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Trump Claims You Need Photo ID to Buy Groceries

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Trump claimed that you need a photo ID to buy groceries. What he's actually doing is making the case for voter suppression.
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Carlos Cunba (22 часа назад)
Voter ID for All! Another excellent campaign slogan, isn’t it?
castroy64 (9 дней назад)
Bernie’s never done anything except suck at the government tit.
Bryce Anger (10 дней назад)
Why do black people not have ID at higher rates than whites. Don’t tell me it’s because saving 50 dollars to get your ID like my parents expected is too much to ask. The only way Bernie’s old stinky ass could get someone to vote for him is if they are here illegally and are trying to get some of that free healthcare, free tuition, and some universal income. I think it’s hilarious progressives are so ready for progress yet still want to declare it’s too difficult for a black person to get an ID. Fuck you Bernie, I hope you feel the bern. Hope your enjoying that lake house too you scum bag.
HugenPug (10 дней назад)
The whole clip is put out of context. He says that what you have to do if usa becomes a socialist country, is to show your ID to purchase groceries. Bernie like to put think out of context... bernie is a little old socialist dick with back problems
J.D. Castellanos (11 дней назад)
I have to show my id when i use my credit or debit card. Also when purchasing alcohol. So yes he is right. Maybe millionares like Bernie Sanders dont have to buy their own groceries.
Nathan B (11 дней назад)
Here in the UK we have voter cards which we had in for one vote in the ballot box.
Ben Middleton (11 дней назад)
This asshole has to disappear some way somehow. The biggest piece of shit I've ever had to deal with in my life. Such a fucking disgrace
robert forsythe (11 дней назад)
Trump just oozes fecal matter, he just opens his mouth and releases manure. If we could just harness this we could grow all the plants to feed the world. But we will need a lot of clothes pins for our noses.
John Reynolds (11 дней назад)
That moron couldn't get a job as a Wallmart greeter.
Brittany S (11 дней назад)
Weather Warning: There is a strong possibility of Drumpf Snowflakes floating in on high winds of Stupidity below...
Kuri Adams (11 дней назад)
I have bought groceries in in grocery stores in Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, Arizona, Florida, Illinois and Missouri. I have never had to show ID unless I was buying alcohol. While I was living in Florida I registered to vote. They said you could drop off your voter registration form at any DMV, so I did that. Two months later, I had not received a registration card (luckily I was doing this well in advance). So I took a day off work to go to the voting office at the Town Hall (typical M-F business hours). I hand my registration, ID, and documentation to the person behind the desk, and he checks everything, hands it back to me and tells me I'm good to go. A month later I get my registration card in the mail, and a note with it. The note said that until I show a photo ID, I would only receive a provisional ballot. And anyone who has been paying attention knows that a provisional ballot is essentially a placebo ballot and will not be counted. So, I take another day off, go back to the voting office again, and hand my voter registration card and ID to the same person as before. A month later I get a notification in the mail that I am finally, truly registered to vote. It shouldn't take waiting 4 months, going to 2 locations and taking 2 days off work to register to vote.
Foxy The Pirate Fox (12 дней назад)
Fuck you Trump. Let them all vote. You are out of line A-hole.
Toli P (12 дней назад)
We always have id when we buy groceries it's called money!
Scaredscorch (12 дней назад)
I mean I don't see why this makes such a big deal it's just an accident could have used better words yet but I mean why does this have to make such a big deal
Dat Fishe Boi (13 дней назад)
I walk to a nearby restaurant and get myself lunch every three or four days or so and I don’t even have an ID yet!
Donna Thedead (13 дней назад)
How would you ever prove people voted illegally if no ID was required? What exactly would you look at or for?
Expanding Electrons (13 дней назад)
bernie why give this douche bag anymore attention? just do it
The Patriot Plumber (13 дней назад)
You need an ID to cash the check you bunch of Communist shitfaces, GET A GODDAMN CLUE!
Robert Greenhouse (14 дней назад)
I have always shown my drivers license to vote in florida
Peter Luk (14 дней назад)
F*ck you Orangutan Don!
Mike Squid (14 дней назад)
Bernie Sanders sucks my A-hole clean. Every time. Don't need no paper. He ate Hillary's Shit in 2016.
Cmdr Perry (14 дней назад)
Make it free to get an id, and that wouldn't be such a bad idea
Walt Schmidt (14 дней назад)
Beer and wine dipshits.
