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Somebody Once Told Me (2 года назад)
the u-238 in the gilbert energy lab probably wasnt the most dangerous isotope there, it was probably the Po-210
Daddy Yankee (2 года назад)
h d dhjsjd
Jasmine Johnston (2 года назад)
They may not be real weapons, but the bang cap guns produce is a real explosion caused by a tiny hammer striking a dot of explosive powder!
M'aiq The Liar (2 года назад)
lonesomepoetxi (2 года назад)
Building a nuke in your back yard . What could possibly go wrong .
:Rx: Symbalmad (2 года назад)
Joey (2 года назад)
New Videos every 2 days?
Gloomy Fish (2 года назад)
We had pogo balls in my primary school's playground... I always wondered how no one was getting into accidents XD But I liked them because they reminded me of Saturn and I had a strange obsession with that planet when I was a kid....
kitkat1152003 (2 года назад)
Cool bro
David Salganicoff (2 года назад)
how many subs did u loose when ur channel got deleted
clarissa paulo (2 года назад)
MATTY KING (2 года назад)
jaxon hartsfield (2 года назад)
2nd commet
jaxon hartsfield (2 года назад)
+Lil Shrimp01 lol
Lil Shrimp01 (2 года назад)
+jaxon hartsfield This is the first comment to a comment.
Mr.sausages (2 года назад)

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