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Simple Plan New Years Eve Live - ET Canada (Part3/3)

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Final Part of the Simple Plan show live in Niagara Falls on New Years Eve - ET Canada Part 1 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=H4NPYtVxwQg Part 2 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZeNh-gqf4w Part 3 : http://youtu.be/4lw2LZ5Uv5E Preview : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BACuKg3qQDA
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Текстовые комментарии (37)
Jared Jackson (2 года назад)
fuck this shit.   reset was where it was at...
Pryssylla Silva Bergeron (3 года назад)
Its beautiful, simple plan perfect.
Nikola B. (5 лет назад)
I want the same start of new year like people in this video - listening SP live !! :( Love you, Simple plan <3
Alegria Winnett (5 лет назад)
i think it's the guy holding the bottle of champagne coz the cap is different
Charlie Aguirre (6 лет назад)
Perfect *-*
bakuganmasterking (6 лет назад)
Look at 5:53, his jacket is not open and his tuque is a different style
Jack Bakara (6 лет назад)
his wife bro of course :D
Sasiprapha Pochun (6 лет назад)
I wanna count down with you, Simple Plan.
Gamze (6 лет назад)
2:22 is it david who kisses the girl from "jet lag"???
wheels0503 (6 лет назад)
i'd lol if that guy didnt catch the quitar, not to be mean though
Hanane Hans (6 лет назад)
too cold maybe... :D
Hanane Hans (6 лет назад)
8:10 David <3
22ngm (6 лет назад)
Well just some x)
22ngm (6 лет назад)
Reallly??Sean Maestri ‏??:O
22ngm (6 лет назад)
WHAT WHAT????Who is David kissing?:O REPLY PLEASE!:O
rachellecunningham (6 лет назад)
@HassanRizwan1 I know, that's why I was trying to explain that it wasn't xP
Hassan Rizwan (6 лет назад)
@rachellecunningham that wasnt david.
rachellecunningham (6 лет назад)
@Mikeqc603 Why would Chantal kiss David in front of her own husband though? I mean really...
Mikeqc603 (7 лет назад)
@rachellecunningham Raine is in the background of them kissing so im pretty it is david hes wearing the same hat even so i guess its david and chantal
Joe Leblanc (7 лет назад)
im from niagara falls and yes i have to agree that was the best fucking new years eve ever simple plan you fuckin rock
javier roman (7 лет назад)
imple plan is the best but the last of the completed part 3 perfect world Ubiera
zsakira 022 (7 лет назад)
love the fireworks also SP :))
brittanymareex (7 лет назад)
what an amazing start to all their new years, listneing to simple plan sing.
Hassan Rizwan (7 лет назад)
I was theree :D BEST NEW YEAR EVE! :D
lupita zarate (7 лет назад)
Is David married? 2:03
rachellecunningham (7 лет назад)
@s940407s94047 but it's not David. Look at the coat... David's doesn't stick out like that. David was standing next to Raine and Chantal.
s940407s94047 (7 лет назад)
@farawaybrothers but...i found some clue 2:22 there is a button which can tune bass in front of the screen...
s940407s94047 (7 лет назад)
@yanka2397 are u sure is not David?? I hope so!!
WANXII DE VIAJE (7 лет назад)
@MrHuhuhahahehe Oooh Thank God! Hahaha he looks just like David with the hat and everything.
Dianara Avila (7 лет назад)
wish i was there :((((
yanaezhova23 (7 лет назад)
This is not David!
TherealDesmo 96 (7 лет назад)
SO,it's no David!! ( :
WANXII DE VIAJE (7 лет назад)
Is that David kissing the girl with the two kids?
Richard Colosimo (7 лет назад)
Thank you for posting all these videos!!!! Such amazing quality!
Jonathan Noël (7 лет назад)
Trop malade votre performance les gars encore une fois :P et c sur que je vais retourner vous voir jouer pour une huitieme fois quand vous aller revenir a Québec ;) !! Bonne année à tout le groupe et bonne tournée 2012 :P !! " S ~ P " RULE & ROCK FOREVER :) :P !!
GN (7 лет назад)
Part 1: 1. Shut Up 2. Can't keep my hands off you Part 2: 3. Addicted 4.Welcome to my Life 5. Jet Lag Part 3: 6. I'd do anything 7. Perfect (: btw. 12:27 when this girl sings loud XD
Lazy Blooms (7 лет назад)
11:23 DAVID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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