Jerry Olais (14 дней назад)
More of the smokescreens of obstructing voters from voting potus OUT!
Lpettro (15 дней назад)
To quote the below website: "You’ve probably encountered this situation numerous times. You are in a store paying for your purchase with your credit card. The cashier asks to see your driver’s license." https://www.privacyrights.org/blog/can-stores-require-id-when-i-pay-credit-card Now apparently they are not allowed to deny you service if you refuse; which is ridiculous if you ask me. But unless you use cash it seems reasonable to expect that you would need id for the above reason. Now maybe Trump is factually incorrect but this is a pretty weak criticism given the above.
M M (15 дней назад)
The tRump, talking out of it and it’s all hot air.
Christina Ostil (15 дней назад)
I voted but not for Trump anyway
Doomm Slayer (15 дней назад)
If voter fraud is such a concern for the gop they should push for paper ballots. But they dont actually care about voter fraud. Also, isnt forcing voter id kinda "big government"? What happened to personal liberty? But of course this is really nothing more than fearmongering about "illegals" bc they are so much of a "threat".
Marilyn Pizziferri (15 дней назад)
I have a terrible feeling things in America are about to explode in violence. Trump keeps whipping his cult followers into a frenzy, and I fear what some will do. I remember Charlottville.
JN Woodard (15 дней назад)
Well, you do. By law, anytime you present a debit, credit, or EBT card you have to show photo ID. Same with the WIC program.
mud cat (16 дней назад)
I tried to buy a loaf of bread from the grocery store and then they said “ID please”. Wouldn’t even sell it to me since I couldn’t prove I was 21. WE NEED GROCERY STORE REFORM ASAP
george nolte (16 дней назад)
Moron , we already a universal photo ID , it's called a drivers license , it even has your address on it to match against the voter registration .To those people , a very small percentage that don't drive , you can get just a photo ID at your DMV . This asshole is even dumber than I thought,and I thought he was pretty fucking stupid to start with. They just want to suppress the vote , scumbags .Sorry jerk but you LOST by 3 MILLION votes .
heat cliff (16 дней назад)
shitbag trump💩
maekayla1 (16 дней назад)
Sarah Sanders is trying to spin this saying he meant when your buying alcohol. You can't spin this the idiot clearly said when your buying groceries, not when your going to the grocery store😂😂😂
punkforjesus (16 дней назад)
He must consider alcohol and tobacco a food group.
Bung Kusi (16 дней назад)
Trump should be jailed for spreading missinformation.
Bung Kusi (16 дней назад)
I guess Trump face is like a thief that the grocery store need to see his ID to make sure he's not stealing credit card.
Joe Noyes (16 дней назад)
You are suppose to show your ID when using your credit card. Wow a billionaire and the President of America and he knows these little things. Your followers would not know bc no ID required to use an EBT card and let's be honest 90% still live with mommy and daddy
Cliff Roberson (16 дней назад)
What a complete and disgusting moron. Money can't buy you brains.
NELLAFEHT (16 дней назад)
Not everybody was as lucky as Bernie to live off of welfare and foodstamps for 40 years like the Vampire Bernie Sanders because you're not required to have photo I D with food stamps But just to purchase alcohol are tobacco are write a check which most working people did before Bernie was not a Mooching Congress member millionaire
TheGzillaman (16 дней назад)
The Orange Clown
matt shanks (16 дней назад)
How bout a REAL psych evaluation for presidential nominees. A rule forcing these crooked bastards to hand over tax filings. It’s not voluntary, it’s mandatory. Etc etc etc
mark allen (16 дней назад)
"It's crazy." Not only is trump crazy, he is a Malignant Narcissist with Sociopathic emotional and mental DEFECTS. He needs to be removed before he does any MORE damage to America and the world.
steve rose (16 дней назад)
But it's a ok for Trumps pal Putin to undermine our Democracy by swaying the vote in Trumps favor but Trump did say "Putin very strongly denied it" lol
outbacktrek (16 дней назад)
americans don't need papers to prove who they are... how do we get rid of the current national "real I.D." & airLine flying I.D. requirement needing only 1 Dmv id requrirement2drive to get away from gestapoICE asking 4 id only to take away & arrest us like a missing passPort or papers requirement??
Jeremy Gregorio (16 дней назад)
Voter surpression. It's how the Republicans win time and again. Make sure only the right people vote.
