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I Have a Dream

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Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) talks about the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington lead by Martin Luther King, Jr. Sen. Sanders attended the speech while a student at the University of Chicago and explains what it was like to witness that historic event.
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ChrisMC (1 месяц назад)
Here we have a Senator who not only protested segregation but also attended a Martin Luther King march. Where was Trump during that time of year?
Rich vitamin Dさま (10 месяцев назад)
I believe in Bernie ✊🏿 #Bernie2020
Michael Rushnak (1 год назад)
I challenge anyone to name any American living TODAY whom has worked more for social and economic justice in America, emulating what MLK did in his day, than Senator Bernie Sanders of present time.
Xyz Same (1 год назад)
MLK should and COULD have been the First African American President - what a loss for the U.S. and the world ! His popularity suffered at hit when he spoke out against the Vietnam war. The public would have realized a few years later how far he was ahead of the curve. Which would have given him additional political weight. - Shortly before he was shot (assassinated by the Deep State most likely) he rekindled the war against poverty (Black and White poor people). Uniting black and white poor people and opposing the war mongering empire - both things made him VERY DANGEROUS for the status quo. And he could not be painted as stupid or violent or as a deplorable - there was no way around him - so they had to shoot him.
Xyz Same (1 год назад)
2:00 I disagree that MLK would have been surprised about Obama being the First Black President in 2009 * - more like "What took you so long ?" - * at let's get real the Banksters in 2008 KNEW a good distraction was needed. And Obama protected them from the pitchforks throughout his neoliberal presidency - for a lot of campaign contributions - for his campaing and for the party, plus some spoils after he left offfice.
Chessie Pique (1 год назад)
#StillSanders and #AlwaysSanders
Gronx DaggerDick (2 года назад)
Bernie has also fought for gay's when it was super unpopular and fought for feminism so much he was made a honorary women. by the feminist leaders.
4 Fake (2 года назад)
Bernie makes me cry. Glad to be alive the same time as him.
Matt Orfalea (2 года назад)
2:42 So often we overlook the significance of those who are not in professional jobs. Of those who are not in the so called big jobs. But let me say to you tonight that whenever you are engaged in work that serves humanity and is for the building of humanity it has dignity and it has worth.
Stephen Y (2 года назад)
There isn't any solid evidence of Bernie standing with MLK yet he is playing on it to get black votes, typical politians.
IyaArzulaEgun IfaMidWives (2 года назад)
So it took you fifty years to get up the courage to step up.Fuck you Bernie you've lost my respect.
Firebrass11 (2 года назад)
Matt Orfalea (2 года назад)
2:43 What speech is this? Link to full speech?
Matt Orfalea (2 года назад)
2:20 He wasn't just talking about racial justice but economic justice.
Amrit Patel (2 года назад)
Lincoln & Dr. King are the Second & third American Mile stones.
Amrit Patel (2 года назад)
Dr. King had larger character than Gandhi.
lchabod Cranium (2 года назад)
ghandiji laid out the tactics and was a shining example of people's victory. he was the inspiration to King and his like throughout the world. violence leads to violence and the way out of the cycle was demonstrated by a man who refused to arm. dr. king carried the ball forward against formidable opposition. that is still true but comes after a battle field stretcher bearer named mahatma become the revered mohandas ghandi. founding father of modern india. wish instead of living with their killers, we got to live with them instead.
Toussantlbisso (2 года назад)
Look @ Bernie out there with the people paying Respect ! **Bernie2016**
Jason Walia (2 года назад)
Feel the Bern!
24 vargas (2 года назад)
Bernie makes me happy. Proud to be a person. Great heart and courage. Martin luther King and all the human rights activists of all time.. thank you!!! I pray for your courage and heart. So cool
Ryan Saulus (2 года назад)
Bernie was never there. Lol
Kaiser Wilhelm II (2 года назад)
Are there any other better candidates? Are system is broke we need to get money out of politics and he is trying to do that, he believes in global warming, he's an atheist, and is trying to get rid of the big banks which we bailed out
Ryan Saulus (2 года назад)
ahhh I see why you want the Bern to win now, "free" stuff. Again, how much did you pay in taxes last year?
