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Why the Media Isn't Covering Citizens United

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A vast majority of Americans of all political persuasions want to overturn Citizens United. So why isn't the mainstream media talking abou it? For more information on the stories we've covered visit our websites at thomhartmann.com - freespeech.org - and RT.com. You can also watch tonight's show on Hulu - at Hulu.com/THE BIG PICTURE and over at The Big Picture YouTube page. And - be sure to check us out on Facebook and Twitter!
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Bill Dolbow (1 год назад)
low information independents? I am independent because the Dems are corrupt and I'm not sold on the Republicans. because of the information I know I am an independent. fuck this 2 party no choice bullshit
Bob Beckel (2 года назад)
I guess this is the new news, where a guy, instead of investigating, chews on his glasses while he concocts some fantasy.
beatriz viacava-goulet (2 года назад)
trumpy's...hill's trick...his vp her in pants plus...gary's vp....hang with hill...dem flip rep flip and now libertarian... Bush family and another to support 1000% to both parties....and the chess game continues.... Funnel your concerns with the green party can vote or not help anyway u can... fighting for all not just the few make the global cry and hope for change a reality......OPEN THE DEBATES!....our voices OUR CHOICES!!! Time to help evolve humanity not keep oppressing it! ....w w w. j i l l 2 0 1 6. c o m join for peace of mind for your love ones forever now! not later the truly alternative plan to check...join...hiring common sense and honest people and share the wisdom... 🌠✌🌎 Dr. Jill Stein check her Facebook page check out mine..for peace with peace in peace! The only doer working for and by the people and the planet...for your and all peace of mind in all concerns all of them!
LightWatch (2 года назад)
"LOW information voting independents" ???? That ruined your credibility.
Brett Marshall (2 года назад)
Wait a minute! The tax on tea was put in place by the British government. In favor of one company, the East India Company! The protest was AGAINST the government favoring one company! Not the company itself. This guy is either lying or is ignorant. If the government didn't take action that favored ONE company, there would never been a tea party in the first place! How can guy be so wrong?
American freedom is based on orivate capitalization just the way it proves it by the characteristics of the very Federal Reserve of hers. Billionaires for mainstream Americans is no matter whether they proact in politics or military sectors or both... Society's dynamics are fluid and alive in the very republican perspective USA has been established on according to the principles and the dreams of America asserts and puts forward. Russian oligarchy along with some British and Jewish oligarchy wants to penetrate as if still Russins are socilaists like the French or the Canadians. It as-if is.. in the way that.. opposing Jewish oligarchy would bring freedom and wealth.. in fact it is their global war where the very very critical ad fluid stances of ot is on Europe but what you represent on this video is the part of it on USA and AMERICAS. Let me tell you something.. a two albums by GNR and one by Metallica blows you and your all history in the US and you cannot insidiously broadcast a liitle of what you perform again eternally. You are beating the deadhorse and asking Jesus to teach you revive the dead.. lest all those that rae dust and bones include the lions' ruins too.. And Jesus if you insist will give it but sealing and initiating the very end of you for it when the lions are revived you will get your end along with those dead horses and donkeys and that lion will also die because of the desease those animals embodied. No anarchist on earth has gained peace at all... all and all is firs terror and bloodshed. After fears oppressoin on multitudes.. then taken down by the very crowd that before kings suffered because of! WHERE WILD THINGS ARE..METALLICA.. TAKE A LISTEN AND RESIST THE HURRY AND AXIETY THE DEVIL CASTS BY ARROGANCE OF THE INSANE MINDLESS LEADERS.