Korbis Barkly (16 дней назад)
Clearly Trump's either never been grocery shopping himself, or he's never bought groceries without also getting alcohol or cigarettes.
Saul Acosta (16 дней назад)
#CLINTONsanders2020 cause we gullible,brainwashed and programmed Americans DEMAND and EXPECT more SELLOUTS and BETRAYALS
Saul Acosta (16 дней назад)
Saul Acosta (16 дней назад)
I know the BernieBros or rather the "BernieLambs" are programmed and brainwashed to respond with only two words( Troll & TrumpTroll) but I will go ahead and post 8 humble  questions that the Bernie LAMBS should at the very least be curious to learn from Reek. And before you lambs respond to my post in the typical brainwashed and programmed manner by calling me a TROLL, let me just say that I did more for REEK'S campaign than all of you LAMBS combined. Difference between me and you LAMBS is that i hold my POS, WORTHLESS, CORRUPT POLITICIANS ACCOUNTABLE no matter who they are. 1. Why didn't you take #JillStein offer and run with her as President and she as VP?? 2. Why are you pushing the Democrap "ordered" propaganda of RUSSIAN election meddling?? You know very well that the only ELECTION rigging that transpired was the one the DNC stole from you. 3. Why aren't you front and center of the sham Congressional investigation into RUSSIAN election meddling? Wasn't your Presidency stolen by the Democraps and Clinton cabal? Why don't you unmask this theatrical sham? 4. Why aren't you demanding and screaming for answers related to #SETHRICH murder? 5. Why aren't you endorsing #TIMCANOVA ?? Did your Queen Hillary Clinton ordered you not to? 6. Why aren't you supporting and demanding #ASSANGE freedom ? 7. Why are you not calling out and denouncing the mainstream media and the DEMOCRAP party for the blatant ELECTION rigging that took away your Presidency? 8. Why are you dodging and refusing to go live on #JIMMYDORESHOW to answer these questions?? Are you scare ? Of whom? #UNITYwithASSANGE #Unity4J #FREEASSANGE #SETHRICH #WIKILEAKS #BERNIESANDERSWASNEUTERED #FASCISMWONDEMOCRACYLOST #CNNandMNBCFAKENEWS #VENTURA2020 #VENTURATULSI2020 #JIMMYDORESHOW #REDACTEDTONIGHT Watch "#14 American Bullshit" on YouTube https://youtu.be/TBROlle7zI8
Clint Holmes (16 дней назад)
Wow. That was even less substantive than I was anticipating and my expectations were essentially nil. It takes a real special kind of stupid to simultaneously think that Bernie Sanders is the devil and he is getting fucked over. Good luck with the whole dumb as fuck thing you have going on. The establishment loves you and thanks you for being you. You are a useful idiot for them.
Saul Acosta (16 дней назад)
Clint Holmes 😂🤣 Are you getting ready for that 2nd Trump Presidency???? By the way "MY LAMB" i read all of your responses to my post. Its obvious that you are a victim of the massive BRAINWASHING and PROGRAMMING covert ops that this shit country of ours has been utilizing for more than 7 decades. The reason we are so fucked in this country is because "SHEEPS" like you continue to kiss ass to politicians instead of punishing them for their betrayals and SELLOUTS. In a nut shell Bernie Reek Sanders is your lord and savior and that's the bottom line. I will make sure that I get back to you on this post after "Reek" endorses Hitlery again for this coming 2020.