Kaiser Wilhelm II (2 года назад)
Are you kidding me, Bernie sanders wants to make free healthcare, free tuition, and break up the banks and wallstreet. How is that bad? Are there any better candidates?
Ryan Saulus (2 года назад)
Richard, how do you expect a guy that is $60,000 in credit card debt to know about economics? How much did you pay in taxes last year? How much did Bernie pay in taxes last year? He wants you and I to pay in upwards of 29% income tax while he only pays half that. $200,000 a year and pays half of what the normal person pays. What a joke he is, but you're more of a joke for voting for him.
Kaiser Wilhelm II (2 года назад)
I don't get it from fucking fb
Cherry Connolly (2 года назад)
LAFOLLETTER (2 года назад)
The corporate media always pigeonholes Martin Luther King as just a civil rights champion, but he also championed labor rights, and the working poor, and called The United States "the greatest purveyor of violence in the world", and that is still true. The MSM still can't handle the truth; they can't handle Bernie, either.
fried.rice (2 года назад)
I know Bernie doesn't like talking himself up, but holy crap, why is this not more seen?
Farm Ville (2 года назад)
I love Bernie Sanders. I had never heard of Mr. Sanders until after he announced his candidacy for President of the United States of America. I can't remember exactly what I saw on Reddit that first introduced to him but at that moment of first introduction, I knew he would be the one I supported this year. Since my early teens, I have had a strong interest in politics that continues to this day. Mr. Sanders is going to need us to support him by casting our vote for him, each of us and if and when he wins the election, we need to vote in candidates who support the vision of the people, the leadership and Presidency of Mr. Sanders. Or else the same things that have and are happening to Mr. Obama will happen to President Sanders, a Republican agenda of stonewalling progress against a Democrat President. We cannot afford a Republican to win this Presidential election if you share similar values of future President Sanders. Of course, I love MLK too.
Haroun Ben (2 года назад)
No matter your ethnicity, religion, sex you should vote for this man, hope he doesn't trick the americans as Obama did.
Haroun Ben (2 года назад)
let's wish he wins.. not america would be better but the world then if he gets elected I must visit the US by that time :) 
West_Midlander (2 года назад)
+Haroun Ben I highly doubt it, Obama came in after only being a Senator for a little while, and often voted "Present" during that time, so we had to take his word on his promises. But Bernie on the other hand, *has been* fighting for the same, progressive issues against the establishment for 40+ years.
Dr Manhattan (2 года назад)
Barack Obama is not African American, he is American <<see what I did there, I did not see race. I did not separate someone from the others because he is black. African implies Africa.
Dr Manhattan (2 года назад)
+Brian Hamilton yea but then we are not talking about homo sapiens anymore, right? This is such a ridiculous subject.  I am the same exact thing as any other human walking on this planet. I am a human- thats it.
Brian Hamilton (2 года назад)
Also, the continents were not separated millions of years ago, as they are now. The land masses looked completely different.
Dr Manhattan (2 года назад)
+City Fox Well first of all, if you study science and the history of homo sapien, we are all from Africa. So that makes the concept of African American totally absurd. Second, physical anthropologists almost won't talk about race at all. They find the idea of "race" to be absurd. They consider just talking about race to be somewhat racist. To be perfectly honest, saying "african american" is something the common man does. It has absolutely nothing to do with anything, all it is used for is to separate people into groups; totally useless, and only leads to exclusion, racism, special treatment, or xenophobia. Ok, so if African American is his race, what is my race? My father is from Sweeden but I was born in the United States. Am I Scandinavian-American?
Noah Cabello (2 года назад)
+Ryan Nelson He is African American. That is his race, period. His father is from Africa, giving Obama African lineage, meaning Obama is, by race, a African American (Black). Now you may say he is "American," as in a naturally born US Citizen, but being a Citizen of a country is NOT a race. Obama wouldn't put on his transcript, "American" in the race section, he would put "African American/Caucasian." He is not "American," he is "African American," meaning a person of African descent while primarily living in America. There's nothing wrong with saying what a person's race is, we do have races, we all look diffrent, just don't say meen things about each other and we're all G.
