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How to Close a Sales Interview

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In this short 4 minute video Rob Scott of Aaron Wallis gives an overview of how to close a sales interview in the same way that you would close a sales meeting to the next stage. An esay to understand a reminder to ensure that you perform at your best at every sales interview
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egarrulo (2 года назад)
Maybe I am mistaken, but I haven't heard any closing question, like: "Where are we going from here?", "How are we going to proceed with this?", etc. From your accent, it sounds like that you work in the UK, where maybe such questions would be perceived as too blunt.
Ehab Said (2 года назад)
I think that closing interview by asking question such as "how do you fell our meeting went today?" it can be described as I would like to get the feedback, and normally as I understand that this question can be taken in negative way as is inappropriately to ask for the feedback to be given to you before you leave the room of the interview, am I correct?
Rob Scott (2 года назад)
Hi Ehab, You're right, you're asking for feedback and that will (hopefully) get the interviewers to talk about concerns they may have over your application. This gives the interviewee the only opportunity they'll ever have to overcome these concerns. For me, it is about the best, non-confrontational way to ask for feedback and, in sales interviews, a good demonstration of a pre-close.
Charles Cox (2 года назад)
Always Be Closing, right? What are some good closes to throw into resumes and cover letters?
Rob Scott (2 года назад)
Hi +Charles Cox , As resumes can be so subjective I think it largely depends on the reader. Personally I like people that are quite 'in your face' in their statements in cover letters or the profile on their resume. However, most corporates (and particularly HR in corporates) would switch straight off. Instead I would suggest a search on 'Power Words' - there's some good stuff out there and maybe 'NLP trigger words' as these can really help you to stand out. Good luck with writing your resume! All the best to you
Andre Crawford (3 года назад)
i am so scared for next week!!!! :((((
Rob Pop (4 года назад)
I buy your words,but not your jacket! lol. Anyway,thanks for your tips!
Rob Scott (4 года назад)
THat was a rather wild shirt day - it was a hot day and hot under the lights!  Glad you like the content anyhow :)
Rob Scott (4 года назад)
Thanks for taking the time to comment and really good luck with that interview tomorrow #TheMsToffifee  
Len Beale (4 года назад)
Thanks Rob, any time, and let me know if you need any additional trainers for either sales and marketing related activities, either skills or recruitment related. Kind regards, Len
Rob Scott (4 года назад)
+Len Beale Hi Len, thanks for the really great tip and totally agree with this enabling you to get the 'second bite of the cherry'.  Thanks for the very thorough and valuable contribution.  Catch you sooon, Rob 
Len Beale (4 года назад)
Hi Rob, I liked the video and agree with the close approach, but as you say you have to select the right option and watch the interviewers body language and tone. One of my ploys at the end of an interview is to say, 'really enjoyed the interview and found your comments very informative, but are there any responses that I have given that you would like further clarification or detail on'. This has two outcomes, either the interviewer will reveal a concern about an answer and you get a second bite of the cherry, or they are forced to affirm that they are happy with your responses. This sets the scene for the close, which again has two options which are 1) 'having provided you with a more In depth response to that question I hope that has met your expectations and would like to know when you anticipate making a final decision relative to this appointment.' 2) 'I am pleased that you are satisfied with the way in which I have responded to your questions, and would also like to know when you anticipate making a final decision relative to this appointment'. Kind regards, Len LF Beale FInstSMM Director -Rapid Sales Solutions Ltd
TheMsToffifee (4 года назад)
Got an important interview tomorrow. Thanks for your tips. Will definitely use some 
salesrecruitment (5 лет назад)
Hi Jason, I personally focus on technical sales - engineering, etc, but the best guy here is probably darren@aaronwallis.co.uk Hope that we can help, thanks, Rob
Jason Patrick (5 лет назад)
Rob, out of interest, as you are a sales recruitment firm, do you have any software sales roles? :-) Sincerely, Jason
salesrecruitment (5 лет назад)
Thanks for taking the time to comment Jason, good luck with things, Rob
Jason Patrick (5 лет назад)
Good work!

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