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PS3 Slim w/ 500GB Momentus XT SSHD (ST500LX003)

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Upgraded our *dying* stock 320 GB Toshiba HDD (MK3265GSX) to Seagate's 500GB @7200rpm Momentus XT SSHD w/ 8GB MLC NAND (ST500LX003) (Makes a really cool startup sound; similar to a jet taking off) :D
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Potenti4lz (2 года назад)
"Guys no, these Seagate SSHD's are crap. Testing it further, yes it cuts down on load times, the boot cycle, and game installations. But game performance is hindered by a random stutter at random periods during gameplay when the disc refreshes its 8GB's of flash memory. If you don't find a random stutter annoying fine get it. But If you really want performance get an SSD. If you want space stick with a mechanical drive." I believe we experienced the same thing with a Seagate SSHD in a PS3. Eventually it died after a year of use. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/ps4-hard-drive-upgrade,3695-2.html#comment-rsp_en_12873496
Kyle Joe (3 года назад)
This didn't really show anything lol
Potenti4lz (3 года назад)
+Kyle Wendling boot speed + noise.
Potenti4lz (4 года назад)
lol, I think the SSD NAND chips died in under 12 months...
Chris 4011 (4 года назад)
7200 rpm ? does it make the ps3 over heat?
Potenti4lz (4 года назад)
No, it runs just as cool as a stock 5400rpm drive. HDD temps in general, negligibly rise.
Silvio Roberto (4 года назад)
mine is doing a lotta noise but i don't know if it is because of the speed (7200rpm) or if it is anything else...
Silvio Roberto (4 года назад)
yes.is a momentus xt 500gb from seagate
Potenti4lz (4 года назад)
Same manufacturer/model?

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