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Stephen Key: "One Simple Idea for Startups" | Talks at Google

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Stephen Key stops by the Googeplex to discuss his latest book, "One Simple Idea for Startups". You can find his book on Google Play here: http://goo.gl/994e8 From McGraw Hill: From award-winning entrepreneur, inventor, and business owner Stephen Key comes the highly anticipated follow-up to his bestseller "One Simple Idea" How many times have you seen a product and thought, "I know how to make that better"?How is it that no one has invented this yet"? And when "haven't" you thought, "I need to be my own boss"? You're thinking the right things. Now, the next step is to take action--and that's exactly what "One Simple Idea for Startups and Entrepreneurs" is all about. Stephen Key, one of the world's leading experts on getting business ideas off the ground, revealed in his groundbreaking book "One Simple Idea "just how simple it is to make a fortune by selling or "renting" your great ideas. Now, he helps you live the entrepreneurial dream by delivering a proven, straightforward process for starting, growing, and running a business--without the need for an MBA or millions of dollars in funding. As an inventor and successful business owner, Key brings a unique and fully rounded perspective to the subject, teaching you how to: Develop, test, and protect your ideaPlan and launch your businessManufacture, package, market, sell, and distribute your productManage and grow your businessPrepare for and implement your endgame Key draws on his own experience as a billion dollar inventor to offer how-to's and other takeaways you can use to get off the ground and into the black. Case studies, tips, and advice from other successful entrepreneurs underscore key principles to make it easier than ever for you to achieve your business and life dreams. You don't need millions of dollars or a business, engineering, or manufacturing background to develop, produce, and sell your own product idea. All you need is one simple idea--and the passion to make it happen.
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mklik4 (1 месяц назад)
What happens after the year is over and i didn't get my idea of there? Can someone else get the info and do it themselves?
Stephen Key (10 дней назад)
You have a few options. If you haven't disclosed it publicly you can file another provisional patent application. You do lose the original date. If you make improvements you can file a new provisional patent application. Also I would reach out to a patent attorney for their advice. I'm not a patent attorney, I'm not giving legal advice.
SAI (2 месяца назад)
You are my Inspiration
Stephen Key (10 дней назад)
Thank you very much Sal!
Ashique Desai (7 месяцев назад)
Nice idea, for entrepreneurs without money and funding. But not sure without the credibility of this guy, it would be easy to even license these great ideas.
tictoc544 (10 месяцев назад)
what a great man
Stephen Key (10 месяцев назад)
Thank you for the kind words.
Mauricio Davila (1 год назад)
i dont get it why would you prefer to license when you could patent
RaitonGG (1 год назад)
what keeps the company from stealing the idea?
devesh singh (1 год назад)
This guy has super extraordinary communication skill
Bobbito Chicon (1 год назад)
Modesto the idea Capital City of tge World......HAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahaha😆😂
Jahn Chandler (1 год назад)
What a great video Steve!! Your awesome!! I have a question. Can someone steal your idea by it being typed into a search engine? perhaps Google product or Google Patent. Seems like there's vulnerability there.thx
SidCharisse Stephens (1 год назад)
Very sincere talk.
John Cardelli (1 год назад)
Awesome talk! Extremely inspirational
Stephen Key (10 дней назад)
Thank you John!
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Kamal kamal (1 год назад)
I have idea of software test tool.... how to make it selling.... can i make deal with major auto makers. thanks...
urban7089 (1 год назад)
are YouTube advertising commercial ideas protected
urban7089 (1 год назад)
are advertising commercial ideas protected
Command X (1 год назад)
I don't know who to contact and how to sell ... my E-mail if you have any Idea: +Command X Hey guys i have a new product from grand father till to me,, the PRODUCT CURES the Drowning, kkk i know it's kind of strange how to cure when the creature drowning in the water, i did a lot of Experiment to some kind of animal's like [ Fly, Bee, Ant ,and some kind of small creatures ] and it was success {{ i put the fly in the water about 24 hours = (like a dead) after that i tray my little magic on the fly and it's start moving again so i think it gonna help whole the world
Command X (1 год назад)
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Bobbito Chicon (1 год назад)
Command X So you have invented a way to resurrect the dead😆
Nashville Turf (1 год назад)
never mind: experience is everything
Nashville Turf (1 год назад)
Without selling a book
Nashville Turf (1 год назад)
I am just waiting for the next phenom business person to come through, cut the bs, and say what it is that is needed to know.
