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Sanders Slams Vulture Funds Ripping Off Puerto Rico

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Sen. Bernie Sanders said today Puerto Rico should be allowed to restructure its debt in a way that protects residents, ordinary investors and pension funds in the United States.
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Ymr Bleav (10 месяцев назад)
That evil "RED CROSS" HAS KEPT ALL THE MONETARY DONATIONS THAT WAS SENT TO HELP PR and various desolated countries! Where are the billions of dollars???
TheKickingGuy (1 год назад)
Finally some one is helping them I'm Canadian how did he lose it doesn't make sense
Jacob Heathman (2 года назад)
The free market has spoken, calm down Bernie
Gary Rodriguez (2 года назад)
It's hard to believe that finally one USA politician have the guts to say something with sense about PR's economic situation!
Gustavo Rodriguez (2 года назад)
Sanders is the only one who cares about Puerto Ricans. Clinton cares about Puerto Rico's resources as Bernie would say the difference is YUUGE!!
skills1ent (2 года назад)
If there is a God, a universal power, magic, energy!!!!! Whatever, it may be. We need Bernie Sanders.....Just his political acumen and sociological depth separates him from any of the other canidates!!!
fullflyjordan (2 года назад)
Mr. Sanders, as a puerto rican living on the island I fully agree with you. The reason why we are not leading in such things is because our shitty government doesn't give a shit. The electrical energy authority of our island complains about spending money on something else because they are making money on oil and they just want money for themselves. Also, petitions have been made to widen or shorten our congress and the people chose to shorten it because there are to many positions for such a small island (which is also a reason for our economy no going up), they reviewed it, wiped their asses with it and threw it in the trash. They're the worst. The congress should be restructured with shorten the positions. It should be 1 mayor for every district (Between 10 or 12) and the governor (Maximum 13 legislative seats). It should be made illegal to receive private donations from corporations, and only public donations from the people. There are so many things that are sucking away the tax money we pay and is not being used correctly that if used correctly we could have decent education in public schools and universities, the dept could actually being paid (even if it's at a slow rate) the opportunities are endless.
Beachbug1vw (2 года назад)
So Puerto Rico runs up bills and borrows like there is no end and it is the people who lent them the money who are at fault? Only in a moron Marxist/Socialist Sander's world!
Beachbug1vw (2 года назад)
+swiffxgvd What? What are you asking? Did you make up something in your mind? I never said that he said anything! Only a Socialist Nut Job would blame the people who loaned money to the Govt and then get all uppity when those same institutions expect it to be payed back! Clearly you know zero about the idiots who run the Govt of Puerto Rico!
swiffxgvd (2 года назад)
+Beachbug1vw When did he say that?
Aquila (2 года назад)
To think Bernie's been battling against corruption and perverse corporate interests for decades with the same level of tenacity shown is a testament to his integrity and respect to the american people whom he represents. I have to admit, I don't know if I could do that, but that is exactly why he should be president. #feelthebern
Atheist Kenny (2 года назад)
I don't know who this guy is, but I love him. I Fucking hate the Island's governor.
Erick Rodriguez (2 года назад)
Alejandro Garcia Padilla, the moron governor.
BLTspace (2 года назад)
You can feel the emotion in Bernie's voice when he talks about things like this... this man deserves to be president and have his chance.
wunderbarr123 (2 года назад)
This guy... Can't he just be a senator instead of president. Gy is old enough to jump in the coffin. How can he even handle 2 jobs? HOW DOES ANYONE WANT THIS BORING SLOTH AS PRESIDENT?
Omega Basileia (2 года назад)
I'm from Puerto Rico and I currently live in Texas. I support Bernie with everything I have and I constantly support his campaign. This made me love him even more! #FeeltheBern
Livio (2 года назад)
This man is the greatest thing that can happen to America in the next years. If you dont make this guy president you deserve whats coming your way
Birnam Wood (2 года назад)
I feel embarrassed just thinking about what Bernie would say about the Australian Govt.