SaMiChi (2 года назад)
Bernie doesn't do this shit for the media, or for money, or because he likes to hear himself talk, he does it because he truly cares about people and believes that he can change lives for the better.
Jack Linton (2 года назад)
Also this was filmed 3 years ago. He wasn't running then. He surely does care
Walter Benjamin (2 года назад)
Beautiful. I have a dream, too, and it's about President Bernard Sanders helping America recover from the banksters and Wall Street, the power source behind Hillary Clinton.
Adrianpn (2 года назад)
This needs to be sent out far and wide. For some reason people think he is now pandering to the Black vote but he has been talking about Black issues for YEARS!
Omair Sheikh (2 года назад)
+Adrianpn SERIOUSLY!!! Bernie has old videos that he can just share again. I don't know why he isn't
kylepac (2 года назад)
+Adrianpn *decades
maymaylingling (2 года назад)
that was so beautiful, every job does have dignity and worth. We have lost sight of that :/
Jake Wimberley (2 года назад)
I wish the entire African American community could see this video they will change their vote from Hillary to Bernie in about 2 seconds
Vegan4ThePlanet (2 года назад)
Joanne Carpenter (2 года назад)
We Love You #BernieSanders    We are easy to CONTROL when WE are divided.  #UniteWithBernie  #ThankYouMLK   When WE stand TOGETHER, there is nothing that WE cannot ACCOMPLISH!!    #FeelTheBern
luckydoodle77 (3 года назад)
Bernie Sanders 2016!
Tec-lo Texas (3 года назад)
MLK would support you Bernie thank you for fighting for us God bless you and America.
Etjala Yt (3 года назад)
Please tell them! We need to invite everyone including all Groups to our page! Stand together. We all need Bernie! He is our only chance!
Scott Volentine (3 года назад)
This is amazing. We need to be really focused on what MLK was talking about that made people so mad they had him killed. I think we have to accept that it was an assassination and we have to think about who could have paid the hitman.
strumm-runner (3 года назад)
Bernie 2016!!!
Rachel Teske (3 года назад)
I am in on this economic dream, and people like Bernie will help make it a reality.
Matthew Watson (3 года назад)
this is all true we need to still fight for racial justice and income equality
A Patel (3 года назад)
Before you plan to interrupt him with your stupidity, watch this morons.
Etjala Yt (3 года назад)
A Patel (3 года назад)
+Kim Lane forgot I even said this.
Etjala Yt (3 года назад)
+A Patel Please don't generalize. A few did that. Most did not. Please understand their anguish
georgenabulele (3 года назад)
BLACK LIVES MATTER movement, should give the man space to layout his agenda. He has more CIVIL RIGHTS credentials than all the other candidates in the Dem and the GOP put together. He was there in the beggining, He helped Jessy Jackson win Vermont TWICE as I heard. He speaks for the 99%.
Ravachol (3 года назад)
Bernie Sanders isn't a Marxist-Leninist. He is an MLK-Norman Thomas democratic socialist. On gun control he is a centrist---although people on the extremes would call him either a "gun nut" or a "gun grabber". He does not believe in central planning or any of the other bullshit that defined the so-called communist "People's Republics"--more like FDR's social democracy or Scandinavian socialism which has a vibrant private enterprise system alongside a well functioning welfare state.
VeryPoliticalHonkey (3 года назад)
This guy is a racist for pointing out that he was part of the March on Washington.
VeryPoliticalHonkey (3 года назад)
+Times Never Thank you very much for your comment. You've helped me restore some faith in humanity.
Times Never (3 года назад)
+VeryPoliticalHonkey So they wanted him to talk about it and work for it but ignore everything he is about and he has done in all the years he wasn't running as president? Expanding on mlk's message way before BLM is racist? This is why we are where we are. Stepping on each other and losing the vision instead of working and helping others towards our collective goals. It doesn't really matter if twitter hash tags make fun of him, it is pretty clear he was and is still working for all people.
VeryPoliticalHonkey (3 года назад)
+Demauscian Because he's not black enough to campaign for civil rights. Did you miss the Berniesoblack hashtag?