Joey Arellano (1 год назад)
Do you need a prototype of your idea.
SSPX (1 год назад)
This video is literally years old and Stephen is still replying to comments?! And it isn't even posted under his account. I find that incredible. Stephen if you happen to see this I have one question, perhaps you can direct me to a video where it was already answered: What do you do if you get multiple companies wanting to license? How do you avoid killing potential deals by appearing too cut-throat or playing the companies against one another excessively? This seems like a difficult balancing act and I'm curious if you have any advice. Thanks!
Stephen Key (1 год назад)
Thank you.
SSPX (1 год назад)
+Stephen Key Fantastic! Thanks for the response; I love your book "One Simple Idea."
Stephen Key (1 год назад)
Thank you for the kind words. Having multiple companies wanting to license your idea is a wonderful problem. If they ask have you submitted to other companies..... tell them yes. If they ask who ...tell them you're under NDA. They will appreciate it. In this situation just work each company/ licensing agreement separately. Do not try to leverage one against each other. The best deal usually presents itself soon. Thank you!
DaisySmile (1 год назад)
Great stuff!
Monique Rini (1 год назад)
Stephen, if there is already a patent on your idea and you have an innovation on that idea backed with a PPA, how would you suggest the proposal for open innovation? Why would they go with me vs the patent on something that exists but is not actively on the market.
Stephen Key (1 год назад)
It all depends. Can you tell me why the patented product is not on the market?
Urban Defensive Tactics (2 года назад)
Does anyone have any experience trying to license with the Clorox Company?
Peter Hänscheid (1 год назад)
Urban Defensive Tactics !
Urban Defensive Tactics (2 года назад)
That shows you didn't take time to research Clorox before you opened your mouth.
sahlool (2 года назад)
Do you want to license drinkable bleach 😂 No not me
Domonique Townsend (2 года назад)
The fact family
jmartinez562 (2 года назад)
Great talk, here are a few lessons i learned: 1) Sell your ideas to a company to improve their products and make royalties off it. 2) It only cost $125 for a provisional 1-year patent. 3) Only talk to the Marketing, Brand Ambassador, or Sales department when you call them to pitch what your idea it. (Never the legal or purchasing department) 4) Your idea must have a "Wow factor".
Mercuric redRoad (2 года назад)
Shark session.
Patchouli Prince (2 года назад)
Moral of the story... DON"T PITCH TO LEGO!! haha wow..
Daniel Braisted (1 год назад)
or only pitch to Legos if your patent work was done by an experienced patent attorney who can defend his work in Patent Court and WIN
Bharath Bhushan Lohray (2 года назад)
This guy seems proud of patenting something he did not invent.... But no one else patented.
Bakeca-Incontrii (2 года назад)
google has just indians employ? :)))))))
Vishal Sheth (2 года назад)
+RAMON Andre True,but not for long.
RAMON Andre (2 года назад)
+Vishal Sheth AND VERY CHEAP
Bakeca-Incontrii (2 года назад)
+Vishal Sheth yes for surre :)))
Vishal Sheth (2 года назад)
A large number of them. Indians are good programmers :p
Mauricio Davila (2 года назад)
I wonder if I can sell a suggestion of a website option I mean Like "you should give the chating option when giving the answer to a question"
Omar Alqaisi (2 года назад)
Hi Guys , I tried to know how much it cost for one-on-one coaching on your sit but i could not find pries , so if you can help me with that ?
Shawn Warn (2 года назад)
great speech, very informative thx for sharing
Haitham Suliman (2 года назад)
Very great ideas, thanks Stephen
anil chary revoju (2 года назад)
Its wonderful to learn new things from you sir. thank you. the most interesting thing I found from you is ur groundedness in replying all those commenting down.
Stephen Key (2 года назад)
+anil chary revoke thank you.
