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Halftime Report | Will 2019 be the Year of Reckoning for Sun Pharmaceuticals? | CNBC TV18

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A glance at the Nifty Pharma index shows the wealth erosion in pharmaceutical companies has been steep. The Nifty Pharma index has lost 14% in 2018 and over 20% in the past two years with bigwig stocks such as Sun Pharmaceuticals not too far from these statistics. Sun Pharma has lost 14% of its market cap with an over 30% loss in the past two years. Like the sector, the main reasons for Sun’s underperformance is mainly two fold. CNBC-TV18 is India's No.1 Business medium and the undisputed leader in business news. The channel's benchmark coverage extends from corporate news, financial markets coverage, expert perspective on investing and management to industry verticals and beyond. CNBC-TV18 has been constantly innovating with new genres of programming that helps make business more relevant to different constituencies across India. India's most able business audience consumes CNBC-TV18 for their information & investing needs. This audience is highly diversified at one level comprising of key groups such as business leaders, professionals, retail investors, brokers and traders, intermediaries, self-employed professionals, High Net Worth individuals, students and even homemakers but shares a distinct commonality in terms of their spirit of enterprise. Subscribe to our Channel: https://goo.gl/hKwgtm Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cnbctv18india/ Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CNBCTV18News Website: http://www.moneycontrol.com/cnbctv18/
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