Clint Holmes (16 дней назад)
Question 1, (Forgive me but I need to give many reasons for this question. Feel free to take your pick among them as they are all valid.) 1) Sanders said time and time again that he didn't want Trump to be President and that he would do anything and everything to try and prevent it. Running with Stein would split left leaning thinkers and greatly increase Trumps chances to win. 2) If Sanders did this and Trump won he would have been effectively blamed for Hillary's loss. Don't get me wrong there were still plenty of people who tried to blame Bernie but the reason those attacks were ineffective was because Sanders didn't do this, bite the bullet, and endorsed Hillary. 3) The electoral college makes winning as a 3rd party candidate all but impossible. Getting the most EC votes isn't good enough. You need a majority of EC votes and that is virtually impossible in a 3 way race. Question 2, and before I answer this I would like to note how loaded your questions are. It is obvious you don't actually care about what my answers are. It is about you saying what you think while pretending to give a fuck what others think. Nobody has any reason to take you seriously because you are clearly disingenuous. This shit is straight out of the corporate media playbook... loaded, disingenuous, misleading "questions." That said I will continue to answer your terrible questions. Him talking about Russia fucking with the elections probably has something to do with the fact that we live in a country where people have been indicted for just that. He has said it should be investigated which is totally reasonable under the circumstances and you act as if he has said we should go to war with them. In short you are being absurd. Question 3, because we have every reason to think they did fuck with us. And it isn't hard to imagine that they did. The US fucks with everyone and it stands to reason Russia would fuck with us. Question 4, Sanders, as always, focuses on and prioritizes policy. He probably also doesn't believe the conspiracy theory you think surrounding this. Question 5, I don't know. I wish he would. That said political endorsements are way overblown and I think the world would be a better place if they didn't exist at all (that said they are not going anywhere). I don't need to be told by Sanders or anyone who to vote for and neither should you or anyone. Question 6, likely for political reasons. There is very little to be gained from this and if he did it would only give ammunition to be used against him before gearing up for a presidential run. Let's not pretend that if he did it wouldn't be used to attack him because it would. Question 7, he has talked about even if there is a legit case to be made that he could have done more. That said what is really to be gained from this? Do you think the people that still think the "democratic" primary was fair are all of a sudden going to see the light if Sanders spent all his time crying like a bitch because he got fucked over? Do you need Sanders to tell you that he was fucked over? Because I don't. And Americans do not like people perceived to be whiners. Even Hillbots had an impossible time apologizing for their fallen queen on her blame everyone other then herself book tour. Question 8, because there is little to be gained and much to lose. Even if the comparison is terrible and wrong him going on JD would be talked about by the corporate media the same way Trump going on Alex Jones would be talked about. The corporate media and the establishment are going to do anything and everything to stop Sanders from being president in 2020. You would be wise to help Sanders and stop helping the establishment like you are currently doing. And I'm going to be honest with you... I don't give a fuck about your response to this if you make it. I've already invested far more time engaging you then you deserve.
Laina Pereira (16 дней назад)
You can have an id without being citizen. They are called resident aliens.
longho (16 дней назад)
Case of leaders don't know life of people
longho (16 дней назад)
Happened In China 50 yrs ago
Playongo (16 дней назад)
Don't forget the Democrats efforts to suppress the vote. You experienced those effects firsthand.
Ray West (17 дней назад)
Spankey little hands AKA. the liar in chief is not only ignorant & out of touch he is also bat shit crazy he is also very dangerous.
the beav (17 дней назад)
This isn't war torn Germany Hitler !!!
manny s (17 дней назад)
Lol when I saw this I thought to myself...has he Ever been inside a grocery store
psychotronik13 (17 дней назад)
You don't understand. Trump is President. Americans will be denied food without I.D. This is the new law.
American Dreamer (17 дней назад)
Talk about out of touch with reality. This moron of a President thinks you need ID to buy milk and bread.
Craig Browning (17 дней назад)
In a Trump Police State, you need Picture ID to move Ten Feet.
scrimau (17 дней назад)
For an european like me, this seems so counterintuitive. First off, why is it not mandatory for a us citizen to own a photo id, like it is for most (/all?!) european citizens? And that aside, why is it so hard to accept for the american left that it is essentiell that a voter needs to prove that he/she is indeed who he/she claims he/she is. I mean thats the 101 of preventing voter fraud. Making sure everyone votes at most 1 ballet under exactly his/her name and not (multiple) under the (same or) someone elses name. And a photo id seems like the easiest way for me. The alternative is trusting that nobody will commit voter fraud, but that is very very very unsafe, the majority of ppl might be honest, but given enough ppl theres always someone who's not given the right motivation. I never understood the position of the american left on this topic, the alternatives are clear, elections wide open to voter fraud and therefore with not rly trustworthy results or a simple method of preventing 99,99% of voter fraud and therefore trustworthy elections.
Imite (17 дней назад)
I live in Kansas and my state ID was needed to register. I thought this was already a thing.
Shepperd November (17 дней назад)
My brother, a convicted felon often bragged that he voted in his South Bronx neighborhood because he was told he wasn't allowed to. He simply walked to the voting Precinct (where people knew he was a convicted felon) and was handed a ballot. So, we don't need voter ID? Coming from a family of white trash criminals, I think differently.
emerald3331 (5 дней назад)
In NY it depends on if he's still on parole or not. Each state is a little different.
