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Men Take "Birth Control" Pills For A Month

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kush bebe (1 час назад)
Eli is so cute, I love him.
Paulina Undefined (1 час назад)
It was weird seeing the try guys in there !!!
Reece Butler (5 часов назад)
Large fan of this and also the guys were awesome.
Pandora & Friends (7 часов назад)
can girls flick one out if they miss a pill? lol
KAT (8 часов назад)
"Is their body, their choice" 👏👏👏
redhatgnome (8 часов назад)
Is As/Is buzzfeed??
Ozzy And Toby (8 часов назад)
I am 13 and I have been on the pill for 4 years because my period was so bad that nothing lasted even the extra thick pads took 45 minutes to fill so it feels so weird being off of it for a week I feel extra happy
Hana (12 часов назад)
wow, in my country birth control is really expensive
J'adore BTS (15 часов назад)
I thought Eli was cute til now his personality is unattractive
Eeveelutionati (22 часа назад)
Eli deserves to be smothered in estrogen cream... That might change his tone.
M S (1 день назад)
start a new pack on sunday so you have to pick it up on friday? ummm pharmacies are open on weekends. also most people pick up a 3 month supply of birth control anyway
The Sydosaur (1 день назад)
So I take birth control pills because I have endometriosis and I have to take it to prevent it from progressing as fast. I honestly hate it so much and I appreciate that this video made guys go through this pain. I get this video was for birth control in the sense of not getting pregnant, but there’s also many other reasons why women take birth control pills. All in all, great video.
elano doll (1 день назад)
being gay is the way to go
ThatsSoRia (1 день назад)
Zach is awesome i love him
Maria’s Beauty (1 день назад)
I love this video so much!!!! It’s honestly so funny but also teaching guys about the pill and what comes w it. 💞
luvdisneyworld (1 день назад)
I 💙 Zach
Jen Hamilton (1 день назад)
Does anyone else feel birth control is somewhat sexist because it implies that a woman's healthly reproductive system working as it should is a problem to be solved or avoided?
Ser Vivo (1 день назад)
Birth control pills would inhibit HPTA axis, this can result in 0 testosterone production for more than a year...
TheBeccabus (2 дня назад)
Wait, wait, wait, you only get one month at a time in the US? I get a 4 month supply each time i go to the pharmacy and I am frequently there the MORNING I'm meant to start a new pack, like a failure! lol.
we stan Zach 😂😂
kayla ann lee (2 дня назад)
this is amazing
Caroline L (2 дня назад)
Love this!!
ACK (2 дня назад)
There goes the kids.. this is abortion you kill the sprem
Bianca Erossa (2 дня назад)
Well... in my country the whole pharmacist experience is very different: I go and show my gynecologist's prescription and they hand it to me easy peasy. One time I had brought my gynecologist's chart where I usually keep my prescription paper and it was missing but they gave me the pill anyway no problem. I do pay 14 euros a pack, but I have it taken off my taxes. And sometimes I get two packs at a time so I don't have to think of making the trip to the pharmacy the next month. I take it in the morning as soon as I wake up (you do have to take it at the same time every day, but there's a three hour window), keep it on my bedside table with a glass of water so I don't forget. I have found that with this system I don't mind at all taking birth control. It makes me feel safe from any unwanted pregnancy, makes my periods very regular and cramp free. I don't get why it is such a big deal for people to take a pill everyday, though I can understand it might be easy to forget to, but it's not that impossible or mind blowing: people who have chronic diseases and have to remember to take multiple pills a day, and which one to take at what hour, have it a lot harder than me, who have the privilege to have the power to control my own fertility just by remembering to take a pill in the morning. These are just my thoughts on the topic.
Jacqui Donaghey (2 дня назад)
I'm pretty sure the last time my daughter went for her pill prescription it lasted for six months! What's this every month business.
Rat Princess (3 дня назад)
i take bc pills and its not that serious
Skittle Barf (3 дня назад)
Dude, taking a pill every day is barely hard. Once you make it a habit, it’s not that bad
Kelly Rooney (3 дня назад)
Wake up to the real reason for birth control. Hint: it’s not to help YOU...
dunning8 (3 дня назад)
USA healthcare: let's make women come to the pharmacie every month for a medication that is so time sensitive that you're screwed when you are 1 hour late. Here in the Netherlands I can get a 6 or 12 month supply even if I still have a months medication left. And I only have to pay about 15 dollars for a years supply ( I do have the cheapest variety though)
Julia8116 Beauty (4 дня назад)
I’m kinda offended by this video I take about 20 pills a day and the birth control pill is the simplest. It’s only one pill!
