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Podcast 031: Natural Medicine Cabinet Overhaul

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Wendy and Dr. Meaghan discuss what natural items you can use to replace your medicine cabinet. Whenever possible you can utilize homeopathic remedies, essential oils, and Bach Flower Essences. We go into detail about what you can switch out of your medicine cabinet. Thank you to listener Kara Snoke for the GREAT topic. Here is a recap: Pain Relief/Migraines/Headaches FeverFew and White Bark for aspirin replacement 500-750 mg Magnesium 400 mg Riboflavin Common cold Prescription sprays can cause dependency Pseudoephedrine has many potential side effects Eucalyptus oil (Good idea to put it in steaming water so that you can breath it in) Neti pot with salt-water solution. Lean your head over a sink and pour the water to allow nasal irrigation Echinacea Zicam is a zinc-based homeopathic 3000 mg Vitamin C Zinc (especially important if smell and taste are decreasing) There are great essential oils such as doTERRA’s OnGuard and Young Living’s Thieves oil. They are great for the immune system and fighting off infections. Melaleuca/Tea Tree Oil is antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal. Hangover 2 teaspoons fresh lemon juice with 1-teaspoon honey to warm water. Take immediately upon waking and 2-3 times during the day. Drink slowly Increase water intake throughout the day Control blood sugar, hydrate, and alter pH levels for best results 4 teaspoons of raw honey every hour until signs and symptoms decrease The honey is good because it is rich in potassium that counteracts the alcohol Bananas can also do this Activated charcoal to bind impurities Tomato juice to metabolize alcohol quickly- can add lemon, honey and cayenne pepper to juice Egg is rich in cysteine that will help break down toxins Allergies Natural HST- Histamine reducing agents that usually have fenugreek and goldenseal 500 mg quercetin twice daily between meals 75 mg butterbur twice daily Stinging nettle capsules 3 grams twice daily Digestion PGX as a fiber for constipation. Can find out more information at pgx.com but this is a great fiber that helps to control weight, blood sugars, improve digestion, and regulate cholesterol levels Magnesium based relaxers are good for digestive regulation. Ginger will help to soothe the stomach Probiotics and digestive enzymes will help to regulate digestive activity Sleep Diffuse lavender or rub it on the bottom of the feet (if can be used topically) Magnesium at night (especially good for Restless Legs Syndrome) 5-HTP and St. John’s Wort can help with sleep due to improving serotonin levels Melatonin 1-3 mg. If you can find an extended release melatonin that will help since melatonin’s half-life is 47 minutes. If deficient in GABA, usually will utilize wine to help relax and sleep at night. Replace with GABA improving supplements. Be careful with valerian because it can become dependent and have side effects. Use cautiously. Muscle Strains and Bruises Arnica gel is a great homeopathic for anti-inflammatory, bumps, and bruises Capsaicin ointment from hot peppers is great for inflammation and joint pain. Many people with arthritis pain find relief with this cream. Calendula cream comes from a herbal plant (marigold) and is super healing, antibacterial, viral and anti-inflammatory Peppermint based essential oils or creams Cuts and Scrapes Tea tree oil/Melaleuca- has been shown in research to kill off Staphylococcus aureus Aloe is great for wounds and skin burns PMS 1200-1500 mg of calcium per day to help with cramps, bloating, backache, and fatigue. Pine bark Chaste tree (Agnus castus) 20 mg per day UTI Cranberry caps Uva Ursi D-mannose Mild anxiety/nervousness Bach Rescue Remedy- flower essences Be kind to others, take care of yourself and make good choices
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