John Puccetti (2 года назад)
PogieJoe (2 года назад)
haha I love that burn at the end, Bernie. "Last I heard you were a sunny island. You are an island....there's wind!"
luis garcia (2 года назад)
support wolf-pac and get money of politics.. TYT
kim II sung (2 года назад)
Kill em Bernie!
Ronnie Hopper (2 года назад)
why is Bernie Sanders a oikophobe
lennypoz (2 года назад)
Bernie Sanders sounds like a NYC corndog salesman.
Hate You (2 года назад)
He's a godless communist jew homosexual ,is that what you want in the White House?
cbatgm (2 года назад)
I hope someday soon Puerto Rico will be able to enjoy the rights and privileges that come with statehood.
MaXiMuS54 (2 года назад)
Yah Puerto Rico is getting screwed and they voted to become a US state.
w3141529 (2 года назад)
too dam short
FX51 (2 года назад)
Wheres the other footage. Post the full video!
FX51 (2 года назад)
This guy is awesome and should be our president~!
Christopher Reszczynski (2 года назад)
Raymond Clifford (2 года назад)
Hit the nail on the button!!!
only one who gives a shit..feel the Bern
Juan Madero (2 года назад)
"You are an island. There's wind." - Bernie Sanders
Ymr Bleav (10 месяцев назад)
Juan Madero WTF? why are you using my uncle's name? He died decades ago? Even his twin brother has died! You better not be an imposter! His name was just like yours, WTF!!!
writerconsidered (2 года назад)
+pollo9500 Well never give a politician a smart persons job. You can always break them down and move them to where they are supposed to be.
pollo9500 (2 года назад)
+Juan Madero Former republican governor Fortuño Brought some Windmills to the Island, But instead of placing them in the north east of the Island where it gets major impact from wind, He placed them in the South, where the atlantic winds can´t reach... smh
Juan Madero (2 года назад)
+writerconsidered No, I know. I just thought it was funny how much he was breaking down his argument to the panel.
writerconsidered (2 года назад)
+Juan Madero Actually I've been too Puerto Rico . They do wind coming in off the Atlantic. They also have huge waves coming in as well, good for surfers and good for wave energy.
Angolin (2 года назад)
Loved that little aside at 1:18. "You are an island. There's wind."
WeThePeopleAreFucked (2 года назад)
Bernie Sanders in 60 fps? Well hot damn.
Sergio Marron (2 года назад)
Bernie.I am worried that you want to be President of USA and don't know anything about the economics and effect of taxes.  Unemployment was caused by two factors: 1st  was the termination of section 936 in the tax code.2nd was the minimum wage increases. Bernombies (The people support your dream) are just as freaking clueless as you.
jumpman1306 (2 года назад)
+Sergio Marron Oh my bad I thought you were talking about the U.S.
Sergio Marron (2 года назад)
1st....The video was speaking of Puerto Rico. And 2nd....You shouldn't be surprised that wages have fallen since the US dollar was no longer pegged to Gold. i wonder if you even know about Federal Reserve Notes?
jumpman1306 (2 года назад)
Minimum wage has nothing to do with the current situation in the U.S. Wages have nearly stagnated since the 70s and the minimum wage needs to be raised to keep up with inflation.
CokeVoAYCE - (2 года назад)
i wonder how weird bernie must feel trying to talk sense in a room filled with the people all bought off and in the pockets of the oil and gas companies.
Jude Fetzen (2 года назад)
+Coke AYCE - Bernie Attack Unit! - "The people," Bernie Sanders declared, "were not put here on earth for the sake of the economy, and the economy doesn't exist for the sake of capital. ... capital is meant to serve the economy, and the economy in turn to serve the people."
steve copley (2 года назад)
He loves it! And he does a great job working with his opponents
ThisIsTurok1 (2 года назад)
How is that high minimum wage working out for Puerto Rico? Don't worry, the USA...YES the tax payers...the people with JOBs will work twice as hard to pay for the BUMS in Puerto Rico. THANK YOU MR. SANDERS FOR SPONSORING LEGISLATION TO TAX THE EVER LOVING SHIT OUT OF EVER AMERICAN TO PAY FOR THE MISTAKES OF THE IDIOTS OF PUERTO RICO!!