R. (4 дня назад)
Love the whacky ideA
Hmea (4 дня назад)
I have a weird crush on Eli lol
Naomi Price (4 дня назад)
Are they actually taking really taking real birth control
Peach (4 дня назад)
I take birth control pills, and the rule of mine is that I have a 12hr time span to take my pill if I forget to in the morning
Luke's Lyfe (4 дня назад)
the title is so misleading sorry
SquirrelLoaf (4 дня назад)
This is the stupidest video I have ever seen.
kate elash (5 дней назад)
All the dislikes are Eli before he tried the pill
Kappa Pride (5 дней назад)
How much is this jerking you women feminist off?
Skele Jasy (5 дней назад)
Eli listens to my fav band 🤢
Montana cork (5 дней назад)
laughs in IUD
Lisa Donahue (5 дней назад)
He didn't do his period day. B/c he was swearing up and down he didn't miss a day!! He thought he got away with it!! 😂
Pablo Martí (5 дней назад)
Nothing would happen, because girls are crazy to having babies, so, therefore, it should be, what would happen if ladies have to take birth control pills one week?, absolutely nothing.
Flamingo party At my place (5 дней назад)
TheMACKitten (5 дней назад)
Thank you Zach. Never pressure a woman to get on birth control if she's too uncomfortable. Every woman is different, but bc can make your entire body (and brain/mental health) go through an entire roller coaster. I studied neuroscience, and the way hormones can change even the way you THINK, it's pretty incredible but it can be challenging. Unfortunately, bc was not for me. I really tried to work with it for 7 months, but my mental health was completely at risk. :(
TheMACKitten (5 дней назад)
guys have it so easy...they have no idea...even if we were to get pregnant....YOU. HAVE. NO. CLUE. MAN.
Char 10773 (5 дней назад)
I had to take mine 3 times a day!!
RunchRanda Girl (6 дней назад)
"Suffering third-degree burns from the tea that has been split."
Sharka Hill (6 дней назад)
Message me for likes
Anna Jochnick (6 дней назад)
Such an important video! Thanks for making it!
watthafvkevr no (6 дней назад)
This video makes me happy to be a gay woman.
Daniel Whittaker (6 дней назад)
Oh cool. A pill for men's birth control that research has shown to cause emotional imbalance and suicide. How nice to see women supporting this.
Symone Moore (6 дней назад)
They’re complaining so much and the pill wasn’t even real lol
Sam Andersson Kleist (6 дней назад)
Okay... but why do I want to try this myself? Like I’ve got girl friends who does this and I just never thought it was very hard. I realise I might’ve been wrong.
ben hosch (6 дней назад)
Clickbait ^^
natkatmac (7 дней назад)
This is why I'm so glad that the IUD exists. And is covered by my insurance.
Alvemeocho Alvemeocho (7 дней назад)
i want to see Eli masturbate pleaseeee he's hot am having orgasm
Rose Menon (7 дней назад)
I read the title and thought “is this safe?” 😂
LivBeech (7 дней назад)
Zach’s👏here👏for👏us👏 homeboy’s got some empathy ❤️
Neck Pillow (7 дней назад)
This is so clearly fake, one of them even said that they already take pills in the morning so how could this possibly be hard for him.
Dia Vieh (7 дней назад)
Best birth control is cut the eggs of the men. ;)
chocolate lover (7 дней назад)
Omg hormones are nothing to joke around with.... jeez
Sio Sketch (7 дней назад)
I know one birth control that works. It's called keeping your legs shut
Our Quirky Conversations (8 дней назад)
3 more years and trump is gone anyway.
J.R. Spingly (8 дней назад)
Wow taking 1 pill a day wow women have it so hard. Its called be responsible, women dont have to take them either, its called use a condom.
When im on my period i will atleast have a breakdown ONCE
evanstoid (8 дней назад)
Copper IUDs! Saved my life
Ames Adamson (9 дней назад)
really good.
Clarissa Cao (9 дней назад)
Eli is soooooo shity
Holly Ekeler (9 дней назад)
Unfortunately birth control can cause infertility in women too.
laura larsen (9 дней назад)
The rules are fuckd up. Are the the rules in the USA
Stacey Hendriks (10 дней назад)
Yay for the implant! Lower hormone dosage, protected for 2-3 years and one of the possible side effects is no more periods! Been on them for 6 years before I decided to have my tubes tied. It was bliss, only occasionally checking if the little implant (size of a match) was still in my arm (sometimes combining this with freaking someone out by letting them feel it, muahahaha) and I only have a few tiny scars in my arm. So if you have trouble with the pill and don't want an iud/ring/shot/patch give this little thing a try. (cost me 130 euros and health insurance covered the insertion by my gp)
Lexi Luvs Reborns & Baby Alives (10 дней назад)
The non hormonal IUD is a much better option... pills are never good
Jessica Acker (10 дней назад)
I have been on it seens I was 12 years old and I'm 20 years old now and it gets annoying to have to remember to take it and all the stuff that comes with it
JohnSAitken (11 дней назад)
What happened to the humble Condom m?