Mark Hallam (2 года назад)
Awesome video! Thanks so much.
Stephen Key (2 года назад)
+Harry Lombardo strictly education. My website http://www.inventright.com
Harry Lombardo (2 года назад)
+Stephen Key I have the idea that fell through the cracks. Do you handle ideas for people.Harry -65bb396@comcast.net
Stephen Key (2 года назад)
+Mark Hallam thanks for watching!
Ikbel Hammami (2 года назад)
+Stephen key I can't agree more! my question is that still remain in today world?
Stephen Key (2 года назад)
+Ikbel Hammami absolutely!
Lagu Stephen (2 года назад)
Hi Stev, the thing you are talking about is "Google pattern or google partner"? I am confused here can someone help? Otherwise great presentation... I am considering to be a serial entrepreneur and this presentation is changing my thinking! I think I have great ideas but my location is so far limiting!
Stephen Key (2 года назад)
+Lagu Stephen thanks for watching! If you're looking for a prior art(prior patents) use Google patents. If you want to look for similar products, do a Google image search. For more tips and advice please watch InventRightTV on youtube.
Branden Alexander (2 года назад)
Thank you so much for this inspiring talk. Stephen, one thing I am stuck on is the idea of faxing the sales sheet to companies BEFORE you file a patent. I can understand the protection one might have if they share their idea in person, with the aid of a signed privacy agreement. But over the phone, email, or fax, there seems to be too much vulnerability at stake. You do mention that the weapon a product developer might have against the company is a threat to go public on the internet, if the product is stolen. While I do believe that is a powerful threat, I still feel that if it is a good enough idea then someone would steal it anyways. So I guess what I'm asking is, are there other, more solid, ways to protect yourself when selling an idea?
Stephen Key (2 года назад)
+Branden Alexander to be on the safe side please file a provisional patent application. Always do your homework on the company. For more information I'd recommend reading" One Simple Idea". You can pick it up on Amazon or at your local library. It provides all the steps you need. For more information look for our YouTube channel...inventRightTV. Good luck!
Pavan Sarna (2 года назад)
Really engaging talk, quite insightful must say
Stephen Key (2 года назад)
+Pavan Sarna Thank you!
Rob (2 года назад)
Mr.Key, Thanks for your knowledge it's priceless.I've read your book a couple years back,follow you on InventRightTV, and had the oppurtunity to speak with your co-founder Andrew on two occasions, aswell as Reps. from various "so called" product devp. providers, the only one to provide any USEFUL help are you & andrew. I ran into an issue w/a consumable,but after watching your speech about your SpinLabel product, it gave me hope about a product idea i've got. Thanks
Stephen Key (2 года назад)
+Zamper lolz thanks for the kind words! You can do this!
Christine Barrett (2 года назад)
What about an idea for food. Can you licence a food idea?
Stephen Key (2 года назад)
+Christine Barrett recipes cannot be protected. The packaging or the process can. Basically you need to start a company, proved there is a demand. Not the easiest road.
mysterymediacorp (2 года назад)
23:00, 24:20, 38:00
Christina Garza (2 года назад)
Very inspiring talk-I have so many questions---Can you still manufacture,sell your idea in your own store and collect royalties from a company? What if you have more than one company interested in your idea? What about using logos? What if your item has multiple pieces? do you patent each piece/or whole item? What if you have part of the item that will be manufactured in a different color-or shape?is that up to the company that pays you royalties? What if you have more than one version of your idea?
Stephen Key (2 года назад)
+Christina Garza Great questions! Please check out our YouTube channel. InventRightTV. If you still have more questions call my partner Andrew. He's a extremely helpful. InventRight
Reymon Reyes (2 года назад)
License, license, license, license, license, license, license, license, license, license!
Stephen Key (2 года назад)
+Reymon Reyes in most situations I couldn't agree more! Thanks for watching and listening.
Obuv China (2 года назад)
Great Video! Stephen, do you know any licensing companies in China?
Stephen Key (2 года назад)
+Akma Aitben we have a few students that have just licensed their ideas with companies in China. One deal was easy, the other one difficult to negotiate. Thanks for watching!
anikyt7570 (2 года назад)
Awesome lecture ... thank you.