Christopher Gillman (2 года назад)
+ThisIsTurok1 - Have you learned anything in this past week? His plan to raise minimum wage has been thought through. He's not the president, so everything so far has been done under OTHER people. He's running so he can do it THE RIGHT WAY. Duh.
FRANKONATOR123 (2 года назад)
Bernie = swag
Fred Dietz (2 года назад)
Graphene supercapacitors. Make them affordable to mass produce—research a way to do that. Then replace the lithium-ion batteries in electric cars with graphene supercapacitors. Why? Because they recharge quicker, that’s why. A lot quicker. Right now, you want to recharge your Tesla Model S in 120 volt socket you’re looking at 43 hours worth of charge time just to get 250 miles of driving out of it (a little more than 1 tank of gas with a 4 cylinder—about a tank and a half). And that’s WAY too much recharge time for the average commuter. But now get it down to 5 minutes and you profoundly reduce our dependency on Mideast oil. Miracle. Changes the whole character of American foreign policy overnight.
Jeremiah Leonard (2 года назад)
BryceStawski (2 года назад)
It's great that we have someone running for president and he still does his job as a senator the right way
Thomas Rivera (2 года назад)
+Peter Lettkeman VIVA SOCIALISM and part of capitalism. Of course, not only the rich is the blame but I think that almost everybody.
Peter Lettkeman (2 года назад)
+BryceStawski You do realize that the gov't of Puerto Rico are the ones to blame right? Here is a great analysis of the above video. Bottom line is, if I lend you money and you don't pay it back how is that my fault and not yours? You defaulted on paying ME back. Lawrence Reed 8 hrs · This man is a life-long, unproductive airhead who seems incapable of rational thought. Yesterday, he elaborated on the subject of this brief clip from six months ago, blaming "Wall Street" for wanting to inflict "austerity" on Puerto Rico. What's wrong with that analysis? 1) By "Wall Street," he means anybody who loaned money to Puerto Rico by buying its government bonds. He wants you to think that's just a handful of evil rich people but in fact, it includes individuals of many income levels who purchased P.R. bonds either personally or through their pension funds. But of course, it's easier to vilify "Wall Street." 2) What is the crime here that Sanders is alleging? It's nothing more than expecting the bond issuer (the P.R. gov't) to keep its promises and pay back the money it borrowed. Sanders is demonizing people who gave P.R. their money on terms the P.R. government itself agreed to. 3) Sanders assumes that the P.R. government, simply because it is government, can't be at fault here. He not only doesn't blame its reckless spending and interventionist policies that have caused the crisis, he never mentions that at all. He wants even more of it. 4) He wraps his angry demonizing in language about "the poor Puerto Rican people" so you'll think he's just a nice, compassionate guy while he advocates ripping off people who tried to help Puerto Rico by loaning it money (I'll bet he himself never gave or loaned Puerto Rico a nickel of his own. And in fact, he voted many times to price poor Puerto Ricans out of their jobs through minimum wage hikes). 5) He wants American taxpayers to bail out Puerto Rico, as if your grandmother in Peoria had something to do with the problem. A $19 trillion debt just isn't big enough for him. Now we're supposed to throw even more money down the drain by subsidizing left-wing failures in the Caribbean. Bottom line: Sanders advocates theft in the name of compassion. He refuses to hold government responsible for its own economic crimes. He is full of hate for successful people. He's a hypocrite and snake oil salesman selling the prescription for human misery called "socialism." Pathetic. Truly pathetic.
Thomas Rivera (2 года назад)
see how many senatores are Hearing about Puerto Rico in those seats, maybe 5 (including Sanders) Respect towards them and sad towards the rest that didn't hear us.
Melinda Seely (2 года назад)
+BryceStawski Amen
Eddy Cutz (2 года назад)
Thank you Bernie!