Demauscian (3 года назад)
+VeryPoliticalHonkey How so? That literally has nothing to do with race in any way. If he was there, there should be nothing wrong with saying he was there, that would be telling the truth.
nobaloney10 (3 года назад)
Bernie is a Great American
Jason Gade (3 года назад)
What an amazing video and vision!
Tony Tasmaly (3 года назад)
The difference between Bernie and Martin Luther King his. He was hey Christian conservative and Bernie is a social liberal
StupidDrew9 (2 года назад)
+Tony Tasmaly well duh, just pointing out that he says it
Tony Tasmaly (2 года назад)
+StupidDrew9 don't believe everything that some site tells you
StupidDrew9 (2 года назад)
+Tony Tasmaly (TonyPDXi) http://www.huffingtonpost.com/peter-dreier/martin-luther-king-was-a-democratic-socialist_b_9008990.html
Tony Tasmaly (3 года назад)
+Kim Lane keep on wishing just don't get disappointed in the end
Etjala Yt (3 года назад)
+Tony Tasmaly I will....Duh
Kali Yuga (3 года назад)
#BernBabyBern #Sanders2016 #BlackLivesMatter #EndUSApartheid  Dear Senator Sanders: you are an inspiration. thanks for doing the work you do on behalf of all of us. You have my vote in the primaries #TrojanHorse
Roman Yarkov (3 года назад)
I have a dream. That people all around the world will not live in poverty, i have a dream that all people around the world will be happy
Grassroots Grammie (3 года назад)
Beautiful explanation of those times Senator. Very proud to know my father was there; and the Dream continues...
Chris Kelly (5 лет назад)
Johann I said what I said because a commenter before you was speaking about Bernie as if he was a Christian when he is not.
Max Maxium (5 лет назад)
:-) Hey, that's just what I was thinking. A Sanders.WArren ticket would be unstoppable. I'm glad there are others who share the same thinking. God bless you.
Chris Kelly (5 лет назад)
eagle1023 are you at all aware that Bernie is Jewish?
Eagle 1023 (5 лет назад)
follows this path. As a clear example, we would not be pursuing war if we followed the Golden Rule (cause and effect) which I contend Bernie recognizes guided through his higher self. I am spiritual which requires no religious following. One can hold any faith and be connected to ones higher self; however, one can also be absent faith and still be spiritually connected, I, personally, am not affiliated with any religious entity. I do not "follow" Christ because I consider him a brother (contd.)
bma051000 (5 лет назад)
"Yes, Senator Sanders is very altruistic" Why is it good or moral to be altruistic, in your view? Why is it good and moral to be thinking of others first? Also, why did you decide to follow Christ? Why do you think that Christianity is the correct religion to follow? "Bernie is consciously connected to his higher self." How do you know that?
bma051000 (5 лет назад)
"You are a bright reflection and example of Christ Consciousness incarnate." I'm not sure I've ever heard of that. What exactly do you mean by "Christ Consciousness," and how do you think Bernie Sanders embodies "Christ Consciousness?" Does that mean he's more altruistic, like Christ? Thanks.
Jeremiah Navarro (5 лет назад)
If they won that would be the greatest event in modern american history!!! I have talking about that for the past year now. It would be dream come true. :)
Mia Afifi (5 лет назад)
I've been saying that for a year at least! That would be my dream ticket!!! :)
Hammy Toes (5 лет назад)
I would vote for that ticket in a heartbeat! But who will we replace them with in Congress to represent the common man? And how will we convince the masses that these are the right people for the job?
Senator Bernie Sanders (5 лет назад)
50 years ago today a 22-year old college student named Bernie Sanders rode to DC to see Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. say the words 'I Have a Dream': http://youtu.be/4Tr8DEQl034
Sam McDonald (2 года назад)
+ReligiousMilk I know isn't fantastic.
Aditya Srinivasan (2 года назад)
+Bernie Sanders Senator, thanks for running! Hope you carry my resident state of Virginia and eventually go on to win the nomination!
