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Toddlers on Amphetamine: History of Big Pharma and the Major Players (Full Documentary)

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Rest in peace Joshua Paniagua, the narrator of this documentary, 1992- 2017. This is Era of Wisdom’s first full length documentary, “Toddlers on Amphetamine: History of Big Pharma and the Major Players.” It documents the full history of allopathic medicine, the hidden history of what we call “big pharma,” and how the world generally came to be the way it is today. It examines the history of chemicals, poison in particular, disease, power, and psychopathy. It is completely free: free to republish anywhere with credit to Era of Wisdom, free to make physical copies of and spread everywhere. This documentary was made out of pocket: donate to support Era of Wisdom and the next documentary at this link or at the PayPal donation button at the top of this article (no PayPal account necessary): http://www.eraofwisdom.org/TOA/ The full transcript, all sources, all image credits and videos that appeared in this documentary can be found at this link: http://www.eraofwisdom.org/historyofbigpharma/ Narrated by Josh Mur, journalist with the Anti Media and vocalist/guitarist in “Bispora” from Sacramento, California. Written and directed by Cassius Kamarampi, Era of Wisdom founder from Sacramento, California. Music by John Castberg, a musician from San Francisco, California (except for one song at 2:04:00, which is “Al Qantara” by Al-Safi, Fakhri, Shaheen.) Article for the documentary: http://www.eraofwisdom.org/toddlers-amphetamine-history-big-pharma-major-players-full-documentary-2/
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Текстовые комментарии (46)
June Shrum (13 дней назад)
Television Gets You Brain Dead..Wake Up America Before It's To Late!
Roberta Cowan (1 месяц назад)
If only we were taught the truth in our history Classes!
Roberta Cowan (1 месяц назад)
And they continue today with their drugs and vaccines - all part of their plan. Evil knows no bounds.
Trish Truitt (1 месяц назад)
This looks interesting but would be a lot more watchable if you broke it down into smaller blocks.
yogayantra Dominique (1 месяц назад)
Do you think you could re-record this excellent video and suppress the background sound, which is much louder than the words. I just can't understand all that is said. I would be really grateful. Thank you
Auirtozz (4 месяца назад)
How did josh die? :(
Amy French (7 месяцев назад)
Do you have a copy of the transcript for this please? The links are broken :(
Nicolae Ciobica (10 месяцев назад)
Antivaxers? They should get the electric chair!
Mich B (1 год назад)
Super informative! Thank you for this...Amazing! ...Shame about the ridiculous and extremely annoying sounds throughout! have to watch it in spurts....Grateful all the same.
Rebecca Colaciello (1 год назад)
Excellent!!! Thank you!
Humane Education Alliance AHIMSA (1 год назад)
Amazing! Sharing on my FB page, Examining The Elephant <3
Arny Farehostehrn (1 год назад)
Great video, I have never seen so much information in this way in amateur video. This have shamed any BBC docu!
Me and Missy (1 год назад)
That music in the background is annoying! Otherwise it's a brilliant documentary. Thank you for this!
Richard Wendling (1 год назад)
Dave Johnson (1 год назад)
"I firmly believe that if the whole materia medica [medical drugs], as now used, could be sunk to the bottom of the sea, it would be all the better for mankind,—and all the worse for the fishes." -Oliver Wendell Holmes
craig munson (1 год назад)
Excellent work. The sad thing is that the old ignorant ideas which created this situation will not disappear till those holding these ideas die are are replaced by those who will actually LISTEN with a clear and open childlike mind. And those minds are so far and few, which is why history always repeats itself. People do not want to learn. People do not want to change.
Paul Dawsi (1 год назад)
Brilliant and well researched. The music audio is a little loud in certain sections and should be lowered slightly as it competes with the vocal.
