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Luptak Lab: Spotlight on High School Student Amberly Vu

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High School senior Amberly shares why it's important for high school students to get research experience in a lab. About the Youth Science Fellowship Program The UC Irvine, Cancer Research Institute sponsors a summer internship in cancer research for high school students. The overall goal is to build the pipeline for the next generation of cancer researchers. A select group of high school students works in the laboratories of CRI affiliates for 6-weeks during the summer. They carry out bench work on research projects under the guidance of faculty, graduate students, postdoctoral researchers or technicians. They also attend weekly meetings where they receive advice on careers and the college admissions process. At the end of the program they make presentations on their research. For more information about the Youth Science Fellowship Program: http://cri.bio.uci.edu/events/youth-science-fellowship-program/ For more information about the Luptak Lab: http://faculty.sites.uci.edu/luptaklab/
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