Daniel 2018 (17 дней назад)
"The Orange Primate has Spoken " I wonder which Planet this guy are From?" LOL
chanelle vanterpool (17 дней назад)
The ppl behind him are laughing at him😂😂😂
Scott Bloom (17 дней назад)
Living in Colorado for 19 years and Iron River, Michigan for 10 years, I've NEVER had to show a photo ID for buying groceries. The only time you do need ID is to buy alcohol. Not sure about cigarettes though, I don't smoke.
chanelle vanterpool (17 дней назад)
jannmutube (17 дней назад)
Senator Sanderrs, I think it's more than voter suppression. During the campaign, Ben Carson and the GOP presented a plan for everyone to pay sales tax according to their income. So, everyone would have to provide information about their income or present a status rannking on their id wherever they shop. Trump has also said he would make the GOP into the Workers Party which is reminiscent of Hitlers National Worker's Party. Evidently, Economic Zones would be part of that plan. No doubt, it would result in discrimination and poor quality goods for lower income earners. Imagine going into a store and not having a qualified income to shop at that store. Supposedly, higher wage earners would pay more but I don't know if that would really be the case....in any case, it's discrimination by station: job status or income discrimination
VoteGreen (17 дней назад)
"Those people" who voted for Trump were let down by politicians (Democrat and Republican) for decades. It goes to show that you CAN lead a person to drink sand and believe it's water. #DemExit #DemExited
christopher snedeker (17 дней назад)
This is some mark of the beast type shit
Teenkitsune (17 дней назад)
christopher snedeker I believe Trump is the beast made of many eyes as predicted in that same book.
SKCJ Vicky (17 дней назад)
I wonder if people know that in some states you need four pisces of ID just to get 1 picture ID. That's hard for some people.
Frank Ng (17 дней назад)
Don't American citizens have at least a citizenship card? Thought I can take it as granted in any country.
B33SON (17 дней назад)
Dishonest Donald is a professional bumbler. Bernie 2020 and let’s clean up this idiot’s mess
Brent Showers (17 дней назад)
Can someone say papers please
Some One (17 дней назад)
*It wasn't voter IDs that made you the fraud potus, it was the Russians and twitler knows it!*
Some One (17 дней назад)
*Remember when trump says something, it relates to him, so guess what's coming to groceries stores near you!*
Optimus JudyHopps (17 дней назад)
Me and my family go to the store in save mart and foodmaxx as local union stores and we buy our own food at the store. I think trump is stupid he's nothing but an idiot.
jag off (17 дней назад)
Mooch from food stamps. Everyone who votes Bernie is a mooch. I work for everything and do well.
jag off (17 дней назад)
Clint Holmes (17 дней назад)
So how much do the Koch brothers pay their online trolls?
Buch (17 дней назад)
Trump gives elderly citizens a bad rap to young folks. They must think all old folks act this way. Thanks you dimwitted bag of dog shit.
Clint Holmes (17 дней назад)
Not really the elderly but he has made me racist against orange people.
Erik (17 дней назад)
you need it if you buy alcohol, you, need it if you drive a car, you need it if you travel...... whats the argument for not have id for voting? are you really that racist that you dont put all people in the same group instead of seperating people based on their race? are you really that racist you have so low expectations on minorities?
Clint Holmes (16 дней назад)
It might have something to do with the fact that underage drinking is proven to be a problem worth addressing... among other things.
Creek Walker (16 дней назад)
Erik ummm..what!?
Erik (17 дней назад)
so why dont you remove id when you buy alcohol?
Clint Holmes (17 дней назад)
There is zero evidence of voter fraud being a problem but we do know that there are over a million voting eligible Americans who don't have an ID. You are trying to solve a problem that doesn't exist and your "solution" to that non existent problem creates a problem. I shouldn't really need to explain this.
Theatre Punk (17 дней назад)
1500 Mike (17 дней назад)
Jon Pais (17 дней назад)
Maybe Trumpf needs ID when going out to buy cheeseburgers.
Anarcho Toast (17 дней назад)
"If voting could change anything, they'd make it illegal" -Emma Goldman
Got George (17 дней назад)
You do need a photo is to buy beer or use a credit card. Why do you waste your time with his statements of no consequence? You never criticize him for capitulating to the military industrial complex, you never criticize him for backing Israel. The republicans are terrible, but you democrats are the worst.
