Always Inspirating (1 год назад)
hey Doc. My grand daughter is 2 has bronchial pulmonary dysplasia because she was born at 28 wk. 5 days, never intubated. She just got dx. with ashtma as well. Is it still safe to use those oils on her chest etc. daily or how. I am trying to help things go along. She has reflux meds she takes daily and allergy med along with flovent inhaler daily , albuterol as needed. Did know if the oils would have reactions to daily medications or future added items as well.
kamal Bardia (1 год назад)
kids need more vitamin D for absorption of calcium.God Sun provides this free of cost. In my opinion,she needs more sunshine.God bless her.
debbie fuentes (1 год назад)
I need a essential oil for bad allergies please thanks
Rashida Newbill (1 год назад)
Thanks so much for the video and taking the time to inform us asthmatics
StephyNicole (1 год назад)
awesome video! :)
Martin Lzsky (1 год назад)
I'm studying treating asthma naturally and found a fantastic resource at Laken chest remedy (look it up on google)
sclyejt ly (1 год назад)
thank you!
Apple Pie (1 год назад)
make a video on high prolactin levels in women.. how to cure it with diet etc... plzzzz ☺
tauresa ttauresa (1 год назад)
get your pituitary gland checked ASAP
Tina (1 год назад)
Wow I have that too... pituitary tumor?
niqcole lombardo (1 год назад)
Ester C 500 or 1000 mg can help instantly if your having an asthma attack it opens air ways and eases inflammation shortly after taking. Honey and almonds help.
Pennies From Heaven (1 год назад)
please go vegan Dr Axe. Thank you.
Katrina Jade (2 месяца назад)
No puppy vegan that is so wrong
Pennies From Heaven (1 год назад)
cool story bro. lol
DidiNYC (1 год назад)
everybody can handle being told that. Why you think I'm crying is not quite sure... If I disagree with your suggestion that "everybody should please dump meat, fish and products thereof" is not crying, it is stating that I disagree with vegans who try to enforce their "save the planet, save the animals" ideology. Are you trying to say that if a random person disagrees with what another person is proposing then the person who disagrees and voices their opinion is crying? They simply disagree and they voice their opinion.
Pennies From Heaven (1 год назад)
to be honest you could tell me to go die of ass cancer and I would still be laughing at you ;)
Pennies From Heaven (1 год назад)
Oh no, I don't think I could handle your thinking me an idiot! Nooo please! Anything but that! LOL #crymoreplease
7E (1 год назад)
Make a video for bodybuilders.
DJYAD19 (1 год назад)
Fish doesn't contain omega 3 EPA & DHA actually. Omega 3 EPA & DHA comes from root of micro algae in which fish is eating it.This type Algae is more advanced & has no name for it. It is different than the chlorella & spirulina. All health stores should bring in of this type algae & make it supplement or oil form which contains omega 3. It is the best alternative to fish oil because if you boycott fish oil, you're contributing healthy environment in the sea and prevent overfishing which has chance to feed population over the world..
biopqq (1 год назад)
DJYAD19 algal oil
Carrie Johnson (1 год назад)
Wonderful information about home remedies for Asthma, I learned a lot and thanks Dr. Axe!
chrisinthehoussse (1 год назад)
how about a video on sprouting/germinating foods to remove phytic acid?
Jojo Jojoba (1 год назад)
Hey Dr. Axe! Could you do an Ancient Medicine video on heart health? Thanks so much for spreading your knowledge. It is greatly appreciated! 🙏
Amy Burke (1 год назад)
I'm a near fatal asthmatic. Removed grain dairy and went keto. Off all meds
MilitanT07 (9 месяцев назад)
Mr.023439 _c (1 год назад)
A vegan diet isn't for everyone. But still vegies are great! Raw Keto for life!
LordOfHaste (1 год назад)
Chris Gregoire (1 год назад)
nothing works better than pot for me....im just say'n
Master Of Skills (1 год назад)
are you an actual doctor I need evidence
LordOfHaste (1 год назад)
BelieverinChrist (1 год назад)
I cannot have any essential oils diffused, it triggers my asthma. but I love the peppermint oil on my arthritic joints....
Myriam M (1 год назад)
Hi,I will like to have an answer to my question maybe you can make a video about this subject. my husband was diagnosed with sleep apnea few months ago, right now his using cpap machine at night but ones in a wile he gets like eye or sinus infection maybe I don't know what it is exactly, he wakes up with swelen eye and sinus pain on his let side. is there any ancient remedy to cure that? I beleave in natural healing and ancient medicine. Thank you.
K King (1 год назад)
Where can I get Radiation Free Salmon?
Kyle Fuller (1 год назад)
Lol, nearly anywhere that's 18 miles out from Fukushima.
Cheryl Mackmer (1 год назад)
you say chew a raw garlic,,, I cannot. If I put raw garlic in my mouth the membrane inside my mouth swells.
Khai pi (1 год назад)
Jill Herbert Eat with foods.
Cheryl Mackmer (1 год назад)
Jill I can use it if it is cooked, just not raw.
Jill Herbert (1 год назад)
Cheryl Mackmer I am allergic to garlic.... sounds like you are too... causes a bunch of unpleasant symptoms in me.
Staci B (1 год назад)
Careful about the seafood you consume from the pacific
Indigenous Chippewa (1 год назад)
Staci B I thought we should stay away from the Atlantic Ocean?
Staci B (1 год назад)
+Heck Fricker radiation from fuku
Heck Fricker (1 год назад)
Hi, Why careful about seafood from the Pacific?
jg2cats (1 год назад)
What can you use as a substitute for coconut oil? I'm allergic to coconut. 😒
tina pedirn (1 год назад)
Excellent thank you. Much needed and will share
biopqq (1 год назад)
Hey Dr Axe, love what you guys do. I have Asthma and complications thereof. I have found relief through hyperbaric oxygen treatment. I performed twenty-four treatments in a span of eight weeks. Three treatments a week for one hour at 1.5 to 2 times atmospheric pressure.
.period (4 месяца назад)
biopqq eat some damn veggies and fruit !
AD4L - Thug (1 год назад)
Isn't Lavender an estrogen mimicker, just like Soy plants?? In men, couldn't it could make them grow female breast tissue??
Diane B (1 год назад)
Thank you I needed this. 👍🏼
Kay Lilia (1 год назад)

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