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Drum Solo - Playing my DDrum Dominion AMX Maple Shell Kit

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After two years, I finally recorded me playing my DDrum kit. I am using the Keith Carlock sticks. They are my favorite right now. Many thanks to DVDs by Tommy Igoe,Todd Sucherman and Keith Carlock for teaching this old dog some new tricks.
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gaetan clybouw (4 года назад)
Wooow that K dry ride really mixes wel with the A custom crashes, sounds so good!
padistedor (6 лет назад)
No, I didn't modify the ride cymbal in any way. I always wanted a dry ride and I must say I picked a good one. After I bought it, I found a video of Tommy Igoe playing it for mycymbal.com. He said he uses the same cymbal! I will send you the link so be sure to check it out & thanks for watching my videos. : )
AnimalHouseVetVideos (6 лет назад)
That is the most killer sounding ride I've ever heard! Do you have it dampened somehow, or is that it's natural sound?
padistedor (6 лет назад)
That K ride is dry like the Sahara desert, I love it!
rhythmantic - Sal D'Amato (6 лет назад)
Skillful playing, your drums and cymbals sound great and record well.

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