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Conspiracy to Drug America? - Is Big Pharma Making Us Mentally Ill?

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Pill Popping America - Is Big Pharma Making Us Mentally Ill? With ever growing numbers of Americans being diagnosed with mental illness and drug companies making massive profits for medicating the population for these supposed diseases and disorders, some important questions should be asked: Are so many of us truly mentally ill? - If the answer is yes, what is causing this upsurge in disorders? If the answer is no, why are so many people being diagnosed and placed on brain altering psychotropic drugs? - What are the long-term effects of these powerful chemicals on our individual and societal health? Should drug companies be allowed to market powerful drugs to the general public without a thorough discussion of the risks of consumption? What are your thoughts on mental illness in America, the pharmaceutical industry, the prevalent marketing of psychotropic drugs, and the effects of these drugs on health? Leave a comment below!
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Kevin Davis (1 месяц назад)
Western state in VIRGINIA used a Wet dog scent pill on me . I have no use for big pharmacy
Archivvve (11 месяцев назад)
I recommend not to watch Russia Today - state sponsored propaganda. Their main goal is to create distrust among US citizens. Maybe they should make documents about "democracy" and "freedom of press" in Russia? Or maybe about money posessed by Putin and oligarchs? And the daily life of common Russian citizens? Compared to that living in US is like living in heaven - you have democracy, freedom of press, your rights and decent standard of living (not Swiss or Scandinavian but quite good). Those mongrels lost cold war and the only thing left for them is to attack Western Democracy trough propaganda machine.
2eelShmeal (1 год назад)
QueenlySweetpea (6 месяцев назад)
+2eelShmeal .. By the ones being over-emotional do you mean that this state is the result of being drugged ?
badgrandpa 1968 (1 год назад)
using addaroll...you end up using meth and than prison
Elaine St. Denis (2 года назад)
Shared to Google + and no one talks about effects of cell frequencies. re: WiFi and dirty electricity. yes..there is a connection
roguesoftware4free (3 года назад)
I recommend reading Michael Palmer's books.
roguesoftware4free (3 года назад)
+WyreWizard Insulin also increases Serotonin.
roguesoftware4free (3 года назад)
The theory of Limbic resonance fits here.
Steve (3 года назад)
Sooner or later there is going to be a pharmacy in every convenience store and every corner in the United States and now with Obama Care more people are going to go visit the doctors and be diagnose with high blood pressure and more...............Crazy world we live in...................
QueenlySweetpea (6 месяцев назад)
Gotta get the word out there about the malevolent pharmaceuticals to educate the people ..
Meshak VB (4 года назад)
I told my doctor I've been having dizziness... he prescribed me zoloft... ?
edu (2 года назад)
you would have got the same drug dealing from your doctor if you had said bad back. or 99% of real things. psychosomatic is very popular with doctors now, at about the same rate as drug prescriptions
rohini jones (4 года назад)
AMERICANS ARE BEING KEPT DOCILE for a reason nowhere else in the world takes the amount of drugs u all do ....... its ok to feel sad its ok to feel depressed its ok to feel antisocial life has ups and downs good days and bad thats what its about we live we learn we grow
Meshak VB (3 года назад)
+peppermint23  I've taken anti-depressants. I understand that they 'fix' depression, but that's (in my mind) because they make you absolutely neutral to everything. I literally just felt relaxed 24/7, and kindof like I was floating a little bit. No extreme emotions of happiness, excitement, or good old fashioned anger. I felt blissfully empty, if that makes sense.
roguesoftware4free (3 года назад)
+rohini jones Germany is catching up.
peppermint23 (4 года назад)
Yes but as someone who has major depressive disorder, it's not just fluctuating emotions. It's persistent hopelessness, like a gray cloud over your head, it's craving carbs at 4 AM, it's high anxiety over small situations, it's pain in many parts of your body...it effects your entire being. These drugs don't "fix" depression but they help A LOT. 
Meshak VB (4 года назад)
"It is no measure of good health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society" -Jiddu Krishnamurti... my favorite quote. The atmosphere here in America is conducive to discontent. One of the largest wage disparities in the modern world. Then we are raised to believe that there is unlimited opportunity, and it's there for the taking. Well... fuck, I could go on... but I won't... my point is, there have to be fundamental changes, and they will come, it is inevitable.
jaredstauffer45 (4 года назад)
i take anti depressants but i actually need them
Dane Rogers (2 года назад)
+roguesoftware4free not necessarily. I think it can be argued that someone who experiences chronic sadness and suicidal urges needs them. However, I'm not saying that there isn't a natural treatment plan out there that won't work. Of only enough doctors researched that... But hey, no profits in natural treatment.
roguesoftware4free (3 года назад)
+jaredstauffer45 The drugs let you believe that.
PrisonEarth (4 года назад)
these drugs are the major cause of all the mass shootings and suicides also
PrisonEarth (3 года назад)
+Richard Sandwell You are correct ,almost every mass shooter has been on SSRI drugs. They are PROVEN to cause violence and suicide. Even the drug companies own research proves it and its on the package insert and label. Watch Dr Peter Breggin's videos
Richard Sandwell (3 года назад)
+peppermint23 Well the pilot that crashed the plane deliberately was taking all this shit. Its disgusting, social engineering. Its so they can lower our quality of life without anyone complaining. And the drug companies make a fast buck in the process.
peppermint23 (4 года назад)
WyreWizard (5 лет назад)
I stopped taking antidepressants years ago and vehemently refuse to take them now and any doctor who recommends I take them I never see again. I have also stopped taking blood pressure medications. The BP measuring machines in the hospital kept showing it higher than it really is. But when my blood pressure is measured by ear, its normal. I know Big Pharma is out to get my insurance money. I have diabetes so I take insulin shots. That is the only pharmaceutical drug I take.
Andriy kurnitski (5 лет назад)
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QueenlySweetpea (6 месяцев назад)
35 lbs of what ??
Daniel H. (5 лет назад)
Thousands of Americans alone each year are slaughtered by prescription drugs while not a single individual ever in the existence of human kind has died nor been harmed by the use of Cannibas. It truly is a holy flower and it can do just about anything for the user that he or she needs going into the process.
QueenlySweetpea (6 месяцев назад)
+Daniel H .. Smoking canabis does nothing in the way of health benefits. Juicing the leaves and consuming it that way or placing it in food items produces an undesirable body stone for hours. So what is the way to derrive health benefits from this plant ?
mikearminius demo (5 лет назад)
Its not uncommon in America for an entire family to be on anti-psychotic meds.
bbrain2 (5 лет назад)
The pharmacetical/western medical field will always "debunk" anything that can cure you of alleged disease. Herpes, Cancer, AIDS, there's an all natural natural cure for each one, however introducing a cure possibly takes away billions of dollars in prescription medication sales.
Hotshotter3000 (5 лет назад)
RT reports on this, yet blames gun availability for massacres committed by people on these drugs.

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