Teenkitsune (17 дней назад)
Got George Um, I criticize him for that all the time.
Amy Sternheim (17 дней назад)
His "ID for groceries" reminds me of HW Bush's reaction to checkout scanners. Completely out of touch with reality, yet The Idiot's followers still think he's just like them. Yeah, right.......
George Fernandez (12 дней назад)
So if someone steals your credit card and uses it to buy $500 worth of groceries and is never asked to show ID, that is an ok thing? Showing and ID to buy anything is more to protect the consumer and company against fraud, if the card is used fraudulently and the real owner reports the fraud and stops all payments that looks suspicious then the store where the crime was committed loses out and the owner of the card get protected. So yes showing ID for any and all transactions would be the wisest for the sake of all.
Xandrosi (17 дней назад)
This video missed the significant issue: that government now wants the ability to eliminate personal privacy and track every action. Used nefariously, people can be easily harassed and disappeared.
Xandrosi (16 дней назад)
Teenkitsune, this is about what the government controls. If it helps them maintain power or make money for themselves or their masters, then they're for it. If it empowers the people, then they're against it.
Teenkitsune (17 дней назад)
Xandrosi It's amazing how they hate Medicare for all because it's "government control" but want voter ID like this which in government control.
wiccangirl (17 дней назад)
Xandrosi I am not arguing your point all I am saying is that if they do try to come after me they will have to go through other people first...mainly my father and he's a huge dump supporter....but my dad does have guns so I dare them to try ...I have been saying that if somehow my son gets hurt or dies that dump is next and again still here so I am just saying it is possible but again they'd have to get through my father to get to me or my son....lol with dump anything is possible...
Xandrosi (17 дней назад)
To your point, all who have posted anything critical can be instantly found. Soon, they'll be trackable along with every person they associate with. At this point, our rights and legal precedents are still honored, though they appear to be under attack. Trump and the GOP are positioning to track all Americans the way that China now tracks their people. I don't doubt that scoring will soon follow. Is it so hard to believe that our government will disappear people that the leaders of the day deem threatening to their perspective?
Uncolored Man (17 дней назад)
This man has apparently never stepped into a grocery store.
George Nichols (17 дней назад)
Him being on that crazy train just looks bad. I've never used ID when grocery shopping. ID for Bud light and Corona yes but not for Cereal and Milk. Besides, most grocery stores I frequent have automatic checkouts, IDs are not a requirement. Just wow. 😅😂🤣😅😂🤣
Stephanie Feliciano (17 дней назад)
The Freedman (17 дней назад)
Some Trump supporters still believe millions of people voted illegally.
Teenkitsune (15 дней назад)
Joe And they believe they're losing jobs because of immigrants.
Joe (15 дней назад)
they also think getting rid of ice means open borders
Teenkitsune (17 дней назад)
Got George Guess I voted illegally then.
wiccangirl (17 дней назад)
flensdude | pTarian lol
flensdude | pTarian (17 дней назад)
Got George I read somewhere that it was closer to 1 BILLION illegal votes. I can cite the tweet where I read this so you know it must be true.
cristscott (17 дней назад)
what this country needs, is a flexible minimum wage set. so small businesses are not pushed out of business. However, larger businesses, with good profits should have to pay fair wages. I had a rich business owner tell me. I don't have to pay fair wages, to you lower people. you will work for nothing. plenty of high experienced workers out there. whom has years of experience. that are forced to work for nothing. If you want to work for me. I only have to pay you this amount. So why pay more? Then he said, Sorry! you might not work for me. but, you will work somewhere and for somebody else for nothing. inforce fair pay. most businesses, will not volunteer.
Melanie S (16 дней назад)
This is 2018 and prices are higher than 5-8 years ago. Its time to have a living wage for people working a 40 hour work week they should be able to survive at least.
Teenkitsune (17 дней назад)
cristscott Yeah, he's doing what he can...to add to it.
cristscott (17 дней назад)
your eyes are open to true wisdom. 😊
cristscott (17 дней назад)
Butternut Squanch (17 дней назад)
jag off (17 дней назад)
You need a ID to buy groceries in my store. Because you use a link card you dumb fucks!