Who can say that Boston Tea Party was not an anti-imperial action? America's history is based on that opposition against illicit kingdom stances and kingdoms and slave barons abusing the fairness of those who can and could comprehend even better than those who were well read or aducated.. The Rusian imperial Char sems to call you out for a lie over the whole American history of all times! So then it is when Mr. Merrick Garland opposes that thing called Citizens United.. that would be well lawful and in the very True American terms. ...The problem is when you do not want one trust or a holding not to abuse the society you show an address that is more destablizing and being from another inappropriate location that by fairness deservers crucial apprehensions of people. This is based on your anarchistic mentality that abolishes any roots only for the sake of a very short winded benefiting politics based on material gains and the meaninglesssness of humankind -due to anarchistic manners- at an overall case that whatever might come down.. no root.. no Archeus.. lies lies lies.. so then even nothing wrong.. Your Char Makes Up A 7 STARS HOTEL CALIFORNIA.. ...Russia sold californication during communist and anarchists era and were common in imperialism with the British since long and now these Russian so called citizens are about to abolish all the freedom backgrounds of All America by way af talking in terms that Americans Soldiers Were Not Fond Of Just Some Tea Companies But TODAYYYYY They'd Love To Have Some Russian Invasional Slavery Just The Way They In Fact Had Loved Slavery During Boston Tea Party.. Todayyyyy.. RUSSIA TODAYYYYY!!!!!!Go and listen to GNR's Garden of Eden.. stop there and have a little of Rock and Roll! And have a liitle faith in what you say!
Christine Evans (2 года назад)
Bernie 2016
ThinkLascivious (2 года назад)
time for a #Revolution - a violent one is the only answer. rise up!
Zachary Reinoehl (2 года назад)
If voluntary dispensation of wealth is protected as free speech, how is taxation not an abridgement to that Constitutionally protected right? Taxation is the forced expenditure of resources of persons to a cause not of their volition. If spending is free speech, everyone who pays taxes really loves the government, and the more they pay, the more they love it.
Zachary Reinoehl (2 года назад)
"Self-declared (low-information voting) independents" Apparently the verdict is in, and those most adequately "informed" are big party regulars.
Keith Willsey (2 года назад)
Good to see Thom agree with Milton Friedman, monopolies are government sponsored. Thanks Thom for coming around to the truth.
SLORTA5 (2 года назад)
"Citizens United" - gotta love how they take good words / phrases and corrupt them for their own ends. One of the first things we need to change is this level of psychological warfare where they remove via their systems of propaganda the people's ability to resist their agenda. At this point of time we have little room left in our language for the rational debate we need.
Kevin Vesey (2 года назад)
This will make the mainstream once the first demographic debate takes place. Bernie will focus hard on this as we all know.
My Unself (2 года назад)
for the last time, independents are NOT low information voters, getting tired of your bigotry thom, your heart is in the right place but for crying out loud stop spreading ignorance. i remind you that bernie sanders is an independent (!!)
Curtis Grantham (2 года назад)
Get rid of your cable TV, and go all internet, if you HATE the corporations. Getting other people off of cable TV is a great way to hurt the corporations and the republicans, and FOX so call news. SO CUT THE CORD, and hurt the corps, the republicans and fox news.
ElmoKilljoy (2 года назад)
Never heard the Boston Tea Party event explained this way.. with a comparison to today's world. Very informative.
Carol McKee (2 года назад)
THIS is the "media"! The internet is the "17th century pamphlet" of the 21 st century.
Carol McKee (2 года назад)
+Mike West So far....
Mike West (2 года назад)
+Carol McKee Yes it is. And so far it has remained relatively free in spite of efforts to regulate it.
Liza Tanzawa (2 года назад)
Polls overwhelmingly show Americans are smarter than their elected representatives and the "free press". Why don't we ditch the politicians and just put us in charge? BERNIE 2016!
Liza Tanzawa (2 года назад)
Wow! That's great! Thanks!
Carol McKee (2 года назад)
+Liza Tanzawa I favor an overhaul of the system, but not direct-citizen voting on every bill. (If no elected servants, then who proposes these bills?)  I would say citizens are too prone to accept media opinions, and don't have time, resources, or assistants to help them untangle the ramifications of every issue. I am OK with representatives, as long as they actually represent us! Perhaps an internet congress, wherein locally-elected representatives (volunteers?) have exclusive access for registering their congressional votes. No big campaign costs, no travel expenses. On a separate website, all the resources could be available for reps and constituents to peruse for a set period of time, as well as a constituent forum. Reps themselves could make their case on this forum. This is admittedly not a well-developed idea, but just trying to think of avenues that might improve on the mess we now have!

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