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Cannabis Dispensary Information Pt 2

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A discussion of cannabis dispensaries by Jeff Jones who runs a dispensary, Steve Dillon, chairman of NORML and Superior Court Judge James P. Gray, author of Why our Drug Laws have Failed, a Judicial Indictment of the war on drugs.
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UpInSmokeeee (8 лет назад)
@BeyondChange the us goverment always misleads the people they are a bunch of liers lol
BeyondChange (9 лет назад)
the problem is that the government has grown much larger. Much more powerful than the people. We are leading towards a fashist and totalitarian direction! It's happening. Police State. Marshall law. Bogus pandemics! Name them alll. They were all pre meditated. Insider Job! It is our own government that is misleading us
simon stickel (10 лет назад)
the last state he says that "legitimate police work is controlling peoples actions." that's scary! i love america but i am over joyed to have left that terror filled dump behind.

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