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UF Health Trauma Center Patient Hayley Lewis

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GAINESVILLE, Fla. — In June, Hayley Lewis nearly lost her life when the all-terrain vehicle she was riding crashed, causing the four-wheeler to land on top of her. UF Health ShandsCair flew Lewis, 19, from the site of the crash in Hamilton County, which sits on the Florida-Georgia border, to the Level 1 trauma center at University of Florida Health Shands Hospital. There, staff members from the UF Health Shands Trauma Center worked to save Lewis’s life and teamed with neurology and neurosurgery experts to treat her for the traumatic brain injury she suffered in the accident. “They didn’t think I would survive the helicopter ride,” says Lewis, who is now back with her family in Lake City, Florida. “I feel like I am doing super well for someone with my prognosis at the beginning.” As the UF Health Shands Trauma Center celebrates its 10th anniversary this month, her story of survival and recovery is not unique. Lewis is just one of 24,000 patients who have been treated at the center since it opened a decade ago. Visit UF Health https://ufhealth.org/ UF Health Youtube www.youtube.com/user/UFHealthScience UF Health Facebook https://www.facebook.com/UFHealth UF Health Twitter https://twitter.com/UFHealth
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