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UF Health Surgeon Gives Baby Born with Half a Heart a Fighting Chance for Survival

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Mauricio Hernandez and his wife Martiza de Jesus share their story of hope after an ultrasound reveled their child has hypoplastic left heart syndrome. Alachua American Heart Association Honors Mark Bleiweis UF Health Congenital Heart Center Director Mark Bleiweis, MD, was the 2015 honoree at the Alachua American Heart Association Heart Ball. Bleiweis was honored for his work at UF Health and caring for some of the sickest babies and children in Florida and across the country affected by congenital and acquired heart disease. “Dr. Bleiweis is a gifted surgeon,” said F. Jay Fricker, MD, medical director for the UF Health Congenital Heart Center, and a member of the search committee that selected Bleiweis in 2005. “In more than four decades in pediatric cardiology, I have never experienced any cardiovascular surgeon who is technically better. He is always available to his patients and their families. Dr. Bleiweis is deserving of this honor. I will be forever indebted to him for coming to UF Health and allowing me to experience the miracles that happen in our hospital every day.”
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sayantani das (9 месяцев назад)
such an adorable baby..I hope he is all right now...
Shay Lexus (2 года назад)
My brother wished for a sister and here i am :)

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