Starving Boy In Africa (2 года назад)
Oh no dislikes on this video hmmm I sure am tempted
FRANKONATOR123 (2 года назад)
People in Africa could have eaten those dislikes
neilemac (2 года назад)
From Canada...up and at 'em, Bernie! The socially conscience of the world have your back at home and abroad by now, yes? Surely! BTW, was tremendously proud of you in the televised debate; thank you. Now Canada finally knows who I mean when I speak of your integrity to speak truth to power. Had been hoping and optimistic about seeing you the head there with Mulcair here and really expose the rot everywhere by investments into cleaning up what must be done for the survival of our Planet.
LazärheaD (2 года назад)
Bernie has 60fps720p. Trump has 14fps144p.
tx (2 года назад)
Lessig 2016. Bernie wants Snowden Prison.
Grasshole (2 года назад)
+tx define 'prison'
xdruguserx (2 года назад)
+tx Bernie said he has to answer to the American people not that he wants him in prison. I do agree we need to get money out of politics though and Lessig should at the VERY LEAST be invited to the debates.
Zack Nemo (2 года назад)
they don't get rid of fossil fuels for the same reason everyone else doesn't... they corrupt. af nigga!
Zack Nemo (2 года назад)
oh yeah 69 likes..
yuubokumin415 (2 года назад)
Yeah, why not wind power in Puerto Rico???
MyExSuPeRGF (2 года назад)
+yuubokumin415 , Our local government regardless of which administration are on the cronies payroll. Lot's of lobbying are keeping our lawmakers pretty much in their back pockets. Any legislation is inherently benefiting solely big money. People are too busy spending money at the mall or watching too much sports or too much drama on t.v. Then they spend 1 hour calling a radio station to complain or troll on social media about how shitty the local government is. After that they carry on with the rest of day !! We are really the masters of the oblivious when it comes to macro/micro economics and politics... kinda like in the rest of USA...
RevolutionNews US (2 года назад)
Bernie, I'd like to hear you call for the US govt to stop giving $3 billion per year to Israel! *U.S. foreign aid to Israel: 2014 congressional report* http://journalistsresource.org/studies/international/foreign-policy/u-s-foreign-aid-to-israel-2014-congressional-report#sthash.6Umkjfol.dpuf
Tiefkühlen (2 года назад)
viva Puerto Rico libre
jumpman1306 (2 года назад)
Viva Bernie Sanders
Tiefkühlen (2 года назад)
+BernieSandersenEspañol ^_^
BernieSandersenEspañol (2 года назад)
+Alex Kelsey Si puedo traducirlo, lo hare.
Tiefkühlen (2 года назад)
+BernieSandersenEspañol de verdad que si
BernieSandersenEspañol (2 года назад)
+Alex Kelsey (alexitobost) This should be in Spanish.
ObservableFiction (2 года назад)
Wouldn't it be great if we had suoeredficiant solar panels
ObservableFiction (2 года назад)
+Red Baran yeah the people who don't get it just won't get it, keep doin' the thing
Red Baran (2 года назад)
Hard to indicate sarcasm in a post (other then coming out and saying it directly, but that kind of kills it) but yes, very much sarcasm.
ObservableFiction (2 года назад)
+MarlonBrando It's perfectly easy to google it, but I can explain if you prefer that. It means that, on the internet, genuine extreme views are indistinguishable from satire. Like you not being sure if that comment was a joke or not - Poe's Law
MarlonBrando (2 года назад)
+ObservableFiction  WTF???? what's Poe's law?
ObservableFiction (2 года назад)
+MarlonBrando Poe's law is a sob
liam (2 года назад)
from ireland... go bernie :) if we have a free health system why cant you guys
TheKickingGuy (1 год назад)
+Hill Ass 3.0 Ikr like I'm Canadian and it's great being able to have check ups all the time
liam (2 года назад)
+Anon Amously tá súil agam go mbeidh lá éigin fháil ar an deis chun teanga a labhairt iontach
Anon Amously (2 года назад)
+lac6480 yeahhhh either way I want out, and I'd like to learn Gaelic and most teachers for the language are in Ireland lol.
liam (2 года назад)
+Anon Amously america is great BECAUSE of immigrants E pluribus unum "out of many makes one" was the old motto of the US before 1956 now it's "in god we trust"
Anon Amously (2 года назад)
my family left Ireland during the famine... I'm thinking about going back.

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