Stephen Key (2 года назад)
+anikyt7570 thank you for watching!
Ragesh Mailakkara (2 года назад)
Really interesting and informative. Thanks you Stephen for this great presentation.
Stephen Key (2 года назад)
+Ragesh Mailakkara thank you!
Yolanda Gwatyuza (2 года назад)
I come from a place where big ideas sound like jokes or impossible to happen.I look at my past , family and my environment and I see how my ideas are nothing but dreams.I would get angry and stressed out most of the time about how my mind keeps on giving me ideas I cant seem to benefit from.Today is a different day thanks to Stephen.I hated my mind for a very long time and now I CAN SEE THAT MY MIND IS MY GOLDMINE i just didnt have this information i have today.Thank you again
JohnGz Soares (7 месяцев назад)
For Me It Was Going Without.. A Toy Gun Or A Pony Or A Fire Truck.. Lots Of Pretending Took Up My Time.. Moms Broom Was My Pony, A Guitare Or Spear,.. It Starts When Im Bored My Mind Plays Engineer. And Drifts iInto Tangents.. Lv Your' re Works Guys.. God Bless You'z & Your Crew.. JohnGzS.. UpInSmoke. .o0O. .~ ~
Deego P (7 месяцев назад)
Yolanda Gwatyuza https://www.truthnutra.com/pages/about-blood-flow
TrulyCreateIt (1 год назад)
Yolanda, you're brilliant!!! Write down your ideas, cover as many aspects and perspectives for each one. First take your most pressing idea and GET A PROVISIONAL U.S. PATENT, online, via the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, HTTPS://WWW.USPTO.GOV/ Search for Provisional Patents and fill out the proper forms. Here, in 2017, you will pay around $130 for each Provisional Patent. You have up to 12 months to get the right contract and license to another company. You use the methods listed in this book to have companies license your products, not buy the idea, but license from you! Cover yourself and ideas!!! Make your lists while and after reading "One Simple Idea"! Find a Patent Attorney where you both agree where you are not paying them upfront, as the book directs you, but the attorney will get comped at the right time, with no stress on you. The licensing co can also pay for you. Put it in your contract with them. Have fun!!! GOD Bless!!!
John Jones (1 год назад)
Inthe Garbage (2 года назад)
+Yolanda Gwatyuza Digg deep enough and you never know what you can find :)
Gary Gilstrap (2 года назад)
I have known Stephen Key for many years and what a humble and just plain nice guy he is. He helped with so much good advice and still inspires me today. Great video and a great person.
Stephen Key (2 года назад)
+Gary Gilstrap thank you very much.
EL ALLAM Sokayna (2 года назад)
Great video! Thank you Stephen!
Kaushal k Sharma (3 года назад)
You gave me an idea what & how to learn from the ground 0 and implement all those experiences on ground 10. IMPRESSIVE! Thank You
Stephen Key (2 года назад)
+Kaushal Sharma you're very welcome!
bartenderzzz (3 года назад)
Mr. Key, your passion and experience are a great motivator and I thoroughly enjoyed your book. See you when I get there my friend!
Stephen Key (2 года назад)
+bartenderzzz thank you!
Joseph Shields (3 года назад)
Thanks Mr. Key, I heard some things here in a different way than what I read in the book.
Stephen Key (2 года назад)
+Joseph Shields thanks for reading and watching!
Venkat Krishna (3 года назад)
Wow!!! Great talk....
Stephen Key (2 года назад)
+Venkat Krishna thank you very much!
rapidmon17 (3 года назад)
Ummm, isn't this a patent troll? Am I missing something here?
a (3 года назад)
it might be long video but absolutely worth it, you just answered all my questions thank you so much
Kay Song (3 года назад)
Sorry, I meant to write Key.
Kay Song (3 года назад)
Fascinating. I was riveted listening to this talk. I suppose I can use these same ideas and methods here in Germany. Mr. Fey, you are brilliant. I like your glasses too.
Victor Ruiz (3 года назад)
I loved your video. Unfortunately I could not finish it because there was an error which occurred on You Tube. Can I see it somewhere else. Great information overall.