Brian David Andersen (1 год назад)
Josh & Cassius You need to go back a few years to the American Civil War and Napoleon’s failed invasion of Russia.  Before both these wars homeopathic doctors dominated healthcare. Before both these wars a small wound on the battlefield was lethal Sulfur drugs change the game and perception of the general public. Thousands of soldiers limbs were amputated and theirs lives were saved by dumping Sulfur based powder on the open surgical wounds. Drug companies and surgeons pushed aside homeopathic modalities. Two wars in the 1800s with generous doses of scalpels and sulfur/coal-tar based powder changed the direction healthcare. Those invested in surgeons and drugs (Rockefellers etc.) created organizations that marginalized plant, natural based health modalities.  And the constant consumption of coal tar has a devastating impact on cellular hydration – the basic foundation of all diseases.  But yet the most potent and one of the few useful Big Pharma drugs for human health known as quinine is no longer available to the general public. Who removed quinine from the market and owns all the rights of quinine? The Jesuits. And all the CEO of Big Pharma and one or more of the following – Knight of Malta, Member of Council of Foreign Relations, Bilderberger Member, Jesuit educated, Bohemian Grove Member and members of other elite organizations. Do you get the drift?
William Turner (1 год назад)
Thanks for the enormous mammoth effort it must of taken to produce this documentary. i know of the effort required to research historical facts, something i have done in a unrelated field for a project of my own, and i just want to express gratitude to you that words barely convey. gratefully appreciated
Cassius Methyl (1 год назад)
thank you very much, I appreciate it!
NYCEONE (1 год назад)
Great Documentary!!! 👍so many, many great facts. Spread awareness about Cannabis, Cannibis oil and ways of treating things like epilepsy, and Cancer with these highly successful treatments that cure rather than make you super sick from radiation therapy. Dr's are fkn lost and it's partly because of their unwillingness to question the medical industry and spend time investigating the products they push on Americans. Giving Cannabis an honest look over with a truly open mind. Things like the American Cancer Society should be shut down for the simple fact that they are garbage and have zero positive results that are even remotely worth the dollar signs thrown at them. They have done nothing but wasted people's lives, and time with Hundreds of millions of dollars and are pretty much in the same place they were when they started. I'm sure everyone deeply involved has some crazy nice mansion and some private islands somewhere. Free Humanity and our Minds!!
marcia boyd (1 год назад)
These are the folks who should be taken down, I thought these are the people we were paying gov to protect us from, People who go up against end up dead, so gov puppies take there money to allow them to harm those who are looking healing!!
Jacquelyn Christine (1 год назад)
At 7:18 The narrator refers to the documentary 'Toddlers on Adderall' which i believe was the title for the documentary before you decided to change it to 'Toddlers on Amphetamine'. I just thought i should bring it to your attention in case you weren't already aware of it. This documentary is very informative and i enjoyed watching it. Thank you for your hard work to unveil this information. You are appreciated. :)
Justin Wallis (1 год назад)
Cassius, have you seen this Mini-Doc? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9j-GqpAokE
Justin Wallis (1 год назад)
Awesome exposé Cassius! The 3rd/4th Wave Eugenicists WILL have their day in court!!! THE TRUTH WILL RISE!! One day there will only be surgeons and naturopaths and other forms of homeopathy. Allopathic Reductionists are nearly entirely unnecessary and at best a short term solution to only hide the symptoms. I have a website coming back out in the future with 7 months of info i discovered on this topic. Happy to see this doc!!
Maria Earlsfield (1 год назад)
+ Era of Wisdom.Thank you for the Video.
Maria Earlsfield (1 год назад)
+Justin Wallis-Thank you.Good luck with the website.We all need to do our part in exposing what is going on.
Justin Wallis (1 год назад)
Justin Wallis (1 год назад)
Defeat Disease Website Video Preview https://vimeo.com/162016762 https://web.archive.org/web/20141025041158/http://www.defeatdisease.com/
Maria Earlsfield (1 год назад)
+Justin Wallis-Do you have a link for your website?
Barb Rogers (1 год назад)
NYCEONE (1 год назад)
Era of Wisdom absolutely!! Thank you!! Amazing Doc!! Thank you for your time and hard work!!✌👍
Era of Wisdom (1 год назад)
you're welcome!
