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Dealing with mice in the winter

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Reported by: Chris Papst When it comes to mice, the old saying goes it€™s better to keep them out than to get them out. Either way, if they get into your home this winter, they can be dealt with. €œThis is a huge issue right now. In the fall time about 45 percent of the time a mouse comes in. This is the time we catch them,€ said Don Mills with Ehrlich Pest Control. As the weather gets colder and food becomes less plentiful, mice begin to look for a winter home. For millions of Americans, that home will be there€™s. Companies like Ehrlich Pest Control in Harrisburg are ready. The first line of defense against mice is to never let them in. Mills showed us how mice can come in through plumbing that is not caulked to a wall, holes in the outside of your home, or under a small crack in the garage door. €œA mouse can basically get in by the width of a pen,€ said Ehrlich. If mice do get into your home, a female can have 12 pups every three weeks. So, in a short amount of time a few can become many €“ in which case there are a variety of traps and snaps to remove them before they get a chance to damage drywall or eat electrical wiring, which can cause fires. €œYou€™re going to find that 50 percent of the mice population is going to be in your kitchen with 25 percent in the attic and 25 percent in the basement,€ concluded Ehrlich. Another major problem with mice in your home is disease. They can carry ticks and harmful bacteria in their feces.
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