Valerie Sheppard (11 дней назад)
JenTheRedhead (11 дней назад)
Zach is absolutely bae. I adore him.
Alicia Martin (12 дней назад)
Should of given them estrogen pills lol
Emily Mitchell (12 дней назад)
With tic tags if I had them I would no hesitation take at least one each day. When I have them I would eat like 6 a day lol.
Megan Owings (12 дней назад)
Just so you all know my husband wore condoms for years before I got my tubes tied after our third child because the pill made me bleed for three months and so you all are aware that's really bad so he did what we needed to do to prevent extras from running around. The point I'm trying to make is it is a health problem where some women cannot take the pill because of actual health reasons so guys please just be considerate of that
Exotickayla (13 дней назад)
1sonnio (14 дней назад)
I cant take BC coz it makes me suicidal... yay female hormones :'D
IfYouOnlyKnew (14 дней назад)
You guys have no idea how toxic those pills are to your body. 20 years from now you will see some serious studies done that show how lethal these things are. Good luck
Dimitri Borozny (14 дней назад)
And they turned into girls!! Amazing!!
Erin Brown (14 дней назад)
Having worked in a retail pharmacy and being a female, I appreciate this video. I love how they're required to pick it up on Sunday and bring their insurance card!
Norm Rayos (14 дней назад)
Really need to clarify/change the title because if someone tries to do that with actual birth control pills it can be really dangerous to mess with your hormones when it’s not necessary!
Joseph Eastman (15 дней назад)
This is rediculous. Some men have to take pills everyday that have their own side effects. When men go to get their medication they have to go through the same process at the pharmacy, and wait the same amount of time, and take their medication at the same time everyday, and pay for their own medicine.
ChampionReiner (16 дней назад)
Elieh=chad, dont be an inconsiderate lying chad. I applaud the burly guy in the sweater, he truly deserves boyfriend of the year award, and I think we all want to know if he has a single like-minded brother
Selena Y. (16 дней назад)
This is a well planned video:)
Reese Judy (16 дней назад)
This video is super cringe and fake
RedVelvetLover (16 дней назад)
u don't have to go through this if u be a thot
Juliana Beu (16 дней назад)
This was great😂 next time you should give them real birth control!!!!!😌
Sydney Tonkin (17 дней назад)
How about those women who have died from complications related to birth control? Some women have developed pulmonary embolisms from their pill.
Tina Lynn Johnson Brewer (17 дней назад)
Awesome, thanks guys.
Robin Treilmann (17 дней назад)
Buzzfeed being sexist once again
Eva Stahl (18 дней назад)
My mom is the CEO of planned parenthood and watching this I paused it every 30 seconds and showed it to my mom. By the end of the video we were dying of laughter.
Erin Perdue (18 дней назад)
Men won’t take birth control because they are bitches!!!!
Meredith Richardson (18 дней назад)
There is an experimental non hormonal male birth control being developed in india. https://www.parsemus.org/projects/vasalgel/
Meredith Richardson (18 дней назад)
Yeet (19 дней назад)
so are we going to ignore the fact that this could harm the male reproductive organ since the pills are made to suit women organs. these pills are not made for men, they will not be healthy for the wrong body to take it.
Joseph Eastman (15 дней назад)
I think certain aspects of this video are rediculous, but you are being ignorant, since they didn't actually take a birth control pill and it was actually just about the supposed "terrible inconvenience" that women face in having to take it . They were only taking tic tacs symbolically.
drditup (20 дней назад)
i help my gf remember the pill. I have an alarm on my phone and when it rings, i send her a text checking if she remembered. she always keeps the pills in her bag which she always keeps with her. since they are not getting the side effects, whats the point of this? how is it even hard? and why tf no fapping if you fail? any woman can flick the bean when she misses the pill, why shouldn't a guy? this is the weirdest competition
Kelly (15 дней назад)
drditup if my bf did this I’d dump him. I don’t need you micromanaging my health buddy! But yeah they should have just taken real hormonal pills. Progesterone and certain levels of estrogen aren’t really harmful to men, I guess they would need a prescription tho which no doc would do

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