Roberto Benson (1 год назад)
Dr. Franciszek Piper, senior curator and director of archives of the Auschwitz State Museum admitted on camera that 'Krema 1,' the alleged 'homicidal gas chamber' shown off to hundreds of thousands of tourists every year at the Auschwitz main camp, was, in fact, fabricated after the war by the Soviet Union -apparently on the direct orders of Josef Stalin. What Piper said - in effect and on camera - was that the explosive 1988 Leuchter Report was correct: no homicidal gassings took place in the buildings designated as 'homicidal gas chambers' at Auschwitz.
yogayantra Dominique (1 месяц назад)
you are right, but it is taboo.
Elaine St. Denis (1 год назад)
Thank you Cassius.. and shared to Google + maybe a few others will pick up your documentary link from there. and happy new years, and many, many more good years more, always :-)
Era of Wisdom (1 год назад)
you're welcome, thanks for the support!
Connor Harrison (1 год назад)
Profiteering from medicine and the well-being of the people is one of the greatest societal flaws present in Western culture today. It's masked as a treatment, while in reality is conducted as a business with the primary objective to turn a profit, something relatively impossible through equally (if not more) effective naturopathic or homeopathic means. Even further, the hypocrisy of the drug war exemplifies these objectives of the pharmaceutical industry to make the public fear what it does not understand. As frustrated as I am about healthcare's current state, we are also blessed to have access to such a wealth of information through the internet, and this documentary is a perfect example. Knowledge truly is power. Thank you for dedicating your time to create this film :)
Mut zum Wolfsblut (1 год назад)
shot yourself in the foot, it would have been a great Doc. without the evil not-see holy-hoax crap, they've lied to us about everything else why would they not lie about the holy hoax and tell us the truth about ww2 ? like take a peek at the Haavara Transfer Agreement or The four famous Leuchter Reports
NYCEONE (1 год назад)
Joe Friday The Holocaust was slightly different than the stories that have been burned into the minds of the mainstream. why lie? I mean, shit something is weird that you can go to prison in like 10 countries for questioning the holo caust or saying certain things didn't happen!? Seems to me you would have to do things like this when your lies have gotten so big they can't be contained so you need to Jail people for talking about it with a personal opinion. It should be legal to have an opinion I think, but maybe that's a shithead crazy constitutionalist way of thinking? 🤔
Mut zum Wolfsblut (1 год назад)
just sayin a lot of folks will stop listening as soon as they hear the boxcars full going into Auschwitz speel, i almost turned it off myself right there, maybe you just haven't gone quite far enough down that rabbit hole and Cassius Methyl said  i have no reason to not believe the holocaust ? i just gave you 2 reasons
Cassius Methyl (1 год назад)
They don't tell us about IG Farben. The final days of Carl Wurster, Fritz Ter Meer, Kurt Blome and others gives me no reason to believe the holocaust didn't happen. I don't claim to know how many people died in the holocaust though. I don't debate that point, I don't see why it is that consequential to understanding what happened
vastell1234 (1 год назад)
The gas chamber idea looks to be a real favorite of the 'think big' extermination camp dreams of this world's "al_lies". It's no wonder that by now the whole earth has been turned into a power-chemtrailed 'gas chamber'. I wouldn't be surprised to soon see 'the world' faced with a lot more to know about everything in relation to 'gas chambers'.
vastell1234 (1 год назад)
1:46:00 ... 2:58:24 ... If toxic sprayings incl. at night is 'protective' at all, it's against health. Dr. Manfred Doepp talks abt. people 'geoengineering' bags of black goo out of their blood through 'hemodialysis'. That's how 'some' rid themselves of the toxins internat. gov. is 'freely and safely' spraying us with.
vastell1234 (1 год назад)
1:17:00 ... as the 'al_lies' 'think big' and also need to save precious time for a whole lot of other controlled demolitions, they saved themselves from poisoning single brains by smartly engaging the military to fulfill the job to chemically spray the earth and everything on it. 'You couldn't make it up.'

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