Clint Holmes (17 дней назад)
I had to look up what you were talking about because I shop for groceries, don't need an ID to do it, and had no fucking idea what you are talking about. Trump uses a link card to shop for groceries huh? Times must be tough for the orange clown. Seriously thou I love the mental gymnastics you trumptards make for him.
Rhonda Holland (17 дней назад)
We all have driver id or non drivier id card we don't id to buy groceries how dum is trump. U don't chave to answer that we know he I'd
Melanie S (16 дней назад)
Voter fraud is rare its election fraud that's rampant where the outdated voting machines can be hacked or manipulated. Trumps just trying to make it more difficult for people to vote.
Alma OG (16 дней назад)
Exactly right. IDs do absolutely nothing to stop fraud going on inside electronic voting machines, or by those who count and report the vote totals. Voter fraud is rare because for the risk, it's practically worthless, especially in national elections. A fraudster has to know the registration information of specific registered voters who they know will not vote on election day, then they have to somehow convince the poll worker that they are each of these people... not gonna work more than once or twice at a single location before they're caught so they'll have to travel around to different polling locations through the day, claiming to be someone different at each one. How many votes could a single person realistically cast in one day They'd at least be limited by about 1 vote per polling location, what will that amount to in the end? It's completely impractical, so much risk for almost no benefit. It's much easier to just change the totals after the fact, and yet some people are convinced that voter fraud is actually happening on some kind of large scale.
Simone Miller (17 дней назад)
If we vote, we have a voter registration card...can't use it to drive or shop. OH well. What an ignoramus.
Jeffrey Warren (10 дней назад)
Mike Squid https://youtu.be/swtDFqaXy6Y
Mike Squid (10 дней назад)
Jeffrey Warren . You tube took down the on NAFTA,WALL.but... https://youtu.be/09Ly1Yk6e-U
Jeffrey Warren (12 дней назад)
Mike Squid https://www.factcheck.org/2017/04/democrats-support-border-wall/
Mike Squid (12 дней назад)
JJeffre. May as well finish what Bill Clinton started in 94.
Simone Miller (12 дней назад)
Nooooo. That is not correct. We have always had voter registration cards they were to verify your citizenship and place of residence. No pictures.
Lenard Segnitz (17 дней назад)
I agree, voter ID should be mandatory. But only if IDs can be cheaply and conveniently obtained. It is unacceptable that citizens would need to travel great distances to limited-hour offices to get their IDs. Picture ID to buy groceries!? Where does Trump shop? In North Korea? I haven't even been IDed to use my credit card since PIN protection became the norm.
Thanator Rider (9 дней назад)
If you’re going to mandate voter ID, then the ID cards should be free. Anything short of that is a barrier to a citizen exercising their democratic rights.
George Fernandez (12 дней назад)
When you register to vote that would be the application for voter ID, if you are already registered they can send the card to your address and use your drivers license picture for the picture on the ID. Right now at least where I live you have to check in to vote. You have to give the poll volunteer your name and address. If you are not registered your name will not show up on the list. Most voter registration happens in town halls, so travelling great distances is a nonsensical thought as is limited hour offices. Most town halls are open normal business hours and you can register to vote during those hours, usually 8-5. If you pay for your groceries by check or credit card, most stores have a policy that photo ID needs to accompany payment. It is more to prevent check cashing and credit card fraud. If you ever worked in retail as a teenager this would be common knowledge.
Laina Pereira (16 дней назад)
Free Id is an awesome ideal.
Alma OG (17 дней назад)
If only conservatives wanted guns to be as accessible as the right to vote.
Deaf Forever (17 дней назад)
Lenard Segnitz The entire point of voter ID is that they won't be easily obtained. So yeah, you've got no reason to support it.
William Keaton (17 дней назад)
This one's for Bernie Sanders. Bernie when I hear you speak I hear a red-blooded American speaking from his heart. And someone that's came through the rank-and-file what determination.
SuperBigDog2U (17 дней назад)
Tell him and the rest of the Republican Congress that as soon as we get Medicare For All, we will then ALL have a federal ID, our Medicare Cards!!!!!!!
Kimberly Mehrer (16 дней назад)
SuperBigDog2U ~Great idea!👏👏👏👏👏
Teenkitsune (17 дней назад)
SuperBigDog2U Nice thing is the people who think it would be freebies for illegal immigrants wouldn't have to worry about that if Medicare cards are only administered to people who pay their taxes and ate declined if they don't.

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