Stephen Key (2 года назад)
+Victor Ruiz thanks for watching!
Jonathan Appiah (3 года назад)
Absolutely inspiring!I really want to know where I can know more about licensing in the U.K.?
Jonathan Appiah (2 года назад)
+MrYouBeReal Didn't find out anything for the UK as yet but thanks for your recommendation ,I went to the expo at the Olympia and was blown away. I will invest in +Stephen Key book!
MrYouBeReal (2 года назад)
+Stephen Key Your welcome. If you was in London for the 3-4th Dec 15 I would of said to check out the events on those two days. You can still check it out.
Stephen Key (2 года назад)
+MrYouBeReal thank you for the recommendation.
MrYouBeReal (2 года назад)
The Olympia in London has a business event coming up soon. maybe you should check it out and plan for next year to get a spot inside or something. Dates of event: 3 Dec 2015 to 4 Dec 2015
Stephen Key (2 года назад)
Not at this time. If you have any suggestions please let me know. Thank you.
Vu PhamMusic (3 года назад)
Excellent presentation!
Stephen Key (3 года назад)
+Vu PhamMusic Thank you!
Madeline Martinez (3 года назад)
great video thanks
Stephen Key (3 года назад)
+All Best Care Daycare martinez thank you.
Rich Coppens (3 года назад)
Just purchased your book, looking forward to reading it.
Stephen Key (3 года назад)
Thank you.
Dr. Benita Paschel (3 года назад)
If you are interested in starting your own church or non-profit organization, please contact me and I can prepare your 501c3 for you.  My number is 205-434-0168 or you can email me at:  flashtypeexpress@hotmail.com- Submit request to Benita
Vivek Gr (3 года назад)
Great Talk Stephen....I am from India and am ......greatly inspired about the fact that any idea is worth a dime:)
Stephen Key (3 года назад)
Vivek,thank you.
lakshmi priya (3 года назад)
Thanks for uploading this Video! I always used to feel jealous of my friends because because they were doing things which I felt i should have done like years before. so , i was frustrated most of the time! i could not take it any longers, so i started using this "myIdeas and Actions" Mobile app for tracking my ideas and fullfilling on my ideas in a focused manner. now, within 2 months, i have implemented one idea and made 2000$ from it!
Stacy Serrano (3 года назад)
Great tips!
Stephen Key (3 года назад)
Thank you.
glen murphy (4 года назад)
...with any start-up you need a great platform with good guides and Great Mentors...Stephen Key makes a lot of sense and in my experience your idea can be out online very fast if you use a platform to spring from you don't need to build the system yourself.
Harry Nguyen (4 года назад)
Wow, Stephen Key is from the bay area. I live in Oakland, near Berkeley. Thanks crazy, God's divine of apointment!
Tylor Sorensen (4 года назад)
Please help http://www.gofundme.com/dwcq14
Pierre Verthume (4 года назад)
supa interesting!
Tony Leonard (4 года назад)
Excellent talk!  Brad Templeton asked a great question "Most people don't do very well at this. What is the reality...."  Stephen Key’s answer—“It is a numbers game.…”
Stephen Key (3 года назад)
Thank you.
GOmentr (4 года назад)
"You don't have to start a company". That's so true! It's the idea that counts!
Linda May (11 месяцев назад)
I have a great Idea! What now!
Andrew Krauss (4 года назад)
Great talk Stephen!
TrueStuff (4 года назад)
I wish I saw this video before. It appears that you have to be US based, or is it possible to do from EU? Patents law is a bit different here, and calling companies in US might be tricky, would email work?
G THOMAS Duffy (5 лет назад)
Steven is a brilliant innovator. I have had a dozen major ideas like the modular car and other great products and wish I had access to Steven before these products became major new products. I lost millions simply because of alack of information. Steven offers this information.
Marc Yilmaz (5 лет назад)
Is this guy a patent troll?
bomcimtube (5 лет назад)
Great talk - thank you!
Mikael Lakso (5 лет назад)
Companys want to exploit innovators for they don't any themselves, another form of slavery, goodbye
Matt Kovach (5 лет назад)
whoever makes these videos needs to do better

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