ReligiousMilk (2 года назад)
+Rod Eccles MLK was a democratic Socialist
Kevin Lynch (2 года назад)
+Rod Eccles He's a democratic socialist you idiot. You know..supports those roads you drive on and that city power you use etc, etc..
PerkyMcPerkypants (3 года назад)
+Bernie Sanders Bernie, you need to put this out everywhere. A ridiculous charge recently is that you're ignorant of black lives and racism due to recent evaluations of appearances and your reactions to them. Gawker just put up an article about this (positive to you by the author) in which many commentators are painting you as an ignorant white man. And reviling you as they question why you "conflate" economic inequality with racism. This video explains your position very, very well and well, I guess wouldn't stop disruptions (and protesters absolutely have that right), but at least it would disrupt ignorance about your positions. Including the importance of income equality, and why that is indeed, a race issue. There is an ENORMOUS amount of unfinished business since LBJ/MLK Jr./Malcolm X did their best to end Jim Crow etc. Still poll taxes that disenfranchise black and poor people, that go through an election cycle before being found unConsitutional. Still racist policing. Still a generally racist oligarchy. As you say, some of MLK Jr.'s dreams came alive, but some aspects of this country are still nightmares to black people. I don't think racism will end, no less than folks flying the Confederate Flag would end without a giant social movement. You are the movement. This video is important. Folks are lining up against you for whatever reason. Put this out everywhere. Make it viewed not by 15,159 people but rather 89,000,000 people.
Eagle 1023 (5 лет назад)
Thank you Bernie! You are a bright reflection and example of Christ Consciousness incarnate. It's a shame that you stand virtually alone in the halls of power. It's also too bad that it was just a "dream" - for the dream was manifested by a child of God, but the reality we confront in our daily lives is far removed from the dream.
MJP474 (5 лет назад)
Thank you Honorable Senator Bernie Sanders for sharing Truth in Vision.
Cedric James (5 лет назад)
If we could get Bernie to run, I'd volunteer in a heart beat. I don't want Hillary representing me given the way she and Bill made their money. The contracts they wrote under the white water development were unfair and allowed them to foreclose on a single missed payment. The property was then resold. This happened over and over again. She might want to be president, but she does not deserve to be president. Bernie Sanders/Elizabeth Warren 2016!
Doreen Maxwell (5 лет назад)
how about a video on corrupt judges and law officers here in sacramento california, I have attempted to get this city to address my assault here by a supposed marine 26 year veteran of sacramento... and to have them address my assault. instead they let this deviant get away with hurting me and keeping my property! I want justice where do I get moine?
Senator Bernie Sanders (5 лет назад)
I Have a Dream: http://youtu.be/4Tr8DEQl034
Fernando Maya (2 года назад)
Bernie Sanders i vote for you!!!
Ole Olson (3 года назад)
Great video Bernie. You have very deep roots fighting for Civil Rights in this country
Ted Lemon (3 года назад)
Pat, it's true that you can't auto-didact your way to excellence unless you are truly exceptional, but I've done pretty well despite neither graduating from college nor high school, because I did have a very good high school education before I got kicked out, and I have learned a lot both from books, experience, and co-workers since then.   I dropped out of college because it seemed like a waste of money--the professors were not particularly interested in teaching undergrads.
Pat Gunn (5 лет назад)
+William Pittenger Then that professor was wrong. It's been known to happen :-) A business doesn't really care about the degree, it cares about hiring educated people. You can't replace that at the library. Some people would really like to believe they can autodidact themselves the equivalent of a good university education. That only highlights their ignorance and vanity.
Pat Gunn (5 лет назад)
+William Pittenger I don't see university that way. The better students there are hungry for knowledge; they embrace science and the arts and learn to see the world in new ways. It benefits them as humans and often financially. MBA? Not the only degree worth getting, and honestly not one of the more important ones. Engineering? Materials science? Physics? If you want practical degrees that build the future of the nation, they're much better. We need more scientists too.
bill brink (5 лет назад)
just got this in my email thank you mr. sanders im wearing your reelection shirt everytime I perform on stage from farmers markets to bars it gets as much attention as I do
judyleasugar97 (5 лет назад)
Very well said, mr Sanders.

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